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Politics / Re: Observation: Buhari's Address To UNGA On Terrorism Missed IPOB by LadyExcellency: 4:31pm
Ipob is infinitesimal force and a threat to Alaigbo alone and not Nigeria at large.

We are saying the same thing. Indigenous People of Biafra are not a threat to Nigeria and should be allowed a referendum to determine their independence from Nigeria.


Politics / Observation: Buhari's Address To UNGA On Terrorism Missed IPOB by LadyExcellency: 4:19pm
On Terrorism:

“Boko Haram terrorists group, though fragmented by internal strife and weakened by our defence forces, is still active and preying on soft targets. Nigeria will continue to work closely with UN Counter-Terrorism bodies and entities with a view to bringing this scourge to an end.” — President Muhammadu Buhari

“Nigeria has spared no effort in addressing the challenges of terrorism posed by the activities of Boko Haram in North-East Nigeria and the Lake Chad region, as well as banditry in the North-West and North-Central Nigeria. The Nigerian Security Forces have recorded considerable success in the fight against terrorism. As a result of the renewed vigour of our military, many terrorist fighters are voluntarily surrendering to our security forces.” President Buhari

Federal Government of Nigeria knows the truth about agents of terrorism in Nigeria by mentioning BokoHaram/ISWAP and Bandits terrorising Northern Nigeria but will always make IPOB the National headlines.

IPOB is not a terrorist organisation. It's time to defend the UN right for indigenous people to self determination/independence



Politics / Re: FG Mulls Taking Rivers, Lagos To Supreme Court Over VAT Collection by LadyExcellency: 1:29pm On Sep 23
What kind of foolish contemplation is this?

Rivers State Government has already taken FG to Supreme Court on the matter. Instead of going to the court to defend herself, the FG is contemplating being a plaintiff in a matter that requires only judicial interpretation.

The Supreme Court is asked to interpret the section of the Constitution as it regards VAT collection that the FG alone collects notwithstanding not being in the exclusive list.

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Was Nnamdi Kanu fighting for government contracts?

The majority of his people understands. The Afghan Government is composed of majority of Gitmo detenees.

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Family / Re: Baby Stolen In Uyo, Recovered In Owerri - Police Deny Mother Access (Photos) by LadyExcellency: 12:29pm On Sep 23
Maybe the real biological father kidnapped the child.
Politics / Re: Malami: Buhari Using $311 Million Abacha Loot To Build Second Niger Bridge by LadyExcellency: 12:00pm On Sep 23

You abandoned the crude oil producing community in the Niger delta region.

Is that fair?

The community that generate the money that late general sani abacha looted was not develop?

The bridge is in Delta State, South-South, Niger Delta, Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Imo Mob Lynches Suspected ESN Member Trying To Enforce Sit-At-Home Order by LadyExcellency: 6:49am On Sep 21
“Suddenly, one Obinwanne Iwu, 34 years, a native of Ahiara in the same local government area who is an escapee of Imo Correctional Centre, Owerri, went to the market with his gang trying to enforce a sit-at-home order of the proscribed IPOB/ESN terror group.

How is he IPOB or ESN member.

All these propagandist.

IPOB cancelled sit at home and declared to arrest enforcers.


Education / Re: Why We Made Pantami Professor — FUTO by LadyExcellency: 9:07am On Sep 18
Isa Ali Ibrahim

Is this not one those names listed as BokoHaram sponsors by United Arab Emirates?

Somebody should confirm.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attacks Army Convoy In Borno, Kills 12 Soldiers, Steals Cash- Gazette by LadyExcellency: 4:06pm On Sep 16
RIP my gallant soldiers.
Foreign Affairs / Re: "I’ll Get Back To You", German Chancellor Merkel Responds To Chimamanda by LadyExcellency: 2:47pm On Sep 16
Some Cabals must have threatened Siemens to back out. This is Nigeria, the more you look, the less you see.
Politics / Re: Fashola Playing Devil's Advocate, Wants Igbos To Hate You- HURIWA Warns Buhari by LadyExcellency: 1:14pm On Sep 16

SS is also not part of the maintenance for example.

What about other federal projects going on in the SE like the Niger bridge for example? If he’s systematically neglecting SE, then why is work going on in that bridge?

That HURIWA will come and accuse him like he’s purposely doing it because of some marginalization nonsense is why I’m saying he owe Ibos nothing!

