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Celebrities / Re: 9ice Defends His Ex-wife, Toni Payne, On Instagram by frozenfirenaija(f): 8:29am On Apr 01, 2017
that's not 9ice official IG handle
Education / Re: I Write Projects And Essay Assignments For Student by frozenfirenaija(f): 3:19pm On Mar 31, 2017
Babe how far? U abandoned ur story just when we were starting 2 enjoy it? Haba...
c ehnn no be my fault o have been facing alot of stuff jare e ma binu
Education / I Write Projects And Essay Assignments For Student by frozenfirenaija(f): 11:52pm On Mar 30, 2017
Yes I write projects and essay assignments for student at affordable prices. just holla when u need me. cc Seun lalasticlala
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 7:26am On Feb 11, 2017
Episode 15

It had happened again. Messed up illusions that changed my perspective of the present bringing the past to life more than any 3D movie can ever make movie characters look real. He was going in and out of me while I remained there. Not fighting not struggling just pusillanimous . Very weak.
I should have been strong. I should have fought back like a tigress. I should have given scars to remember that fateful day when he had come into my room to destroy everything I stood for. Instead he had given me something to remember.
"You will like it"
He was saying it again. Four simple words that never left my head. That didn't seem to be leaving soon. In the spacious living room that still made me feel confined. He was now stark naked like he was years ago when he dropped the towel around his waist and joined me in bed. "I promise I won't hurt you, you will like it" I wasn't naive as I was years ago when I heard that line for the first time. I knew what he wanted to do and I didn't want to do it. Such abomination! Not in a Yoruba home, Not in a wealthy home, Not even in my life. However, I had been timorous and lily-livered. I had heard and read so many near rape experience. They all fought back with the bed lamp, a scissors, a spoon, a Biro or even the pillows and I had stayed there. Begging to be let out of the room and when he pushed me forcefully to the bed, I only cried to see my mummy. I was the dumbest kid I ever known and still the weakest of all women in the world unless I proved myself wrong.
I opened my eyes again. It was time to prove I too could be brave enough to fight back. I felt fueled with so much strength and courage. This was it. I stretched forth my hands to the bag with all my might. I felt my bones shift and ache like I was trying to detach my wrist joint so my fingers could get to the bag then finger crawl right back to where they originally should be. It hurt but I wasn't going to give up. I pushed him again and he responded with a slap to my face then continued. Continued raping me brutally like a sex starved animal. I, the super model,the celebrity of my time was reduced to a sex machine for an illiterate robber that sounded like Father . The thought of it was sickening yet it also fueled me with strength. Tears trickled down the corner of my eyes and flowed down to my cheeks then I gave out a loud cry that shook the room. I folded my right hand into a tight fist and hit him real hard on his head. He was forced to untangle himself from my thighs and I hurriedly grabbed my bag as he held the part of his face I had inflicted with pain . It was only a second and I could never be thankful enough to God I had carried the Victoria Secret bag with the easy lock instead of the other with the complicated lock.
With a flip of my finger, the bag gave way and I let my hands slide freely into it. Then I felt the cold steel and grabbed it. He was already above me again. "Alame pointed the gun at me and i paused. Dayo was now silent. I assumed he had fainted. I didn't remove my eyes from my predator, I didn't dare look at his sound-alike.
"You think sey you too fine for me? You no sabi who I be? " He yelled at me while I tried to breath in and out steadily despite the thoughts in my head and the evil in my hands that I wanted to do. He clenched his teeth and raised his fisted hands against me . Immediately, I pulled mine out of the bag and to held out the gun to his face. Things was about to go to down.

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Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 5:14pm On Feb 01, 2017
Episode 14

This wasn't happpening to me. I wasn't getting raped again. Not in front of the first person who first did. Not in front of the person I was to kill.
" You! turn your back make you lie down . See as you fine. i sure sey your thing go sweet. if i know see money carry, i go do one round before i go" he said and smacked his lips looking at me with so much greed protruding out of his bulgy eye balls. It was then I knew he looked like a frog. One that was ready to hop on me and pound on me over and over and over again. The money was his target. I only became a prey because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I should have been in the comfort of my 6 by 6 bed in my drama-free apartment enjoying a peaceful sleep not caught up in this quag-mire.
"Do what?! olorun maje" i heard Father yell and Calli hit him hard on his chest with his fist. Father bent down in pain and I heard him groan. I made to get up but Alame hurriedly picked up his leader's gun and pointed it to my face. I stopped but continued to shout at the top of my lungs. "Please!!! No! No!! No!! Please I beg you in the name of God...don't shoot. Don't touch me". The gun man finally worked on his belt and unzipped his trouser. He came down on his knees and grabbed me by the ass forcefully. Our bodies met with a hard contact and I took the advantage to fight him. I tilted my head forward and returned it to his chin with a heavy force. He yelped and spat out.
From the corner of my eye, I saw Father grab Calli's leg causing him to topple on his back. Alame looked back just immediately and pointed the gun at Father who quickly rose his hands in the air and pleaded for mercy. I got up on my feet, raising both hands in the air but thinking of what next to do to save the day. The gunman wiped his mouth with the back of his hands and looked at me with fury.
"Karishika!" he said as he got up and pulled his trousers up. "You Don die today" He grabbed me by my hair and gave me a dirty slap. My ear drums rang a bell. Dayo's prayers had returned and was now at its peak yet for a moment, I couldn't hear it. My head was clogged and I let myself fall when he pushed me against the chair.
My face melted into the sofa and the sweat and tears on my face soaked the throw pillow I grabbed. I yelled on frustration and cursed out loud. I couldn't see Father. I couldn't tell how he felt seeing someone else treat me the way he treated me. I didn't care.
I continued to cry and wait for what was next then I remembered. I had a back up plan in my bag. I hurriedly pulled my face out of the sofa and looked back. Only seconds had passed and the entire time the robbers had spent in the house was less than 20 minutes yet it felt like they had been in my life since my first Breath and weren't going to leave till my last. I had dropped my bag on the stool by the chair. The same chair the robber pushed me against. If the custodians of fate were considered ruthless, they did show me a little bit of mercy by making things work In my favour.
"Manni, make me we dey go. Time don dey go" Alame said looking at the wall clock back and forth as he hurried Manni to let them go.'Manni' that was his name. "Na bad market we come, make we dey go". I turned around,sitted on the floor with my back pressed against the foot of the chair hoping 'Manni' would hearken to his partner and I wouldn't need to bring out my plan B.
"No. I no dey go yet. This witch dey try me. Make I deal with am" He grunted with despise still wiping his lips which was now bleeding. He stormed over to where I was and pulled me by the hair and I screamed in pain. Before I could savour the pain on my head another heavy thud ripped through my abdomen has he punched me. I felt my womb shred and I could swore my uterus must have shifted at the blow. I groaned and the tears continued to flow. I was being punished for my sins. If only I had forgiven father and taken Rhoda's advice to go for counselling so I could get better instead of wanting to kill Father to payback for what he had done.
The pain cut through my entire body and I fell on my knees. I couldn't take more. I couldn't see. In fact, I thought i was going to die. I continued the movement and fell on my side. My bag smiled at me from the stool which was now in front of me. I stretched forth my hand to grab the handle but it was an inch far yet when I stretched it became even two inches farther. I couldn't reach it not before he pounded on me sitting on my body. I could feel his bulge in the middle of my thighs. He was hard and full of want for me yet I was too weak to fight even though I didn't want it.
It indeed wasn't the best day to wear a palazo. With a single flip of a finger on the lace, the waist region of the trouser became free. I lifted my hands and grabbed his but he yanked them off his and they fell to the floor like Humpty Dumpty .My limbs were paralysed
"No! No! Not my daughter!! Not my daughter! " I heard in the distance. I peered through my gummy eyes and saw him. Calli had the matches to his throat. Alame had Dayo under his watch. No one was going to save the day except me but I had failed because I was weak.
Manni hurriedly pulled down my palate down below my butt and I felt his hands on my pant. With one noisy rip, my lacy Victoria Secret panties became a piece of shredd.
"No... No... No" I realised I had been muttering it the whole time. Not in front of my gateman. Not in front of Father. I shut my eyes in shame allowing the tears to flow freely and swallowing to grease the dryness in my throat. Manny pulled his boxers down then curved his body to match mine. I felt his thickness snaking it's way through my thighs and he pushed them further apart to make way for his entry. Suddenly, his hard touched my labia and I stiffened .
"Easy girl, I know you will like it. " My eyes flicked open involuntary at the sentence. It was very familiar. I had heard it before. I had heard it many times. It had haunted me.
I felt my body shivering even my body temperature changed. It was no ordinary Deja Vu. "Easy girl. I know you will like it" it was clearer this time as he slipped freely into me and heaved a sigh. He pulled back and hit it deeper again. "I know you will like it" I never learned to like it. I had only hated him more. I had only always wanted to kill him. Him. The man who was above me. Throbbing in and out now in a faster pace. The man who wasn't a robber but was now Father.
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 5:13pm On Feb 01, 2017
Thanks all
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 12:14am On Jan 31, 2017
Got tired of the story sef cos of the low comments
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 3:29pm On Jan 27, 2017
My wife doesn't take cash around anymore and she didnt leave me any money before going..." Father replied calmly and i joined him. Hoping we could convince the robbers to leave without anymore trouble " Please, we won't call the police. just try to understand...we keeep money in the bank. You can have the jewelleries and other valuables buut please, don't kill us" The gunman turned around the moment i stopped talking then he whistled as though in wonder. He looked back at Father then at his colleagues before smiling and licking his lips. " That one sef no bad. Make we just they go house like that when we no see money,nothing nothing. Make we just leave" he laughed hysterically and his colleagues joined him then he pointed the gun at Father. " Na your pikin abi your small baby wey you dey use cool body for night?" Father's eyes deemed into a small slit,the slit of a ready to attack lion. "she is my daughter. don't touch her". I heard my stomach grumble. I was Father's daughter and he was telling the robber not to touch me because the robber had intentions to do so. would the robber heed to his warning,his back off reply? i could only be on my chest and imagine in fear. " shut up! na me you dey warn? you dey mad. make me i go hustle for Gun make i no come see better thing collect for this kind big house. Make i kon go like that. Your father!" I inhaled deeply now very scared. The gun man squatted by myside again and trailed his finger along my waist line then gave my butt a light spank that made me whimp. He hurriedly jumped on his feet and started loosening his belt. "Calli, watch that man for me. Alame dey watch that yeye gateman for me. i wan do one round before i commot for here."



Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 3:26pm On Jan 27, 2017
Episode 13

They had Dayo but that wasn't what caught my breath. The man who had apprehended him had a gun to his throat and Dayo had the most fearful look of all time. He looked like he would wet his pants but for the fact that i was there. that we were there. The second man had a matchet with a sharp edge like a butcher. Yes, i coud tell with the way it shimmered in the dark and the way the robber trailed the end with his finger tips. Yes again, i didn't have to be told who they where. It was there in the way the gunman pushed Dayo to the floor and yanked me by the neck. His grip was strong and the way he pressed the gun against my skull frightened me. Father was now in the sitting room looking dumbfounded from me to Dayo who was shaking like a jelly fish to the hideous looking hefty men who were looking at our sophisticated living room with greed then back at me. i watched his expression change from confusion to bewildment and then to fear. He lifted his hands up and the third of the robbers who also held a cutlass but didn't have half the charisma his fellow butcher had ,apprehended him shouting at him to fall on his 'goddamn' knees. Father looked at the robber in the eye and for a moment i thought he would attack him but even I knew it was a stupid thing to do. He looked at me and the way the robber hurled me against the floor telling me to lie down flat and not try anything stupid then he spoke up. " Don't touch her. please. Don't do anything to her" He fell on his knees before them and the gunman smirked. Someone old enough to be his Father was on his knees because he had ordered it. He probably felt like a king unless it was all a stage play or i was a pawn in the game they were playing. Rhoda had told me about the robbery that Father haad orchestrated years ago and the aftermath had left bruises in the pockets of Grand Father's company and in Mother's heart. If history was repeating itself , Father really deserved to die. I remained on my chest on the cold tiles and i could smell the liqiud soap that had been used to mop the floor in the morning and it was a constant reminder that i was still inhaling and exhaling normally despite the situation i had found myself. " YOU! Get up! " i looked up and all i saw was the nozzle of the gun pointed at me. "No be you i dey follow talk, face floor before i commot that your eyes wey be like witch own" i quickly looked away before i was made to regret the eyes that had made me feel special in my secondary school when seniors would give me special treatment not only because i was rich and had a lot of provision but because they wanted to see more of my rare light brown catty pupil. i coud hear Dayo's sob and Father's heavy breathes as he got up on his feet. Was all this his doing? Was Father robbing us again? i couldn't tell, maybe because my shivering fearful self could hardly feel my face or because i wasn't a psychic and rheotoric questions were not to be answered. " Go! GO! Go! I want all the money, gold and valuables in this house" the gunman yelled on the top of his lungs and i soon concluded he was the leader of the gang, the strongest of them and maybe the one who collected the largest percentage from their earnings. He was the leader of his pack, the one who did the talking and the dirty jobs. I remained where i was: stiff and refusing to breathe not even daring to steal a peek. Father and the thirdman who held a folded black bag went up the stairs while the perfect butcher ransacked the living room. He tossed the decorations into a black bag they had brought with them. Everything shimmery or expensive looking was packed in the bags and from my position I could swear i heard him pick up the television remotes and magazines. Dayo was going to have a heart attack with the way his leg shook before me and the prayers i heard him whispering. I admit I was scared but i was no measure to Dayo who began to irritate me with his cries and pleas to be allowed out of the house alive,to be spared and released from his misery. " Shut up! phem!" The gunman pointed the gun to his head and i snuck a peek. He looked really angry. " Wetin i do you? you wan die?" he pressed the gun against Dayo's head and i heard the poor gateman catch his breath. " iffa hear pim for your mouth again, you go hear wen!" and those few magical words fixed him. He became quiet so quiet i began to think he had fainte,d but for the slight movement of his leg as he fidgeted. The gun man removed the gun from his head and moved away from him. His gaze caught mine and i hurriedly looked away. "Hey! why you dey look me? you wan mark my face? abi you think sey na only you fine?" i remained mute but i could hear him walk to me, squat beside me and when his finger's touched the back of my neck, i fought the urge to slap his hands away. People were not allowed to touch me unnecessarily even Rhoda knew that. How dare he? Again i stiffened, highly irritated by the way he stroked the back of my neck. "...Abi you like me, cause me sef i be fine boy. Dem know me for Onitsha" There was every reason to slap him. He was shouting directly into my eyes, His mouth smelt like hell and it's burning candidates and he was touching me in the most sensual part of my body but i endured because he had a gone and i had made it a choice to live. " See as you be like rubber baby wey boutique dey use shade cloth. you and your mama don chop Naija Money finish. We sef go take our share,you hear me so?" The second rubber seemed to be done packing everything valuable into hisbag and was now standing by the steps. "Calli! calli! Shey that man never give you money?" he yelled at the stairs. i stole a peek and saw Calli and Father coming down the stairs. Father still had both hands up and Calli held the bag in his other hand. With the look of the bag, i could tell it wasn't full and Calli's look showed he was displeased about the content in the bag. "Oga yawa don gas" Calli started in an angry tone " As this house big kan fine join...Better money no dey inside. I no see shin-gbain." I looked at Father and met his stare. His face was cold and his lips was pressed against each other. I could tell he was burning with words but wouldn't talk and wouldn't dare react. His eyes roamed to the hand on my neck and i saw his mouth twist with anger and disgust at the edge. He clenched his fist and i saw his jaw muscles tighten as he also clenched his teeth. This was a real robbery this time. It had to be. Rhoda had told me everything about everything and one thing i knew was Father would never let any strange man touch his daugher. Father wouldn't rob us when he wasn't certain there was any money in the house. He wouldn't orchestrate all this if he knew no one would be home except him. He would have been home alone but for my impromptu appearance. Why would he want to rub himself? Unless the plan was to confuse the investigation and this was his alibi. The gunman removed his hand then stood up. He had a terrible snarl and didn't seem to care if i was looking or not. The three of them were now standing with father turning their backs against me. I looked at my bag opposite me and remembered. I had almost forgotten my backup plan for Father. I had a gun in my bag, i could attack the gunman first, Father would take care of the second guy while i punched in another bullet into Calli's chest. He was the youngest of them and undoubtedly,the weakest, I could handle it since the third person in the house who could be on the hero team was a weak cry baby we called 'gateman'. A sudden slap shook the walls of the building and i lost the inspiration to play the role of James Bond. This was reality and in reality, James Bond was just an actor putting on another person's character. I looked at the men and saw Father hold his face. He was now red with anger and the rise and fall of his heart in his chest was highly pronounced. "You no hear me so? Where the money dey? abi you wan die?" The gunman threatened pointing the gun harder into Father's skull. " Where ona dey hide money for this house?" The second guy shouted. " Ther-- there is no money in this house.

