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Literature / Summer Campus Episode 1 by Felvicstories: 6:34pm On Nov 20, 2019
(cranked up love)
**Frankie’s pov**
It was Monday morning, I was still in bed, my eyes closed but I was awake, the sweet smell of lavender perfume mixed with roses filled my room, and also the sound of her five inches heel pounding on the concrete floor as she walked closer to my bed..
“hey honey wake up” my mom called and I groaned and used my pillow to cover my face
“come-on aren’t you happy” she said and sat down on my bed beside me.
“I’m not” I yell from the pillow
“come-on don’t be a lazy bird and get ready for school” she laughed and I groaned more loudly and remove the pillow from my face and when I looked at my mom, she looked pretty and perfect as always, her blonde hair curl and fabulous, her lips over red, and her face carries a lot makeup which I think she doesn’t need, she was wearing a red dress and a five inches heel, she’s not going anywhere but she loves looking perfect, talk about show off..
It’s my second week in “advance-day high school” school of the rich and famous, or talk about show off students I mean my parents are stinking rich also but I don’t act like them at all.. it’s my second week and I’m already tired to go, they’re all spoiled and cruel, and they treat me like trash… I hate that school but I’m afraid to tell my mom.. She’s just so.. I don’t have any words to describe her..
“you know when I was your age i—
“it’s okay mom I’m up you don’t need to tell me about the 1980s” I yanked and got off the bed and my mom giggled a little..
“your brother’s coming back the day after tomorrow you know” she said softly
“really? ” my eyes beams
“hmm-mm, and your dad just landed hours ago with your other brother” my mom explained and I smiled, I have two older brothers and I’m the only girl my older brother Sylvester is engaged and works with my dad while my second older brother David is in college and I can’t wait to see him..
“just hurry up and get ready for school” my mom tells me I nodded and quickly took my bath, brushed and wore my school uniform, .. I went downstairs and my food was on the table, which was prepared by our house cook, Ashley who’s in her late twenties..
She greeted me and I replied with a smile before eating and suddenly I heard the sound of my mom outrageous heels through the tiled floor and I rolled my eyes..
“seriously honey, pony tail again” she said from behind me
“yeah that’s my style” I said proudly
“that’s your style but not the Malcolm’s style when you’re a Malcolm’s you live like them and no pony tail today, you’re a high school girl you need to start acting like one okay, ” she said and yanked the rubber band off my hair and my hair fell and bounced on my shoulder
“so much for having a brown hair” my mom said angrily
“are you mad? Thank goodness I ain’t blond like you” I say and she rolled her eyes..
My mom’s always pissed off about me growing up with brown hair like my dad, she had always wanted her only “”daughter”” with blonde hair but I ended up with brown hair and my brothers are both blonde like hers but still she wished we could all switch.. And sometimes she even tells m die it blonde.. Ugh..
“I’m done” I say and gulped down my glass of water.. And pushed my plate forward..
I hurried back to my room and grabbed my glasses and wore them, I have an eye problem since when I was eight, some times I see Clearly, and sometimes I don’t, I don’t know oh exact time the blurness comes so I just wear my glasses all the time..
I took another rubber and fixed my hair in ponytail again and grabbed my backpack before heading downstairs,
“oh Jesus Christ ” my mom said after seeing me
“Frankie what in the name of..
“stop it mom don’t try to make me what I’m not. Okay” I say and take three last steps and head for the door..
“but you should have at least drop your hair, ponytail, glasses, you look like my geometry teacher when I was in high school” she whined
“thanks mom. It means a lot” I say and rolled my eyes
“I don’t mean to be rude okay but at least I should buy you contacts” she said
“no mother I’m perfect the way I am and I’m late ” I say and walked out slamming the door..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

