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Religion / With God I Go Dey Alright by justmax007(m): 11:00am On Jun 23
I know times are hard but you can encourage yourself with this beautiful song and remind yourself that your tomorrow shall be better than today. Whatever challenge you are going through is temporary.

With God you go dey alright

Romance / You Light My Fire by justmax007(m): 10:52am On Jun 23
An irresistible afrobeat song to spice up your romantic moments with your partner

Romance / You Look So Good by justmax007(m): 12:26pm On May 25
A beautiful afrobeat song to make you feel good ☺️

Romance / Foreign Paradise by justmax007(m): 7:04pm On May 14
Captivating afrobeat song to calm your nerves

Romance / Gorgeous Sunshine by justmax007(m): 6:56pm On May 14
Beautiful afrobeat song for TikTokers and vloggers

Food / Re: What our kids requested for as lunch at school and what they got as lunch. by justmax007(m): 4:31pm On Mar 21
They were happy when they saw me bring the meals for them.

E good to get better mama cheesy cheesy cheesy

You did well dear πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Career / The Power Of Everyday Consistency by justmax007(m): 12:22am On Oct 15, 2023
Yes! "Rome wasn't built in a day." But have you ever stopped to think about what it actually took to build an empire as vast and influential as Rome? It took tireless, day-in day-out consistency over centuries....
Romance / How Hard Should Relationships Be? by justmax007(m): 12:08am On Oct 15, 2023
How hard should relationships be? It's a question that many folks ponder at one point or another as they navigate the ups and downs that come with being close to another person. On one hand, we've all heard that nothing worthwhile comes easy, so some degree of challenge could be seen as normal.

But on the other extreme, constant conflict or unhappiness may be a sign it's simply not meant to be. So where does one draw the line between routine bumps on the road and a road that's not suited for the long haul?.........

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Literature / The Money Trap: A Philosophical Exploration Of Wealth And Its Allure by justmax007(m): 12:22am On Aug 09, 2023
Money, an instrument originally designed to facilitate trade and measure value, has metamorphosed into a symbol of status and power. It embodies a peculiar duality - the pursuit of money as a means of freedom often results in a paradoxical enslavement. The more we amass, the more we find ourselves ensnared by its demands, yearning for ever-increasing wealth.

The money trap takes root in the psyche, fostering a belief that material possessions equate to self-worth. Society amplifies this notion, measuring success by the thickness of one's wallet rather than the depth of one's character. We thus embark on a relentless quest, relinquishing our time, relationships, and even our well-being at the altar of affluence.

Economics, with its meticulous equations and rational theories, fails to fully explain the irrational allure of the money trap. It's not merely about the accumulation of resources, but a pursuit of an ephemeral sense of security and control. Logic, which should guide us toward prudent decisions, often succumbs to the intoxicating promise of wealth, leading us astray.

History, our wisest teacher, bears witness to the cycle of prosperity and downfall. Civilizations that succumbed to the money trap focused their energies on accumulation rather than cultivation, and their downfall was as inevitable as the sun's descent. Empires crumbled under the weight of their own riches, their core values eroded by the pursuit of material grandeur.

Philosophy offers us solace amidst this tumultuous journey. It reminds us that wealth is a means, not an end. The ancient stoics advocated for cultivating virtues over possessions, understanding that true riches lie in wisdom, courage, and self-mastery. A life well-lived is one in which we strive to find balance, where material abundance serves as a tool to enhance our lives rather than a shackle that enslaves us.

I implore you to approach wealth with discernment. Diversify your portfolio not only in terms of assets but also in the richness of experiences and relationships. Elevate your understanding of prosperity beyond the confines of monetary value and consider the wealth of memories, love, and knowledge you gather on your journey.

In conclusion, let me offer a quote that encapsulates the essence of the money trap:

"Amidst the allure of wealth, remember that the true richness of life lies not in the glittering treasures amassed, but in the intangible gems of wisdom, compassion, and authenticity."