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Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 8:12am On Jan 24, 2017
Episode 12

The coast was clear. i was going to poison any edible and make sure he ate it,sleep over and wake up early and leavenn before Dayo found Father's lifeless body in his room. The police would call for questioning and i'll say i came back late when he was already asleep and i left before he woke up. Mother knew Father hates to be disturbed in his sleep and Dayo was aware i came later than his Dinner time. Only Father would be able to explain the cause of his death but that would be impossible for him because his body would be cold as ice,still as stone,below the ground ...because of me. I picked up the gun, made to place it in the car safe but hesitated. " God, don't make me use this tonight." but i found myself closing up the safe and placing the gun gently in my victoria secret purse. I wouldn't be needing it but i took it. "just in case"
I got down from the car and slammed it lightly before locking it with my auto control keys. I clutched my purse under my arm then found my way into the house. The house that had lost it's familiarity before i changed school and never again felt like home when i came back. I opened the door with my keys and stepped into the mini sitting room. The room had three comfortable sofas , a plasma television and a very large flower vase but it felt different to me or maybe I just had a feeling within me. A bad one. There was a news paper and a pair of reading glasses on the glass center table and i looked at the date on the papper. It was the latest. I tossed it back on the table causing it to make a small slam against the strong table. The papers was delivered everyday and I wondered if the feeling within me was a prick of concience that it would be the last news paper Father would read because of me. i shut my eyes and walked through the hallway. My newly discovered method of proving i had the ability to beat the darkness in me,the darkness which has undoubtedly consumed me. I was trying to do the impossible: to beat darkness with darkness. It was the only option that felt reasonabe. If Father was dead, i would not imagine Debo was him and i would be whole again even Debo who thought i was insane to ask him to help me would happily put a ring on my finger and whisk me away to his bed where we would have the best sex ever. The one Father had deprived us of in the past months of our relationship.
I was walking down the hall i had walked in many times in my life with my eyes closed yet i felt like a pro or so i thought until i smashed my foot against the stool in the sitting room. My eyes flipped open as i lifted my feet away from the floor to counter the pain in my first three toes. It reminded me of Mother and how she had smashed her feet against a vase the day Father came back into our lives. Remembering how She had prepared several delicacies for his return had made me feel sick but i never disclosed my irritation towards Mother's disquieting love for Father to anyone. not even R l
hoda who was also seemed to know Father for what he was instead of what Mother made him seem. I was weak as a child and until my plan for the night, i was weak as an adult.
"Be careful sweetheart." i froze at the spot and looked into the opposite corner of the large sitting room, frightened a little. Father was sitted with his laptop placed on the arm rest of the cream coloured leather sofa. My eyes roamed from his bare chest and the cowry necklace that never left his neck to the pulge of his belly and hairy legs gazing below the shorts he wore. I didn't allow my eyes stop at the slightly loosened zip of the gray shorts instead I composed myself and cleared my throats before speaking.
" Thanks...I almost didn't see that there..." Father adjusted in his chair. He shut the lid of the laptop and placed it gently on the side table beside him and then i saw it. What i needed to see. A glass of half full red wine stood majestically on the small stool. What else did i expect from Father at five minutes to eleven. Rhoda had gotten that habit from him ; late night
" Of course, my 'tall' girl" he smiled innocently and i had no choice but to return mine not sure if it was my genuine or professional smile.
"Good evening... thought you would be asleep..." I felt my tension melting away at the coolness in his eyes. I was supposed to be tough being a murderer in the making not falling and forgetting my goal. I dropped my bag on the stool that had hurt my right foot and slipped into the single sitter adjacent to Father and watched him pick up his glass and sip. His eyes flicked open and he caught my stare and i hurriedly looked away. He dropped his glass and for a second,he looked at me keenly. I wasn't Rhoda who could read auras and define them but there was something in the way he looked at me.
Father adjusted in his chair. ' I couldn't sleep. Just watched a football match between Man U and Chelsea... The scores didn't favor me." I nodded, knowing well what he meant. He had lost to a bet he had made based on the previously played match. How much had 'he' lost ? How much had Mother lost this time? it wasn't mine to question. Before Father returned she had warned us to bury the past where the past was and being a 'bloody Aries' as Rhoda had once disrespectfully called me in an argument, i never stood up to any of Mother's decision. Father was still looking at me and i was still thinking of an excuse to take him away from his glass but nothing came. I had run out of ideas and Father's glass was running out of content.
"Dad...?" i heard myself say " Did you... did you see any briefcase Mother left behind? " I paused for a while, buying time to think more about the lie i had started and like lightning, the best lie flashed through my head. " Mother called and said she left a case...with lots of money in it" At that his eyes lit a sparkle and he sat up on the chair. " She asked me to tell you to check on it so she can be sure she didn't misplace it at the airport...so?' It wasn't a question but a request. so go and check if the case is inside so i can pounce on your drink and spice it with something i got specially for the night.
" i don't remember seeing any case but i will check again" Father stood up and i soon heard his steps racing up the steps. 'check again' he had checked before? I didn't have to sit and wonder why Father had ransacked their room for a case with money. I was aware of everything that had transpired when i was still in boarding school. Rhoda had told me the whole truth but now wasn't the time to sit back and ponder . It was time to do what i wanted to do and put an end to everyone's misery.
I heard the creaking of a door at the top floor and was sure Father was out of sight. He had placed his glass on the stool before leaving to my advantage. I hurriedly opened my bag and picked out the bottle of Arsenic. I felt my hands go weak as i opened the the lid and tilted the content into the glass with shaky fingers. My heart was loud against my chest and my breath as though as i was snoring while awake. This was it. Me killing Father. i tried to convince myself it was for the greater good but nothing i told myself made me feel better.
The opening bang of the front door in the mini sitting room caught my attention and i waited. Who was coming? Dayo? What did he want in the main building? I heard another voice shouting violently and my fear heightened at the pandemonium at the entrance then I heard Father's footsteps racing down the steps as i stood in the living room, wide eyed and confused yet i waited for whatever was to come. I looked to the corridor leading to the hall and then at stairs father would pop out from. Something was not right.
I took two steps towards the dark corridor, seeing little with the rays from the light in the mini siting room, i peered into the dark hallway. Then i saw it and i knew what had descended upon the night.

Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 8:10am On Jan 24, 2017
No comments kilode naa
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 12:26pm On Jan 21, 2017
Episode 11

The next week was the slowest of all weeks in my entire life. At some point between wednesday and thursday,i began to doubt i was making use of the normal daily calendar and my paranoia heightened at the thought that someone maybe even God was preventing me from achieving what i had sworn to do by stretching the week into a leap week if such ever existed outside the enclosure of my insane mind. But everyone one else didnt seem affeced. I mean the week seemed to be going even better for them. N.S Amaka had a smile! when was the last time she had anything close to a glittter in her eyes. Unlike every other time when she kept a straight face and wouldn't talk to any of us obviously intimidated by our heights and maybe financial status. Francis had nicknamed her 'Never Smile' and the name had stuck so tight, she never got offended anymore she just humbly answered and did what was expected of her. She wasn't a model nor a photographer, she just made sure we had everything we wanted and made sure everything was in place and even though she obviously didn't like her job,her pay had sealed off her right to complain or argue that she did more work than was stated in the agreement. She wasn't supposed to help Nancy carry her bag don from the car or polish her shoes when she was supposed to be on her lunch break.
Francis should have said something, everyone routed for him to but he didn't have the courage to stand up to her and her didn't hide it.
Nancy was back from her home town where she had gone to attend a 'sophisticated traditional wedding' ,emphasis laid on 'sophisticated traditional wedding' so as to impress me and make it seem like a big one. Like it mattered to me. All that rang in my head was the encouraging words the devil placed on auto repeat in my brain "kill father this weekend,it is the only way"
Francis had caught me rolling my eyes in disgust and had scoffed. Everyone in the agency knew how annoying Nancy was. Always craving attention and trying to live up to other people's expectations. Francis had been giving a contract with another clothing line and was now the official photographer for their products. He loved his job and he was good at it but there was one thing that made working together a little awkward. He had developed feelings for me and there was no doubt about it even the girls knew and sometimes Nancy made a fuss about him being partial during shoots saying he pays more attention to me than the other models but his feelings didn't matter to me and I was glad he never summoned the courage to come out of the closet. Let him remain in the closet where he could live in wonder land and imagine a future with me forever because in reality, he was never coming anywhere near my heart and I was never giving him a chance... Ever.
I switched off the engine of the car and gripped the steering wheel tightly giving my self the courage to do what I had planned to do all week. I was home where I had lived for most of my life and it felt like i was at the firing squad ready to kill or be killed. As wrong as it felt,my body was fueled to go on and make it quick. open the finger size bottle in my purse, empty the content in Father's coffee and watch him groan in pain until his intestines shred into pieces and he takes his last breath but as easy as it seemed in my head, any mistake would ruin my life, my career and my personality. I was sure i wasn't ready to help the media with a juicy report or the blogs with an awesome headline for online birds but I still had to do it.
I brought out the steel Tasha had gotten for me from my purse and stared at it. Every action deserves a backup plan and i had gotten my plan B in order. There was no way i was going to make any mistake and ruin the night's mission. It's funny how years ago the biggest night of my life was supposed to be my wedding night until the man who was supposed to hand me over to my husband took that joy away from me and squeezing the life out of him was the new 'biggest night of my life'. what if the poison was slow and i couldnt wait for it's effects? what if he finds out i poisoned his drink and he forces me to take a sip? what if i ended up taking the poison myself? The dealer had put only three bullets in it asking that i used it wisely as if three bullets wasn't enough to send Father to the place beyond where the likes of him belonged. A thief, a murderer, a killer.
I gingerly stroked the trigger. i knew how to use it: put off the safety,aim and shoot. Simple and almost easy but i wouldn't be doing that because it would be too pronounced. The police would investigate and the man who had the ability to help me escape the hands of the law would be six feet below the ground. If i didn't want to end up on the next episode of 'Crime fighters', 'Labe Orun' and 'Na so we see am',shooting Father was the wrongest decision unless i cleaned the scene properly and 'properly' meant i had to clean myself too...maybe clean myself off. Kill and Kill myself or Kill to be killed because the possibility of my succcess was way below one.
The knock on the window startled me out of my wicked thoughts and I hurriedly tossed the gun down to my foot then turned to the figure peering into the window. It was Dayo. I put up a tired look and wined down the window. The noise from the generator filled the air against the quiet i had when the window was sealed.
" Good evening oga, welcome" he shouted at the top of his throats to beat the noise in the compound, as he looked keenly at me stretching his neck to peer behind me. Why wouldn't he? I had spent forever in the car after stopping the engine. I heaved a sigh ,relieved he hadn't seen anything he wasn't supposed to see then i faked a slight smile and greeted him back. "Ma, you are not coming down? You have bags inside booth?" I replied negative and few seconds after, i watched him walk away to his house by the gate , shut the door behind and the light in his room went off. I could never be grateful enough to Mother who had found a literate gateman. In the past,I had learnt to put up with illiterate gateman who didn't understand english and the dirty 'Aboki' who had watered the house with his spits but all that was behind now. We didn't only have the best gateman in our street, we had one who gave me the news i had craved desperately to hear.
" i suprise that you come house. Madam travel and Aunty Rhoda no come home yesterday, i think sey you don travel too but na only Oga dey inside"


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Episode 10

A thunder ruptured through the linen of tension in the room and I felt my body jolt as shivers ran through my spine. I felt like a witch standing before a servant giving him orders to execute a human, not just any human but Father. I felt my tongue go dry and bitter as I sucked them, tasting the sourness of the words I have spoken and the alkaline taste of the evil that outlined the edges of every single letter.
"kill my father "
Debo stood rooted to the ground. A sweat broke down his forehead and trickled down to the tip of his nose. It was a cold room but my words had burned through him as a furnace in the core of a mountain. I was the mountain in his life,the one that looked attractive on the outside but had the ability to enclose his world with a solid rock that set his life on fire with such infuriating demand .
I heard the showers of the rain as well as I heard Debo's thought. "she is such a psycho". His expression was priceless, he looked like a stuffed Teddy or the mannequins used in road side boutiques. His lips disappeared leaving behind a straight line and a clenched jaw. Those lips I had just kissed were very still and tightly pressed as if I hadn't just kissed them, as if they wouldn't kiss me back if I tried To kiss him again.
I opened my mouth to let the words come out but they wouldn't. It laid in my head, a blankness in letters, letters I couldn't decipher let alone put into sentences or make any sense from them. He had to understand. Father was the barrier between our love, the Pharaoh who didn't let my orgasm go, the wall of Jericho between Debo and my sexual proclivity. Just like Pharaoh,he had to drown but in a pool of his own blood and like the wall of Jericho, he had to fall flat on his face, the last face he should see should be mine with a wide smirk, the perfect smirk I gave to the photographic camera during Sassy and Sexual photo shoots. The one that looked just like Father's or maybe close.
Debo finally opened his mouth with disbelief and let out a croak sound like a small laughter. He found me funny, if only he knew how set my mind was on my mission. Bringing him into my cause didn't make him feel appreciated like I imagined. How stupid I was to think he would 'kill my father ' my father his in-law to be. Did Debo even look like a murderer? . At the thought I stopped staring at my fingers and looked straight into his eyes. His cornea was white and his pupil stood at the center staring at me behind curved brows. His frown sent a coldness through me. He wasn't going to help.
He turned around and walked away from me. Disappearing in the dark hall way and never looking back. He didn't storm into anything: the wall, the stools, the shoes--nothing. He walked perfectly through the dark house till I heard his room door swing with a loud bang that caused me to tremble. I heaved a sigh and closed my eyes. Debo was very mad at me and I knew I had to fix it. If he wasn't going to do the dirty job, I wouldn't force him. He had the right to choose and I had the right to respect his decision.
However, watching his cut his way through the cloak of darkness in the hall way, I could relate it to my life, cutting through the trials of life but unlike him, I had encountered many solid rocks that weren't there to guard me but to hurt me and shatter me into a million pieces is not a billion.
I moved my feet with my eyes closed through the dark hallway. it would have been the same if my eyes was open. Dark and Dark. I hugged myself and continued to go through the hallway till I was far away from the living room. I felt the walls in front of me breathing against my face, a step further and I would feel a heavy bang of my head against the wall. I took a left turn,my eyes still closed. This was me, proving to myself that I could live without obstacles, that I could conquer them. I found the knob to the guest room and pulled open the door. The rays from the rechargeable lamp shone into my shut eyelid and I opened my eyes. It took a while for my retina to adjust to the sudden brightness but what was more important was that I had achieved the first of many goals.
It was finally time to stand up to my problems and if Debo didn't want to be part of the victory I was sure to attain again,let him stay clear.
Let him leave me.
Let him allow me to unleash the devil in me.

