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Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by kiara11: 8:29pm On Mar 24, 2013
beautiful,fresh,clean and organised city.

no wonder international investors keep flocking in. Good work kenya
Celebrities / Re: Usain Bolt Dumped By UK-Based Girlfriend by kiara11: 9:55pm On Dec 23, 2012
Secret NL long distance e-wifey, I still love you! grin

kiss Love you too.No home-comings though. grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya BANS All GMO Monsanto Foods! by kiara11: 7:30pm On Dec 04, 2012
andyprez: Most of us that are refusing the GM foods have been eating it over time. e.g some our bananas, maize, peppers, cat fish etc. My point is that there are no known risk to it but benefits (I mean as of today). There are serious food scarcity in the world especially the eastern africa (kenya) & they are rejecting a solution. Technology is a better solution for our crops which helps give a faster & better nutritional values.
N:B. GM foods are not chemicals, but basically gene transfers. You can google it!

Look here friend,Kenya exports food to other countries from fruits(to europe,and as far as asia),milk and it's products,fish,beef,chicken,grains etc.
The standards set are so high such that you can't go about using any kind of pesticides (don't know if uv have of dudutech) or other modifications on crops.We export it the way they want it because they care for their population.
And they won't take any GMO products come what may.That is how strict they are.
Now 85% of kenya is very fertile.The only non fertile region is the Northern part where the nomads live and that is the region bordering somalia.
It's the same region where refugee camps are located.So whenever you hear of food aid it's normally targeted at the northern region.
It's an insult to farmers when they hear about importing food esp gmo, yet they are searching for market already.In short what I am saying is, Kenya doesn't need food Aid because its capable of producing enough for its people.
Why is africa hell bent on importing everything?? Land you have,rains you have,tools you have,human labour you have! we need bibs as well?
A development conscious african goverment should be talking about empowering the local farmer,equipping him with tools,pesticides etc to enable them produce more food for the people.
Not importing food!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya BANS All GMO Monsanto Foods! by kiara11: 5:10pm On Dec 04, 2012
OMO IBO: Theres something about Kenya I like. I don't know if pragmatic quite describe what I think they are.

At topic,
I've never liked the idea of GMF. It is obvious a couple of rich and powerful guys are behind it.
Kenyans are a people who will not let their leaders do as they so wish.Those days are long gone.They will strike,take to the streets,bring everything to a standstill and will be intimidated till whatever they are fighting for is implemented.They hardened.
GMO will not enter the country if kenyans say No.That I know for sure.It's the people's voice that rules.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya BANS All GMO Monsanto Foods! by kiara11: 4:39pm On Dec 04, 2012

I'm not saying import whatever goes, but what tests are Kenya going to carry out on those foods? People should deal with their real problems and stop chasing shadows.

She banned the importation of such goods.Kenyans grow organic foods but greedy people always want to exploit others by importing anything even though we have enough food rotting on farms.
It's easy to verify the custom entry documents of food consignments to ascertain their GMO certificate.
Infact African nations need not importing food it's a shame.
In Kenya for instance the weather varies.While the Northern part is dry the rest of the country is very fertile throughout the year.
Few greedy people in goverment take adv of such elements and instead of buying from local farmers in fertile regions,they go about importing to make it look like a calamity.Weather variations present opportunities to make money by few NGO's as well.
GMO is not beneficial to Africa at all.Its negative effects are already being felt in the west.
I think we need to encourage farmers to grow more food instead and support farming initiatives instead of settling for cheap but expensive options.
Thank God kenyans cherish what they plant.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya BANS All GMO Monsanto Foods! by kiara11: 11:23am On Dec 04, 2012
smiley smiley
Foreign Affairs / Giant Of Africa Meaning by kiara11: 2:31pm On Nov 18, 2012
What does it mean since every other African country with stable economy,abundant resources and good infrastructure views itself as so.
Is it about population,achievements or country size.
Help define.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 4:30pm On Nov 10, 2012
sucad: Sometimes i feel like white people ended slavery a little too early. tongue

grin grin you are crazy indeed.
Romance / Re: Naija Boys. What Chicks Do You Prefer? Ethiopians Or Somali by kiara11: 1:30pm On Nov 04, 2012
grin you guys are here again?
hi ayanle smiley
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 9:25am On Nov 03, 2012
sucad=male=somali6 grin
but honestly somali6, I hv been waiting for you to mention one Waris Dirie,author,actress and human rights activist.
I love that somali woman for the fight she's putting against FGM.
Lemmie ask sucad(ur female version), do u support FGM on very young girls?
Because it seems like the only activity you guys spend so much energy/time promoting
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 6:10pm On Oct 30, 2012
grin angry sucad at least two.only two achievements.
am waiting paatiently. smiley
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 7:26am On Oct 30, 2012
shocked what happened ? I came to read the achievements!!

