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Romance / Re: Can This Be Savaged Or Its The End ? Advice Needed by Jamieb(m): 9:19am On Feb 26, 2022
Ọmọ, it can hurt sha ooo. Ati first you just catch the vibes and everything seems so perfect. The next moment everything comes crashing down so fast and worst off, you can't even pinpoint where things went wrong.
Romance / Re: Can This Be Savaged Or Its The End ? Advice Needed by Jamieb(m): 12:28pm On Feb 22, 2022
Many will interpret this from different angles and either way, there will still be something to learn from it. Insults too will fly here and there and if it makes me get the thought out of my head, no qualms.

I will concentrate on things I did wrong which I feel is responsible for the present occurrence.

We met 3 months ago online and we started talking . We talked everyday, chat,video, calls name it. She wasn't up for a relationship according to her. Come January, she came down to my side so we can see for the first.
For the first time in my live, I felt at ease with someone I was meeting for the first time. No tension, no pretence.

While copying a code I typed on her phone, I checked through her pics. Why I did that I still can't explain it cos it's something I've never done before nor will day.
I talked about a pics I saw and she flared up about why I had to check her phone. I apologized and everything was back to normal.

She went back the 4th day and communication was still okay till 2 weeks later when I caught feelings for her.
Perhaps my brain was beginning to misinterprete a lot of actions as I feel she's beginning to withdraw . The final straw came when she said we need to talk. Sure we had a high tempo talk which centres on what she feels my friends were doing. You guys get the normal guys whining a lady your guys is speaking with. The normal when are we seeing you again, we are bringing yam stuff ooo.

Like, I'm giving them the impression we are dating while we were not. Right after the talk, in a bid to just end it and get over my emotions I told her I like her and wants to take things further with her.
Of course, her guards shot up and she said it again that she's not looking for a relationship and she's not God, .

I know she has trust issues due to heartbreak from her ex and to be candid I blame myself for getting caught in the wind so fast and not allowing the frenship time to evolve naturally.

If I call her we talk normally but that strain of coldness is still hanging. Chat is even worst, no live in it at all. For the firs time in my life, I actually want to give love a chance but it seems I already messed up everything and there is no redemption.
How best can I possible savage this.
I already anticipate a mix of insults, name calling etc. But then, meaningful advices would still come handy.

I've been in this shoe and I can relate to it. You caught fire so quick while she's yet to fully accept you into her life as a friend.

The funny thing now is, the friendship can never return and things can't be same again. Anything you're doing now would be interpreted as you trying to date her. Just count your loses and move on
Romance / Re: . by Jamieb(m): 2:22pm On Feb 08, 2022
Hi guys, please I need an advice on what to do next. I know many people will say I bleeped up but the did is done. I just need the next line of approach.

There is this girl I met online sometimes in October but we started talking very well in Nov. At the point we met, I wasn't in a relationship neither was she. But at some given times why whining her she would always reference the fact that her bio reads no relationship.

All these while, I had no intention of going into a relationship with her but all that changed after we saw each other.

We talk everytime, everyday including video calls most of the time.

While on Christmas break and new year break in Lagos from her base in Kaduna , she came to see me in Osun and spent 4 days. Throughout her stay, I felt a kind of peace I never felt around any girl. I was my real self, we talk and act like we've known each other for eternity.

Though I made attempts for sex but it didn't happen cos she was always removing my hand.

There were smushes and kisses but I won't push further since she was resisting.

She was like she didn't want any kind of friend with benefits cos at the end, we knack and do same the following morning. I told her I'm not her friend and shouldn't categories me as such cos I won't end up in anyone's friendzone.

I'm the kind of person that won't bother once she display such.

Now she's back to her base in Kaduna and I'm beginning to develop feelings for her. I recently notice she wasn't as excited as we she used to be when we talk before.

Now that I have feelings for her, I don't want to appear weak nor be added to the retinue of guys running after her. I honestly don't know how to navigate it and make her think of me in a relationship manner.

