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Politics / Re: 9 Ex-Public Officers Forfeit Over N100 Billion To FG by Kdon2(m): 7:44am On Dec 15, 2019

So we actually have seized these money and yet we are never tired of borrowing?

It's either these money had been cornered or some senior people are trying to corner it.

One undeniable conclusion any sane mind can come up with after studying this APC government is: the more we see, the less we see....

They are doing their own coded looting whether you believe it or not.
Politics / Re: 9 Ex-Public Officers Forfeit Over N100 Billion To FG by Kdon2(m): 7:40am On Dec 15, 2019
Haaa cheesy
I have no doubt in my mind that PMB is the right person we needed in this country at this time of our political history.

He might be lacking in some ways of which no one is perfect, but for sure we needed a Man like him with a strong political will to deal with these criminals and somehow clean the mess of an immediate ugly past.

What simply happen is that the looting has changed direction. The looting is now in the north. The kind of stealing going on in this government is legendry even under buhari very nose. Unfortunately buhari is oblivious except you step on toes of the almighty cabal. His relatives are now super rich suddenly. So are people in his inner circle.

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Politics / Re: Punch - The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) by Kdon2(m): 2:27am On Dec 15, 2019

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.)

Punch made sure to remind us that PMB is still the president and he's also a retired military general which we all know already, so what's the point?

See how dumb, silly and redundant Punch is fast becoming?

With all their noise and puerile tantrums about addressing the president as a dictator and Major General Muhammadu Buhari, they saw their own stupidity and laughable idiocy, they quickly dropped the dictator and now adding retired to Major General Muhammadu Buhari.

All in all, Punch is actually polishing the President's name/Image and official designation, even adding more swag, value and prestige.

Poor punch, who led you down that sorry, childish and pathetic road?

There's a reason why the other legacy news media didn't follow follow and join your shameful and absurd stupidity.

grin grin

Puerile rants everywhere

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Politics / Re: H.E. Babajide Sanwo-olu Who Is Your God? by Kdon2(m): 1:57am On Dec 15, 2019
At the recently concluded Experience 14 which held at the Tafewa Balewa Sqaure and organized by House on the Rock Church, the sitting Governor of Lagos State made a very striking statement. In his own words, “At this same location (Tafewa Balewa Square) 193 days ago (as at December 6th, 2019) I took the oath of office. I was sworn in exactly in this same premises 193 days ago and that means that I have spent 193 days in office. I have spent 13.2% of my 1460 days in office, so what it means is that I am counting. I am counting down and I’m asking God to continue to lead me because at the end of that 1460 days I would stand accountable to God almighty and to the people of Lagos State that what have I done in those 1460 days.”

While the above statement may seem like a harmless and ascribes all the glory and power to God, we must acknowledge that it might be false to a large extent. If you replace ‘God’ with ‘Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ and replace ‘The People of Lagos State’ with ‘APC chieftains’ then the statement from H.E. Babajide Sanwo-olu (Governor Lagos State) seems to make more sense and sounds more in touch with reality! The corrected statement below would more accurate:

“At this same location (Tafewa Balewa Square) 193 days ago (as at December 6th, 2019) I took the oath of office. I was sworn in exactly in this same premises 193 days ago and that means that I have spent 193 days in office. I have spent 13.2% of my 1460 days in office, so what it means is that I am counting. I am counting down and I’m asking Bola Ahmed Tinubu to continue to lead me because at the end of that 1460 days I would stand accountable to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and to the APC Chieftains that what have I done in those 1460 days.”

While the sitting governor is a Christian, the former governor was also a Christian. Are we to now say that God removed H.E. Akinwumi Ambode from office? Did God and the people of Lagos that deny him the APC party ticket to run for a second term? If Ambode was accountable to God and the people of Lagos were his achievements as governor not enough to guarantee him of 8 years in office? Let’s all call a spade a spade! As far as the governance of Lagos State is concerned Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the god. All glory and adoration should be ascribed to him for him and he alone decides who sits, stands, runs, rises and falls from within the walls of the Bourdillon.

In what can be termed ‘the greatest political lesson on loyalty’ since 1999, a sitting Governor (Ambode) was outcampaigned, outnumbered and outed even before the expiration of his tenure. Campaign posters, billboards and adverts of Babajide Sanwo-Olu flooded the entirety of Lagos State one would think it was Sanwo-Olu versus Sanwo-Olu; was that the handiwork of God almighty and the people of Lagos State? That Babajide Sanwo-Olu scored 970,851 votes while Akinwunmi Ambode scored 72,901 votes amidst allegations of disenfranchisement and electoral malpractices from some quarters; was that the handiwork of God and the people of Lagos?

