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Business / Re: Writers, Gather Here And Let's Help Each Other To Grow Our Businesses And Make M by jamale: 10:21am On Apr 09
Any who is interested
Romance / Re: Single Mothers, Drop Your Whatsapp Numbers by jamale: 10:20am On Apr 09
Romance / Re: Single Mothers, Drop Your Whatsapp Numbers by jamale: 8:35pm On Apr 08

No, I am not. Someone I know asked me to help her create a platform she can use to speak to single mums.
Business / Writers, Gather Here And Let's Help Each Other To Grow Our Businesses And Make M by jamale: 2:42pm On Apr 08
To all writers who work remotely /online. There are opportunities circulating on the internet for work and business, especially in our area of specialisation. I want to use this opportunity to create a WhatsApp group that we can all be part of. If you are interested, you can leave your number here. Thanks.
Romance / Single Mothers, Drop Your Whatsapp Numbers by jamale: 2:33pm On Apr 08
This WhatsApp platform promises to be a platform for single mothers to express themselves and air their grievances and worries. Relationship and parenting experts will be invited every now and then to answer your questions and keep you company in this period. It promises to be fun, exciting and fulfilling.

If you are interested, drop your numbers here.
Business / How Useful Has Vconnect Been For Your Business So Far? by jamale: 10:07am On Oct 17, 2018
Good day, everyone. To every business owner reading this. Please,how has Vconnect as a platform helped your business since you registered your business with them? Plese,I would really like to know. Thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Marketing Job Without Stress For Female Undergraduates by jamale: 9:55pm On May 31, 2018
Are you a female and an undergraduate?or probably you have a job but you need a side hustle to make supplement income,considering the state of the economy?
Well, here is a legitimate opportunity to make some income without stress.All that is required of the interested persons is to know people who will be getting married soon and would be having a wedding.
Investment / Marketing Job Without Stress For Female Under Graduates by jamale: 5:53am On May 30, 2018
Are you a female and an undergraduate?or probably you have a job but you need a side hustle to make supplement income,considering the state of the economy?

Well, here is a legitimate opportunity to make some income without stress.All that is required of the interested persons is to know people who will be getting married soon and would be having a wedding.
Business / Re: A Legit Way To Make Money As A Female Undergraduate by jamale: 12:02pm On May 29, 2018
The offer is still open.
Business / A Legit Way To Make Money As A Female Undergraduate by jamale: 6:23am On May 29, 2018
Are you a female and an undergraduate?or probably you have a job but you need a side hustle to make supplement income,considering the state of the economy?

Well, here is a legitimate opportunity to make some income without stress.All that is required of the interested persons is to know people who will be getting married soon and would be having a wedding.Please,call 08163249791 for more details.
Business / Re: A Cry For Help From A Friend Seeking Opportunities by jamale: 3:56am On May 24, 2018
Goodmorning. Please, my friend needs your help, still.
Business / Re: I Need Excellent Writers. by jamale: 5:50pm On May 15, 2018
If you can write contents that i wont need to proofread please send a pm

Hello,I can write content that you won't need to proofread.Please,hire me.
Properties / Re: The Expert Guide To Cold Cash In Real Estate by jamale: 9:39am On May 15, 2018
Earn money from real estate with this report
Properties / Re: Tastefully Designed 6 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex For Sale by jamale: 9:38am On May 15, 2018
The property reflects class and status
Properties / Re: The Expert Guide To Cold Cash In Real Estate by jamale: 10:54am On May 14, 2018
Cold Cash In Real Estate
Business / Re: Make Money On Fiverr Daily Without A Skill Or A Gig by jamale: 11:54am On May 12, 2018

Hi friends,

Having tried fiverr through the rigour of setting up gigs and trying to learn a skill, i discovered an easy route with which you too can get started without a skill or setting up your own gig. This is however not a get rich scheme as it involves 30 minutes of work daily. should you be interested, drop your mail or send a mail to reighrobert@gmail.com

i will share proofs with you. This is the time to work smart.

Don't be a #lazynigerianyouth. Get started today to make money online.

Properties / Re: The Expert Guide To Cold Cash In Real Estate by jamale: 11:05am On May 12, 2018
change your status before 2018 runs out.Get this report.
Properties / The Expert Guide To Cold Cash In Real Estate by jamale: 1:08pm On May 11, 2018
A while ago, I sat with one of the richest (In fact, wealthy) real estate moguls around.