Also, before she came to see me, we made the arrangement of her coming while I will go visit her during my leave break. Honestly ,with the way the recent communication is going, I doubt if we might survive and still be talking before march when I'm to visit .

Talking with her now is harder cos of the emotion of my side. More like there is an expectation on her side
One more thing, while I don't even do it at all, I guess I got too comfortable around her and check through her phone galleries. She was angry and everything was settled after my apologies.

I know some will call me a simp, while some will insult and those who will advise will do so. Your imputes please

She seems not to be feeling you again. The whole mistery has waned off after you guys saw. Just let her be cos further calling her every time will make you appear like you bugging her
Sports / Re: Your Opinion? (Egypt Ask For A Postponement Of Sunday Final) by Jamieb(m): 12:02pm On Feb 05, 2022
Egypt submitted a petition to CAF to postpone the final match by one day, so that it will be on Monday instead of Sunday. Because the Egyptian team went through a road full of difficulties and played three matches of 120 minutes each in just one week against the strongest teams of the continent, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Cameroon. In addition, their last match was yesterday, unlike the rival team, which was two days ago.
Does CAF agree or reject?

There excuses are not genuine. They should have crashed out if they wanted rest

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Sports / Re: Aubameyang Left Out Of Arsenal's Mid-Season Trip To Dubai, Left In London by Jamieb(m): 9:04am On Jan 27, 2022
African players and unprofessionalism. It's one thing that usually ruin their careers with those whites capitalizing on it.

Is Ozil African? Cos I don't understand how Aubameyang debacle is peculiar to being an African


Romance / Re: How Do I Peacefully End My Relationship With My Gf by Jamieb(m): 6:25pm On Jan 07, 2022
If you have no intention of being with anyone long term, don't let anything you're having exceed 3 months. One person will eventually catch feelings. This is to avoid a "you use me" later.

OP there is no honourable way to end it. You've wasted her time, love, and everything and now you're leaving her damaged.

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Celebrities / Re: I Don’t Believe In Religion – Wizkid by Jamieb(m): 9:37pm On Jan 05, 2022
A fool says in his heart that there's no God.

There's God but over sabi isn't good.

Not believing in religion doesn't mean not believing in God. Religion is human construct

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Politics / Re: My Friend Was Given A Photocopy Of His NIN Slip by Jamieb(m): 12:30pm On Jan 05, 2022
(I had to bring this here first to get clarity from others before we go take it up with them at the Local Government Office).

A friend of mine just got his NIN slip from his local government office. To my surprise, the slip he was given looks like something that was photocopied, but he was told that it was printed directly from the computer. There are obvious discoloration marks on it that can only come from photocopy machines and not from printers.

My own sister has done her NIN and her own slip obviously looks like the original copy, the NIN logo on the back is in color and there are no photocopy discoloration marks on the paper.

off course, things can be printed in white and black, but not with photocopy marks.

The question that worries me is, if he was given the photocopy, where and who has the original. Obviously, the original copy exists because you can only make a photocopy from an original hard copy.

My suspicion is that the original copy was printed out and then photocopied, then only the photocopy was given to him, but why would they do this and lie to him that it was the printed copy. Why was the original copy not given to him and What do they plan to do with it?

Please people, Is this something my friend should worry about or am I being unnecessarily concerned about it?

The first two pictures  bellow shows my sister's NIN slip (original) and the other two shows the NIN slip that was given to my friend.

