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Religion / Re: What Do You Think Of People Who Dump Christianity ? by Humblebloke(m): 5:27pm On Dec 27, 2015
Thank you @Lordlexxy.
Thank you @Voltron.

If you must leave one for the other, you must be certain, there's a way there.
@Ops, you asked what happens to someone who decides to leave Christianity to, say Islam.

Am In interested in "LEAVE". You left Christianity to Islam, for a reason(which affects ur life physically and spiritually), but if you go into Islam and also discover reasons why you must LEAVE, can you LEAVE?
How many doors are in Islam? Its only ENTRANCE no EXIT. EXCEPT IN A COFFIN.

When you consider leaving Christianity, go with this in mind, No other God invites you to come join Him in the table for a heart to heart chat. Only Yahweh does that. No other god, says to you reprove me if am wrong in my dealings with you, by asking you(mere man), to bring ur points. To present ur own case. to State ur matter clearly. Tell Him, where he has cheated or is unjust towards you.

In Isa41:21. Yahweh says to You, are you angry at what I (Yahweh) is doing? then, "Produce your Cause(case), bring forth your STRONG REASONS. let's talk abt it.

Do you feel used? do you feel cheated by me? do you feel I shd have done this instead of that? " Then COME LETS REASON TOGETHER. DON'T BOTHER ABOUT YOUR SINS, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE AS RED AS CRIMSON, I WILL MAKE THEM AS WHITE AS SNOW, EVEN IF THEY ARE AS DARK AS SCARLET, I WILL MAKE THEM IS CLEAN AS WOOL. just come, let's talk.
which other god invites you to this kind of a relationship?

With other gods, you default you die. With Yahweh, you defaults, He gives u a chance to make amends. He practically woos you back.

Its in the face of obstinacy that He allows you get what you CHOSE. The road you choose, determines your destination. Yahweh does not burn anybody. You choose if you want to get burnt or not.
We are here shouting everyday, like John the Baptist, in the Wilderness, REPENT. LET THE EVIL DEPART FROM HIS EVIL WAYS. LET HIM WHO LIES, LIE NO MORE, LET HIM WHO STEALS, STEAL NO MORE. IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE SEX, THEN MARRY. We are considered lesser humans, by the "elite", but a time will come that we shall begin to say, LET HIM WHO STEALS, STEAL STILL, LET HIM WHO LIES, LIE STILL. For the time is up.

@Ops, make hay, when the sun shines, so that you can dry them.

Jesus say, " I work when its yet day, for the night cometh, when no man can work.

Satan will deceive you through the smart mouth atheists here. Most of them are closet satanists. They have signed a pact of how many souls they'll derail, for a promise of "what exactly?" because when the chips are down, you and Satan will be equals in hell. none higher in rank than the other.

Most folk think that, Satan is the master over hell fire. lol. Satan is not instrumental to the creation of Hell, he has absolutely no power over what will, or will not happen in Hell fire.
Melin, believes Hell is Paradise where he will reign with Lucifer as a Prince. It will so blow on his face, when he shall see Satan as weak as him in Hell fire, when that day comes.

Not again.... The usual I'm on the right path, and anyone who does share my beliefs will rot in hell...don't you religiotards ever get tired....this theory is plain 5tupid

People dump the arabian theory for the jewish theory and vice versa..... Its no news....

The God(s) theory will not make sense to everyone
Islam for Muslims / Re: As Muslims Are Not Capable Of Answering, You Better Believe The Bible by Humblebloke(m): 6:51am On Dec 04, 2015
The usual your religion is evil...... Mine is the right oneundecided
Religion / Re: 8 Reasons You Should Not Miss The Rapture by Humblebloke(m): 10:16pm On Nov 30, 2015

Then we are not speaking the same language since we do not have the same reference point. I wish you all the best.

I understandundecided...wish you the same....gracias!
Religion / Re: 8 Reasons You Should Not Miss The Rapture by Humblebloke(m): 9:54pm On Nov 30, 2015

It is not a negative mind set my brother. It depends from which angle you look at the situation. I look at it purely from what the scripture says and which are happening right before our eyes and which we cannot deny.

Sorry......I'm not narrow minded.....the scripture(jewish bible) is of no use....... if it won't make our universe a better place....

Prophecies huhundecided......... I would buy the bible writer's theory if they were specific about these events.......it is so vague...any event could fulfil these things

If a prophecy is supposed to be about someone, then it should make this clear from the beginning and not be left for future generations to try and guess who it is......

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Religion / Re: 8 Reasons You Should Not Miss The Rapture by Humblebloke(m): 5:29pm On Nov 30, 2015

Your world cannot be a better place. The earlier you realize this, the better it is for you.

Such negative mindset..... I'm not surprised tho..... For someone who thinks he's going to die to live foreverundecided

You would care less about humanity.... The world is not your home afterallgrin

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Religion / Re: 8 Reasons You Should Not Miss The Rapture by Humblebloke(m): 6:26am On Nov 29, 2015
This rapture theory........ What's the importance..... How does it make our world a better placeundecided
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Terrorism? by Humblebloke(m): 9:54pm On Nov 28, 2015

How does it endorse terrorism?

