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Literature / Re: Content Writer Needed by generalpelu(m): 2:00am On Nov 29
Send in your applications

Which applications again? The ones submitted, you've not gotten a writer? Abeg shift.
Nairaland / General / Re: I Better Pass My Neighbor Solar Inverter System For 180K by generalpelu(m): 1:36am On Oct 14
Wetin be this cheesy
Is that a 0.005Ah battery?😂😂

I actually don't know where you saw the battery size you're talking about.

That's a 40ah battery.

But for the package I advertised, it comes with a 60ah used battery. Thanks.
Nairaland / General / I Better Pass My Neighbor Solar Inverter System For 180K by generalpelu(m): 9:46am On Oct 13
Just ₦180000, small business owners like barbers, hair stylists, fashion designers, and other petty traders can say GOODBYE to generators and high fuel price.

This solar will power your business effectively. Consider buying ₦1000 fuel everyday, in just 6 months you've spent over ₦180000. This solar is a wise choice.

You can even borrow money from LAPO to get it, then you start to refund them your daily fuel money (don't worry, you won't pay for this advice 😁😁).

Message me below.

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Nairaland / General / Install Solar Now, Pay Later by generalpelu(m): 10:14pm On Oct 05
You wouldn't know how much you're missing when you run on power generators, and not on solar.

Imagine buying ₦2000 fuel or more everyday to run your home or business. Just imagine!

Don't worry, fam. We brought you a viable solution. With our package, you can have a working solar system installed for you at just a 30% upfront payment, while you take 12 months to balance up.

Wouldn't you take advantage of such a plan? Much details in the flyer. Message me now to know more.

Nairaland / General / Solar Inverter System by generalpelu(m): 10:02am On Sep 29
A solar inverter system is a system that comprises of a solar panel, an inverter, and a battery. It's as simple as that. Although there might still be one or two devices attached to the system as need be.

Many people don't know they can have this system supply them adequate power without breaking their bank.

I'm here to tell you that you don't need so much as you might have thought.

With just ₦150k, you can get a small system that will give you adequate power supply for bulbs, fans, and perhaps a television. Yes, a TV.

First, you need adequate information on the system. I'll give you that.

Swipe up, let's talk.
Nairaland / General / Re: You Can Get "I Better Pass My Neighbor" Solar System With Just 150k by generalpelu(m): 9:38pm On Sep 28
Thank you, Mr Bright.

Thanks for your patronage.

Literature / Re: Content Writer Needed by generalpelu(m): 10:06am On Sep 22
Keep the applications coming in !

I'm that writer you need. You can check my profile. I've got lots of samples to convince you.

080 6754 1098
Literature/Writing Ads / I'll Write The First Article Free Of Charge To Convince You by generalpelu(m): 4:05pm On Sep 20
I'm an experienced social media manager, copywriter, and content writer.

I have a passion for writing and I have delivered scores of articles, ebooks, and assignments.

With keen attention to detail, and the ability to work independently, I ensure high-quality work with on-time delivery.

My niche is writing on business, leadership, fictional stories, and the Bible.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Content And Copywriter Needed by generalpelu(m): 4:02pm On Sep 20
I'm an experienced social media manager, copywriter, and content writer.

I have a passion for writing and I have delivered over scores of articles, ebooks, and assignments.

With keen attention to detail, and the ability to work independently, I ensure high-quality work with on-time delivery.

My niche is writing on business, leadership, fictional stories, and the Bible.
Nairaland / General / Re: You Can Get "I Better Pass My Neighbor" Solar System With Just 150k by generalpelu(m): 7:51pm On Sep 13
Your setup is good, but a used lead-acid battery is a NO-NO! It is like postponing the evil days. I recommend you get a 40Ah lithium battery, guaranteed to serve you for much longer with no fear of short service life.

I've been using a used battery for a year. Used batteries doesn't translate bad batteries.

Let's assume you buy a new 100AH battery today, and decides to upgrade to 220AH in a month. You may want to sell the 100AH. Does it make it bad just because you've used it?
Nairaland / General / You Can Get "I Better Pass My Neighbor" Solar System With Just 150k by generalpelu(m): 4:48pm On Sep 07
Since May of this year, Nigeria and Nigerians witnessed a new dispensation in the cost of livelihood and enjoying basic amenities. Cost of power being the major.

