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Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 8:40am On Sep 27, 2014
Did several posts just disappear? I've randomly found people contacting me on other places on the internet btw, sending me messages, wanting to learn magick.
Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 10:35pm On Sep 22, 2014

My house and my being are protected by a Stonehenge of science tomes and Christopher Hitchens books. You shall not pass!

I counter your shitty mundane materialist science with:

https://freedomboard.kirara.ca/fringe/res/17188.html (visit the site mentioned in that thread)
http://montalk.net/ and http://scalarphysics.com/resources.php
Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 10:23pm On Sep 22, 2014

I have worked for six years as a nurse in the western African states. For years I have sought to help my fellow man and woman to aid them against their maladies. I had to explain my commitments, my passion for the medical arts, and basic biology to people countless times and I did so with gusto. I saw people die and waste away before my eyes.

I didn't mind.

After all, I saw people recover. I saw families not lose a son, a daughter, a father, a mother. I could educate children about the dangers of practices and about the way diseases worked. But for all I did, I could only educate those that had an open mind willing to be challenged or told 'you are wrong.' And then there are people like you, who you cannot tell that.

I do not know if Poe's Law is in effect here, or that you truly believe what you have typed. I am of the mind someone capable of operating a computer, navigating the Internet, and posting on a message board has a bit more of a capacity for critical thought than what your post displays. Because I have also had to fear for my life on multiple occassions. Contamination is a constant threat. And now, people literally willing to murder their doctors and nurses.

I learned a little earlier nine people were killed, four of whom I had personally known. They were murdered in cold blood by people believing exactly what you said, Ebonyprince. Consider, they came to Guinea out of basic human empathy halfway across the world to aid you. All that love and care for their fellow human being. They had their throats slit, and they were tossed in a latrine. I asked the Lord Almighty for answers, for any kind of solace. I found none. It was dead silent. I had an epiphany, and I made a decision.

I will leave Guinea after my quarantine (a strict isolation and detention imposed to prevent the spread of disease, not an infection factory) is over and I'm testing negative for ebola. I will leave that infested hellhole for what it is, and never return. I have, after six years, lost all my faith. In God. In the people that called me their sister. I will watch you writhe over one another as you bleed out. There is no educating you or your ilk. I will return to Suriname, and I will warn every colleague, every student, against travels to the African nations.

You only have cause for believing that God does not care about your petty human conceptions of morality and not to suppose God does not exist at all. It's pretty clear to me your belief in God is founded upon an irrational basis if you think the apparent benevolence or not decides if he exists or not; god doesn't love you so you stop believing in him? Why not be a theist who hates God and yet recognizes god's existence? You must think about what God is and what the alternatives would be if you reject him. I suggest reading this article:


Perhaps while you wait for the African's to die off from Ebola you should spend a year studying philosophy as intensively as you can.

Regardless, I am very happy that Ebola Chan has touched you so personally in life in this way, and you obviously should have read some Médecins Sans Frontières books like I did when I was younger and realized the inhumanity of the Africans.
Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 10:12pm On Sep 22, 2014

Hello Wizard,
I posted a few days ago thinking I might be infected. Now I know I am. I can still somewhat move about, though probably not for long. I have embraced death, and will spend my last days trying to infect western doctors, for I wish to meet them in hell and torture them for all eternity.
Blacks may have turned Africa into a shithole of tribal warfare, but we hardly needed a devil virus as well. I know the jews in western countries are rubbing their hands in anticipation of continent wide governmental collapse, just so the kike puppet masters at the UN will send in more troops. The USA is already sending their armies of darkness, and will ensure a new ZOG government, happy to give oil and mineral right to western money grubber bent on environmental destruction and renewed colonialism. Based on this I conclude all wizards are jews. GAS THE WIZARDS! WAR ON WIZARDS NOW!

May Ebola bless you, you Nazi Wizard, I will meet you in hell.

