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Celebrities / First Black-owned Cannabis Company Launched In Illinois By Vic Mensa by Joseph141: 7:05am On Aug 11, 2022
As history may have it, there has not been any cannabis company own by any black man around Illinois, now one of the American Rapper popularly known as Vic Mensa has broken the history by launching a black owned Cannabis company in Illinois.

According to some reports relating to the newly launched cannabis company by Vic Mensa, his aim is mainly to make some good reinvestment in some citizens and the community at large “that have been historically and disproportionately affected by outdated laws, prejudices and assumptions regarding cannabis consumption."

Vic Mensa also in his Instagrams post reviewed how weed actually helped him mainly his musical career and also taught him a lot of ethics in music, according to him is better to face and do something you love doing more that the other way round. Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/08/first-black-owned-cannabis-company.html
Celebrities / Rick Ross: Why I Have Not Taken Anyone I Worked With To Court. by Joseph141: 10:58am On Jul 30, 2022
The big Ross has taken out time to explain to his fans why he has never sued any body he has worked with for any reason not given a public report about someone who offended him before.

According to him in the statement that was released by the MMG mogul, this has been possible with Rick Ross just because of the respect he has for everyone, whether you are working with him or not.

Meanwhile, according to Ross himself during a Talking time with the Beyond The Chair podcast, he narrated how is tries his good best to maintain any agreement he makes with anyone he is working with, even in his music deals.

Rick Ross during the interview asked and answered himself some questions, which includes if he has been robbed, if he has been taken advantage of, if he has taken someone he is having a music deal with to court and in response to all those questions, he answered No.

Ross then continued to explain why those have never happened in the history of his music career and according to him, it was just because he always respect any agreement he has with anyone in any music deal despite how long the deal may take.READ MORE https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/rick-ross-why-i-have-not-taken-anyone-i.html
Celebrities / Nba Youngboy Escapes Jail As He Is Found Not Guilty In Federal Gun Case by Joseph141: 10:48am On Jul 16, 2022
Previously NBA YoungBoy had being going through some trials over federal gun case in Los Angeles and had gone through the due court process just to come out with victory.

NBA YoungBoy was found not guilty over the federal gun case on Friday (July 15) after being arrested in Los Angeles on March 22, 2021, the court, according to record, he was actually gave the police a though time while they were looking for him are as he tried to hide from the arrest initially.

Meanwhile according to the provisions of the law, he would have gone for a seven years imprisonment if he was found guilty in the court, but as it stands now, he has just escaped that .

Following the fact that he had an outstanding warrant against him stemming from a Baton Rouge weapons arrest, he was found with FN .45 pistol and 12 rounds of ammunition which the police confirmed are his after they searched his car.. Read More https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/nba-youngboy-escapes-jail-as-he-is.html
Celebrities / Soulja Addresses Fans On The Issue Of Responding To Wizkid 12 Year Old Tweet Abo by Joseph141: 12:59pm On Jul 12, 2022
Soulja Boy on Sunday (July 10) reacted to one of the Nigerian top hip hop artists 'wizkid' twelve year old tweet about on Twitter.

In the tweet on Twitter, Wizkid actually called him a Wack, following the tweet Wizkid wrote “I swear soulja boy is wack!..jeeeezzzzz!” and now Soulja boy has taken to his Twitter account to respond to him..

So according to Soulja boy response to Wizkid, he wrote Ya mama Wack, “Shut ya bitch ass up.”, this has really caused a great reactions online as a lot fans are wondering why Soulja boy would come now to respond to an old tweet that way

Meanwhile the both singer was actually in their late 20s, although they have started killing it out there with their craft and it's seems Wizkid only said that just to draw Soulja Boy's attention as both of them were at the same age then. Read More https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/soulja-addresses-fans-on-issue-of.html
Celebrities / Nicki Minaj Pregnancy Rumour "I'm Just Fat" She Breaks Silence Over Her Pregnanc by Joseph141: 9:35am On Jul 11, 2022
Previously, their have been a rumour going around all social media platforms concerning the female rapper about being pregnant, and for some times then it seems that it's true because she refused to say anything about it, but finally she has broken the silence .

