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Health / Re: VIDEO: Fake Kilishi/suya Being Sold To Nigerians - Beware by hassan4: 2:38pm On Jul 22
Everything to damage the reputation of the northerner.

Last last you go dey alright.

I am also from the North. Stop the bullshit.
Health / VIDEO: Fake Kilishi/suya Being Sold To Nigerians - Beware by hassan4: 2:09pm On Jul 22
Here is a video of fake Kilishi that is being sold to Nigerians and needs urgent attention. The relevant agency should swing to action before loves are lost.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Romance / Re: My Fiancee Doesn't Like Sex, I'm Facing Huge Problem With Her by hassan4: 11:59pm On Jul 19
Hi guys, my fiancee & i have been together for years now & preparation is on for our wedding later this year, the relationship has been fantastic, but there is this very big 'BUT' about my fiancee, & as a matter of fact she sees it as nothing or no issue at all, but this Same thing is giving me real headache & sleepless nights because i really do love her & i do know for sure that i cannot cope with it.

The problem now is my fiancee has a very low sex drive, she is not in any way interested in sex at all, it's not as if i love sex too much but at least i enjoy sex as every other human being should, so her lack of interest in sex is a very big issue for me, i have talked to her about it & tried everything within my reach to solve the problem but all to no avail because she is seeing it as no biggie.

Please guys what else can i do to increase har libido? because that's the only thing I see as solution.

Is there any medication or herbs you guys can recommend for me that will definitely increase her sex drive?

She's a lesbian or not into you. Do not take the relationship further.
Sports / VIDEO: Moment Super Eagles Won Bronze And Did Soapy Dance At AFCON 2019 by hassan4: 7:19pm On Jul 18
See Super Eagles celebrating Soapy dance after winning bronze at AFCON 2019


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Nairaland / General / VIDEO: U.S Navy Carrier Moving At High Speed On Sea by hassan4: 8:06pm On Jul 16
Ever seen Naval ships moving at high Knotts? U.S Naval Aircraft Carrier was seen moving very fast ready for a counter attack.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Nairaland / General / VIDEO: Footages Of How Somali Pirates Destroyed Wrong Ship by hassan4: 8:00pm On Jul 16
The full video of Somali Pirates attacking a destroying a Ship has been released. See it below


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Celebrities / VIDEO: Controversial Kemi Olunloyo Dares To Sue EFCC Over Naira Marley Arrest by hassan4: 7:52pm On Jul 16
Who remembers the threat Dr Kemi Olunloyo posted over Naira Marley's arrest.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Nairaland / General / VIDEO: Legend Of Killwee - The Igbo Hercules Who Was So Strong And Respected by hassan4: 5:32pm On Jul 09
A lot of folks might have forgotten about the Legendary Igbo man Killwee who was so strong he could beat up more than five men in a fight and out muscle people in rope tugging.

Enjoy the video of him from witnesses and surviving family members



Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Politics / VIDEO: BBC's Interview With Obasanjo On Why He Supported Atiku by hassan4: 5:19pm On Jul 09
Watch the interview of forner President General Olusegun Obasanjo on BBC. He gave reasons why he supported Atiku and still does


Politics / VIDEO: Your Take On Senator Elisha Abbo Slapping A Nursing Mother And Aplogizing by hassan4: 10:43am On Jul 04
Nigerian Senator Elisha Abbo Slaps Nursing Mother in a intimacy gadget is no news. What are your takes on the matter and how do we curtail our law makers? The feeling of demi-gods and being above the law is becoming a norm for all politicians who seem to distance themselves from the people who elected them in the first place.

When he slapped a nursing mother

Senator Elsiha Abbo's apology

Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Agriculture / 5 Solutions To Fulani Herd Menace In Other Parts Of Nigeria by hassan4: 3:56pm On Jul 02
Below is a video of t=what Fulani Herds of Cattles are doing to farmlands and communities in the east of Nigeria.