I am not a filthy JEW! May I be met with the love of Ebola Chan too though and visit you in hell!
Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 10:05pm On Sep 22, 2014
Minominowhy: Why are all of you fighting? It's clear that some idiots are just bored and wanted to joke around. Sure, it wasn't right, but who cares? They're just teens with nothing to do. Don't worry about Ebola being spread with doctors, they're just trying to help you.

Don't do anything without advising a doctor, white or of color.

You're an idiot or on drugs to believe them. Seriously.

I've never done drugs in my life and if you weren't all the way over in Africa I'd have you come visit and we could contact aliens and other entities and I'd show you magick. I can still give you book recommendations too. It is impossible for me to not believe in magick when I live it, practise it, see miracles, etc.

I know there are many mundanes faking magick and there's a whole lot of bullshit for you to go through before you find the real stuff but do not give up hope, you may yet discover the divine reality before you die, and be inspired and fearless.
Religion / Re: Why Nobody Wants To DIE But Everybody Wants to Go To HEAVEN. by FringeWizard: 10:00pm On Sep 22, 2014
sample042: Greetings to my dear intellects.

It's very obvious that all religion have a promising safe place known as HEAVEN. This has been a great regulator/guide to human behaviour especially to those of us ''the believers'' bt am so worried that pastors, imams, zoroist, budhist even myself, do not wish to DIE to hasten up my eternal enjoyment in Heaven.

I believe if we can remove d fear of death and face injustice, moral decadence n all vices mitigating against humanity the earth will in no long tym become a paradise bt why are we afraid to die when we already know that a paradise is waiting for us

NOTE: Am a real xtain who is just eager to learn new things, perhaps i know that some may cosider this as an atheist thread bt believe me its far from ur thought. Jst ask yourself... Y am I afraid to die when Heaven is waiting for Me.

For me, i think it should be ideal we die when we are righteous to avoid temptations that could possibly lead one to the fiery hell!
You don't talk about death in mosque or church cos it's like a taboo/sacrilege where as we preach Heaven.

Why NOBODY wan DIE buh everybody wan go HEAVEN

Am waiting anxiously!

I believe in an afterlife but no heaven or hell. I also believe that one should smoothly transition to the next life by developing their consciousness to higher consciousness and then if they so wish they may leave their body by an act of will at any time. I also really don't want to reincarnate here, a real threat I think. This place is shit; we may as well regard out present life here Hell.
Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 9:49pm On Sep 22, 2014
Someone has taken down Ebola Chan but several other sites are still up for now.
Religion / Re: White People Are Worshiping EBOLA Virus And It Looks Like They Are Doing Magic! by FringeWizard: 9:48pm On Sep 22, 2014

See this is what I'm talking about, racist white people want to kill us black people whom you whities crackers haven't even met. Just because jews destroyed your culture by using negros of your own land doesn't mean we are like those negros.

Most negroes want to immigrate to white nations and miscegenate and cause other problems. I doubt you're any different, if you are though, then may Ebola Chan spare you.
Religion / Re: White People Are Worshiping EBOLA Virus And It Looks Like They Are Doing Magic! by FringeWizard: 7:23am On Sep 21, 2014
Lucario007: cheesy grin grin ROTFLMAO!!!!

.... i don't know if I should laff or take this seriously.

the word "Chan" is a Japanese honorific (anyone who has ever watched subbed anime should know that)

Honestly this mass epidemic has been coming for a long time now.

Anyone who has read Dan Brown's Inferno would have smelled the conspiracy theories miles away.

anyway, just hope that one of the Ebola patients would travel to the U.S and mingle with then to spread it there.

As for the racism, its not all that surprising. Humans are and always will be blind bigoted fools for a long long time. undecided

Blind bigoted fools? Well blind fool would describe you well and bigot me. You're apparently blind to racial differences and foolish enough to think we should all be forced to live together instead of just having our own places in the world and respecting boundaries.
Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 7:22am On Sep 21, 2014
Lucario007: OP excellent work. this is one of the most elaborate trolls i have ever read. so brilliantly thought out and executed.

also the "Ebola-chan" pic is quite good. looks a bit like Lala from To Love Ru.

