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Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Peter Obi Sleeping During A Meeting by kpompey: 6:20pm On Sep 18

Looking at the picture, one can see that it wasn't an official meeting. Rochas Okorocha and Ifeanyi ubah, were probably watching television while Peter Obi sleep responsibly and so romantically (See cute face upon say he's sleeping), unlike your foolish rotten teeth thiefnubu who constantly and consistently sleep on official meetings and gatherings and he sleeps like an imbecilic animal or someone hit with down syndrome.

Igbo people are munmun.....turning election to tribal war. You people are not okay...
Politics / Re: Solidarity Walk For Tinubu Ibadan. Photos And Video. by kpompey: 8:58am On Sep 18
Old news na... How many times you wan post am?
.Don't be a bad loser, you posted Peter Obi and they posted tinubu, why complaining?
Politics / Re: Yenogoa: Obidients Rally For Peter Obi In Bayelsa. by kpompey: 4:58am On Sep 18
Gullible youths. ..We should wait for 8 years. Igbo just want to have a taste of power and the true intent remains questionable.
Politics / Re: Osun Delegates Meet Osinbajo With Tinubu’s Caps (Pictures) by kpompey: 6:34pm On May 20
See munmun, na Lagos and osun delegate only be APC. Ur Asiwaju should start warming up for SDP where he belong, a rogue in the regalia of a leader. Wait and see the northerners decide. Buhari candidate the most favourite.
Romance / Re: I Suspect My Fianceé Is Cheating On Me With Her Bestie Banker by kpompey: 11:45am On Mar 25
Track her whatsap with ur pc.You can be in your office and have their chat on ur pc.All you need is to download whatsap on ur pc , then access to ur fiancee phone for 3-5 mins
Family / Re: His Wife Doesn't Appreciate House-keeping Allowance Of N50,000. by kpompey: 7:46pm On Mar 21
The truth is that with Nigeria current economy 50k(less than a $100) can't sustain a family of four, make the husband reason am
*She will buy food stuff
*Snacks for the kids and miscellaneous on her own side.
Let the man make it like 70k at least.

Even me single guy with no responsibility spend more than that a week sometimes not to talk of family of 4

People like you are the irresponsible husband, 75% sure if we investigate this. #1 he will not drop.Full of mouth.
Properties / Re: How Much Will It Cost To Roof This House? by kpompey: 6:07pm On Mar 04

You didn't say anything, you just attacked my post without any evidence to counter it. Washer is #500, 4 is too much. Nails is #900 per pack, 5 is more than enough. What else do you need? How did you arrive at #500,000? I do these things and I am currently doing one as we speak.

Two and half bundles for this building, I will continue to laugh cos it shows you only have an idea of what to be done but you are far from it.The house or let me say the section will have minimum of two rooms and a sitting room plus toilets at any dimension. Two and half bundle won't even get to half. What about the fascia board, won't it be covered, ridge cap, and the clip called up and down are these estimated. Also are u using asbestos or the same two and half zinc to seal the roof outside. Oga when you are done please come to validate so that we can know the veteran on the job. Depending on the cameroun zinc u are using , grade A which is the best is close to 40k now or more. So think about it and have you seen carpenter willing to take 25k as our planner assumed, then add ur miscellaneous and logistics.
We wait for your testimonies. 500K should be budgeted
Properties / Re: How Much Will It Cost To Roof This House? by kpompey: 9:03am On Mar 02

According to my estimation, the house is about 4.1m x 12m. Given a roof height of 2m, you will need 4 bundles of Ghana zinc to roof it. Each bundle costs #31000, that gives you #124,000 naira. If you pay #8000 on nails and accessories and #25000 on labour, that brings the figure to #157,000.
OP, you'd need roughly #160,000 to fix it.

Lies ...500k minimum, other accessories were not mentioned. Nail 8k I laughed in Greek. Begin first.
Crime / Re: Guys Be careful, Ladies Also Use Their Boyfriends For Rituals !!! (GRAPHIC) by kpompey: 3:43pm On Feb 15
Pls if you need video or visual proof to this thread, just quote me... i didn't post them here cos its absolutely disgusting

Or follow on twitter
Please share the link with me
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Tunisia AFCON 2021.Round-of-16: (0 - 1) On 23rd January 2022 by kpompey: 9:57pm On Jan 23
Useless goalkeeper. Instagram goal keeper plus stupid iwobi and useless coach, where I'm put the tall man before.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt: Things To Know As Super Eagles, Pharaohs Clash Today by kpompey: 1:05pm On Jan 11
Who b this iwobi no go play
Crime / Re: Timothy Adegoke: Oriyomi Hamzat Should Release CCTV Footage - Adedoyin's Lawyer by kpompey: 2:57pm On Jan 09
This blogger probably does not even know how a CCTV works.
So Adedoyin and his staff will give police footage indicting themselves abi?
Most Nigerians just choose to be foolish!