For some reason, the Hausa Fulani elite is bent on spreading their herds of cattle to other regions in the country regardless of the agricultural effects on the host communities. Here's our humble suggestions

1. Setup ranches in the North

Irrigation has worked in the North and will continue to do so as long as they is steady supply from Rivers Niger, Benue and the fading lake chad. Cattles are not meant to be roaming the society or interstate in real sense.

2. Manage existing vegetation up North

The Savanna and grasslands up North can feed over 2.6 Million Herds of Cattle confidently without need for migration to the southern or eastern part of the country. Plateau, Niger, Kaduna are some state with very good vegetation and suitable for diary farming.

3. Stop the propaganda of the country belonging to Fulani

The Northern elite must wake up and sensitize their people. Stop telling them in Mosque and gatherings of how the country and all its resources belongs to the North. This is a dangerous mind-game and it really has brainwashed the less privileged Hausa-man. Nigeria is an entity where people's rights, religion and culture must be respected at all times.

4. Work simultaneously with your host communities.

It is a well known fact that the Fulani clan used to be very peaceful until the advent of President Buhari. Not one single Fulani Herdsman has been brought to book by the law. Seems, some people are above the constitution here. Be it in Jos, Kaduna South or Benue; cattle rearers should abide by the laws of their host communities. They are your host and not your slaves as you are made to believe.

5. Have restricted areas so as to boost efficiency (Reserves)

Apart from setting up Ranches and the likes, there should be restricted zones which will be nursed for a certain duration so as to boost efficiency and migration if need be. Not all arable land should be used up for ranches. It is a wise idea to setup reserve areas so that new breeds, grassland innovation and technology can be carried out there.

Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

Crime / Aftermath Of Ruggedman Attack In London By Nairamarley Fans - VIDEO by hassan4: 2:33pm On Jun 27
Ruggedman is pissed and might do a song to hit back at Naira Marley. The beef seems to be getting worse and could turn bloody as these two artist keep going head to head against each other. Old vs Young. Ruggedman will want to prove some street credibility as his reputation is at stake.

Sports / VIDEO: Moment Super Eagles Arrived Egypt For The CAF Nations Cup by hassan4: 1:00am On Jun 26
Music/Radio / VIDEO: Moment Burna Boy's Mum Pick Up His BET Awards For Best International Act by hassan4: 1:23am On Jun 25
Burna Boy did Nigerian Proud as he won the Best International Act Awards. Unfortunately, he was not present but his mum duly represented and gave a very powerful speech.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Technology Market / Re: How 5G Network Will Change Our Lives. by hassan4: 8:44am On Jun 24
Operators won't spend money to upgrade. 5g needs antennas everywhere because the signal can't travel far.

Not true.
Technology Market / How 5G Network Will Change Our Lives. by hassan4: 8:21am On Jun 24

A lot has been said about the Internet, Speed and relevance. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity, and is just beginning to roll out around the world. It promises speeds up to 20 times faster than 4G connections, more bandwidth and more stable connections.

This has tremendous potential to transform the way we communicate, with live high-definition video streaming and much faster download speeds, but it also has uses far beyond what we currently do with our phones and tablets – including reaching into the classroom or lecture hall.

Cutting-edge tech can be a fantastic learning tool, making subjects more engaging, helping children who struggle to learn new concepts from textbooks, and bringing education into the homes of kids without easy access to a physical classroom.

Thanks to 5G, universities will be able to open their lecture halls to students around the world, broadening their horizons, and training will be revolutionized in careers like medicine. Sharing knowledge and learning new skills has never been easier.

5G in schools
The classroom is always proving ground for developing technology, and understandably so – what’s cutting-edge now will be mainstream by the time today’s kids enter the workplace. Coding, for example, has quickly become as essential as reading, with children writing simple programs before their seventh birthdays and VR headsets becoming as common as textbooks

VR can make lessons more immersive and keep students engaged, but it involves transmitting huge amounts of data – particularly if headsets are wireless – which results in lag that can be distracting or frustrating.

With 5G, teachers will be able to share rich virtual experiences with their classes, exploring the solar system, the human body, the structure of a flower and the ocean floor without leaving their seats.

