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Sports / Re: Finidi George’s Achievements Vs Victor Osimhen Record by Jamieb(m): 10:13pm On Jun 15
Those defending him are mostly from the south east!

Osimehn has lost my respect and love I have dor him.

He forgot how Nigerians fought for him for African player of the year.

Osimehn has not kicked a ball for Nigeria since the start of the world cup qualifiers .

how exactly are those defending him from the south east. You see how stupid you're ? Anything now is from South East even when there is no stats to show it. Grow up

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by Jamieb(m): 10:07am On Jun 01
Hi guys, wrote my celpip on Saturday at Dragnet vi results came out yesterday lsrw 11,11,12,9. A nice alternative to the almighty ielts. You can buzz me for materials or tips.
Hi, please kindly help me with CELPIPS material. My IELTS results isn't quite okay. I'm meant to rewrite but then I stumbled on CELPIP as an alternative.

jamesbchigozie@gmail.com is my email. Thank you
Education / Re: Photos Of Christ The King Model Primary School Constructed By Gov Umo Eno by Jamieb(m): 7:46pm On May 17
Enough of seeing pry schools look like abandoned farm lands . Imagine learning in this environment
The environment alone will change the teachers mood and psychological makeup to teach well under calm demeanour.

Same apply to the pupils
They will behave and learn well cos the environmental influence on them is that of conduciveness


Romance / Re: My Relationship Of 7 Years Is Going Down. I Need Help!!! by Jamieb(m): 10:08pm On May 14
My gf of seven years has been giving me attitude recently which I noticed sometimes last year. I observed that she always check my phone to look for something to hold against me. Yes, she suspected that I'm having something with someone. So, every time she's around me, she always find one or two thing that will lead to argument and all that. Aside that, the respect, love and intimacy between us reduced drastically.

Fast forward to this year, She successfully read a chat on my phone where I was talking dirty with someone. That's the genesis of the whole mess I'm in right now. She just walked out quietly and decided to end it all. Since then, I've not been myself because this is the person I have planned to live the rest of my life with. So, I started begging her but she's not giving me any green light. I called, messaged her but no response. I asked my Junior brother to beg on my behalf but she didn't succumb to that not until my dad intervened to apologize on my behalf.

So, she call me that we need to see. I rushed to visit her and apologize again and again. She agreed to continue with the relationship but she hasn't forgiven me. After few weeks of the whole issue. I suspected that she's hiding something from me. Then one fateful night, I spy on her phone when she was unlocking her phone. That night, I was able to access her phone while she was asleep.

I checked her WhatsApp, I discovered that she has been clearing her chat with one particular guy who happens to be her friend from NYSC since 2021. They became close as they both work in the same financial institution but in a different branch. Then I went further to her Instagram page to see what's going there.

To my greatest surprise, I discovered that they have been having an affair since 2023. My gf has been throwing herself to this guy, they have been going to the cinema together and other places. On her birthday, my babe and this guy went out together without my knowledge, they both book uber to somewhere without my knowledge, they were both sharing their feelings online, talking about marriage, how to raise their kids irrespective of their religion differences and my babe even throwing herself to the guy for sex. Everything thing I found in their chat especially how my babe has been treating this guy with love and respect is the opposite of how my babe has been treating me lately.

So, I screenshoted all the evidence and save on my phone. I then challenged her that she's cheating on me with that guy but she blatantly denied it. Not until I showed her all the evidences with me before she began to cry fowl and started debunking all I saw. She claimed that they are not true, they were just playing and not into any thing serious. They are friends and that's how they banter each other online. All her excuses were not genuine but I still forgive her on one condition that I don't want to see her with the guy again and she should cut off any form of friendship or relationship between them because I had done something more than that to her just recently and she forgive me.

Meanwhile, during the cause of this issue, I proposed to my gf that we should take this relationship to the next level by seeing her parents this year and maybe by the end of the year, we do the whole thing. The shock response I got from her was that she's not in a rush to settle down with me. Not even this year as she's just healing from the heartbreak I caused her and I can't use marriage to tie her down then I continue breaking her heart. There's no how I tried convincing her that I am a changed man now as I am ready to take responsibility and be a responsible person.

After few weeks, I logged into her whatsapp on my system and then again I found out that she's still talking to this guy and they were even planning on going out again. I got angry and send proof to her but guess what, my babe para for me for cloning her whatsapp on my system. Hell almost let lose that evening. This time around, she felt unapologetic about the primary issue that I warned her to desist from. Funny enough, after close observation, I learnt that they move their chats from whatsapp to Snapchat where their chat is just "view once". Then I knew that this lady is not ready to stop talking to this guy. I have shouted over and over this matter but this time around, my babe is now feeling lackadaisical about this issue.