Is Second Niger Bridge of more advantage to Southeast for what exactly? A transit route between regions of Nigeria. Do you ever hear of Benue River Bridge for political witch hunting?

Enough of this stvpidity.

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Politics / Re: INEC Reports On The Performance Of The New IVED/BVAS Accreditation Technology. by LadyExcellency: 5:51pm On Sep 15
No more underage voting. Configure the system to dictate children

But if I may ask, is a 16years mother of four not eligible to vote for who controls the future of her children?


Politics / Re: IPOB, Others Not Different From ISWAP, Boko Haram – Gbajabiamila Talks Tough by LadyExcellency: 4:12pm On Sep 15
Another Mumu in power.

Is there any IDP in Eastern Nigeria?

You send Assassins in the name of soldiers to kill them unarmed for more than four years and you think it was okay. Now the game have changed.

Without IPOB, there wouldn't be any ban on open grazing in Nigeria.

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Career / Re: How Good Is A Career In Industrial Engineering by LadyExcellency: 2:49pm On Sep 15
Instead of wasting time on industrial engineering.

Why not go for electrical and electronics engineering?

The demand for automation experts in manufacturing industries within and outside Nigeria has skyrocketed.

While you can switch to automation after industrial engineering. An electrical and electronics degree gives you a solid foundation to branch out into any engineering subfield.

Mechanical is pretty limited. Don't go that route. Unless you're CALLED!

How do you automate industrial systems without Mechanical Engineers?

Mechatronics is a multitasking of various industrial systems

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Politics / Re: Southern Nigerian Governors To Meet In Enugu On Thursday by LadyExcellency: 5:03pm On Sep 14
Did they request for permit from the Government of IPOB?

I heard IPOB is in support of their unity and request for devolution of power.

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Politics / Re: VAT War: No Regret Supporting FG - David Umahi by LadyExcellency: 5:00pm On Sep 14
The only government recognised in the South East is IPOB Government without boarders.

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Politics / Re: Court Grants Kanu Leave To Serve Processes On FG, Seven Others by LadyExcellency: 4:50pm On Sep 14
How can there be justice when you as a common man denies the truth because you hate the victim?


Politics / Re: Which Is The Best HMO In Nigeria? by LadyExcellency: 4:23pm On Sep 14
Axa Mansard or Hygeia

He should go for Hygeia. I love their services. I am proud I fought to make it better.
Politics / Re: Anti-IPOB Protesters Storm National Assembly by LadyExcellency: 4:16pm On Sep 14

I wish ipob don't shift ground and maintain the Monday sit at home order. It is already losing traction naturally. I was in Awka yesterday and even went to bank with public transport. I just want it to be slowly rejected by the people, they should not save face at all

Stop being obscene, IPOB cancelled the sit at home longtime ago. You can't fight individuals doing their things in solidarity.

Enough of these nonsense.
Politics / Re: Who is Sponsoring All These Anti-Southeast "Sit At Home" on Nairaland Homepage? by LadyExcellency: 9:56am On Sep 14
I wouldn't lose sleep on anything that profits me nothing but why loose sleep on other people's projects?


Politics / Re: Who is Sponsoring All These Anti-Southeast "Sit At Home" on Nairaland Homepage? by LadyExcellency: 9:49am On Sep 14
Who is sponsoring all these anti Southeast "Sit At Home" on Nairaland.com front page? This is becoming ridiculous.

Who is paying these pay per post media influencers?

Corrupt generation and their enablers shame on you.


Politics / Who is Sponsoring All These Anti-Southeast "Sit At Home" on Nairaland Homepage? by LadyExcellency: 9:15am On Sep 14
The Most Common Phrase On Nairaland In 2021: "Sit At Home"

Congratulations to Southeast Unity.

This is the most effective civil disobedience in Africa.

Igbo Haters are not sleeping as they devote most of their time thinking, writing and issuing unsolicited advise to Igbos as if they would vote any Igbo as President.

Efulefus in Southeast are confused on what next to do.

The confused Governors have no solution to the protest.

The Nigerian Soldiers and Police are helping enforce the sit at home order by flogging and punishing anyone seen outside on the road.

The presidency has no comment.

Why are non Igbos disturbing themselves and losing sleep over something that is not their businesses? The simple answer is that they will not want you to know that Igbos are the most united group in Africa, speaking with one voice when it matters.

