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Romance / Re: Just Got Here Anybody To Show Me Round?? by hepzystev(f): 10:19pm On Aug 11, 2018
Offer still stands cheesy.....anybody here...I need friends
Romance / Re: THIS LIFE by hepzystev(f): 9:38pm On Aug 25, 2017
If u want ur life to continue to scatter, pick that cal.

If u want balance, focus on the new babe.

This dude said it all
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancies 5.0 by hepzystev(f): 11:38am On Aug 21, 2017
Mictec International School was established in 1992. In the year 2000, Mictec International High School came into existence. Our classes range from the Creche, Pre-School,Elementary Year 1 - 6, Junior and Senior High School.

Our school academic operations and social life are entirely based on Christian faith. As our motto indicates, the totality of our programmes here are geared towards enabling our students to make maximum use of their time in worthwhile academics and co-curricular ventures. You are therefore assured of a stimulating environment in which every child is encouraged at all times to aim beyond the skies.

Technical drawing
Yoruba language
Basic technology

Experience 3 - 5 years
Location Lagos

Job Description


Mictec International Schools seeks to employ a competent librarian.

Duties will include:

Supporting students and staff to use information resources in order to promote learning and support colleagues with their planning of library based rersources.
Encouraging students to use the library often to support their learning.
Fostering an environment of creativity, innovation and openness to new ideas.
Establishing process and procedures for selection, acquisition, resource sharing.
Other duties as assigned.
Candidates must have B.Sc/HND in relevant disciplines.
Have at least 3-5 years cognate experience

Method of Application
Applicants send their CVs to schoolhr@mictecschools.com within 2 weeks of this job advert
Romance / Re: She Suddenly Made A U-turn And Said We Can Only Be Friends. by hepzystev(f): 8:55am On Jul 30, 2017

Lol. Keeping quiet and ignoring a post that wasn't directed to you would have been best.

Talking to me about HIV and AIDS wasn't a big deal neither.

But sending a three-word phrase "Wish you same" seem to be such a problem to you that you had to reply back in five lines..what you could probably just ignore.

No vex bro....mean no harm....will ignore now
Romance / Re: Just Got Here Anybody To Show Me Round?? by hepzystev(f): 8:52am On Jul 30, 2017

just ignore..

Thnx bro...appreciate from now

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Romance / Re: She Suddenly Made A U-turn And Said We Can Only Be Friends. by hepzystev(f): 11:45pm On Jul 29, 2017

Wish you same

I wish u wat u wish me bro....10 times better....

in another note I never wished u Hiv made a sentence...so if u wish urself DAT.....mehn...ride on bro
Romance / Re: Just Got Here Anybody To Show Me Round?? by hepzystev(f): 11:42pm On Jul 29, 2017
Hepzystev ( whatever that means ). You just got here three days ago and you are already bullying and throwing insults ( you would say you were replying those who insulted you first ), that's not a good way to introduce yourself. You're showing yourself in very bad light. You won't get the friends you seek this way.

3 days and you just might get your first taste of a ban. By the time you get out of it, you are already old folk here.

interesting....I don't pretend....u give it to me I give it to u same.....I didn't insult dem dey did first....so because am nice don't mean I will watch some child dude insult me like DAT....friends is not my life bro....I lived without them so...if no friends am cool with it. enjoying nairaland without the 'supposed friends' didn't know how it works earlier.

being ban from nairaland means I won't eat??...c'mon there should wat we should really place value on na.

BTW did u really see the insult does two dudes gav...go and read it up again. I will never ignore DAT to pretend for anybody. Dats not me.

and to ur question hepzystev is my name and surname together. My name is Hephzibah....thnx for commenting tho

Sorry typo errors
Romance / Re: Lady Rejects Scholarship To UK For Her Boyfriend, Only For Him To Dump Her Later by hepzystev(f): 10:06pm On Jul 29, 2017
y won't he dump her...if its me sef I will dump and dump and dump because she clearly does not have one drop of sense
Family / Re: Help! My Wife Wanna Leave Me by hepzystev(f): 10:04pm On Jul 29, 2017
I think I can understand the reason for this dudes action....I can't really judge sha...I don't know ur wife or if all these allegations are legit...but if wat u typed above is true...den dude leave the woman na...its clear she doesn't even love u so y are u forcing urself....u guys don't even stay together. So u are not even in marriage... U are just married


Romance / Re: I am Not Here For a Boyfriend! by hepzystev(f): 10:02pm On Jul 29, 2017
Nairaland have Lotta sick guys...the same way one dude said am a scammer simply because I open a thread dat am new and need friends and also because i added my pin and not my phone number. can u imagine....some people need to grow up oooo...
Romance / Re: She Suddenly Made A U-turn And Said We Can Only Be Friends. by hepzystev(f): 9:43pm On Jul 29, 2017

You more than goofed. You destroyed your reputation for her hand. If she were my sister I would advise her not to come back. Because any woman you like you just set out for intimacy straight that means by the time a girl is sending you a thank you SMS it man's you have chopped her pkonmo. Such men are randy and would pick little excuses to cheat. A man with self control gives his woman peace of mind. She can rest assured that he wouldn't jump in bed with the first woman that catches his fancy or tries to seduce him. No one wants to be with a potential Street dog Na. You sef reason am.