Nicki Minaj spoke about the issue of being pregnant on Instagram where she came live to answer some few questions which fans have been asking her about her personal life.

Nicki took out time ahead of the Wireless Festival in London on Sunday (July 10) to have some quality discussion with her fans on Instagram live, so while speaking about the pregnancy thing,

she said " “Am I pregnant? Oh, I did mean to tweet this: I’m not fat, y’all, I’m pregnant [laughs]. Oh wait. Did I say it wrong? I’m sorry. I think I said it wrong. I meant to say I’m not pregnant, I’m fat. But thanks, guys, for all the congratulatory messages.” she added. Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/nicki-minaj-pregnancy-rumour-im-just.html
Celebrities / Notorious B.I.G: Diamond G Explains Why Its Unfair To Other Rappers From The Big by Joseph141: 6:51am On Jul 10, 2022
In a recent conversation Diamond G had with the B High, he has taken out time to explain its unfair to other rappers from the Big Apple to call Biggie the king of New York.

Following the impact the Notorious B.I.G made despite his untimely death, many people in the New York city a d even Beyond are still considering him as the king of New York in terms of music.

meanwhile the fact he died a few days before the release of his project "Life after Death" has made fans to always acknowledge his days in the music industry, also, following the titles of his first Album " Ready to die" which also draw a lot attention to the mistry behind his death.

According Diamond Gin his conversation with the B High, he reviewed that "Biggie only released two albums while he was alive even though some people say it one and half Album", and for that reason it's very unfair to say that someone who just released two album project is a the King of New York.

Meanwhile, he accepted the fact that Biggie very good with his music and people loved him so much but all he is against the fact that he is being referred as the best ever, according to Diamond " it's very unfair to a lot of artist" he added. Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/notorious-big-diamond-g-explains-why.html
Celebrities / Kanye West Has Been Dragged To The Court By The Fashion Rental Service For $400k by Joseph141: 4:15pm On Jul 08, 2022
A fashion rental service has sued Kanye west over $400k which he allegedly owe them, according to report from the TMZ, the fashion rental service Sued him for not returning a lot of the items which he hired from them during his shooting in the year 2020.

A lot of reports has reviewed that Kanye and the fashion rental service has been really working together some a long time now as they are mostly the people he always rent some of the things he normally use during shooting.

Although, one of the members from the fashion rental service has come to explain why they actually sued him, according to him, Kanye west is seems to not to be keeping to their mutual agree they have concerning the things they do rent out to him.

According to the David Casavant Archive, Kanye west stopped paying them according to the agreement they had, he reviewed that they stopped receiving payment from him October 2020 but Kanye west did not return the items he has. Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/kanye-west-has-been-dragged-to-court-by.html
Celebrities / Dj Khaled Announces New Album Title With Cinematic Trailer That May Drop Soon by Joseph141: 9:44am On Jul 07, 2022
The Dj Khaled who claims to be the best and incredible in his craft by reviewing that no one can beat him in the Verzuz battle following all his accomplishment for far has once again announced the coming of his thirteenth studio album.

Dj Khaled made this preview of his album title On Wednesday (July 6) on his Instagram page and that has actually caused a big reaction on social media as his fans could not wait to see, many has started predicting what the new album will look like.

His ability to make good songs and sounds with his Dj craft has given him a good profile in the music industry and he has always maintain that exceptional pattern of his in the sound making.

Following the video he released on the social media which he used in creating awareness of the album, he also showed off some of his accomplishments over the last couple of years, which include his children, winning awards, earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which has actually made feel great all along.

