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Romance / Re: Lady Embarrassed As Boyfriend Kneels Down To Propose To Her At The Market by Ikea81: 4:40pm On Jan 21
Pete edochie said this. People curse am. Lai lai I can't fit jor
Health / Re: Couple Accuses Hospital Of Negligence As One Of Their Twin Babies Dies by Ikea81: 6:32am On Jan 18
So sorry about this. I have twin boys too and can't just understand this woman's pain. I will always recommend Lagoon hospital ikeja for child care.
Romance / Re: My Experience With An Abuja Babe.. by Ikea81: 4:17pm On Jan 08
What chapter do you wake up from your dream?


Romance / Re: Help, I Am In Love With A Single Mother Of Two. by Ikea81: 4:05pm On Jan 08
I am a young man in my thirties and she should be in the same range(I didn't ask her about her age because I don't really lay emphasis on age). We are from neighbouring towns.

As my heading reads, recently I met a lady online and we have been communicating well and I noticed she ticked most of the boxes of what I want in a woman.

Prior to now, I told myself I will stay away from anything woman because I just started a business last year and I want it to grow and balance before thinking of any thing women or marriage.

Recently, I noticed I am developing strong feelings for her, strong enough to lead to the alter.

Now the problem is, she is a single mother of two, we don't stay in the same city and the father of those kids seems to live in a neighbouring city to where she lives(although to a good extent the father of those kids is not a problem).

My question is what will you advice me to do in this situation?
*Go on and start a relationship with her.
*Keep her as a friend, although she may get hooked by another man along the line.

Anybody here who have been in similar situation, should help share their experiences too.

Note: She has never been married.
She is working and comfortable, money a problem is not a problem, i.e no unnecessary billing associated with some relationships.

She don see, now e remain for you to saw. Goodluck
Romance / Re: Am A Dreadful Redpiller On My Girlfriend, I Think It's Time To Change. Pls Read. by Ikea81: 10:16am On Jan 08
Hello family,

Am a dreadful redpiller, here are few stuffs I had done for my babe.

I have left her alone in the middle of the night and come home without her having tfair and she had to trek almost a 1 hour distance in the middle of the night to my home.

I troubled her to the extend that she went to defend a school project but on getting their in front of everyone (over 200) she started crying, without know what to say.

I have troubled her in so many ways to proved my redpill on her.

She and her mom had came to beg me in my house and the 2 of them were crying all to prove to me she love me.

I have carried her from on top the bed and throw her on the floor which she wounded.

I have done so many bad things to her which even me myself know this is more than wickedness but still she will always tell me, no matter what happened, I'll never leave you and I'll marry you.

I also disvirgined her of which her mom makmde it cleared that as I have disvirgined her, I have to marry her and I also have some family rites to perform. Of which I use to tell the girl, she shouldn't put at mind that I might not or might ended up marrying her.

This same girl had taken me to her family, that am the guy she want to get marry too and she had also follow me to my family to introduce her as the lady I want to marry she.

She had even been disturbing me for introduction, engagements and wedding.

Mind you this lady is a beautiful damsel of 20 years old. People should not think she is an evening newspaper or an ugly girl, that is why she is desperate.

I have done many bad things for her in the name of redpill, pls I need your advice does she worth being nice too and show enough love instead of red pilling her?

because we all know girls are wicked and they can pretend, am doing all these so that she wont take me for granted.

Pls does she worth a wife or good lady materials or what are your advice pls.

This is not redpill. This is stupidity. Wait till a real red Piller like me meet that young pussy and show her some real attn

A redpiller didn't say be mean. And will need to women, it just says stay woke and Don't take shit when they try to serve it. You juat dey here dey suffer person pikin .
Politics / Re: Buhari, Osinbajo, Others To Take COVID-19 Vaccine On Live TV by Ikea81: 11:56pm On Jan 07
President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha and other prominent Nigerians will be among the first people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on live television to help drive awareness.

The Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Faisal Shuaib, revealed this at Thursday’s briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19.

