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Celebrities / Re: ‘85% Women Want To Leave Their Marriages, I Tried Thrice’ – Actress, Jaiye Kuti by lailo: 4:51pm On Jan 22
As matter of fact 95% of women want to leave their marriages. undecided
Things are really happening in marriage/relationships that i just don’t want to say it out. What Nigerian men are using our eyes to see. eh! hmmmm! undecided

All what men want is sex!! After sex, they treat you like trash! Some men would even beat and rape their wife and tell her to her face that there’s nothing like rape in marriage. sad. Bunch of sickos!! sad

The honest truth is, there’s nothing a man can bring to my life that I can’t get myself. I enjoy my own company and I don’t feel the need or want to get married. I don’t think it will add anything to my life at all.

I got out of two long term back-to-back abusive relationships in 2020 and have pretty much sworn off men. I don’t need a man to make me happy and I will continue to hate men!
Dear, you are still a small girl. Pls don't involve yourself in feminism. A beautiful marriage is waiting for you. Don't waste your ookiez
Politics / Re: Gov Soludo Commissions Chief Emeka Ayaoku Museum In Obosi, Anambra State (photos by lailo: 10:11pm On Jan 18
I love they fact, that Ndi Anambra are they ones gradually, turning there state into one city state

All thanks to them, as of today Anambra state is the most urbanized state in Nigeria outside Lagos, and the most dense populated state in Nigeria after Lagos
All gotten from little or zero government effort
Then what are all the monthly federal allocations for state government, local governments, house of rep and senate to the state meant for? And even internally generated state revenue, what are they for?


Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley, Zinoleesky & Samlarry Spotted Sharing Food Items To Fans In Lagos by lailo: 9:30am On Nov 30, 2023
Shindren of eight wee soon find a way to link Tinubu grin


Celebrities / Re: Israel DMW Shakes Hands To Greet Davido As He Lands In Lagos by lailo: 3:01pm On Nov 28, 2023
Celebrities / Re: Israel DMW Shakes Hands To Greet Davido As He Lands In Lagos by lailo: 3:01pm On Nov 28, 2023
Politics / Re: Simon Lalong Set To Resign As Tinubu’s Minister by lailo: 5:18pm On Nov 23, 2023
Damnnn niggar
Bunch of failures
Is he normal? Minister no pass senator ni? meanwhile Gbajabiamila and Akume etc abandoned elective posts for appointments.....which one come better pass now?

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Politics / Re: Kano Guber: Governor Yusuf Was Not Qualified To Contest - Appeal Court by lailo: 8:23pm On Nov 17, 2023
I see miscarriage of justice here ..

Is it not the same Court of Appeal that said nomination of candidates is a pre-election matter and a prerogative of the parties?

The most important issue in an election is: who scored the highest number of votes??

Someone whom the people have voted for and who scored the highest number of votes should not be disdqualified based on some flimsy reason as party membership because it's a given that the party would not have sponsored him if he wasnt their member. To disqualify the person who scored the highest number of votes automatically leads to grave injustice because someone whom the people didnt vote for and who didnt win would then be declared the winner
When Bayelsa people didn't choose Diri and court installed him bcs the deputy to Lyon who got the highest votes has a case, it was a good judgement, ABI? Now that court judgement favours APC it is a grave injustice?
Again, the most important issue in an election is now the person who scored the highest vote, abi? Bcs that assertion now favours ur candidate. But Tinubu who scored the highest votes in a presidential election should be booted out for Obi who came third bcs that's is who you minority wants.
Ask me the face of double standard and I will point to u.


Celebrities / Re: Portable Visits Cameroon For The First Time (Video) by lailo: 10:48am On Nov 17, 2023
Mention one pig artiste who is being loved by everyone to international level? undecided


Politics / Re: The President Shouldn’t Appoint INEC Chairman – Jega by lailo: 12:26pm On Oct 28, 2023

Tribal bigots are very stupid in my eyes, that exactly how I see you. Now swerve
Tribal bigot bcs I didn't support ur Obi? Mumu grin

