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Politics / This Regime. by mekaboy(m): 8:32am
I am not sure we have had a more confused leadership than we do today.

They recommend cashless society, then put charges on use of POS.

The customs have failed in their responsibility to stop smuggling. Therefore we shut our borders because of rice.

Now the same government that said those herdsmen killing Nigerians are from other African countries, now want to open the doors for influx of terrorists. The customs and immigration have failed to check the borders, imagines an open invitation for all.
Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by mekaboy(m): 9:43pm On Dec 11
Opening doors for the terrorists that will be used in 2023 to familiarize themselves with the country.

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Literature / Re: Chimamanda Adichie At Geneva Resort, Awka (Pictures) by mekaboy(m): 12:46pm On Dec 11
Stupid girl, person wey ask Hillary Clinton say why she put wife on her profile, see her dress self, stupid feminist

Both hilary and chimanda are women like your mother. Look at what she gave birth to?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa President Cuts Trip Short Over Electricity Crisis At Home by mekaboy(m): 9:28pm On Dec 10
Blackman never thinks beyond the stomach.
Politics / Re: Like Kanu Like Sowore. by mekaboy(m): 3:25pm On Dec 08
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr. II - Rematch (Live Updates) by mekaboy(m): 10:57pm On Dec 07
For someone who was knocked out previously, I expect joshua to beat him up, instead of running away from attack.


Sports / Re: Why It Will Be Hard For Anthony Joshua To Win. by mekaboy(m): 10:07pm On Dec 07
Go fight ur own fight oo don't stay there typing nonsense

And you are reading and responding to nonsense.
Sports / Why It Will Be Hard For Anthony Joshua To Win. by mekaboy(m): 9:48pm On Dec 07
I wish joshua wins tonight. However it's going to be very difficult due to these points.

1) his opponent have beaten him before, giving him more confidence.

2) his opponent knows his weak point.

3) while his opponent was faster and more flexible, Joshua had heavier punches with less flexibility.

4) His opponent has added more weight to his speed. His punches will have more damaging effects.

Well, let's wish him luck.
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr. II - Rematch (Live Updates) by mekaboy(m): 9:36pm On Dec 07

and how does weight add to punching power.

Why is there heavy and light weight in boxing?

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr. II - Rematch (Live Updates) by mekaboy(m): 9:15pm On Dec 07

Body fat is not good in physical sport.
He won't be able to move around much.
And he's going to tire out easily.
Aj lost some weight for a reason

The weight is for the heavy punch. To knock joshua out faster.

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Politics / Re: The Many Sins Of Osibanjo. by mekaboy(m): 5:35am On Dec 07
Watching everything he believes in being destroyed before his eyes. What then does he stand for?
Politics / Re: 5 Reasons Why Nigeria Will Never Be Great. by mekaboy(m): 5:32am On Dec 07
The only reason why Nigeria shall be great again is that God Almighty will intervene and wipe of the entire evil oppressors....

Their sees will never have a say again in this country......

Then a new generation will crop up.............

Our generation will fulfil this...

Be waiting for God to come down and do that.
Politics / Re: A Case For Southern Nigeria by mekaboy(m): 7:40pm On Dec 06
Politics / Re: BUHARI A BLACK & WHITE Television by mekaboy(m): 7:39pm On Dec 06
Politics / Re: 5 Reasons Why Nigeria Will Never Be Great. by mekaboy(m): 7:37pm On Dec 06
Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Now A Jungle And Has Declared War On Igbos by mekaboy(m): 2:27pm On Dec 04
Don't drag igbos into your biafran madness . Call on Israel to come and defend you. grin grin


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's Lawyer Releases Video Narrating What Transpired In His House by mekaboy(m): 12:30am On Dec 04
How come the lawyer called on other countries but not Israel? I thought kanu said Biafrans are from israel? grin grin

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Politics / Where Is TOMPOLO? by mekaboy(m): 4:48pm On Dec 02
LOng time no hear. Any news on Tompolo if Niger Delta?
Politics / Re: 5 Reasons Why Nigeria Will Never Be Great. by mekaboy(m): 1:07pm On Nov 30
OP, it seems the motive behind this thread is to drum up support for sowore.

Nigeria can never be great. I hear some people say Nigeria will be great again and I wonder when it was ever great.

The factors dividing Nigeria are such that can only get wider.

No nation can ever attain greatness with the current structure.

It's not about swore, but it's an example of a failed decaying nation. Weak compromised institutions and a citizens that care less about their country.