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Literature / Who's That Girl Episode 1 by Felvicstories: 9:24pm On Nov 16, 2019
(Nora's Secrets)
*** ** '
It all started in privilege private school,school of life, love, friendship and betrayals.. School of people with different personalities..
Freddie. A cool sweet sensitive guy who has nothing to do with girls patrolled around the school with his best buddy Chad one Monday morning,they were both talking and laughing, seeing how they talked you'd know they've been friends since childhood..
Freddie was known to be intelligent, handsome, tall friendly and gentle while Chad was known to be playful.moody handsome but not that intelligent.. Girls go crazy for Freddie but he didn't like any of them neither was he ready to like any of them.. ..
That morning after everyone got seated in class , as usual Freddie saw a note under his locker and he picked it up and read it. which actually says.
"goodmorning Fred, the most cutest guy on earth my morning smile and joy I just wanted to say good morning ,from Lynn "..
Freddie tiredly dropped the note while Chad laughed and said "another note".."yeah" Freddie said while Chad continued laughing.. "why don't you just give them a chance uhh I wish I was u i could have dated like sixteen girls" Chad said while Freddie looked at him disgustingly but they stopped talking because of the teacher who walked in.. Everyone attention was on Mrs Delia as she talked.. "good morning student we have another new student as u have been recently" as Mrs Delia talked everyone was confused cause there was no new student beside or behind her.. "ma'am where's the new student " a guy shouted from the back... Mrs Delia smiled and said "oh..i didn't notice she wasn't here maybe she's shy, get in here nora"..Every one all waited to see the Nora.. And suddenly just like a glowing sun, she walked in looking like an angel, she was currently, different from others, her hair was as black as ebony her skin looks so soft, shiny and most of all it was glowing her bright sparkly blue eyes matched her amazing pink lips her nose was pointed and firm and as she talked she had a dimple dat every boy in class couldn't get their eyes off her.. Chad kept smiling and winking at her, Freddie didn't seem to have any interest in her but part of his heart accepted her into the school while some part didn't..
Mrs delia told Nora to take her seat and luckily for Nora she found an empty seat beside Freddie, she smiled at Freddie but Freddie didn't return the smile instead he faced his book while Chad did the honour and smiled at Nora. But Nora removed her face.. Nora got close to the set and dropped her bag, then sat down immediately we sat down her hand mistakenly touched Freddie's wrist and all of a sudden he felt something and felt a pain in his forehead while,Nora immediately removed her hand and started breathing nervously and Freddie pain stopped.. "what just happened" he thought..
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Literature / The Mermaid Episode 1 by Felvicstories: 8:53pm On Nov 09, 2019
�{Love Is A Crime} read at www.felvicstories.com

“I told you I’m tired of praying any stupid dumb prayers with you, Esther. Leave me alone!”

Danny shouted at his wife as he buttoned up his shirt, dressing up for work in anger.

Esther felt the tears Piercing her eye balls as she stood up from bed.” How could you say a thing like that,Danny? God answers prayers…..”

“When! No, prophetess,tell me when. For over six years of marriage?

No child. Nothing nothing and you are here telling me to come and pray with you again? Never!”

Danny barked, taking up his suit case and walking out of the room.

Esther ran after him.”You weren’t like this before.

What has mama done to you, Danny?” Esther asked, screaming after him.

Danny stopped at the middle of the stairs and turned around.”Oh well,she made me see the truth.

She made me see that I’m old enough to father a child.

For goodness sake,Esther you know my age as much as I know yours. I’m 34!. Please,I’m late for work. Don’t disturb me.” Danny warned and left the house in his car.

Esther was shattered. She cried her eyes out.

Danny had always supported her whenever mama insulted her of childlessness. What happened?

She was in pains. She had to do something and something fast. Her married was falling apart. What if mama brings in a new ….

The main door to the living room opened and mama came in,a large annoying sneer on her face.

“Just take a look. Empty house. Boring house. No noise. Nothing, nothing.”mama hissed coming inside. Esther quickly stood up.

“Mama,good morning ma.” She greeted, running to collect her bag but mama barked at her, making her move back immediately.

“Will you take your wretched greeting out of my way? What’s good about the morning,en?

Esther,answer me! You are not even a bit ashamed of yourself. If you no get pikin,hide your face!

Are your barren ears deaf to that saying?” Mama taunted,with her irritable loud voice.

“An an,mama. What have I done wrong to deserve all this insults? Am I God that gives children?” Esther cried.

“Are you God that gives children? Oh,you are asking me,abi? Wait o,I’m coming to answer you Stupid woman, that’s what you are. Stand there and ask me stupid question, idiot.”

Mama looked up and down at her,hissed and pushed past her, going upstairs.

“Heehh.” Esther exclaimed and found herself a good seat and cried.