Right now, my babe is now comfortable with the guy and she's now sitting on defense about this matter. In our last conversation, my GF literarily told me that she doesn't love me anymore. And then she started rewinding all my past during the cause of the relation and using it as an excuse for not been able to love me like she used to. In our conversation, the only thing she didn't mention is that we should go on our separate ways (break up) but everything she said to me indirectly simply means that she is done with me.

I felt unloved as this is the woman I never placed anyone above, this is the woman I've nurtured when we were in school and outside school. I respected her and love her so much that she has become part of me. My parents, family and friends are expecting us to tie the knot soon but here is my babe telling me she's not in love with me anymore. I felt unloved about this whole thing and I'm heartbroken.

I am lost and crying inside silently as I never expected someone I have sacrificed something huge for before to be acting like this to me. I'm depressed. I need mature advise from you guys. Thank you.

You don't forgive a woman for what she knows she shouldn't be forgiven. You're weak, not smart . The moment she started snooping on your phone, you should have realized she already cheated and looking for any dirt on you to equalize and gaslight you.

The moment you found out she cheated with evidence , is the moment you should have ended everything and throw her away but you decided to embolden her by being weak. She has seen you can't do anything again and you will continue to forgive her . Once you caught a woman cheating and decide to forgive her, you automatically lose your respect .
On top it all, she is still gaslighting you while she's boldly disrespecting you and fucking the other dude.
That girl will not marry you bro. Men of these generation sha .


Politics / Re: EFCC Stops Dollar Transactions, Asks Embassies To Charge In Naira by Jamieb(m): 11:14am On May 11
they should accept Naira anywhere in the world and deposit same into a Nigerian account
Isn't that a violation of the host countries local currency regulations too?
Nigeria Embassies abroad should accept the local currency there the same way EFCC wants the embassies here in Nigeria to accept the Naira .
Sports / Re: Chelsea Propose Lukaku Plus Cash Deal For Osimhen Transfer by Jamieb(m): 8:28am On May 06
Is Chelsea still in charge of Lukaku Ni shocked shocked

E shock you too ?
Business / Re: OPay Warns Customers Against Cryptocurrency And Virtual Currency Trading by Jamieb(m): 7:43pm On May 03


Funny thing is there is no regulation against crypto trading . The ban imposed by Buhari has been lifted since


Travel / Re: 19 Passengers Die In Okene Bypass Fatal Accident by Jamieb(m): 7:48pm On Apr 28
FRSC is so dumb. the only they know is seat belt. the road is a dualised road. how was there overtaking that resulted in a head on collision on a dualised road?
Don't mind them. The truck was driving in a one-way this colliding with the bus that was on its rightful lane. This one pain me cos it's an avoidable accident
Nairaland / General / Re: Based on your birth year, which of these generational groups do you belong? by Jamieb(m): 9:48pm On Apr 06

Gen Z
Born 1998...10th of May.

Omo, I don dey old small and momey neva dey

Birthday mate .Hope your own Gen Z no dey worry

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Romance / Re: Man Upset After His Stepdaughter Biological Father Came To His Home (video) by Jamieb(m): 2:10pm On Apr 03
Exactly why we advise single men to avoid baby mamas. The real father will always be in the picture. You can't deny him that right from seeing his real daughter .

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Religion / Re: "If You Catch Your Wife Cheating & Forgive Her, Her Respect For You Will Go" by Jamieb(m): 2:53pm On Mar 02
You All have mastered the art of defense mechanism in regards to cheating. Una sabi defend cheating while lambasting women who does same
Go and cheat and find out . The consequences of cheating isn't same for both genders. Chest and get caught and you will find out .
Family / Re: Getting Married And Living In Your Parents House. What Is Wrong About It by Jamieb(m): 9:46pm On Jan 25

That's very wrong. I know many people married and staying in parents home with their wives and there is nothing like that tagging witch thing. I guess you just watch too much Nollywood movies. As a matter of fact most of the ladies I know are taken as eggs by their inlaws in the home.
Oga you don't know anyone . I put it to you


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Jamieb(m): 6:44am On Jan 07
please what wallet can I use in receiving airdrops. Because I'm avoiding any thing that has to do with my binance app

Create different wallets. Trust Wallet, METAMASK, Phantom or Solflare for Solana based projects etc

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Politics / Re: NIMC Clears Over 2.5 Million Backlog Of NIN Modification by Jamieb(m): 5:06pm On Nov 20, 2023

Thank you. But 419 everywhere. I no fit trust you.
I'm not asking you to trust me . I didn't demand for money or request any payment from you. If you've successfully rectified it good and fine. This came to my mind too even before I made the post
Phones / Re: How To Validate NIN Both Online And Offline by Jamieb(m): 5:05pm On Nov 20, 2023

Good day sir.

