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Literature / Re: Need 4 Writers For Multi Niche Contents by javascriptDev: 8:44pm On Feb 03, 2019
What's your pay
1k for 1k words
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Need 2 Writers For Multi Niche Contents by javascriptDev: 8:41pm On Feb 03, 2019
Still need
Politics / Re: Rivers Poll: Court Okays Suit Seeking To Disqualify Wike Over Birth Certificate by javascriptDev: 8:28pm On Feb 03, 2019
hahahhaahha the kind ban wey u go chop ehhh.. na only lala sabi

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Literature / Re: Need 4 Writers For Multi Niche Contents by javascriptDev: 6:15pm On Feb 03, 2019
Still need writers
Literature/Writing Ads / Need 2 Writers For Multi Niche Contents by javascriptDev: 6:02pm On Feb 03, 2019
If you think you can deliver multi niche contents for 1 naira per word. Please hit the WhatsApp Link below

1000 naira per 1000 word
10000 per 10000 words


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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Urgent - Content Writers Needed – Very Generous Salary by javascriptDev: 5:58pm On Feb 03, 2019
Content writing: 90%
Write articles on automobile-related topics
Apply SEO techniques to boost exposure and Google ranking
Guarantee output is finished, ready-to-publish products by doing document formatting, photo editing and other requirements by Content Manager
Comply with writing guidelines and article posting instructions
Project assisting: 10%
Do market research and marketing-related tasks as assigned by project management

Native Nigerian
Fluent in English
Excellent writing skills
Proven work experience in copywriting, editing and proofreading
Hard-working, responsible, supportive
SEO knowledge is an advantage
In-depth knowledge about automobile is an advantage

*Salary and benefit

More than 300 words: 5$
More than 600 words: 9$
More than 1000 words: 12$
More than 1500 words: 15$
More than 2500 words: 20$

*Other benefits:
Training on advanced SEO techniques
Promotion opportunity

*Eligible candidates please send a latest resume to roseokafor209@gmail.com
still available?
Literature / Need 4 Writers For Multi Niche Contents by javascriptDev: 5:54pm On Feb 03, 2019
Hello, if you think you can curate good contents at 1 Naira per word with significant improvement later. Hit me up with the WhatsApp link below

Politics / Re: Chris Ngige Okays Exxonmobil Sack Of Nigerian Staff, Foreign Replacement - Femi by javascriptDev: 12:01pm On Sep 05, 2018
The Igbos at it again. Buhari’s EFCC witch hunt can never reach his ministers. Get your PVCs and vote out the lifeless old man

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Politics / Chris Ngige Okays Exxonmobil Sack Of Nigerian Staff, Foreign Replacement - Femi by javascriptDev: 11:19am On Sep 05, 2018
By Femi Aribisala
IF you were to visit the Lagos headquarters of ExxonMobil (Nigeria) in Victoria Island, Lagos today, you would immediately notice that something strange is going on. You will find a number of people camped outside the building; sometimes chanting, sometimes dancing, sometimes shouting slogans. They are there 24/7; day and night. Surely, this is anomalous to the activities of an international oil company.

What is happening is that some of the Nigerian workers of ExxonMobil are protesting the sharp practices of the company. These practices should be of concern to all Nigerians because ExxonMobil’s treatment of its Nigerian staff is not only an affront to its workers, it is an affront to all Nigerians. A foreign company, however big and powerful, should not be allowed to come to Nigeria and maltreat Nigerians in Nigeria with impunity.

The affected Nigerian workers at ExxonMobil have not resorted to violence. They have sought instead legal redress. The matter has taken no less than 18 years within the Nigerian legal system. It has worked its way up from the High Court to the Appeal Court and, finally to the Supreme Court. In April 2018, the Supreme Court finally ruled in favour of the Nigerian workers and against ExxonMobil. But ExxonMobil has refused to abide by the verdict of the Nigerian Supreme Court.

Instead, ExxonMobil had the effrontery to use duplicity to sack all the 860 affected Nigerian workers, most of who had worked with the company for 22 years, and to lock them out of its building. This is a step it would not dare take in the United States after a Supreme Court verdict. But for some reason, it is confident it can get away with it here in Nigeria.
In a Statement issued by PENGASSAN chairman Rasak Obe, Obe frowned at the indiscriminate dismissal of Nigerian workers by ExxonMobil, in order to replace them with expatriates, thereby taking from Nigerians jobs they have successfully performed for decades.

The newly-recruited expatriate personnel currently engaged at ExxonMobil’s security department are mostly ex-service men. Their employment in replacement of Nigerian workers runs contrary to the directives of Nigeria’s National Petroleum Investment Management Services, NAPIMS, and the Nigerian Defense Ministry.

