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Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 11:06pm On Jul 12
Well done OP
thanks for your audience
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 9:40am On Jul 11
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
A young man popularly known as the Lion of Mbagaja, died this morning in his room in Mbagaja village. City news gathered that, his death came a result of counter rape by a strange lady he brought home from a wake keep.

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Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 9:08am On Jul 11
'the lion of Mbagaja you have meet your doom today' i muttered in pain.

I started crying and begging Mabe remorsefuly.
'Keep quiet and feel how it, feels to be raped' Mabe shouted at me.

I felt serious pain as Mabe's banging became fast and furious. I groaned and cried, feeling like my rectum is tearing. Blood started oozing from my behind.

Mabe mounted me with intensity till dawn when i became feeble and fatigued. She disappeared and left me half dead in pool of blood.

I felt sorry for all the hymens i had destroyed forcefully after testing what they had passed through.

In the early hours of the day, one of my friends came to findout why i had not reported at the TOW joint. He was surprised when he met me in pool of blood and pain.

I struggled and explained to him all that had happened.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 8:51am On Jul 11
I started thrusting with great intensity so that Mabe could feel the full wrath and anger of the shaft.

After an hour of vigorous spanking, i heaved a sigh of relief after scoring. 'ah! I exclaimed and pulled out, panting like a dog. I lay on my back to gather potential energy after scoring thrice.
Mabe was still sobbing when i got up to wear my 'boxers'.

As i was convinced i had dealt with her, then she said, 'don't wear the stinking 'boxer' yet, now that you have done yours, let me do mine also.''

'you are not serious' i said while chuckling.

I thought it was a joke until when i began to see Mabe transformed into a grotesque beast with a giant 'digger', thrice the size of mine.

It dawn on me, i had brought a marine spirit home.

I let out a loud scream, but the beast reminded me that no one could hear me like i earlier told her.

Mabe, now the beast, grabbed my waist, pressed on the bed and mounted me from behind.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 9:33pm On Jul 03
Carefully and gently like a seamstress who suffers astigmatism trying to fix thread through the eye of the niddle, i plugged in my drilling machine.

At a slow pace of thrust, i tested the depth and width of Mabe's 'well' to ascertain the amount of kinetic energy i needed per thrust.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 9:28pm On Jul 03
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Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 8:24pm On Jul 03
I flinged the red G-string at the door and returned to the warzone.

Mabe yielded to my forceful advance prowess with a sigh that seem to carry the words, 'do your worse'.

My heart was thumping strong against my thoracic cavity as I dipped my index finger 'in' and cares it on my already nodding shaft.

I chuckled and widened Mabe's thighs like a pregnant woman who was going to push out.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 5:53pm On Jul 03
I pounced on Mabe and forcefully removed her 'spaghetti' top and her raunchy skirt.

She begged me not to do it, but i was covered with my prurient attitude.

I pinned her to the bed aggressively putting into use my skills as the lion of Mbagaja.

'Amar please don't do it, I'm begging you' Mabe begged, calling my name in an entreating voice.

' shut up bitch! Why did you follow me home? You think my room is a free lodge for strangers?
I yelled at her.

' how can you get down with a lady on her first visit to your house, moreover, we barely knew each other. Please i beg you' Mabe continued to beg.

' keep quiet and feel the wrath of my shaft, my condition now don't need too much grammar. In jiffy, you will be moaning in ecstasy, so , just cooperate.' I said, as i finally demolished the last check point.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 8:14pm On Jul 02
This time unknown to Agber, his victim was also a wizard in his own clan. Agber was outsmart by his victim who catapauted him to the ground.

The scrotum owl died by the road side. Jande villagers mocked and marvelled at the strange owl.

Agber's demise became a tittle-tattle among Jande and other neighbouring villagers.

I heaved a sigh after the short thought.

Shortly, Mabe and I arrived my compound. I was staying alone in the small compound.

I lead Mabe into the room and locked the door.

I didn't delay much, i had retract my promise to Mabe.

I pulled off my clothes and asked Mabe to to do same.
She was still chewing her gum and looking at me as if she was not the one i talked to.

