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Romance / Re: My Fiancée Wants To Visit Her Ex That Came To Town. by Maxcollins042(m): 1:39am On Nov 22
What he doesn't know is that the girl is constantly sleeping with the disguised ex but she wants to smartly make her visit open so that his simp fiance will never suspect anything. Na wa for some guys sha

What's more annoying about this whole thing is that the lady insulted him and he's yet to realize it this. I bet that he's validating what she did with some horeshit reasons. His eyes go one day clear.

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Romance / Re: My Fiancée Wants To Visit Her Ex That Came To Town. by Maxcollins042(m): 11:04pm On Nov 21
Some so-called men are just very annoying.

If you are in charge of your games, where she for see liver to come up with such request.


No mind the OP. Na better simp him be.
Literature / Re: Content Writer Needed by Maxcollins042(m): 10:55pm On Nov 21
This is a long term position for the right copywriter. You must be ready to start immediately.

Payment: 2 Naira per word (please quote this rate when you contact me)

Audience: USA (You must be familiar with their writing style)

Meeting deadline is important
Articles must pass copyscape.
Attach at least TWO of your best samples when applying.

Thank you

I'm interested. I just sent you a PM.
Literature / Premium Academic Writing Services by Maxcollins042(m): 7:10pm On Nov 19
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Celebrities / Re: "A Large Percentage Of Religion Is Scam" – Yul Edochie by Maxcollins042(m): 4:40am On Nov 17
Religion has really made us loose our identity, sometimes I wonder why I just hate hausas but after knowing religion na scam I have decided that no matter what a Hausa do to me I will always see him as my brother though there will be correction

I don't know the religious group you belonged to that made you hate Hausas but I know that Christianity doesn't support such. Christianity teaches us to love and tolerate those across the divide. Christs dined and had relationships with unbelievers. Some adherents are obviously going against this teaching but its abuse doesn't invalidate its genuineness no more than an abuse of drugs negate their therapeutic utility.

Besides, you are still religious. You don't need to only believe in a divine being before you become a religious person. As long as you are living by certain ethics that guide your way of living you're religious. Religion is a way of life. Whether your own be scam or not remains to be discovered.
Health / Re: How Do I Get A Deeper Voice by Maxcollins042(m): 1:24pm On Nov 15
Go and do throat Brazilian lift (TBL)
Career / Re: Should Children Be Their Parents' Retirement Plan? by Maxcollins042(m): 1:22pm On Nov 15

Those children are wicked.

Very wicked and ungrateful
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Rapper, Oladips Is Dead by Maxcollins042(m): 1:17pm On Nov 15
Sports / Re: People's Comments About Ighalo's Unfaithfulness To His Wife Left Me In Shock by Maxcollins042(m): 1:16pm On Nov 15
I can never bash Ighalo for sleeping with lots of women. He's a rich African man. It would be strange if he only sleeps with one woman.

So because he's a rich African man he shouldn't exercise self-control and integrity?

The excuses some of you give to validate immorality is shocking.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Youtube Script Writer Needed! by Maxcollins042(m): 10:15am On Nov 15
YouTube pays premium price for contents. Why are you paying 2 Naira per word for YouTube Scripts for goodness sakes. People pay 10-15 Naira per word

And he will expect a top-notch delivery at that rate. Who still writes for 2 NPW in this day and age?

He will not get anything more or less than mediocre YouTube script writing services at that meagre amount. Make he dey play.

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Family / Re: Why I Won't Allow My Brother To Bring His Wife Abroad- Nigerian Lady, Arike(vid) by Maxcollins042(m): 10:05pm On Nov 11

The way people with low self esteem throw submission around like it's a trophy.
Marriage is no longer partnership but slave and master.
If you have low self esteem, you will value submission from everybody around you including your parents.

The word is not even supposed to cone out of anybody's mouth in this era.

Unless we are in another episode of slave trade which we don't know about.

You know nothing about marriage dynamics.
Education / Re: ASUU, VCs Fault FG’s Demand For Varsities 40% IGR by Maxcollins042(m): 10:34am On Nov 08

The government doesn't fund Tetfund. Go and enlighten yourself by reading the Tetfund act before displaying ignorance in the public.

You clearly have no idea what it takes to run a university. Let me list some of the items that gulp a lot of money.
Printing paper
Maintenance of buildings and equipment
Fuel and Diesel for generators
Electricity bills
Chemicals and reagents for laboratories
Other laboratory consumables
DTA for external examination, SIWES etc.
Production of other materials like ID cards, examination booklets, SIWES logbooks, boards etc.
and many others.