Please, can you assist me with my NIN name correction?

The re-registration of 3rd party NIN registration centre has put the process I started for about 4 weeks now on hold.

I await your response.

Thank you sir.

4 weeks keh. You mean the 3rd party agents carried out the name correction for you ? Do you still have the slip they have to you
Family / Re: Should I Have Collected The Bread From Her Mother? by Jamieb(m): 4:04pm On Nov 20, 2023

You guys are just foaming in the mouth. These people already served us food and we ate.

I don't really think we need bread again to take home.

Lack of emotional intelligence laced with stupid foolery . Who gives his would be in-laws biscuit and juice on a first visit. If you don't know, that your gift is awkward and they returned same energy.

You can't even judge a situation rightly .


Family / Re: My Experience With A Widower. All Men Are The Same by Jamieb(m): 11:55am On Nov 18, 2023
I just thought to share and again it's no bodys business what I share about myself here. I chose to do it and don't care if it sits well with anyone or not. My life, my share .

I'm sharing this just to let some ladies know that being a widower doesn't break a man and will not stop him from being an unrepentant cheat if he wants to. I used to think a widower will be more responsible and loyal to one woman considering the fact that he's now a second hand value bachelor and the death of his former wife will make him get closer and more committed to his spouse, home and family at large but I was wrong cos after my experience with one, I realized men will always be cheat men.

This happened in 2013 after staying away from relationships for a long time. So I joined Badoo ( it was the rave then, though I joined in 2012). A young man ( in his 40s then) chatted me up and I checked his profile. There he stated that he was looking for a lady for serious relationship and added he was a Christian. He was also looking very handsome and tall. We chatted and exchanged numbers.

When we got talking he told me he was a widower. It was hard to believe because he looked very young. He now told me he married very early. He went ahead and told me he has 6 children 👀👀👀. I didn't believe until he showed me their pics. 4 girls and two boys. He said the wife kept having children because she wanted a male child and died after giving birth to the last child, a male. She got home from the hospital after childbirth and started bleeding immediately and was rushed back to the hospital but never made it back. Meanwhile he was not in the country when this happened.

This made me have compassion and developed feelings for him. After a few months of inviting me over, I finally agreed to visit after he assured me the elder sister is staying with him to look after the baby ( he was already a year then but was not walking). He never liked the boy because he was always saying the boy caused his wifes death and each time the baby boy sees him, he'll be screaming due to the way he looks at the baby and I'll be telling him to stop, teasing him that it's him the boy resembles. So when I visited for the first time, I was shocked at what I saw. He actually owns the house he was living in in Sango. He built it when the going was good but after the wife's death, he came back and stayed for a whole year without a job. He just got the job he was doing as a hotel manager when I met him and his take home was not good at all. So to maintain the big house was a challenge. He could barely feed his kids. Even the two older ones were not with him. They were living with his brother just to ease him of the burden. when the sister saw me, she got angry and told him that he has not finished taking care of his children he's bringing in another lady. He told me to ignore the sister and face him. If I go there, I'll cook and serve everybody because he was always complaining of not having money but sometimes he'll give me part of the money I used.

Initially the children didn't like me and he said I should be buying them snacks. So then if I close from work, I'll go and meet him at his office and we'll go home together. I bought snacks and the children reluctantly collected the snacks. He went to work on that Saturday and I gathered the children and started telling them stories. They began to come close. When he got back he drove all of us to a football viewing center and bought me pepper soup. I thought I had found the right man. I was even saying I don't need to birth any children since he already has six. We'll just stay with his own children ( lol . small girl sense). He would tell me no, that he wants me to give him a beautiful daughter like me.

Six months into the relationship, I noticed something in his room while he was away at work. I saw a foreign prison card in his jacket I now began to connect the dots. I remembered him saying he was away when the wife died and while she was pregnant, he had problem abroad. So she developed BP. He even told me he wasn't around when his house was built that the wife supervised the whole thing before he now had a problem but be never told me what the problem was. I then discovered with the prison card, he was prolly in jail all that time. I didn't ask him anything.

Later he started telling me there's this single mother that has been begging him to marry her and she buys him stuff. I was like marry her now afterall two of una na second hand value. He'll laugh and say God forbid. That he wants chassis. The lady buys him and his children stuff. At a point I told him to stop collecting the gift or risk our relationship. He promised to stop.