Meanwhile fans are meant to be expecting a lot of artist in the album as he also showed in the video he released on his Instagram handle and theses artists Drake, Kanye West, Lil Baby, Future, Lil Durk, Don Toliver, Roddy Ricch, Gunna, 21 Savage, and other ones which didn't show up in the video. Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/dj-khaled-announces-new-album-title.html
Celebrities / R. Kelly's Suicide Watch Resolved After Filing Lawsuit Against Brooklyn's Metr by Joseph141: 11:27pm On Jul 05, 2022
R Kelly is a rapper that was recently sentenced to a 39 years imprisonment by the court at the and he is currently at the metropolitan detention center as a place he is going to serve for 30 years.

After the Rapper 'R Kelly' was jail after his trials in court on Wednesday (June 29) he was put under suicide watch by the metropolitan detention center authorities which was totally unacceptable by his attorney Jennifer Bonjean and a lot of his Fans.

According to his attorney Jennifer Bonjean, in a statement she made about his client being put on suicide watch, she mentioned that putting R Kelly in such condition in the prison is going to make him feel more bad and in response to that, one of the prosecutors who spoke with the prison officials said that the action was taking because of the rapper celebrity status.

But recently, report was gotten that Kelly filled a lawsuit against the metropolitan detention center concerning the issue of him being put on a suicide watch we have also gotten another report that the issues has been resolved and he has been taken out of suicide watch.

According to Kelly in the case he filled, he referred the action of him being put on a suicide watch as a violation of his 8th Amendment rights and it's “cruel and unusual punishment” for him . Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/r-kellys-suicide-watch-resolved-after.html
Celebrities / Wiz Khalifa Joins Shrooms Industry By Launching Psilocybin Wellness Brand by Joseph141: 9:34pm On Jul 02, 2022
Wiz khalifa who is popularly known by his fans for being a cannabis connoisseur has reviewed his plans of launching a new psilocybin and mushroom wellness brand.

He made this plan known On Thursday (June 30) and report has it that khalifa has already been working with the Ontario-based company to launch magic truffles in the Netherlands and now he has come up with decision of joining Shrooms industry.

I'm a collective report, the brand is reviewed to be in cooperation with Wiz and Canadian company Red Light Holland to launch home-grown natural (non-psychedelic) mushroom and they are planning on taking it to around Canada, Europe and US by the end of the year.

Wiz khalifa in his own statement has reviewed how excited he feels to bring in something that will come to stay which everyone interested can benefit from as he has already running the Mistercap Magic Truffles in the Netherlands and by also creating another Mistercap natural mushroom products and Home Grow kits, he has tagged to be a dope.Read more https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/07/wiz-khalifa-joins-shrooms-industry-by.html
Celebrities / R. Kelly Attorney Vows To Appeal As She Claim Rico Charges Is Inappropriate. by Joseph141: 7:21am On Jul 01, 2022
R Kelly who is popularly known as R&B singer on Wednesday (June 29), was sentence to 30 years imprisonment for sex trafficking.

This news appeared so shocking to a lot of people and fans of Kelly who are really concerned about him and was praying for a smooth judgement for him but as things later, the court ended up slapping him with 30 years imprisonment for the offense he committed.

A lot of people especially his attorney Jennifer Bonjean who backing up Kelly were not ok with the court decision has been planning for a way to get him out of the sentence and finally the attorney has filled for and appeal for the case.

Bonjean made her motive publicly during a post-sentencing press conference, where she called the additional Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization (RICO) act charge “inappropriate.”

According to her “These were not a RICO act violation,” Bonjean said at the post sentencing press conference . “These were isolated events that happened many years and the government simply tried to plead around the statute of limitations to bring in a RICO charge, which was inappropriate.Read more [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/r-kelly-attorney-vows-to-appeal-as-he.html [/url]
Celebrities / Beyonce Has Gotten So Much Praises From The American Formal First Lady Michelle by Joseph141: 8:26pm On Jun 23, 2022
The American female singer/Rapper has earned a lot of credits from fans and hip hop lovers over her newly released single "Break my soul" which has appeared to be so incredibly since it was released.