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Episode 9

I raised a brow in confusion hoping it replaced the frown that had creased across my forehead when he turned his back on me. Wasn't this what he always wanted? The romantic part of me?
I stood stunned and speechless from his sudden rebuke. He had always wanted me to be this way with him and now he wouldn't even let me finish what I had started.
I finally gathered my wits and stormed after him noisily. I placed my hands on his shoulders and he stopped abruptly. I wrapped him in an embrace and whispered in his eyes. At first, I didn't know what to say because I hadn't planned the part in my script but I realised I didn't need a script to talk to the man I was in love with. I had to make him reason with me, make him know how I felt and how better I would feel if he did the favor I was planning to feed him in.
"Never leave me, it hurts me when you do so" I paused and allowed my words to sink into his mind against the ticking of the wall clock in the sitting room. It was too dark to see what time had struck but if my calculations were correct it was three 'o'clock in the morning. Three! And I still wasn't in bed,knowing fully well that I had to look good for my shoot the next day but the real part of me knew if I went to bed, I wouldn't sleep until I let out the heavy ton of load in my chest.
"Debo... I don't want this too...hurting you everytime,it hurts me too" I couldn't tell if I was making any sense because he just stood there motionless and the only thing that confirmed he was listening was the rise and fall of his chest, the blinking of his eyes and the way he twisted his lips to the side in disbelief when I made my every statement. Debo wasn't always hard on me and I knew he would accept my apology but I wasn't sure he would grant the favor though I hoped he would. He seemed like my only saving grace.
I slid my hands down his shoulders to his arms as if I was checking out the right place for an immunization. His biceps displayed authority and power, power to make everything happen and to make him capable of the favor he would grant me after the kiss and female seduction. He had always wanted me being his fiance and this was his opportunity.
I slowly trailed my hands around him and stood at his front. His face didn't have the hateful look he had given me earlier. The tough lines in his chin that made him seem like he would spew venom out of his tightly pressed lips were now replaced with a calmness that proved he had second thought. Aye! I had bought him over.
My eyes never left his as I continued to trace the lines of his broad shoulders with my shaky fingers. I was the most unromantic person, I had been in girl's only boarding school and sent to fashion school in Dubai for three years in a place where every guy around was either a Muslim or a jackass who wanted me for my beauty and what I had to offer but unfortunately, I wasn't in good shape mentally to have anything to do with any man. Things never went well with any of the men, who tried to go beyond the kiss and beyond my waistline. I would always become ferocious and many times I was called nasty names. I decided not to try anymore until I returned to Nigeria and fell in love with Debo even though I thought I had sealed my heart so tight.
The wind was blowing loudly outside and the trees waved from Left to right making ghostly noise that filled the night with a streak of horror and when I returned my gaze from the windows to Debo, his gaze was also leaving the windows. He had felt the energy . I shivered and leaned against him inviting him to kiss me, to taste my lips, to bond with me. He pressed his nose against my face and this time he didn't stop himself, he covered my lips with his and I parted mine so his tongue could find a solemn bosom. H continued to share the pleasure I felt and when his hands began to work the bottons of my cloth, I disengaged calmly, opening my eyes so I could say what had truly taken me to his house.
" You see Debo. I have found a way out my problem ." Debo pulled my right hand and locked out fingers in a couple's nut. His eyes lit with a expectations.
"I'm glad you finally talked to a therapist " A lightning flashed illuminating the sitting room allowing me to see the wide smile that had caused Debo's simple to drill in at the corner of his cheek and I felt special for being the reason he looked like he just won a lotto.
"I didn't see a therapist. I don't need a therapist to tell me the solution to MY own problem. I know the solution and I need you to trust me..... And help me" I had practiced that line over and over in my mind till Tisha dropped me off and I am glad I did because even though Debo tried to hide his puzzlement, I could read it in his countenance. The way he leaned on his left legs and itched his head with his finger but his smile was still there, well plastered and sculptured.
"I want you to know I would always be here for you anytime and everytime. I love you and that's what matters. Tell me what you think I have to do" Debo reassured me covering our locked fingers with his second hand.
"its not what I think you have to do,its what I know you have to do"
"mention it"
"kill my Father "

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Episode 8

Debo was surprised to see me at such ungodly hour.
I had successfully begged Tisha to drive me back to Debo's place and all through the drive, I kept praying to God for a safe journey, knowing fully well how high she was and what it meant to drive under the influence of narcotic drugs,how deadly it could be for me and how it could be to others.
I could have slept at her place till the next day but I couldn't control the anxiety than burned in me. I kept practicing my speech with Debo so it could be more reasonable and less dramatic. I wanted him to know I meant it because I actually did. I wanted to put an end to my misery once and for all.
I had prayed I didn't break out in a cold sweat like I did back in secondary school when I had planned to apologize to the student whose secret I had leaked but had become a cat on hot bricks, tripping few steps before her bed and nervously perspiring till Fadeke led me back to our dorm, laughing and calling me a weakling. I never tried to apologize anymore because I didn't want any more embarrassment.
"Are you okay? you look really tired" Debo lied to me, I didn't only look tired, I looked like I had just escaped from a dungeon. My weavon band had loosened when i tilted my head down to sniff in the portion of coke,i had sliced out for myself and in response to the sharp migraine that had skirted it's way out of my head just as fast as it came in,i had sweat over my make up and my face was messed up with colours from my eyeshadow after wiping my face carelessly with the back of my palms. I won't even describe how bad I smelt.
"Debo... I love you and I would do anything to have you. " I was still light headed and I liked the feeling. It didn't allow me to think right but fast before I could change my mind. I moved closely to him with my eyes fixed with a look of intensity at him, I tilted my head slightly to expose my neck in the sleeveless V-neck I had worn when Tisha came to drag me out of my bed where I found my comfort. The midnight wind blew over my soft skin and I felt a rash of goose bumps erupt all over my body.
Debo looked at me questionly and I ignored him. Instead I placed my hands wide across his chest and with my fingers, I trailed the hair that spread across his broad and strong abs. "I don't want too much from you but a favour I trust you can grant." I had mastered my lines and if no one praised me for acting my part right, I would celebrate myself with a glass of champagne and a blunt.
My hands moved slowly till they wrapped around his waistline in an embraced and he pulled me closer pressing his forehead against mine as his hands massaged my arms softly and romantically. He was three inches taller than me so I stood on my tiptoe till we were nose to nose. I looked down at my dry lips and opened them slightly, inviting him to help me moisten them. He lifted my chin and breathed hard against my face, breathes that made my head spin and made me almost jump in elation that I had him where I wanted him to be. In front of me, holding me lovingly ready to kiss me,ready to ....
"i wont"
"what? " I blurted out anxiously
"I wont" he repeated then yanked of my hands from his waist and walked away from me.