Sucad's been scarred.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Bombs Sudanese Rockets Factory by kiara11: 2:44pm On Oct 29, 2012
mdsocks: So much for a country's sovereignty..

I see that most people are blinded by sentiments here...Lets say China bombed India because it was bilding rocket launchers for Japan..

What would have been the response? Y 'all still slaves to this western mentality.

Are you aware that Bashir is on the most wanted list by the ICC for HORRIBLE crimes against humanity? The man Bashir is not as innocent as you think.
The guy has and is still oppressing S. Sudan like no man's business! and if left alone will do things unimaginable.
Let's just say that,Nuclear weapons are safer in the hands of terrorists than Bashir.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Bombs Sudanese Rockets Factory by kiara11: 1:52pm On Oct 29, 2012
Israel Channel 2’s veteran Arab Affairs Analyst Ehud Yaari reported Wednesday evening that if the Sudanese are correct in accusing Israel, that would mean IAF jets traveled armed and undetected almost 1,200 miles to carry out the attack. Interestingly, he pointed out, this is almost the same distance that would be required to bomb Iran’s key nuclear facilities in Fordo and Natanz shocked

Yaari points out that Sudan has for years been a key station on the weapons’ smuggling route from Iran to Gaza. He says that Sudan and Iran have had a military cooperation agreement for more than four years. And on Thursday, Haaretz quoted Sudanese opposition sources who say the bombed arms factory belonged to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Haaretz quotes past reports in the international press indicating Iranian-built weapons factories in Sudan were used to secretly arm Hamas terrorists in Gaza. It also reports that after the fall of Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, the Revolutionary Guards’ al-Quds Force smuggled “dozens of antiaircraft and SA-24 missiles from the Libyan army’s crumbling arsenals to Sudan, in order to later pass them on to Hamas” in Gaza.

Israel intelligence on another level.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 12:19pm On Oct 29, 2012
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Bombs Sudanese Rockets Factory by kiara11: 12:09pm On Oct 29, 2012
Ouch Bashir!! smiley
Foreign Affairs / Re: Africa / Is Military Strength A Reflection Of A Country's Might? by kiara11: 11:46am On Oct 29, 2012
I like what you put up there.I have seen how easy it is to bring a prospering African nation down to it's knees, with my own eyes.
Kenya was headed the same way in 2007.But I am glad the mayhem stopped before the country became a war zone.
I know or have always known that puppets exist in every African nation.Puppets with immense favours/support from interested foreign powers.
At the opportune moment they come out of their shells to 'fight' for their people's rights and are deemed as heroes.Very dirty politics full of blood money.

Please tell me. Is Boko Haram the biggest threat to Nigeria? If not what is?

Would you refer to yourself as a power house because of your country's military's experience/expertise or because the economy is flourishing?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: What Are The Differences Between Somaliland And Somalia? by kiara11: 10:58am On Oct 29, 2012
redsun: The ugandan or so forces fighting the al shabbaab terrorist in somalia does not have a single helipcoter.No support from anywhere,not the UN, and not from african governments.

How are they suppose to win the battle?


I think you need to update.The war started a year ago and has progressed till now.The major fight was fought using the most advanced weapons from satellite tracking to ground work.It was very strategic because proper planning,financing and cooperation from interested parties (local and foreign) went into it.
Note that, not everything could be brought out for the media as the war progressed because they didn't want to jeopardise their mission.
We only learnt of the victories and kept hoping that they finally enter mogadishu.
Well the outcome of the war was the capture of key strategic towns including the main stronghold,Kismayu port which was used as a gateway for illegal money and corrupt businesses (charcoal), thus denying the entire EA community the peace to do proper biz. Kismayu port actually financed the Elshabab,but they have now gone into hiding,after AMISOM took over their key facilities;The main airport,radio stations,the goverment house etc.In short they lost all their controls.