One day he was sleeping and i was just going through his phone ( I never used to do that) and saw "my love". My head sparked. I woke him up with a heavy slap and showed him, he started saying its you I love. I said no! Tell me who this Is.. then I began to cry because I just knew it was over. He started begging and called his Aunty into the room. The aunty said the person is a family. I said call her. He now called the number and an elderly woman picked and he started telling her that I'm crying my eyes out here because I saw a message he sent to her. The woman spoke with me but I wasn't convinced. Throughout that night, he played "please forgive me' Brian Adams. hmm.. feeling nostalgic now. I calmed down and we continued.

After some months my chairman sacked me because I refused to go out with him and told him I'm in a relationship. After I lost my job I reduced my visits because bus fare from mainland to Sango was quite expensive and he too could not sponsor my visits regularly due to so much financial responsibilities and since I had been the one doing it when I was working. It became a once in a while thing.

Then one day, he told me to come to his office let's go home that he has missed me. I asked him, do you have money he said we'll manage. This man did not tell me we were going by train ( chai things we do for love) from his office we set out to oshodi. This man put head for train lane. I said waaaat t... I almost went back but it was already getting dark. I entered train for the first time. See me shaking. He had to hold me before one man now stood up for me to sit. Because it's been a while I've been to the house, when we got home, the aunty said you'll not stay in one place. Today you carry this, tomorrow you carry another one. I told him what the sister said and he told me not to mind her. In my mind i was like... see this second wen I dey manage too wan dey play ... I kept asking until he now confessed that the Aunt was referring to the other single mother that the lady has been forcing herself on him but it's me he wants. There and then I zeroed my mind.

After that visit, as we were going that morning, we quarreled on the way because the vehicle we borded got spoilt plus I wasn't happy after hearing what the sister said. So I was just edgy that morning and blasted the driver and some of the passengers. He got angry and left after trying to get me off the bus and I refused, saying I should run after him cos he's running late for work. I was just looking at him. I didn't get down. I waited for him to go far, I now got down and took another route to my house.

I didn't call for a week and refused to pick his calls because whats the point killing myself over a widower with six children who has refused to stick with one woman. When I eventually picked, it was my guy ( now ex) who told me to pick in the bus that day we were going to camp and he was chyking me. Oga kept calling and as usual I ignored him but the sound was disturbing our conversation so my gy told me to pick and hear him out. I picked and he was crying and put all his children on the phone to beg me. He said they are missing me and one of them is sick. I said ok, I'll call you later. That was it. I blocked him. Went to Badoo and blocked him there in fact I deleted my Badoo account. Deleted his number and ended the whole thing..

Men will always be men


When I said all men are the same what I'm simply implying is, whether they are poor, rich, widower or handicapped they will still cheat or have that tendency to cheat. Take it or get lost!

A man's vulnerability doesn't stop him from exhibiting those bad habits (cheating and deception). They'll will always do that thing that make us call them meennnn... If you know what I mean and if you don't Gerrit, forget abourit. cool.

It is delusional to think a widower is a 2nd hand values man. Widows and baby mamas are and not widowers or Babadaddies

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Food / Re: Cane Rat Caught With Trap by Jamieb(m): 9:19pm On Nov 15, 2023


So there are lots of giant rats terrorizing our chickens and food store.

Last night, we set trap for them. Unfortunately, this one happens to fall in trap.

One baba has took it for processing, he said it’s a good meat for amala.
This is called pouch rat ( okete) and not cane rat ( okuru)

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Politics / Re: NIMC Clears Over 2.5 Million Backlog Of NIN Modification by Jamieb(m): 6:26pm On Nov 15, 2023
So do they now have network? Yeye people. Lost the sim card I used to open my NIN, this nonsense ACCESS BANK people told me that I had to upgrade my acc. Till now no network on NIN just to change phone no. Later now they'll say it's #15,000 to update phone no on NIN. God punish Tinubu and those who voted for him.

Have you retrieved your NIN back now ? if it's the NIN you need i can ASSIST you with that.
Politics / Re: NIMC Clears Over 2.5 Million Backlog Of NIN Modification by Jamieb(m): 6:24pm On Nov 15, 2023
I applied to change my date of birth but nothing has been done till now
Pls who has done his/her own? Or is it another propaganda
Did you visit any of the offices to confirm it hasn't been changed. If i may ask when did you apply
Crime / Re: Missing Elizabeth Edoukumor: Bolt Driver Surrenders To Rivers Police by Jamieb(m): 4:29pm On Oct 28, 2023
I put to you that this bolt driver is not innocent undecided.