Note that there's part of the school charges that goes to the government already. The rest is for the things I mentioned above and I'm telling you that in most schools what they get from the charges is not nearly enough to take care of these things I mentioned.

And these provisions are subsidized for the students sef.
Education / Re: ASUU, VCs Fault FG’s Demand For Varsities 40% IGR by Maxcollins042(m): 10:33am On Nov 08
Are the universities free? Do students pay fees? Is there accountability how they spend the fees paid? Is the school paying the salaries of staff? You are a joke

Have you demanded from these schools to account for how they expend their revenues and they didn't?

Even if they are not paying their staff, don't they build campus facilities, conduct researches, and many other things using these revenues?

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Education / Re: ASUU, VCs Fault FG’s Demand For Varsities 40% IGR by Maxcollins042(m): 10:30am On Nov 08

What are the Universities using the money for, when staff are still been paid by the FG?

The corruption in university compound is synonymous with the corruption in the larger Nigeria.

Cronies become billionaire just inside university compound alone via embezzlements!!

Investment in campus facilities, research, scholarships etc. Note that the income they generate through user charges are not even nearly enough for these academic institutions to be run properly.

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Family / Re: Asamoah Gyan Ordered To Give Ex-wife Houses, Cars, Others by Maxcollins042(m): 2:43pm On Nov 03
A rich man has no business with marriage. While a man is working to make money, his wife should also be working to make her own money. Stop leeching on men's money.

If you get married as a rich man, I can tell you that the major factor that attracted your wife is your money. Why not just have kids and any day the woman wants to leave, she should go.

I have never heard that the baby mama of a rich man ever cheated or was disloyal. That's because she knows she will loose everything if she tries such.

Marriage protects women even when they are wrong. A woman feels comfortable cheating when married than if she was just a baby mama. Even if your wife cheats and you demand for divorce, the western courts will still grant her her certain percentage of your wealth.

So I advise rich men, don't sign the dotted lines. Keep her as a baby mama or give her an air tight Prenup as a condition for marriage, better still, Transfer your assets and cash to your mother.


The institution of marriage is a beautiful thing. It's just the West that's distorting it out of overt feminization of the society.
Celebrities / Re: Slay Queen Exposes Speed Darlington, Leaks Chat As He Begs To Sleep With Her by Maxcollins042(m): 2:35pm On Nov 03
Pathetic.. Proof that money alone doesn't get you women. Game very important

Game, status, money, and looks get you women.
Celebrities / Re: Slay Queen Exposes Speed Darlington, Leaks Chat As He Begs To Sleep With Her by Maxcollins042(m): 2:32pm On Nov 03
SIMPle Darlington....sad

Rule no. 6--Never beg to fûck a hoe sad

That's it bruv
Celebrities / Re: Slay Queen Exposes Speed Darlington, Leaks Chat As He Begs To Sleep With Her by Maxcollins042(m): 2:32pm On Nov 03
Guyman say all dat date go take too long…I want to be happy NOW! 😂😂

All I see is a lady with plenty body count trying to shame one of her clients😁

She asked for friendship FIRST meaning s*xual relationship is definitely happening. If she wasn’t interested she could have ignored the chat. Speed wouldn’t have beaten her.

If you wear ashawo cloth & a supposed client approaches you for business, it’s either a deal or a no deal. No point dragging the client.

All I see is a lady trying to expose a simp for the simp he is 😊
Celebrities / Re: Slay Queen Exposes Speed Darlington, Leaks Chat As He Begs To Sleep With Her by Maxcollins042(m): 2:31pm On Nov 03
So? If he was gay, she’d also complain. Point me to a man who hasn’t begged for sex before and I’ll show you a virgin.

I haven't begged for sex and NEVER will. Don't generalize based on the simps you have dealt with.
Celebrities / Re: Slay Queen Exposes Speed Darlington, Leaks Chat As He Begs To Sleep With Her by Maxcollins042(m): 2:27pm On Nov 03
Darlington's minions go think say he be one big red-piller. Dem go dey follow him footsteps because dem think say he don unplug himself from the matrix. But the truth is that he's a simp.

Any man that pays a woman or begs her to get laid is a simp. All in all, Speed Darlington is a SIMP. The older simps are, the more repugnant they are.
Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe: I Will Not Rest Until Rufai Oseni Is Sacked From Arise TV by Maxcollins042(m): 10:26am On Nov 03
In other words, you won't rest until you gag him from speaking the truth. The truth really hurts. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Need A Very Good Writer. by Maxcollins042(m): 3:21am On Nov 03
I need a very good writer who is more than comfortable writing press releases and understands SEO.