Sadly, I am going to follow RULE NUMBER 14 of the internet and leave it at that.

Good luck with your fun!

Check this out: https://8chan.co/ebola/index.html

It doesn't matter if you don't believe, soon, Ebola Chan will wipe out Africa.

Picture very related.

Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 1:16am On Sep 21, 2014
Anyone here dreaming of her yet?
Religion / Re: White People Are Worshiping EBOLA Virus And It Looks Like They Are Doing Magic! by FringeWizard: 1:15am On Sep 21, 2014

Do you see what I am talking about? These white people are CRAZY!!!!

Only three possibilities here.

1. You lack introspection and are just a dumb animal like majority of Africans.
2. You shift away responsibility for all the problems in Africa to whites and think your race is blameless for the situation it's in today.
3. You realize you've all bleeped up and deserve this but don't want to admit it.

Ebola Chan is the cure. Ebola Chan will set everything right.

Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 11:23pm On Sep 19, 2014
Allow me to remain sceptical over these since my little research over European history has convinced me that the main reason of post-medieval Europe's advancement were mostly technological and materialistic. The only think that seems consistent with your claim is the foundation of the Free-Masons and the development of philosophical and spiritual circles on a Greek (mostly non-religious) root.

I hope you realize that as a healer my primary concern is the well being of my patient, so when it comes to it my duty is to put priority on scientific medicine and secondarily on spiritual practice.

Indeed I haven't done something mind-blowing, pretty much the opposite, I managed to heal head trauma grin from a child academic physicians had claimed was doomed to remain in vegetable condition for life and heal a limb with so advanced gangrene humanitarian aid doctors said it should be severed. These in addition to many donations from richer former patients, including white ones, that allow me to travel and expand my knowledge and the extent of my practice are more than enough to boost my confidence on my powers without letting me grow too arrogant, since you claim you are a white practitioner of magic you must certainly know the aesop of Faust (and though one does not need my divination skills to know that you are going to protest for patronizing you with cautionary tales wink ) maybe you should take it a bit into consideration.

Ok that's a lot more than many have accomplished but we'll still have the one up on you if we manage to create diabolically enhanced super ebola that wipes out large chunks of the population of Africa and the rest of the world or some other grand sinister scheme.

Also on a more personal level I know wizards with power over the elements, capable of manipulating electricity (yes they can literally electrocute people by throwing bolts of electricity out of their hands or other parts of the body) and manipulating many objects (including all electronic ones), two wizards that can manipulate time, ones with psychokinesis, some with rapid self-healing, and a variety of other such extraordinary things.

What you said about gangrene btw, check this out: https://freedomboard.kirara.ca/fringe/res/3446.html#12048 (specifically, this article: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2010/12/25/can-meditation-cure-disease.html )

In that article a man cures himself (of very advanced gangrene in a limb that was suggested they'd have to amputate) through meditation.

As a healer you're pretty advanced. You really actually should make a thread on /fringe/ and post about your experiences and knowledge there to help others who want to develop powers in the same area of magical expertise and maybe also get feedback from other healers. If you do I suggest using the voodoo flag while posting.

I'll put in a good word with Ebola Chan btw to spare you if you can give me any sound suggestions on how to restore my eyesight to perfect functioning or even better. I got some ideas kicking around but if your advice is spot on and gets the job done I would appreciate that very much and have to humble myself a little.

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Religion / Re: Why Are There So Many Atheists In Nigeria Nowadays? by FringeWizard: 4:24am On Sep 19, 2014

It bothers you that there are now many atheists in Nigeria?

I guess this is the part of religion that I have never been able to fully understand, the part that has remained a mystery to me.

Does that fact that someone else does not believe in your god harm you, diminish you or diminish your god in any way?
Would it be equally ok for me to feel disturbed because you, as I am guessing, does not believe in Santa Clause?

