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Sports / Re: Comedian Andrew Lawrence Shows Cancelled After Racist Tweets At England Players. by luckyz4rea(m): 1:05pm On Jul 15

The message is for those with functional brains

Such a message from someone with one
Sports / Re: Comedian Andrew Lawrence Shows Cancelled After Racist Tweets At England Players. by luckyz4rea(m): 1:04pm On Jul 15
[quote author=DropsMic post=103676968]

The message is for those with functional brains[/quote

Such a message from someone with one
Sports / Re: Comedian Andrew Lawrence Shows Cancelled After Racist Tweets At England Players. by luckyz4rea(m): 1:03pm On Jul 15
[quote author=DropsMic post=103676968]

The message is for those with functional brains[/quote

] Such a message from someone with one
Sports / Re: Comedian Andrew Lawrence Shows Cancelled After Racist Tweets At England Players. by luckyz4rea(m): 7:05pm On Jul 13

Let me shock you today. Did you know that if Usman Dan fodio had conquered your native statw this your message would have been about Allah and Mohammed?

We are all victims of happenstance.

What's your point?
Food / Re: Photos Of Monkeys Killed Today by luckyz4rea(m): 9:31pm On Jun 16

Cow is an animal too bro

Food / Re: Photos Of Monkeys Killed Today by luckyz4rea(m): 5:20pm On Jun 16
Good people are good to their animals; the “good-hearted” bad people kick and abuse them.
Proverbs 12:10 MSG


Crime / Re: Soldier Beats & Disgraces A Lady For Indecent Dressing In Ogun State (Photo) by luckyz4rea(m): 4:31pm On Dec 05, 2020
Regardless the lady's offense, the military man is not justified at all for laying hands on her! I'm not justifying the lady's action but how many of us get punished when we do things in the secret or even openly? This mentality has to be done away with.
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: 43 Farmers Killed By Boko Haram Didn’t Have Clearance To Farm by luckyz4rea(m): 5:36pm On Nov 30, 2020
Excuses to cover up or defend their inability is rolling in from a finger-pointing, and blame game government with no sense of remorse whatsoever for their unequivocal failure!
Politics / Re: End Killings, Lawan, Gbajabiamila Tell Security Agencies by luckyz4rea(m): 4:42pm On Nov 30, 2020
Mere bark and no bite!
Politics / Re: FG To Treat Fresh #endsars Protest As Attempt At Regime Change by luckyz4rea(m): 4:37pm On Nov 30, 2020
They are even mentioning unconstitutional despite their unconstitutional actions and activities. So they know the Constitution? I bet they don't.
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Denies Announcing ₦5 Million Hate Speech Fine by luckyz4rea(m): 7:45am On Nov 27, 2020

Who cares?

You don't have to
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Denies Announcing ₦5 Million Hate Speech Fine by luckyz4rea(m): 7:40am On Nov 27, 2020
Only those who don't know the value of their parents will insult Lai Muhammad. Those abusive, dangerous children who kick and beat their parents. People who don't respect their elders or show compassion amongst them. Ungreatful people

I would never support any abusive language to anyone not to talk of parents, but do you think our parents would descend this low in speeches just to retain a job at their age like that of daddy Lai? I don't think so.

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Science/Technology / Re: 20-Year-Old Man Built An Aircraft Training Replica In Adamawa (Photos) by luckyz4rea(m): 5:15pm On Nov 26, 2020
[quote author=sapphiere post=96470874]Can it fly?[/quote

It should hop if it can't fly
Politics / Re: Nigeria Approaches UK Over Proposed #endsars Sanctions. by luckyz4rea(m): 2:48pm On Nov 26, 2020
I really don't know why some Nigerians are selfish with their thoughts..

Cos you don't like Buhari does not mean you should be praying for nonsense sanction which will eventually affect the common masses...

Were we not already affected before sanction? If this sanction will set things right let us be affected to avoid such affecting in the future

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Politics / Re: TCN: Nigeria Requires ₦1 Trillion For Efficient Electricity Transmission by luckyz4rea(m): 9:03am On Nov 26, 2020

So how would you fix power if you were in charge?