An hour later,she was still crying when a knock came on the door. When she refused to open it and continued crying,the dkor opened and the visitor entered.

“An an,Esther! Why are you crying. Oh my God.” Agnes, Esther’s best friend rushed inside, sitting beside her friend.

“What happened? Jesus! Look at your eyes!” Agnes exclaimed when Esther looked at her, sobbing.

“Agnes, I’m tired of living! What have I done to deserve all this,what! I’m tired of waiting for God’s time. When will it be?

My husband is now also against me. I have no body else to support me. You need to see the insults mama rained on me when she came back from her night vigil.

God! Agnes, what do I do, please….help me!” Esther cried and Agnes feared her eye balls would fall out.

“I’ve told you before,did I not? I told you I have somewhere I can take you to. I swear with my life that you are going to get pregnant immediately.

But you said you don’t want anything contrary to your believe.

That place is not bad….let me take you there so you can also conceive,my friend!” Agnes urged as Esther looked at her, desperately.

“Please…where is the place? Please..I can’t wait anymore. Take me there!!…… continue reading at www.felvicstories.com


Where do you think Agnes is taking Esther to??…find out in the next episode..

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Literature / Re: My Life In Royal Hill High School Prologue by Felvicstories: 11:13am On Nov 09, 2019
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Literature / My Life In Royal Hill High School Prologue by Felvicstories: 11:12am On Nov 09, 2019
Jeremy a very cute and rich guy came down to Nigeria to finish his education
And stay for some years before going back to the state where his parent resides,
He really hated the fact that he would be staying in Nigeria
As he saw the country as a dumb country where ugly and clumsy people are living,
He began schooling in Royal High School,
He stay quiet and acts coldly to any one he comes across with especially those ladies who want to come nearer to him cos of his handsomeness,
Many beautiful ladies drool around him wanting to get his attention, but all they got was an annoying neglect
But later on, a special girl named Anne entered the school through a scholarship,
She was hated by everyone in the class due to the fact that she was from a poor family as they thought she was not a worthy to be in the same school with them,
But to the surprise, dismay and shock of everyone ,
Jeremy found himself falling in love with her , and was ready to do anything to win her heart
When their love life was about to blossom, an event which tend to destroy their relationship occurred,
. . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .
For the both of them to be together,
Something Hard must be done
. .. . . . . . . . . .. . .
Would they stand by their love or allow the wind to blow it off .
. . .. . . . . . . . .
A story of love , betrayal , hatred. . . . .
. . .. .
You can ‘ t afford to miss or it,�
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Literature / Talent High Episode 1 by Felvicstories: 9:45am On Oct 30, 2019
�Baby pov�


“Thanks oppa” i yelled and jumped up

“but you know baby you have to stay in the commoners zone ,i dont have the money to pay for the other side okay ”

“Yes oppa,am okay with it”i said exictedly

“And also this is an opportunity to make your parents proud ,do not look for trouble make sure you learn properly because coming out of there in two years time i want you to be the top korean best singer and dancer”my oppa said and i kept smiling widely

“Go get ready we are leaving early tomorrow”

Well like you guys all know my name is Baby mia ,my parent died in an accident few years back so i moved in with my uncle and his wife and they have been really nice to me ,and today is the most happiest day of my life ,my uncle registered me into Talent high the best training school in seoul although i have heard rumors on how they treat commoners in the past and commoners dying or commiting sucide out of fear and pressure but since they divided the building into two were the rich stay and were the poor stay everything the death rate have reduced .

So coming into this school i have two aims that is :coming out as the best korean singer and dancer and changing how commoners are being treated

I ran to my room after calling my best friend lena to cover over and i started arranging my stuffs

“baby i have good news “lena yelled as she ran into my room

“Me too” i yelled back

“Let me say mine first”lena said happily

“My parent registered me into Talent high”lena yelled happily

“Me too ” i replied and we jumped up screaming exictedly

“I cant believe we are going to the same training school ,this is going to be fun “i said as we sat down on my small bed

“And the second good news is the twins are going to be part of the training teachers “lena said

“What is good there”i asked her

“c’mon baby you know i have a crush on one of the twins,i mean who wouldnt everybody loves them and they are greek god too”lena replied smiling