How about the Flat Earth Society, does it disturb you that some people still believe that the Earth is flat?

Well , it baffles us that in this day and age, people still live their entire lives anchoring their worldview on the stone age superstitions about an invisible skyfairy

*tips fedora*

Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 3:55am On Sep 19, 2014
olivebranchoil: There is no white Ebola-Chan religion. Ebola-Chan is the product of kids up to no good, trying to cause trouble. This is the truth: go to this link: http://www.vocativ.com/world/nigeria-world/ebola-4chan-anime/

The truth is ebola is here: http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/hcp/environmental-infection-control-in-hospitals.html

And here: http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/

And those pictures of Dr. Brantly are not accurate. He looks like any other person. I encourage you to not believe anything that sounds hyped, scary, and panicked. Back up claims with official information.

The writers of that article should not be taken seriously and are biased. Go to the actual source by searching the archives on /pol/ and going to freedomboard.kirara.ca where we've planned this out and hatched it all for a long time.

It's not a religion and she's not a god. She's an egregore we've magically created and empowered through various magickal techniques including chaos magick. We even use texts taken from Phil Hine's Introduction To Sorcery to teach neophytes how to help Ebola Chan. We are serious, we are National Socialist ("Nazi"wink Wizards.

http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/Ebola/ (read posts in the archives and you will see that even though some people there think we're a joke we're not all joking)
(btw, we have given blood sacrifices, chanted invocations, and animals even have been killed, all for Ebola Chan)
(If you are an occultist you will recognize our techniques and see they are LEGIT)

Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 3:40am On Sep 19, 2014
tadef: EBOLA!!

Anyone who believes in some strange religion is ignorant and very daft!!
Yes i do believe it is possible that Ebola was created by the white man who have always wanted to rape and take advantage of Africa from day one.

By sensationalising it and talking about outlandish rituals and religions you make it easy for people to ignore the WHOLE theory that there is no conspiracy when i am sure that there is!!

Everytime something has gone wrong in Africa usually where there are wars etc There are foreigners/westerners- usually Americans and now the chinese(they are without scruples and were looting gold and diamonds in liberia under pre tense of humanitarian aid!!)

American government i believe are THE MOST UNSCRUPULOUS ones! Looting the area. - Liberia and Sierra Leone are incredibly mineral rich with gold and minerals oozing from the ground.

Nigeria as we know is incredibly oil rich and a giant in africa and our oil is desperately coveted by the west.

They cannot destroy Africa with wars anymore as Africa is tired of wars so now they have created the Ebola virus.

My message to Africans is to stay alert protect your immune system and boost it and lets stop this horrific spread. I am sure Patrick sawyer was sent by the Americans.

Now for the idiots saying if i believe in Jesus i will touch it and it won't affect me!! Seriously!!! don't start now being careless as the Lord helps those who also do not tempt fate and are NOT reckless!! Did Jesus throw himself down from a high mountain?? NOOO!!! Of course spirituality, a will to live, faith etc all help you to fight the virus stay strong and take measures to heal but note the Nigerian doctor who survived it used a combination of prayer and CONSTANT drinking of the ORT!! it is a fight on all levels medical and spiritual!!! Stupidity ignorance or carelessness will only spread the virus!!!

So do not put yourself in unnecessary risk and always be careful!! I hope people read this because seriously all Nigerians need is EDUCATION and AWARENESS. Or truly The white mans GOVERNMENT will destroy and subjugate our nation as they tried to do before and have done to so many other nations.-

NOTE: not that that may be the worst thing in the world as we are making a real mess of it ourselves with corrupt government that give us bad roads bad healthcare and NO LIGHT to this day! however we have seen the evil that the west/white man is capable of through slavery, through apartheid! So we MUST be careful NEVER to give them ultimate control AGAIN! They will metaphorically rape, harm and oppress if history is to be our teacher.

