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Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 7:44pm On Jun 17
So I should meticulously spend time I'm supposed to use to find money and do all this just because I want a basket of tomatoes, even reading your writeup alone is stressing me tf out talk more of actually trying it, oga I prefer buying abeg, I'm already stressed out can't add more to it.

Me Dangote I sight you, me too I dey find money , even gardening alone has therapeutic health benefits, everything isn't finding money

But even at that Omo I no fit no fit shout because I am finding money

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Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 7:41pm On Jun 17
So because of half basket of tomatoes you wrote this epistle

Yeah proud of it, but if you have business sense you will see a business opportunity here, someone can rent a land and do this on large scale


Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 7:39pm On Jun 17
This is good, no doubt. But in reality, it shows how bad things are when families have to start subsistence farming to feed. Subsistence Farming should be a personal choice and not a last resort for survival.

Government is stylishly abdicating its responsibilities of ensuring a conducive environment for industrial agricultural and affordable food.

It is the same thing it is doing in the power sector. Encouraging people to use solar so that its incompetence and failure on electricity generation can be hidden.

Anyway, let us all become subsistence farmers while large scale agriculture withers away.

You are right but what can we do?

In the meantime survive first through any means you can provided it's legitimate
Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 7:37pm On Jun 17

Bro how una dey do am, for over two months now the ones i planted they aint growing as they should ..

i planted it in a paint bucket, and directly on land its like both have stunted growth .. what am i not doing right

I think you might be over watering it or the soil is not rich , who knows it might be clay soil too but you can try adding some house hold scraps such as crushed egg shells, banana peels etc
Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 5:46pm On Jun 17
What do you mean by semi dumping site?

Like a refuse area a bit of loamy soil was what i needed

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Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 2:54pm On Jun 17


Agriculture / Re: How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 2:53pm On Jun 17
More pictures

Started in New place now I used some picks put in a rubber as irrigation
First two pictures how it started

Last two pictures how it's going
They have stated flowering right now with tomatoe seeds


Agriculture / How I Got Half Basket Of Tomatoes From This Sack Garden by georgen2u(m): 2:53pm On Jun 17
I couldn't hold it anymore when I saw this post about 9 pieces of tomatoes being sold for 2000 naira vis this link


Things are hard these days I get it, yes inflation is so high but we Nigerians are either not helping ourselves or most of us are waiting to be roasted before we can do something about how to reduce our feeding expenses through some home gardening

These days urbanization has creeped into a lot of towns and villages there is no longer big space for crop

This is why a smart humble person who wants to be proactive should think out of the box in solving some needs for himself before things will stabilize ( if it will )

I am not a horticulturist, agronomists or any crop scientist but with the general knowledge I have in crop growing, I tested myself and the result is encouraging

This makes me wonder why people are not doing this

Is it either you are seeing things like this as poor man stuff or " I can not do this kind of thing life" especially now everyone is appearing on social media as Dangote and Otedolas

This is why I love the whites most of them despite how rich or poor have small gardens where they grow some basic herbs and vegetables.

Most times whenever we talk about gardening what comes to your mind is growing ornamental flowers or those beautiful flowers for beautification

Well here I am talking about having one or two pots or sacks where you can grow herbs, vegetable etc like scent leaves, curry, butter leaf, tomatoes, pepper, carrots, beets , water leafs, and other nititent filled crops

Last year I moved into a new neighborhood I have been desiring to have a little space where I can start a pot / sack garden

First my limitations were ; no big space and the floor environment is cemented so you can not plant directly on the ground

Since I can not plant directly on the floor I decided to try sac farming to achieve this I sent my brother to buy me some cement sacks

He got about 20 of it then I went to a nearby semi dumping site paid one hausa boy to pack those black soils , he hired wheel barrow 300 naira

Then he packed soil and fill those sack each half filled a d brought it home so now I have like 20 sacks neathly arrange in front of my house

My neighbor were wondering what magic I am trying to do because they don't believe you can get something meaningful from little things like that

Next I sent my brother to go to one African shop since I can not buy those hybrids tomatoes there are options where they divided many in small small waterproof so someone can buy like 1500 instead of the whole package

So he got me tomatoe seed, carrot seeds, beetroot,

Also he bought me measured NPK 10:10:10 one mudu, half mudu phosphorus

Finally I got some scent leaves in the market finish using it and just put the stem in one of the sacks , same things with water leaf and curry
My tomatoes Nursing and Nursery

I took one of those sacks close to a shade , ensure I removed some big stones n dirts

I removed the tomato seed from the container and gently spread it scattered on the surface, then sprinkle soil on top before spraying someone water on it

Meanwhile my 15 sacks I spaced them half a feet each then don't forget I got half sack of poultry shit, from someone raising broilers around

My aim was to plant two per sack though according to what I read online it might be too congested but since I have no space I had to try it