Your sister got her NIN printed on a customised paper. These days most centres print on ordinary A4 paper due to scarcity of customised paper.
I guess the centre your friend registered printed the customised paper on A4 which makes it look like photocopy.
Health / Re: How Long Did It Take To Break Your 2022 New Year Resolution by Jamieb(m): 3:33pm On Jan 01, 2022
I also find it hard. although mine is energy drink. Fearless, Power horse, red bull, Monster, Climax are drinks I'm finding hard to stop. my situation gets more complicated being a teetotaler. You go out with guys and before you know it you've downed 3 cans of monster and since I'm not paying for it most times I take them not to be too odd as my not taking alcohol already makes me odd enough. It's also funny how the average Nigerian calls you a pastor once he/she knows you're a teetotaler

If I do determine not to take sugary drinks then all I have to do is avoid the present companies I keep and the benefits I get from these companies far outweigh - I hope - the health challenges I'm bound to face in the future

I know what that feels like bro. I can't even place where Nigerians get the inclination that as a guy you must take alcohol. If you don't , next thing they start calling you pastor. Just ensure you exercise regularly.

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Celebrities / Re: Ifeanyi Kalu Weds Nicolette Ndigwe (Photos) by Jamieb(m): 8:56am On Dec 31, 2021
Nice one!
But this lady get mind o. This man is never up to anything good with regards to women in his movies. I hope he is up to something good and everlasting this time around.
Congratulations once again!

But this isn't movie na.


Nairaland / General / Re: Did You Really Achieve Your Goals In 2021? by Jamieb(m): 12:31pm On Dec 30, 2021
No. I couldn't save 85k for my IELTS. That was one of my main goals.

But I thank God for life. If there is hope there is life.
Bro, we try again next year and you will surely pass it by God's grace
Romance / Re: Earn One Million Naira Working From Home by Jamieb(m): 12:21pm On Dec 27, 2021
Could this be somebody I know? I once tried to do something like this with a Nairalander but it didn't work out. One, he's a slave-driver and very up-tight too. The lil bit I did with him, he didn't think to compensate. For me, money is nothing but human relationship goes a long way.

Even if you are not the same person (your rhetorics sound the same) I can't trust you because of him.
He is the person and he is an idiot. Zero human being with zero manners .


Romance / Re: I Just Need Advice That's All On How I Can Get Better by Jamieb(m): 8:23pm On Dec 21, 2021
You know what to do

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Romance / Re: Earn One Million Naira Working From Home by Jamieb(m): 10:32am On Dec 21, 2021

Nonsense. From writing to agric and you can't even convince anyone . Put your family members there

Romance / Re: I'm Suspecting My Girlfriend by Jamieb(m): 9:22am On Dec 19, 2021
The female gender is never satisfied... The fact that she deleted her chat history with the guy is a red flag already.
I just had to marry early & i've gotten myself out of this girlfrnds mess. There r hardly loyal.
And who told you your wife is loyal cos you married early. Bro there is no A-Z with this gender. While you're advising another nigga, your wife might actually be doing same thing you're advising someone else on.

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Politics / Re: Seyi Makinde Pays December Salary Today, 17th by Jamieb(m): 10:46pm On Dec 17, 2021
Nothing like good news here. Hope he pays January salary on the 15th too because this money won't survive most of them till January ending
Lol, he is not the one to manage the money for then na. Even if he pay on the 30th, don't you think some would have borrowed and after paying their debt, the balance won't survive them till the end of January.
So it's a question of spending culture on the part of the workers .
Webmasters / Re: Urgent Adsense Issue, Help by Jamieb(m): 8:20am On Dec 17, 2021

Are you sure you are not holding your own payment?

Are you sure you have add your payment details?

Is your account fully verified?

This are the things you need to check out. You can also try to troubleshoot your adsense account or contact Adsense through your own personal help page.

That was exactly my first thought. It's possible you placed your account on hold without realising it. If I may ask, have you received payment before ? Check to be sure you've added your payment method cos payment is automatic .
Sports / Re: First Coutinho, Now Wijnaldum - Leaving Liverpool Has Become A Dangerous Move by Jamieb(m): 1:03pm On Dec 16, 2021

Na hate bro. Pep remains the best manager in the world since 2009 till date. Others are just one or two season wonders.
If I hit you hammer for head. When did he retire from playing active football. 2009 kor, 1800BC ni.