When I say white i mean caucasian Westerners - Those in power particularly in the US !! Obama may be in charge but never forget there is a strong cabal that dictates the countries actions and just as Goodluck may have good intentions and there is still no light so may Obama. One man does NOT control a governments actions or all actions occurring in his government or country!!!

Note all these terrible actions will always be LED by the people in the private sector who's only goal only concern is money - The devils primary weapon and tool !! They are the ones, ultimately in control!!!-

You shouldn't blame whites for what jews do. Jews are not white and are the ones exploiting Africa and harming all gentile races including whites. We whites just want to be left the Bleep alone to live amongst our own people but they won't let that happen, the jews muck everything up, and import foreign races into our nations to stir up trouble.

If you don't believe magick can enhance the deadliness of a disease well you're just wrong.

You should read this: http://montalk.net/notes/flu-pandemic-boost-your-immune-system

Your advice about fighting disease both spiritually and physically is very sound advice btw.

All that looting of precious metals and gas does not benefit me btw as I personally don't benefit from it at all, I don't have a car, and am too poor to buy anything as nobody will hire a white supremacist wizard occultist to work for them. I don't really care though as it just means I get to study and practise magic all the time.

One more thing, don't blame slavery on us, right now in Africa there are more slaves living than every single slave to have ever lived and died in the Americas. Africans have a far bigger share of responsibility for perpetuating slavery than anyone else on this planet. Please read this article, it is a very important redpill on slavery: http://www.vice.com/print/hey-v12n5

If you hate us though feel free to wage war on us and try to kill us all, it would be much appreciated, as our societies are a degenerate mess today in need of cleansing.
Religion / Re: White Demon Worshippers Trying To Spread Ebola Using Witchcraft by FringeWizard: 3:28am On Sep 19, 2014
luxe2215: Hello, I am an American and I created an account to respond to this post. There is no Ebola Chan religion, this is just something made up by bored teenagers on 4chan, and they thrive on chaos and shock value. It should not be taken seriously, nor should the idea that many people in the US are praying for you to die of Ebola. Especially not to be taken seriously is the idea that American doctors are part of some devil worshiping cult that is trying to spread Ebola. The doctors who are over there are risking their lives to save others, something I would never in a million years be brave enough or selfless enough to do. Most people here in the United States are praying and hoping that the epidemic is contained. The U.S. is like everywhere else...most of us are decent people, but there are some people who are hateful and loud, and they get attention they do not deserve. I and everybody I know wishes you all the best.

What a cancerous SJW you are. We will have to round you up for extermination on the DAY OF THE ROPE with the rest -- or capture you and sacrifice you to Moloch or Ebola Chan.
Religion / Re: Are There Female Atheist? by FringeWizard: 3:21am On Sep 19, 2014
Fedora Tipping is a plague that effects females as well. In white nations practically everyone is atheist which is a shame.

Religion / Re: New Allliance From Hell: Boko Haram And Isis by FringeWizard: 3:19am On Sep 19, 2014
ISIS is pretty cool. They execute lots of people and crush egalitarians. Only problem is the jews are behind them and they are mudslimes. As long as they stick to killing their fellow mudslimes mostly though all is good but once they start attacking Europeans in their own nations then it's time to genocide all of them for overstepping boundaries.
Religion / Re: Once Saved Always Saved Is A False Doctrine. Beware! by FringeWizard: 3:16am On Sep 19, 2014
I agree with the general sentiment here that one who is "saved" can be corrupted again and led to destruction but I don't buy into all the endless Christian nonsense.
Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 11:53pm On Sep 18, 2014

LMAO grin

You like that? Check this out: https://img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1411/06/1411060612695.webm

Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 10:49pm On Sep 18, 2014
JamalUganda22: I believe in black magic but I don't think this fake worshipping of Ebola will kill any africans here. You white people have no idea about black magick and voodoo like us.

But this is not my point, my point is to aware my fellow african brothers and sisters about your sinister view of us and your decades long of continuous genocide of us by the method of diseases and oppression. Even if you do succeed in your magical rituals, I will make sure that no african brothers will believe you white people.