In terms of the prioritization of vaccines and strategic country leadership, Shuaib said, “what it means that on Tuesday I had mentioned that we will like to see a situation where Mr. President, the Vice President, the SGF, critical leaders come and take the vaccine in full glare of the public to demonstrate that this vaccine is safe. So we have to make provisions for those.

“But even in developed countries, what we have seen is that apart from the prioritization of health workers, you have to also identify critical leaders that you don’t want them to be wiped off by the virus.

“For example, in warfare, if you want to destroy your enemies, you look for specific leaders, captains, the generals, once you decapitate them, then the soldiers will become weak.

“So, as much as possible you do not want to also leave your leaders vulnerable to COVID-19, it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean you want to prioritize politicians, that is not correct.

“I emphasized during the last briefing that we will prioritize our health workers because they are the ones in direct contacts with cases in isolation units.”


So if them give them.vit c injection. How we go take know?
Romance / Re: I Told My Wife That The Dna Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow. See What by Ikea81: 11:23pm On Jan 05
I'm married with 2 kids, a boy, and a girl but I trust my wife that is why I have never thought of anything like a DNA test, I didn't do the blood group of my kids to know if they carried my blood group because I know my wife will never bring another man's kids for me. My wife do tell me what's happening at her office, how some of her colleagues are dating their bosses in the office.

When I saw DNA trending on Twitter, I clicked on it where I read the sad news of Mr. Tunde Thomas who died after he discovered that the two kids he thought he was their biological father belong to his Wife's boss, Mr. Adam Nuru of FCMB Bank.

I couldn't sleep that night, I concluded that the next for me is to do the DNA test for my two kids to confirm that I'm their biological father.

Immediately my wife left Home today, thank God schools have closed till further notice, I took my kids to our family hospital to run a DNA test, and the Doctor told me the results will be ready tomorrow.

When my wife arrived this evening, I told her that, the DNA results of our kids will be ready tomorrow.

My wife told me that immediately I bring the results home tomorrow and the results confirmed that I'm their biological father, she will leave my house immediately.

Please, Should I tell her I'm just joking or wait for the DNA result?

Get the results, if they your kids Don't show her . Just say it was a joke.

The woman who always says you Don't trust me, cos you Don't me are the worst cheaters.
Events / Re: Couple Broke Up At Their Wedding Reception Because Of Food by Ikea81: 10:50pm On Dec 29, 2020
That groom self. Thanks God she didn't collect punches before she realised to japa.
Education / Re: Don Davis: Deeper Life High School Releases Statement On Molested Student (Video by Ikea81: 10:46pm On Dec 29, 2020
See as them knack person pikin lean
. No wonder no fat gay. They suffering in silence
Romance / Re: Why Women Of Nowadays Are Not Happy (pics) by Ikea81: 10:07am On Dec 28, 2020
A popular proverb say na old age ashawo dey know the value of pikin
Romance / Re: World's Most Identical Twins Who Share A Boyfriend Together by Ikea81: 4:51pm On Dec 27, 2020
Lucky man !

Look at the last pics. Does he look lucky. They are draining the life off him. He will die of greed soon. Leave am.

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Travel / Re: A Tour In The New Lagos To Ibadan Train, So Beautiful by Ikea81: 9:03pm On Dec 26, 2020
Give am one year
Romance / Re: ... by Ikea81: 7:26pm On Dec 26, 2020
Don't you have your own family , take an excuse go spend the season with your family
Politics / Re: Kankara Schoolboy: Our Abductors Were Not Boko Haram (Video) by Ikea81: 6:26pm On Dec 18, 2020
All this na job. Kidnap collect huge tansome and share..the key players were all in Katsina during the period to collect their share don't ask me

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Adel Abdel-Bary Released From US Jail Because He Is Too Fat (Pix) by Ikea81: 6:20pm On Dec 18, 2020
Guess he is now to fat to run, and too round to hide.
Romance / Re: Ex Is Back, Now Trying To Avoid The Current Toxic Girl by Ikea81: 10:44pm On Dec 16, 2020
Wawuuuu grin

I made a thread about "My brother relationship that's not up to a month and it's toxic"

On a faithful night, my brother phone rang and it was this his Ex (I've never called her not to talk of plead with her)
He was surprised and I was too, he picked up and all they spoke on issue why they have been far to each other for long.