How much do you think is needed to fix power?

I'd engage all the professionals in that field. I'm not a NEPA official or expert in it. They know how much it'd cost.
Also, I'm not vying for any office. Just to support all those that are qualified and capable.

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Politics / Re: TCN: Nigeria Requires ₦1 Trillion For Efficient Electricity Transmission by luckyz4rea(m): 8:37am On Nov 26, 2020
Lies! Even if that money is provided today we'll still complain of electricity in the next decades to come.

I have lost hope in the set of people at the helm of affairs in this nation. I'm sure millions of Nigerians too are fed up.

Change must be effected. We've tried these set of leaders for too long and nothing seems to be working for the past 60years. Though I don't believe one individual can change this nation cause he is no messiah, but together we can change the narrative of this nation. That narrative can only be driven by well meaning youths with the leadership or oversight of leaders without stain or interest to be at the helm of affairs not godfathers!

All that being said, everything here on earth is temporary. Whilst we go about aiming for good governance by the youths, note that we remain a people who are susceptible to erring, especially without the absolute guide of the Lord. Here is our Jerusalem and we must surely ad long as God gives us power, seek to repair or make amends with regards to all the damaged imposed on us by past and present leaders whether religious, traditional or whatever other part you belong to and had or have a hand in the bad state in which we are in as a nation. May the Lord lead us out of the temptation to vote any tyrant, selfish, ungodly r, tribal and traditional bigots!

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Travel / Re: Fun Things To Do In Abuja | Kayaking At The National Stadium, Abuja by luckyz4rea(m): 4:11pm On Nov 25, 2020
why is abroad water always blue and Nigeria own is mostly brown?

Dirty is the word not brown!


Politics / Re: SUVs Cars For Senators And House Of Rep Members Ready For Distribution (video) by luckyz4rea(m): 1:53pm On Nov 25, 2020
This action is a dead nation kick to Nigerians!
Politics / Re: Senator Elisha Abbo Dumps PDP For APC by luckyz4rea(m): 11:53am On Nov 25, 2020
All you politicians going from one pillar party to another party post will know that it is good to stand for something rather than jumping from pillar to post come 2023 when the youths get to decide who should truly govern them!
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky And Ubi Franklin Pictured Together At Airopayinc Launching by luckyz4rea(m): 11:50am On Nov 25, 2020
Omo. Nothing wey pesin never see....

Gives Joy to see people living their lives.

No shame, no regret, no bordering of others.

Just living. Anywhere the wind blows.

Living and nothing more.

Real joy.

Shout out all those who will never be open minded.

It's just a pity you don't know what peace is.


Regrets don't come up until when we begin to see the consequences of our actions. If nothing makes us see reasons for whatever we should or should not do, consequences will!
Politics / Re: Lekki Shootings: New Report Shows CNN Is Desperate — Lai Mohammed by luckyz4rea(m): 10:24am On Nov 25, 2020
To be honest, I saw the video yesterday and yes, our honourable minister is 100% right.

They are desperate. The video is crappy and anyone who believes that gibberish can believe anything.

Many people commenting above have nothing to counter what the minister has said except insult. Typical mob mentality.

CNN dare not make this type of crappy journalism for their local government. They know hundreds of counter-videos will pop-up to expose their lies.

But then, they know many Nigerians (especially Ipodians) are suffering from inferiority complex, so they'll swallow anything an orange man gives them - hook, line and sinker.

As someone said;

What do I know? DJ socket is already using some people's brain for sanitary pad.


Family / Re: At The Age Of 20, What Is A Young Man Supposed To Have Achieved? by luckyz4rea(m): 4:01pm On Nov 24, 2020
At the the age of 20 what should a young man supposed to have achieved. If you have any advice or life experience to share to the young minds please do.

Life's purpose!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Noah Harris: Harvard Elects Black Man As Student Body President For First Time by luckyz4rea(m): 4:00pm On Nov 24, 2020
What's with this black and white and brown words we call. A human is human regards their color. Color is in the mind. Race is in the mind. All the divisions about race and color is in the mind. The moment you conquer the world's view on things, you've conquered every cliché or myth associated with these divisions we put ourselves in. Beauty and ugliness that we make mention of are all in the mind.

