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Politics / Re: Why Osinbajo Is Delaying Peter Obi- Kwankwaso's Merger Deal by Jimasun: 1:02pm On Jun 27
Your labor is already in vain, Osinbajo did judas once and he lost, he learned his lesson.

This is fake news.. grin grin

Lmao. You know the implication of him breaking SW votes for BAT. Use your sense and don't think you can intimidate him. If he breaks SW votes for BAT, BAT should forget it.
However, I pray Osinbajo doesn't decamp. I pray he supports BAT because no matter the differences, BAT is far better than Atiku.
However, you BAT supporters should not be unintelligent to think you can continue to harass an innocent man for exercising his fundamental human rights. This coming election will be won by few millions.
If you think PYO cannot get two or three million votes which should have gone to BAT, continue with the online bullying and nonsense you are doing.
Politics / Re: Exclusive: Why Angered Osinbajo Retrieved Funds From Kwara Delegates by Jimasun: 7:01pm On Jun 24
Fake news by Tinubu boys

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Video Showing Zelensky Planning A War With Russia Years Ago Surfaces Of Twitter by Jimasun: 3:54pm On Jun 24

Killed and destroy if they pick up arm against an elected government. Same is happening all over the world and not peculiar to Ukraine.

NO country on earth will also give up land easily. Even the local Omo-onile in Nigeria draw blood on tiny square meters of lands.

Those Russians in Donbass can simply move to Russia just as Bakassi Nigerians moved to Nigeria after ICJ ceded Bakassi to Cameroun. Nigeria did not invade Cameroun as a result of Bakassi.
If not stupidity, what else would make Ukraine to force ethnic Russians whose only language is Russia to teach their children in only Ukrainian language. It is their land, they are not leaving for anyone. Ukraine should move her jurisdiction to areas the people want to be part of Ukraine.
Everybody is not Nigeria that did mumu.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Grenoble Top Court Upholds Ban On Wearing Burkini In Municipal Swimming Pools by Jimasun: 8:56am On Jun 22
Hypocrites in what sense? lipsrsealed

And why do you assume that because your brain hurts, it also means mine hurts too? undecided
He said the truth.
How does someone wearing an hijab inside the pool infringes on your human rights?
You lots are same who argued how a man dicking another man infringes on the rights of African who are against the filthy behaviour
Politics / Re: Russia: 38 Nigerian Mercenaries Killed In Ukraine, 12 Still Fighting by Jimasun: 7:40am On Jun 19
he’s a true hero. Those that died while fighting Boko Haram have long being forgotten by Nigerian government. I am very sure Ukraine will forever honor your brother and your family duly compensated. May his soul Rest In Peace
True hero? He went to fight for Nazis. He is a scum. My condolences to his family but I have no pity for Nazis


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Asks Europe To Lift Sanctions On Russian Oil Tankers by Jimasun: 7:37pm On Jun 17
Any country following US orders at the expense of her people will have itself to blame.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: Russia Could Further Devastate US, EU Economy With Ban On Uranium, Othe by Jimasun: 4:18pm On Jun 15

your so daft and ignorant.

Lets see how russia survives without exporting.. op go back to your economics, you really need to grab some knowledge.

Ask Iran, Venezuela witb most oil reserve, that should be fucking rich like other Arab nation but aren't as a result of low export which was brought by sanctions. also Yemen, Syria, Iraq, how are they coping with such ban?
Another daft Mofo.
Do you realise India, Asia and Africa and even many European countries are increasing their purchase of Russian oil?
You better stop watching too much of western media

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: Russia Could Further Devastate US, EU Economy With Ban On Uranium, Othe by Jimasun: 9:08pm On Jun 14
Propaganda..no be only Russia get Uranium for the world na..Highest it will be sourced in other countries that has if.Hope u know Russia also depends on the west for Micro chips,and semi conductors because they don't produce it too.so both part will be affected
Too much ignorance in one post.
1. You need enriched Uranium to produce electricity with uranium - Russia holds 46% of the world's capacity.
2. Many European and even American nuclear plants depends on Russian technology. All Russia need to do is stop spare parts from reaching them.
3. Russia produces its own microchip enough for military use. But imports most of its need for civilian use.
4. However, without Russia, most microchip producers can't produce because Russia controls over 40% of neon gas (a very important material needed for chip production.) With its capture of Mariupol and impending capture of Odessa, Russia would control over 80% of neon gas worldwide and that's absolutely going to wreck havoc if Russia decides to withhold neon gas. Price of neon gas has already risen by over 1000% since beginning of the war.