Children will be able to learn at their own pace within an environment that suits them, and teachers will have more time to spend engaging their students due to improved Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity (such as sensors to register each child automatically as they arrive in class, eliminating the need to take a register by hand).

Teachers even be able to share the same experience with students who are outside the classroom itself – in isolated rural communities, for example.

Since the 1950s, children in the Australian outback have been able to receive lessons from a virtual classroom called the School of the Air. Lessons were initially taught via two-way radio, with assigned projects and written work completed under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Today, students and teachers can interact via video link, but patchy connectivity means it’s not unusual for the feed to cut out part way through. With only an hour a day for interaction, any technical issues mean a lot of lost learning time.

5G will bring more reliable and stable internet connections – even in areas that currently suffer from poor coverage – helping the School of the Air bring its lessons into the 21st century.

Teachers will be able to interact with students for longer, safe in the knowledge that the line is stable, and share interactive experiences with their virtual classes rather than just video – all with practically no latency. It will also be easier for students to interact with one another, helping them socialize with children their own age.

5G in universities
5G will also be a game-changer for higher education, and early trials are already taking place at the University of Surrey, University of Bristol and King’s College London using a 5G test network.

Once 5G is rolled out more widely, students will no longer be restricted by outdated and limited wired campus networks, and will instead be free to take their learning with them – from the lecture hall to the library and beyond via secure, dependable mobile connections.

Universities will also be able to create virtual campuses for students studying part-time or via distance learning (a boon for mature students fitting their studies in around work and family), and students will be able to ‘visit’ colleges elsewhere in the world for special lectures and seminars using zero-latency, high resolution two-way video.

5G and the Internet of Things could also make expensive degree courses more accessible in areas without ready access to expensive labs and training equipment. With fast mobile internet, a medical student could not only attend virtual lectures and seminars in real time with other students, they could also perform virtual dissections and procedures with guidance from a real tutor.

5G’s superior bandwidth will enable the transmission of haptic feedback, which could help them ‘feel’ while performing a virtual operation, and guide their hands as the work. Hyper-realistic simulations like these could help them prepare for work in a real hospital, and develop their skills throughout their careers so we can all benefit from better healthcare.

5G in training
5G won’t just improve education for children and students, either – it will also transform training in all kinds of technical professions.

Armed forces worldwide already use advanced virtual cockpits to train fighter pilots, and earlier this year, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) opened a new state-of-the-art training facility where pilots experience forces up to 9G while flying three different virtual jets. Commercial pilots use similar (albeit less extreme) simulators, spending hours in VR before taking to the skies

With 5G, pilots wouldn’t be limited to pre-programmed scenarios and locations. Instead, training data could be captured and sent to the cloud for processing, then new scenarios and challenges could be sent back to the simulator as a direct response to their flying.

The result would be a more realistic experience, better training, and safer flying for everyone in future.

5G in Media Houses
Streaming and video conferencing is already a norm these days as a lot of techniques, devices and Internet Service Providers offer quality bandwidths which makes this phenomena possible. 5G comes with 16 times the speed of most broadband internet providers so one can only wonder how much power and speed is at the disposal of Media houses.

Live broadcast from any location in the globe just got a boost. So watch out!

When will it arrive?
5G is currently being rolled out in major cities throughout the UK, with Birmingham, Bristol, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast all expected to come online in 2019. Advertisement

At first the new network will be limited to highly populated areas, but over the coming years it will expand more widely, with widespread coverage expected by 2022.

Universities and training facilities are likely to be some of the first adopters of 5G, helping broaden their students’ horizons and improve public safety.

After that, schools are likely to follow close behind, giving students a more immersive experience inside the classroom and preparing them for a faster, more connected future beyond.

Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

Sports / VIDEO: Nigeria's U-16 Vs Mexico. See Nigerian Coach Yelling At His Boys by hassan4: 11:56pm On Jun 23


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Investment / Bitcoin Now Worth Over $10,700 USD Per Coin In 15 Months High. by hassan4: 1:48pm On Jun 23

Nobody saw this coming and there were so many speculations as to Bitcoin dying off soon with the advert of so many other crypto -currencies and the difficulty is mining or availability.