Jason Obunaga

Many don't know him

Because he likes to keep a low profile.

That’s where Jason Obunaga comes into the picture. Jason is a real estate fat cat.

You may have never heard of Jason Obunaga. He is the Pablo Escobar of Real Estate.

Google “Pablo Escobar” if you don’t know who he is.

But that’s not the point.

According to him.

"The idea of selling real estate is an idea many real estate agents are attracted to, because it is a goldmine but many do not know how to go about it. I had to tackle this issue head-on, rather than running from it."

" In my fifth year as an agent, I was already counting thousands of naira because I clearly understood what it takes to succeed in the real estate business"

He didn't become a multimillionaire all of a sudden

Everything didn't magically fall into place.

Reality rarely follows fantasy.

There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Hard work is a prerequisite to the good life

And that’s not the only thing.

You can’t do one single thing over and over again, and expect to attain success. Posting real estate ads are a given, but there is more to the recipe.

If you want to see the results, you have to do the work.

"But what is the work?" I asked, impatiently.

He noticed my impatience and laughed.

"Great question" He said

It is funny that we would rather prefer losing than pay the price to actually win at something, despite being desperate for the answers.

That’s why I put this report together. Jason Obunaga discovered what worked through diligent effort over the last twenty five years . He researched and implemented what other real estate agents didn't because they were only engaged in mindless activity like most of us are.

Hamsters on a wheel.

Round and round and round...

Forgetting that 2018 is only 7 months left.

“The Expert Guide To Cold Cash In Real Estate” is a clear road map that explains what to do and how to stuff our wallets, closets and bank accounts with the cold cash, we spend most of our time, daydreaming of.

Do you want to make money beyond your wildest dreams?

Are you tired of running around in circles with nothing to show for it?

Do you want to make good money before December?

Do you want to close mouth watering deals that will change your status?

Do you want to drive the car of your dreams?

Do you want to move out from the ghetto, you currently live in to a posh neighborhood on the Island?

Are you tired of being treated like a leper because of your financial status?

Are you tired of staying at home on Sundays because you don't have offering money?

If so, then this might be the best thing you will get all year.

Get a copy of , "The Expert Guide To Cold Cash In Real Estate Millions" before it is too late.

Every real estate mogul have used the tested principles in this report to make the life they want and have refused to share them with anybody because of the inherent selfish nature of Man.

It is time to take the first step into financial freedom.

P.S. It is time to turn things around. How long will inconsiderate, hard hearted time wasters in the name of "clients" piss you off?

One agent told me how the client gave him 500 naira after making endless phone calls and trying to find a good apartment. After spending close to 1,500 naira on transport from Sango Otta to Lekki, twice a week.

All for nothing.


"The Expert Guide To Cold Cash" is not a magic, blue pill. It is a proven elementary formula. Cold cash is promised if we can do the work.

The single biggest thing you can do that will result in an exponential effect on your sales… is in this report

Jason has been in the real estate business for over 25 years.

Millions of naira.

Over and over again

Here are his best-kept secrets.

That’s why I recommend you get this report

“The Expert Guide To Millions In Real Estate”

for just 1,500 naira.

Half the price of breakfast for three days

Pay to 0177805812 GTB

After payment, SMS your name and email address to 08163249791
Properties / Re: Tastefully Designed 6 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex For Sale by jamale: 11:22am On May 08, 2018
This beauty is still available.What are you waiting for?
Properties / Re: Tastefully Designed 6 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex For Sale by jamale: 7:21am On May 07, 2018
This magnificent building is still up for sale.Make a good decision now.Choose safety,comfort and status today.
Properties / Re: Tastefully Designed 6 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex For Sale by jamale: 7:46am On May 04, 2018
Still up for sale..
Properties / Tastefully Designed 6 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex For Sale by jamale: 1:02pm On May 03, 2018
Title: C of O
Price N65m( negotiatable)

Spacious living room dinning area
Private living room upstairs
Comfortable Masters bedroom +4other rooms( ensuite)
Contemporary kitchen with cabinets.
Contemporary bathroom/toilets fittings
Floor finished with Spanish tiles.
Full multimedia sockets
Security post/gate house

In a gated government reserved area with private and police surveillance 24/7.