The world need Russia, it is too big a country to be ignored

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Politics / Re: Fayose Writes Tinubu Over APC Primaries;tells Ex-governor"don’t Walk Into Danger by Jimasun: 11:43pm On Jun 06
All because of Judas, the evil insider and tool of destruction...

When your enemies are after you, they use and send your own brother to do the dirty work.

This is a sad lesson for us to learn, politics or no politics, this is real life.

I don't think you can ever have sense.
You want someone with Parkinson's disease and dimentia to become our president at this critical time?
You see PYO and Fayemi there, able, young and cerebral you want to vote a once cerebral but now degenerative brain.
You be mumu o


Politics / Re: Breaking News : Tinubu Chosen As The Consensus APC by Jimasun: 6:23am On Jun 06
Fake news

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Politics / Re: Watch The Moment Teslim Folarin Endorsed Tinubu by Jimasun: 11:58am On Jun 04
Lmao. See this man. Teslim is for PYO totally. You don't know what is going on

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Politics / Re: Court Okays Statutory Delegates To Vote In APC National Convention, Others by Jimasun: 10:55pm On Jun 03

I disagree with you completely. The judgement is in accordance with the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. The electoral act is subject to the constitution and the constitution already guaranteed the participation of statutory delegates in conventions like this. This is another poor job done by Ahmed lawan and co. I watched a lawyer explain this last week on TV. It's so clear that I was wondering if nobody knew about that section of the constitution.

As long as the convention has not taken place before the judgement it's still very implementable, the 7days submission of delegates list notwithstanding. This is a court judgement and INEC as a party is bound by it. We've seen INEC change names of candidates weeks to elections after the close of submission of candidate as a result of court orders and judgement.

However I think it's safer to proceed with the initial arrangement. But I won't be surprised if a restraining order of court against the party appears from nowhere on Monday saying don't conduct convention unless statutory delegates are allowed to vote. Fear Nigeria politicians oooooo.
You are a big joke if you think APC will allow any nonsense statutory delegate.
Give it up, BAT has lost!

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Politics / Re: Breaking News: Prof. Yemi Osibanjo Steps Down. by Jimasun: 7:34pm On Jun 03


Politics / Re: APC Lists Sub-Committees Of Special Convention For Presidential Primary by Jimasun: 6:25am On Jun 02
Na BAT men still head most strategic committees.

Deny him the ticket and kiss APC goodbye. Na answered prayer for Mkupumiri grin grin grin
You dream a lot.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Osinbajo On Top Priority As APC Govs Meet Over Consensus Candidate by Jimasun: 12:58pm On Jun 01
Osinbajo is the right man


Politics / Re: APC Candidate Must Be Someone That Can Give Nigerian Masses A Sense Of Victory by Jimasun: 3:34pm On May 31
Tinubu cannot give Nigerian masses a sense of victory before election.
Only Osinbajo can give us a sense of victory.

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Politics / APC Candidate Must Be Someone That Can Give Nigerian Masses A Sense Of Victory by Jimasun: 3:31pm On May 31
President Buhari has ordered APC NWC to reduce the number of aspirants and ensure that only an aspirant who can give Nigerian Masses a sense of victory should be presented.
Details later
Politics / Re: Oyo: Senator Folarin Defeats Adelabu, Others To Win APC Governorship Ticket by Jimasun: 5:57am On May 28

Osinbajo ko, Osunbajo ni.

Same Osinbajo that doesn’t even have all the Ogun APC in his hand will be one controlling Oyo.

Prof. Osinbajo has no structure anywhere bro. He is not a politician.

