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Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi Offers Scholarships To Emmanuel Maduabuchi And Chukwuebuka Udoye by lastempero: 5:34pm On Aug 03, 2021
I tire 4 the enugu anambra narrative shocked

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Travel / Re: UAE Lifts ban on Transit flights From Nigeria, India, Others On August 5 by lastempero: 5:32pm On Aug 03, 2021
Wahala 4 who no take vaccine.
Sports / Re: Tokyo Olympics: Blessing Oborududu Wins Silver In Wrestling by lastempero: 3:58pm On Aug 03, 2021

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Politics / Re: Ekpa Simon To Abba Kyari: 'Your Hatred For South-East Ended Your Career' by lastempero: 3:49pm On Aug 03, 2021
Always sounding stupid and disgraceful.
Politics / Re: Kinetic Abia: Understanding The Ndiegoro Flood Control Project In Aba (part 2) by lastempero: 12:31pm On Aug 03, 2021
Nde mugu, tell ur oga 2 round up that centre table at osisioma jnction.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Commanders May Have Read Tsan Zu Art Of War . by lastempero: 7:38am On Aug 03, 2021
I don't know who they are but with their mode of operation is shows this guys are fighting a dangerous kind of warfare guerilla warfare, guerilla warfare it is usually used when you are facing an army bigger and more equipped than you an official army it was invented by a Chinese general named tsan zu.it is more of a psychological warfare than physical it is more of weakening the moral of your enemy than defeating him in battle,it is about knowing the weak poin of ur enemy and hitting him hard on that spot till he gives up it is a kind of war no one has ever won in history, America used it on Britain to gain
independence,Vietnam used it on America and they withdrew , because it is based on hit and run,.few months ago nairaland zombies were were jubilating and bragging that kyari has picked up all of them i just laughed master of tsan zu art of war can never loose the war may take long but they can never loose it is a war of wisdom and tact..
I just watched a YouTube documentary on tsan zu warfare ,how the Vietcong used on American forces,it is very similar to how unknown gunmen operate ,they are will have the highest casualties for sure ,blood will spill but their objectives will be achieved the enemy will give up.

If these boys are really fighting for Biafra let's say they are not DSS as I suspect they will get Biafra only if they can maintain the pressure...

Zombies can come and wail here truth is bitter.

Ipobs are the most stupid set of igbos i have encountered in my life, i never believed our people can loose their thinking faculty. You are busy killing your people and tagging them saboteurs and the fulani people u tagged ur problem are there enjoying themselves. 90% of people murdered by those urchins, both the police and civilians are igbos and you guys are happy. Stupid set of hopeless frustrated idiots that failed to hustle and better their life and now resort to witch hunting in the name of seccessionist movement even their leader spent all his years in uk without achieving anything, not even cubicle in his father's compound and they now feel biafra if it eventually comes will solve their problems. Believe me day of reckoning is coming 4 those cold murderers.

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Politics / Re: Man Who Criticizes IPOB Online Get His Mother Killed By Unknown Gunmen by lastempero: 7:29pm On Aug 02, 2021
If truly they are trying to kill your siblings, just know that they are trying to avenge the death of innocent Igbo youths whom you saw to their deaths the same way judas iscariot saw to the death of Jesus Christ.

You must be mad, is killing the person's siblings going to solve the problem or are you among the frustrated fools following the run away freedom fighter.
Politics / Re: Fela On Broadway - When The World Stood Still For Fela Kuti by lastempero: 7:22pm On Aug 02, 2021
Na strong man.
Politics / Re: Bemused Osinbajo Watched Helplessly As Buni Refused To Obey Directive - THISDAY by lastempero: 7:07pm On Aug 02, 2021
I don't think Osibanjo should be contemplating Presidential ambition..... because he is too weak to handle hausa/ foolanis.
if South consider Osibanjo it will be like a loose to them, the guy is too weak.
No weakly in Politics, it's either you sit up or you you retire stop occupying position that you can't handle......

He doesn't have power but i think he is weak to some extent because i can be in a situation where i have no say and still stick around.


Science/Technology / Re: Meet 20-Year-Old Akobundu Kenneth Who Builds Planes, Cars And Bikes (Video) by lastempero: 6:59pm On Aug 02, 2021
Until he leave his papa village before his destiny fit shine

Na the problem wey Igbo man get be that...yet they go dey shout Biafra, dey disrespect their host

And go where? Destiny killers so ur kind we start discouraging him.
Fashion / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2021 Contestants (Pictures) by lastempero: 6:33pm On Aug 02, 2021
Na only igbo girls fine 4 this country?