Sometime last year, December precisely, Bitcoin traded just above $3,500 USD and a lot of analyst, traders and business firms got a scare from the crypto-currency, sensing an end to an era.

Today, this is far from the case as Bitcoin is worth over 300 % more than it was last Christmas. What could be the reasons behind these surge for all Crypto-currencies?

1 Scarcity

It is basic economics to know that scarcity brings about an increase in price. It is much harder today to find or come across Bitcoin even for Miners and traders. The Block-chain and binary exchange or mining is twice as difficult as it was and it must be said, Bitcoin mining, trading etc has never come cheap or easy.

2. General Acceptance

Bitcoin today like unlike other crypto-currencies is generally accepted as a medium and form of payment for both services and currency exchange. Some stock exchange are already trading Bitcoin and it seems it is very profitable at the moment so the momentum is perfect.

3. Open Source

Bitcoin is open source and owned by nobody so the chances of it slowing down or diminishing is extremely difficult. No Company can really influence or buy it over at the moment and it is one of the safest ways to move cash around, save, invest or trade.

4. Stable and Safe

Bitcoin is extremely safer than most Banks. You can do whatever you wish with your Bitcoin wallet and use it for transactions without worry about losing money, getting hacked and all the downsides of e-transactions.

5. Very Portable

Bitcoin like every other crypto-currency is very portable. Be it your Mobile phone, Laptop or any means of moving money around with so much ease from one’s pocket. Your Wallet remains intact and your key is safe for you at all times.

In the near future, we do hope Bitcoin gets better as it is already a universal form of payment.

Open source is here to stay and we preach it.

Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

Sports / VIDEO: Controversial France Penalty Take Against Nigeria's Falcons by hassan4: 5:39pm On Jun 20
I cant stop reviewing this video of a game France didnt need. So much controversy but good luck to our Falcons.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Sports / Manchester United Star Jesse Lingard Snapchat Video Got Fans Very Angry by hassan4: 4:59pm On Jun 20
Manchester United Star set the internet agog with a crazy video where he was talking a lot of funny and x-rated stuff. A lot of folks from the U.K and around the globe condemned this act as he went on about shagging and more.




Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Politics / VIDEO: Nnamdi Kanu's Lecture In The US Over Nigeria. Do You Agree With Him? by hassan4: 10:55am On Jun 16
Here is a video of Nnamdi Kanu's lecture in the US over Nigeria. Do you agree with him on this matter?


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J


Pets / VIDEO: Leopard Escapes, Attacks And Hurst People In India by hassan4: 9:45am On Jun 16


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Crime / VIDEO: Fulani Man On Amry Uniform Confesses To Kidnapping And Killings by hassan4: 11:21am On Jun 15


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Music/Radio / Mum And Daughter Dancing To Flavor's Song With Obiligbo by hassan4: 11:13am On Jun 15
This is some funny competition between mum and daughter showing off their dancing skills.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Politics / Nnamdi Kanu's Interview With The BBC - Proofs of Jubril & Atiku from Cameroon by hassan4: 3:51am On Jun 13
Nigeria's Bad boy and IPOB Leaser's interview with the BBC was finally made public and here is what he had to say about Jubril or President Buhari


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

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Politics / Is President Buhari Brain Dead? Forgets To Salute During Inauguration - VIDEO by hassan4: 10:42am On Jun 12
Nigeria's President Buhari could be brain dead. He forgot to salute and had to be reminded by the Chief of Staff after he whispered to him to wave. This is a retired military general who should be well accustomed to the protocol. A former head of state too.