The fact you don't know Tessy is with Osinbajo is a pointer to your political naivity


Politics / Re: Oyo: Senator Folarin Defeats Adelabu, Others To Win APC Governorship Ticket by Jimasun: 4:01am On May 28

If he’s Tinubu candidate in that election, he wouldn’t have lost.

The guy that anchored that primaries (Tokunbo Afikuyomi) is Tinubu boy and Oyo APC structure is also in the hand of them Tinubu caucus.

Adelabu self no dey the party primary venue. Even the APC chairman for Oyo na them them Asiwaju caucus with them Fatai Buhari.
Oyo APC is in the hand of Osinbajo caucus

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Politics / Re: The Incoming President 2023 by Jimasun: 3:13pm On May 26
i dont like osinbajo.i see him as a hypocrite and shouldnt be trusted

But he has a good chance
Na you we should trust?

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo's DG Senator Gaya, Caught Sharing Money In Kano. by Jimasun: 3:12pm On May 26
Fake news by bullion van people.
Politics / Re: Lagos 2023: APC Committee Bar Abdul-Ahmed Mustapha From Primary Venue by Jimasun: 1:55pm On May 26
He should not bother fighting them. Buhari will soon serve their leader confirmed breakfast.

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Politics / Re: Breaking: VP Osinbajo Urinates On Himself by Jimasun: 5:40pm On May 25

Don't take life too seriously bro.! Las las we are all rooting for Tinubu but if Osinbajo emerges, who am I not to support and vote for him? Rather than vote Wike, Atiku or Peter Obi, I'll gladly vote Osinbajo. I brought this here so Peter Obi's supporters who always call Tinubu the pee-poo's President would know that sweat could have caused Tinubu's agbada to get wet!
Osinbajo will emerge, you will support, Osinbajo will win, you will be happy, Nigeria will be great

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Politics / Re: APC Primaries Projection Do You Agree by Jimasun: 8:46pm On May 24
Thrash from Tinubu's dogs.


Politics / Re: Will You Say He Looks Presidential? by Jimasun: 2:27pm On May 24

People that are untrustworthy.

1. Pastors
2. Lawyers
3. Lecturers
4. Politicians

Judas Osinbajo combines the four professions above.
Cocaine pushers are talking, we will ignore you henceforth


Politics / Re: Will You Say He Looks Presidential? by Jimasun: 2:02pm On May 24
He is competent.
He is trustworthy.
He is loyal to Nigerian people.
He is the bridge between the complicated past and the progressive, peaceful and united future.
He is physically healthy.
He is mentally healthy.
He has no cocaine history.
He has no corruption history.
He has no certificate scandal.
He started and championed the most successful Social Empowerment Program in the history of Nigeria with the approval of President Buhari.
He is Yemi, the son of Osinbajo.
He is Oluleke, the best among the aspirants.
He is a professor, the trusted confidant of Buhari; the super delegate.
He is the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
He will take Nigeria to greater heights.

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Politics / Re: Bashir El-rufai: Tinubu Is The Most Important Factor In APC's 2015 Victory by Jimasun: 11:37am On May 24
Tinubu don lose already

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Politics / Re: Nwajiuba: North Would Back South-East APC Presidential Candidate if…. by Jimasun: 2:47pm On May 23
How to lose election without contesting

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Politics / Re: Lawan, Tinubu, Amaechi, Osinbajo: The Titans In The APC Presidential Race by Jimasun: 12:53pm On May 23
PYO is the deal

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Foreign Affairs / Re: CoolCola: Russia Launches Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Alternatives After Soda Ex by Jimasun: 8:25am On May 23
This is a clear sign of isolation.When we all stop buying your oil, we shall see how you will launch alternativesgringringrin
Who are the we..


Politics / Re: Buhari $ole Determinant Of APC Presidential Candidate – Zulum by Jimasun: 9:38pm On May 22
Who doesn't know this ...Buhari will hand pick APC candidate like he hand picked the chairman

Funny think is only few people know the Candidate even as it stands now ...it can be anyone

But doesn't look like tinubu or osibanjo tho

Nwajuba , lawal , onu, ameachi ,umiah
Osinbajo is Buhari's choice. Don't waste your time

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