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Sports / Re: Meet Plug Leon, 16-Year-Old Boy Who Supplies Football Stars With Luxurious Wears by lastempero: 2:31pm On Aug 02, 2021

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Crime / Re: Abba Kyari Deletes Facebook Post Mocking Police Probe Of FBI Charges by lastempero: 6:37pm On Jul 31, 2021

Baba I be Igbo too but I no understand our people o. U have said it all. I no even know whether we are becoming dumber or what? No wonder northerners dey chop belleful at our expense for this country. Critical thinking beyond unhelpful emotional ranting need to be encouraged amongst our people. We need to step back and think always before talking and especially before action.

Igbos are naturally smart, proven by our business acumen since time immemorial, naturally intelligent, beautiful, with a culture that celebrate competition, personal hustling, drive, success and achievement, why we come dey do ourselves like this now?

Life is a game, politics is a game, everything is a game that is played better without wearing one's heart on one's sleeve.

Abba Kyari na asset for somebody like Obi Cubana. The last thing way for dey Cubana mind for be to cancel Abba Kyari because of perceived injustice against Igbos, injustice that Abba Kyari was probably dishing to all people in every region of this country fair and square. Prior to this disgraceful incidence one can even argue it helped cubana's image to be seen with Kyari.

I hope one day most of us will see that many of the things we think are personal hurts against Igbos weren't actually personal. It is the game of Life, you either play it or die.

Seriously is very annoying and that has neen our greatest setback. You can imagine kanu scolding iheanacho for flying Nigerian flag as if biafra is existing already. Life is a game take it or leave it!!!
Crime / Re: Abba Kyari Deletes Facebook Post Mocking Police Probe Of FBI Charges by lastempero: 5:03pm On Jul 31, 2021
See the kind of man Obi Cubana is dinning with, a person with a record of brutal injustice against Igbos. Most wealthy Igbos are insensitive to their brother's plight.

Stop being a emotional and play the game of life!!! Use your enemy and get what you want in life. We igbos are too emotional and that's why other tribes in naija are riding us like horse.
Politics / Re: Uchechi Kanu: Only Dominic Raab Can Save Nnamdi Kanu From Further Harm by lastempero: 4:50pm On Jul 31, 2021
I don't read the news these days because I see a lot of stupid comments on nairaland.

nobody is thinking critically anymore.

during endsars it ended how I predicted
Abba kyari case will not go anywhere

E gey any news wey dey last forever?

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Crime / Re: Boy Tortured & Starved By His Madam, Eats From A Dustbin (Photos) by lastempero: 4:18pm On Jul 31, 2021
Our women sabi wicked i no go lie you. I know it must be igbo woman. Go to onitsha n see how they treat all these boy boy like say dey no be human beings.


Travel / Re: List Of Countries That Grant Citizenship Easily by lastempero: 4:16pm On Jul 31, 2021
Those facts listed about dominican rep should be false, those people broke die believe me. Na them major olosho abroad.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Accused Of Destroying Ohafia Communities In Abia by lastempero: 4:07pm On Jul 31, 2021
That barr
Crime / Re: Breakdown Of FBI Investigation On Hushpuppi And Abba Kyari. by lastempero: 4:04pm On Jul 31, 2021

Don't mind those americans and american government.

When it comes to making the biggest criminal deals, no one can beat them in that game.

Look at how they funded the COVID 19 Wuhan lab experiment to create a virus that will put the entire world in a chokehold and now they are creating the "vaccines" for the same virus they created and insisting that everyone in the world takes the vaccine.

What manner of crime against humanity is greater than that?

Not forgetting the lies against Saddam and Weapons of Mass Destruction that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

These generation for is the most brutal mankind will ever experience. Their aim is to suppress the poor.
Crime / Re: Breakdown Of FBI Investigation On Hushpuppi And Abba Kyari. by lastempero: 8:39am On Jul 31, 2021


But if he has correct connections, which I will like to believe he does have, then he won't even be dismissed from the Force.

Like you said, they are just out to ridicule him and bring all his previous efforts to fighting crime to nought.

But how will that play out?

Only time will tell.