Ever since fuel subsidy removal, Nigerians have been forced to cut their coats, not according to their clothes, but cut it off. Logically, power solar system is the alternative to the high cost of getting power. But the cost of installation running into hundreds of thousands has been a barrier.

I came bearing good news...

I can install a small setup for you with just ₦150000.

With that amount, you can get a small solar system that can power your flat screen television, decoder, laptop and phone chargers, bulbs, and fans. I believe these are basics.

The money will get:
1000W Inverter @ ₦20000
Charge Controller @ ₦20000
150W Panel @ ₦40000
40AH Battery (Used) @ ₦30000
Cable @ ₦20000
Installation @ ₦20000

The beauty of this small system is that you can decide to upgrade whenever you want. You just need to add to the battery and get more panels.

Reach me by dropping your comments.

We are Nigerians! We will always survive!


Literature/Writing Ads / Stop Hiding Your Benefactors by generalpelu(m): 8:44pm On Aug 30
People help you, and you decide to cover their identity so that others won't go request help from them. I don't want to understand any explanation you give to this attitude, but it's a very wrong one.

First, do you want to tell me you knew this benefactor of yours from Adam?
Second, do you want to tell me someone else didn't introduce you to them?
Third, if others have shielded this benefactor the way you're shielding them and fleecing them alone, would they have helped you?

You need to stop this narcissistic attitude. No be only you need help. Let your benefactor decide if they will help others or not. Don't be the decider. They're not alive to help you alone. The sky is wide enough to accommodate all birds.

As a person, I'll never hide my benefactor. It is left to Him to give you listening ears or offer help. You can even go there to spoil me. It is left to Him to believe you or not. Water wey man go drink no go ever swim pass am.

My benefactor: God 😁

PS: This post is mere humor.

Contact me for your writing gigs. My contact is in the signature. You'll be glad you did.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Olajumoke, The Bread Seller & Co. by generalpelu(m): 10:47pm On Aug 08
PS: Article written on the 15th of May, 2020.

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Literature/Writing Ads / Olajumoke, The Bread Seller & Co. by generalpelu(m): 10:45pm On Aug 08
In February of 2016, Olajumoke Orisaguna, a bread seller photo bombed TY Bello, in a photo session of the British rapper, Tinie Tempah at Olonode street, Yaba, while hawking bread.

Bello noticed her when she was editing the pictures and decided to find her. She found her and photographed her. The story was reported in various media, including CNN and BBC Africa.

She appeared at the front cover of quite a number of magazines as she rose to prominence. She became a model with some endorsements. And life changed for her.


Oreoluwa, KeepTheChangeBae

Towards the end of March, 2017, one Olaoluwa Ayodeji (@pabloayodeji) took to the street of Twitter to sub a lady Oreoluwa Oyebola (@missmoshiku), calling her broke ass and hungry bitch because Oreoluwa turned down his advances for a relationship after having a movie date with him which cost him N3800.

On seeing the tweet, Oreoluwa listed everything Ayodeji spent at the date (movie) which was N3800 and sent him N5000, telling him to #KeepTheChangeBruh as the bank transfer narration. Screenshot the transfer receipt and replied his sub with that.

Boom! It was a huge trend.

First bank picked it first, giving Oreoluwa back her money. Many other brands used the occasion to advertised their business and Oreoluwa made huge gain from that trend.

The rest is history.


Success, the Warri girl

It was also in the days of March in 2019 that the story of Success Adegor who was sent home because she was yet to pay for the exam fee which was N900 went viral.

Success was going home angrily when a neighbor, Stephanie asked her what was wrong. She answered and was acting funny. Stephanie recorded the scene and sent it on WhatsApp.

Boom! Facebook and Twitter picked it up.

The video attracted the attention of the government to her school and other schools around which needed renovation.

Success got some scholarships. She also got some endorsement deals.


Dele, the ATM Girl

This time around, it was February's turn again this year, as little Dele's picture shot at FCMB's ATM gallery by Bada Maruf, doing her homework went viral on Twitter.