In a country with Yahya Bello’s, when it came to governance, Akinwunmi Ambode was arguably the best performing governor in the entire country. Good governance and projects couldn’t get him reelected. God almighty couldn’t save him; the people of Lagos couldn’t save him either. Why? In Nigeria, party politics reigns supreme and God/Allah is not a deciding factor! Your god is a man, the man who gave you the opportunity in the first place, the man who put you in office, that is your god! And you must serve your god! His bidding comes first, and your plans must align with his masterplan! If you sin against your god, you better be ready to either pay the price in full or overthrow your god and become god for yourself.

Let’s leave God almighty in heaven alone, He has other important issues to attend to and Nigeria doesn’t seem to be on His list. Even God knows that as long as Bola Ahmed Tinubu lives and breathes, Bola Ahmed Tinubu would decide if H.E. Babajide Sanwo-Olu gets a second term or not.

Fegor Okonedo
IG & Twitter @fegurgreen

Some slow poke losers
Politics / Re: HURIWA Carpets Muhammad Tanko For Stoking Religious Conflict by Kdon2(m): 10:25am On Dec 14, 2019
Attention seeking idiots. Accusations just for the purpose of staying relevant in the news.
The man should just ignore these fools, they have not recovered from the Onogene removal.

Dundee united

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Politics / Re: HURIWA Carpets Muhammad Tanko For Stoking Religious Conflict by Kdon2(m): 8:59am On Dec 14, 2019
As usual with xtian xtremists, act hysterical and irrational while twisting the words of other people.

At least them no dey murder people and blowing themselves up.


Romance / Re: I Quit Being A Nice Guy by Kdon2(m): 10:37pm On Dec 13, 2019

They always think their GF is different.

E get one girl for unilorin here she get one mumu fiance for lag wey dey spendon her like crazy and unknown to the fiance tge girl dey knack nonsense all over ilorin. I just pity nice guys.

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Politics / Re: Buhari’s Kinsmen Attack Aisha Over Villa Crisis - Punch by Kdon2(m): 8:42am On Dec 13, 2019


When they made puboic show of removing the office of the lady they didnt talk o, when they recorded the first lady on video and shared it publicly they didnt say its a family affair then. Bunch of low lives!

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari: Garba Shehu And Mamman Daura Undermining Office Of The First Lady by Kdon2(m): 8:45pm On Dec 11, 2019

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Politics / Re: Electricity Workers Begin Nationwide Strike, Blackout Looms by Kdon2(m): 8:37pm On Dec 11, 2019


We arr used to black out. Make dem no resume from tge strike forever,na dem go beg to resume las las na. grin
Business / Re: D Award Of D Most Useless Bank Of 2019 Goes To? by Kdon2(m): 11:22pm On Dec 09, 2019
D award of d most useless bank of 2019 goes to?

UBA nko?? Zero customer relation,zero content,zero initiative, zero ....
Romance / Re: Should I Marry A Girl That Pierced Her Nose And Has Multiple Earrings? by Kdon2(m): 10:06pm On Dec 09, 2019
piercings does not mean a girl is loose or an OLOSHO as you call it, it's all about taste and fashion, and other times out of curiosity....same way most guys love to have tattoos, but tattoos seem costlier than having multiple piercings that's why most guys haven't gone for it.

A girl can have multiple piercings and still be more ethical than a girl without one.

A girl with multiple piercings definitely has loose principles.

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Politics / Re: The Moment Sowore Sealed His Fate. When He Teamed Up With Kanu. ONE PICTURE. by Kdon2(m): 9:01pm On Dec 08, 2019

You've obviously been spending a lot of time in cemeteries and graveyards. Sad.

Thats why i know materials like this one na. grin
Politics / Re: Sowore’s Call For Revolution Not Different From Boko Haram Insurgency-Presidency by Kdon2(m): 3:05pm On Dec 08, 2019
The Presidency on Sunday said Omoyele Sowore, convener of the RevolutionNow movement was arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS) for trying to plunge the country into another instability like Boko Haram militants.

In a statement on Sunday, the presidency noted that following Sowore’s actions, the DSS does not need the permission of President Muhammadu Buhari to do its work whenever it needs to act.

In a statement signed by Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, it said no responsibility government will watch and allow anybody like Sowore openly destabilise the country and flee to his base in the United States like Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra (IPOB).