I try to link him up in the whole thing but believe me this is pure witch hunting, iam not his fan but i dont see the reason why they issued an international warrant for the guy. He only has a case with the Nigerian police for accepting bribe to arrest someone and this goes a long way in showing how the western world is just playing games with the innocent citizens of the third world. If they are serious in fighting crime, they should start arresting our politicians that have been stealing and stacking our money in their banks and buying properties no be only working boyz.
Crime / Re: Breakdown Of FBI Investigation On Hushpuppi And Abba Kyari. by lastempero: 8:29am On Jul 31, 2021
I don't see anything that implicates Abba Kyari in this narrative.

As far as Abba is concerned, he got a tip off about a fraudster and he acted subsequently.

Abba has no power to arrest Hoshpoppi in a foreign land.

Case closed. wink

The question now is could Abba have prevented the said fraud taking place in a foreign land?

That is the question the US courts and US Authorities will have determine its answer.

They dont have much evidence against the guy, they just want to ridicule him. He had no case with them believe me. The worst he can get is dismissal from Nigerian police.

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Politics / Re: Abba Kyari's Arrest, Extradition: FBI Agents Meet Nigeria's Police IGP by lastempero: 8:15am On Jul 31, 2021
Extradition is not as straightforward as it sounds. It will involve the court up to the Supreme Court to determine if the offence is worth the suspect, as a citizen of Nigeria, being extradited to face criminal trial in another country.

In Abba Kyari's case, I am sure he will, as last resort, argue that crimes of agreeing to receive bribe money for his team and the arising criminal breach of trust were committed in Nigeria. In addition, he will argue that none of the amounts were paid into his personal accounts. I am sure his numerous wealthy friends would be brainstorming by now on choice of SAN or SANS to engage to handle his case.

Long way ahead but whatever happens, Abba Kyari is already down and in tatters. Smh

Seriously the worst he can get is dismissal, the case no get weight when u consider Nigerian law. Who is going to prove that he received money.
Travel / Re: Best Countries To Survive Global Apocalypse(Pix) by lastempero: 9:55pm On Jul 30, 2021
Naija dey apocalypse level already ex lipsrsealed
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: IPOB Disciple, Simon Ekpa Sends Message To Obi Cubana Over Abba Kyari by lastempero: 6:36pm On Jul 29, 2021
This one dey sound like broken record. Stylishly linking the guy up. Stupid people everywhere.
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ejiofor: Britain Likely Connived With Nigeria In Nnamdi Kanu's Arrest by lastempero: 8:20am On Jul 29, 2021
You carry people passport still dey lambast them anyhow, e no make sense at all. My guy should eschew emotions in this struggle.


Health / Re: Buhari Approves Establishment Of Orthopaedic Hospital In Plateau by lastempero: 5:21pm On Jul 28, 2021
Very needful, fulani men don finish them.
Family / Re: Doctor Divorces His Beauty Queen Wife After Discovering She's A Secret Call Girl by lastempero: 12:19pm On Jul 28, 2021
Vagina people think they are during us, u can be a victim of their lie but dont allow them to victimised u.

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Celebrities / Re: Ayo Animashaun Wants P'square To Reconcile by lastempero: 11:18am On Jul 28, 2021
E fit be u dem go use settle, nonsense ingredients.
Politics / Re: Do Not Compare Sunday Igboho To Prophet Muhammad – Muslim Women Warn Afenifere by lastempero: 10:39am On Jul 28, 2021
Olosho ur only problem is the comparism and not even the fulani oppression going on in ur land shocked

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Politics / Re: Prince Arthur Eze Dances To Cultural Music With Amazing Steps (Pix, Video) by lastempero: 7:20pm On Jul 27, 2021
The real Billionaire. Obi Cubana is still a small boy

Obi matter still dey pain you?
Politics / Re: Between Port Harcourt And Uyo Which Is More Beautiful by lastempero: 7:07pm On Jul 27, 2021

The topic stated beautiful.

Can you say PH is more beautiful that Uyo?

Where is beautiful in PH city, Eleme, Mile 1,2,3, or 4, Borokiri, illaboushi, Abuja, Abuloma, GRA littered with clubs and bars, or is it, Or the same length and breath of Aba road me and you know? Oh! Trans Amadi is beautiful place you talking about or town? I beg.... Where is serenity in PH...? Where is beauty?

If you said 30 years ago, I wont argue with you. Goats have ate the garden in Port Harcourt

Only gra phase one covers the whole of uyo, i mean the old gra. Have you been to those estates littered at odili road or gra phase 2 or all those links leading to opu Obasanjo way abi na agip i want carry you go.

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