Romance / Re: I Need Advice On This One Please Guys And Girls Too Abeg by Jamieb(m): 10:51am On Dec 11, 2021
Displease yourself to satisfy a desperate girl and she won't still be satisfied. Let no girl put you under unnecessary pressure. If she can't wait , let her fund it by herself. Nonsense and ingredient

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Investment / Re: Mystery Coin Goes Viral After Giving Out Dollars To Its Holders by Jamieb(m): 5:44am On Dec 06, 2021
Such a mystery indeed. No one seems to know of these coins until they go viral. https://mountainbikesolutions.com

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Sports / Re: Manchester United: Carrick To Step Down As First Team Coach by Jamieb(m): 11:36am On Dec 03, 2021
The new coach is already in town now, so whether he formally steps down or not, they have already taken the job from him and the management is not even discreet about it, so why is he saying after a lot of thought and deliberation? Like he has a choice?

He is leaving Man United entirely rather than continue as assistant coach under the new manager.
Most often, new coaches come with their coaching crew and if that happens, Carrick won't continue as an assistant manager. So it's better for him to leave now than being asked to leave later. You get the drift

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Arsenal (3 - 2) On 2nd December 2021 by Jamieb(m): 5:55am On Dec 03, 2021
honestly. It's sooo annoying. I wonder why up till this time, one can't stream on YouTube. It's fvcking annoying.
Download Golato Tv from playstore
Sports / Re: Gernot Rohr: "I Have Not Been Sacked But NFF Wants Me To Quit" by Jamieb(m): 9:45am On Nov 19, 2021

Why will you say I should shutup
No vex . It wasn't necessary I realized
Sports / Re: Gernot Rohr: "I Have Not Been Sacked But NFF Wants Me To Quit" by Jamieb(m): 3:40pm On Nov 18, 2021

Oga what do you mean impressive ?

Not a single trophy since 2016 undecided

Shut up. The bronze won in 2019 isn't a trophy abi. Abi na every year world cup and nation cup dey hold


Properties / Re: Are Ibadan Real Estate Agents The Worst In Nigeria? by Jamieb(m): 8:17pm On Nov 06, 2021
They are the worst. The agency fee most time would nearly double the actual rent
Romance / Re: This Is Why I See White Wedding As A Waste Of Time And Money In Africa. by Jamieb(m): 7:58pm On Oct 28, 2021

Local dog
Lol, disclaim what I wrote there na since na only you be Christian wey dey study the Bible
Politics / Re: FG Sets Up Two New Satellite Companies Under NIGCOMSAT by Jamieb(m): 9:58am On Sep 23, 2021
Good one

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Sports / Re: Edinson Cavani: I Am Sad And Upset Over Man Utd’s Decision by Jamieb(m): 3:15pm On Sep 04, 2021
Daily Post na rubbish site.
First, the decision is UK's and not Man U
2nd, he wasn't steipped of no 7 jersey but willingly relinquished it to CR7.
Nonsense bloggers


Romance / Re: Harvard University Interview 90% Failed {picture}.... by Jamieb(m): 4:17pm On Aug 29, 2021
I am sure almost 90% percent of nairalander's would also fail this simple brain cracking question.


Group them as individual family.

7 different families.

Father +mother + 7 children = 9 people in each family .

9 people per family X 7 families = 63
Romance / Re: Please Advice: No Insult Please by Jamieb(m): 5:48pm On Aug 17, 2021

If I wanted the group I won't be here, even I can still organize it if I wanted too I have guys.

But this is a friend we both kept secrets and shared deep affections and have several other positive vibes together with and I feel so relaxed with our friendship but in as much as I initially wanted the 3some I strongly value the friendship, because I know once the 3some happens the friendship is gone or won't be strong anymore or both of us won't value each other. So my interest is the friendship than the pleasure

Know when a chapter ends and when to move on.
Romance / Re: Thank You Nairaland by Jamieb(m): 11:34pm On Aug 11, 2021
None whatsoever . I'm as lost as both of you above

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