The Presidency notes some of the insinuations in the media about the arrest by the Department of State Services (DSS) of the agitator, Omoyele Sowore. The DSS does not necessarily need the permission of the Presidency in all cases to carry out its essential responsibilities that are laid down in the Nigerian Constitution – which was the foundation for the restoration of democracy in our country in 1999. However, it should not surprise anyone who has followed his actions and words that Sowore is a person of interest to the DSS. Sowore called for a revolution to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nigeria.

He did so on television, and from a privileged position as the owner of a widely read digital newspaper run from the United States of America. He founded an organisation, Revolution Now, to launch, in their own words, “Days of Rage”, with the publicised purpose of fomenting mass civil unrest and the elected administration’s overthrow.

No government will allow anybody to openly call for destabilization in the country and do nothing. Mr. Sowore is no ordinary citizen expressing his views freely on social media and the internet. He was a presidential candidate himself, who ran – and lost – as the flag bearer of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the February 23 general elections. Nigeria’s democracy was a long time in the making, and was achieved after decades of often harsh, military-led overthrows of government: the kind of situation Sowore was advocating.

To believe in and desire armed revolution is not normal amongst ‘human rights activists’, as Sowore has been incorrectly described. Again, it is no surprise that he should be a person of interest to the DSS.

Nigeria is already dealing with an insurgency that has left millions of people displaced and desperate in the northeastern region of our country.
The Boko Haram militants, who are behind the violence, also fancy themselves to be fighting for some sort of revolution.

Nigerians do not need another spate of lawlessness and loss of lives all in the name of ‘revolution’, especially not one that is orchestrated by a man who makes his home in far away New York and who can easily disappear and leave behind whatever instability he intends to cause, to wit, Nnamdi Kanu.

Awon oponu oloriburuku. How is Boko haram is now the same as demanding good governance for nigerians. Spit
Religion / Re: Nigeria Can Never Be An Islamic Country - Bishop David Oyedepo (Video) by Kdon2(m): 3:01pm On Dec 08, 2019
[quote author=djkotech post=84735749]During the just concluded shiloh 2019, the founder of Living Faith Church popular known as Winners Chapel came out to say that no matter the plans of the evil ones

Click to watch the video

Thank you sir. Not all leaders would be coward like fake pastor osinbajo.
Politics / Re: The Moment Sowore Sealed His Fate. When He Teamed Up With Kanu. ONE PICTURE. by Kdon2(m): 2:59pm On Dec 08, 2019

Apart from his criminal and sadistic plans to overthrow Nigeria's democratically elected government, he teamed up with another criminal element wanted in Nigeria for criminal activities and the leader of a terrorists group banned by the Nigerian government to destabilize Nigeria and overthrow the government in power.

The moment he met with the ipob terrorist leader wanted by the Nigerian government, he lost all credibility. You can not in good conciseness say you want the best for Nigeria and Nigerians while teaming up with a wanted terrorists who openly vowed to kill and cut off the head of the president of Nigeria.

The sour loser lost election today and called for revolution and destruction of Nigeria the next day,

Another cemetry material


Crime / Re: Girl Turns To Snake In Her Boyfriends Room by Kdon2(m): 2:29am On Dec 06, 2019


Thunder! You get candidate here o.!
Celebrities / Re: Cardi B Twerks To Davido's 'Fall' In A Private Jet (Video) by Kdon2(m): 2:09am On Dec 06, 2019

This woman again ....

In my dream last night ... To be sincere this is one of the shocking things I have ever seen in a dream.

I boarded a bus from oshodi to mile 2 with cardi b ... The conductor warned us never to look through the window ...

The journey started and cardi b wanted to greet someone through the window ... That how her head flew away from the window....

We never notice that because her neck was shouting ...

When we reach festac she walked up to me to compalin about her missing head.

In order To help her I boarded an okada that will take me back to where her head was ...

I manage to pick up the head and dust it ... Fix it back and she is happy.

Thats why she is dancing on the private jet ...

You dey read this abiiii

You go hear rubbish today ...

If you are ready for another rubbish .. Hit the like button.

Werey!!! grin grin grin
Politics / Re: List Of Former Governors Jailed For Corruption by Kdon2(m): 1:52am On Dec 06, 2019
OK, guys, without wasting time, I present to you list of former governors who are presently serving jail terms for corruption.

1. James Bala Ngilari (Adamawa State )


PS: James was later acquitted by the Court of Appeal after 2 years.