She got the spotlight. With a number of promises by some bodies and individuals. FCMB in particular awarded her scholarship to university level and gave her N1m.


It appears when Providence wants to bless a man, he wakes up without knowing what would be for the day and his story just turn around for good.

Let me write beautiful articles like this for you. Reach out to me for your writing needs.

Literature / Good Clients Won't Stress You by generalpelu(m): 7:58pm On Jul 16
I started scouting for writing gigs on Nairaland in 2020. It was a very tough time for me financially.

I submitted interest in working for a guy who said he needed articles every day for a blog. The articles were to be an average of 500 words each day. We agreed on ₦1/word (not agreed though, he said he would pay...lol). I accepted because it was something at the time. I wrote several samples to prove my craft. And at the end, he left me hanging.

Soon, I met another guy who needed a rewriter. I applied. He gave me samples to rewrite. He was content with one and not with the other. He didn't get in touch any longer.

I was getting fed up about this endless sample writing. I upped my game. I began tackling low payment on the platform. Some outsourcers told me that I'll never get gigs with my attitude. I told them I don't need gigs from slavers (clients who stress you) like them.

As Providence would have it, this lady reached out to me in February 2021. She needed my services for long term. She asked that we discuss price, and we agreed on ₦1.70 (a far better price than what outsourcers do pay at the time). We kick-started and boom. My first pay was a 10000 word e-book at ₦17300. The second was ₦34000. And that was how we rolled for 2021. God bless you, Lammy.

Funnily, I don't even know her here. I don't know her username. I don't know which of my write-ups she saw here that made her reach out. But it was without stress.

With time, I got several other clients here. I avoided the stressful ones. As we say in our local English parlance, "who go epp you no go stress you." Good clients won't stress you.

Check me out... I'm that writer you need. My contact is in my signature... I'll be expecting you.
Health / Re: Not Only AS And AS That Shouldn't Marry. This Blood Group Needs To Watch Out Too by generalpelu(m): 10:52pm On Jul 15

What is quit?

Quitted is correct. But you're even a funny being. You dey correct one supposedly wrong word out of about 300 words.
Health / Not Only AS And AS That Shouldn't Marry. This Blood Group Needs To Watch Out Too by generalpelu(m): 1:35pm On Jul 15
There's this lady I got to know who's been struggling to have a child. She loses the pregnancy anytime she takes in. She's lost several pregnancies. It seems her village people are on her case.

I got to know her through a friend who's their church member (I won't mention the name of the church). The thing is when they get pregnant, it's the congregation's maternity home they must use for antenatal. You know, these mummies might be well experienced in delivery matters, but they are not well knowledgeable about many things.

Anytime she loses a pregnancy, they kept attaching the loss to a spiritual attack.

When I heard the case, I asked about her blood group. I told my friend that her blood group might cause the loss. My friend asked her to go have a blood test. And my suspicion came true: AB-. She's rhesus negative. She was suffering from rhesus incompatibility.

She secretly started seeing a medical doctor who guided her through. She got an anti-D against the rhesus incompatibility. Last Tuesday, she was delivered of a bouncing baby girl.

See, it's not every time that village people are the cause of our predicament. Ignorance is a village person. Many of us don't know about blood rhesus.

It was in 2014 I first learned about blood rhesus. It happened that I had quitted my relationship after discovering that myself and the lady are both AS. After a while, I went for a second test to be sure of my genotype. The lab technician did the blood test and came out with the same result as the first.

We got talking, and he told me that aside genotype, I must watch out for blood rhesus. I didn't know what it meant at the time. He explained to me. Rhesus factor is the positive or negative sign that the different blood group types carry: A+, A-, AB+, O-, etc. He told me that a woman with negative rhesus being on a subsequent pregnancy (not her first pregnancy) for a man with positive rhesus stands risk of losing the pregnancy or even her life. Except she gets a particular injection at the termination (either abortion or delivery) of each gestation period.

I'm not sure what I've explained here is 💯 percent correct. A medical personnel will do better. As a woman if your blood group is rhesus negative, see your doctor before taking in. It will save you a whole lot.