The "Break my soul" single that was by the singer a few days ago is a tips of the contents of Beyonce upcoming album that will be released soon and this song has won a lot of hearts.

Now, the formal American First Lady Michelle Obama who listened and fell in love with the song on Tuesday June 21 praised Beyonce for her new single as she complemented her highly and said she can wait for the album release.

She wrote on her tweet "Queen @Beyonce, you’ve done it again! “Break My Soul” is the song we all need right now, and I can't help but dance and sing along while listening to it. Can’t wait for the album!," Honestly, this is a very great new for her following her Renaisance album release.

Meanwhile the Break my soul single from Beyonce already won Drake Honestly Nevermind Album on a music house debate as a lot of fans highly credited her single rather than Drake's album. Read more [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/the-formal-american-first-lady-michelle.html [/url]
Celebrities / Kid Cudi Set To Invade 27 Cities On Three Different Continents During His 2022 M by Joseph141: 7:39pm On Jun 22, 2022
Kid Cudi is set for his 2022 moon world tour and his plan this time is to take it around 27 cities in different continents.

As the tour will actually take him all round the globe, he has been making a lot of preparations lately for the it and feeds have it that he if featuring Don Toliver, Denzel curry and other artists just to make it a memorable one.

Some of the cities the tour will be holding at in mainly in United States and London and they include Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Chicago,Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Tokyo and also other cities from other continents.

The Cudi world moon tour reportedly will be kicking off on August 6th at Vancouver as a ground opening and then it will be run through November. Also Read [url] https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/kid-cudi-set-to-invade-27-cities-on.html[/url]
Celebrities / Pusha T And Malice Reunites For Their First Performance After A Decade At Pharre by Joseph141: 1:27pm On Jun 21, 2022
Pusha T and Malice on Saturday (June 18), during the Pharrell’s Something In The Water festival in Washington, D.C reunites after a Long time of beefing.

It's been over a decade now since the two artist known are Clipse has not been seen performing together in any festival on the same stage but during the previous festival held by the very good friend Pharrell, the two artist "Pusha T" and "Malice" got reunited.

After their performance, Pusha took to his Instagram page to share how excited he feels as he wrote “Want for your brother what u want for yourself,” as he posted some of the of him and Malice together again after 10 years.

A jubilant Justin Timberlake was also so happy for their reunion that is been a long awaited thing which finally came through and he also wrote "“It’s so good. We’re back together! Look at us, we’re like an Oreo cookie!,“I’m looking forward to it, man. Yo, you know what’s crazy? It’s been 10 years since y’all been on stage together, but this fall, it’ll be 20 years since we did our joint and we only did it one time. It’s all types of history.” he said with joy. Read more [url] https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/pusha-t-and-malice-reunites-for-their.html[/url]
Celebrities / Dads Don’t Get The Same Treatment As Moms Do On Mother’s Day_ 50 Cent Stated On by Joseph141: 4:41pm On Jun 20, 2022
The father's day that was celebrated on Sunday 19th June was a great fun as a lot of father's in the world really celebrated and enjoyed themselves with their families and friends.

A lot of people including celebrities have been giving out some comments about the previous celebrated is all about and their have been so made definitions that have been used to describe the father's day celebration.

One of the American popular rapper 50 Cent also gave his own view about the father's day celebration, what it's about and his comment has drawn a lot of reactions on social as his statement sounds so funny and through.

50 Cent took out time to explain what the father's day celebration is saying that it's not really a a holiday to celebrate father's rather it's focused more on urging dads to do more work for the family. Read more [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/dads-dont-get-same-treatment-as-moms-do.html [/url]
Celebrities / RICK ROSS: Feeling Bad For Spending $50k On A Private Get_ I Could Have Spent It by Joseph141: 11:03pm On Jun 18, 2022
The popular American Rapper Rick Ross has publicly expressed his feelings on social media after spending a whooping sum of $50k on a private jet.