2. Joshua Dariye (Plateau State)


3. Jolly Nyame


4. Orji Uzor Kalu


So guys, there you have it. If I'm missing any names, please do point it out in your comment. And which other former governors are you hoping should join them very soon? grin

Saraki and yerima

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Romance / Re: Fucking Hot Dude... �� by Kdon2(m): 2:03am On Dec 04, 2019


Madness on dis nairaland no be here!
Politics / Re: Rivers Is Not A Christian State, Wike - Punch Editorial by Kdon2(m): 10:16am On Dec 02, 2019


Look at this self righteous being! Where were you when zamfara drclared sharia as state law. You didnt write long epistle then neither did you cite the constitution to sokoto government or kano that their state is not a muslim state. Nonesense
Education / Re: Anita: 'I Was Raped By Emeka Gabriel Oboh Aka Obojingo In UNIZIK' by Kdon2(m): 10:10am On Dec 02, 2019

never trust a man named OBO

Now this is a rape story i find credible... there was violence, act of intimidation and witnesses

not some of this bullshit stories we hear , that the victim doesnt make noise or attract any witness or even ask the rapist to put on condom


Obontami se u hear??
Politics / Re: RE: A More ABSOLUTELY Convincing Evidence To Show Gowon Released Chief Awolowo by Kdon2(m): 5:38am On Nov 28, 2019
I only pity the Idiots coming here to always argue this trash...

Una get strength...

Some who rode on cocoa plantation to introduce ethnic politics and also died of his own devilish action is same person u waste time arguing about his end...Of what use.

Since Gowon released I believe by now he is in Ikenne. , his father's compound.

Do you know how many awolowo children are in government consistently since the patriach died?Your hatered will eventually consume you.

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Politics / Re: Establish Shari‘ah Courts In South-West - Muslims Tell Governors by Kdon2(m): 11:08pm On Nov 25, 2019
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Sexy Babes In Ilorin For Hookups by Kdon2(m): 7:45pm On Nov 22, 2019
Any fine babes ready to mingle in ilorin, comment your location and phone number.

Serial killer/ritualist on my mind
Education / Re: The Alleged Queens College School Girl Simply Dressed For School Drama, Securit by Kdon2(m): 11:00pm On Nov 21, 2019
Before you judge her, please read below.

The Alleged Queens College School Girl Simply Dressed For School Drama, Security Man Took Law Into His Hands .

Female student whose video went viral online once won N250,000 in a FirstBank’s essay competition

Queens College student who fixed eyelashes to school wore it for a school play has been reportedly identified as Nnachi Grace Amarachuwu is said to be one of the most brilliant student in Queens College and she had the fake eyelash on for a role in a school play. Amarachuwu is said to be one of the smartest kids in school as she has represented the school in different functions and competitions.

See Photo of Amara holding a dummy of N250,000 after winning an essay competition sponsored by Firstbank.

According to reports, the security men at the gate worked in isolation by stopping the girl and her mom from entering the school premises after it was believed that she wore the fakes lashes for a school play.

Her drama teacher was actually waiting for her inside the school but the security man took the law into his own hands and stopped her at the school and this infuriated her mother, who then demanded to see the school head. The security man refused to allow her see the school head and as she insisted to go in, the security guard pushed her and she got angry and held the man by his clothes, which was what the public saw on the video.

The school authority has denied knowledge of the incident and demanded to know why the student was turned back without their knowledge since her dressing was for her school drama

The case is currently being resolved by the school authorities who we believe will sanction the staff who put the viral video of the mother attacking the school security officer into circulation.

Read :



I smell lies
Health / Re: Ene, Emaciated Lady In Ajah Is Rehabilitated (New Photos) by Kdon2(m): 8:47pm On Nov 19, 2019
Naked emaciated lady seen in Ajah is unrecognizable in new photos after being rehabilitated.

Remember the naked emaciated lady found in Ajah with rumours flying around that she was thrown out of a moving car? She has been rehabilitated and now looks healthy.

The woman, whose name has been given as Ene, was seen in October at Jubilee Bridge, Ajah. She had no clothes on and was so skinny, her bones were prominent.

Different people gave differing accounts of how she came to be found at the bridge.

As her story went viral, help came in the form of a kind Nigerian woman who rushed her to the hospital and got her medical treatment.

One month after, Ene is recovering and looks way better than she did only weeks ago.

BY GISTMORE - http://gistmore.com/naked-emaciated-lady-seen-in-ajah-is-unrecognizable-in-new-photos-after-being-rehabilitated

Waoh!A new lease of life!
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage's Hotel Room At The 7-star Burj AlArab Jumeirah, Dubai by Kdon2(m): 7:10am On Nov 16, 2019
She's lonely
I'm sure she's missing wizzy

Na only her pizzy wizzy go dey bang?

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