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Politics / Re: 5 Reasons Why Nigeria Will Never Be Great. by mekaboy(m): 12:22pm On Nov 30
GOOD. Mine.
1. TRIBALISM: the masses dont vote the better candidate but their tribeman. That is one of the big reasons.
2. PARTISAN POLITICS: even though am a die hard PDP guy but truth be told, both APC and PDP has nothing to offer Nigeria. I think these two are the major reasons

They vote based on tribe because they don't believe in the country.

They vote tribe because there is so much power at the center.

Terrorists who kill Nigerians are set free because a region is in power at the center. While sowore will spend xmass in custody.

The vote for tribe because the institutions are compromised and influenced by the centre.

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Politics / 5 Reasons Why Nigeria Will Never Be Great. by mekaboy(m): 11:09am On Nov 30
Some people will say I am wishing Nigeria bad luck, while some religious one will say it is a negative confession. Well developed countries did not develop by luck or positive confession.

Forget what your pastors tell you about Nigeria in the name of prophecy, those things are wishes and not from God.

Here are the 5 major reasons Nigeria will never be great.

1) the leaders of the count don't believe in the country. I don't have to start talking about how they buy property abroad, send their children to study abroad etc. We already know.

2) the citizens don't believe in the country. Things our leaders do and get away with it, would have set other countries on fire. We prefer foreign clothes, food etc to ours. Everyone is minding their business and act as if sowores rights are not being violated. People from other countries are even more concerned than Nigerians.

3) We borrow to consume while other nations borrow to develop. We borrow to feed the over bloated federal and state governments and have nothing left to invest. The entire nation is working to feed the government and it is not enough. More borrowing is needed to feed the government. As long as we continue to run this luxurious style of government, we are heading for the rocks.

4) So much power in the center. This is the reason there is so much nepotism and struggle to produce president from a particular region.

5) Weak institution. I think this is the most important thing. The judiciary, police, Tax, anti-coruption agencies are not independent. They are controlled by the center, that is why things don't work here. In developed countries they try as much as possible to ensure the government does not interfere or influence their operation.

If you overspeed you get a ticket even if you are the president and you pay the fine. Tax is static and every individual of organization has to pay according to their category irrespective of who they are. Everyone has the right to invite the police to resolve conflict and get justice from the court no matter their status. In this part of the country, the court and security agencies are used by the rich to intimidate the masses.

Someone can always call someone and taxes and fines are waved

So as long as these factors remain, no prophecy or seed sown in religious houses can make Nigeria great .

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Politics / Re: Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 8:55am On Nov 26

Lawd !!!! You Igbos are insufferable !!! You don't launder money earned or obtained legitimately as you do not need to !!!! Money laundry is not about duping anyone or owing people as you simplistically claim. It is about much more such as stopping proceeds of crime, embezzlement, corruption, people trafficking et al entering legitimate money stream the world uses daily thus helping those menaces to grow bigger. If Igbos are not innately lawless then you would not be talking as if what Onyeama is accused of is no big deal.

A lot of legit people carry more cash than they declare at the airport.

Why didn't otedola just go to court and clear his name on subsidy? Why use bribe to blackmail lawman?
Politics / Re: Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 8:52am On Nov 26

You Igbos need to stop this your pathetic pity party. What does the opinion of the poster you responded to matter in all of this? He won't be the one prosecuting Onyeama to establish his guilt or innocence so why this obsession of you Igbos with facing your fellow Nigerians with vitriol? Face the US people and their DOJ .

Leave Nigerians alone and turn your back on Onyeama until he clears his name . That is what a people who are not morally bankrupt would do and this is what Yorubas showed with Sowore. You Igbos were consistent in taunting us over Sowore but most Yorubas, myself included, insisted Sowore should go and clear his name in court of the charges proffered against him as Yorubas are not raised to support their own blindly.

Upon your goading, Yorubas never made themselves a nuisance over Sowore as Igbos are doing now with Onyeama. Yorubas, in unison, simply told Sowore to face prosecution and vindicate his plea of innocence. Likewise the North are not carrying banner for Maina and raising conspiracy theories about his prosecution.

Shame that at times like this you Igbos will always be found wanting and morally deficient because of extreme bias towards your own and an unreasonable mentality of insisting the law should only apply to others and not you and yours. When they try to accost you people over wrongdoing it is suddenly a conspiracy, witch-hunt, envy prosecution, work of haters , Fulani revenge, South African vendetta, Yoruba bad belle and all excuses under the Sun that precludes the possibility your own kinsman may be guilty and nothing but a common criminal.