According to the singer in regret said that the money he just spent on hiring a private would have been more useful to him if at all he spent it on his farm.

The big Ross comment has dragged a lot of reactions on social media as a lot of people are wondering how a rich and famous rapper in America could be so angry Just for spending $50k on private that flew him to his destination.

But the answer and the truth of the matter is that despite he is rich, he is still very frugal with his money and he doesn't spend his money wildly on irrelevant things rather he would invest it in something that will grow and produce more income to him. READ MORE [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/rick-ross-feeling-bad-for-spending-50k.html [/url]
Celebrities / Cardi B Shares Her Life As A Joint Stripper As Part Of Her Success Story by Joseph141: 12:22pm On Jun 15, 2022
The American Bronx rapper has taken to Twitter on June 13th to share with her fans some her success stories especially how she started her music career.

Cardi who already made a name for herself even before she came up to be the super star she is today yesterday on Twitter narrated to her fans how she began her music life as a joint stripper which really contributed positively to her career as a rapper.

The rapper wrote that being a joint stripper was part of her life and she is so proud of that, infact that life made her who ever she is now.

According to her post on Twitter "Every time I go to a strip club I start calculating in my head how much I would of made that night if I was still stripping.I don’t know why ….I just automatically do that, She said.

She is so happy for making some of the decisions she made at her earlier state in music which being a stripper was part of it which really contributed to her whole life.even though people think that she has forgotten that life, she has made it clear now that the life is still part of her READ MORE [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/cardi-b-shares-her-life-as-joint.html [/url]
Celebrities / Don Jazzy Reviews Plans On Building New Headquarters For Mavin Record. by Joseph141: 9:32am On Jun 14, 2022
The Mavin Boss Micheal Collins Ajereh aka Don Jazzy has lamented on the social media concerning one of the major challenges he and the entire members of the Mavin record label have been facing lately.

The Mavin record label is one of the biggest music industry in Nigeria founded and owned by Don Jazzy whose primary aim is to raise talent and making good hip hop music and bringing entertainment to all hip hop lovers.

The record has produced a lot of top hip hop artists in Nigeria such as

Dr Sid
Koredo Bello
Dj Bid N
Johnny Drille
Baby fresh
Ayra Starr
Boy spyce and Don Jazzy as the Boss READ MORE [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/don-jazzy-reviews-plans-on-building-new.html [/url]
Celebrities / Kanye West Old And New Broken Relationships With Women. by Joseph141: 7:53pm On Jun 09, 2022
Kenye West is an American Rapper who is popularly known for his exceptional pattern of singer and inspiring lyrics of his songs.

Kanye West relationship and love life has not been a smooth story all through, in other words he has been a lucky one in term of love affairs and maintaining a long term relationship women.

Though he is a type of man who easily fall in love with women maybe based on the fact that he is a supper star and a well talented American Rapper but no know can actually tell why he always fails to maintain and keep a good relationship with any woman he falls in love with.

He had been in several relationships in all his life but at a time be decided to get married to one of them and he later got married to his women "Kim Kardashian" whom he later broke up with as report has it they are no longer together are husband and wife. READ MORE
[url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/kanye-west-old-and-new-broken.html [/url]
Celebrities / Read: Drake And A Strange Woman by Joseph141: 8:29am On Jun 05, 2022
Drake who is known for his generality can not stop putting smiles on people's face as that is one of his aim in music ' making people happy'.

This woman Brittney Keara has shared her happiest moment on Instagram as she went to a bar to chill down, in the bar where she went to chill was where she mate her best of all time.

She mate drake in the bar and was so happy that she went into conversation with him despite the kind of person Drake is, she was so happy that the rapper didn't neglected her when she approached him and she had to take some shot to keep that Memory of her happiest moment ever.