She started her conversation with pleads "she said she's very sorry, she just have to respect her home first. Her Dad seized her phone and was getting herself all through that hard time because of her strict Dad, so she tried all possible best to avoid my brother and all of his circles"

Please the 7 years Relationship not getting to marriage quick is because of her, reasons best known to her not my brother and it's a long distance relationship so they're both cool with that.

It was a long talk tho which I can't explain further �, am just happy she's back and I will try all my possible best that bitch must be gone forever undecided

To you all that had headache reading the previous thread, please do well and have it this time around too grin because am Sorry forgive me.

To those that gave advice too, am grateful

To those that didn't see anything to say than yarn okoto meow meow, Thanks to you to.

Thanks to you all

Hmmm. You must be servicing your brother.
Phones / Re: Photos From Computer Village Carnival 2020 Edition by Ikea81: 10:30pm On Dec 16, 2020
Shey covid no dey this con3? Ayam not understanding.
Romance / Re: My Neighbor Is Chasing My Wife Behind My Back by Ikea81: 10:28pm On Dec 16, 2020
Good day fellas, I need your suggestion or idea on step to take.

My wife that stays with me at home, though I have not paid bride price yet, planning doing it next year by God grace just opened up to me today that our neighbor who stays in the same compound approached her when she went out to brush her teeth and started telling her that he will like to befriend her and that he heard when we were quarrelling at home, that I'm not supposed to santion her for whatever reason, that he loves her and sees her in his dream that he will like to friend her.

So she told him that he has someone already which he knew and she told him that if he didn't stop he will tell me, he now begged her not to let me be aware of it.

This incidence happened about a month ago, so I was surprised when she opened up to me today.
I was not happy at all. I need to take an action before it's out of hand.

Meanwhile we are only 2 Tennants living in the compound

Pls guys what do I do?

If woman confess, them don dey Rosco am already. Sorry
Family / Re: Should I Take Back An Adulterous Wife Because Of The Expensive Bride Price? by Ikea81: 8:31pm On Dec 12, 2020
i came back from work on Friday to discover that my wife has ran away with our son and some properties in the house, my neighbor said she is a bad woman that I should let her go, they caught her in adultery and she ran away because of shame.

for the first time in my life I discovered that I have not played my role as a husband. I was just focused on bringing back money home for the family and forgot the sexual responsibility, I agree I am at fault too. but if I calculate all the bride price I spent and wedding cost, I feel like going to bring her back. if not for her sake but for the baby, please advice is needed now

she is an igala while I am igbo,

I have no advice , but Oga what I want to tell you is that where she ran to them dey yansh am.there as I type this. Infact check 2 streets away from you, she might be lodging there with a guy younger, stronger with a bigger dick than yours. My solution .....take origin bitters 2 daily. I almost killed someone's daughter 3days ago with it. You are welcomed. The consultation is free
Romance / Re: Look At 3 Places Your Woman Wants You To Touch In The Night But Won't Tell You by Ikea81: 11:45am On Dec 11, 2020
Most Men are not observant and they do not know what to do when their woman comes back from work. Most times they are stressed at work and would need some relief when they get back at home. In this article, I shall briefly tell yoy about three places women want you to touch in the night but she would not say;
1. Her shoulders and Back: Most women need a massage to relieve stress. When they get back from work every night, they would need you to massage them at their shoulders and back in other to relieve them of stress they accumulated at their work place.
2. Cuddle her at The waist during bed time and ask her about her work day, this helps to to build your communication relationship with your partner. So when you talk to her in the night try and cuddle her as this could easily help to put her in the sleeping position.
3. Her legs: in some cases where her job requires her to stand for a very long time. For example, if she is a teacher, when she comes back from work, use an ointment and stretched her leg, toes and ankles. This would help relieve tension or stress caused by her shoes or too much standing.
Feel free to add yours...

