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Webmasters / Re: Techology Website For Sale by melodyheart: 8:22pm On Jun 23
12k if interested.

Send me a private email
( deferentialmedia@gmail.com )

We talk further
Webmasters / Re: Techology Website For Sale by melodyheart: 9:34am On Jun 23
Still available
Romance / The Country Economic Situation by melodyheart: 9:33am On Jun 23

Honestly with the stress level man dey expereince for Naija ,,,its alarming...
You spend hours in fuel station que ,
Things are getting more expensive everyday,
Family from village dey call almost every month demanding for little help.

The worst of all, my monthly salary have never been increased .. (Still 60k per month)..

All I need now is a working class lady with big curves/yansh that can help massage me once in a while. There is a special feeling that I feel anytime I am around a lady with big yansh.

Nkechi, my prety petit ugu seller at maraba market comes to mind ...
Webmasters / Re: Techology Website For Sale by melodyheart: 3:50pm On Jun 18
Kindly use this link

Webmasters / Techology Website For Sale by melodyheart: 9:03am On Jun 15
Selling out this tech website


Price; 25k

Contact me if interested.
Jobs/Vacancies / Car Hire Purchase by melodyheart: 2:51pm On Apr 25, 2020
Hello everyone,
I am currently searching for a car on a hire purchase agreement within and around Abuja !!
I will make a weekly cash deposit of N18,000naira, until I am able to pay off the purchase cost price of the car.

Open to negotiation.

Maximum duration: 2years

Location; Within Abuja

Car Model; Toyata Corola, Toyota camery, or any other good automatic car model.

Any interested individual/investor can reach me through this contact below;

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Trusted Freelancer Who Runs Errands In Abuja, Please? by melodyheart: 7:06am On Apr 20, 2020
I need to sign some very important certificates at the Ministry of Education, Abuja.
I'm looking for someone who can be trusted with the certificates and would return them to me in Lagos within 2 days (after getting the docs signed).
Does anyone know such a person in Abuja, please?
Thank you in advance.


Am in Abuja , I can be of help too if its still available,,,,,,
My email: efemelody2014@gmail.com

Stay safe

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Romance / Grandma’s Chicken Missing by melodyheart: 10:06am On Mar 25, 2020
My dad was a renowned journalist and columnist in one of the most popular national dailies in the country. As a young adolescent adult, I was always exited to see my dad’s work on the national newspaper. This gives me so much joy always and I took every opportunity to showcase my dad’s write up to my friends around me. My dad’s job made him travel a lot around the country, probably for interviews with major VIP within the political scene as of then. Due to my dad regular absence he decided to move us all to the city of Lagos from delta state.

We landed in Lagos city, before then my dad had already rented a room and parlor apartment in one of the busiest area in lagos (Okokomaiko). The compound was the usual Yoruba style of compound. The landlord was living upstairs with his entire family and extended family included. The compound was littered with all sorts of domestic animals.

Offcourse as a sharp young adolescence guy, I quickly made friends with the children in the compound, especially with the landlord children. Among the landlord children, his first son “Lanre” looked very odd, and stubborn, and he became my very best friend.

As the days goes by, me and lanre became more acquainted. Lanre thought me a lot of things(both the good and bad). Lanre was his parents favorite son, and his parents could defend him anytime he falls into trouble. Me, on the other hand, had parents who would first of all scold and spank me in public anytime I fall into trouble.

On this faithful day (during one of the long holidays) after playing our usual soccer game(monkey post), while resting on the floor of the compound. Lanre suggested that we make a quick chicken pepper soup. “How, I ask.” It never crossed my mind what Lanre was about to suggest. He suggested that we steal from one of the chickens roaming around the compound. From all indications, this chickens all belongs to his grandmother who reside with them. I was kind of terrified knowing very well that I have never done this act before. And again I wanted to be seen as a young bold and smart warri guy

How, where, when do we begin this James bond action of preparing chicken pepper soup without his grandmother knowing some of her chicken is missing. This GrandMa have a unique skills of counting all her chickens at night, and anyone that is missing or fall short of the number the previous night, she quickly raises an alarm and no one will sleep that night in the compound. She will rain all sorts of Yoruba ancient course on any one who stole or eat her chicken.
Chai, guy man don enter one chance.

To be continued,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Written by: Melodyheart : ©All Right Researved.

Webmasters / Get More Traffic To Your Content And Website by melodyheart: 1:13pm On Mar 12, 2020
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Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman: Stephanie Otobo In Court With Her Male Colleague (Photos) by melodyheart: 6:06pm On Mar 06, 2017
this was thesame blackmail done on COZA Pastor,,,,,,,, Evil sluts everywhere...

We are waiting for that big for nothing OAP "Freeze" to come out and speak.

Its obvious that its all lies and plot to bring the man of God down.

Run from Ladies mt fellow brothers
Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 9:07pm On Feb 13, 2017

I have paid and trasnfer into your bank account for the purchase of bitcoin.

