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Politics / Re: Edo Primaries: Fayemi Commends Tinubu, Ganduje, Slams Oshiomhole by kuntash: 1:49pm On Feb 22
I no understand those wey still get mind dey reason this party!

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Politics / Re: Economic Hardship: There Is A Slow Revolt Around The Country - Agbakoba by kuntash: 7:59am On Feb 22
I have said it time and again. This current government does not have a good Minister of Information.

This current administration is well dressed but its standing in a dark room. (A lot of people cant see the nice clothes if the Minister doesn't turn on the light)

Minister of Information needs to highlight the journey and sell Hope to Nigerians.

Lai Mohammed defended Buhari's regime to the last at the expense of his reputation and clashed with Nigerians many times.

The current minister takes a Hands off approach. He needs to wake up and start engaging Nigerians, He needs to bring information before questions are asked, He needs to engage Nigerians so much they are tired of asking questions, He needs to get bloggers and media to tweet and post the good things done, those in the pipeline and those anticipated in the future.

Nigerians will eventually call the Minister a liar, but that comes with the Job. You cannot please everybody.

He has one of the most difficult jobs that can make or destroy this administration. Tell your Minister to wake up, the world is now digital. Go to Nollywood, cast stories that will depict what has been happening in Nigeria and changes made for better results, let the citizens know why there will be pain before things improve.

But you cannot give what you do not have!

turning on what light?
on What foundation are they gonna turn it on ?

being an expert in politics its ENTIRELY different from having the SINCERE capacity to govern a people according to the laid down rules or manifesto.

thats just the simple truth!

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Family / Re: Elderly Man Heaps Praises On His Wife As She Arrives From Work (video) by kuntash: 4:26pm On Feb 19
Where is that boy that was calling someone a SIMP or a poor man some days ago for praising and celebrating his wife for being a good manager in this hard time?

I beg make una call am come to give this one name


Business / Re: Official Prices Of Drinks By NBL by kuntash: 3:13pm On Feb 19

Pandora the terrorists supporter and political prostitute and him fans no get problems...
Hero Beer dey for dem.
Him no go collect shishsi cool

(Y'all noticed Hero Beer founded by P.Obi lineage is not among the beers..... e get why.
If you know , you know! 😉 )

I now see why some people call you terrible names here, this your post actually can pass for someone who is an hypocrite.

try to be as consistent as possible . you actually dont have to spite anyone to drive home your point.
Politics / Re: Reps Move To Ban Sports Betting by kuntash: 7:09pm On Feb 15
Same betting that gives both the old and young hope under failed APC.

Some people legit use betting to feed their wards, as this useless government has refused to create jobs.

Take that away and see how fast the country burns.

What hope ?

You mean there are people who became successful from sports betting?
Politics / Re: Governor Obaseki Snubs Shaibu's Handshake At Diri's Swearing-In (Video) by kuntash: 5:27pm On Feb 15
Obaseki is doing too much, he's acting like a child

HE IS A BINI MAN, ITS VERY DIFFICULT TO SEE A BINI MAN PRETENDING- they tell you how it is straight on!

if dem dey do you, they would show it openly, NO BACK BITE, or first, second or FIFTH COLUMNIST .

if you have any TRUE Bini friend or relative , ask wetin I share with you now.

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Travel / Re: Ileri Babalobi GWR: I Am Visiting 54 African Countries Without Using A Plane by kuntash: 12:19pm On Feb 15
That Itchy boot lady on youtube is giving so much updates on her journeys.

maybe its for you to take a peep so you dont get negative surprises because some African countries are really not that safe at the moment, I hope you know Sudan, Congo, Mali and Somalia are in Africa


My name is Ileri Babalobi and I am trying to become the 1st African to visit all 54 African countries without using a plane. In the process,I plan to set 2 Guinness world records and Raise money for the Nigerian Red Cross. I expect to take about 6months. Here's why I'm doing this

I've been backpacking for nearly 10 years now. I have been to all 36 states of Nigeria, and when I lived in Ghana, all the 16 regions there as well as over a dozen African countries. i've been trying to visit all African countries for a long time and I'm finally close to doing it

On the trip I'll be exploring the culture and visiting the Tourist Areas of each place I visit and stream it on YouTube here https://youtube.com/@africatours . I've always been interested in how people in other cultures and places live. Which brings me to why I'm making this trip . ..