You are the foolish one here. Number one this is too heavy to be a joke. They destroyed the CCTV but it was recovered and fixed by the police .Adedoyin himself has watched the CCTV and Hamzat was talking with fact by mentioning names, personality involve and more. You can not mend Adedoyin's reputation. He is ritualist and killer and he should be condemned to death too.
Crime / Re: CCTV Shows Rahmon Adedoyin, Others, Entered Timothy Oludare Room, Took His Body by kpompey: 11:26am On Jan 09
[qubote author=Himtulie247 post=109193852] angry I am not understanding ?
They are the owners of the Hotel , how come they don't know about the CCTV ?
How come they did not Remove the CCTV camera and all the CCTV components undecided undecided undecided

We know some people are paid to mend their image but anyone paid and accepted this offer will die like Timothy in Jesus name.

Actually they did remove the CCTV but only after the crime had been comitted.. remember the saying that "criminals always leave a trace"?

The truth is investigation has gone far on the matter and it is the crack investigation of the the police IRT team that has uncovered the recovery of the then removed CCTV that has shown the faces of the culprits.
Crime / Re: CCTV Shows Rahmon Adedoyin, Others, Entered Timothy Oludare Room, Took His Body by kpompey: 11:21am On Jan 09
AH, i nor understand this matter. WHy them fall the guy? na ritual level abi watin? on top of that, una say na them get the hotel. How come them way get hotel nor know say CCTV camera day there? On top of that, them nor hide the tape? wait o, watin be the matter? why them kpuff the guy? we need to know, so that we nor go just day go day lodge for hotel for naija anyhow, without telling family members. But wait oh, naija hotel owners day use customers for ritual level? Because, 2015, i went to ABUJA and stayed in one of the hotels, i actually met someone inside the bus i entered from benin, who took me to the hotel, standard place, though expensive, but good quality. Something happened that night that was scary and not normal. At night, it was war, I've never felt that way my entire life. I was almost straggled in my sleep. i woke up, the AC was working, but boy, i was sweating as though i just finished running 10,000 miters. I could not believe what was going on, i stayed awake and never slept again till morning. Baba, na only God save me that night. So, hearing this incident, i am able to connect. Naija, na juju go kill these evil pipo oh. I told my wife and family members what had happened to me that night. Bad pipo too plenty for Nigeria

They destroyed the CCTV but the remnant was taken and reassembled by the police. This guts are killers. It is very clear. Why 12 midnight , why Adedoyin himself, why only limited and allies and not the general hotel were involved. No peace for the wicked.

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Crime / Re: CCTV Shows Rahmon Adedoyin, Others, Entered Timothy Oludare Room, Took His Body by kpompey: 11:17am On Jan 09
angry I am not understanding ?
They are the owners of the Hotel , how come they don't know about the CCTV ?
How come they did not Remove the CCTV camera and all the CCTV components undecided undecided undecided

The CCTV was destroyed after the operation but the police retrieved it and reassemble to watch. Nobody will make this expensive joke. Adedoyin must be killed.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Ran Away Because Of My Proposed Family Financial Plan by kpompey: 11:09pm On Jan 03
On top 80k salary, you want make she dey drop 10k every month for trust account, 20k for joint account, provide "food supplement", make she still choose between NEPA bill, DSTV, or GOTV subscription...on top wetin? undecided
Oga, how much wan remain to take buy clothes, cosmetics and toiletries for herself na (cos e sure me dai say you no fit buy those things for her), not to talk of find her parents something? Unto say she marry you?

Abeg! Carry your wahala go front!

No be she wan marry. OK make oga kill himself .Oyo
Family / Re: I Am Confused As A Father And As Husband by kpompey: 11:00am On Dec 28, 2021
how can one track a WhatsApp using pc

Read about it in google, download whatsapp to your PC, then read more. Very easy , you can configure it yourself

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Politics / Re: Seyi Makinde Pays December Salary Today, 17th by kpompey: 12:34am On Dec 18, 2021
salary is my right not favor. Nothing to celebrate
Autos / Re: Toyota Camry 01 Droplight For Sale by kpompey: 12:33am On Dec 18, 2021
it is better for you to carry gun.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo, Atiku, Tinubu: Who Would You Prefer As President Among The 3 In 2023? by kpompey: 3:13pm On Dec 15, 2021
This asking which I would prefer out of cow shit, dog shit or chicken shit.