“well i dont see anything in both of them” i replied and lena gave me a suspicious look

“Baby you know you can tell me anything are you a lesbian”lena asked and i bursted out laughing

“What no ,am as straight as a pole “i replied her and we both started laughing

“Well we need to go for a little shopping and get our things prepared” lena said and i starred at her

“Dont worry i will pay”she added and we left

Unlike me lena was born with a sliver spoon her parent are damn rich but she never allowed all those stuffs get into her brain and we have been friends right from childhood

� Maddison pov�

“Honey the ones you bought are they not enough” my mom asked

“No mom ,i need more “i yelled

“But why”she asked again

“mom i need to stand out as the best “i replied her getting pissed off already

I am starting talent high and i want everyone to fear and respect me

Well my name is maddison ,i am very pretty ,i havent seen anyone more prettier than me ,my parent are very rich and am the only daughter call me spoilt i dont care but i always have everything i want and i hate commoners ,the sight of them alone wants to make me puke ,i have a beautiful voice and am not sure anyone one can beat me apart from the twins ,and am going into talent high to be the best and also make one of the twins fall inlove with me ,i dont have any feelings for them but dating one of them will make me even popular

I head into my room and ordered my maids out so i can work on my voice i need to make everything perfect for tomorrow mimi audition

�Baby pov �

I woke up early took my bath and began dressing i wore a crazy jean trouser and yellow top ,well i dont dress girly am more like a tom boy as some people call me ,i brushed my hair and head out immediately to meet my uncle waiting for me ,i dragged my box of clothes to the car and soon we zoomed off

In one hour we arrived at a beautiful building that was neatly decorated ,from the entrence you can see students tropping in with their expensive cars ,my uncle dropped me at the gate and i dragged my box of cloth inside with a lot of students looking at me like am from out of space

Continue reading here www.felvicstories.com

The tyre in my box of cloth removed and i angrily threw it back and it hit someone

“Ouch” the guy yelled and held his head ,i turned to see the most handsome guy ever holding his head and looking at me angrily ,students have already gathered round taking pictures and some where telling him sorry while i kept a straight face admiring him and with the way people were interested in us it seems like he is some kind of celebrity with bouncers arround him

“Are you going to apologise or you want to keep staring at me “the guy asked angrily

“next time dont stay in my back “i replied and carried box and began running

Nobody was pursuing me but i was running ,gosh i just made a fool out of my self and created a scene on my first day

But that guy is really cute ,i wonder if he is cute than the twins lena kept talking about ,but that guy is rude he is suppose to be telling me sorry for staying in my back �

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Literature / Behind Closed Doors Chapter 2 by Felvicstories: 9:56am On Oct 29, 2019
indoor romance ]