Read your bibleundecided
Religion / Re: What Do You Have To Lose If You Have Jesus by Humblebloke(m): 4:47pm On Nov 28, 2015
are so much in love with him that you are dying to know what he looks like?


Religion / Re: What Do You Have To Lose If You Have Jesus by Humblebloke(m): 2:08pm On Nov 28, 2015
I so wish I'm able to describe it myself. All I have to tell you is it was amazing, the best experience ever

grin.......was the dude brown, white or black,pink, blue

was he tall or short

Its a simple question...... Just requires a straightforward answer...

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Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 1:54pm On Nov 28, 2015

Stop imaging impossibility.
I will, if i am a God.

The reason you hate God is because you hate righteousness.

Afterall, his commandment ain't grevious.

- Do not steal--- Is stealing a good thing?

- Do not commit adultery--- Is commiting adultary a good thing?

God is not interested in your death, and his delight is not in your destruction.

What makes me cry most is when am meditating on the love of christ.
He said: "Come unto me all you that are heavy hearted, and i will give you rest.
Learn of me, for i am meek and lowly in heart."

We will never force you to believe.

Okay..... your god is impossibility..... I know that already

Do I hate god(s)...... Naaah!

Ion just think they exist......

Talking about righteousness...... I love morality,I know lots of people who are morally upright and do not share your beliefs..... I'm one of emgrin

You are probably selling the jewish bible god..... Dude wasn't even morally upright.... If you have read the jewish bible..... You would see the loads of crime he committed.....

-mass murder(killing innocent children),ordering genocides....

If this dude and his book is your basis for morality...... You are on your own..

No you can't......you can only go about threating people with your imaginary hell fire......

How pathetic......This invisible dude is gonna burn his own creations in hell not because they weren't morally upright..... but because they didn't believe in his son(him) who sacrificed himself to himselfundecided.....died for the sins of humanity(even the once they were yet to committ)........ Theory sounds 5tupid....who came up with it tho

How do people like you sleep at night concieving such evil toughtsundecided

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Religion / Re: What Do You Have To Lose If You Have Jesus by Humblebloke(m): 9:19am On Nov 28, 2015

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13,

Okayundecided....... Answer the question in my previous post...
Religion / Re: What Do You Have To Lose If You Have Jesus by Humblebloke(m): 7:33am On Nov 28, 2015
open your heart to Jesus ask him to show you himself, after that you won't need any other person's account, christianity is personal experience with God

I did gringrin...... The non entity wasn't interested..

But i tought they said xtianity was all about god looking for man.....you guys keep contradicting yourselves just like your buybullundecided

Oh!..... That wasn't my question..... You saw a vision of the jew man...... Tell me what he looks like, was he brown, black or white...Please I want straighforward answersundecided
Religion / Re: What Do You Have To Lose If You Have Jesus by Humblebloke(m): 10:57pm On Nov 27, 2015
OP... You saw a vision of jesus, what did he look like
Religion / Re: What Do You Have To Lose If You Have Jesus by Humblebloke(m): 10:57pm On Nov 27, 2015
Religion / Re: The Religion Called Atheism by Humblebloke(m): 7:52am On Nov 27, 2015
god is good.......god created evil

god is love....... god is a consuming fire

The invisible god loves you..... You gotta love *him* back or he will burn you in his hell for eternity...

Doesn't make any sense....
Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 6:02am On Nov 27, 2015

When you are not ready to obey his instructions.

Every knowledge i see do have concepts, and like wise skills and business.

Life also has a concept, and the best way to administrate it is to abstain from the concept of death which is sin.

.....This instruction tho'........ What is *it* and where can I find em'........

You think this justifies burning his own creations in hell for enternity.

You wouldn't do this...if you were a god.......will you
Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 11:25pm On Nov 26, 2015

Even if you want to live forever, you can't.
The children of perdition must surely perish.

Learn to be adapt with fire, because if you miss heaven you can never miss hell.

Their is no neutral kingdom.

OKay......the usual threatundecided

Why would your god want me to perish
Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 11:10pm On Nov 26, 2015

He want to offer the universe peace, joy, power, salvation, and most especially eternal life.

Mind yu, he ad already offered it.
Be interested.

Joy.... What's keeping him...... Lots of people pray to this invisible sky fairy everyday...dude needs to stop playing hide and seek...

Salvation from what

Enternal life... I'm not interested, don't wanna live forever...... Btw...what problem does it solve
Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 10:47pm On Nov 26, 2015

O foolish and adultreous generation, how long shall i speak insight into your memory.

The existence of God is not an idea, and a need to create him is impossibility.

Before doubting the existence of God, you should have first doubt the existence of your personality.
Did you really exist? Should have been the question.

For mortality to be a reality, then immortality and spirituality is more than reality.

Have this quote.

