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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Confirms Arrest Of Masterminds Of Owo Church Massacre, Warns Ebiras by gawu1: 1:55am On Aug 10
Ebira.... Following those Sahel goats to be radicalized....I wonder why you hardly hear Christians committing terrorists attack... Why always the other religion..... Once you start practicing it your sense is taken from you...
Why on earth will I go and kill innocent people
If you had not made those comments while on influence of npkurummeri, you would have known that those ipob pigs terrorists of afgniEastern are Christians. It is Never recorded in any history that terrorists cannibalised their victims, except ipob pig terrorists. What a dangerous beings!
Or are saying those Christian Catholics who murdered over 400,000 children and women of indigenous Canadians between 1889 and 1996 were not Christians? For over 400 years Christians traded black African people as commodities, over 30 millions of Africans were killed during the period. Led and encouraged by European Christian crusaders, 90% population of indigenous Americans were exterminated by Christian European plantation farmers.
Adolf Hitler and European Christian leaders caused the death of over 60million persons all over the world in their superiority game which they later tagged as world wars.
If you don't know, know it today that the founder of Christianity, Soul who later took to the name Paul after masterminded killing of your god, Jesus was a terrorist.
I urge you to go read about origin of world terrorism. You will know better which people and religion thrived on terrorism.
Politics / Re: Do Not Be Fooled By The New Found Igbo Patriotism by gawu1: 3:20pm On Aug 06
There is no self deluded people like ipob pigs. Their delusion is pro max garnished with foolishness.
According to them, the presidential ambition of the Pandora China made thief is the project of Nigerian youths. Ask them when did Nigerians youths met and endorsed the ipob pig terrorists sympathizer, the best answer you can get from them is abuse.
Northerners who these pigs have been calling with a lots of imprinted names are now their hopes to get int aso rock.


Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu, Abdulahi Adamu, Lalong Visit President Buhari by gawu1: 1:03pm On Aug 05
Two failures

They are not useful to themselves talk more of being useful to Nigerians

I now begin to see our diversity as a curse

Can a nation ruled by the Hausa's or Fulani's allow buhari to be their president when they have better options? Or can oduduwa nation allow Tilumbu to be their president when they have better options?
All these people supporting these failures are supporting them based on religion, tribe or what they stand to gain that's all.
If u have a company and u want to recruit between these three, just be sincere with yourself,,who are you going to choose among the three?
Deep down inside u, u know the answer but instead,u choose to do the contrary.Satan is using u to fight your destiny.What a pity. That's y Nigeria can never be better because majority refuse to do the right thing.So our diversity is a curse nothing more,nothing less.
Ogah, this your wailing has no sugar at all.
Politics / Re: Arewa Traders Association For Tinubu & Shettima Inaugurated In Abuja by gawu1: 12:53pm On Aug 05
He has been wasting Lagos state money on Arewa traders and actors. Bastard bat
Bastard doesn't make himself or herself.
Ashaoo born bastard!
Politics / Re: Christian-christian: Choice Of Deputy Tears Adeleke’s Camp Apart by gawu1: 6:09pm On Jul 13
APC at work.

Na today adeleke choose VP, VP wey he Don choose for almost a month now,grin is it now they are protesting, definitely tinubu handwork
This should tell you APC never cares about religion of any aspirant anywhere before now. However, since obituary people have decided to make religion of the apc aspirants an issue in our political spheres thinking that will endear their Pandora St obituary in the mind of Nigerians, let the game starts.
It is just the beginning! By 2023, the ultimate target goal which is just by the corner, we shall know who play this card better.
Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Atiku Rejects Bid To Substitute Okowa For Wike As Running Mate by gawu1: 7:43am On Jul 08
I hope Atiku would write his name in gold and stepdown for Peter Obi for a better country.