1) Im very Pro Nigerian and without being facetious, I've always wanted to do something for her Gratis . I hope to raise a lot of money for the Nigerian Red Cross. The official name of the attempt is Naija to the World and at each Border I'll take a picture with the Nigerian flag.

2 I want to show how people in other countries live
3 I would be promoting the Borderless Africa campaign by Africans Rising, which seeks to remove barriers to migration ( such as expensive visas) among African Nations.
4) it's a Chance to fulfill a life long personal dream .

I'll leave from Lagos in March and I plan to do a daily summary here on nairaland everyday , as well as two YouTube videos of the days adventures.
Advice and tips are welcome

Politics / Re: Protests: FG Mulls Food Import If Hunger Persists by kuntash: 10:00am On Feb 09
May we not miss Buhari crew... where are they ? grin grin

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Politics / Re: Ekiti Receives Deployment Of Military Personnel To Strengthen Security by kuntash: 9:41am On Feb 09
Not gragra like this.

State police, please.

yes If those who live in the state are ONLY indigent citizens to the state
Politics / Re: CJN Ariwoola Appoints Daughter As Judge, After Appointing Son & Nephew - Gazette by kuntash: 1:09pm On Feb 05
it could be sarcasm

Just imagine what this thing is saying....

You need to check what's wrong with you.
Sports / Re: EPL: Arsenal Vs Liverpool by kuntash: 7:43pm On Feb 04
Seun how could this match not be on Front Page? angry

I taya


Politics / Re: I’m Worried By Deplorable State Of Federal Roads In Ekiti - Governor Oyebanji by kuntash: 3:03pm On Jan 29

how many federal roads pass Ekiti? let him go and ask Obaseki how market. sadly though no one can question or call out the former minister, because he can use dss to follow u sef


Crime / Re: Moment Nigerian Soldiers Rescued Kidnapped Victims In Abuja (Pics/Video) by kuntash: 7:31pm On Jan 19
They will still vote apc in 2027

Pray none of your family member is in such situation and someone says this about the situation
Business / Re: Woman Filmed Hawking Intimacy Gadget Publicly In Lagos Street by kuntash: 3:07pm On Jan 15
They're coming to insult her now whereas na dem use am psss.

Sadly the average Nigerian girl has nothing to write home about

Thats not the point .

The fact that a man and a woman should have sexual intimacy to have a child for example should NOT make them carry out the act at the Ojota round about.

You don't just justify everything

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Politics / Re: What Bandits Told Us Before We Found Nabeeha’s Corpse – Uncle by kuntash: 11:42am On Jan 15

This kin thing cannot happen in Lagos without street boys and OPC starting mobilization.
Everybody go run dey alerted.

Abuja na overhype make slawormir leave Benin 4 Abuja body go tell am

This is quite childish..
Romance / Re: Newly-wed Couple Spotted Eating At A Fast Food After Their Wedding (pics/video) by kuntash: 3:56pm On Jan 14

Was she supposed to cook in this situation? Na wa o!!!

dem no get house ?
na so the hunger hold them reach?

cant they order ?

it doesnt make sense if you asked me
Music/Radio / Re: Davido to perform at UnitedMasters Grammy weekend concert by kuntash: 5:17pm On Jan 13

Kai , FTC , I no dey interested in the topic, I beg can the FTC be swapped ?

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Career / Re: What Will You Do In This Scenario? by kuntash: 2:50pm On Jan 09

I would query that mindset that formed such a thought and share on nairaland .

na so dem take dey start .

whats not your own is not your own . simple !

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Family / Re: My Mom Has Stopped Looking Good, What Do I Do? by kuntash: 12:10pm On Jan 08
be wise and stop being used by the adversary to the propagation of the gospel.

she is living her life and I believe not forcing it down on you. did she, your dad or yourself come to this world at the same time or even together? carry your cross and stop creating unnecessary heat to trend. your mum this your mum that!

deal with family matters in a family way and not bring it to the media !

My ever charming mom has stopped looking good like she used to eversince she joined a particular church in the early part of 2021.

Prior to that time, mom was a lover of good wears. She used to wear nice jewelries to complement her dressing. Nowadays, the story is no longer the same. She has changed completely and she is now a shadow of her former self. She would not make her hair with weavon or attachment, or wear wig or makeup like she used to do. She now uses thread to plait her hair which makes her look very unlike her and very unattractive.

