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Computers / How Can I Block Emails On AOL? by mariajhon6504(f): 7:32am On Apr 29
To find out how to block emails on AOL, you are supposed to follow and apply few important instructions. Now, to do it, you must follow and apply few important instructions. First of all, you must go the AOL Mobile app, and then you are required to tap an email from a sender that you wish to block. Now, you are supposed to tap the three-dot menu which is located and then you must ‘mark as spam’ and then you should repeat the process.
Programming / Re: How Can I Recover My Facebook Account That Has Hacked? by mariajhon6504(f): 10:11am On Dec 20, 2021

If you want to recover hacked Facebook account then I wrote a full article on it just read this blog and follow the given steps:
Science/Technology / How Can I Quickly Change The Google Voice Number On Android Devices? by mariajhon6504(f): 12:57pm On Nov 18, 2021
To find out how to change Google Voice number on Android Devices, you are expected to follow a few important instructions. First of all, open the Google Voice app, move to the extreme left and then click on the devices and linked numbers. Now, you must set the device number on Android. Now, you are required to choose options from the suggestions and then click on the Save button. By following and implementing the above-stated steps, you can simply change the Google Voice number on Android.
Technology Market / What To Do If I Want To Exclude Someone From Messenger App? by mariajhon6504(f): 12:52pm On Apr 06, 2021
Excluding someone from the chat service – Messenger offered by Facebook is quite easy stuff. The best way to stop somebody from annoying you in Messenger or Facebook is to “block” that contact. Nevertheless, if you’re facing some sorts of difficulties regarding how to remove someone from Messenger, the following quick guidelines will help you out eventually.

Quick Guidelines to Remove or Block Contact in Messenger

Step 1: Open Messenger app in Android.
Step 2: You can view all the contacts in Messenger and also imported from Facebook.
Step 3: Long press the contact your want to block. Three options appear now.
Step 4: Press the option with 3 lines.
Step 5: select the option - “Block“on the next pop-up screen.
Step 6: You can also press the Delete option to remove the contact and history.

This is how you can delete or remove a contact from Messenger app. If you’ve any other concerns like you want to delete your Facebook page, keep following the steps down below:

• Navigate to the Settings menu.
• Scroll down and from the Remove Page section, select the "Edit" button next to "Delete your page."
• Select the permanently delete (Your Page Name).
• Confirm your selection to delete the page.

That’s it! If someone would be looking for an answer to their question, how to delete my Facebook page, you should recommend the above solutions.

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Science/Technology / How Can One Change Paypal Account Password Without Any Trouble? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:14am On Sep 10, 2020
Like all the financial services and accounts, you should protect your PayPal account with a strong and unique password that you will not definitely even guess. However, in some way, PayPal users are facing trouble while going through changing the password process. Well, it’s easy; you just need to get through your PayPal settings icon and under the security section you can go with the change PayPal password options.
Read More About: How to Unlock a PayPal Account
Science/Technology / How To Log Into Your Spectrum Router Instantly? by mariajhon6504(f): 12:21pm On Aug 28, 2020
Spectrum router is known for its exceptional features and user-friendly aspects. Depending upon which brand and model your router is, the default login details will be varied, required for get into router’s network settings. The main thing is the IP address that you need to go through from your web address bar, which you might have been provided on the back side of the router. However, if you need proper answer to your question: how do I log into my Spectrum router, get in touch with our certified professional team.
Science/Technology / How To Live Chat With Paypal Executive? by mariajhon6504(f): 10:13am On Jul 24, 2020
The PayPal live chat service is completely controlled by a automatic answering BOT. Once you ask your query by writing down the issues, if BOT fails to give you the answer, you will be joining with a executive member then you will thought that how do I speak to a live person at PayPal? You can also look for the answers for your queries on the PayPal help page, may be you could find there.
Science/Technology / How To Speak To A Live Person At Paypal? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:44am On Jul 20, 2020
PayPal is an American-based online platform that highly regarded as one of the best for intthe ernational payment system. But things go wrong when someone encounters any issue while doing so. If you don’t know how to fix it out and needed to getana answer to your query: how do I speak to a live person at PayPal, just dial up the official number and follow the IVR options to connect with an expert.
Science/Technology / Is There Yahoo Chat Rooms Still Running? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:03am On Jul 18, 2020
Yahoo messenger has been shut down entirely on July, 2018; however, it was partially replaced by a new service -Yahoo Together that was too discontinued on April 4, 2019. Right now, Yahoo has no replacement for its online messenger service. The reason for closing down the Yahoo Chat Rooms was due to not adding enough value for users.
Science/Technology / How To Get Connected With A Live Person At Google? by mariajhon6504(f): 8:07am On Jul 17, 2020
It’s quite simple to get in touch with a Live Person at Google, only you just need to contact on the phone number. Once you connected via the phone call, you will be needed to listen to all the options the IVR BOT offers and choose the options that ultimately find your ways to connect with an executive at Google. This way you would be found the answer of your query: how can I speak to a Live person at Google service?
Science/Technology / How To Troubleshoot Yahoo ATT Email Login Problems? by mariajhon6504(f): 7:41am On Jul 16, 2020
Troubleshooting the Yahoo ATT email login issue can be done with a few basic techniques. You never know your account might have been hacked, and you need to recover it possibly. If you are somehow failed to fix the issue on your own, get in touch with our executive team members right away.
Phones / How To Cope Up With Gmail Not Working On Iphone ? by mariajhon6504(f): 12:54pm On Jul 14, 2020
Gmail has been known best when it comes to acknowledging the fact of workability and accessibility. But sometimes things don’t go in our way, and for that, we have to face several technical snags while accessing the account. If the issue of Gmail not working on iPhone you are using is not resolved, you just need to update the app or reinstalling it. If possible, you may need assistance to fix the issue with the help of our team.
Science/Technology / Tired Of Gmail Not Working On Iphone? Here’s The Fix For You by mariajhon6504(f): 12:37pm On Jul 02, 2020
In the recent past, iPhone users have been complaining about not receiving Gmail emails on their iPhones. To solve this issue of Gmail crashing on iPhone, you should first be aware of the reasons for Gmail crashing. Then only you can seek the solution for the exact problem.