Over to you Igbo antagonists and haters


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Might HANG. by LadyExcellency: 1:42pm On Sep 13
Ubani, zuokwanu ike.

Be serious with your life. You are getting older by the day.

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Politics / Re: Canadian Court Describes Nigerian Police As Murderous, Corrupt by LadyExcellency: 1:22pm On Sep 13
Guilty by Association.

Court Rules.

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Sports / Re: Karibe Ojigwe: Ex-Super Eagles footballer Nominated Commissioner In Abia State by LadyExcellency: 9:33pm On Sep 12

Are you aware that president buhari attended prestigious military schools both home and abroad equivalent to university degrees

Attending a workshop or seminar hosted for Military Officers from Nigeria for two weeks is not Academics or profession qualifications. It is call orientation hence stop deceiving the public.

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Politics / Re: CJN Orders Disciplinary Action Against Judge Over Criminal Summon On Soludo by LadyExcellency: 5:35pm On Sep 12
Sometimes God works in a way we don’t expect.

I remember we have always had reservations about how this man became CJN but he’s ending up to do all the things other CJN who have been properly nominated never did.

At least he’s beginning to make Judges understand they are not some super humans that are infallible and unquestionable.

Corruption in the Executive might be tolerated.

Corruption in the Legislature can be managed.

But corruption in the Judiciary should never been imagined but it is there.

So, thank you Tanko for trying to redeem the Judiciary.

Maybe there’s really the hand of God on Nigeria after all.

One of the benefits of Sharia is contentment, a great step to ethics and morality.

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Politics / Re: How IPOB Developing Big brother naija by LadyExcellency: 10:38am On Sep 12
Finally, they're telling us IPOB is Igbo and Igbos are IPOBS

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Needs Federal Ministry Of Fulani Herdsmen – Sheikh Gumi by LadyExcellency: 10:05am On Sep 12
Did the Federal Government steal their cows?

Who is milking and destroying the livelihood and resources of Fulani herdsmen?

Fulani herdsmen remains the second most dangerous killer terrorist organisation in the world after ISWAP/BokoHaram according to the recent World Terrorism Index and you want to reorganise them by giving them more resources and authority over the people they destroyed their ancestral lands and kill their people.

God forbid.

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Politics / Re: VAT: South West States Plan Joint Action, Other States Give Update by LadyExcellency: 10:04am On Sep 12
Of Failure, Betrayal & Cover-ups:
The Self Destruction Of A People...
From 1999 - 2015 (16 years) we did not hear Marginalization, Chritianization or Nepotism in Nigeria.
The Igbos, their cousins in South South & Christians were in total control of the Federal Executive Council, the National Assembly, the Army, Police at some point, DSS & office of the CJN etc.
In the 6 years of Jonathan, the Igbos alone where in total control of 85% of key federal executive & legislative positions as well as heads of strategic federal agencies & the Army.
The North & South West did not grudge them nor made cricket noises about Marginalization, Christianization, Igbonization or Nepotism.

They recognized that it's a party democracy that we are practicing in Nigeria & the party that wins share everything. PDP was winning for 16 years, so, Igbos & their PDP shared everything to themselves.
The North & West bidded their time without grudges, remained consistent with their smart politics in the opposition & by 2015, they succeeded in taking power at the centre.

The Igbos & their PDP, accustomed to power & looting of the treasury for 16 uninterrupted years could not believe they are out suddenly & could not imagine a life without the national treasury they enjoyed into emptiness for 16 years.
The Igbo politicians, federal ministers, Igbo hitherto heads of federal agecies, elites, federal contractors, Ohaneze & their looting Igbo Clergy accomplices with nothing to show their people the Igbos for their 16 years control of the federal government & the federal treasury;
their party PDP, with nothing to show Nigerians, with nothing to show the Igbos & campaign in the next elections as what they did in Nigeria or Igboland for 16 years in power controlling majority states in Nigeria & in Igboland, controlling the federal government & the federal treasury;
now quickly regrouped in a massive propaganda of lies & self-delusional campaigns of calumny against Buhari, his administration & APC claiming Marginalization & a hidden agenda of Islamization, Fulanization & Nepotism.
They regrouped from the pulpits, in Dubai, inside the bushes & forests around Nigeria with terrorists, bandits, armed cultists, IPOB & other insurgent militias to unleash terror & general insecurity in our land to cause mass discontent & insurrection against Buhari's APC administration because they have nothing as their achievement for 16 whole years to campaign with in any election in Nigeria.

