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Politics / Re: Biafra: The Only Way To Break Up Nigeria Is Through War – Northern Elders by Iamwrath: 9:13am On Jun 25, 2017
Bro, your pain and anger is justified, but I bet that if you give an igbo or Yoruba man an opportunity to vent, they will point fingers to other regions and how their region has been insulted and humiliated by another region hence, their hate for the region. From your write-up I'm guessing you're a northerner the truth is we've all done eachother wrong in this country but the youths are stuck on the wrong while the elders have moved on. They've so moved on that they attend the weddings of their children and other events hosted by their henchmen from other regions. Try and get my point, we are wasting our energy as youths carrying the hatred that was brewed in the time of our "forefathers" and see where it's got us. Utter hatred for eachother, a divided country and all the negative things you can think of... If anyone was to apologize, it should be the perpetrators of the evil act but almost all, if not all of them are dead. I hope you understand my perspective, this is not what we should be doing now. We should be campaigning for 35-year-old president now, we should be celebrating things our counterparts in Africa are boasting about... My thoughts

You guessed wrong , even though i lived mostly in the north for some time , i am a full blood Yoruba

And even the perpetrators of the coup i stated earlier are dead, it doesn't change the fact that Ironsi did the wrong thing

Also my point is factual and true about the their invasion of Nairaland , 2015 witnessed lots of atrocious comments from Yeasterners , that's when their number quadrupled on nairaland and their purpose was to insult, smear other tribes , propaganda write ups e.t.c and a moderator was enabling them by taking sides , Tell who will be responsible for that ?
Crime / Re: Evans Was Arrested For Robbery In 2006, Freed By Imo Police — Police Source by Iamwrath: 9:05am On Jun 25, 2017
That Evans should be poisoned or shot

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Shades Her Ex Boyfriends (Photo) by Iamwrath: 5:56am On Jun 25, 2017
grin grin grin For real life, na there dey sweet

but for toto he dey pain person , especially who no get big and long prick

Exes?! Na wah o! So na wetin go com remain 4ur future husband now...Una go finish everything 4 exes, na una husband go com eat bottom pot
Politics / Re: See What Donald Trump Said About Biafra CNN by Iamwrath: 5:49am On Jun 25, 2017

Don't dull yourself, it's a boy behind that moniker.
Thanks Jare
Politics / Re: Biafra: The Only Way To Break Up Nigeria Is Through War – Northern Elders by Iamwrath: 5:31am On Jun 25, 2017
That exactly is the problem Nigeria as a whole is having , you think we can just bury the past like nothing happened and just continue to live on ?? That's not possible and even if we tried and pretend for a while , the issues will still come up , those who are hurt won't apply pain killers ,
those who are disgruntled won't just let go

To achieve real peace , We have to resolve the past, the erring party must apologize only then will there be true peace

You may not like it , or agree but it is the truth and it's staring you in the face

2015' i was insulted several times for my comments by these people , we witnessed all sorts of threats from politicians in the east too , but that's not the point, the point is i got loads of insults and curses on this platform , i would involve moderators , plead with them to deliver justice , to my surprise, nothing is ever done , because same set of people would quote and laugh at me all day in every / any comment i make throughout the day even if it's on different platforms

Before i began involving mods though , if they insult me , i insult them right back , next thing i know i get banned, days , weeks , months ,
even when i plead and prove i was defending myself , i still get banned , these people insult you , your parents , your family everything about you for not accepting their views and never get banned but the victim does

Now i would never forget that and i can bet you that's the same story anyone who is not from the east or liepob land will tell you

How are we supposed to forgive when you open your screenshots everyday and see the monica that insulted you still very active and still insulting people

Same applies to the Igbo coup that led to progrom , You don't promote or pardon people who just had a coup , you reprimand them and punish them even if it's a few years in jail, the whole country would know ironsi did something right , but no , he just had to promote them ,
made one of them a governor or something, Hausas are still hurt yeeebos killed their emir and all you can do was promote the murderes ?
?? what do you expect in return ?