Literature / One Day,it Will All Make Sense:a Stolkholm Story by jamale: 8:01am On Apr 06, 2018
She felt utterly helpless, sixteen going on seventeen and her world had just about ended, she was frantic for answers in whatever form to bring this nightmare to an end or just blot it out of her memory forever. Suicide was beginning to seem like the best bet.
On her third day in the house, it was obvious he had his hat set on her. His eyes roved all over her body as she went about the house chores and it felt like walking into a spider's web. The next day, he came home from work with a Blackberry phone which he gave to her as a reward for her hard work.
While brushing her teeth in the bathroom, he slipped behind her and shoved his crotch on her behind. She turned around, obviously alarmed at such rude behaviour. He smiled and winked at her ,saying "Amaka ,your nyash na die”. She thought about reporting the incident to Chinenye but that would be cutting off the nose to spite the face since her foolish sister who she always seemed to be on a consistent collision course with would never believe her and she had nowhere to go.
That afternoon, she sought solace in her books and her phone. As she chatted with Matthew , she thought about telling him but decided to let sleeping dogs lie, some feathers were best left unruffled. She only prayed that the incident did not repeat itself again. The second encounter proved to be more humiliating and degrading than the first. She had been driven to her wits' end and not doing anything was stoking his sexual fire. She felt the need to read him the riot act like she did to her little cousins in the village or just scream blue murder. He had groped her breasts and that action resulted in a light scuffle as she pushed him viciously and threatened to stab him. He , only grinned and walked out, whistling with his hands in his pocket.

She was sixteen but already, she knew what went through the minds of most men when they were inches of her. Her body already had noticeable contours. She was budding faster than her grandmother's tomatoes anytime she visited the village. The men in the neighborhood were falling over themselves to be with her. She had told her friend, playfully that she wore invisible suspenders and a chastity belt to boot. Making it clear that the apex of her feminity was her secret grove and it would only take a vow and a ring to explore that center but that obviously isn't the reality now as her prized trophy has been whisked away.
Uncle had no idea of the mental torture she was undergoing. Was it destined to happen this way? If it had not been destined to happen this way, her loving father wouldn't have died of stroke, her mother wouldn't have moved to France with her new husband and she wouldn't have moved in with her sister and her husband. Was it unavoidably possible for this to happen? was it Fate?
What would Matthew say? that she had been fooling around even after bending over backwards to please her every time. She remembered snapping at him when he gave a light smack on her behind. That was when he asked her if she was a virgin. He exclaimed in disbelief and excitement. For a moment, she thought he was going to dance. His friends had told him , aliens were easier to find than virgins. Oh, how she loved Matthew. Till this day, she has no idea of how he had stolen her heart. They had both playfully concluded that it was juju since his lineage was famous for their herbalists.
That evening, as they ate eba and egusi soup in the dining section of the living room, he kept touching her legs and thighs under the table. She excused herself from the table and she could feel his eyes fastened on her behind as she walked away.
Last night was the straw that broke the camel's back and sent it toppling to the ground. Her tears came fast as she replayed the scenario in her mind. He had crept into her room and tapped her. She turned around sleepily to the face of her swarthy uncle. He tapped her again on her left thigh and untied his wrapper, his turgid penis already awaiting action.
"Shhh, keep it down, your sister is not around and we have the place to ourselves, oya...wriggling his waist
She stood up and screamed , "Leave here now, Uncle”.
"Look, you can scream all you want, its just you and me here, nothing will happen”.
She was almost on the verge of tears and retorted "Uncle , leave me alone. I am your wife's sister , I could even be your daughter”.
"And so ,abeg, forget story ,na me and you, today. You are a very fine girl and it will be unfair of me to allow all this small boys to be touching you”.
He struggled to untie her wrapper and makes for her panty. She got angry and slapped him in the face. He growled like a wild bear and retaliated. She fell and he pounced , heaving his frame on her.
"Uncle, no , no..She yelled as he thrust in and out of her. He kept saying ,"I will buy you another phone, I will buy you new underwear. Like a new phone or underwear could bring relief and succour to the thought of losing her virginity to a man she had no emotional connection with. After the dastardly act was done, he got up and screamed at her to shut up.
"All I did was be nice to you so shut your dirty mouth".