When I travelled home during Christmas, I nearly wept when I saw her. From her head to her toe, she was completely off. No sense of style at all. Just regular clothes and slippers even when she is going out for an event.

What do we do? The church she joined is THE LORD'S CHOSEN. And dad says she has asked her to stop attending the church but she refused. Mom is a retired nurse and she is 62 years old. I am her last child and I and my siblings are doing everything possible to make her look good. Money is not the problem. She is just simply refused to listen to anybody.
Celebrities / Re: Portable Warns Mc Olumo, Koko Zaria Over Affair With His Baby Mother by kuntash: 11:15am On Jan 04
It's high time Portable get an intelligent handler for his social handles to avoid litigations just like Oluwa Bona.

can you give what you dont have?
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Lists Requirements For His Wife To Be This 2024 by kuntash: 10:46am On Jan 04

Can he get the clay and do the needful................


you mean those things listed are out of this world ?

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Suspends NSIPA, Coordinator Halima Shehu by kuntash: 12:14pm On Jan 02
Sai Jagaban!

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Car Talk / Re: Opinions Needed: My Mechanic Said I Should Use Only Water First In New Radiator. by kuntash: 4:52pm On Dec 28, 2023
No rx 330 from 2006 but maintained the shape to 2009

So let's say that design ended in 2009 and moved to another generation.
RX 350.

Though rx 350 2009 and 08 has same shape as the 330.

RX330 was the second generation of the RX brands of Lexus family and it started in 2004 . The first gen was around 1998 which is the RX300.

The number kinda denotes the engine capacities .
RX 300 = 3.0 litre - from 1998 till 2003
RX330 = 3.3 litre - From 2004 till 2006
RX350 = 3.5 litre- from 2007 till date

While the 400 & 450 were reserved for hybrid and electric

I have purchased, Reviewed , fixed and sold many of them for biz .

They are very good SUVs


Car Talk / Re: Opinions Needed: My Mechanic Said I Should Use Only Water First In New Radiator. by kuntash: 2:27pm On Dec 28, 2023

Fire ur mechanic. Boilling/freezing point of coolant no be same with water.

Even the VAG vehicles of Benz and BMW doesn't have a thermostat value of boiling water ... Most thermostats opens from 71° c. To cool the engine.

Unless there is an issue with the cooling system .

Don't get me wrong though, if there is an issue with the cooling system , the best of OEM water coolants can't fix it .... That's my point !
Car Talk / Re: Opinions Needed: My Mechanic Said I Should Use Only Water First In New Radiator. by kuntash: 2:23pm On Dec 28, 2023

you no fit buy brand new Lexus come dey ask stupid question here

Is there RX330 brand New 2023 models ?

That SUV I think is between 2004 to 2006( US spec)

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Car Talk / Re: Opinions Needed: My Mechanic Said I Should Use Only Water First In New Radiator. by kuntash: 2:18pm On Dec 28, 2023
Change mechanic

Not necessarily.

Firstly, it may not be easy getting an original coolant recommended by Lexus.
Secondly the radiator may not be the original as well .

If ordinary water is used especially with the tendency of having solid minerals in it , it may seal any potential leakage areas within the radiator.

My thoughts though.....

I have replaced a new radiator on same make of car before and added ordinary water and nothing happened.

Moreso , I am sure before the guy sell that car or let it go, everything should still be fine...... Lexus are built solidly!. It's from Toyota after all.
Crime / Re: Omoku Pipeline Explosion: About 20 Dead, 15 Sustained Injuries by kuntash: 11:56am On Dec 28, 2023
It will Never be well with Lord Lugard for joining us with the core north together

so the core North blew up the pipe lines or what ? or the core North were the victims ?


Education / Re: Imo State Has Highest Literacy Rate In Nigeria by kuntash: 12:16pm On Dec 27, 2023
Nnesoma cheesy grin
Enough backdoor and forging grin

How is Literacy rated ?

How is Backdoor and forging related to high literacy rate?

Use superior evidence to counter the post ...not traces or tribal sentiments.

Get statistics from other sources instead .


Religion / Re: What's The Most Absurd Thing You Heard Someone Did Because Of Christmas?(Photos) by kuntash: 9:23pm On Dec 25, 2023
The essence of the celebration of the birth of Christ is what's linked to Christmas.

But as it's always been, in the midst of good there also the manipulation and those adversed to it!