"Due to the emergence of mordernization and civilization, some set of currupt minded people desired to abolish the theorem that proved the existence of God.
They established a concept, and coined it ATHEISM.
They invented their belief system and decided to be independent of God.
At the end, they die, and later discovered that their is a God.
They pleaded to the most high, but the most high said to them--- IT IS TOO LATE.

There is a difference between power and knowledge.

Be wise.

Is it that bad......did you go to elementary school at all

This god you are selling...who wants to be worshipped at all cost...what does *he* have to offer our universe
Religion / Re: Why I Am An Aborisha by Humblebloke(m): 6:59pm On Nov 26, 2015
Nicee..... There are still people who have not lost their identity...
Religion / Re: Chris Oyakhilome Offered Me R10 000 To Sit In A Wheelchair, Stand Up And Walk by Humblebloke(m): 6:49pm On Nov 26, 2015
This is no news.....they will all get caught someday
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Islam Will No More Grow by Humblebloke(m): 6:43pm On Nov 26, 2015
Religion politicsgrin.....

What do the jewish myth believers want from their arabian *counterparts*
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Islam Will No More Grow by Humblebloke(m): 6:42pm On Nov 26, 2015
Religion / Re: When God Doesnt Make Sence by Humblebloke(m): 6:27pm On Nov 26, 2015
The jewish deity made mistakes......and will punish his own creations for his actionsundecided

Does that even make any sense
Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 10:58pm On Nov 25, 2015

Gud... I appreciate your humility, but next time try to use He because he is a male based on gender.

Back to the answer that you requested.

The idea of God is indeed beyond human comprehension, but however, an explanation has to be generated to validate his existence formation.

God was uncreated and in other word, he created himself.
He really came from somewhere, and i could say that he came from the realm present outside the creation.

God is capable of creating himself, and that is why Jesus spoke to us in this manner.
The Bible will never leave us without a witness.

There are two major attributes about the characteristics of God existence.

- Power

- Wisdom

I could see men having confidence in wealth, intelligence and knowledge, and even claiming that knowledge is power which is wrong.

God have his own confidence in his power and his wisdom.

The psalmist identified it this way that "One thing i hear the Lord said, i am very powerful and i am very kind."

It takes the power of God to create the universe. And in that book of Job, God really challenged humanity with unanswered questions like...
- Were you there when i set the foundations of the earth?

God greatest delight for his wonderful creature that are created in his own image is to be creative.
Creativity is an in-born gift.
You don't need to be born again to be creative or become a scientist.
But we must acknowledge that all these things are embedded inside life.

To understand this better will also require you to know the difference betwee "Life" and "Existence."

Life is the creator of existence, as their is no non-living thing that can exist on its own without been created by an influence called life.

God is the creator of life.
God said; "And i shall give you life abundantly."
This means that God is not the one embedded inside life, but rather life is the one embedded inside God.

Jesus noted: "I have power to lay down my life and i have power to recieve it back again."

This clearly shows that his living power is not really based on the concept of life and death.

Even when life went out of him in the human form like any other human being, his God-like power and personality was still present.

And remember that what actually exist in the begining was the WORD.
The word was the force that lay down the concepts of God, and the God image.
The word was an expression of power, and it is a spiritual force.

I know that you will still not admit to the truth, but just try to know the difference between Life and Existence, or i should use it to create a new thread.

Stay bless.

Your god is male....how did you know this.....I tought he was a spirit

You just shot yourself in the foot......

At the bolded........this clearly validates the words of a man who said; if there was no god...there will be a need to create him.....


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Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 7:33pm On Nov 25, 2015

If he was created, then he wouldn't be call God.
He is God because he has the power to cause himself out of life and also to recieve it back again.

He came from somewhere. Ask and the answer will be giving to you.

undecided..... Interesting.... So where did it come from
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Terrorism? by Humblebloke(m): 8:23am On Nov 25, 2015
It endorses terrorism...... Just like its plagiarized version.... The arab(quran) book......
Religion / Re: The CREATOR, The CREATURE And The CREATION by Humblebloke(m): 8:14am On Nov 25, 2015
The uncreated creator came out of nowheregringrin

Religion / Re: Demonic Display Taken Over Students In Class by Humblebloke(m): 11:23pm On Nov 20, 2015
So what's the message here
Religion / Re: How Do I Reconcile With My Parents? by Humblebloke(m): 11:17pm On Nov 20, 2015

The question here isn't about whether this ''enternal life'' does exist....

OP...... Even if it does exist..... What problem does it solveundecided
Religion / Re: Is There Really A God? by Humblebloke(m): 10:12pm On Nov 18, 2015
I really wish there was a god...not the experimentist in the quran and bible.....who knows but doesn't really know how its all gonna end

A god that will help put our universe in perfect order..... A real omniscience god able and willing to do things for the good of humanity...

OP... I'm allowed to make a wish...rightundecided

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Religion / Re: The Bitter Truth! by Humblebloke(m): 9:42pm On Nov 18, 2015
Smh......Rather than provide them with something to eat and drink....

The greedy idiots go about peddling jewish myths.......

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