You are right, yorubas did not make themselves nuisance over sowore. But used all the resources at their disposal against goodluck Jonathan. Where is occupy Nigeria? Why is nobody matching in protest? Has fuel not increased, has Buhari not disobeyed court orders? Have herdsmen to killed? What happened to the yoruba voice under Buhari? The yorubas are silent over sowore because they are afraid of the tyrant they brought into power, hoping he will hand over to them.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Court Threatens To Jail DSS DG Over Failure To Release Sowore by mekaboy(m): 9:45pm On Nov 25
Why the threat? Why not act?
Politics / Re: Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 9:44pm On Nov 25
Why do you have an issue with him clearing his name in court?

The issue is you sentencing him before the court does.

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Politics / Re: Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 9:09pm On Nov 25
Hahahah nyamuri flat.head stop spewing all this trash!!! Let him just go to court and clear his name.. look at how ur all trying to justify his action

I am not justifying his action to the focus is on your reaction .


Politics / Re: Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 8:23pm On Nov 25
Fact of the matter still remains that Allen oyeama is a criminal not until he goes to the US to clear himself.

I'll ignore you because of your username.


Politics / Re: Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 8:22pm On Nov 25


Let the courts do their job and stop spewing ignorance right, left and centre.

You can counter my claims if you have a defence.


Politics / Allen Onyema And The African Slaves. by mekaboy(m): 8:02pm On Nov 25
The news is all over the place about Allen onyema the air peace boss. And many are shouting crucify him out of ignorance.

The charges against him are so escalated, that one begins to think he duped the United states of America.

What exactly did he do that has never been done in America?

Nigeria CBN gave him forex at a cheaper rate to buy aircrafts. Then it is alleged that it was one of the companies he had interest that was selling the aircraft. So he go fx at a cheap rate and used part of it for something else aside the aircraft. So bloody what? Why is America acting like he killed someone? Every billionaire finds a loophole to pay less taxes.

As rich s otedola is, was his not listed among those who benefited from the subsidy scam?

The president of America today did something similar. Refuses to file tax returns and used loopholes to avoid paying millions of dollars in tax. He admitted this during campaign, is he not president today? Has anyone killed him?

Why are we quick to act as slaves?

American government takes in billions monthly from visa refusals in Nigeria and nobody has the right to question the legitimacy of their decisions.

A British firm came to Nigeria to setup a project, which the Nigerian government failed to supply the gas agreed. Even though the project did not take off, they said Nigeria will pay the total cost of the project and all the profit they would have made for years if the project took off.

It's just like someone wants to start a bakery and I said I will supply baking powder or flour. He rents land and I don't deliver flour. Then he says I should pay him an amount he imagined to make yearly for 10 year. Simply because I did not bring the flour. He has not even brought in the equipment or attempted to test run.

But we are running around to pay or negotiating the amount.

We support the British against Nigeria in such a case. Here we support the US against onyema for something Donald Trump would do on a normal day.

If Abacha was alive today, wont his money still be safe for him in those foreign countries? Didn't they invest the abacha loot and make profit for years? Are they returning the money with interest?

See how people out of envy are chunning out topics about the air peace boss online. " how onyema stole Niger delta money", " how onyema was caught", " Onyema could do 25 years in prison" etc.

What exactly will be your gain as individuals to see onyema jailed or air peace to fail and people loose their jobs?

We blame our leaders for the terrible state of this nation. We forget that the leaders come from among the people. And the wickedness and envy displayed online is what is taken to the position of leadership.

It's obvious that the whiteman took advantage of our envy and wickedness towards our own to enslave us. Today, that slavery is still strong in our mind. The reason we will prefer foreign cars to innoson or cloths to the likes of yomi casual etc.

We sing about designer brands like gucci, Prada, fendi etc. Who sings about our own brands?

The sooner we free ourselves from this mental slavery the better for us.

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Nairaland / General / Re: 15 Million Naira Cash Or Relocate To Canada, Which Will You Choose? by mekaboy(m): 4:13pm On Nov 25
I will pay 15 million cash for Canadian citizenship.
Politics / Re: Three Options Air Peace Boss Has After Arrest Warrant And Indictment by mekaboy(m): 8:07pm On Nov 23
Did he make the money from selling drugs in America? He just moved money to America for purpose. Maybe used it for something else instead.
NYSC / Re: NYSC: Osaghe Osaigbovo Remanded In Custody For 'Criminal Trespass And Forgery' by mekaboy(m): 7:48am On Nov 19
Where is kemi Adelson?

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