At each end I dig UpTo 6 inch hole drill down , I carry poultry dropping mix it with small quantities fertilizers I got use it to fill it up and put a broom there before covering it because I want to know exactly the place to place my tomatoes when it's time to transplant

I did this because I learnt the poultry shit needs time to break down if you apply directly it might kill the plant meanwhile my sce t leave , curry n water leaf started regenerating after a week

In about 7 days my tomatoes have already started sprouting they were many Sha some died wilting but I have more than enough growing
I was watering them anytime am back from work or if I sense the soil is drying out

They stay there for two weeks and I latter bring them to sun ( this process is to harden them before I transplant) so they will be strong enough to withstand transplant stress

Meanwhile I water the 15 empty sacks without any plant once in two days

Now all the process of nursery to gardening took 4weeks for my tomatoes before it decided one late evening to do the transfer

We brought it out I watered the nursery soil to ensure I can scope the plants without breaking the roots, I also watered the sacks I wish to put them , at those places I place the broomstick I opened them like half 3 inches deep I can see those poultry shit heave change, no longer smelling looks like manure so I place the tomatoes there one at each end and two in a sack

Then I watered graceful lol I have come to understand what watering graceful means I will explain later

Then I started watering once every two days at first week of transplant it was looking like a joke , I said if this thing didn't flourish it will be embarrassing because everyone was observing what this grown up adults is fiddling with soil like a kid

After two weeks this started setting in another week I noticed that except during raining season which makes me less watering but during the time I started it was march you know in north Kaduna precisely rain can delay till end of May/ June

It dries out faster and it's affecting the tomatoes. Here was how I solved this issue infact it makes it feel like am using irrigation

The water needed to wet the soil slowing in order to release the nutrients and be well soaked unlike when you pour water directly slow dripping like rain or irritation makes more impact and won't drain easily

To solve this I got all these bottles water containers like those one litre ones

I use middle to give small hold on top and at the base

What I do now is every morning I pick them up go I lnside fill them up 15 of it put all in bucket carry it out place each on the sacks and they will be dripping slowing like for hours

Fertilizer application for my garden

I do my fertilizer once I two weeks here is how I achieve something

I took one of the bootke water use stone ground the NPK , I have some egg shells from the ones I used at home I added it, in the bottle put water and alliw it site for two days
The next day I divided them into 15 equal parts

Pour them into the bottle waters as I pour water to fill them up

I also sprinkle a handful of fertilizer to the base of each of the tomatoes

Everything started looking serious ( I forgot I had cabbage n cucumber too )

Everything was doing well there was a time I notice something like leaf diseases on few I bought Klein detergent and diluted it use one of my old perfume spat bottle and soapy on them

Also I once used backing soda in a soary bottle and everything came back good

During flowering I was putting banana peel and crushed egg shells around each of them , especially as in love banana alot

These process took less than 90 days my tomatoes was flowering and bearing seed aggressively this was my first time growing anything seriously out when we were kids especially in containers not directly on land

I noticed that the tomatoes flowered at same interval and didn't rip individually but once one stated ripening all of them follow suit

Then again the size was shocking me I got a tomato that was as big as the small size grain apples 🍏 sold in the markets

The yeild and tomatoes seeds per plant
From my measurements I don't know how many paint rubber that makes up a half basket but I got 7 paint rubber worth of tomatos from this 15 sacks ( 30 plants that is 2 in a sack) though due to lack of space most didn't flower because they were crowded

Since it's small garden I took my time to count tomatoes seeds on each plant lol oh yeah I did
I was seeing like 55-70 tomato fruit in average per plant

Then my cucumber, I didn't have space I interplanted it it tried a bit as some gave me like 6-7 cucumber and they were like few I didn't plant much because I don't really like cucumber it's not sweet lol

I planted cabbage too and carrots that one I can not even allow them matured everytime and doing salad I will come and uprooted carrots take cabbage go chop

As of last year I opened the yes of my neighborhood all those big madams and visitors passing buy turned me to tutor , they couldn't believe the outcome done were asking me if urs my field of study

But I put them through

Year 2024 relocation and restating

I finally moved away from my old apartment to a new one this time around the space is so small that I am wondering how to fit in so sacks I have small space between my apartment and the fence , I made sure I picked that one because I don't want to be sharing the end with any tenent

With my brother again to get a good soil here wasn't easy this place is more urbanized than the old place and finally got a place to get soil however I change my mind on cement back

It's too big I don't want to waste soil plus no big space I went to kasuwa market and got a place where they do customize sack and they use 2k to get like 10 small size sacks plus some other sack I have

I restarted my process again though at first it was funny because it was my first time to discover that hunger had led lizard to be eating tomato cucumber and other leaves ili was in shock haha

I had to cover the nursery then finally everything is booming again. At first the woman I paid monthly to be sweeping my house use to smile at me she told me she was thinking it was just flowers I wanted to plant but now she is in shock on how good and healthy the tomatoes are

also I made friends with some guys rearing broilers since I use to buy chicken from them I told them anytime they bring out the shit they should keep it in a bag I will need it , which solves my problem.