Once your mind is trained and renewed always, all these divisions about color and what not would varnish like a vapour!
Politics / Re: Dr Maduka: "I Will Build 21 University Statelite Campuses In 21 LGA If Elected" by luckyz4rea(m): 4:35pm On Nov 23, 2020
Off the mic
Science/Technology / Re: Scientists Successfully Reverse Human Ageing Process (Pics) by luckyz4rea(m): 1:48pm On Nov 21, 2020
Yinmu! Man na man. When time come everyone go age including the inventors of this. There are likely to be old people amongst them that won't want to use the stuff!

We can try as much and as long as God gives us long rope but it will be an effort in futility eventually. There's no point trying to prolong or extending evil days
Politics / Re: UK Petrol Car Ban Threatens Nigeria’s Oil Sales by luckyz4rea(m): 1:15pm On Nov 20, 2020
Very soon Nigeria will cry on spilled milk the way this administration is crying over blaming one or two people instead of thinking outside the box. The world is moving, but looting and lies is what is moving our leaders towards continuous looting and lies.

I wonder the set of leaders we have despite their education. Well, it seem we deserve the kind of leaders we have, if not we should take our country from wolves that appear in sheep's clothing!

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Politics / Re: Dave Umahi. ‘I Can Never Join A Party Like APC' (Throwback) by luckyz4rea(m): 6:12pm On Nov 18, 2020
You'll never know how dishonest you are until you are tempted!
Politics / Re: Fuel Price Hike: NLC Out To Deceive Nigerians, Says Timi Frank by luckyz4rea(m): 5:51pm On Nov 18, 2020
Nigeria Labour Compromise at it again
Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Buhari Will Take Action In Few Hours – monguno by luckyz4rea(m): 5:04pm On Oct 22, 2020
I can't believe these officials that were voted to maximally protect lives and properties are still playing dice with their talks, denials and with a lackadaisical attitude because they or their families are not affected. Leadership is necessarily an exercise of authority: authority channeled towards doing what is right and appropriate. Once the authority is lost the leaders begins to do damage to themselves and the led.

Apparently, these leaders have no authority over those they lead, hence the continuous damage recorded. The Youths must rise structurally from every sector and tribe to claim their future by educating every uneducated persons that will in so doing translate into educated minds. Compare our leaders attitudes to those they travel to other developed countries around the world. We have shameless leaders. That hoodlums are attacking every sector should send a message to every government that education is never taken seriously and that the basic requirement for survival for citizens are the reason we have these kinds of youths destroying things. These events must teach us lessons. If it does not, the decades to come will be worse than what we have seen these days
Celebrities / Re: Bianca Ojukwu Visits ‘the Land God Made In Anger’ At Skeleton Coast (pictures) by luckyz4rea(m): 8:48pm On Oct 11, 2020
We will talk about ‘The Land God made in anger’ later, see how beautiful and gorgeous this woman is, even at her age. That’s one good thing about Igbo women, God took His time to create them. They’re ageless.

God will continue to bless Igbo Women immensely.

You are insinuating that God did not take time to create you?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: 33-Storey Building On Fire In South Korea (Pics, Video) by luckyz4rea(m): 12:58pm On Oct 09, 2020
There is Nothing on this Earth that is Worth attaching your life to...
Everything we can see and touch can Disappear at anytime..

What is of Value is Having your Soul in Jesus Christ
It pays Here on Earth and in Eternity..

Absolutely! The reason we should never equal our lives to material possessions! This is a huge loss!

This is to say that wealth can be lost instantly through a variety of uncontrollable factors!

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Politics / Re: The 2021 Budget Estimates For Statutory Transfers Released By FG by luckyz4rea(m): 6:14pm On Oct 08, 2020
What makes us even think that all the 35billion for health will be appropriated for that purpose?

The cost of governance has come to be more relevant than the cost set aside for the governed! When we realise where we went wrong as Nigerians and begin to hold our leaders by the jugular for accountability, then will some level of sanity truly step in Nigeria's public office holders and politics as a whole, as experienced in better enlightened climes!

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