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Career / Re: As A Federal Government Worker, How Will You Celebrate This Christmas? by kuntash: 11:54am On Dec 24, 2023

How who no get work go celebrate?

Federal for that matter that bad as e bad , you are sure pay would come even if it's delayed


Foreign Affairs / Re: Inflation Forces Turkey’s Central Bank Chief To Move In With Parents by kuntash: 7:38pm On Dec 16, 2023
Nigerian inflation hit 28.2% in November while that of Turkey is at 66%. https://dailynigerian.com/nigeria-inflation-rate-hits-7/

Economists please can you help? Are we better than them or they are better than us?

I'm dedicating this FTC to Victor Osimhen.

We shouldn't be bothered about the country that's better in this instance ... Sadly Turkey and Nigeria no dey the same level .... Turkey is a huge exporter of technology etc , they are not at par .

We should be thinking about the mentality of such actions by the Bank chief in Turkey comparing with same scenarios in naija

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Car Talk / Re: What Is The Law On Overtaking Police Convoy? Was I Wrong? by kuntash: 3:03pm On Dec 13, 2023
On Wednesday 6th of December, I was driving my family from Ondo to Akure to launch a new business.

We plan to start the event at 12 and it was already past 11am so I was rushing. Along Akure road, I saw this three police convoy going in front but they were not very fast.

I have a really fast car so I was like, I should overtake them and be on my way, I flashed the last pickup with about 3 policemen at the back but they didn't make any reaction and didn't gesture for me to go.

The road ahead of us was long and free, no incoming vehicles so I saw it as an opportunity.

After flashing twice again and no response, I decided to overtake all three pickup vehicles quickly so I switched to sport mode and decided to use my pedal shifter to go faster.

As soon as I revved and started overtaking them, they went crazy and started driving zig-zag on the road leaving me absolutely no room to go.

At the end they ran me into the nearly bush and parked me off. One of them decided to use their vehicles to intentionally brush my car while parking me off the road. They all came down, almost 20 of them and started shooting in the air.

They started shouting come down from this car! Hitting my car everywhere with fist and hitting my glass with the tail of their guns. Somehow my window didn't break even after they hit them 5 or 6 times. (Respect to Acura on that)

One of them pointed his gun at my vehicle and was about to shoot. I roll down my glass and started begging them.

My wife was sitting in front with me and my 2 year old daughter was sitting at the back in the hand of a friend we took along with us to act as MC for the occasion.

My wife quickly collected my daughter from the guy and held her to her chest cos she was already panicking and crying.

I think that was what saved our live cos as soon as they saw my daughter, somehow they calm down a little and started trying to drag me out of the car.

I vehemently refused to go down cos I know I will be beaten or even shot. After a few minutes of acting upset, shooting in the air, one of them that was fat and looks like their leader came down from the middle van.

That was the first time I noticed that the middle van was actually covered at the back which means they may be carrying something. They didn't use a bullion van so there was no indication that they were moving money and they didn't use siren either.

Long story short, the big guy that looked like the boss came to me and said why did I overtake them.

I explained that we were in a hurry and I flashed a few times before I attempted to overtake them and I also saw that the road was clear.

He looked at me, looked at my wife, looked at my crying daughter and looked at the guy at the back then asked me to come down that nothing will happen to me, I took my company's ID card and my guy at the back and I came down.

He checked the ID and said don't do that again. The others were shouting he must follow us to the station bla bla bla but he was calm.

Eventually they let us go.

They damaged the bumper of my vehicle in the process.

I know I was in the wrong by overtaking them without anyone gesturing that I can go but seriously, WHAT IS THE RULE TO THAT?
Especially on highway, with a wider road and not within the city.

I had to apologise to my family later cos I know it was a traumatic experience for them and I accepted my fault but I'm still confused on how I was wrong. The road was straight, long, clear of incoming vehicles and I flashed and horned.

Are we expected to follow convoy from wherever we see them to where ever they are going even if they are driving at 80km per hr?

Guy , dont ever try such again , as in dont even attempt it, even if the last driver had signaled you to go ahead . Its very dangerous in our climes. sadly its the situation of things, Many people have been wasted with far less scenarios. and finally, you need not show your car let alone the place number . it makes you more vulnerable, good enough you explained very well without dishing the police any insults, else some overzealous ones fit carry your matter for head.


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