You must be a woman looking for a slave. Shi bo bo jor
Romance / Re: He Has A Girlfriend But Does Not Want To Let Me Go by Ikea81: 11:24am On Dec 11, 2020
I do not know how to start this but i will write as it comes... I was in a 2 year relationship that ended in march this year.. I was so commited in it like naturally when im dating, i DO NOT notice other guys and i DO NOT ask my boyfriend for financial assistance because i feel im not his responsibility,, what i do appreciate mostly were little things like, chatting, kindness, hugs, opening and closing of doors for me,, just little things, coz i adore them so much.. But anyway it ended.. And i vowed never to date again come what may.. During the break up process, all my friends (guys, hardly have a girlfriend) were there to help me pull through.. Calls and texts constantly because, according to them, they knew my type, thus the help.. Funny enough, i never got attracted to any of them (even the ones that initially asked me out when my friendship with them was fresh) and im not the sex sex type to just fall for any to satisfy my desire.. Though i got advice from neighbours to find someone else than staying alone, i said no especially as i am a loner but a happy loner.. I keep myself busy with work or any stuff that makes me happy.

Fine, two months later (june), some guy reached out to me even as he knew he's got a girlfriend, whixh according to him later, they were in an open relationship.. He stays in oshogbo, his girl stays in kaduna while im in sagamu..Before then, he reached out online by first stalking me on facebook (even though we did same online business), after a while he got talking with me.. At first, i was harsh, very harsh to him but he never minded.. At a point i stopped talking to him.. A month later he reached out again, asking if we were still friends.. I was like yeah, not nice to him at all but he was patient with me..

From mid-july we started talking well as friends, he was very open as i was to him. We flowed well that things were happening to us coincidentally.. Whenever he yawns, i do at my place, if im having a scratch, he does too.. There was just plenty of this connection that we never got tired of each other.. In the procesa of our been honest, he told me about his girl and how she was still keeping her ex and all whatnots... I didnt feel any iota of jealousy because i had not feelings for him yet.. I asked to talk things through with his girl and he says well if she gave the chance.. So laters, by august, september,october, feelings grew.. He got so fond of me... According to him, he has not seen my type before.. Fine! During my birthday, he wanted to do something for me, i said no, then two weeks to his birthday in nov, he asked that i visit him at their family house, that i did..

What struck me most was how the elder brother (married) took care of me... I was not allowed to do nothing.. The brother even cooked for me.. God, it made me fall more for the family.. The kind gestures i have never experienced in my life.. There are kindnesses but there is kindness, the real one.. I felt it.. Every thing that i want in a man, those little things, this guy has them all.. According to him, it baffles him that with the little he shows me, i do not take for granted even before he told me he's having a girl..

When i returned home, we continued our normal talks and he then said, that his girlfriend would be visiting during his birthday.. At that point i went silent.. (Meanwhile he met his girl this year but before me, also during her break up).. He was unhappy that i displayed this little jealousy.. So he says he has not broken up with his girl to start a new relationship and he is hurting that he is hurting me.. He's got feelings for me but he loves his girl.. So i said i was going walk, even though i never meant it, twas hard to even say that but i had to and he says no... That he's become so attached to me even his family thinks he's dating me.. That he controls his feelings for me, could i do same and i said no.. I could not be friends with him when i know that feelings are involved.. Finally, we came to terms to just flow with things since he was not engaged or married to her.. Even so, this guy just lost his job and he says unlike his girl, im the one pushing him to have something doing, he says i help him alot but i wouldnt know.. So we continued to let the whole feelings to flow until last week, when with my help, he was called for an interview in lagos..