She screamed at the walls "He deserves to die, he must die" . That afternoon, she planned her course of action. Soon, he would beckon her to serve his dinner. Should she poison the meal or just creep into his bedroom at night and stab him in the chest? She decided to stab him. It was going to be perfect and he would have to feel the pain she also felt. Could she bring herself to do it?
As soon as the clock struck twelve, she got out of bed and slipped out of her room, cradling the kitchen knife. Tears streamed down her face as she walked slowly towards the bedroom he shared with her sister since they became man and wife twelve years ago. This was it, she was about to get revenge. She felt the cold steel of the blade on her palm, as cold as her revenge would be. Halfway to the door, she suddenly felt a wave of loneliness wash over her and a longing for company and warmth. Her shoulders drooped but at the same time, she reminded herself to focus on the task at hand and get revenge once and for all. She opened the door and went over to him. The monsterman was snoring heavily. She looked down at him for some seconds , shook her head as the knife fell out of her hand and quietly lay down on his chest.
Romance / How Many Ladies Mess Up The First Date With Their Dream Guy: Dos And Don'ts by jamale: 7:38am On Apr 03, 2018
So you have finally struck gold. You have got a BIG DATE with this Trey Songz look alike and dude is well spoken,charming, calm and sophisticated as hell. Congratulations, you are now the envy of all your female colleagues


You are going to screw this up like the last three ones just because of your social ineptitude. Anyway, you are in luck.I am Jamale Obunaga and I deal with things like this. So, follow the simple tips in this post and let us make sure you don't screw things up, ever AGAIN!

. 1. Bring your A Game:Energy,ladies. Don't sit back and expect him to do the talking.Fire questions at him.Crack jokes and exemplify social grace.Be in tune with pop culture, from music to the latest Twitter trends to gist making the rounds on Facebook. Mr Dream Date will savor the experience and would want to see you again and again and again..

Don't be controlling or dominant during the conversation. Be relaxed and listen to his opinion.Men are always required to do the listening but do ladies actually listen?I hate it when I have to remind a lady of things I said five minutes ago. It simply means she has a memory like a sieve and would easily forget to turn off the gas after cooking and burn down our matrimonial home.

2. Pay attention to every detail about your appearance. Don't dress conservative and don't look like a video vixen either. Your appearance reveals a lot about you. Don't send the wrong signals. Mr Dream guy might be looking to settle down but your cleavage might be saying "I am an easy lay.Go for it,tiger".

I went on a date with a lady I met via a dating service. l was at a loss for words and a wee disappointed when my date showed up looking like Gloria Bamiloye meets Chioma Jesus. Her appearance simply told me all I needed to know about her and the rest of the date was as exciting as a political rally on Christmas Day because . If eyes are the window to the soul then the appearance is the door and the keyhole. Years ago,I went on another date with this five foot seven cutie with a supermodel body.Just my luck. I was at the receiving end in this real life scenario. There I was, "charming" her ass off only for her to send me a Whatsapp message later that I didn't bother to tie my shoelaces. I was shattered. That year was quite memorable for me because that was when I discovered Whatsapp.Needless to say.

Dress the way you want to be  loved.

3. Never order the most expensive item on the menu.The outcome of EVERY first date is based on perception. Every action ,gesture or facial expression is a cue and is taken into account, consciously or subconsciously. So , curb your enthusiasm.Don't look too excited because he looks like Kofi Siriboe or disappointed because he looks like Chinwetalu Agu. He might be flattered at the excitement but it might give him the impression that he doesn't have to "work" to win you over.That being said, accepting to go out on a date doesn't necessarily mean "yes" to a relationship,booty call or a one night stand.

4. Exude mystery.Hold something back. Don't be hasty to tell him about the time you were almost raped or the time you were crowned home coming queen or how.Mystery is sexy.Let him discover you, one phone call at a time. Only tell him what you think he needs to know.I would leave that to your discretion. If you have a kid from a previous relationship, then don't hesitate to keep it one day longer.Let him know so he can decide if he wants to pursue a relationship with a baby mama.His call!!!

5. Don't bring your friends to a date and if you are guilty of this social faux pas because you are such a good and thoughtful friend who never wants to have fun without her playmates then be ready to pay for them.It is no longer a date if Mr Dream Date has to worry about entertaining you, Adesuwa and Claire and don't bother asking me what it is.

A date is between two persons with the similar aim of  pursuing something which could be an offshoot of compatibility. Three is a crowd and "the more,the merrier" saying is unlikely in the context of dating.Moral of the lesson:Keep your buddies at bay.