In her post on Instagram, she went on to describe the rapper's politeness as she never expected that he would be that way, she previously thought he would damm her but he didn't so she added a caption in her Instagram posts saying “Went to Joe Muer for happy hour ended up having shots with Drake. He was so cool and polite,” Keara wrote.Read more [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/drake-made-womans-day-after-she-ran.html [/url]
Celebrities / Why Young Thug Bond Release Was Declined By The Court Over RICO Case by Joseph141: 1:43pm On Jun 04, 2022
Following Young Thug trials in court over RICO, he was denied bond few weeks ago, and he has been seeking for the release of his bond.

So, it has been cleared that his bond release has been declined by the court as he would continue to stay in the jail and face some right deniers untill the need for him to get a bail comes.

Many fans and concerned people have been asking why his bond release was declined, now is was reported that a lawyer declined his bond release following the fact that the prosecutors have a lot of serious concern about him getting out on bond as they have so many crimes report against him. Read more [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/why-young-thug-bond-release-was.html [/url]
Celebrities / The Period American Rapper 'future' Got His First Hit Single by Joseph141: 2:25pm On Jun 03, 2022
Future is one of the top known Rapper in America but the has not been known for any hit track ever since he started his journey in the music industry.
Although he has made so many songs in the history of his career he got his first hit track in the year 2021 titled 'Way two', this song with the help his friend and colleagues in the industry 'Drake' helped him earned his first hot 100 on billboard.

Although Future has recorded a lot of singer in the history of his career, but its shocking to know that the rapper just got his first hit Single in the year 2021.

Meanwhile earlier this year, future then got his second #1 single and he also collaborated with Drake on another song titled 'Wait for you' to prove that both are magical in what they do. READ MORE [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/the-period-american-rapper-future-got.html [/url]
Celebrities / Wizkid Releases Names Of More Love Less Ego Collaborators And Date Of Album Rele by Joseph141: 7:41am On Jun 02, 2022
The Nigerian Hit maker, Wizkid' has released names of the people he collaborated with in his upcoming Album as he announced the releasing date of the album.

The singer on 1st of June announced that his fifth album release would be on August 5/8. Meanwhile he mentioned the More Love Less Ego precisely.

According to the singer in 2021, he was supposed to release the album before the end of may but due to the pandemic it has to be suspended till now and after months of recording, the has finally announced on the 1st of June that he would released the song August. READ MORE [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/06/wizkid-releases-names-of-more-love-less.html [/url]
Celebrities / Xxxtentacion Colab With Kanye West ‘true Love’ Is Out _ Watch Video by Joseph141: 4:38pm On May 27, 2022
Kanye west who got much love for XXXTENTACION will never allow his name to be wiped out from the scene.

Today a song titled True Love has been released by singer Kanye featuring the late singer XXXTENTACION. Although this song was not did when the singer was still alive.

As it was noted that their is a collaboration coming up between Kanye west and XXXTENTACION before the rapper passed away, and today Kanye West DONDA 2 is featuring the late rapper on the song True Love as way of paying a warming homage to Bleep. Read more[i][/i] [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/05/xxxtentacion-colab-with-kanye-west-true.html [/url]
Celebrities / Gunna Bond Denied Over Young Slime Life Ysl Case Fo Being In The Position Of Com by Joseph141: 11:22am On May 25, 2022
Gunna who is arrested along with Young Thug For being part of the people who are link with Young Slime Life YSL, yesterday was denied.

The people who are in charge of the case are putting in all there efforts in making sure that they catch everyone who is involved in the YSL and put them to justice.

Following the the report from the arrest that happened earlier this year concerning the criminal activities that were going on in the Fulton community, it was notes that Young thug was the CEO of the gang and he was arrested in line with Gunna and some other members and now they have been charged for RICO.[url]
Celebrities / BBN : Why I Could Not Continue With My University Education _angel by Joseph141: 7:01pm On May 22, 2022
The BBN season 6 how mate has reviewed reasons why she dropped out of the university.