[/b]How I processed my last year tomatoes without spoiling and store UpTo 4minths [b]

Most times post harvest storage is what destroys tomatoes and make it scarce but I take no prisoners when it comes to storing my food items

I made some research and here was the outcome

After harvesting the tomatoes I was keeping them because I couldn't harvest all at once they were rippening In batches , to be honest the tomatos you grow at home taste better and can two weeks without spoiling than market bought .

I boiled them together in a big pot till the water drain it became so soft n shrinken I use my blender and blend

It started looking like tin tomatoes , after blending I put in the pot continue boiling on slow heat I used my hot plat but if u have charcoal pot it's the best

Next I got some old margarine bottle washed boil them in hot water latter scoop the dried tomatoes into it after filling up I pour small vegetable oil put waterproof on the cover and seal it up .

Put them back to the boiling water they heated up like 10 minutes bring them out allow it cool
Store in a cool dark place ( carton)

Ladies and gentlemen I used this tomatoe for 4 months without spoiling but once I open one I will put it in the refrigerator until I finish using it

This was how I solved my tomatoe needs without buying or shouting to the roof top

You too can make life easy and much better by doing you home garden imagine if every house hold had this, the price of tomatoes and most good items will crash

I think the Government too should distribute done hybrid seeds to civil servants, operation feed the nation in micro form

Here in kaduna they said a paint rubber if tomatoes goes for 6-7k and sadly it's not even reddish and fresh

I took my time to give this indepth information I hope it helps you especially the house wives and restive youth, out there , for anyone living within Kaduna metropolis since I move in to my new area I use vex got a big tomato seed that I can not even finish till it expire if you need improve seed I can share with you free for your garden

I have also set this up for three of my friends even the poultry people I buy birds from are now doing it .

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Politics / Re: FG Declares Monday And Tuesday Public Holidays For Eid-Ul-Adha Celebration by georgen2u(m): 5:20pm On Jun 14

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Politics / Re: Minimum Wage Talks: Labour Considers N100,000 As Tinubu Issues Ultimatum by georgen2u(m): 6:50am On Jun 05
This will be nice
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Economic GDP Size Per Year - Statisense by georgen2u(m): 4:29pm On Apr 21
To be honest we Nigerians Made a mistake with APC
Did you noticed it started regressing from 2015 Till now it's even 53rd , we could have been like Among the first Best 20 economies in the world, how the mighty has fallen
May God rescue his people through a purpose driven leader in next election if not we could be at 80 or even 100 if this thiefvery continues


Food / Re: See The 5 Pieces Of Fresh Tomatoes I Bought #700 This Afternoon by georgen2u(m): 4:17pm On Nov 15, 2023
Can't remember last time I bought tomatoes
I do sack tomatoes garden in my house

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Health / Re: Does Penis Enlargement Really Works? by georgen2u(m): 4:12pm On Oct 24, 2023

What can one use for a receding hairline wey fit force am out again

I need it so badly
minioxidil can help you regrow hair in less than 3 months topical application

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Romance / Re: When You Mistakenly Fall Asleep While Chatting With A Girl (Photos) by georgen2u(m): 12:15pm On Aug 23, 2023

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Health / Re: . by georgen2u(m): 9:53am On Aug 17, 2023
You are not on WhatsApp and you are using foreign number how person go contact you, no be juju be thst
Agriculture / Re: Are You Into Buying And Selling Of Agricultural Products? Kindly Join Our Group by georgen2u(m): 5:50pm On Apr 01, 2023
Add mine
Politics / Re: 2023 Abia Governorship Election Results From Polling Units by georgen2u(m): 5:03pm On Mar 18, 2023
Alex Otti my man


Politics / Re: Ekenechukwu Adams Win Kajura Federal Constituency Kaduna by georgen2u(m): 8:40pm On Feb 27, 2023
Igbo man? 😳
Politics / Re: Atiku Thanks Jigawa Residents For Attending PDP Presidential Rally (Pictures) by georgen2u(m): 1:21am On Feb 16, 2023
Like for Atiku
Share for Obi

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Politics / Re: New ANAP/NOI Poll: Peter Obi In Pole Position by georgen2u(m): 1:17am On Feb 16, 2023
Obi lokan,
Nigeria lokan

If you believe Obi will win click like
If you think Tinubu will win regardless of this poll click share
Education / Re: A Nairalander Signs Out From MOUA (pictures) by georgen2u(m): 9:48am On Dec 15, 2022
That was my school, great umudyke welcome to favour market
From 2008 - 2013


Properties / Re: Drop A Picture Of Your Sitting Room by georgen2u(m): 5:55pm On Nov 14, 2022
My humble man cave, my destiny helpers locate me oh to improve

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Travel / Re: This Is Enugu Agidi, Anambra State by georgen2u(m): 3:21pm On Aug 31, 2022
So this is a village in Igbo land wow

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