'pull off those clothes now, if you like them.' i warned.

Mabe was less concerned about my threats.

'after depleting the figures of my hard earned money you think i will let you untouched just like that?' i questioned Mabe furiously.

'no one will hear your shouts even if you try to' i told her.

I had done this to a number of ladies successful. My expertise in this act was un-rivaled in Mbagaja hamlet.

This made my peers to accord me the title, 'the lion of mbagaja'.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 7:43pm On Jul 02
Interesting Well done OP
thanks for keeping tabs.

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Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 5:36pm On Jul 02
The wizard had a house that stood opposite a forest with a road separating them.

Agber; the wizard, was widely known for his witchcraft activities in the village. At night, he use to torment people plying the road which also lead to the village market.

He does that by transforming into an owl. The funny part was, whenever the wizard transformed into an owl, his scrotum would remain untransform.

This lead the villagers to name the strange bird, 'the scrotum owl'.
When in owl form, Agber would perch on the carriers of his victim's motorcycles to make it uncomfortable to ride.

The motorcycle would dangle and if one was not fortunate, they would eventually crash.

It was always fun to Agber until one day when nemesis met him.

On a hot night, the wizard was having his field day as usual when he perched on the wrong motorcycle.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 5:08pm On Jul 02
Well, that was not my problem, i agreed and promised her, knowing within me that, as long as she was going to step into my room, the deal will re-shape.

We hit the road, walking gently to my house.
Mabe and i were walking in silence since we barely knew each other.

The environment was cold and serene. The empty road was lit by moonlight.

At some spots, trees blocked the moon and the stars, casting their long shadows across the narrow foot path.

Grasses and leaves danced as cold light breeze blew randomly.

The hooting sounds of owls echoed into the air. This made me recalled a story of a wizard who once lived in a village called Jande.
Literature / Re: The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 4:56pm On Jul 02
Sometimes, after we had buy the ladies 'ifian', 'icheer' and many other things, they would not want to 'behave' when we take them home.

Some of them would even make silly excuses that they were on monthly vacation, they are not feeling fine and so on.

As one of the though guys in the hamlet, i always get you do what i wanted either through force or willingly.

It was already midnight, and the wake-keep was becoming less interesting. I was lucky, i got a lady who was going to grant me access to her island by any means, since she contributed in shrinking the financial value of my pocket.

Mabe, was her name. She was well designed by nature, and physically, she was presentable.
Her skimpy black skirt and her proud looking set of mounds that were partially covered by her cleavage revealing top, led me into a state of joie de vivre.

I placed my palm on Mabe's back side and gently walked her down the road to my house.

Mabe agreed to go home with me on the grounds that i would not engage her in any nookie act.
Literature / The Rapist Is Raped by Fmartin(m): 2:18pm On Jun 30
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
written by - F.Martin

category: Fiction
(C) 2019
All right reserved
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a cold and cloudy Friday night. I and my friends as usual, attended a wake-keep in a neighbouring village.

Rather than a sympathetic event, as typical Mbagaja youths, wake-keep and burials to us were like weekend parties.

At times, we would not even know neither the deceased nor the bereaved, but would attend the wake-keep just to hunt for hussies, dance 'baka', eat and get drunk as much as our pockets could afford.

After exploring the wake-keep, if we were fortunate to get a lady, we would return home early and conduct a two-man closed-door wake-keep.

The next day would be for testimonies of wake-keep attendants. Funny enough, we even formed an acronym TOW for 'testimonies of wake-keep attendants.'
we use to gather at our local market square, preferably a drinking joint to dish out our reports.
Each of us would narrate his performance from the closed-door wake-keep.
Literature / Re: The Bank Robbery. by Fmartin(m): 10:14am On Jun 10
At 8pm, i was in my room when i tuned in to city news channel on my hunch-back TV. I was shocked when the news caster pronounced that 20million naira was carted
away from the robbery at the National treasury bank.

The figure contradicted the
15million naira at the police station. We spent two hours to count the money which
we made sure there was no mistake.

'How come the figure inflated from 15million to 20million?' i thought.