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Episode 7

"Hey! calm down. Breathe steadily, you'll be fine dear. You'll be fine"
Tisha had sprung up to her feet and was sitting next to me in less than five seconds. The blunt she rolled was burning away on the ashtray she had placed on the wooden sitting room stool and it was only a minute past eleven.
It seemed like forever since she pointed the wrapped substance towards me but it was only a minute ago. Time flies when you are having fun but I was the victim in this revelry so time was definitely counting at a snail's pace. I felt my head buzz and I swoon the third time in just a minute. My temperature was still above the average and I felt sick within and without. I had to go back home.
Tisha placed her right hand flat on my back and her send hand caressed my hair gently and softly. "you have to learn to calm down. I have showed you the way, why don't you want to take it dear? Do you want to continue like this? You need to take control of your life"
So Tisha knew about my psychological trauma and she promised never to mention it to anyone. It had taken three months of our friendship before I finally opened up to her. It was enough time to study if she was a blabber mouth or a back stabber. She was non of such, in fact she was one of the coolest people I had known. Caring, supportive and loving but I don't think she loved anyone better than the drugs she consumed. She had a name for all of them: weed was baby, Trams was sweetheart and the one she injected was Passion. I never thought I could take that one, I mean, why would I cause myself pain because of pleasure?
My tongue almost fell down at the thought of that. Father had caused me pain because of pleasure and it had resulted in my own pain and also took away Debo's pleasure which could mean that the whole situation danced around the saying "there's no pleasure without pain". I sucked in my lips and rested my back on the comfortable sofa. I had sat up for so long, my back was beginning to ache and my neck was not any better.
I had to use my pain to search for my pleasure. Debo had to help me learn, he had to help me get over my fear. He was the only way out of the turmoil my father had put me in. Pain only, could restore my pleasure and not just any type of pain but one no one ever thought I could ever give.
I licked my lips and a smile crept up to my eyes. It was the perfect kind of pain even though it would hurt everyone even me, it was the only thing that could bring me an Debo's relationship out of the ditch that had seemed so bottomless when I slipped into the shower that had almost taken my life. Tisha had a puzzled look on her face. If only she knew what I was planning to do when I drive down the highway back to Debo's house, she would still be holding me with so much care and affection like I had a heart. If life doesn't want to be a bed of roses but of thorns and sharp shrubs, I'll have to put on the cape of strength, physically and even mentally.
Starting from this very moment, with Tisha asking me to sniff cocaine and maybe after I have that conversation with Debo about my plan, I'll inject myself.
"Sure Tisha, I need to take control of my life and I know just how"

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Episode 6

I couldn't move from the spot as shock gripped my soul with well pedicured fingers that sent transverse waves through my full length . I felt my blood go dry, my heart literally stopped pumping blood and my hands were shaky with fear but I couldn't feel my legs. It was as if something had glued my buttocks to the seat and was pressing me hard against the surface of the club stool. I couldn't remember my last statement and who I was with. I opened my mouth and began to breathe I was deeply terrified.
Tisha grabbed my hand and the touch electrified my system making me jolt out of my static position. She pulled me towards the floor and we rounded the counter to the back of the bar with our heads low and both palms spread to the floor. We crawled till we had enough cover and waited there. There was a lot of argument and curses flying around the room in Bass, Tenor and soprano voices. A girl was yelling, Bottles were breaking, hell was unleashing but I didn't dare to take a peek at the scene behind us.it was as though the devil had followed me to make sure I didn't have anything good in the day to be thankful for. There was nothing I could do, I just wanted to go home.
I pressed my eyes together till it hurt my skull and when I opened them, through the redness and blurriness I saw Tisha staring at me with a sarcastic smile and I frowned. She didn't seem to be as scared as I was she just folded her legs and leaned against the wall till she was comfortable. She opened her hand bag and took out a container of mentor bubble gum. She tilted the container ,picked out two of the gum a,took a deep breathe and popped it into her mouth before offering me the container. I collected it with trembling fingers, tightening my grip so it didn't fall out of my hand and make 'them' find us in our hiding place. 'them' the hooligans who didn't know how to have fun without causing chaos and putting me in such fear on the first visit. I heard Tisha curse under her breathe.
I took one of the bubble gum and the sweet taste melted on my taste bud. I silently promised myself I wouldn't step a foot into that club ever again. Tisha rested her back against the counter and covered my hands with hers.
"Girl... your hands... They are so cold" she whispered and I slipped my hand out of the cover and crossed my arms against my stomach. How could anyone talk about things that didn't matter in such time of trouble? She didn't seem affected nor did she have any traits of emotional distress on her face. She wasn't sweating profusely like me and I watched her slip out a lipstick out of her purse and re-applied it on her dry lips. She looked like she had gone through this a bunch of times and it had become a daily routine.
Being in danger did not only make me go as cold as a corpse, It made me angry at myself for putting myself in so much dilemma. At that time I had never been arrested for anything, not by the police and never by the road safety. I respected the traffic light even when I was driving alone at midnight and there was no official to see me drive pass the red light. I wasnt a saint, I was just a good citizen.
I stared at my palms in the dim light. They were dirty from crawling down for cover with Tisha. I wanted to throw up remembering I had used the same hand to pick up a chewing gum out of the container. I had surely not been thinking straight and the chewing gum I thought was going to help me calm down was not only a means of unhygienic eating, it began to give me serious headache.
"Tisha, please we need to leave" I whispered as I removed the chewing gum and tossed it into the trash beside the fridge at the corner. It was a good throw and the chewing gum landed into the basket, safe from the harshness of my teeth and the continuous hanky panky my tongue played with it. The thought made me yearn for such safety.
I wanted a safe haven.
"Tisha, please find a way"

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I just love the way the updates are rolling in.

but just like Rihanna FourFiveSeconds; i'll say what's on mind
. If i did not check my list of followed topics, i wouldn't know you've season2.

What am trying to say it that you've could at least mention some of us that followed season 1 for us to know that season 2 has started
taught posting the link will save the stress of mentioning u all cos I believed u all will see the link
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Episode 5

She kept telling me about herself. She graduated from the university of Lagos where she studied English and had just returned from Canada where she went to do her Masters. It was a cool personality and it matched her slim and trim body size and waist. She was on a eighteen inches Brazilian weavon and her diamond necklace buried itself deep in between her very big and rigid breast. Talking to me for the first time and I found her attractive even though she laughed too much.. even to the smallest of all jokes.
It was the first time that night that I didn't remember what I had done to Debi and the fear of what I would do to him another time. She was an awesome company and even her English was very good, anyone could tell she wasn't forming it. Not that my English isn't good too,Its just hers wasn't tinted with the Igbo accent every body from Akwa-ibom seems to have.
Time was running and I knew I had to get back home to rest and get some sleep but Tisha's talks got even interesting as she talked about he time in Canada. She loved the way their ladies had natural curly hair and I kept feeling the urge to tell her mime was quite curly too but that wouldn't only be a senseless show off,it would reveal my identity as The Model. We let drifting and diverging into several other topics and it was almost as if we had known each other for so long but all I was sure of was she did love to drink.
During the course of the conversation, she had ordered three cups of wine and I was still on the first, wondering how she planned to get home because I knew she definitely would be too tipsy to drive.I didn't need an accident to crown my emotional drain, I needed peace. Peace wasn't drinking and driving or so I had thought. She took a third sip from the third wine and looked up.
"you look very familiar " .
I didn't want to look familiar so I had told her only my first name, praying she wouldn't fix two in twos and blow my cover. I wanted to be the unknown for once, not being the centre of male attraction and female beef. I didn't want to take selfies with a stranger who called me awesome when I was always a monster to the one I claimed I love.
I wasn't planning on telling her who I was but I was saved from the misery of shrugging and having her look at me with a weird or puzzled look. There was a roistering behind us just before I could make a move or open my mouth and we looked back at the club but it wasn't a joyful noise but before we could think of what to do.
We heard a gun shot.