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Politics / Re: The President Shouldn’t Appoint INEC Chairman – Jega by lailo: 8:32am On Oct 22, 2023
See this one who landed us in the affliction which rose a second time.
The same man conducted an election that earned your Lord and Saviour Jonathan his first term. Take responsibility when u fail sometimes and stop pinning your failure on others. undecided
Politics / Re: The President Shouldn’t Appoint INEC Chairman – Jega by lailo: 8:28am On Oct 22, 2023
Am absolutely in support of this
How can an election where one of the candidates was in charge of appointing the INEC chairman be ever free and fair?
Jonathan, a sitting president appointed an INEC chairman, this same JEGA. Jonathan won one of his elections and lost the second one under same JEGA. APC lost a lot of traditional States, dragging 12-12-12 states with PDP and LP under a president-appointed INEC chairman. INEC is independent, only OSU children screen VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY when their candidates win and march to world court screening rigging when their candidates lose.
Politics / Re: Why Naira Is In Free Fall – Olusegun Aganga by lailo: 1:07pm On Oct 21, 2023
That's not even the problem. Imagine sinking all the money into failed industries that have large holes punctured by corruption.

Didn't Buhari swear to complete Ajekuta steel and Refineries? Wasn't millions sunk into the failed project?

Is Tinubu doing anything different?

When we complained about endemic corruption you called us Ipob. Now, they will give me a state in SE because I don't support the inept Tinubu.

Hate him or not, PO would have drastically reduced corruption in most sector of this country.
The corruption he reduced in anambra? Mumu talk undecided

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Politics / Re: Akpabio Creates Office For His Wife At The National Assembly - Sahara Reporters by lailo: 9:27am On Oct 02, 2023
I believe most politicians from the south east and south south are the most corrupt politicians in the country. The our-oyel mentality is what is fueling all these financial reckllessness. Check out whenever any body from these regions especially the igbos are given a little opportunity to the treasury, they usually loot it dry.......examples---the Jonathans, Allynson Madueke, Emefiele, Olisa Metuh, Akpabio, all igbo senate presidents during Obasanjo's regime, all NDDC heads, all Niger Delta ministry heads, all PDP National chairmen of Igbo extraction, Peter Obi etc
Politics / Re: Interdenominational Christian & Muslim Services To Mark Independence Day by lailo: 9:04am On Oct 02, 2023
President Tinubu despite being a billionaire, the most powerful politician in Africa, the most influential and best politician alive in Africa, president of the most populous black nation and ECOWAS Chairman, didn't marry more than one wife. I think Nigeria is lucky to have this best couple as her leader. Nigeria will favour me and my family under them.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Vs Tinubu: Headless Mob Is Masturbating Over Nothing - Tinubu Lawyer Ogala by lailo: 5:49pm On Oct 01, 2023
Irrespective of what the release of the results may reveal, Tinubu will not be scarred by it. But President Tinubu should see this as a reason to extend an olive branch to the opposition and the various stakeholders.
First he should remove Cardozo as the CBN chief and give the cabal it's right of selecting the individual they want. Wale Edun and Dele Alake too must be replaced.

Second, he should discontinue with the planned release of the findings of the CBN inquiry.

Third, after some months, he should order the EFCC to begin an investigation into the activities of the inquiry team and especially zero-in on the special investigator, Jim Obazee. He should make sure this man gets at least five years with hard labour.

If he does a few of these and more, things might begin to look up for his administration.
So it is now all about the interest of some cabals and not necessarily about the progress of Nigeria? And when Tinubu fails, you will all come back to blame him and not any cabal? This is how u guys have been running the country and u want to continue same way. God will not allow u
Politics / Re: How I Will Tackle Inflation, Naira, Forex Crises, By Cardoso by lailo: 12:52pm On Sep 27, 2023

Leadership is very important, they are the ones that must set the turn around agenda and drive it with sincerity of purpose

When OBJ was there look at the direction he pointed us using seasoned technocrats. Singapore, China, Saudi, UAE and now India and some other Asian countries pointed their counties towards economic development and advancement