Jamale Obunaga
Relationship, Stories, Life,Sex and Health

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Health / These Things Will Surely Happen When You Stop Wearing Bras by jamale: 9:53am On Mar 31, 2018
1.Your Breast Will Not Become Saggy

Well, the idea that your breasts will become saggy if you don't wear a bra is a myth,unfortunately. Here’s what you need to know – the real truth is that bras actually have the opposite effect – after some time, your breasts will lose their shape. This is probably because the bra weakens the chest muscles and makes the breasts saggy.

2. It Will Improve Blood Circulation

Did you know that your bra is also related with cardiovascular problems? Well yes, and now you probably ask yourself – how? Here’s what you need to know – the bra puts pressure on the veins and blood vessels, and this is why the normal delivery of oxygen and other healthy nutrients to the cells is interrupted. This is really bad for the health

. According to the study, the “support” of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop.

To keep your breasts firm, it’s actually best to set them free. Your bra is just keeping you from even more beautiful breasts.

3. Boost Your Circulation

All that tightness and squeezing around your chest can slow your circulation by compressing your major blood vessels. This has actually been proven to create cardiovascular issues down the road, which your favorite push-up is just not worth.

However, not wearing a bra WILL improve your breast health in other ways! Besides improving blood flow, sweat and dirt are no longer trapped against the skin by your tight bra. This makes infections, rashes, and acne less likely on your breasts.

4. Strengthen Your Breasts

Essentially, bras prevent your chest from having to fight gravity. Your mind might immediately think that without your bra, then, your breasts would succumb to gravity and sag. However, quite the opposite happens when your ditch your brazier.

When your chest HAS to battle gravity, the chest muscles work harder and actually strengthen your breasts. This doesn’t just make you stronger, but it actually increases your breast size. That’s right, saying bye to your bra could gain you a whole cup size.

5. Your Breasts Can Become Bigger:

If you want to make your breasts bigger you should stop wearing a bra right away. By not wearing a bra, you allow pectoral muscles work effectively thereby increasing the size of your breast.
Health / The Health Benefits Of Banana Leaves by jamale: 5:59am On Mar 30, 2018
Banana is one of tropical fruits liked by many people in the world. The fruit contains many health benefits, along with high energy content which is often added in athlete’s diet. But not many people know that the banana leaves also have many health benefits. Banana leaves (dried one and fresh one) can be used as herbal too. They have many benefits for our health and beauty, and can cure ailments such as sore throat, cough, common cold, and fever.

The dried banana leaves has important compounds for our health, such as polyphenols (act as antioxidants), lignin, hemicellulose, protein, and allantoin.  Banana leaves also have astringent effect. That is why banana leaves can cure ailments.

1. High in Antioxidants

Banana leaves are high in polyphenols, a type of antioxidants. Antioxidants is needed to fight many disorders caused by free radicals in our body. It fights free radicals, thus preventing  micro-inflammations caused by free radicals. Those micro-inflammation can cause many degenerative diseases, such as atherosclerosis, alzheimer, dementia, even cancers. High anti-oxidants is also known to prevent early aging signs such as wrinkled and dull skin. To get this benefits, we can drink banana leaves tea 1-3 times a day.

2. Cures Sore Throat

Sore throat is a symptom of many respiratory-related illnesses, and mostly caused by virus, so antibiotics may not help at all. Sore throat is really annoying, making us feel painful when swallowing foods or beverages.  Drinking banana leaves decoction atleast once a day can reduce the sore throat gradually.

3. Reduces Fever

Antioxidants and astringent contained in banana leaves are good substances to reduce inflammations, which often take form in fever. The astringent effect will also sooth the unease feeling of fever. To reduce fever, we can drink the decoction 3 times a day.

4. Boosts Immune System

Dried banana leaves contains allantoin, a substance known to boost immune system, accelerates healing process and acts as an astringent. This is why banana leaves can cure sore throat and fever, which are mainly caused by poor immune. Even if we do not have such ailments, we also can drink banana leaves decoction or tea atleast once a day to boost our immune system, so we cannot contract the ailments easily.

5. Heals Wounds and Skin Irritation

Fresh banana leaves are used traditionally to cure wounds and irritation. Just crush some banana leaves by a mortar, then put it on the affected area. We can bind it with bandage to prevent it falling away. Change the leaves and bandage 2-3 times a day.