� Diane �
Everyone rallied round with their tools
I kept looking back and forth to hoping that either Piper or Daniel can just pop in to help
But no , none of them showed up
I brought out my stuffs and arranged them neatly on the table
“Its a one way test , we wont take much of your time, Lemon cake is Dylan’s favourite meal and the best out of you will get the contract you have just 45 mins to get it done” the lady from yesterday spoke lightly
I put on my apron , and the cap
“Your time starts now” she said and turned on the countdown timer
I was still hurrying since I was alone every other restaurant had two or three people
45mins …..
Everyone was done except me , just then Dylan walked in and sat
Others passed their food to him , he ate and shook his head negatively
Same with others
When it was my turn ,
“Its not yet done” I said
“You’re so lousy and lazy” Dylan spoke annoyed
I bent my head lowly.
The oven alarm went
I quickly brought it out.
And served it on a small plate then passed it to him
“Its hot , how should I eat it?” He asked
I didn’t answer.
He took a spoonful, then took another, before he took the plate fr om my hand and sat well
He finished the cake then walked out
Walking home with a frown on my face , mom’s gonna be worried
“Mom , Dolly” I called as I opened the door
“Diane, ” Piper called
“Piper? Daniel? What are you guys doing here?” I asked maintaining my frown
“We knew you wouldn’t make it so we came to console you ” Daniel said
“Huh? Mom?” I called
“I’m sorry but there’s always a better chance next time, uts a good thing you tried” mom said
I laughed
“For your information ” I brought out the contract papers
“I got it” I added
And saw the shock on everyone’s face
“Aaahhhh” piper jumped on me,
“Congrats dear ” Daniel said
“You’re welcome. I’m resuming tonight because he can’t eat out tonight , I came to break the good news and take my stuff as well” I said dramatically.
We giggled
After the merry making I was already out of the house, this contract I don’t even know when it’ll end because, it says here “Feeding contract for Dylan Thomas Jefferson till he returns to the US” I pray he goes back soon enough
I got to the Jefferson Estates , then was directed to his own main mansion
I got there and pressed the gate bell
It opened I took my bag in
The lady from yesterday walked out
She was putting on a black top , bym short and an anklet
“You’re here, welcome” she said
“Dylan is not in yet , he isn’t back from work so you’ll have to get his meal ready before he comes back ” she explained as we walked in
I nodded
“So what’s your name?” She asked
“I’m Diane Keaton” I replied
“Ok I’m Anastasia but you can call me Anna , so urgh here’s your room” she said
I nodded
“Freshen up , while I’ll uhm be in the living room” she said
I nodded
She left and locked the door
I took a cool bath , changed to a simple home outfit and walked out
Anna showed me the kitchen, I prepared something light
And took out , I was still arranging the dinning table when Dylan walked he stopped when he sighted me , I bowed
He ignored me and walked in
“Dont mind him he’ll come around” Anna assured , I nodded
After arranging the table I waited fir Dylan to come so I can serve him too
He walked down, with his hair dripping wet .
I’m not drooling over him , no way
He sat down
I served him
He took a bite
“Great right?” Anna asked with a smile
“mmm” he said and continued eating
After eating he gulped down water and walked out
Anna walked out too
I cleared the plates
Before going to sleep that night
Sorry its late
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Literature / Behind Closed Doors Chapter 1 by Felvicstories: 2:14am On Oct 28, 2019
. [indoor romance] ______________________
� Diane �
“Not yet here, Diane my legs might decide never to walk again, we’ve been standing here for over an hour, why don’t we just go back and Bruce we didn’t see him ” Piper blabbed for the nth time
“Piper please, we still have to wait a little bit more, maybe he’ll come in few minutes” I said
“Yea right I’m leaving” she grabbed her purse and walked out
Why wont he get here
If I miss this opportunity then I’m never getting it again
I really need to give him the papers and I still have to go after Piper
“Piper wait” I called through the airport hallway as I ran down
She already hailed a cab
Where the hell is Daniel ?
I eye searched the airport but he was no where to be found
My colleagues happily left me
But why on earth won’t this damn guy just show up
I walked back in
Still standing, I called my boss
“Diane Keaton, two people has decamped suddenly, why don’t you come back?” He asked
“No sir , I have to see him its really important for our restaurant its a new level for us so I’ll wait” I said
“Ok , once its six and he doesn’t show up, please come back” I checked my time, its 5:23pm
“Ok sir, ” he hung up
I pray he comes before six
I don’t want us to miss this opportunity at all
I want our restaurant to be the one to feed him this time
Guess he ain’t coming then
I stood for two hours in a busy airport for nothing
How cruel
I turned my back to leave then looked around one more time, so many restaurant representatives are here , who wouldn’t?
Everyone wants to keep on trying till its their luck to feed him
I thought I was gonna get in
But no it didn’t……..
“He’s here , he’s here Dylan Thomas Jefferson is here ” I heard someone scream
Quickly I ran towards the exit
Finally I got a glimpse of him
He wasn’t even smiling tch
He got into his car I hailed a cab and followed him
We drove for an hour before we got to his mansion
I alighted at the gate and paid the cab driver
I walked in
Right before the gate could close
“Excuse me” I called for him
But he ignored me and walked in
“Yes Sweedy” a lady attended to me
“Uhm I came for the feeding contract ” I said
“From which Restaurant” she asked
“FOUR B” I said and handed her the papers
She looked at it for a while
Then looked up at me
“Did you come alone?” She asked
“Not exactly but my colleagues left earlier that’s why they’re not here” I explained
“Ok , come back tomorrow by 8am , Dylan should be the one to choose not me , but why didn’t you submit the form online ?” She asked
I shrugged
“Ma’am its the fault of my boss” I smiled
She ruffled ny hair and walked in
I walked out
And hailed a cab home
Mom I’m very tired hope you’ve cooked something
“Sister Diane ” my lil sis Dolly ran to me
“How are you?”
“Fine” she replied and took my bag in
“Diane, how was it did you succeed?” My mom’s voice echoed
“Yea I did , but someone told me the main interview is tomorrow by 8am so many Restaurants reps are coming, I just pray I stand out mom” I told her while pulling my jacket
“You will, I prepared your dinner eat and sleep for tomorrow ok?” She pecked my hair and left to her room
After bathing, I ate and started some researches on my laptop
Before I dozed off
Stupid alarm
I blinked twice and my eyes landed to the clock hung on the wall
6:58 am
“Stupid alarm clock why didn’t you wake me sooner” I jumped out of bed only for me to fall back down
My legs hurt terribly from standing three hours all through yesterday.
How am I gonna do this? .
I crawled to the bathroom, took my bath, brushed , washed my hair and stuffs
Before leaping halfway down my room to get dressed
After stretching my long brown hair , I put on a royal blue gown , blue shoes and blue ribbon �
Then hung my bag and ran out
My legs hurt like hell
I got to the venue for the interview and sat quietly
Waiting for my turn......
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Literature / The Raiders Of My Soul by Felvicstories: 10:58am On Oct 25, 2019