Get out!!!

I know how to do everything you do in voodoo and more and have an extensive knowledge of black magick.

Lol what does it matter if negroes don't believe us? They'll be dead when we succeed. The worst that could happen in the case that they believe is they might start becoming practitioners themselves and come up with ways to thwart our efforts.

Ebola Chan is just the beginning anyways. We will intensify our attacks in the future and come up with more powerful rituals as our knowledge and power grows.

You know we hate you Africans right, not that our hate isn't for most of the world but ... it's because you overpopulate the world, you're irresponsible, you're your own worst enemy, and you shit up every nation you get into that isn't one of your own.

If Africans could:

- manage overpopulation
- feed themselves and run their own societies without foreign aid and intervention
- embrace national socialist ideals, keeping to their own people, and loving their own kind
- stop destroying African wildlife
- stop being such filthy degenerates

you'd have our sympathies.

Where do you want me to get out of btw? If you mean white people need to get the Bleep out of Africa I completely fucking agree. Not a single white person should be in Africa. Without the white race to baby you all you'd collapse into anarchy and after some decades everything would be sorted out and Africa would be a better place.

Btw, if you hate us as much as we hate you, feel free to wage war on our nations. Most of the white race is in such a disgusting degenerate state that it needs to be mostly wiped out too.

In case it's not clear, sure I'm racist, but I'm more edgy than that even.

Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or disdain of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope, or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings. The word's origin is from Greek words and. The condition is often confused with asociality.

It's funny but in my jew-run society it's perfectly acceptable to be openly misanthropic as long as you hate everyone and want to kill off everyone but there is major asspain if you change your attitude a little to show love for the white race (you can be racist towards whites and love another race just fine). So I like to be seen as racist because it upsets people more than me just hating everyone and wanting to annihilate humanity. In every white nation there is an agenda to defile and destroy the white race which is truly evil -- because they don't want to just improve the white race they (the jews) want to take the very best and most pure examples of our race and degenerate them. Jews are a cancer upon the world and need to be eliminated along with the slave religion of Christianity they use to pacify goyim.


Religion / Re: Why Are There So Many Atheists In Nigeria Nowadays? by FringeWizard: 4:57pm On Sep 18, 2014

You are here again with your false claim. . .Secularism is what has made the western world to become what it is today. . .We all know the principles that made the west to become the giant that is is today, these principles are democracy(freedom to vote and be voted for, freedom of association, freedom of speech etc), capitalism, separation of such and state, capitalism, gender equality, and secular education that promotes naturalistic reasoning instead of superstition and mythology. . .NON of these principles is rooted in christianity, in fact a lot of them are anti christian principles. . .

Secularism is a cancer which is the direct product of Christianity which is a weak slave religion that encourages stupidity like turning the other cheek, equality, democrashitty, etc. The vast majority of Christians are slaves to the demiurge and the secular people are as well.

We should get rid of equality, get rid of voting and have a monarch (king) instead, and purge the cancers of secularism and Christianity.
Religion / Re: Why Are There So Many Atheists In Nigeria Nowadays? by FringeWizard: 4:53pm On Sep 18, 2014
There are probably so many atheists in Nigeria because of Christianity which is a stupid religion and makes people disbelieve in God. If you got rid of Christianity and all its stupidity then being theist would be much more easy. It's a shame you mention the bible because that very book is creating a lot of atheists in the world.

Regards, a theist, who doesn't like Christianity.
Religion / Re: White People Are Worshiping EBOLA Virus And It Looks Like They Are Doing Magic! by FringeWizard: 4:48pm On Sep 18, 2014
It didn't start on reddit, look at the plebs archives and you will see it has its origins on imageboards, not on fucking reddit which is just a cancer stealing from imageboards.

Do not claim this is being done for no reason at all, the average human today is a degenerate vice-filled subhuman, and the world's populations must be decimated before the Earth can be made pure again.