These our leader don't just care at all, they are just busy Looting our commonwealth right,left and center and the international community are watching that's why they are reluctant to come and invest in the country.
These people again grin grin grin grin grin grin
OBJ technocrats, where are the infrastructures they left behind? Where are the good roads, railway system, Refineries, urban portable water system, good and afordable health care system, bridges, good housing system, workers Minimum wage, food security and properity, good educational system, Job creation plan etc. Nigeria was a mono-econony by the time they came in and they left it like that. No plan to diversify the economy. But u are here praising those failures and your oppressors. Tufiakwa
Technocrats without any results. You go explain taya, no evidence grin
I spit on your carcass......
Politics / Re: How I Will Tackle Inflation, Naira, Forex Crises, By Cardoso by lailo: 12:41pm On Sep 27, 2023
fool again. Am not igbo. Can u compare debts and amount borrowed between APC and PDP?
I am not APC member either and definitely not supporting any body or party. You still display your slave mentality by praising those failures who failed to transform this country. No failure is better than the other, the reason I picked up on u.
Politics / Re: How I Will Tackle Inflation, Naira, Forex Crises, By Cardoso by lailo: 12:31pm On Sep 27, 2023
dunce who is given a plate of porridge to accept poverty and the future of his children and grand children. Mr fool, if the whole of 18k minimum wage u quoted, how much quantity of the listed commodities could it by any one of the listed commodities of your own choosing or preference. Sack of rice was 8k 500, so it could buy 2 sacks. Now under APC that caused u poverty, it could manage to buy half sack, plus one bucket of rice as minimum wage is #30,000. Fuel then, it could buy 180 liters, cos it was #100.now with the new minimum wage of #30000, it could by 50 liters, beans then was 6k, so it could buy 3 sacks, beans is now 47k, so it can now buy a little more than half sack. garri then was 200 per basket, so it could buy 90 painters of garri, bit now, garri is #1500, your 30k minimum wage to sell your future and your kids own can manage to buy 20 painters. Orobo camry then was 1.3million. Now its 3.5 million. My italian shoe was 10k then, so i could by 2 of it, now with your 30k, it cant even buy one of same standard. Its how 35k. Companies rushed 2 nigeria and flourished, employing left and right, apc regime stifled them out. Ur gsm phone was brought by pdp and its many employment . you are a bastard spoon-fed by his guardian. If u were paying your bills you for no fit open your smelly mouth to type that nonsense up there. LovePeddler son
U and I were alive when Okwonjo Iweala cried out on national TV that the FG could no longer pay workers salary but have to rely on loan. They used foreign loans for their last 6 months in office to pay ordinary salary since their econometrics could no longer bring prosperity for Nigeria. They left heaps of loans for Buhari which he continued in the same manner since Nigeria's major income source Niger Delta Oil collapsed. Your stweepid tribalist is here praising your oppressor who looted your future through Dasuki gates and left us in this mess. I repeat where are the Infrastructure PDP left behind. Where are the railways, good roads, health care, wealth, education, bridges, Jobs, Foods, prosperity etc. Since your tribes men Okwonjo Iweala and Soludo econometrics were better and Nigerians were enjoying according to your statement. So where are the results of there economtrics? Abi APC bulldozed them away
U go explain taya,no evidence grin grin, only tribal bigotry and slave mentality.
Steewpid slave undecided
Sports / Re: Spanish La Liga Clubside, Cadiz Join Nigerians In Mourning Mohbad by lailo: 12:01pm On Sep 27, 2023
They are using his death to stay relevant, the way Obi and Atiku are hanging on Tinubu's broccos to stay relevant till 2027.

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Politics / Re: How I Will Tackle Inflation, Naira, Forex Crises, By Cardoso by lailo: 11:57am On Sep 27, 2023
Back and forth talk. Okonjo iweala and zoludo no talk. Them face work straight. the whole country enjoyed them b4 APC brought that forger of nysc, kemi wey start inflation problen
The railway, good roads, hospitals, jobs, refineries, foods, good education, bridges, and wealth that Okwonjo and Soludo economics brought for Nigeria were all destroyed by APC grin. Abi 16 years was not enough for PDP to transform Nigeria? The last time I checked, workers minimum wage was left at #18,000 by the end of the tenure of Okwonjo Iweala in 2015 undecided undecided undecided
Stweepid slaves praising their tormentors because they are from their tribes shocked
Celebrities / Re: Stop Interfering With Mohbad’s Death Probe, Police Warn Bloggers, Others by lailo: 8:03am On Sep 23, 2023
Especially that greasy piglet called Gists Lover. I don't like her for anything. She's so uncultured.
How did u know GL is she and not he?
Family / Re: Never Allow Your Wife To Pay Rent. by lailo: 7:46am On Sep 17, 2023

Do let your wife pay your rent or your kids school fees no matter what. A word is enough for the wise.
No to paying house rent?
No to paying school fees, right?
No to feeding the family, definitely?
No to building the house, of course?
No to buying the family car, sure?
Then what financial contribution a woman who earns, is then going to do in the home?
Politics / Re: Soyinka: LP Leadership Knew Obi Lost 2023 Polls — But They Want To Force Lies On by lailo: 10:14pm On Sep 13, 2023
I don't believe baba soyinka will say a thing as this. But if he really, then I am ashamed of what erudite elders have become in the clear face of fraud, crime and desecrating of the ancient landmark of a nation because of a fraudulent personality.