An official apology to the nation would have sufficed but then , when we have people like you telling us to forget the past and move on ,
then this issue of hate will never be resolved

You're missing the point, it's not about who started it, it's about who is wise enough to know that we are wasting our time fighting eachother. This is not the time to point fingers, this is the time to join hands regardless of where you're from, your name, the language you speak or whatever. We're stronger together.
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Sues INEC, Alleges Dead Persons Signed Recall Petition by Iamwrath: 5:50am On Jun 24, 2017
Dino's main Judge friend has been sacked yesterday along with someone else

INEC will verify signature or compare serial numbers with names / records on INEC database , so why is he afraid ?? Is he running to court to stop INEC from verifying or the Village people have finally arrived in his life in which case no verification needed , just recall

Either way


Hahahaha..... you must be dreaming bro. Anyway I am interested in placing the wager. We can even make it 500k. If he is recalled in two months time, I will credit your account within 24 hours but If not, then you pay me. People here will bear us witness incase any of us fails to fulfil the pledge cos I will call you out here if you fail. Are you in?

I hope you don arrange money
Politics / Re: They Can't Recall Dino Melaye, TRUE? by Iamwrath: 5:47am On Jun 24, 2017
Dino's cup is already full
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Hires Mike Ozekhome To Stop His Recall In Court by Iamwrath: 5:46am On Jun 24, 2017
Three days ago , i said i sensed panic , people laughed at my comment

Today Dino is shopping for judge , we shall soon see


Hahahaha..... you must be dreaming bro. Anyway I am interested in placing the wager. We can even make it 500k. If he is recalled in two months time, I will credit your account within 24 hours but If not, then you pay me. People here will bear us witness incase any of us fails to fulfil the pledge cos I will call you out here if you fail. Are you in?
I hope you are gathering my money grin grin


Politics / Re: See What Donald Trump Said About Biafra CNN by Iamwrath: 5:31am On Jun 24, 2017
I would have invited you to an event if you lived where you claimed , but your badmouth for Buhari is disgusting
am beginning to like the stupidity of that slowpoke behind this monicker because each time he try to mock Biafra, zoogeria dullard in chief (almajiri daura buhari) develops another impairment. from ear to scrotum, brain, speech etc. may be this lie he dished out now will make President Buhari loose sight.
Politics / Re: Abducted Bode Adeosun's Daughter Regains Freedom by Iamwrath: 5:28am On Jun 24, 2017
This is good news, but i hope the bastards didn't torture her

Now that this is settled, Who do you think is responsible for the kidnapping ?

My first suspect is PDP , how can you tell someone to withdraw from Councillor-ship race ? Nwanem Ogene ?
Politics / Re: Recall: Dino Melaye Sues INEC (Photos) by Iamwrath: 5:11am On Jun 24, 2017

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

thats a sign pf defeat

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Politics / Re: Biafra: The Only Way To Break Up Nigeria Is Through War – Northern Elders by Iamwrath: 10:12pm On Jun 23, 2017
Without being a hypocrite , can you tell us who started hate speeches ? threats and the likes ?

i am talking about nairaland which is the subject of your comment

Been on Nairaland for a while now and to be honest, the hate amidst the youth here is disappointing. We are suppose to be at the helm of the affairs in this country, but we are here hating on eachother, we should be ashamed of ourselves. If we channel the strength we use in searching for names when any news on crime comes up to fighting for eachother, we would be better. This is why the old people at the helm of Nigerian politics since independence are still thriving till today because we as youths have refused to take our stand in the affairs of the country instead, we fight against eachother and the old politicians attend eachother's events. This is what they want, they want us to fight eachother and as long as we fight, they would have the tools and time to perpetrate their selfish acts and remain at the top as long as the youths are looking for the right things at the wrong places. This is not the way forward... Instead of hating online, I suggest that we use our internet presence for something positive for the youths and the future of our country... Something that will reiterate our presence in this country as a force that must be reckoned with.
Music/Radio / Re: Phyno - "If To Say" (Video) by Iamwrath: 10:06pm On Jun 23, 2017
he try
Celebrities / Re: Davido Honours Cristiano Ronaldo With His Haircut (Photos) by Iamwrath: 9:51pm On Jun 23, 2017
Siddon dia dey roast, Davido na Egede wey bam, that one na for 7/7

Welcome to the World my Guy, but very soon, all your head go soon full of Numbers, no be only Cristiano Ronaldo sabi play ball O.
grin grin grin grin

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Culture / Re: Alaafin Of Oyo Declares Ifa Priests Wanted, Sues Them For Giving Oyinbo Titles by Iamwrath: 9:47pm On Jun 23, 2017
Bring Back the Real Yoruba culture jare
Crime / Re: Another Nigerian Arrested In Mumbai For Drug Peddling by Iamwrath: 9:46pm On Jun 23, 2017
Score ? for ever 2 crimes committed in other regions in the country , Yeasterners have committed at dozen

Chai...not again...!!!

Name checkers...what's the score now?