This is not the time to gamble with our future again.
I think every voter is yearning for Pandora Peter Obi China Egyptian presidency. Why then advocating that Atiku step-down for him while we all know the Pandora guy is already the winner?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Japan Ex-Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe Shot by gawu1: 7:33am On Jul 08
obedients no day violent. Na good Nigeria we want, devoid of people with shady characters.
Yessooo! all ipob pigs are atikulated and that's why they are violent cool

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Politics / Re: Nigerians In UK, US Step Up Preparations To Welcome Tinubu by gawu1: 7:23am On Jul 08
Peter obi movement has relegated the iragbaji drug baron to bench.. take it or leave it, this man will never be president of this great country come 2023.
Votes from nkpurummeri region have never made anybody president before and not soon will it.
Take it or leave it


Foreign Affairs / Re: World War III Has Been Declared – Pope Francis by gawu1: 6:02pm On Jun 15

Yeah, even the skull mining ravaging the waste. Imagine shooting Catholics to mine their skulls after they have been buried in cemetery. The Pope should also speak about that
Not too late balancing the pivote!
Good that Senses are now backed into you.
Politics / Re: If 2023 Election Is Rigged…. by gawu1: 5:25pm On Jun 15
how would u know if its rigged
According to nkpurummeri disciples, it's only if Obi Peter China Egyptian is declares winner that the election will be adjudged free and fair.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: World War III Has Been Declared – Pope Francis by gawu1: 5:09pm On Jun 15
Mr. Pope what have you said about the Ethiopian conflict. What have you said about Buhari's jihad. Have you called out Buhari on his Islamisation agenda.

Francis is calling an Eastern European tribal war 3rd World war. How e take concern us...make all man settle their problems for their continents. Don't rope Africa in.

Racist Bergoglio from racist Argentina.
Neither did he said anything about current widely known cannibalism going on in the Eastern Nigeria by ipob pigs who are abated by their igbo brothers in carrying out the heinous acts against outsiders residence in the erosion region.
Foreign Affairs / Re: World War III Has Been Declared – Pope Francis by gawu1: 4:57pm On Jun 15
According to this Christians' god, forceful occupation of Palestinians land by the Jew, supported by all the Christian world is not worth citing as an evidence of his World War III.
Politics / Re: If Peter Obi Can Answer This, He'll Win by gawu1: 3:33pm On Jun 11

You failed.

The question is, how will Obi movement counter Tinubu's rigging machinery?
Losers will always rise false alarm. It's true that cowards die many times before their death.
The question is, how on earth is Obi people think their Obi is elections match mate of Tinubu, the jagaba of Africa?

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Politics / Re: Ndigbo, PDP Assume We Are Their Property by gawu1: 3:26pm On Jun 11
Cry no more my brother. PDP is already part of our history and we are known as a people that doesn't go back to their vomit. We are solidly behind the rock Peter Obi. Peter Obi is our last chance to redeem our dear country
If Ojukwo couldn't redeem you, me wonder how Obi China will achieve that. cool


Politics / Re: If Peter Obi Can Answer This, He'll Win by gawu1: 3:08pm On Jun 11
The way ipob pigs are given themselves hope on Peter Obi China these days is something laughable.
I read somewhere with amusement, one of them saying Obi China is more popular in Kano than kwonkwoso. grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine Issued A (video) Using The Caption "Russian Shelling Ukrainian Positions by gawu1: 4:54pm On May 28
Abacha's son won Kano PDP Guber Primaries.

Lamido's son won Jigawa PDP Guber Ticket.

Elrufai's son won APC Kaduna North Federal Constituency.

Ajimobi's son won APC Ticket to contest Oyo Assembly Seat.

Ibori's daughter won PDP Okpe/Sapele/Uvwie Federal Constituency of Delta State.

Ganduje's son won APC primary election for House of Representatives Dawakin Tofa, Rimin Gado and Tofa.

Okowa's daughter won PDP House of Assembly Primaries.

Akala's son won APC primaries for Ogbomoso Federal Constituency.

Fayose's son won PDP Ekiti Central Federal Constituency .

Yarima's son also won....

The circle continues.

They all deliberately kept ASUU on strike in order to keep the circle continue easily for their children.

If it continue like this, the son of nobody can never be somebody.

Try and build yourself and add value to become somebody tomorrow else
You are free to wail about this in bedroom.
But, just stop disturbing other people's peace with all these crispy cries.
When their fathers passed the so called not too young to rule bill into law, expired cements like you were jubilant, saying it was against the likes of Buhari, Tinubu and co.
So what is the wailing about El Rufai, Saraki, lamido children winning elections?

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Politics / Re: IPOB Publishes Names Of Militants, Commanders Behind Killings In South-East by gawu1: 3:18pm On Apr 19
I can't see the name of Ekpa there.