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Episode 4

It was cocaine. I stared hard at the content and felt my body temperature change. My heart began to beat really hard and loud, I had release my ever tightly sealed lips so I could breathe in with them. Yet, It didn't successfully ease the tension that sent goose bumps to my skin.

It reminded me of that day. That cold night when I had switched off my phone and dolled myself up like a gangster to the club so no one would recognise me. I had worn a black ripped Jean and a black hoodie with a dark shade of eye contact to cover my distinguished light brown eyes so I wouldn't blow my cover. I had looked like a professional spy.
That night when I left Debo's house in devastation, hating myself for the demon that I had accommodated in my head. The demon that had taking over me when he made to take the kiss further away from my lips, slowly trailing it down my neck giving off that tingling feeling that made me crave for more. I had wanted the pleasure he was willing to give and I didn't wince when he covered my breast with his mouth, sucking them slowly and carefully unlike the way Igbo people sucked Periwinkles after preparing them with Ugu soup.

Debo knew what I liked. Patience. He painstakingly helped me out of my shirt completely and I also continued to pray against the evil spirit but my prayer didn't seem to go farther than the four corners of the sparse room. He went down to my navel and when his hands touched my panties,i had unleashed the demon I had tried hard to conceal.
"Hey..." She had said looking at me through those thick fake eye lashes and caked face. I had ordered a cup of wine and was yet to take a first sip because even though I tried to forget the occurrence that sent me looking for a safe haven, I still managed to crawl back to its dangerous claws. Nothing seemed to be distracting me from the thought in my head. I was literally loosing it.

"Hi" I had faked a smile. I prayed she wasn't a fan as she had a wide spread smile on her face. I quickly took a sip of my drink to clear my throat so I could sound better than I did the first time. Nobody wants to hear a croaked voice from a "perfect" face.... And shape.
She sat next to me and I noticed her necklace. The pendant was shiny and if I didn't know so much about jewelry, I'd still tell it was original diamond. I took another surreptitious look at it and she grinned. "I'm Tisha" she said and gave a little laugh and that was the best sound I had heard all day as that was how my life took another major turn on the ferry.

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Episode 3

I sat perched at the edge of the seat uncomfortably. It was exactly eleven 'o'clock and I still wasn't in bed. I had to sleep because I had a photo shoot the next day with a new clothing line that could afford me. My looks made me very expensive which was something I was proud of but I couldn't say the same of my fellow models. I was a huge threat to them because I was often chosen for the expensive shoots being the most beautiful amongst all of us.

My competition was Nancy, a very fair skinned and thick girl from PortHarcourt. She had that fake Nigerian-American accent that disgusted me. Even mother who had spent most of her childhood overseas didn't have an accent but we worked together when we had to. We had flown to Paris together once, sat by each other and we got to talk a little even though we both obviously seived our words and didn't dare ask anything about our relationship status.

Tisha was still on the phone, tilting her head to the left and the right. If I hadn't perceived that after weed odour on her or seen her blue tongue, i'ld have known she was high. Her eyes were as slim as the slit on the head of a penis and she continued to talk slowly. I wasn't one to eavesdrop on anyone, I had been severely spanked back in Girl's only secondary school for eavesdropping on a Matron and another female student,a senior. It had been a big episode after I stupidly told Fadeke,my bunk mate and she went all over the school spreading what I had heard. It didn't seem very long ago. I even saw the student once at a show, she had looked at me obviously recalling how I ruined her life and exposed her secret. If only she knew it wasn't intentional and I had kept to myself ever since,became a hard nut to crack and had my lips sealed.

I got myself busy with a Lagos magazine with Yemi Alade on the cover, the African mama stared back with an awesome smile, a genuine smile unlike ours, the models, we had expression trainings once in a while that even when we were deeply hurt, our smile never faded. Well planted and curved, never shaky, never sprawled.

She dropped the phone and turned to me smiling mischievously. "You still wouldn't take anything you this bae" she said and pulled in another blunt. "I just talked to my boys in Edo state, The real shit is on its way. It's gonna be a door weekend. Stop dulling me now.. We should be in this together.. You know how now '
I sucked in my lips and fought the wish to join her. I had fought it all week since I returned to my apartment. Getting my self busy so she didn't come over and each time she invited me, I hid under the canopy of lies "I still got some of my stuffs" or "I can't come over right now, I have a meeting" and when I lied that my car was at the mechanic, she said she'll come and pick me up.

That's how I ended up sitting with my arms clutching an old magazine while my head fought the battle of choices.
"If you don't wanna smoke, Take this then. I hate a one-man party"
I stared at the content in her out stretched hand.

Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 7:08pm On Jan 12, 2017
...i read season 1 as a guest though i so much wanted 2 comment den and nw am reading d season 2 as a nairalander...

i jxt wanna say i love ur stories soso much (including ur picture story on instagram) u're a really talented writer and jxt as fiyah (2 set d record striaght i jxt dy vex 4 u fiyah cos of wetin u dided to "a hole through ya curtain) said its an honor reading ur story or shuld i say watching ur story cos it seems so real

keep up d gud work bae I FOLLOW STILL grin
Thanks soo much cheesy
Finally, I have waited for so long for this update. Thanks so much @frozenfirenaija, seems I would enjoy this. In as much as I would have love to see the story from Rhoda's perspective to know how she overcame all her insecurities and sex addiction I am also happy to see the story from another character's POV. Keep it up. You are an amazing writer and so creative. I love you. kiss
Love u more cheesy

And thanks for the support u all cheesy
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 7:55pm On Jan 11, 2017
@ frozenfirenaija, you are one amazing writer. I read Rhoda season one and I absolutely fell in love with it. There were so many scenes I could relate to in reality. You capture every single moment and display it to us, your readers in 3D. To say I am honoured to read your story would be an understatement.

Just keep the words flowing sis...
Wow! Thanks soo much!!!!
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 7:38pm On Jan 11, 2017
Episode 2

I let my head fall down in between my knees and as I closed my eyes I quietly said a prayer. Prayed she didn't start questioning me but I knew how scared she had been while I was unconscious so if she asked any question, she had the right to. One question she was sure to ask is if I had tried to commit suicide like my cousin, Tito who had taken poison before settling herself in the bath tub awaiting the death she had called upon herself and I wouldn't be able to say I couldn't ever think of doing such cruelty to myself because the thought had crossed my mind a dozen times. As a matter of fact, it had been the only thing I thought of all the week and once in a photo shoot section, I had slipped deep into my thought and didn't see Francis coming towards me, didn't even hear his usual igbo accent as he called my name until he placed his hand on my shoulder yanking me out of my day dream with a worried look on his face.

The sound of a starting car downstairs broke the awkward silence as Rhoda stood defiantly with her hands crossed against each other. The car had to be Father's leaving the building because he couldn't stand my sight and current situation as if he wasn't the orchestrated the whole thing.

She leaned on the wall and twitched her lips to the side, she looked like she was fighting the urge to say something. She was my only sister but I knew she was afraid of me or maybe uncomfortable beside me. We spoke to each other in the house like strangers and I appreciated her effort as she had continued reaching out to me but I always blew her off because I didn't want her to know what Father did to me. We weren't like the Kardashian sisters, we never told each other anything. I didn't know her most memorable day neither did I know anything about her relationships with men and I couldnt tell if she did better than me.