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Agriculture / Re: Mohaz Poultry In Anambra Is The Biggest Poultry Industry In South-East Nigeria by Iamwrath: 1:45pm On Jun 23, 2017
no mind dem
Where is the biggest? These ppl are comedians grin

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Politics / Re: Atiku Replies Twitter User Who Called Him Out For Wearing Agbada To Farm by Iamwrath: 1:44pm On Jun 23, 2017
Only the intelligent few know the real meaning of I've owned the farm since 80's

if it were obasanjo, i am sure, he'd ask the ediot , were you born then ?
Mid 80s? That Twitter Troll was probably not born then.
Sports / Re: Asisat Oshoala Defends Falz For Blasting Yahoo Boys And Their Praise Singers by Iamwrath: 1:33pm On Jun 23, 2017
The Defenders have arrived
Politics / Re: APC Governors Back True Federalism, Restructuring by Iamwrath: 7:14am On Jun 23, 2017
Total wipe out is better or just granting the agitators what they want

Even with restructure , they'll still find another excuse in the future, Ya'ardua paid dem militants but they never stopped bunkering and kidnapping for ransom , so what else is new ??
Politics / Re: Atiku Not Threat To Buhari In 2019, Says Adamawa Apc by Iamwrath: 7:12am On Jun 23, 2017
I want Buhari in 2019

But unless something else is going on , i doubt if he's condition will allow him to contest

That's PDP touts like Fayose's selling point ,

Home or abroad, Buhari is the best thing that's ever happened to Nigeria and the suspense is what's killing all these frog eyed PDP thieves
Travel / Re: Ghana Ahead Of Nigeria In Aviation Hub Race by Iamwrath: 6:44am On Jun 23, 2017
So Ghana sha wants Nigeria to call her Aunty by all means ?
Politics / Re: Nigerian Woman Cured Of Rare Cancer In India by Iamwrath: 6:43am On Jun 23, 2017
Politics / Re: Another Lawmaker Recall Has Commenced In Kogi State by Iamwrath: 6:43am On Jun 23, 2017
If this is a trend, it's a good trend

It's about time Nigerians use their power as electorates to remove figure heads from representing them

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Politics / Re: Lantern And Sword Gifts From Ijaws To Nnamdi Kanu (Photos) by Iamwrath: 6:41am On Jun 23, 2017
That sword ?? to design his house or to protect himself ?

the lantern ? maybe he'll use that in kuje prison


he can do the needful and immolate himself, afterall a 23 year old jew did it for them in the past


Politics / Re: The Person Behind Quit Notice To Igbos In The North Lives In Lagos – Falana SAN by Iamwrath: 6:39am On Jun 23, 2017
That makes sense, i am still not finding the link in this topic , the person allegedly living in lagos has no name ? and killing student led to ultimatum ??

Ayam not understanding at all
That's why I will never support all this crooks

Like the parable goes "Those that live in glass house should not throw the first Stone"

Same as Mazi KANU he lives in London and formenting trouble down here


Politics / Re: Former FCT Minister Remanded In EFCC Custody As Counsel Walks Out From Court by Iamwrath: 6:36am On Jun 23, 2017
They enriched themselves

albeit at the expense of Nigerians

I do hope Justice is served accordingly

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Politics / Re: Video: Nnamdi Kanu Speaks, Says Bayelsa Not South-south But Biafran by Iamwrath: 6:35am On Jun 23, 2017
Confusion in the camp
Politics / Re: We Owe Contractors N15bn,yet NASS Reduced Lagos/ibadan Expressway Budget To N10b by Iamwrath: 6:29am On Jun 23, 2017
So these fuckers who collect wardrobe allowance in tunes of millions , among many other bogus allowance goes behind the back of the minister to change what they deliberated on ?

Makes you wonder if NASS thinks those figures were plucked out of the minister's yansh

every contract / project will have been duly priced and verified by different organizations / entities in the Federal system including EFCC

why would a sane group of people deliberately starve an on going project of funds , how is that fair ?


Politics / Re: See Pic Of Statement Released By INEC Afta Receiving Dino Melaye Recall Petition by Iamwrath: 6:23am On Jun 23, 2017
Someone wagered 500k with me about Dino's recall , I know in my heart Dino will eventually loose that position , but how long ?
Politics / Re: Middle Belt, Northern Minorities Seek 12 Regions, 54 States by Iamwrath: 6:16am On Jun 23, 2017
Restructuring ...... And the Northerlands have played a high hand already , what will FlatPobs do now ?

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