May this contemplation guide you through the labyrinth of the money trap, leading you toward a life of profound fulfillment and enduring significance.
Literature / Brokenomics - Art And Science by justmax007(m): 4:14pm On Jul 15, 2023
Behold, Nigerian politicians, adept in the art of ceaseless promises to mend the woes that plague the land, yet in their wake, leaving a trail of shattered fragments. It is as though they possess an esteemed doctorate in the subject of 'Brokenomics', a most curious discipline of their own making.
- Max

In the sprawling landscape of Nigerian politics, a theater of ambition and deception unfolds, captivating the minds of the populace. The politicians, parade upon the stage, their faces etched with a cunning that belies their true intentions. With eloquence and finesse, they spin tales of redemption and restoration, offering a glimmer of hope to a nation shackled by hardships.

Yet, it is within this intricate dance of words and gestures that a paradox unfolds. For as they pledge to repair the very fabric of society, their actions paint a different portrait altogether. Alas, their promises crumble like ancient ruins, their assurances akin to brittle parchments disintegrating in the wind. Like a masterful illusionist, they perform the art of deception, deftly diverting attention from their true intentions.

With each proclamation, they summon the imagery of progress and prosperity, whispering enchanting words that stir the hearts of the masses. Their voices echo through the streets, promising to mend the frayed social fabric, to heal the wounds inflicted by corruption and ineptitude. But alas, these words, like ephemeral phantoms, dissipate into the ether, leaving behind a bitter taste of betrayal.

It is a tale as old as time itself, where the pursuit of power blinds the conscience and corrupts the noblest of intentions. They dance upon the tightrope of duplicity, skillfully manipulating the hopes and dreams of the people. They possess a peculiar acumen in the study of 'Brokenomics', a discipline that thrives on empty promises and shattered dreams.

In this grand spectacle, the infrastructure crumbles, reminiscent of dilapidated London streets, adorned with potholes and decay. The schools, once temples of enlightenment, now stand as mere shells, lacking the resources and care they so desperately need. The healthcare system, a vital lifeline for the suffering, languishes in neglect, leaving the vulnerable to fend for themselves amidst a sea of broken promises.

Oh, the tragic irony of it all! Like characters from a Dickens tale, the politicians revel in their Machiavellian ways, leaving behind a wake of shattered hopes and fractured dreams. They possess a knack for theatrics, their words and actions choreographed to perfection, dazzling the audience with a false sense of progress while behind the scenes, they dismantle the very foundations they swore to uphold.

Thus, the tale of Nigerian politics unfolds, a narrative that is both captivating and distressing. It is a story of power and ambition, where politicians master the art of illusion, promising to fix everything while simultaneously breaking everything. In this realm of broken promises and shattered dreams, the people yearn for a hero, a champion who will rise above the deceit and restore their faith in the true purpose of governance.
Literature / Re: Rising Tides of Justice: Nigeria's Path to Redemption by justmax007(m): 3:06pm On Jul 13, 2023
In the embrace of this profound proclamation, shall witness the ascent of equity and the fall of iniquity, thus bearing witness to the indomitable spirit of justice.
Literature / Crisis On The Plate - Nigeria's Escalating Food Prices Threaten Survival by justmax007(m): 2:24pm On Jul 13, 2023
It was a time of scarcity and want in Nigeria, where sustenance was now an arduous pursuit. Food stuffs, humble and vital, such as rice, beans, yams, and plantains, had taken on an unattainable guise. The cause of this misery was none other than the surging price of fuel, a heartrending reality that beckoned the attention of the Government. A climate of deep anxiety enveloped the land, for the common folk cried out for respite, pleading for the leaders to heed their plight. Alas, the plight of the hungry went unanswered, as the weight of their hunger burdened their souls and cast a shadow upon the nation.

And as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a melancholic glow upon the city, the destitute retreated to their abodes, clutching the tattered remnants of hope that had yet to be extinguished. The echoes of their hunger and desperation lingered in the night air, a haunting reminder of a society burdened by its disregard for the suffering masses.