Banana Leaves for Beauty Tricks

Meanwhile, there some health benefits of banana leaves that support for beauty tricks.

7. Maintains Healthy Hair

Banana leaves extract can cure dandruffs, maintain healthy scalp, and keep the natural color of the hair, thanks to its high allantoin and astringent effect. If we often have itchy and sore scalp, this banana leaves hair mask is proven to be very effective.

We can take some fresh banana leaves, then crush it with blender. Apply it as hair mask on the scalp and hair, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water. Using this hair mask regularly will also make our hair looks shiny and more beautiful.

8. Maintains Healthy Skin

One of the health benefits of banana leaves is to promote healthy skin. Banana leaves mask has been used in traditional spa for generations to maintain healthy skin. The fresh leaves are crushed with mortar or blender, then applied to the face or all over the body. The allantoin and antioxidants helps preventing early aging signs on the skin (such as wrinkles and dark spots), cures skin irritation, reduce acne and pimples, and keep the skin moist and soft.

9. Reduce Cellulites and Body Weight

Traditional spa also uses banana leaves as traditional weightloss program. There are 2 ways in using the banana leaves: first, the mashed fresh leaves are used as body mask to reduce the cellulites and keep the skin healthy. The second, the whole banana leaves are steamed and then wrapped on the desired area (usually belly, upper thighs and upper arms) for 1-2 hours. After the treatment finishes, a cup of tea made of banana leaves and ginger is taken. This treatment was popular in Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta and the Kings’ Palaces in Bali, to maintain the beauty of the queens, princesses and concubines.

Other Traditional Uses of Banana Leaves

10. Food Wrappers

Traditional South-east Asian foods, such as Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian foods often use banana leaves to wrap the cakes, chicken and fish. The banana leaves give particular pleasant aroma that can increase our appetite. Foods wrapped in green banana leaves also looks beautiful.

Rice or other foods wrapped in banana leaves for take-away will last longer too. The mechanism is still unknown, but banana leaves probably has some anti-microbial effects which can kill germs that cause foods to rot.

How to Prepare Banana Leaves

We can dry the fresh banana leaves under the sun, or take the dried banana leaves directly from the tree.If we dry it ourself, take some fresh banana leaves, clean it under running water, then dry it under the sun until they are brown, dry, and make crisp sound when you squeeze them.Wash the dried leaves.Take a handful of dried leaves into a pot, add 3-4 cups of water, and boil it until the water is only 1 cup left.Let it sit until warm, strain it, then drink it. We also can add honey to enhance the taste. Take this decoction atleast once a day to accelerate the healing process.
Fashion / Ladies,get In Here:how To Wear High Heels Without Killing Your Feet by jamale: 6:03am On Mar 28, 2018
1. If you feel a sharp, tingling pain in your foot, it may be the start of plantar fasciitis.

What to do: Give your foot a tennis ball massage by placing a tennis ball on the ground and rolling your foot back and forth over it to massage the plantar fascia (the tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot).

2. If you experience heel pain after a long day in heels, it’s probably due to a stiff calf muscle.

What to do: Periodically take off your heels and flex your foot (against a wall or pulling it back with a towel) to stretch tight calves.

3. Use a  blowdryer to stretch out the areas in the shoe that are too tight.

4. Ensure that while walking, the motion comes from the hip, and not the knees.

5. Stretch after wearing heels, and switch postures while in them.

6. Be smart about when and where to wear heels. If  it is an all day affair, it might be better to skip the stilettos.

7. After long hours in heels, ice your feet for about 15 minutes and use foot cream before heading to bed.

8. Wear pumps and heels only two times a week - Alternate them with flat shoes.

9. Lay a napkin or something similar on the ground and place your foot on it and scrunch it with your toes as much as possible.
Health / What Causes Wax In Your Ears? by jamale: 10:23am On Mar 27, 2018
The ear wax that is naturally produced by your body helps to clean, protect, and lubricate your ears. But ear wax sometimes builds up excessively, and if it does, you may want to turn to methods of ear wax removal.

Ear wax, also called cerumen, is a sticky, shiny substance produced by the wax glands located in the outer part of your ear canal (the canal that separates the fleshy outer ear from the inner ear). Ear wax is 20 to 50 percent fat, and it coats the ear canal to moisturize it, fight off infection, and help keep dust, dirt, and other debris from getting deep inside your ear. Most people make enough ear wax, but if you have too little ear wax, your ears can become dry, itchy, and prone to infection.