If you're confident you can do this, I'll send you the files to go through and if you pass the interview we would share the proceeds as I would be in charge of giving you jobs.

Good day, I have sent you a PM. I'm a very good writer who is more than comfortable writing press releases and understands SEO. I can show you samples of my previous works.

You can reach me at 08102453203
Literature / Re: I Need Content Writers For A News Website by Maxcollins042(m): 9:53am On Nov 02
This is a simple content gig, i need positive news articles about positive things happenings in different sectors of the world and their direct positive impact on Human existence, human living, it's a short article, the writer would be engaged for the next 30 days delivering one positive article each day,

Word is 200- 300 words, the content style must be direct and punchy, no fluff, because each article is expected to succintly captured what ,why, when , who and How of News, so a paragraph or two is what i need for each article and the reference link for source must be attributed likewise the pictures used

Text +2507844759988

I'm interested and I have sent you a PM.
Celebrities / Re: Made Kuti Weds Inedoye Onyenso (Video) by Maxcollins042(m): 11:51pm On Nov 01

U are suffering from brain cancer if I can't identify the sarcasm in my post. I dont have time 4 nincompoops like u.

Brain cancer makes one fail to identify sarcasm? Who's now the nincompoop? Sarcasm my fine ass.
Romance / Re: When Your Wife Constantly Insults You by Maxcollins042(m): 7:13pm On Nov 01
Kids are involved in marriage this days, When you see a growing up Man knee down for a Jobless lady to marry him this is what you get at the end,as a Man, you provide for shelter, food, clothes, education, health, transportation and many unforseen Bill,yet she still Insulting you because you can't create a business for her on time,then if i may ask, what is her own responsibility?My brother there are a lot of better women outside there who are well established and looking for a better husband to marry, when it gets to a stage that Woman don't appreciate your role,send her to her family let them feed her for a month,if she threatened to cheat on you,send her out , before any Man can give a woman 5k now,her Toto will cry for it

Lots of men are yet to realize that bending the knee to propose to a woman is a fempowerment strategy that betatizes men.

The OP must have been feminized/betatized by succumbing to her wife's betatization concessions many times. And women don't like betatized men. Now he's reaping the fruit of his doings.

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Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy: I Turned Down $5M Dubai Gig Because Smoking Of Weed Is Banned There by Maxcollins042(m): 7:06pm On Nov 01
Believe this Boy at your peril.

Let me ask, is smoking of weed legalised in Nigeria?

It's legalized only for the high and mighty

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Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy: I Turned Down $5M Dubai Gig Because Smoking Of Weed Is Banned There by Maxcollins042(m): 7:05pm On Nov 01
I love those who are happy with there lifestyle. Even if it means leading them to hell... All l care most is happiness

And this one fell hard for his clout-chasing gimmick hook, line, and sinker.
Celebrities / Re: Made Kuti Weds Inedoye Onyenso (Video) by Maxcollins042(m): 4:55pm On Nov 01
igbo girls too like yoruba men....... why are they running away 4rm their men??

Why does common sense run away from tribalistic idiots?

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Politics / Re: Wike Demanded 25% Of Rivers State Allocation, ₦2b From Palliative Money - Chetam by Maxcollins042(m): 2:22pm On Nov 01

Wike never talk ooo... When Wike speak them go sabi

Na them dey provoke FCT 001

Moral of the story from MohBad to Fabura never help a poor downtrodden Nigerian let them rise to the top by themselves, they don't honor agreement

When he gave you a Job as state Accountant and Comm for Finance, Wike was not God Father

He made you a Governor and he wasn't a Godfather

Now he demanded agreement be met he is suddenly Godfather

Wike hired 200,000, two hundred thousand men and women as special advisers on politics paying them 50,000 a month to get Fabura in Office

Pigs that supported Saraki, Peter Obi , Atiku , Onoghen , Nnamdi Kanu have started with Fabura


Your common sense is on cruise to annihilation, that's if it hasn't gotten there.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2 Content Writers Needed For Long Term Content Writing Projects by Maxcollins042(m): 12:37am On Oct 27

Why dont you mind your business for goodness sakes. I have several people off these threads i've paid atleast 60,000 Naira

Why don't you mind your business and let me mind mine
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Content Writing, Can Someone Please Teach Me.. by Maxcollins042(m): 9:59pm On Oct 25
Please I am looking for someone that teach me about content writing, I can read and write well..so what is the writing gan gan , that's what I want to know.. Thank you

Oga learning full for Google. Just search for 'Basics of content writing PDF' on Google and knock yourself out.

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