Lord, you know my fear.
You take note of my flaws.
About all my ways, you care.
And often, you deliver me from the jaws
Of my adversaries.
That I may outshine my contemporaries

Lord, see, look! Many are the raiders of my soul;
For day and night, they are awake,
Chanting and divining my name in a bowl.
So that my life might not be at stake,
Collect their voodoo
And make me a Lord o’er them too.

Lord, they’ve raided a lot from me:
They have raided me of my opportunity
And oft, they’ve raided who I wanna be,

Continue reading at �
Literature / Re: List Of Stories And Poems by Felvicstories: 11:19am On Oct 23, 2019
If you want to read everything written there click on this site to read more www.felvicstories.com
Literature / List Of Stories And Poems by Felvicstories: 11:17am On Oct 23, 2019
List of updated poem/poetry and stories

The writers anthem

I write!
With hope its feeds your soul
I write!
With hope you eat and get filled
I write!
With hope it perfect fit your want
I write!
with hope you find your lost path
I write!
With hope you redeem your pride
I write!
With hope you regain your strength
I write!
With hope you believe in your capability


Like the sky is to the ground, was love distant to us.
Over the cradle years of our lives, meats we did enjoyed
Vicinities of peace, had we, during breakfasts, but our
Enemies are now the game changers; for

Scarcely could we eat our Dinner in peace ‘cause
Changers of game, they turned out to be.


When I stroll into her eyes,
I’d like to see angelic brow and lid;
For in her eyes, mystery lies:
A mystery I think I need.

And shall I say that when she’s in tears,
I’d like to place a cup ‘neath her eyes?
Maybe to drink them; for over the years,
My Angel’s tears remain a Juicy dice.

Too sweet were they to roll her cheeks for nothing;
For absolutely nothing about her is useless.
Of all the Angels I see, for something,
She excels them all. Nonetheless,


Hugging you’d be like enjoying
the beat from your heart of love;
for it feels great to feel the warmth
of your body when you draw me abreast.

Your hourglass figure is the honeypot
I want to ever eat from all my life
’cause your love is not of this world.

If I were Shakespeare, I’d dedicate
all my sonnets to you and if I were asa,


Daily, when I see mama’s goats
Parade out of their barn to the streets
To toil their breakfast themselves,
I’d like to think they’re of age.

And oft they’d begin their toiling;
From mama Gbenro’s bitter leaves
To mama Yewande’s water leaf plantation,
Then, to Baba Ade’s yam peels.

The night one of them returned with injury,
Mama knew it was either
Mama Gbenro’s stone, mama Yewande’s stick or
Baba Ade’s pestle that had injured it


Magic of love

� Goddy’s POV �


It was dawn and as usual my maids were already at my door post to remind me like i forgot. I got up and and hurriedly took my bath before getting dressed.

The death of my husband still triggers in my memory. I might be clumsy and mean sometimes but I truly loved him.

” Good morning my princess..” A guard greeted me.