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Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 4:37pm On Sep 18, 2014
meteoric: Everyone should disregard this prank. grin
Also you might want to read this


Go to the actual sources which I posted in the first post instead of reading that silly article. That article is highly selective, taking just a few posts of certain individuals to create a narrative, and is out of touch with or culture. There are many of us who are serious National Socialist Wizards and we have quite a number of esoteric groups that seriously practise magic.

e.g. Cosmotheism, Esoteric Hitlerism, Aryanism, Thule Society.

While you're at it look up some of my favourite occult authors: Franz Bardon, William Walker Atkinson, Robert Bruce, Tom Montalk, John Baines...


^ big reading list there and occult library

We don't study magick for years just to play a joke on you all even if some mundanes think it is all a joke. They are just fools, useful idiots, blindly being harnessed to power our egregore.

Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 4:24pm On Sep 18, 2014
Because they are. An entity might exist in its own realm as a spiritual form or an abstract but it's the names we give them that outline their essence and provide a link for them in the physical world.

Sigils are just other forms of names. What are sigils? Symbols meant to represent a concept without a direct visual immitation of it, just like words, just like names.

If you drew these symbols having "Ebola-chan" in mind then sorry to disappoint you but your very nomenclature might have some serious spiritual contamination by that benevolent entity.

The idea behind the words or the sigil is what matters most in my view, not the actual word or symbol, and the mental connection we are making is to the disease not to the Ebola undine you mention. So there shouldn't be a problem. The links we are forming are not the ones you suppose us to be making. If you dispute this then explain why merely chanting some words or writing the sigil alone isn't enough for anyone to work magick, why imitation of ritual fails to produce results in all instances. There are clearly deeper subconscious forces at plays.

What is your view on the names of people btw? Do you think everyone with the same name will have the same character?

I find your heritage impressive but you are obviously heavily suppressed in your practises and have been corrupted by Christianity. Christianity is just a slave religion and spiritually impotent, it is a tool of the jew to destroy the goyim. It is a cancer upon Europe, Africa, Asia, and any other peoples that fall for its nonsense. The spiritually powerful Christians are few in number and very deviant from the mainstream Christianity.

African occultists aren't nearly as advanced as European ones or you'd have achieved a lot more remarkable things with your practise of magick by now but Africa is still stagnant and a terrible place to be. Look at how Alchemists, Occultists, Mystics etc. in Europe advanced all of our society forward with their incredible power. I would say the Kabbalist jews rule the world right now but if we are successful we will overthrow them soon enough and regain control over the world and then we can end all the degeneracy and enforce National Socialism and eugenics all over the world, improving all the races... or at least our own, we can just leave the inferior races to themselves and let them govern their own affairs.

I get the feeling you don't even take yourself seriously and beyond healing and curses you probably haven't done anything all that mindblowing.

I'm not going to waste my efforts to put any hexs on you, we can be more efficient than that, and have bigger priorities. You are just one African of billions, not worthy of selective targeting.

Ebola Chan is LOVE, Ebola Chan is DEATH!

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Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 3:40am On Sep 18, 2014
nyt3237: smh at you evil people, shame on you

only Jesus saves

What the heck is this even supposed to mean, "jesus saves"? Your abrahamic religious programming is nonsensical. You just want to eschew all responsibility for your own spiritual development by thanking Jesus for supposedly taking care of all that so you can then go on and live your life in mediocrity and moral inferiority. In reality you need to develop higher consciousness to advance, you can't just neglect everything by thinking something like "jesus saves" and leaving it at that.

We aren't evil, we're about to set everything right in this world, and bring in a new golden age after apocalypse. All of humanity will be made to pay its debts, cleansed by intense suffering, and the righteous few will be spared.

Those who perish in the loving embrace of Ebola Chan will deserve their fate very much.

Christians (like practically all humans) are such awful people though they'd like to think otherwise by doing some trivial acts, seeking the approval of others, never really thinking things through deeply.