Mogadishu is at the moment going through a clean up exercise,to rid it of explosives left behind by running terrorists.
Thereafter, the transition should begin, with the somalia forces working hand in hand with AMISOM left behind to carry on. It's a complex and delicate exercise.
Lets hope that peace reigns.
Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by kiara11: 10:44pm On Oct 28, 2012
Melie 200:

Haujui kusengenya Mtu bana
Make sure I can't understand u the next tym
Mavi a kuku Nkt!!!

aish harsh hiyo. It was on a light note, but pole sana.
maana yake ilikua, ukitry kucompare and kushow vile nbo iko better than the host watatokelezea ki verbal.Ni lesson nilijifunza hapa.
amani? smiley
Foreign Affairs / Re: What Are The Differences Between Somaliland And Somalia? by kiara11: 10:05pm On Oct 28, 2012
Well don't be quick to put blame on the UN.Blame the AU instead because the UN will follow their lead.

I came across an interesting article which could help you understand the politics at play.

The primary reason that the African Union has given for not recognizing them is that they viewed Somalilands's claim as just another enclave seeking separation, and apparently this violates the principles of the African Union.

The African Union itself does not favour rearranging the borders of African countries, especially where there is no agreement. It feels that, rightly or wrongly, the colonial borders were fixed and that changing them would open up too much uncertainty.
The fact that Somalia refuses to recognize the existence of Somaliland is a significant factor in this. The matter is further complicated by the fact that there is another separationist movement in a tract of land called Puntland which joins these two regions. As long as this instability exists, it is unlikely that the African Union will recognize any country other than Somalia, so Somaliland and Puntland are both left out in the cold.
Until the African Union decides to recognize these regions as separate countries, it is unlikely that any other major country will do so.

Foreign Affairs / Re: What Are The Differences Between Somaliland And Somalia? by kiara11: 9:30pm On Oct 28, 2012
correction please.
sanity seem to reign in the former,while obvious insanity seems to reign in the latter where elshababs had set base

Somaliland is independent from somalia(though not recognised)with a functioning goverment and constitution in place.
schools,shopping malls plus tourist centres exist in somaliland, unlike it's charred neighbour.
What's more,the relationship between somaliland and other EA countries is purely business, while that of somalia and the EA nations is AID based.

where is somalia6 when you need him?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Africa / Is Military Strength A Reflection Of A Country's Might? by kiara11: 3:42pm On Oct 28, 2012
panafrican: The welfare of the people is at risk whenever this country is unable to protect itself from predators.
When on sees how the French destroyed Lybia and Cote d'Ivoire,when ones see how Nato is now destroying Syria ,there is no doubt military strenght is a must,it's the only way a country can secure its people. One more reason to be militarily strong is the stability enjoyed by China and Russia today. If these countries were not strong,they would already be destroyed by gangs funded by foreign powers.If Nigeria did not have the means to discourage Boko Haram ,this group would be cutting hands and closing women schools today in Abuja, Lagos and elswhere in this country.

-We are a man eat man society,destroying ourselves first,then blaming the western powers. Destruction starts within the boundaries, before they become a foreign affair.

2.China and Russia manufacture their own military equipmt..Thanks to embargos.As long as we are buying,in exchange for our resources,we can drop thoughts of ever defending ourselves from anybody. Not with the advanced technology.

It's a case of misplaced priorities.What is the point of having a great military if the people can't afford the basics.
Foreign Affairs / Africa / Is Military Strength A Reflection Of A Country's Might? by kiara11: 2:27pm On Oct 28, 2012
Many African countries today allocate a large amount of their country's budget on militarization.

The effort seems like a deliberate one aimed at sending stern warnings to their perceived enemies.

Hence,the more equipped,trained and tested a country's military is,the more respect it earns from the global community.

It's imo a race for military, rather than economic prowess and I can't help but wonder, do we anticipate war or shouldn't we be spending more on health,infrastructure etc,because the benefits of going to war is not seen in some of these African nations.