Okay let me crack a joke which may be true in the end. Maybe she no gree because e be like you dey stay face me I face you or self contain. Na inside same 1 room bed and parlor dey . She no expect that Kain standard. Plus you come want start o riapko her put on top.

You said it all dude.....seriously DAT dude no try at all....a lady visited for the first time and u want to sleep with her...just like DAT??...even me sef can never date such a guy whether wrongly adviced or not

Besides u are not a child na, if someone advice you to do sth...u are mature enuf to use ur common sense to Think! Abi na everything person advice u to do u go do.

Besides for u to heed to DAT kind of advice means u are not far from being a dude with such intent

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Romance / Re: She Suddenly Made A U-turn And Said We Can Only Be Friends. by hepzystev(f): 9:32pm On Jul 29, 2017
The seriousness of your write up sef makes me think its one terrible something. Its nothing new na. Guy will like girl but girl wont yield cheaply..that's just d case here.

She enjoys ur company, but making sexual move on her first invitation would definitely piss her off. This one even gentle. Some go come after you don carry them go eatery, dem go still come ur house come drink juice, watch tv and feel at home yet if you make d normal guyish move, na slap upon insult you go collect...some are that rude.

Just like the poster above me said..not to give yourself headaches. Ive resolved to make brothels my regular companion till marriage..its not a matter of irresponsibility at all. Thats one of the places you can find sex with rest of mind.

This sex thing is not enthusiastic for girls like it is for guys and when they eventually have it with you, the lovely calm good girl you know becomes a monster demanding worship and you may never really enjoy her anymore. The wahala is so unworth it abeg. There are call girls everywhere willing to do all styles with you at ease so long you have a little change.

You're not under obligation to follow my footsteps o but it will save you headaches such as this.

Ride on man...the last I check HIV/AIDS still doesn't have a cure!!.... sad
Romance / Re: See What This Girl Wore to Pizzano Lounge In Owerri That Made Phyno Crazy by hepzystev(f): 9:17pm On Jul 29, 2017
this one pass madness....she is crazy....hoe
Romance / Re: Please Help. I Am in A Relationship Dilemma by hepzystev(f): 8:59pm On Jul 29, 2017
Are you that undesirable that you feel the best you can do for yourself is an older, divorced mother of 3 who isn't faithful to you? Assuming you were female now, we would have said it's desperation and lack of suitors that made you enter such relationship. But you as a male and with the advantage of choosing out of the numerous single unattached ladies out there, what's your reason for holding on to all that baggage in the name of relationship? Because Ifa said so abi? All the best then

babe....the dude own tired me sef. all the fine fine single babes wet full everywhere...na old woman hungry am...I no even understand the dude sef.....the traditionalists nonsense got me!!

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Romance / Re: Please Help. I Am in A Relationship Dilemma by hepzystev(f): 8:55pm On Jul 29, 2017
Good morning Nairalanders, Seun, Lalasticlala and Mynd44

My name is Yemi from Lagos and presently in a relationship dilemma.
I'm in love with a lady Chi, an igbo lady, beautiful n brilliant, lovely and caring and she is also in love with me but there are lot of issues facing this relationship.
Permit me to list them.

1. She is 5years older than I. Though people used to say age is just a number and love knows no age but can this be applicable when one wants a stress free and successful relationship. Will she respect me, wedding or no wedding, there will be a day that we will quarel and won't she use the age gap against me?there are instances women will have to shield their sword in order to let peace rain like kneeling down, begging, crying e.t.c but can a lady that is older than a guy do all these?

2. She is a divorcee. Though i don't blame her for this, as leaving a marriage is a thing of self decision. It is clear she sufferred a lot in her previous marriage based on what she told me but i kept asking myself this questions
what if she reconcile with her ex man? having it in mind that she has given birth to 3 cute children for him
what if i irritate her or my job has little problem and i'm unable to sustain her financial needs, won't she bows out?
what if those kids decide that their mum should go back to their dad, what then will be my fate。
3. Religious difference. There is this popular saying that two heart live as one and this i can say is the backup of most successful relationship.
I am a traditionalist even though i do go to church while she is a christian. Though we have discussed this issue and agreed mutually that we should carry on but there is this fear in me that once i ask her to perform some traditional rites, she might bout and this could be dangerous to my marital pursuit.
4. She has another manfriend. One fact about this relationship is that we have been very open to eachother. I told her about my past and she also narrated hers to me. But on a night that we were having sober reflections, she opened up to me that she has a manfriend simply named Alhaji and that he is the one taking care of her finances before i came into her life and that the man is married but she couldn't leave him or quit their secret relationship until she gets a job. I told her to choose between me and Alhaji but she keeps begging me to let us make it a secret, that when she gets a job, he will let him go.
I told her that i can't play the role of a second fiddle but she kept begging me, telling and swearing that she loves me and couldnt trade me for anybody.