The question then is;
at what point did the Igbos that own PDP, controlled the federal executive council, controlled the national treasury, controlled the army, controlled the police under Onovo, controlled the national assembly, controlled finance & the CBN, controlled majority of key federal agencies, controlled the Igbo states for 16 whole years & presently control over 50% of the properties in Nigeria including Lagos & Abuja, & till date control commerce in the 36 states of Nigeria become marginalised or enslaved by any other ethno-religious group in Nigeria?
Buhari's APC administration had something to show to Nigerians in 2019 as their 4 years achievements.
They will have hundred times more things to show Nigerians as their achievements come 2023.
In Igbo land, Buhari's APC have hundreds of achievements including multi billion naira ultra modern highways, bridges, interchanges, airports, seaports, railway lines, power projects, refineries (the one in Ohaji already completed & producing), agricultural projects, industrial parks & help to Igbo businesses to make them global players today (Innoson, Anammco, Choscaris, Air Peace, Oliserve just to name a few) & Ziks Mausoleum etc to show Igbo electorates as their achievements for 8 years.

Where is our Igbo brothers run PDP & government achievements in Nigeria or Igboland for 16 years they were in charge?
For the past 8 years, we Igbos & our diabolic PDP have no logical, clear nor cohorent intelligent strategy to win back power at the centre or at least get ourselves back into the mainstream of Nigeria's politics.
We are busy doping ourselves with infantile idiocy, making ourselves a stench in the nostrils of other Nigerians with our juvenile insults, abuses & swearings that smacks of lack of home training.
We have taken the most stupid self-defeating & self-annihilation path of killing oursleves & our SouthEast economy with the IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen monster we are feeding, paying, equipping & covering.
On the eve of 2023 crucial elections that will define the next 50 years of Nigeria, we are "sitting at home" while the West & North are strategizing.
A sad shame indeed how a once thought intelligent people have allowed a selfish elite & their hired opportunistic conman - Kanu lead them by the nose into self destruction with lies & propaganda from the pit of hell to cover their 16 years of total failure & betrayal.

Odiegwu really!!

Is like you just excaped mental asylum.

Your grudge is with the Igbos notwithstanding they got not Executive Federal powers since 1999.

Is there any organ or branch of Federal Government that was destroyed by the Igbos.

Get lost.


Politics / Re: States VAT Collection Laws Won't Solve Injustice Problem - Bankole Akintojude by LadyExcellency: 9:39am On Sep 12
No single person from the north has written anything of practical import concerning the VAT battle between Southern states and Northern states.
All we have are discordant exclamations and mundane tirades of what is VAT and its history in Nigeria. What is to be done is entirely missing from the misdirected Northern narrative.

It is clear that after systematically shifting all development and productive factors to the South, the North is at the mercy of the South. While the North has the majority in consumer population who are the final bearer of the burden of VAT, the South has taken over the manufacture and other VATable services like import and export. It is only natural for the South to insist on states to retain VAT money which in reality both the Southern and Northern consumers paid for. The Northern leaders are armed and confused and their reactionary pseudointellectuals have nothing rational for attenuation of the danger threatening to further deflate the Northern economy interest. Northern traders and their goods were burnt and chased out of the South withing reciprocal response from the North. Southern terrorist received trillions as amnesty, but Northern terrorists were denied a farthing. Northern herders are denied pasture in the South in the name of a new fangled policy of ban on open grazing, while Southern drug dealers, abductors of children, gun suppliers, substandard and over prized goods retailers are having a field day in the North. And now they want receive all the VAT revenue of which in reality is paid for by all citizens across the country, besides media and physical aggression in the bid to wrest political power permanently mindless of democratic norms. What shall we say about the frontline VAT issue?