As usual we talked and i wished him well.. I always pray for him.. In lagos, we talked well until the third day, our communication changed and before it did, my heart was literally aching, so i knew something was wrong.. I called to know why but he was telling me that he'd let me in when he got back to oshogbo, which he did.. He said his girlfriend who was having something to do with her ex, called him and wanted to settle things with him.. But the truth is, because this lady already had his facebook password when they were together in kadauna, she 3 days before her birthday on the 8th of this month wanted to know why her boyfriend was no longer perturbed over her behaviour, so she saw my chats with the guy and decided to do something,,, this now pushed to talk things out with the bf and apologise to him.. Then she asked him if anything was going on between is and he said no.. That we just friends,close friends.. He lied to her but opens up to me.. He says he doesnt want the girl to ask him to cut me off totally.. So the whole thing got him confused.. He says he's never double dated and he isnt happy that he's hurting me and im taking it... I asked him again if i should walk and he says no.. He does not want to lose me and i do not want to lose him either but i want to prove my love for him so that he one day sees that the girl, probably loves him but she's got no integrity.. And i purely love him.. But because i respect his relationship, i CAN NOT TELL HIM TO BREAK UP WITH HER but wanting him to see things himself but the question is for how long.. He says they are working things out now but he doesnt want to lose me esp as a friend... Difficult.. Out of God knows what, we agreed to let things flow since i will respect his relationship, like whenever his girl is around, i should make him believe that i will be fine.. Now, he isnt happy because he said if he hadnt met the gf, he'd have gone ahead to date me.. For me, i cannot sleep, ive been typing this since God knows when and this is 3:36am.. Since he is confused now, please people, friends, family, can i use love to make him see the difference between his girl and me.. He loves his girl, he is controlling his feelings for me and afraid to let it grow because he knows we'd bond, while my feelings toward him is real.. Money has not been involved in this.. We are 6months now.. I believe in true love and that it does not come easy.. Talk to me Y'll because i have no parents to talk to,, i would have talked to my mum now but she isnt here... I want to win with true love.. I turned 27 this past november and he turned 30 same november.. Thank You and God bless..

Look I say alot of thrash here but believe me I am a full grown man and have seen it all. I see that you are a very good girl so I am going to be frank with you and hope you can take my advice . Leave this guy, cut him off totally. If he wants you he should do the needful and not take you as a second fiddle, a backup,a fall back sex partner or a power bank. You are better than all of these. This guy is just using you, he is not also in love with his other gf as he thinks but is physically/sexually drawn to her and that can be a big problem for a man.

Dear please bounce and block him totally so a well deserved man can come in.

What ever disturbs you and gives up awake at night is not love but torture. Love is kind, peaceful and gentle.



Crime / Re: Kidnapped Chinese Expatriate Released After Payment Of N100m Ransom In Ekiti by Ikea81: 10:10pm On Dec 02, 2020
Romance / Re: The Jumoke Story: Before You Marry A Nigerian Lady, Act Broke For Months by Ikea81: 9:49pm On Dec 02, 2020
Had a similar case. Everything was going well till I lost my job. She couldn't adjust cos she was used to enjoyment. We were going for our marriage course, I had done introduction sef. She just woke up one morning and decided to break ties with me. She aborted the pregnancy.

I had since moved on though.

I don't know what happened to the girls of our time. Our moms suffered well with our dads without complain. Love was REAL and TRUE then. It was beyond money.

God will help our generation!

Olosho. That's what happened .marry them at.your own peril. Unless na you dis-virgin a Nigerian girl before she is 21, Oga you dey waist your time o, and quick marry her before she 24. I got me a baby mama, 16 bitches and God just answered my prayer , opened one sweet 21 year old virgin 3 months ago. Oga I dey enjoy die. Now I'm bout dumping all these bitches and sail on smoothly with my fresh puna from now till heaven
Crime / Re: Girlfriend Shoots Boyfriend To Death In Calabar While Testing Charm Efficacy by Ikea81: 9:34pm On Dec 02, 2020