This is a trying time for me. I have ended all myrelationships with other girls, I love Oge so much but these conditions are giving me sleepless night.

please should i continue with the relationship or break up?
nairalanders, lalasticlala mynd44 please help.

1) Age.....
Dude the truth is age is always come into play in marriage whether u like it or not.. there is nothing u can do to change the facts that she is 5 fricking years older..depending on her true personality (women pretend a lot u know) if she is the bossy type den u are going to be her boy.
In another note, don't u ever wonder that the people with success stories about marrying older women are the ones we hear about??...wat abt the larger ones whose marriages failed maybe because of irreconcilable differences and the fact DAT she woman will always remember DAT she is older..besides its not even one year or 2...dude its 5years!!.....Red flag!!...back out!

2)Divorced with 3 kids!!.....seriously??...dude...haba!! single fresh babes plenty na...y u dey fall my hand like dis na ehn....
ohk...seriously u don't really know the true story abt wat led to the divorce of her previous marriage. u can't simply believe all she tells u (wat if she's lying?) wat if she was the reason behind the divorce. wat if her ex husband was a good man....u have to get ur fact right. wat is she is just pretending to get u meanwhile her true colour is hidden deep inside her. the fact she is even having an external affair for whatever fricking reason should give u an insight of wat I call her "hidden area".... wat kind of lady cheat on her boyfriend whom she claim she loves...she is sleeping with the two of yet she claim she won't trade u for anything...(dog talk) u should be smarter Dan dis na...anyway...marry her at ur own peril...again am not judging her ooo

3)you are a traditionalist??...in this 24th century?? like seriously dude...where are u from??....who worship gods and idols...when God is very accessible.....just go through Jesus and u can have everything...u are doing ritual rites....dude.. u better find ur way to a church so God can fix u up...and stop being a religious confused fella

4) answered together with number 2

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Romance / Re: Just Got Here Anybody To Show Me Round?? by hepzystev(f): 8:29pm On Jul 29, 2017
sooo ur smart sense didn't tell you this is a faceless forum abi.scammer like u. Why not go to facebook where people will see ur face. U only put ur bbm pin....liar . Dont u have a phone line.

y are u so dumb.....can u point out one thing DAT makes me a scammer?? No! but u accused me of being one y? because u lack common sense.....u think everybody DAT tries to be friendly is a scammer....dude u need to get ur brain repaired

I put my pin because I can't share my number on an open forum like dis....and I just wanted penpals DATs all....it all ends in the chat...

besides...I didn't ask anybody for money or anything whatsoever so I ask u again...how am I a scammer
Romance / Re: Just Got Here Anybody To Show Me Round?? by hepzystev(f): 11:47pm On Jul 28, 2017
Got home from where public toilet or abroad.....let me guess lome or togo....tah ho and toast a lady
interesting...... DAT how u address ur parent at home ryt??...ur lack of sense and lack of maturity is not hidden....you are so dumb DAT u both couldn't hide ur stupidity under a faceless forum like Dis too bad...

Sick person
interesting...... DAT how u address ur parent at home ryt??...ur lack of sense and lack of maturity is not hidden....you are so dumb DAT u both couldn't hide ur stupidity under a faceless forum like Dis too bad...
Family / Re: This Lady Needs Your Advise by hepzystev(f): 3:04pm On Jul 28, 2017
This dude is a stingy and a selfish person. babe u can't marry DAT dude...at least not yet!!...u have to trash out that threat part first of all...wat is the meaning of DAT nonsense why will he threaten u like he is doing u a favour marrying you.

Babe tell him if he doesn't want to go ahead with the wedding, Fine!! wat is the meaning of that....

I don't really think u should marry this dude ooo...someone DAT have never bought u a gift even on ur birthday...ha! Haba!!

thing is, you can give without loving but u can't love with *giving* so its safe to say DAT guy dont really loves he is just concerned abt the preggy.

on the 50/50 stuff, DAT also depend on ur tribe...for some tribe the wife/family plan 80% of the wedding or so....I stand to be corrected tho

but sis this dude is a red flag


Romance / Just Got Here Anybody To Show Me Round?? by hepzystev(f): 2:40pm On Jul 28, 2017
In that light....am bored n need real friends so if u are a cool Lady DAT need friends to hang around with bbm me D89B0187

preferably Lagos babe....

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