Angel in an interview with media personality, Taymesan, published on Friday reviewed that the reason she only spent two weeks in the institution is due the a kind of sexual harassment she had in the school where she got admitted in.

According to the BBN season 6 star "I was in UNILAG for only two weeks. I struggled so much for those two weeks because when I got into UNILAG was my first sexual assault experience but I just pretended as I'd nothing happened and moved on with my life".READ MORE
[url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/05/bbn-why-i-could-not-continue-with-my.html [/url]
Entertainment / Post Malone Released New Song ..you Will Love To Listen And Watch The Video by Joseph141: 1:22pm On May 20, 2022
Today Post Malone released by new song titled Rescue Rangers from his upcoming album twelve carat toothache.

Post Malone being one of the artist who is always ready to give out track to his fans just to make them happy and for them to feel more entertained with him is also set to release another album but for the mean time he has released one single from the album just to show the fans what the album will look like.

Apart from the song he just released today, he also has another song titled Love/Hate Latter To Alcohol, Cooped Up with Roddy Ricch WHixh is also streaming online .CLICK TO WATCH [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/05/post-malone-released-new-song-you-will.html [/url]
Celebrities / Chris Brown Set To Release His 10th Album As Enlisted Wizkid For It. by Joseph141: 6:23am On May 19, 2022
The American singer Chris Brown has announced the releasing date for his long awaited project "10th Album" to be on June 24.

According to the singer, he featured so many artists from different part of the world in this fourth coming album that is about to be Released Next Month.

Some of the artist be listed include Wizkid, Lil Wayne, HER, Yung Bleu, Jack Harlow, EST Gee, Anderson Paak, Fivio Foreign, Ella Mai, Tory Lanez, and Blxst which will make the album to be a boom.

In the year 2019, Chris Brown released an album titled "Indigo" and now in 2022 he also releasing another album titled Breezy which he has already released it's art work to show that the album is set.
Read more [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/05/chris-brown-set-to-release-his-10th.html [/url]
Celebrities / Burna Boy: Released Date For 2022 Summer Tour. by Joseph141: 9:42am On May 18, 2022
The Nigerian Singer Burna Boy has revealed his plan for the 2022 summer tour which is said to happen in the mid July.

Burna boy has planned to release his sixth studio LP, Love, Damini along with the summer tour which will help the singer to promote his sixth studio LP

The LP is set to drop at 7 p.m. EDT on June 30 in celebration of his 31st birthday, which falls on a Saturday (July 2).

However, Starting from July 17 in Bridgetown, Barbados at the Tipsy All White Beach Party, Burna will then play six U.S. shows and perform at Montreal's Osheaga Festival on the 30th and closing out the run at Atlanta's State Farm Arena on the 31st. Citi cardmembers will have access to an exclusive presale starting Tuesday at 10 a.m. EDT and ending Thursday at the same time. The general sale for all shows will start Friday at noon local time.

READ MORE: [url]https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/05/burna-boy-released-date-for-2022-summer.html [/url]
Celebrities / Logic: New Album Set To Be Released Next Month by Joseph141: 7:00pm On May 17, 2022
The American rappers Logic has announced the releasing date his new album.

The rapper said that the album "Vinyl Days" will be released ahead of his upcoming tour coming up next month with Wiz Khalifa.

He also shared the artwork for the highly-anticipated project with the press release on Tuesday.

It is also recorded that throughout the summer, logic and Wiz Khalifa will be performing the new music in 28 cities across North America as they are set to bring along 24kGoldn, DJ DRAMA, C Dot Castro, and Fedd the God for various stops. READ MORE [url] https://www.thelightnd.com/2022/05/logic-new-album-set-to-be-released-next.html [/url]

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