Issues getting in the way of Gmail not receiving on iPhone
1. Browser issue
If your browser is not configured correctly, not updated, or does not support compatibility with your Gmail, you will face obstruction in receiving Gmail on your iPhone.

2. Temporary server down
If there is a Gmail outage in your area, how hard you try, your Gmail will crash on your iPhone. Check with your local internet provider to confirm if there is a Gmail outage in your area.

3. The Gmail storage quota is full.
If there is no free space available on your Gmail, you will not receive Gmail emails on your iPhone. Visit the Google Drive page to check the storage of your Gmail. The maximum storage space allotted for combines Google services (Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos) is 15 GB.

4. Enabled Gmail Filters
The enabled filters of Gmail can reroute the emails to alternative folders. Enabled filters can stop the receiving of Gmail emails in your Inbox.

5. Pilled-up cache and locally stored data
If the cache or local data storage has pilled-up, it might cause the Gmail crashing on your iPhone device.
Once you have detected the real reason behind this Gmail crashing issue, you can try the tips given below to sort the problem.
1. Clear the cache and local data
Clear your iPhone’s cache and local data to remove the piled-up data. When the cache is cleared, your iPhone will start working normally, and Gmail will not crash on your iPhone.

• Search for the Gmail option on your iPhone’s settings.
• Click on Storage.
• Clear your iPhone’s cache and data.
• Reboot your iPhone.

2. Re-enable the app
If Gmail still crashes on your iPhone, uninstall the Gmail app from your iPhone and reinstall it again.
• Search for the Gmail option on your iPhone’s settings.
• Click on Uninstall or Uninstall updates.
• Now, go to the Play Store and find Gmail.
• Install the Gmail app and finally reboot your iPhone.

3. Sign-out and Sign-in again to your Gmail account
It is one trick applied by many users to resolve the crashing of Gmail on their iPhone device. You should sign out of your Gmail account and sign-in again. To sign out and sign back in, follow the steps mentioned below:
• Go to your iPhone settings.
• Click on Accounts & sync.
• Click on Google.
• Click on the bottom menu and then remove the account.
• Reboot your iPhone.
• Add your Gmail account again.
• Check if you can receive emails on your iPhone’s Gmail account.