The police should tortured him and watch him confess all his evil deeds undecided.

As long as I’m alive, I can never trust a man not even a Nigerian man.

Biko!! Torture him!!!
you're a despicable person. It's your type that harangue innocent men of false rape accusations.

Is this how thing work? The girl family didnt even deem it fit to report the case .
Literature / Re: 12 Novels Considered The “Greatest Books Ever Written” by Jamieb(m): 7:46pm On Oct 27, 2023

Exactly my point. We posted thesame point almost simultaneously

It's really a problem when one wants to sound intelligent but end up being stupid


Literature / Re: 12 Novels Considered The “Greatest Books Ever Written” by Jamieb(m): 7:34pm On Oct 27, 2023

Something shakespeare couldnt do for England

If u believe an Achebe books will ever be rated above that of Williams, omo, u must believe dragons once existed cheesy cheesy
Reading to reply devoid of understanding. The title clearly specified "Novels" . Mention any novel written by Shakespeare since Achebe being there is your problem. Why isn't any of the other novels a problem for ranking above "Shakespeare" even though the list isn't one Shakespeare fits in.

You all see the problem now with all these Pseudo-intellectuals


Foreign Affairs / Re: What Is Hamas, What Is Happening In Israel And Gaza Strip, And Other Questions by Jamieb(m): 8:20pm On Oct 12, 2023

But isreal also conquered that territory and took from the canaanites. Not that they were the aborigines.
By mentioning Canaanites you're referring to your Bible Canaanites
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel-Hamas War: US Begins Evacuation Of Citizens From Israel On Friday by Jamieb(m): 8:19pm On Oct 12, 2023
Also evacuate the Israelites from Palestinian lands, the Same way you brought them there in 1948 using false claims from a fictional book..

Israel was not a country until 1948.
I don't believe in Christianity or Islam because both of them are man made disasters

I believe is truth, humanity and common sense.

Some people have been saying Israel has offered Palestinian independence in the past, two state solution e.t.c and they rejected. Who would agree to that nonsense? How can you come to claim someone else's land and when problem breaks out, you begin to say that "the only solution is to split the land in two"? That even further proves that Israelis are not the owners of that land. Even in the Bible, the story of king Solomon and the two mothers, The woman who was not the real mother of the baby was the one suggesting that the baby be spit in two.

Read History and not the Bible . The Jews have been living in that land even before the Romans came and destroy the land . It was during the Roman period that the name Palestine came into being . The end of the Roman empire brought in the ottoman rule that lasted over a thousand years and the subsequent introduction of islam and conquering of the lands.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Gideon Levy: Hamas Assault, Nethanyahu To Blame. -- Israeli Journalist (pic) by Jamieb(m): 8:47pm On Oct 11, 2023
Foreign Affairs / Re: What Is Hamas, What Is Happening In Israel And Gaza Strip, And Other Questions by Jamieb(m): 8:03pm On Oct 09, 2023

Fancy explaining how Israel stole Palestine land or you want to keep spouting nonsense here. Israel have always whacked Hamas but you lot are always fast to sob on the media space about Israel abuse. This is the start. There's more in store!
Take up History lesson and stop being emotional. The land was never called Palestine not until about 7th Century when the Romans took over. All through the period before the Romans , Jews were living there and even during the Roman sacking of the city of Jerusalem were still there.

The rise of and domination of the entire land was nothing other than the result of the rise of the Ottoman empire that lasted over a thousand years.

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Politics / Re: Oba saga: She is not my wife, I won't issue apology - Obasanjo disowns Taiwo by Jamieb(m): 12:17pm On Oct 08, 2023

Ki ni werey ee feee wii lenuu
Iya e ni osiwin were
Foreign Affairs / Top 10 Times Hamas Launched Rockets Into Israel by Jamieb(m): 12:14pm On Oct 08, 2023
Politics / Re: A Forged Presidency - Daily Trust by Jamieb(m): 12:11pm On Oct 08, 2023
Politics / Re: Police PPRO Quickly Deletes Tweet After His Comment On Forgery. by Jamieb(m): 12:10pm On Oct 08, 2023
The Police should be neutral but no they won't
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Human Cost Of The Israeli-palestinian Conflict (deaths/injuries): Documented by Jamieb(m): 12:04pm On Oct 08, 2023
this is crazy. At the early onset all these would have been avoided had the two-state solutions been accepted by all . The Arab neighbours were not ready to accept that either cos of their own selfish interest.

I've made a video of the top 10 Hamas attack in Israel including the present. Watch and Subscribe please.


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