The cost of keeping one expatriate security personnel in Nigeria would pay 100 of the local security personnel currently being sacked


However, the message Chris Ngige delivered to ExxonMobil loud and clear is that it does not have to be subject to Nigerian laws. It can operate here in Nigeria as a law unto itself.

Instead of fighting for the rights of the Nigerian workers in Nigeria, Chris Ngige, the minister for Labour and Employment, is fighting for the rights of ExxonMobil, a foreign multinational in Nigeria.

On the very day my article was published last week, Chris Ngige, convened a hurried meeting of the parties in the dispute. However, rather than tell ExxonMobil it has to obey the verdict of the Supreme Court, he presented a settlement package contravening the position of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court said the Nigerian workers should not regarded as “SPY Police” but as bona fide Exxon Mobil employees. But Ngige said they should be regarded as “SPY Police.” This means they would be paid based on police or civil service structures, instead of those of an international oil company. He then gave the workers 48 hours to stop their protest before any of the so-called benefits he itemised for them can be paid.

ExxonMobil 419

On July 13, 2018, ExxonMobil took its most dastardly act. It asked the workers to gather at Victoria Crown Hotel Plaza for a meeting with the company’s representatives. When they arrived there, they were addressed by one Kayode Ashoga of ExxonMobil’s HR Department. He told them to be on the lookout for messages from ExxonMobil through their respective emails and other addresses they had given to the company a week earlier in a circulated document titled ExxonMobil Employee Data Update Form.

At the end of the meeting, which lasted less than 10 minutes, the Nigerian workers went back to their various places of work, only to discover that they had been locked out by ExxonMobil, with their personal effects and property still in the offices. In effect, the workers were deceived out of their stations and then sacked and locked out.

Similar meetings were held simultaneously by ExxonMobil in other locations, including Eket, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Over 500 ExxonMobil guards were locked out at the same time on the same day. They were all denied access to their belongings, personal effects, drugs and clothing still on ExxonMobil grounds.

The Nigerian workers have shown considerable restraint in their struggle, determined to be peaceful and law-abiding. Nevertheless, ExxonMobil still took the extra-judicial act of throwing them out like common criminals, sacking them for no justifiable reason in the attempt to circumvent the obedience of the ruling of the Nigerian Supreme Court.

Since then, the Nigerian workers have camped outside ExxonMobil House in Lagos with placards demanding that the company must obey the verdict of the Supreme Court. They are there day and night.


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Politics / Re: Ekiti: MURIC Speaks On Why Fayemi Must Appoint Muslim Cabinet by javascriptDev: 2:58pm On Jul 18, 2018

Are Muslims not the majority in Nigeria? Are Christians up to Muslims in number? What is bad if Buhari appoints the majority in his cabinet?
you are a big fool

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Career / Re: Exxonmobil Faults Picketing Of Its Offices By Former Staff by javascriptDev: 1:09pm On Jul 17, 2018
Exonmobil are criminals. After employing security personels the now want to shift responsibility of pay to the government
Crime / Re: Shiite Protesters Stone Policeman To Death In Kaduna; Police Abandon Their Car by javascriptDev: 3:52pm On Jun 21, 2018
All i see is some bunch of boko haram wannabe shiite extremist.

If this is zakazy's followers then zakazy must indeed be a terrorist and an enemy of the state.

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Webmasters / Re: Need Help PHP OOP by javascriptDev: 7:33pm On May 20, 2018

Thanks. I think the second one should be called with Db::$conn
yes, my bad

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Webmasters / Re: Need Help PHP OOP by javascriptDev: 7:33pm On May 20, 2018

Thanks. What about the code looking much like procedural? Is it normal?
perfectly normal if you are just starting out with oop php. But try more frequently to group those ”procedures” into functions and wrap them in classes. That way you use mostly objects in your app

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Webmasters / Re: Need Help PHP OOP by javascriptDev: 11:06pm On May 18, 2018
For the first question, i discovered by passing the connection variable as an argument to the functions, i can use them without creating a new instance for the function.

Is this good programming practice?