The crime dean has been busted.
The chicago certificate he submitted to inec is a fake. The school has denied it.
Erudite papa soyinka did not find it disgraceful.

You cannot hide pregnancy for too long.
Tinubu is a disgrace to the yoruba race worldwide.

The likes of revered father pa Awolowo will twisting and turning in his grave at what the tinubu has yoruba elders to.
Ogbeni, forget Tinubu certificate, tell us your winning figures or u shut the fvck forever....

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Politics / Re: Lagos Assembly Summons LAMATA Over Non-use Of Yoruba Language In Trains by lailo: 2:46pm On Sep 13, 2023
Nigeria my country. Must we attach tribal sentiment to everything? Instead of initiating good policies and programs that will transform the lives of the local people, they are going after less important issues.
Look at this slowpoke. What is tribal sentiment in people promoting their culture and language? Is China speaking other people's language in their land or Spain? If u have lost your identity, why not allow people hold on to theirs. What is your headache?
Spit on your carcass..... Shwwwwww

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Politics / Re: George Galloway Carpets A President Tinubu Fan Who Called On TV by lailo: 7:35pm On Sep 12, 2023

They will come and say that the host has igbo roots. Just watch
What does he know about Tinubu other than those things he reads online or obidients are painting about him. Is he an investigator who has confirmed all propaganda levelled against Tinubu? What authority does he have to pass judgement on another individual from another country. Abeg, the guyman just dey use una obedients catch cruise grin
Politics / Re: No Hope For You At The Supreme Court – Umahi Advises Peter Obi by lailo: 7:12pm On Sep 11, 2023

Obviously people like you are deliberately stupid. You probably pass thru school but school didn't pass thru you.
How can a seemingly educated person open his filthy mouth and be telling the public that there is nothing wrong with a govt establishment telling the masses that it will upload electionz result electronically and that built confidence in electoral process making people come out to vote, but the govt establishment did the opposite.
And u see nothing wrong in that?
And worse still in an electoral that was Prezidential, Senate and Rep conducted on the same day, INEC uploaded both Senate and Rep electronically but failed to upload the Presidential results shich is the most important one??
And u see nothing suspicious about that? Same day different issue??
Why the other two pull thru and the Presidential result didn't?
If it was indeed a glitch, wouldn't it have been such that some presidential results could go and some have the glitch issue? Why was it that none could go, as it was set by default not to go.
It iz either you guys are plainly stupid or prolific liars. Or both.
Most of you people can never enter heaven with the kind of lies you tell.

May God not allow una enter heaven
Who told u other results on that day apart from presidential was uploaded? U guys shall like striving on propaganda. I was an INEC adhoc staff on that day. In the whole of my local government I covered, even the state, nobody uploaded any nada results. Every results were left on BVAS machine and every agents got their copies from the polling units. Stop the propaganda. And I still repeat, bcs INEC failed to upload election results now, so all elections should be reconducted, even when there are results in the hand of every political parties to confirm any infraction. That means Presidential, Governorship, HOR, Senate and HOA all elections will be reconducted bcs Obi lost? You are the ones who are dull. What happens to u presenting your original results gotten from ur agents all over the nation, signed by INEC and other political oarties and ask INEC to defend it. Una lose, una come dey look for loop holes to upturn a victory. The court has already said INEC didn't break any electoral rule so u can go and hug transformer. Sore losers undecided

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Politics / Re: No Hope For You At The Supreme Court – Umahi Advises Peter Obi by lailo: 10:19pm On Sep 10, 2023
Oga Dave Imahi, Biko eat your cake quietly, but let it not choke and humble you too soon ( cos it eventually will).

And let me ask you, if Tinubu had lost at the Tribunal, what would have been your advise to him? You would have told him he shouldn't appeal?
Atiku is also heading to supreme court, why haven't u advised Atiku not to do same?
Peter Obi name kee u there!!

Though I don't see the supreme court upturning Tinubu, but let Atiku and Peter Obi go and contest the judgement again.... At least that aspect that say INEC has liberty to determine how it wants to transmit result. That is unacceptable.