Once ear wax has served its purpose, it eventually migrates from your ear canal to the opening of your ear, where it normally dries up and falls out of your ear. Although the reason is unknown, some people produce more ear wax than others. In some cases, excessive ear wax can accumulate in the ear canal and cause ear pain.
Health / 5 Ways To Make Childbirth Labour Less Painful by jamale: 7:15am On Mar 26, 2018
1. Distract Yourself

For first-time mothers, active labor lasts an average of 12 to 14 hours. So when contractions begin -- you'll feel them first in your lower back or as lower-abdominal cramps -- try to stay calm. If you start worrying from the onset, counting contractions, and breathing through every ache, you'll wear yourself out," she says. Lose yourself in other activities: Take a walk, a shower, or bake cookies. Anything that relaxes you will help speed things along.


2. Snack Carefully

A light snack in the early stages of labor while you're home will help maintain your energy level. But avoid fatty or hard-to-digest foods, because a too-full stomach could make you feel nauseated and cause vomiting during the later active stages of labor. Muscle contractions and rapid breathing during labor can also cause you to lose fluids quickly. A study from the University of California at Irvine revealed that doubling the rate at which intravenous fluids are given can shorten labor by more than an hour. In addition, these labors were half as likely to last longer than 12 hours, says study author Thomas Garite, M.D., a professor and chair of the university's department of obstetrics and gynecology. Drink clear liquids while you're laboring at home, and, once you've arrived at the hospital, let your caregivers know whenever you feel dehydrated.



3. Get a Massage

Most laboring women who received massages from their partner reported feeling less pain and anxiety during childbirth than those who were not massaged. When you stimulate an area that's in pain, whether with pressure or heat, you soften the pain messages sent to the brain. Let your partner know what feels best. You may want a shoulder or neck rub in labor's first hours, for example, then firm pressure on your lower back during the intense transition stage. By the same token, there may be times when you don't want to be touched at all.




4. Don't Lie Down

Staying upright throughout much of labor lets gravity work to your advantage: The baby's head pressing on your cervix will help it dilate. And trying a variety of positions -- standing, kneeling, or squatting -- can lessen discomfort and move labor along. "Movement helps widen your pelvis, allowing the baby's head to pass through.

 5. Sex

Sex while pregnant — especially in the later stages — seems awkward at best. But it's one of the most effective ways to trigger your body's natural painkilling chemicals. And an added perk to pregnancy: your orgasms may be more intense.

 Pregnancy increases blood flow to the vagina, which can often make it even more pleasurable and orgasmic.  Blood flow is key to arousal in general, as it engorges the clitoris and sparks sexual desire. The hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy can also increase desire.

 Orgasms cause the uterus to contract, which is also what happens during labor. So regular orgasms during pregnancy may help the body associate this sensation with pleasure, rather than pain. Women who are more relaxed and open to surrender are likely to have a much different birthing experience, even verging on ecstatic.

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Health / 6 Ways To Find Out Your Baby's Gender Without A Doctor by jamale: 6:21am On Mar 23, 2018
There are some ways to predict (with about 50 percent accuracy) the sex of your baby if you can’t readily afford an ultrascan. An ultrasound at 18-20 weeks along can usually give you the information you crave, but five months is a long time to wait for some. So , here they are.

WARNING: These tips might be hard to believe if you are a cynic but some of these tips have high success rates: If you want to be 100 percent positive, then you have to wait until your baby is born.

1. The wedding ring test

Hang your wedding ring on the string and dangle it over your pregnant belly. Then watch how it swings. If it swings from side-to-side like a pendulum, then you are most likely carrying a baby boy. If it swings in a circular motion then you are probably expecting a baby girl.

2. Morning sickness
If you are extremely ill during the first few months of your pregnancy, chances are you are having a little girl. Expectant mothers will have morning sickness while pregnant with boys too, of course, but extreme sickness early on is an indicator that it is time for you to stock up on the pink clothes.

3. Feel yourself up
Pregnancy involves a lot of boob changes, and yet another old wives’ tale says those growing milkers can clue you in to gender. Grab hold of your breasts and see which one feels bigger. A larger left breast supposedly means boy; a larger right one a girl. Want to make this test more fun? Ask your partner to do it for you!