Politics / Late MKO Abiola's BBC Interview During Arrest By Military In 1994 - AUDIO by hassan4: 10:19am On Jun 12
This was Late MKO Abiola's interview with the BBC as he was being arrested by General Sani Abacha first with the Commissioner or Police then the military.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Nairaland / General / Short Ducumentary On Benin Empire And The British - VIDEO by hassan4: 9:52am On Jun 12
A lot has been said about the Benin Kingdom and British Empire. This was how powerful the Benin people or Empire was before the British crushed it for its arts and Bronze. Here's a short clip of the documentary in the video below. Kindly subscribe to our channel for more


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Science/Technology / See Japanese Gadget That Lets You Speak 43 Different Languages Instantly by hassan4: 8:59am On Jun 10

Are you in a foreign land and finding it difficult to communicate? Check out this great article of a device which lets you speak foreign languages with ease to cut language barriers.


Speaking a foreign language is a high demand skill because of domestic cultural diversity and the number of companies doing business abroad. Foreign language skills can help you get jobs by enhancing your qualifications.

Doesn’t even matter if you’re a social worker, doing medicine, international business, language teaching/learning or just travelling abroad – the ability to engage and communicate with customers in their own language is a huge advantage.

Luckily, two famous Japanese inventors took language translation to the next level and created an instant translator called MUAMA Enence. It can easily translate real-time speech into over 40 languages using only a few finger-taps.

Thus, you don’t need to know or learn another language to be able to communicate in it. Difficulties, caused by language barriers, will soon be a thing of the past! What could be better than this?

Techdiscountzone – No Language Is “Foreign” Anymore Because Of This Smart Japanese Innovation

Why This Little Gadget Is So Special?
•Instant Communication In Another Language
Learning a new language takes months and even years of dedicated studies.MUAMA Enence can transform you into an able-communicator instantly
•Comfortable & Easy to Use
With its lightweight design and small size, MUAMA Enence is easy to carry around in any pocket or bag and is right there when needed. Hence the name “handheld voice translator” that you will want to use every day!
•Fair and Reasonable Price
MUAMA Enence is inexpensive. An experienced professional translator or interpreter can be costly, and you need to pay more than once. MUAMA Enence requires just a one-off payment for a huge selection of languages.
•Perfect Sound Quality
It is comfortable to use in crowded places as the sound is loud enough to be heard clearly.
•Supports Over 40 Languages
Its built-in advanced technology can support a 2-way language translation. Moreover, a text translation is also available.

Techdiscountzone – No Language Is “Foreign” Anymore Because Of This Smart Japanese Innovation

Why It’s Making Life So Much Easier?

Though MUAMA Enence was created mainly for travelers, it started gaining massive popularity among people of different occupations. All of a sudden, it became a must-have device!

Techdiscountzone – No Language Is “Foreign” Anymore Because Of This Smart Japanese Innovation

What surprised us is that more and more social/emergency workers, as well as volunteers, are choosing MUAMA Enence to make their work easier.

We asked people who have used MUAMA Enence to explain how it works for them. The results showed that people have drastically increased their job quality after using the Translator.

Should You Also Get One?

Language barriers should no longer be your concern anymore, so the answer is definitely YES! And now it’s the best time to do it, because MUAMA Enence may run out of stock soon due it’s high popularity worldwide.

Do you want to be able to get around in a new country for a week or two? Do you need to be able to talk with new friends or family members in their native languages? Or are you required to master a language enough to work full time in a foreign country?

Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

Sports / Meet Sunday Oduduru Of Nigeria - Second Fastest Sprinter Ever by hassan4: 3:48pm On Jun 09
Meet Sunday Oduduru of Nigeria who is the current Second Fastest Sprinter Ever. He just won a 100 and 200 meters race in Texas United States. Compare him to when he was in Nigeria and now a professional in the United States. We need to develop our standards.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

Career / BBC's Interview With Nigerian Makeup Artist by hassan4: 11:33am On Jun 09
See the video of BBCs interview with Nigerian Makuop Artist -Mark D Emwanrioba.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J
Crime / Nigerian Man Beatup A White Racist - VIDEO by hassan4: 11:16am On Jun 09
This video is about a year old and thought to share. Nigerians are subjected to racist abuse each time we travel out of the shores of this country even by fellow African countries. I guess this guy couldn't take it no more and went bulk-wild.


Mynd44, lalasticlala, Seun, OAM4J

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