The South has masked the true nature of VAT and claimed its benefit to themselves. They highlight the collection centre, mainly the Southern states, and eclipse the source, the individual consumers all over the country. Under this dicey situation the North has two options and it must be ready to stand up to blackmail and threats by the South for whichever option they choose to go by.
First, the North should either make VAT collectable at the sources of consumers based on state of origin or;
The North should think outside of the box and change the battle field entirely. If the South insists on VAT being shared based on collection centres, the North can take an entirely a different course of action to neutralise the grasping effectiveness of the collection centres. Under the reality of Southern leaders( especially Obasanjo in his tenure) induced collapse of manufacturing industries and lack of ports to charge for import and export, the North should insist on turning their region into a global free trade zone that will enable them to contract trade, import and export, with every nation of the world without restrictions in the name of protecting Nigerian manufacturers and service providers. This will definitely free the North from the central government's imposed economic blockade that left the North with no option beyond buying substandard and counterfeited goods at hyperinflation prices. This will certainly jigger the South as the VAT theft is disturbing the North at present. To this, the North should target heavy taxes and levies over Southern goods and traders to economically rid its markets from the constriction of Southern economic marauding. International traders with genuine and affordable products, to be marketed and sold by Northerners themselves in partnership with the rest of the world, are to be invited. If the South adopts The Prince as their guide book, the North must seek refuge in the Art of War and Forty Eight Laws of power!
However, I am aware these suggestions of courses of action may meet with impediments from within. The North is bereft of leaders with the moral muscle and political will to put through with anything the Southern leaders are not pleased with. Since the death of Sardauna, it has been one retreat after the other and the South has been capitalising on that. I am equally aware that the Northern leaders adopt their give and give attitude towards the South because they have been blackmailed. Like the Southern leaders, they have looted and stashed away billions; but unlike the Southern leaders, the Northern leaders are not in control of their booty. The banks and other financial institutions in which, and through which, leaders of both divides launder their scoop is in the total control of the Southerners. So, the fear of selective targetted exposure and personal loss renders the Northern leaders too fickle and diffident to put up a robust fight and win. Moreover, as weak and ineffectual as the Northern leaders are, they could have been forced to action were the other informed Northern classes, like the intellectuals and business class up to their mettle.
But are the intellectuals dedicated and committed enough to force courage and action down the throats of their compromised Northern leaders? This timid and fawning class has lost all ingredients that makes intellectuals what they are. They are mere reactionaries without consciousness of the collective interest of their people. They lack aim and agenda to die for. They have reduced themselves to waiting for the South to set the agenda and react sentimentally in syrupy and weak voices meant, in reality, to be heard and remain relevant in the eyes of the illiterate majority. Their reaction to this present issue of VAT pay credence to what I said. Their weak reactions contain nothing more than what VAT means, history of VAT and how VAT is shared normally, in addition to empty grammar stamped with academic titles to impress their braying uninformed howling media followers.
With this formidable impediments posed by the blackmailed and effeminate leaders and self serving grovelling quasi intellectuals, the prospect of North holding its own against Southern ruthless cold war in all sectors, is certainly slight and grim. Banking, telecommunication, export, and import, diplomacy, foreign outsourced business, power supply and other sectors, each with trillions of Naira turn ove, have already been taken over by the South. Governance and politics are now the last frontiers for the South to conquer. And we know, as recent and age old histories have confirmed,, after the final take over, which means discrimination and exclusion, explosion ensued: it is either the monopolizers or the dispossessed to launch the final solution which in either case the result will be unpalatable. Man is the victim of both his action and inaction.

Until the North allow for the revision of the constitution to enable operation of regional government or acceeds to 2014 National Conference, the North is trapped and can only mourn and cry.

I am thinking of what would become of the North when they lose political power.

There is still opportunity for the North to reach out to the South on the ground of equity and fairness before every Trust is broken and confidence drained.


Politics / Re: Jigawa Recruits 270 Herders, Establishes 200 Nomadic Schools by LadyExcellency: 8:15am On Sep 12
Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore’ a socio-cultural Fulani Organisation

See how someone is lying about the status of Miyetti Allah, A Trade Union is being called a sociocultural organisation to deceive Nigerians.

Thank goodness Ọhaneze and Afanifere rejected a meeting of sociocultural organisations the presidency called which extended invitation to Miyetti Allah, a trade union organisation.


Politics / Re: The Christian Alcohol Debate by LadyExcellency: 2:48pm On Sep 11
The bible describes Fruit juice and other vegetables juices as wines not necessarily fermented or not.

Unfermented vine was widely used in the bible together with the unleavened bread. Yet when fermented, it reduced Noah to a caricature.

No passage of the bible lays cridence to the assumption that Jesus Christ took any alcohol.

Holy Spirit filled person hadly (for me it's impossible) takes alcohol.

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