Oluwapelumi Awotedu


Literature / He Found ₦200 But Lost ₦2000 by generalpelu(m): 8:00am On Jun 20
Something happened last night and I've not stopped wondering how nature works.

I was going home, and I saw ₦2000 on the road in front of my house. In my character, I don't pick things I see anywhere. But I felt the owner must come around to look for it. And if I don't pick it, someone else might, and the owner won't get a chance to get their money back.

I picked it up and just waited in the compound to see anyone who would come look for it.

True to my prediction, someone passed and was looking so worried. I watched. She went to and fro, looking for what was lost. Then I called her and asked what the problem is. She told me she lost money. I asked for the amount and denominations. She said two ₦100. I told her I didn't see anything of such. She begged me if I can give her anything as she and her baby don't have anything to eat. Then I told her I found ₦2000 but that's not hers, maybe God wanted to give her more anyways. So I handed over the money to her so she could get more food for herself and the baby. She thanked me so much and left.

In less than a minute, someone else passed in the same fashion looking for what was lost. I asked him what happened after I noticed him pass to and fro. He told me he lost ₦2000. Me: 🤐🤐🤐. He said what makes him sadder is that he saw ₦200 on the ground and picked it up. Only for him to get home and found that his ₦2000 was lost.

Oluwapelumi Awotedu

PS: Let me write for you. E-books, articles, blog posts, etc. You'll be glad you employed my skills. My contact is in the signature. I'll be expecting your messages.
Literature / Is Pep Guardiola A Manager Or A Leader? by generalpelu(m): 6:08pm On May 09
“Managers follow structures, leaders create them.”
John C. Maxwell

In 2008, Pep Guardiola accepted the job to replace Frank Rijkaard as coach of the Football Club Barcelona in Spain. The club had been without trophies for two seasons consecutively prior to the coming of Guardiola. He adopted the same style of play that was used while he was a player at the club – an attacking philosophy based on passing and it turned out to be greatly successful. In his first season, Pep Guardiola won the Copa Del Rey, Laliga and UEFA Champions League. He also went on to win the Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and the Clubs World Cup. Making it six trophies won in 2009 under Guardiola, something that has no precedence in the history of European football. Pep went on to win fourteen titles out of a possible nineteen during the four seasons he spent as coach at Camp Nou.

Even after Pep left in 2012, Barcelona continued in their success under Tito Villanova, winning the Laliga league title; and Luis Enrique who won the Copa Del Rey, Laliga, and UEFA Champions League, a treble in 2015.

Pep already laid the structure. For the first few years of his departure from Barcelona, even a nonentity could lead Barcelona to win titles. The structure was already on ground. Very little work would amount to success.

Excerpt from one of the e-books I ghostwrote on leadership.

Would you not love that I write for you? My contact is in the signature. Winks.

Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Need 1-2 Excellent Writers To Join My Team by generalpelu(m): 10:45pm On May 05

Go sit down, you've been writing for that long and you can't pay. You guys don't appreciate creatives and yet you can't do it yourself.

Appreciate and encourage these young writers

I pay my writers at least #5 depending on the kind of copy

God bless you.

The last client who hired my service paid ₦10/word. That was the first time any Nairaland outsourcer would pay so high. We don't normally come to term due to their poor pay.
Literature / Re: Literature Search by generalpelu(m): 12:23am On May 05
Is it academic?
Literature / 15 Famous Female Entrepreneurs In Africa by generalpelu(m): 12:15am On May 05
Over the recent years, there's been a paradigm shift in business ownership in Africa. Africa has witnessed more women-owned businesses in every industry. The gender stereotype that had plagued the African woman for generations in the past has finally been broken. And today, we see many bold female entrepreneurs who are helping shape the African entrepreneurial world. Below are 15 famous faces of the female world of entrepreneurs in Africa

#1. Folorunsho Alakija
Folorunsho Alakija is one of the leading African billionaire female entrepreneurs, born in Nigeria. Folorunsho is involved in several industries such as oil and gas, real estate, fashion, and many others. She once worked as a banker before venturing into business full-time where she has distinguished herself as an exceptional entrepreneur. She's the group managing director of The Rose of Sharon Group, under which we have The Rose of Sharon Prints & Promotions Limited and Digital Reality Prints Limited. She's also currently the executive vice-chairman of Famfa Oil Limited. She's also a philanthropist, founder of The Rose of Sharon Foundation.