Ipob is not yet serious, it should name the commanders threatening Soludo
to prove it is not behind the killings instead of giving names of its adversary.
Thank you very much! I was expecting to see the name, Simon Ekpa as the leading commander.
But those pigs ended up listing names of faction members of their own terrorist group. It's like Boko Haram exposing members of ISWAF as those responsible for killing in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Journalists Barred As Court Announces Secret Trial For Nnamdi Kanu, Boko Haram by gawu1: 5:09am On Apr 08
Nigeria judiciary is becoming a laughing stock.....imagine MNK being mentioned in the same category as a world renowned terrorist group
The Boko Haram terrorists may be there too imagining why they are being mentioned in the same category as a world renowned cannibal terrorists.
The world has seen terrorists in the past but never cannibal terrorists who happily devour the carcass of their victims.

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Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju: Nigeria Needs Igbo President In 2023, APC Must Zone To South-East by gawu1: 5:26am On Apr 07
This hypocrite idiot must be enjoying certain mpkurummeri supply from ipobian pigs. Even FFK who had enjoyed the Biankas of south east toto will not ridicule himself by contemplating putting up this impossible request.
What made it hard for him not to put the useless request to PDP and APGA only and leave out APC, the Islamist party from the phantom request.
Each time the Ipob pigs come out this kind stylist emotional blackmail, each time they will be reminded that APC owes them nothing as the party understands that it is not at any point willing to expose itself to self defeats comes the 2023 by given its ticket to passionate haters.
The natural rule is that every person eats from his patrimony. As such, if the South east really wants to occupy presidency, it's naturally expected they should do that through their patriarchal parties, PDP and APGA. Should APC refuses to yield to their blackmail, withholding their 5% votes as usual is their right at least.
Which APC even needs their 5% votes!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelensky Visits Bucha Town, Where 300 Ukranians Were Butchered (Graphic Photos) by gawu1: 1:07pm On Apr 05

Maybe Zelensky should fold his arm and allow the terrorist to capture him like a dog in his own country.
What would you do if an enemy invades your house fold your hands and watch him wreck havoc in your house.
People sef
If you don't want your enemy to attack you especially when you know the enemy is powerful than you, then you have do everything careful not to give him that needed excuse.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelensky Visits Bucha Town, Where 300 Ukranians Were Butchered (Graphic Photos) by gawu1: 5:53am On Apr 05
sir,are u a mohammedan?
Must everybody be Paulician?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelensky Visits Bucha Town, Where 300 Ukranians Were Butchered (Graphic Photos) by gawu1: 5:50am On Apr 05
May God punish Putin for all the atrocities he's committing in Ukraine.
Just look at defenseless kids, the elderly and women murdered because if his over bloated ego.
God punish Zelensky and Biden who asked inexperienced civilians to carry guns in the name of defending country and fight one of the world most deadly soldiers.
After seeing the horror and instead of calling for concerted peace, Joe Biden said he was going to provide the Ukrainians with more weapons to continue fighting the Russians, a fight everybody knows will remain one sided casualty wise as long as it last.


Politics / Re: Can Gov. Soludo Say He Does Not Know Why Nnamdi Kanu Is Being Held In Custody - by gawu1: 3:32pm On Apr 04
This Igbokwe needs urgent medical attention.
Because he asked a valid question?
Soludo needs to calm down with all these his gara gara. As a young tenure governor, it will be better for him if he concentrate in governing his enclaves than this attempt to put himself into national light. He shouldn't be carried away by the euphoria of opportunity given to him by his 5% ipob pigs brothers lead them.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Can A Muslim Skip Fasting If He Has Nothing To Eat Before And After The Fast? by gawu1: 6:14pm On Apr 01
Your Muhammed was the only prophet that did not perform any miracle.
What a prophet?
He wasn't a prophet of a God who has no power to save himself from being crucified by ordinary human beings. So were you expecting him to perform miracle like the likes apostle Suleiman otorbo toto sniffer, TB Joshua and others.
Politics / Re: Udom, Wike, Hayatu-deen Swell PDP Presidential Aspirants To 12 by gawu1: 6:07pm On Apr 01
grin grin grin grin you are in the spirit.the PDP igs stole the money they supposed use to build it and APshit came and steal the remaining and even borrowed on top.even increased the price of material to make sure the PDP won’t see money to complete it.the country should be auctioned on jiji
If your plan is to auction the country for Pandora Obi Peter China, then you are mistaken. The Pandora guy can go buy that dot in the circle, no problem. That erosion ravaged land has been exclusive enclave of the PDP since 1999. wink wink
Islam for Muslims / Re: Can A Muslim Skip Fasting If He Has Nothing To Eat Before And After The Fast? by gawu1: 5:57pm On Apr 01
now you've made em drag you to abuse Allah messager
Go and read your Quran again. The Muslim Isah was never crucified nor was he killed. It's just imagination of the Jew that the person which brainwashed Christians worship and call their God today was prophet Isah.
Get your fact right!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Can A Muslim Skip Fasting If He Has Nothing To Eat Before And After The Fast? by gawu1: 3:38pm On Apr 01
You people have been brainwashed by a person that married a 9 year old girl!!!
Better than being brainwashed to call someone who couldn't save himself from lynching by ordinary human beings God and saviour.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Can A Muslim Skip Fasting If He Has Nothing To Eat Before And After The Fast? by gawu1: 3:28pm On Apr 01
So many Muslims like me tomorrow are going to have nothing to eat before and after fasting tomorrow, is there a possibility of leaving it or what can one do In such situations?