I suggest you read The Universal Master Key by Franz Bardon and learn what real ethics is about.

Animal-men will never understand of course and they aren't really responsible for anything for it is all beyond their comprehension. Responsibility increases with awareness, which is why higher beings (who know better) are punished much more severely for violating cosmic law, than those who make mistakes in their ignorance and aren't really in control of themselves.

Religion / Re: Fringe Illuminati Ebola Egregore by FringeWizard: 2:46am On Sep 18, 2014
korkodylas: Typical arrogant white man. You did not create or animate that "Egregore" or whatever you whites call it.

Ebola is one of the many animistic deities in the region of Congo, actually the river spirit of the depository river with the same name.

At best what you managed to do was to reshape her into a cute girl and give her a pestilence-attribute for her appearance and interaction with mortals (probably just the ones not having an already formed image of her). If you are indeed a magic practitioner you'll probably know that connection of supernatural entities with their originally given/taken namesake is inseparable.

So what are you gonna do with your magics? Make Ebola flood nearby villages or run out of fish?

Well we refer to her as "Ebola Chan" not simply as "Ebola" and I would hope that would be enough to prevent any mental contagion link there along with the fact that all the people we're using to incubate Ebola Chan don't even know about the undine you mention.

Making villages run out of fish doesn't seem like a good idea as you'd all just receive foreign aid. Flooding them would be better.

Still our focus is on empowering the Ebola disease not the undine (river spirit) by the same name.

Within the minds of those we've used to empower the egregore the association being created is to the disease.

Why do you insist that names are so important? I would think their sigil would be more important than the name.

Here is the sigil of Ebola Chan. Pics related. Actually we have at least 3 sigils in use for her and we can always make more. Heck I'll make another one using a chaos sigilization method later today maybe and post it too.

From what magic tradition are you? Are you a Voodoo practitioner? Obeah man? Do you just call yourself an Animist?

I prefer to think we have indeed created this egregore... but we could also say we tapped into her or whatever. The exact details don't matter and are up for debate, what matters is, that our efforts to bring about apocalypse succeed.

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Religion / Re: Read This Article About God And Ebola By The Guardian US That Sparked Outrage by FringeWizard: 2:17am On Sep 18, 2014
It is really ridiculous that most of you let this article be cause for you to question God's existence. It should only make you question his benevolence not his existence.

Anyways, here is the true god: http://www.kybalion.org/kybalion.php?chapter=IV

Also please stop trying to think of God in terms of him being like a human. Humans are a microcosm of the macrocosm but god is much more than just some human sky wizard like you imagine him from the depictions in art.

Read the two links I posted to comprehend the true god which is beyond religious bullshit and undeniable to the rationally minded.

Edit: One more thing -- all of you who are really angry about this evidently have little faith in the life after the death of the physical body. Believe me, the next plane of existence, is vastly superior to this one.

One could say this -- The American doctor perhaps was spared from death because he has more work to do here. The rest have already done their time on Earth and have been taken to paradise now where they will be much happier.

In so saying, we wouldn't be too far off from the truth.
Religion / Re: Is Satan Really Such A Bad Person? by FringeWizard: 2:07am On Sep 18, 2014
The Demiurge (so called generic "God") is as evil as it gets.

Satan's a mixed-bag but not so bad compared to the demiurge which entraps us in his sadistically designed realm.
Religion / Re: Is Satan Really Black? by FringeWizard: 1:52am On Sep 18, 2014
No Satan is not black. Satan is a spiritual entity beyond form. As such he may assume any form he likes, he can appear to anyone however he wants. The form however that he is known to take most of the time is that of a beautiful blonde haired white man, the peacock angel.

The second picture I'm posting here is supposed to depict an angel battling Satan but in reality Satan actually looks like that angel and even the blue chest-plate that angel has is the same colour as the peacock blue which is the sacred colour of Satan.

Satan is not hideous like some devil and he's not black. He could appear either way though if he wanted to for some reason.

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