” Save it.” I said and left for my father’s Chambers.

” Father..” I prostrated before my father.

” My daughter please sit.” He said and i sat down.

” You’re a strong woman and a replica of your mother and I’m really proud of you. Your daughter is as beautiful as you and I’m glad to have her as my grandchild.”

” Thank you father…”

” In no time I will be dead and I want you to take care of my kingdom.” He said and I smiled.

” My king..” Darius called rushing in.

” Yes..”

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Love don't care


The shears


How Daniella got her groove back


Patch pride


Flower boy


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Literature / Re: Anderson Daughter Prologue by Felvicstories: 11:59am On Oct 15, 2019
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Literature / Anderson Daughter Prologue by Felvicstories: 11:58am On Oct 15, 2019
Anderson daughter
(daddy little brat)

written ✍ by kindness


"Life is not all about money, yet my money get me anything I want.

"Money can never save you from death, my mom is one of them.

"Money can never buy true love, yes I have been through so many heartbreak.

Who am I.

"Am Kali daughter of a renounce billionaire, am 21 years old but yet my dad still treat me as a little baby. I lost my mom when giving birth to me, that why my dad never let me lack anything.

"I have been on so many relationship but yet no one seems to work out for me, because all they are all after is my wealth, but yet am still looking for my Mr right.

"Thing change in my life the moment I saw the most gorgeous and handsome man on earth, this one I was not letting go, he was my prince charming,despise me having everything a man we want in a woman yet he still ignore me, even when I plead in front of all his own workers to accept me as his bride, yet he still turn me down.

"That was the moment I discovered that money can never buy love, but I never give up because am Anderson daughter, the craziest of all America girls.

Stay tune

Chapter one coming soon

Literature / Married To A Monster Episode 2 by Felvicstories: 9:31am On Oct 15, 2019


I closed my eyes tightly shut and winced in pain as Eric grabbed my arm, gritting his teeth.

"I will let this pass because you are just new here and do not know how things go around here. Don't pass your boundary,do you understand?"Eric asked as I nodded vigorously.

"Good."He said and shoved me away."Up to your room."He added as I staggered to my luggage and scurried off upstairs without glancing back.

I tried to fight back the tears that threatened to burst out from my eyes as I located my room.

I let myself inside and locked up the door, looking around my new room but what was the meaning of this?

I'm I some kind of a new housemaid or nanny or what?

Was I not supposed to be in the same room with my husband? I felt the urge to protest but I held back my temper and sat on my large fluffy bed.

I had no choice in this matter. Who am I? Nobody. I only married Eric because I had no choice. I was an orphan who barely escaped death. Seemed like he just saved me.

I looked around my room again. It was beautiful. I was unpacking when a knock cane to my door. I walked to the door and opened it.

A woman probably in her mid thirties was standing outside the door. She beamed at me and gave me the kneeling position before talking.

"Ma'am,it's almost time for dinner but dessert is ready on the dinning. Come down.

Mr Eric is there already."the lady said as I looked at the time. Just past 7 and dinner was ready?

"Okay. I will be down in a minute."I replied as the lady nodded and left. I went back inside and looked for something else to wear.

I went downstairs and walked to the dinning. Eric was already sitting there. He did not even raise an eye as I sat opposite him, grabbing my fork to penetrate through the fleshy meat pie on my tray. I munched a spoon full and forced it down my throat. My heart ran down my stomach when I raised up my head and saw Eric staring at my hair.

What was he looking at?

"Why don't you pack your hair up?"he asked,his voice hard but quite.

"I've always liked my hair falling across my shoulders."I replied, trying hard to avoid his eyes. I found courage and decided to ask him about the room issue.

"Do you mean I'm the only one who who has that room?"I suddenly threw at him as he glared at me.

"What type of question are you asking me?"he asked.

"I thought I'm your wife. Shouldn't we be in the same room?"I asked again, avoiding his eyes.

"That...I will decide it later."he answered. I looked at him and tried to say something else when the cook arrived with the dinner on a large tray.

She gently placed the tray on the table and left to get the drinks. I felt awkward and tried to serve dinner but couldn't. He opened the dishes and dished out his own food, ignoring me totally.