4. Food cravings

Again, cravings will be cravings and they are unpredictable, but as a general rule of thumb, if you are craving sweets, then a girl is on her way. Salty cravings indicate a little boy is growing inside you.

5. The bi-carb test.
Just when you thought you’d done enough peeing on things, comes the bi-carb test. It has to do with the acidity (or lack there of) in a pregnant woman’s urine. Basically, you pee in a cup (you should be familiar with that) and add a tablespoon of bi-carb soda to it. If the mixture starts to fizz, you’re having a boy. If there is no fizz, girl! I confess to doing this one with my current pregnancy. I was told I was having a girl, and it was right.
Business / How To Get Your Feet Wet As A Budding Entrepreneur While Working A 9 To 5 by jamale: 1:42pm On Feb 06, 2018
The prospect of being a CEO is always exciting in the airconditioned hall or conference room but it is a different reality as soon as you hand in your resignation letter.

We are quick to celebrate successful entrepreneurial tales without considering the cumulative effort behind these spellbinding TedEx worthy stories.

I am not being pessimistic or sour.

Entrepreneurship has been romanticized by many thought leading millenials but it is a daredevil stunt as far as the Nigerian economy is concerned.

Telling your boss to go get a life (because you think you are about to ride into the sunset hitch free )will give you a thrombosis if you don't have at least five to nine serious clients who keeps coming back.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes guts and a tough skin. Dark moments will cause you to plunge into despair( even when you have struck out with a plan). Dreams fizzle out because the young "CEO" didn't realize the harsh reality of "going out" on a limb. Failure is a necessary part of the success process. Some failures are mainly setbacks.You will bounce back.

A friend of mine(Let me call him "Amos"wink had a dream to sell pancakes.The ultimate dream is to open a breakfast cafe but he started flipping pancakes to test the waters . He quit his pain-in-the-rectum job to flip and sell pancakes.At least,being insulted by people who think they are better than you at his old job gave Amos a pain in the rectum.Amos died every morning after walking the streets of Otta trying to butter people to buy his pancakes but no dice.

Amos lived like a Bangladeshi sex slave. Constantly beat up and exhausted. Man-hyenas and inflatable Grim Reaper dolls laughed at him in his dreams.He experienced sinking feelings daily.It was a nightmare.

In no time,Amos got a job.It was hellish too (You can never find peace in your soul as an employee if the Heavens have called you to be an entrepreneur)but at least, he could buy Three crowns milk for his garri.

I have worked for startups, a logistic company, a guesthouse and a couple of online platforms and I can say with confidence that entrepreneurship is nirvana. It is definitely worth a try if you want to live your life without fetters and the fear of premature aging.

I have said it many times. Entrepreneurship is bliss, the freedom to make spontaneous decisions. Working at home in your pyjamas on your laptop while crunching cornflakes or sipping coffee is second to none.Your peers are probably still at the bustop at 9:05 on a typical Monday morning. Hissing and staring at their wristwatches.

But,don't be quick to bash them.They just simply made a logical decision. I still check out job openings. Even now, I am looking for an A & R job. Money today,Money next week is not giving mans erections at all.

Like Amos,many are in the entrepreneurial deep end and holding on to floating rafts.

To you,I will say.

1.) Get a job.
2.) Put your pet project on the back burner for now and give your best.

3.) After some time,figure out the resources you have in terms of time, energy and saved money.

4.) Then,have a plan and make sure it is foolproof. Put emotions aside when working on the plan.

5.) Test and tweak your business idea on the weekends and on vacations.

6.) Be conservative with your decision making. Give your transition time while positioning yourself to take that big step.

7.) Take it one step at a time.

We owe it to ourselves and our offspring to chase our dreams but don't ditch your 9 to 5 until you have mastered the basics. Let us think of our income streams.Let us cover our groin areas before someone takes a free kick.

So, before you quit your job at FCMB to become the next big thing on CNN Voices or the next resilient and hard-as-nails entrepreneur prancing the stage at TedEx.Ask yourself this question..

"Can I handle it?"

PS:By the way,if you are wondering what happened to Amos(or who he is).Well,I am him or he is I.You get the point?We are both one and the same.Have a great day.

Business / Re: Freelance Payment: How To Receive Money From Abroad In Nigeria by jamale: 2:17pm On Feb 01, 2018
Just get payoneer card. I will give you equivalent in naira in real time

Please, how do I get the Payoneer card?I really need it.

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