I went to vote because the electoral law mandate INEC to transmit results electronically, and INEC told us severally they would transmit electronically.
No corrupt rag-tag judges should turn the rules upside down and drag our electoral process backward.
Ehen, what happens even if INEC told u result will be transmitted electronically and things beyond INEC's control later forced them to rely on manual collation after the electronic transition failed? What is wrong in that? Is it against the law? The results Obi got in the whole of SE and the twelve states he won, were they not also collated manually? Didn't same INEC's failure to transmit result electronically affect all the candidates? Was it only Obi who was affected? Manual results and electronic results, what is the difference? Why can't u present your manual results that showed u won the election to court for INEC to dispute? Didn't u have reports from all your agents from those areas u alleged rigging? Why can't u present those results to court? Because INEC failed to transmit results electronically like they promised, so those authentic results should be discarded and election redone? Even though your agents signed those results and have same with them? The reason why we have manual as back-up is in case electronic failed, it can be relied on. If u feel those results have been changed, Obi should present authentic results to the INEC signed by all party agents during the election. Period.

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Politics / Re: The Movement Of The Federal Government From Lagos To Abuja (Videos & Photos) by lailo: 8:14pm On Sep 09, 2023
Mayram Babaginda remains the most beautiful First Lady
Black beauty and bold..with good brains .. madam better life.

God bless The Godfather.

Apc don finally scatter Nigeria ..
Aisha Buhari is more beautiful. Forget about hatred for her family.
Politics / Re: I Was Security Guard & Now President; Nigeria Can Accommodate Everyone – Tinubu by lailo: 12:07pm On Sep 09, 2023

Anambra was nothing to write home about before Obi did his magic by revamping the State from a zero investment home to a glorious economic and industrial hub. Guy, Obi has no match as far good leadership is concerned.
You are right. Anambra is the best state in Nigeria right now after Obi's midal touch. The best in Security, Good roads, Education, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Industries, Job creation, Economy, GDP etc.
What a messiah shocked
We dodged a bullet grin

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Politics / Re: I Was Security Guard & Now President; Nigeria Can Accommodate Everyone – Tinubu by lailo: 12:00pm On Sep 09, 2023

Guy, bracelet worn over the arm needs no mirror. What is your Tinubu doing now. It's all from one audio investment story to another while the people languish in poverty. You guys are shameless. Only care about Tinubu's bragging right as the Jagaban of politics which has no meaningful impact on Nigerians. Tueh
It is only fools like Obidients who would aplaud Jonathan and PDP for good wasteful 16 years without solutions to Nigeria's perennial problems but expect Tinubu to have turned around this rotten country in less than 4 months. All his policies so far are all about rebuilding.....we are not expecting a magician as a president, we want Mr Fix it, we have him and he has started. We are equally patient. The whole of SE can hire Peter Obi who is a magician to turn the region to eldorado heaven in one week. You are free.
Politics / Re: Tragedy Hits Abuja, 30 Killed In Landslide, 19 Abducted by lailo: 9:26am On Sep 08, 2023

Your choice is Abiodun and aregbesola, fayemi and Co abi??

The worst governor in the east is still far better than abiodun
We can see it in the sit at home exercises across the whole region. Foolish people.....

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Politics / Re: I Was Security Guard & Now President; Nigeria Can Accommodate Everyone – Tinubu by lailo: 9:04am On Sep 08, 2023

Oga keep quiet. If you want to compare Lagos state with other states, you make sure that other states have a sea port. If not, just shut up.
I think Lagos State didn't have the sea port before Tinubu came in in 1999? Or Anambra state or other Nigerian states don't have any natural resources. This mentality that it must be sea port before a state can make it is what is killing the South East region and igbos. There are so many countries in Africa without seaport and are doing better than Nigeria. The last time I checked Nigeria is still the one managing the seaport and it is even from the federal revenue accrued from it that all states including Lagos and Anambra itself take their allocations from.
If the sea port is in anambra, the whole of south east will even be worse than it is now and the excuse you guys will have is that it is bcs FG didn't handover the port to Anambra State government to manage by itself.
Or what about the whole of south south states who are rich in crude oil, why is that region not heaven on earth?
The difference between Lagos and Anambra is no sea port but purposeful leadership. Tinubu is a confirmed excellent administrator and visionary leader while Obi is a tested and trusted Anambra failuregrin
Jokers and failure who want to foist Agulu failure on the whole country.
We dodged a bullet grin grin grin grin

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