I lifted my head and looked at her. I was more beautiful than her but beauty was never brain. She could be a good counsellor after all she had handled my last fall into depression like a Pro and she was still the only one I could trust. She was family not a fellow model who gave me the perfect fake smile we were all groomed to flash to the cameras but was envious of me and awaiting my downfall. The modelling world was full of such people.

"I'm glad you are fine now. I was scared to death" I gave her a faint smile. I was feeling very better and if anyone suggested seeing a doctor, I would disagree. The headache had subsided and I was breathing well. "I thought I had lost you. I was very worried. Please don't ever do that to me ever again. " I nodded not knowing the right words to use. She wiped her face with the back of her hands and it was only then I realized she had been crying when she locked the room door. I got up and strode to where she stood and placed a hand on her shoulder."I'm sorry"

"I know you are but you have to explain that"
She shifted her gaze to the edge of the bath tub and a wet transparent nylon stared back with it's nonliving eyes. She had seen it. The drugs I had consumed before deciding to take a shower. There was Trams, Codeine and Cocaine. The cocaine was the craziest and one sniff had made my head spring up with so much delight and I craved for more of that amazing feeling that made me forget my problems but I guess I over abused it by unwrapping the second pack, Tisha gave me.

God, my life was screwed and I was dancing in the fire and even though I knew I would get burned, I only increased my movement. I wanted the saga to stop. I had caused her a lot of trouble for a day when I was the Elder who was supposed to look after her. I bit my lower lip and pulled her into a wide embrace. Our wet bodies touched each other sending another jolt of cold through my spine and I shivered again.

"i'm so sorry" I said again and this time I meant it. I had to get a grip of my life before I made things much worse than it was. The media couldn't find out about my drug intake, I didn't want such a name in my career and I had to stay away from Tisha. She was bad influence and bad company corrupts good manners.
"it's fine Sister, you should clean up"


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Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 9:09am On Jan 11, 2017
Episode 1

She was staring deep into my eyes, too deep I began to wonder if she could see something strange in them but her smile told me otherwise. What she saw wasn't a threat, it was the source of joy that planted the wide smile on her face. I wished I had the strength to smile back but my chest was burning up and was in flames consuming by ache in place of fire. I sat there watching, searching her eyes for a clue yet very aware I was naked and bare on the wet bathroom floor.

I coughed again trying to feel better and it worked only a little. My eyes were very heavy and I felt dizzy. I sat up trying to shake off the dark swoops and dizzy spells but they only grew worse, making my vision blurry and difficult. The cough seemed to jolt her out of whatever it was that had taken her smile away and replaced her face with the look of realisation.

My sister ran to the bathroom and it was only then I realised the tub was full to the brim. Her night gown was soaked and her hair glued to her face and forehead. The silence was comforting, my head seemed to relax. I didn't know what was going on, why she was worried about me and why my bathroom was a mess. I needed explanations to remember all that happened. I only remembered coming home very tired and drained of all the energy God seemed to put in humans. Thoughts filled the vacuum in my head introducing another roll of dizzy spells and headache.

Rhoda turned around and seemed to freeze at the spot staring towards the bathroom door and I quickly followed her eyes even though I was still very weak. I knew who he was, he that stood at the door was he who I called 'daddy' but had become 'Father ' to me after that incident.

That incident that had shattered my mind making it impossible to live a normal life. Yes, the incident that made me turn to drugs for help. To help me forget how one man came one day and ruined my one and only life."You only live once."

And my only chance at a normal life was ruined by the man who gave birth to me. I frowned as I embraced the anger that made my stomach churn but Father didn't seem to care about the look I shot him, he looked worried and even though he taken by my naked body, he didn't flinch, didn't seem aroused, didn't look allured. He just stood there without that look he always gave everyone especially my sister for reasons I didn't understand.

"where were you? " Rhoda spat out with sheer accusation even I was taken aback. Father blinked and looked confused, the first time I ever saw him so embarrassed. I clutched my breast with my hands and wrapped my legs in each other then sat upright leaning back on the back of my head so I could see the both of them clearly. They both watched as I adjusted but I wasn't concerned. Being a model, i have gotten comfortable with my body, I hardly cared who saw my unclothedness . The body was an art and mine an amazing one, such art was to be displayed yet cherished and appreciated by all.

But Father kept staring, tongue-tied and looking deep into my eyes making me nervous. His eyes sunk and I saw a flickering pang of regret behind them.
I didn't want him to feel that way about me. Giving me the pitiful look like he cared about me at all. The hairs on my skin arose and I shivered, not only because I was cold but because I was irritated. Rhoda shifted her gaze from Father to me and back to Father again.
"Father, please leave" Rhoda spat again.


Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 8:59am On Jan 11, 2017
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Literature / Re: Rhoda by frozenfirenaija(f): 8:55am On Jan 11, 2017
please let's all visit this link for the season 2 of Rhoda. https://www.nairaland.com/3564472/rhoda-season-2#3564472.9
Literature / Re: Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 8:36am On Jan 11, 2017
Have wanted to update yesterday but I don't know what happened I just couldn't update or quote anybody, I had to send a message to hefelove to pass the message. Thanks all for your understanding.

In Rhoda season one, we were introduced to a girl from a rich home whose Father returned years after he ruined their home not only financially and emotionally but also sexually assaulted his two daughters, Rhoda and her celebrity sister. The suspense begins when Rhoda falls back in bed with him even when she is old enough to fight back and stick to her 'No'. Finally she falls in love with Adam when he saves her from a thug and we think it's great she finally gets over her breakup with Kwame but things never seems to work for her as she finds out her sex addiction therapist is her newly found lover's fiance and she was being played. The season ends with Rhoda finding Sister naked and dying in an overflowing bathtub. Rhoda resuscitates Sister and realises she doesn't need a man to make her feel loved. Not Father, Not Kwame nor Adam. Her love for Sister would save the day.
As much as I love the character ' Rhoda ' not because my name is also Rhoda, I love zodiac signs and horoscope reading nor because Rhoda is a writer and I am too. It is finally time to cut off the relationship between me and Leo Rhoda and let my self fall in love with another character. Someone less wild and adventurous and can take Rhoda away from her misery even though she only just discovered her strength. Someone who can easily burn her enemies while they live in fire. Enjoy this season where we get to see Rhoda from another person's eyes. Join daily for fresh episodes and enjoy the twist.
Facebook: frozenfirenaija
Blogspot: frozenfirenaija.blogspot.com
Enjoy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Unleashing greatness

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Literature / Rhoda Season 2 by frozenfirenaija(f): 7:06am On Jan 10, 2017
Now let's begin. Firstly lemme mention u all my lovers

Literature / Re: Rhoda by frozenfirenaija(f): 10:47am On Dec 23, 2016
Dear readers,
Sharing my story 'Rhoda ' here on nairaland was privilege and what lit up my soul was how much views I got and how much love every single person showed me. The journey was fun but like every trip, it had a finish line.
I didn't want mine to finish so I promised a second season of the story against my capabilities. It's never easy shuffling real life and social media life. Spare me.
I have worked on 'Rhoda' season 2 and it would be ready to be posted on the 10th of January 2017!
You don't want to imagine what's going to happen to Sister. What would Rhoda do to Father? Would Sister grow strong and take control? Would her actions be better than Rhoda even if she is not as physically and mentally strong as Rhoda?
Too many questions and the reply comes from only me. Yay! I feel like the queen that I am but unlike queen Cersi in game of thrones, I want to share my thoughts and wide imagination with you all.
Kindly grab a seat. Cheers!!!


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