#2.Khanyi Dhlomo
Khanyi Dhlomo is a South African journalist who became the editor of True Love magazine at the age of 22. Under her leadership, she grew the business to the extent that the magazine became the most widely read women's magazine within a year. Khanyi Dhlomo is the founder and chief executive officer of Ndalo Media, Ndalo Luxury Ventures, Destiny Connect, and Destiny Magazine. She's a brand to reckon with in media publishing and entrepreneurship.

#3. Divine Ndhlukula
Divine Ndhlukula is a Zimbabwean businesswoman. She's the founder and managing director of DDNS Security Operations Limited, the holding company for SECURICO Security Services. Divine started so humbly in 1999 when she founded SECURICO Security Services and built it to become one of the most respected companies in the security industry in Zimbabwe. She once worked in the corporate organization for companies such as Old Mutual and Intermarket Life Assurance Company before pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams of founding her corporate organization. She encourages young people especially women who are business-minded to be optimistic and pursue their entrepreneurial talents.

#4. Mosunmola Abudu
Mosunmola Abudu is the founder of EbonyLife TV, a global pan-African television network. She's a reputable entrepreneur who has worked with several corporate bodies before resigning to live her entrepreneurial dream. She's passionate about bettering the living conditions of poor and middle-class African. She believes in the African story and works toward making the African voice heard globally.

#5. Bethlemen Tilahun Alemu
SoleRebel footwear brand founder, Bethlemen Tilahun Alemu grew from one of the humblest beginnings in Ethiopia to become one of the most reputable African businesswomen to reckon with. Founded SoleRebel, she's created world-class jobs and empower her country while she presents a brilliant face of our creativity in Africa to the world. SoleRebels is Africa's fastest-growing African footwear brand with stores in many countries and continents.

#6. Carmen Tal
Carmen Tal is a businesswoman renowned for her multi-million beauty company. She's the founder of the famous Morrocanoil. She started by collaborating with her hairdresser to just open a single hair salon. Her entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for her even without any experience in the beauty care industry.

#7. Njeri Rionge
Njeri Rionge is one of Africa’s leading businesswomen and one of the few women pioneers in the information and communication technology industry in Africa. She's the co-founder of Wananchi Group Holdings, one of the lead providers of pay-tv, broadband internet, and voice-over-internet protocol services in East Africa. She's established lots of other successful businesses which include Ignite Consulting, a business consultancy; Ignite Lifestyle, a healthcare consultancy; Business Lounge, a start-up incubator; and Insite, a digital marketing agency.

#8. Adenike Ogunlesi
Ruff 'n' Tumble founder, Adenike Ogunlesi is one of Africa's famous female entrepreneurs. She founded the children's clothing line, Ruff 'n' Tumble in Nigeria in 1996 in a small shop, working alongside her mother for her newly created business. She turned the business into a renowned brand with a reputation as one of the best children's clothing manufacturers in Nigeria. From that very small business in 1996 with only 2 workers, Adenike's clothing line now has 13 branches across the country and a distribution line across West Africa. Her business also employs over 150 people.

#9. Isabel Dos Santos
Angolan businesswoman and daughter of Angola's former president, Isabel Dos Santos is one of Africa's famous female entrepreneurs. She’s got investments in oil, diamonds, and also in the communication and banking industries. She founded a nightclub in Luanda, Angola, and a trucking company that helps other businesses with supplies logistics. Also, Isabel presently has lots of issues with her investments due to political affiliation with her father's government, yet she's still in the line of Africa’s famous businesswomen.

#10. Saran Kaba Jones
Saran Jones is the founder and chief executive officer of FACE Africa, an organization that works to strengthen water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure in rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. She founded and launched FACE in 2009. Ever since, her organization has raised thousands of dollars to build over 50 water, sanitation and hygiene projects and reached over 25,000 people in the rural communities of Liberia. She also co-founded the Empire group, a Monrovia-based company that is into creating and sustaining small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.