Am already starving and our only hope comes from Allah brothers and sisters what can you suggest for us the less privileged?

Are we allowed to leave the fasting?

You don't have anything to eat, yet you have money to but data and even handset?
There is no any evidence from hadith or Quran where it is stated that one can drop fasting because he or she has nothing to eat. It is not part of the obvious conditions that necessitated one not to fast.
Time without number, the prophet himself and some of him disciples lived with nothing to eat, we have not heard or read from any authentic hadith the prophet dropped fast because of that or that he instructed the disciples to do that.
In fact, it is tradition many Muslim community that the well to do organizes iftar at central places where fasting Muslim brothers and sisters gathered to break their fast. I believe you can find such places where you are living.
Remember that fasting is compulsory to every Muslim, among other the other fundamental pillars. It is not optional ethic as many quranic verses and hadith have revealed to us. As such no good Muslim should find flimsy excuse to exempt himself or herself from it. It's pity that an able and healthy body like you is attempting to deny yourself the great reward associated with a fasting believers.
May Allah (SWA) continue to guide us to the right path.


Politics / Re: Udom, Wike, Hayatu-deen Swell PDP Presidential Aspirants To 12 by gawu1: 6:30pm On Mar 31

Ok you can now shutup
That is if this forum were your father's property, I wouldn't dare hold dissenting voice against you.
Get this into your skull
Politics / Re: Udom, Wike, Hayatu-deen Swell PDP Presidential Aspirants To 12 by gawu1: 4:53pm On Mar 31

It is a poor man that is after money ,life is not all about only money .Those who bought form recently under APC and consensus was agreed upon the money was later return to them.

Mr president would have be silence on that and the money will be used to build the party but he allowed them to return it to the candidates.
Person like you will think the money used for buying form is for embezzlement or used to build party secretariat.

Oga between the PDP you are badmouthing and the APC which of them do you think have impart Nigerians more negatively?
ApC have done more harm in 8years than the 16yewrs of APC combined
Ode, I have forgotten that the money use for buying form is for chopping food and drinking water.
If you don't want me to talk about the abandoned secretariat, tell your party members to make sure the money realize from this ticket selling is use judiciously to complete it. You can as well demolish the building.
PDP is good ooo, APC is bad ooo; all these are your own wahala. My own is that APC is preferable.
But if you still think otherwise, contact me so that I can tell you more. Right!
Politics / Re: Udom, Wike, Hayatu-deen Swell PDP Presidential Aspirants To 12 by gawu1: 4:29pm On Mar 31

Is okay...

Then keep shut about what n how they manage the thieves that stole their billions and use it to form apc.

George akume, audu ogbeh and barnabas gemade were all pdp national chairmen.

So when next u wan open mouth waahh... Come clean..
Did I say anywhere billions were stolen?
I only commented that they may soon complete their abandoned secretariat with the ticket selling.
But tell me something, bros! so it was because of stealing they couldn't complete the secretariat? Hah, PDP are full of thieves! cool
Politics / Re: Udom, Wike, Hayatu-deen Swell PDP Presidential Aspirants To 12 by gawu1: 3:48pm On Mar 31

He dey wait Mkpuru Mniri youth to contribute for am
Their darling candido, Obi Peter China only declared intention by mouth. He is yet to buy the form, probably waiting to backpedal. Very stingy man.
Yet the Mkpuru Mniri pigs say neither Atikuchukwu nor Wicked Wike who are the two financier of the party have no right to contest for the party ticket.
They think they are wise.

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