I did not mind him. I only took my own meal too and we started to eat in silence. The cook returned with the drink and left us back to the kitchen.

Halfway into the meal,Eric suddenly stood up and left the dinning.

I watched him as he walked up the stairs and cornered to the way to his bedroom.

I was anxious to see that part of the house and decided to follow him unnoticed.

So,I stood up and walked up the stairs too, following him.

I peeped from the stairs and saw a startling sight.

Eric stood in front of the door,which was facing the stair top directly and looked back. I quickly dodged and peeped again to see him removing a necklace from his chest which had been under his cloth. He took out a single key hanging from the necklace and slide it into the key hole of the door and entered, locking the door from behind.

I came out from hiding and looked up at the door, dumbfounded. What the hell?

A necklace? A key hanging from a necklace?. What exactly was happening?.

Unable to control myself,I started walking up the stairs too.

I stood in front of the door and slowly reached for the door knob. I grabbed it and turned but froze immediately as the door jerked opened almost immediately.........

How do you see this chapter??


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Literature / Re: Married To A Monster Episode 1 by Felvicstories: 10:50pm On Oct 14, 2019
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Literature / Married To A Monster Episode 1 by Felvicstories: 10:46pm On Oct 14, 2019


Dedicated to Emmanuel Uc

As I walked down Westerville street,I knew I looked wield. So wield because even, people stared at me.

What bride walks alone to her husband’s place on a normal issue! Anyway,I didn’t think about it much because I hopped I would find love in my new home.

I dragged my luggage with me as I made to the big houses in the street. He must be very rich. I said to myself as I looked at the direction in the map being given to me.

I arrived at a large gate with a big bright blue house and nodded.

A man who was probably the gate man opened up and ushered me in. Perhaps,he already knew I was coming through information.

I got inside the building and looked around in amazement. It was so big and beautiful.

I dragged my luggage with me to the main building and let myself inside the large hall.

As soon as I stepped my feet inside the large living room,I knew something wasn’t right with the house.

I looked around and left my luggage standing beside the door. My eyes darted around at the walls and saw pictures. Many of them.

Pictures of a beautiful dark lady with dimples. I went nearer and stared at the picture. Who was this lady?

And why was her pictures all over the walls of the living room? I felt a little insulted.

Okay,I heard he had a fiancee but she died. Even after knowing I was coming that very day, I still met some silly pictures around?

Anger ripped through me as I stared at the beautiful woman in the picture. I raised up my hand and unhooked on from the wall, taking close look at it. I stared around. Was there no one in the house?

I was about removing the next one when I heard the gate man opening the gate.

I stared out of the window and saw him coming out of his car and somehow I panicked as I saw his face. His stone cold,non smiling face.

I quickly started putting back the pictures back It’s places when the door opened and he stepped in.

I quickly turned to look at him and forced a smile.”I’m…I’m…here.” I said to him but his eyes were not on me. They were on the pictures on the wall.

“Those pictures, aren’t for games.”Just those words from him,sent cold shiver down my spine. His voice was so hard and thick I had to think if he smocked.

“Who are in the pictures? Aren’t you even going to look at your new wife and welcome her?”I asked him gently as he turned to look at me. His eyes were very cold.

“How many welcome will satisfy you my dear? You are not yet worthy to look at until your hair is being packed up.”He said as I looked at him confused. What does he mean by that?

I had always loved making my hair fall around my shoulders. Suddenly,I looked at the pictures again and noticed the girl in the mirror was packing her hair up. All of her pictures. I looked back at him.

“Eric,what are you trying to say?”I asked him. Was he trying to make me look like his dead fiancee?

His eyes burned into mine. Just then,the sound of something breaking behind me was heard. I gasped and looked back. I gasped again when I saw the scattered pieces of glasses of one of the pictures on the floor. I did not put it back well unknown to me.

When I turned back to look at him,I felt like the ground would open up and swallow me .

The look….the look in his eyes right now ….so devilish….so monstrous that I need no sooth Sayer to tell me I had married a monster.

He started walking towards me and I started to shift back, almost screaming……


How do you see this chapter??

Show me your opinion with your likes and comments..���

It’s also a little scary, so if you are the type that gets easily scared, please and please.. don’t read at night. Me,I’m warning you now o.


500 likes and 200 comments for continuation.

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