Creating new instance for $conn each time you need it Is a bad idea, no scalabilty, u might even end up creating more connections than your server can handle
Webmasters / Re: Need Help PHP OOP by javascriptDev: 10:57pm On May 18, 2018
Best approach: Use a singleton class, use static functions, declare your class constructors as private: if you don't understand the reason you should do those then you are better of using globals (not the best approach)

global $conn = mysqli_connect ("localhost", "root", "", "database"wink;
global $conn;

function someFunction () {
global $conn;
$result = mysqli_query ($conn, "SELECT * FROM examples)

or something as basic as:

class Db
private static $conn;

public static function getObject()
if (!self::$conn)
self::$conn = new mysqli("localhost", "root", "", "database"wink;

return self::$conn;

function someFunction () {
$result = mysqli_query (Database::$conn, "SELECT * FROM examples)
Properties / Re: Eko Atlantic City Ready In October 2019 – LASG by javascriptDev: 2:18pm On May 04, 2018

The PVC is difficult to get sef.
The last time I went. The Inec officials were so disorganised and I got tired. I had to leave.

Nigeria is a SCAM
next time take a video and share to the world, let them pay for it. Nigeria must be great again
Webmasters / Re: I Tried Making An Old 90s Chatroom What Do You Think? by javascriptDev: 8:41pm On Apr 28, 2018
I don't get the purpose of your site. Sarcasm?
Webmasters / Re: Websites Registration/authentication Using Pin: How? by javascriptDev: 8:10pm On Apr 15, 2018
Hello there, just as the previous user had said you just need a pin generator algorithm, that is quite complex enough to be guess proof. What do you need it for, I could write you a script that does that in either php, nodejs, c++, java, perl, python or any major language of choice for free.
Programming / Re: Zuckerberg Deflects US Senators’ Facebook Questions, And Gets $3 Billion by javascriptDev: 8:30am On Apr 11, 2018
This guy is in a hot seat
Webmasters / Re: Your Advice Is Needed Webmasters On Commercial Sites by javascriptDev: 6:30am On Apr 10, 2018

Like that Amazon has or close to it
all right drop me ur mail address.
Webmasters / Re: Your Advice Is Needed Webmasters On Commercial Sites by javascriptDev: 5:03pm On Apr 09, 2018
To be able to help you, you should probably drop more details on what exactly your going to be the goods/services to be bought or sold.

Send me a mail with some additional description via timothymaxwell149@gmail.com and I will freely guide you through the process or help you set it up if you are able to pay for the services
Webmasters / Re: Writers Needed Urgently For My Blogs And Client's Blogs by javascriptDev: 4:56pm On Apr 09, 2018
Am interested let's talk. Drop your mail or mail me at articles149@gmail.com
Webmasters / Re: NEED Contents Written ASAP by javascriptDev: 10:42pm On Apr 08, 2018
Please mail me on articles149@gmail.com
Webmasters / Re: Looking For Content Writes For My New Blog by javascriptDev: 12:48am On Apr 05, 2018
Hello, i just started a niche based blog and i would need someone to post at leas 4 articles everyday sourced from the net and aggregated from other blogs but the summarized version.

Amount: #10,000 per month.

If you are interested, message me on whatsapp on 08145995531

How many articles and what's ur niche
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Attack; Special NAF Commandos Deployed To Zamfara State. Photos by javascriptDev: 5:25pm On Apr 03, 2018
Good development. But I don't think deploying airforce special forces is really necessary here. Their services and expertise will be better utilised in the north east . Regular infantry men can contain the herdsmen crises if the government so wishes

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Education / Re: Student Innovation Challenge. N30m in Seed Fund. Apply now at sic.ng by javascriptDev: 8:05am On Apr 03, 2018
Are you sure this guys are not gonna be stealing people ideas?


Webmasters / Re: I Will Write For Your Blog And Sites by javascriptDev: 2:27am On Apr 02, 2018
Still available
Programming / Re: I Want To Automate My Site To Send Data.... by javascriptDev: 2:25am On Apr 02, 2018

I was almost tempted to worry that perhaps one of the network providers have rolled out an api for reselling their SME data but then I saw where you said Local Nigerian SMS api and it became immediately obvious you are simply hoping to show yourself by this post.
When you throw around words like arrogance without knowing the right context to use it, it makes you the dumb one.
I never said no one but me can do it.
Please try to first understand exactly what the OP does as his business; what he wants people to do for him and then how one can go about doing it.

I don't think there is point arguing with you. You only believe what you choose to.
Programming / Re: I Want To Automate My Site To Send Data.... by javascriptDev: 8:15pm On Apr 01, 2018

None of them can do it.

Theres no api or ussd platform from network providers to enable you do that programmatically. Anyone who claims he can do it is only saying so because he has never given it a real thought or possibly downright scam attempt.
Just continue to de do your manual sending for now...

I think you are wrong, and very ignorant I must say, there local sms api that can do this. Yes, local Nigerian sms api that can do this. That you can not do this is one thing, saying others can not is sheer arrogant ignorance

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