Well,Do you think African leaders feel more empowered when they have a strong military?
Romance / Re: Can You Marry A Dumb Partner? by kiara11: 1:19pm On Oct 28, 2012
Your title and post are conflicting.I thought you meant someone lacking the power of speech.
Post describes one who cannot comprehend or decipher what the other is trying to put across.
Well well,then that is difficult, because it's irritating having to describe everything in detail including uncoded stuff.
describe a joke? No I don't like dullards around me not even for a min.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 12:41pm On Oct 28, 2012
will not give him the opportunity to use a debate on "identities" to deviate from that line of questioning. Just like I don't let him use a debate on whether Somalis are black to deviate.

Now that makes sense.Somali please make your country proud.
He will take you on if you dwell on matters of identities/race and stuff, but take off when challenged on development.
That sick mentality is what keeps them retarded for years.
I will be back to read another achievement ayanle.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 12:15pm On Oct 28, 2012
roflol. Was wondering how you could be so blind.

I am starting to really like him angry grin

Now sucud,luul please don't call me monkey cz you deserve to be loved by humans and animals alike. smiley
Foreign Affairs / Re: Somali Football Federation Wants A.U Soldiers To Leave Stadium by kiara11: 12:10pm On Oct 28, 2012
grin grin grin grin @SUCAD.

Gender: f
Time registered: October 28, 2012
Time spent online: 3 hours & 31 minutes
Last seen: 11:52am

And yep I am tracking you from Europe through NL to Afmadour.
Romance / Re: Im Stuck, Advice Needed! by kiara11: 10:51am On Oct 28, 2012
ogbenichoky: This is about dis gurl ive bin asking out for a while now. I do love her very much nd she claims she loves me too. She wont let me in2 her heart bc of a previous heart break, yet she won't let me out of her life, so i'm stuck in-bw. Wot am I supose to do. Advice nided pls.
This is too shallow to judge. Few questions.

1.What caused the heartbreak? Cz some take longer to heal than others because no pieces were left,only ash. How fast it takes to heal, depends on the efforts made by an individual towards achieving it.
So if all she does is moan and dwell in her past,she ain't gonna move an inch and that is tiring,exhausting to the mind and to everybody else she interacts with in real life. You want to help her? then tell her to close the door to her past and open the one to her future.

2.Understand that her present actions are signs that she hasn't overcome the heartbreak.The result of this is; you must be prepared to share her heart with somebody else,a pretty uncomfortable situation.
You don't want to be out having a nice dinner and then a reminder about her ex's fav dish.

I know shes scared of another heartbreak but let her know that she's got options.
1. Give herself a break before dating again. Until she sees her ex as just another guy, rather than an enemy, she hasn't healed yet.
2. She must be willing to date again with all the risks involved.Life is not a smooth road at all. What she needs to carry along into the next relationship are lessons learnt, not garbage from previous relationships cz nobody wants that.

Finally,if she can't soften up but insists on clinging to the past,then Move on.You don't get stuck cz somebody else chooses to, you will both die.

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Romance / Re: Trying To Find A Faithful Man Is A Fight Against Nature by kiara11: 10:23am On Oct 28, 2012
buyaka: is true that trying to find a faithful man is a fight against nature?

When people fail in their commitments,they go looking for means to justify themselves.A scapegoat is what they need and what a perfect scapegoat nature makes.
Romance / Re: If You Had To Dedicate A Song To The One You Love,what Song(s) Would It Be? by kiara11: 10:22pm On Oct 27, 2012
Rod Stewart>> Have I told you lately that I love you
Bryan Adam's>> Have you ever really loved a woman.

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Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by kiara11: 3:22pm On Oct 27, 2012
grin grin grin grin! @ gallivant, Hata mimi nimechanuka sasa.lakini..unajidrive kutake those pics, au ni aje kwanza hizi za nyeri.
Sasa wait uone vile hiyo comment ya hapo tops itacause.Wasee hapa wako touchy on issues za comparison
Crime / Re: People-smuggler Used Witchcraft To Terrify Girls Into Sex Slavery by kiara11: 2:42pm On Oct 27, 2012
Do these girls have parents or relatives? Why were they gullible? Realising your daughters to a stranger without papers from the institutions of learning is crazy.
Why didn't they organise for their accomodation,needs etc upon arrival in UK?

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