#11. Julian Adyeri Omalla
As one of Uganda's finest entrepreneurs, Julian Adveri Omalla is the founder, chair, and managing director of Delight Uganda Limited, a company that produces the country’s most popular fruit drink. Aside from Delight Uganda Limited, Julian is involved in several other business activities such as agriculture and real estate. She employs over a thousand Ugandans. She's also into the exportation of her companies’ products to countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, and others. She's a leading member of the advocacy of the rights and economic development of women. No doubt, Julian is one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in Africa.

#12. Sibongile Sambo
Sibongile Sambo's story is an interesting one. She faced several rejections applying to serve as a flight attendant with South African Airways but she never gave up. She later founded SRS Aviation which was the first company to be owned by a female entrepreneur in the aviation industry in South Africa. From applying as an attendant to being an airline executive, Sibongile is one of the famous female entrepreneurs in Africa to be reckoned with.

#13. Salwa Akhannouch
Salwa Akhannouch is one of the most powerful female entrepreneurs in Morocco and North Africa at large. She's the founder and chief executive officer of Aksal Group, a leading company in luxury goods, department stores, and shopping malls. The company is also the sole franchise to companies such as Fendi, Gucci, Zara, and many more. Although Salwa inherited some wealth from her grandfather and she's also the wife of a wealthy Moroccan, she's a famous face when it concerns female entrepreneurs in Africa.

#14. Tabitha Karanja Keroche
Tabitha Karanja founded Keroche Breweries in 1997 in Kenya. Competing against the giant international company, East African Breweries Limited (EABL), which has been around for more than 90 years, yet Tabitha’s resilience and fortitude have enabled her to enjoy continued growth. Her beer has been embraced by the Kenyan market.

#15. Bridgette Radebe
Bridgette Radebe started as a miner working in large mining corporations. In the 1980s, she founded and started her mining firm, Mmakau Mining, a mining firm that now has holdings in other mines that excavate gold, platinum, chrome, and coal. She’s one of the reputable female entrepreneurs in Africa.

These female faces of the African continent are not just representing the African story at home but they stand peer to peer against other female entrepreneurs from other continents. African Women are no longer sitting at home wives and mothers, they're contributing their due share to the economic development of the continent.

AnswerAfrica, Africa’s Leading Women Entrepreneurs

Startup.Info, Top 10 Successful Female Entrepreneurs in Africa

Retrieved from my archive of articles. Let me be your content writing plug. Hit my contact, it's in the signature. Let's talk...
Literature/Writing Ads / Pay Ridiculously, Get Ridiculous Jobs by generalpelu(m): 11:49pm On May 03
Outsourcers, get in here...

I wonder why anyone will be paying a ridiculous amount as low as ₦2 or ₦3 per word, and be expecting a top notch job.

Some of you get jobs as high as ₦20/word, and come here to enslave others. Then come back to cry foul about how Nairaland writers are shîtty. No, we're not. You get what you pay for.

While I know that getting gigs from international clients ain't a walk in the park, I'll never outsource at such ridiculous percentage.

If you want quality deliveries, that you won't need to start correcting over again, plagiarism-free, non-fluffy, then you have to pay well.

I'm that quality content writer you need. Check the signature for my contact.

Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Writers Needed by generalpelu(m): 11:35pm On May 03
Are you a writer?

And so what?

Pls go write yourself and pay yourself ₦2.5/word.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Need 1-2 Excellent Writers To Join My Team by generalpelu(m): 11:18pm On May 03
You have spoken well, dear sis.

But if you've been doing this long enough (I started online writing full-time in 2009) - you'll know that what works for established providers may not apply to newbie providers.

Clients distrust writers more than writers distrust them.

However, I think you expressed the sentiment that many new writers have. And it's okay.

I wish a time would come when Nigerians would be absolutely faithful and transparent so that misplaced fear would be non-existent. But we're getting there sha.

That's a million!

You've been at writing since 2009, and you still hire and pay such amount? It's either you've not grown well, or you just love to get all the money while others do the job. ₦3/word is poor pay.

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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Writers Needed by generalpelu(m): 11:08pm On May 03
I'm sorry, the pay is way too low


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