'Is the bank manager behind the increase in the figure carted away from the bank? Or the robbers took way another bag full of money?' many question began to raise in my head.

While i was still thinking, i got a call from a private number.

'Max, I'm sure you keep our money safe? I knew you were in that kiosk that's why i threw in the money. I'm sure you must have heard the figures on city news channel. We are having a 3 days mourning of our colleagues who died. So,you have 3 days to start preparing our money. Address and time will be communicated to you on the third day. I'm sure you have traveled as
you planned? Stay out of trouble and keep our money safe. Don't even try to involve the police coz, we are watching you'. A huge
voice i could not recognise warned and cautioned me. The caller then hanged up.

I was quivering with my phone still placed on my ear. 'What have i gotten in to?' i asked

'wait a minute, the only person i told him i wanted to travel is my next door and neighbor and he has since travel yesterday. I
was even the one that rode him to the bus terminus'. I began to investigate.

I remembered the police asked me to call them when i noticed any move, but then the robbers had also giving me their orders.

'hmm! I'm confused now' i thought.

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Phones / Re: What Is Your Favorite Mobile Phone Game ? by Fmartin(m): 6:03pm On Jul 20, 2018

please, Is crime file an online game ?
Phones / Re: What Is Your Favorite Mobile Phone Game ? by Fmartin(m): 10:28am On Jul 20, 2018
crime files 1 , 2 and 3
Nairaland / General / Re: See The Snake We Killed Today At The Farm by Fmartin(m): 12:50pm On Jul 19, 2018
you use beer or soft drink?
na heavy fufu with better soup grin
Nairaland / General / Re: See The Snake We Killed Today At The Farm by Fmartin(m): 8:11am On Jul 19, 2018
jesu! Roasted or Fried?
roasted... Very sweet.. cheesy
Nairaland / General / Re: See The Snake We Killed Today At The Farm by Fmartin(m): 10:22am On Jul 18, 2018
you chop am?
Nairaland / General / Re: See The Snake We Killed Today At The Farm by Fmartin(m): 7:46pm On Jul 17, 2018
This one is venomous.. you can't eat this one
that means i will be waiting at a clinic for any emergency cheesy
Nairaland / General / Re: See The Snake We Killed Today At The Farm by Fmartin(m): 7:02pm On Jul 17, 2018
This 1 no fit full 1 pot na.
na python u dey expect on a farmland? cheesy

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Nairaland / General / See The Snake We Killed Today At The Farm by Fmartin(m): 6:56pm On Jul 17, 2018
grin lalasticlala food don don cheesy

Romance / Re: Help! My Babe Have Not Seen Her Period. Continuation.... by Fmartin(m): 7:09pm On Jul 11, 2018
hi bro,did she finally delivered d baby,cos i was following ur thread
Sports / If You Were From Iceland What Would've Been Your Name? by Fmartin(m): 9:46pm On Jun 22, 2018
If you were from Iceland what would have been your name? grin

mine would have been Martinsson cheesy
Jokes Etc / Re: 2019: Igbos Project Ahmed Musa As Their Presidential Candidate by Fmartin(m): 8:34pm On Jun 22, 2018
at least he achieved 2 goals in 90mins to put a smile on the faces of over 190million nigerians... cheesy
Sports / Re: Poster Of Ahamed Musa For President Appears Online Nigerians React by Fmartin(m): 8:32pm On Jun 22, 2018
grin grin grin grin
Sports / Re: 4000 Fans To Watch Super Eagles Match Today At Abuja National Stadium by Fmartin(m): 3:16pm On Jun 16, 2018
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Croatia: World Cup - 0 - 2 On 16th June 2018 by Fmartin(m): 5:13pm On Jun 13, 2018
Na both o grin
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Croatia: World Cup - 0 - 2 On 16th June 2018 by Fmartin(m): 12:02pm On Jun 13, 2018
How I wish I can wash this match
na soap u dey lack abi na water? grin

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Literature / Re: The Bank Robbery. by Fmartin(m): 7:15am On Jun 11, 2018
Great story you have here dude... lemme summon the first e-couple of NL

yewandequeen and dtobs

a round of applause for them....lol

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