Mumu Samson. Woman take am. Girl on her period don spoil the charm.......his brain been dead, his body just went to join it
Romance / Re: Have U Ever Bleep Ur Cousin? by Ikea81: 6:08pm On Dec 02, 2020
[quote author=Silentgroper post=96493285] doesnt seem like dat 4 everyone. Some of us do sleep on d same bed wit our grown up cuz, even move around naked/semi naked around dem.. I mean, ur female cuz are literally ur sister.[/quote

Ha!!!!!!! You must be silently groping them.]
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Married But Adventurous (for The Married Folks Willing To Hookup Still) by Ikea81: 6:16pm On Nov 29, 2020
Lagos, live separate from fam..you wanna have discreet sweet and matured fun? Someone you can talk to after a good Bleep? you can even spend all your night vigils at my place. Just PM.
Family / Re: I Married Into The Wrong Family.. (true Story) by Ikea81: 3:50pm On Nov 29, 2020
I have the solution. But I won't tell you here till you are ready
Romance / Re: I Find It Hard To Leave My Cheating Girlfriend, Help by Ikea81: 5:38pm On Nov 28, 2020
Please advice needed ..

I find it hard to leave my cheating girlfriend, upon say na me dey spend o ... wen we quarrel na me go still beg, upon say no be me Bleep up .

I've read books on red pills and tried being an alpha Male all to no avail, this has bin going on for like 3 years now ..

Advise me on this simping, real niggars in the house . Just want to get my life back to normal cry

Just start dating someone else. Trust me, you will get over her.
Travel Ads / Re: My visit to Epe Resorts And Spa A Beautiful Getaway Destination in Lagos by Ikea81: 2:33pm On Nov 28, 2020
Chai and yewande spend useless money carry bamidele go UK where them for fit catch better groove for Epe with shikini money


Romance / Re: Have U Ever Bleep Ur Cousin? by Ikea81: 10:24pm On Nov 26, 2020
Well one of my beautiful couzin has been making sexual move towards me for some yrs now... Initially i wasn't thinking in that direction, but hey! She seduced me the day i went for screening in her schl(she's in d uni), i didn't knw anybody thr so i stayed with her for 3dys...
The first night nothing happened; we slept on thesame bed tho. Buh the 2nd nyt we both became Hot and we had a sweet romance, it was so hard that she became wet: but we did'nt have sex. Buh since then i can say my relatxnshp with her now has becom a romantic one.
I'm considering going down with her.
What do u think?
Have u had such an xperienc before?

Body no dey know cuz, grown up cuz of opposite sex should never sleep on same bed

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Politics / Re: Adesina Dismisses Accusations Against Gowon by Ikea81: 11:59am On Nov 26, 2020

How old was the silly MP when the situation happened?

Gowon cannot sue him because he enjoys legislative protection for whatever he says in the parliament. If he is so sure of what he’s saying, let him repeat the same rubbish outside the parliament and watch how fast he would be slammed with a suit.

Btw, when is the MP telling us how much Diezani moved to the UK? Do we have to wait for another 45 years before they start entertaining us with earth shaking revelation like this?

Oga shut up, let us focus on the one at hand. Why trying to shift focus from Gowon to Deziani. Btw if Gowon did not move money then how are you so sure Deziani did too. They are all thieves and we should stand together in shaming them. Stop this ethnic division and blind support

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Romance / Re: I Cheated On My Wife by Ikea81: 12:04am On Nov 26, 2020
I Cheated On My girlfriend, note, girlfriend.. she's honest and committed and the said lady knows her, infact when the said lady called me, my girl allowed me to go see her because she trusts me.

One thing led to another and we Fu*ked. Not even as sweet or tight as my girl. I disvirgined my girl and we have been together since then.

My conscience is eating me up because she does not deserves this. I can't tell her because she would be hurt and that could turn to fever or health issues... She's very soft and i don't want anything that will hurt her and make her to cry...

The other lady is even in love with me.....

Ehn, tell her now. Mumu. Just say you chokes and want to be a bachelor again

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