4. Updating the Gmail app
Update your Gmail app from the Play Store and log in again. Updating the Gmail app will help fix any bugs that might be causing Gmail’s crashing on your iPhone.
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Science/Technology / How To Block Someone On Gmail Platform? by mariajhon6504(f): 12:52pm On Jun 23, 2020
One of the popular mailing service providers on the internet world is Gmail, known for its extensive features its users take advantage of it. Some of its users want to know how to block someone on Gmail platform, though it is one of the simple ones to do that. If you are not able to do this on your own, you must call one of our tech-executives. Our experts are available 24/7 in order to solve all kinds of issues you might come across.
Science/Technology / Why Are Gmail Notifications Not Working? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:24am On Jun 16, 2020
The issue is of Gmail notifications not working to figure properly. You have checked your settings through the Gmail app, and still, realize that notifications don't seem to be incoming like they ought to. It's frustrating. However, you'll take comfort in knowing you are not alone! This can be, sadly, a standard downside and can make you miss some important email messages.
Science/Technology / How To Troubleshoot Avast UI Failed To Load? by mariajhon6504(f): 6:57am On Jun 08, 2020
The error of Avast UI failed to load refers to some issues in Windows configuration due to which Avast could not start properly. This small issue can be resolved with a few basic troubleshooting techniques. If you are somehow failed to troubleshoot Avast UI failed to load error on your own, you must try contacting our certified technical team.
Science/Technology / What Is Paypal Annual Error Resolution Notice? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:25am On Jun 06, 2020
PayPal is an electronic commerce organization that facilitates payments between parties through online funds transfers. However, if you are facing the issue the issue in PayPal and having question in mind- What is PayPal annual error resolution notice. Don’t get worry. You can reach the experts for help. The professionals are available 24/7 for the help of users.
Computers / How To Restore Deleted Emails Gmail? by mariajhon6504(f): 9:51am On Jun 04, 2020
Emails have become an important method of communication and are used by almost everyone. Gmail is one such email service. But sometimes in a hurry, people often delete some important emails and then try "How to restore deleted emails Gmail." These deleted emails can be recovered easily. To help recover these emails, you can contact our expert and get help in recovering emails.
Science/Technology / How To Restore A Deleted Gmail Account? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:38am On May 30, 2020
If you deleted your Google Account, you would be ready to comprehend back. If it has been for a while since you deleted your account, you will not be ready to recover the information in your account. If you restore a deleted Gmail account, you will be ready to sign on as was common to Gmail, Google Play, and alternative Google services.
Science/Technology / How To Troubleshoot Paypal Error Code 50023? by mariajhon6504(f): 10:48am On May 19, 2020
PayPal is highly regarded as a worldwide e-payment system. Yet sometimes the platform shows error – such as PayPal error code 50023. This error usually occurs when users trying to print a shipping label. If you are getting such error showing on your screen, let us know by contacting our PayPal expert community and get help instantly.
Science/Technology / How To Troubleshoot Several Yahoo Temporary Errors? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:46am On May 18, 2020
Troubleshooting the Yahoo temporary errors is easy to fix that any second user can do. Yet, in several instances, errors become nerve-wracking issues for many users due to its serious damaging aspect. In case you are failed to tackle any errors, contact our tech team or let us know your convenient time in a provided form so we can get back to you.
Science/Technology / How To Troubleshoot Gmail Keeps Crashing On PC? by mariajhon6504(f): 12:08pm On May 16, 2020
Gmail has been known as the best-in-class email service provider in today’s time for many reasons. It is quite disheartening to talk about that Gmail crashes in the browser we use, for instance. If you are not getting away from such a crashing issue of the Gmail, contact our certified technical team for instant assistance.
Science/Technology / How To Restore Permanently Deleted ATT Emails? by mariajhon6504(f): 10:54am On May 15, 2020
Restoring emails that have been deleted can be possible via att.net/mail restore option. Still. Many ATT users have been facing difficulties while doing that. If you are not able to restore your important email accidentally deleted, get in touch with our technical team for instant help.
Science/Technology / How To Resolve Gmail Crashing In Android? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:09am On Apr 25, 2020
Gmail has been touching the way we converse among ourselves. Since Gmail is linked with several issues, yet most of them can be easily resolved. If you are not able to eliminate the issue of Gmail Crashing in Android, you must contact our Gmail executives right away. Our experts are always obtainable round the clock to offer you all sorts of assistance regarding Gmail.
Science/Technology / How Do I Troubleshoot Gmail Error Code 1? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:50am On Apr 15, 2020
Gmail’s temporary error codes are the issues that usually go away quickly. However, sometimes they persist for a longer time due to some sort of technical problems. Gmail error code 1 is one of the most commonly appeared at the time of signing into a mail account. If you are obtaining such an error issue, you must consider taking a cue from our Gmail expert team.
Science/Technology / My Gmail Not Receiving Emails: How To Troubleshoot It? by mariajhon6504(f): 11:13am On Apr 13, 2020
Gmail not getting or receiving emails is although an issue that most of the Gmail users face, it is not that much of a serious one to fix. Still, some users are complaining: My Gmail is not receiving emails, how to fix it? So you must get connected with our Gmail expert community if you are unable to fix this sort of issue on your own.

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