Oh, the anguish that swelled within the hearts of the people, as they gazed upon their empty cooking pots and contemplated their uncertain future! The burden of scarcity grew heavier with each passing day, as the cost of sustenance soared to unimaginable heights, casting an oppressive pall over the once-vibrant nation.

In the face of such unrelenting hardship, the people turned their weary eyes toward their Government, beseeching it to recognize their suffering and act with earnest resolve. Forsooth, the gravity of the situation demanded the attention of those in power, for the fate of a nation rested upon their shoulders. A call to arms, a plea for intervention, rose from the depths of the collective spirit, imploring the leaders to champion their cause.

Yet, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the people found their cries falling upon deaf ears. The corridors of power seemed distant and detached, shielding themselves from the anguish that unfolded in the streets below. The dire plight of the common folk, the struggle for sustenance, remained an afterthought in the chambers of governance, where the whims of the elite held sway.

Thus, the people languished, caught in the merciless grip of an unforgiving fate, their dreams of nourishment shattered upon the rocks of indifference. The spirit of resilience flickered, threatened to be extinguished by the icy winds of neglect. As the specter of hunger loomed large, the Government's inaction seemed a cruel and callous jest, a cruel twist in the narrative that rendered their suffering all the more poignant.

Oh, Nigeria! A nation yearning for solace, crying out for a compassionate touch to soothe its wounds. The pages of history stood poised to bear witness to the choices made in this pivotal moment. Would the Government, in all its power and might, rise to the occasion and confront the mounting crisis? Or would the plight of the hungry masses be relegated to the dusty annals of forgotten tales, a mere footnote in the struggle for survival?

Only time would reveal the answer, as the people held their breath, hoping against hope that the winds of change would blow in their favor. In this land of contradictions and untamed spirits, the battle for sustenance waged on, a battle fought not only on the fields of hunger but also in the hearts and minds of a nation yearning for a brighter tomorrow.
Literature / Rising Tides of Justice: Nigeria's Path to Redemption by justmax007(m): 1:43pm On Jul 13, 2023
Let it be inscribed upon the annals of Nigeria, that the hallowed principle of justice, in all its sacred majesty, shall verily reign supreme! As the kaleidoscope of time turns its relentless pages, the very fabric of society shall bear witness to the unwavering resolve of justice, akin to a virtuous knight, donned in armor resplendent.

In the heartland of Nigeria, where myriad tales of hope and despair intertwine, justice shall emerge as the noble protagonist, penning an epochal narrative of redemption. Through the labyrinthine corridors of courts, where the weary footfalls echo with yearning for redress, justice shall assume its rightful place, impartial and unyielding.

Through the trials and tribulations that beset the nation, justice shall be the guiding star, navigating the tumultuous sea of human affairs. Its scale, meticulously balanced, shall weigh the deeds of the righteous and the transgressions of the nefarious, meting out recompense with an even hand.

Let it be proclaimed from the pulpit of righteousness, that Nigeria shall bask in the radiant glow of justice's ethereal presence. It shall vanquish the shadows of corruption and prejudice, casting light upon the darkest corners, unveiling truth's resplendent visage.

Oh, Nigeria! Embrace this resounding decree, for justice, in its indomitable spirit, shall traverse the length and breadth of the land, rousing the downtrodden and beckoning the oppressors to account. With each passing day, justice shall etch its mark upon the nation, weaving an immortal tapestry of fairness and rectitude.
Romance / Re: Pastor Who's Married For 14 Years With 3 Kids That Are Not His by justmax007(m): 3:04pm On Jul 12, 2023

They are both wrong

Meaning you believed the impotent man's story 🀣

Hate me a man that shoot blanks...

Deceitful man.. why didn't he tell his wife his condition .. pastor my fair sexy ass

Fair sexy ass 😍
Business / Re: Please Help, He Has Refused To Refund My Money by justmax007(m): 1:03pm On Jun 28, 2023
Sorry dear
Religion / How Many Churches In Nigeria Do Preach Money Management? by justmax007(m): 9:41pm On Dec 13, 2022
Guys, how many churches in Nigeria do preach money management as one of the secrets of prosperity apart from giving sacrificially?

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