Put the following into the mix and I may have a reason to show some interest:

Which Amaechi, ask river state people. Wetin im be?Oleeeeee
Politics / Re: Osinbajo, Atiku, Tinubu: Who Would You Prefer As President Among The 3 In 2023? by kpompey: 12:42pm On Dec 15, 2021
Those calling Osinbajo thief are fool. Have you ever check the Nigeria constitution and see how redundant the Vp position is. Buhari went for health check up, Osinbajo stabilized the economy in few weeks pegging USD to 360. The northern cabal started waging war against him as they are beneficiary of the bureau business without your first lady been omitted. Through Presidency, they bought USD at very cheap rate from CBN and through their various outlets they are selling to citizens. If Osinbajo act now by pulling out of this government I am telling you he needs prayer, we know the story of Bola Ige.
He is the best candidate so far. He will be a president with listening ear and he will surely have our interest in mind. Tinubu is business man and a wrong choice. Ambode became an enemy for not fulfilling his selfish interest. Look at the current strategy he is adopting, he is bombarding the north with gift and money, why? To be voted as the president, what of we the southerners. Without doubt, the richest man in Lagos but he was force and drag by press before donating 200 million during the pandemic. Otedola, Adenuga , Dangote donated 1 billion without being push by anybody, so Tinubu sees no return in such investment but all roads to Burdillon during election period. You vote for Tinubu, you sell your future.

Atiku is the worst of all. He is bad model and this was well proven during his tenure with Obasanjo. What happened to the custom fund and every other money looted by him. We need to wake up and save the nation from these parasites and purported leaders. We need a man with the fear of God. Osinbajo is my choice.

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Autos / Re: Registered Toyota Camry 2004 Asking Price 1.750 by kpompey: 5:27pm On Dec 08, 2021
Na u go use am last , baked car 1750m
Autos / Re: Clean Toyota Camry 2004 Model Forsale by kpompey: 10:51am On Dec 06, 2021
first body
Autos / Re: This Is A Superclean In ND Out 01 Camry XLE 4plugs For Just 1.350m by kpompey: 4:48pm On Dec 03, 2021
baked envelope 1.4m oga oo


Politics / Re: Yul Edochie: I Supported Atiku's Presidential Campaign, I Hope He Supports Mine by kpompey: 4:31pm On Dec 01, 2021
useless celebrity
Autos / Re: Well Maintained And Sharp Reg 2003 Toyota Camry Xle For Sale !!! by kpompey: 12:37pm On Nov 29, 2021
1.5 serious buyer. is this first body or baked cos the back light is 05 and wheel is 04
Properties / Re: UNBEATABLE DEALS IN IBADAN. CALL US FOR INSPECTION AND PAYMENT NOW by kpompey: 11:40pm On Nov 26, 2021
where in olodo, please tell me. Hope not iwo you are pointing to cos erunmu is even 800 and above
Autos / Re: Sold: Very Sound '99 Camry Available #1m @$king by kpompey: 1:33pm On Nov 26, 2021

Lol,. If this car is very sound, they will sell it very fast. This car na hot cake.

Used Pencil not even envelope 1m. Bro make you pay, we go celebrate ur car together.
Family / Re: I Am Confused As A Father And As Husband by kpompey: 1:06pm On Nov 25, 2021
First run a DNA test for those those kids . Then pay a matured and trusted ally to track her movement. You can equally track her whatsap using your pc. I am telling you in time, the truth will be unveiled.
Autos / Re: Sold: Very Sound '99 Camry Available #1m @$king by kpompey: 9:07am On Nov 25, 2021

Bros we dey 2021. You can't get a very good pencil light @ 700k. I have search for a friend in Abuja but na yeye motor plenty for sale

Even a mad man wont buy this more than 600k


Autos / Re: Sold: Very Sound '99 Camry Available #1m @$king by kpompey: 6:38pm On Nov 24, 2021


late last year, it was very very clean. The guy who bought it traveled from kogi to ibadan.
Autos / Re: Sold: Very Sound '99 Camry Available #1m @$king by kpompey: 1:44pm On Nov 24, 2021
dey use am yourself . I sold a better one for 630


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