Transaction ID: 5406

Kindly responds as soon as posible.
Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 8:53am On Feb 08, 2017

Please kindly treat my order as soon as posible::

Transaction Id: 5307
Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 10:48am On Feb 06, 2017
hmmm,,,,very fast,,,

Thank you
Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 9:49am On Feb 06, 2017

kindly confirm my payment to buy Bitcoin
Transaction Id: 5248

Thank you
Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 7:06pm On Jan 08, 2017
Thank you TopUpGold,,,,

I just got credited to my bank account. I sold "Skrill" to them,,,,,,,

One Love

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Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 12:36pm On Jan 07, 2017
i sold twice this week and have been credited shapaly

Cmoney,,,,,,,do you work for them,,,,how do i reach out to them,,,,am aware they are off duty this saturday,,,,
Adverts / Re: Buy & Sell Exchange Bitcoin|Perfect Money |Neteller |Skrill |Payoneer -TopUpGold by melodyheart: 11:40am On Jan 07, 2017
Then Why haven't they credited my bank account,,,,, i sold Skrill to them on the 6th January 2017,,i am yet to receive my payment.....
They promised to fund my bank account yesterday. funny though
Romance / Monalisa’s Pleasure (+18) by melodyheart: 12:17am On Feb 09, 2016
The abode was very quiet for a Friday. Habitually Monalisa would be watching some absurd show and laughing her ass off. Andrey slammed the door behind him and made his way upstairs.

Soon as he entered the candle lit bedroom he knew something was up. And it undeniably came up in his trousers. Monalisa was sitting in a chair right in the middle of the room, clad in a leather bra and panties with a garter belt and red 4″ heels. She looked like heaven. She spread her legs slowly and he realized her panties were cutout, exposing her beautiful pussy to him.
She carelessly crossed her legs like it was the most normal thing and slowly said ‘welcome home’. His dick jolted at the reverberation of the voice as he walked towards her. When he got to her she stood up and kissed him deeply. She removed his tie and pulled out his belt; all rather slowly. “Sit down honey,” she controlled him. Soon as he sat she walked to their table and turned on her iPod, and Rihanna sang out ‘You da one’, which she had suitably put on repeat. Monalisa swayed her waist at the table as her now very hard and turned on fiancé watched.

She turned around to face him and slid a finger inside herself. In and out. Andrey loosened his belt and opened his flyer. His boys needed to breathe. He needed to breathe. Monalisa took her finger out and walked to him while moving her waist to the rhythm. She turned abruptly when she reached him and bent a little so he had a full view of her. She jiggled and moved and danced, then she sat on him. Moving her succulent ass on his hard-on which was dying to spring out of his short pants, pressing against it, letting her softness rub against his dick. Andrey moaned and grabbed her succulent boobs, handling them while he raised his hips to press them harder against her.

continue reading here : http://ftsnewsentertainment..com/2016/02/monalisas-delight-18.html

Romance / My Morning Sex Desire (+18) by melodyheart: 1:42am On Feb 03, 2016
At a snail's pace, i opened my eyes, the light of the new day was thwarted from the room as the curtains were still closed. It was Saturday morning and it was a good sensation knowing I do not have to get up for work. I stretched and yawned. I reached for my phone to look at the time. 6:23 am. The children will still be sleeping for at least another hour. I twisted to my side and stare at my husband, still profoundly asleep. He doesn’t snore. One of the various things I love about him. He was lying on his back, shirtless, in only his shorts. I gaze at him. Due to our busy timetable, it has been almost a week since the last time we were intimate. I wondered if I should wake him up, or if getting up and getting started on the chores around the house would make me a better wife. I figured my husband will be more indebted of a Mouth Action than a clean home.

It was like his rooster knew what I was thinking, because as I reached for his shorts, it slowly began to get erect. I kissed the tip of his rooster. He stirred. I used my tongue to moisten the tip. He moaned and stirred again. He was not awake yet though. I slowly put the whole rooster in my mouth and began working it just the way he taught me. Up and down, I licked and sucked. I put the rooster in my mouth as far as it could go without gagging. I felt his hand on my head. He was awake.
“Honey… what are you….?” he asked sleepily.
I did not respond. I kept on working his rooster and his moan made me know he was loving it. He grabbed my head with his hands, but did not push. He let me set the pace. Another reason I loved him. He makes sure I am comfortable whenever we made love.
I moved my mouth to his balls and sucked gently. I knew my husband liked that too. He moaned louder and reached for my breasts. I took his hands away, as it was distracting, reached up and whispered in his ear.

“Let me please you baby…”
He obliged by putting both hands beneath his head. I loved being in control. I loved pleasing my man and that was exactly what I wanted to do this morning.
I went back to work on his rooster. It was big and hard now. Waiting for me. I sucked hard and fast. I could feel it twitching in my mouth. I removed my mouth and began working it with my hand, another thing he taught me. I moved very fast as I stroked the rooster. I then replaced my hand with my mouth once again and began sucking in earnest. I was getting very Hot now. I could feel my pussy get wetter each time he moaned. It was seeking attention badly. It wanted to be bleeped. With one hand, while still sucking my man’s dick, I reached down to stroke myself. It felt so good, I moaned on his rooster. I instantly got up and sat on my man’s rooster. He loved it when I squat on it and that was exactly what I did.
I slowly filled myself with his rooster and at this time, I was so ready and so wet, I could not go slow. I gave it all I got and bleeped him real hard and fast. He reached out to grab my ass but I moved his hands back and held it against the bed while I kept fucking him. I released his arms and reached down to my own pussy as I felt my orgasm coming and coming hard. I bit my lips to keep from screaming and I stroked my clit while fucking him hard. In only a few seconds, I came so hard there was a small puddle between us.
I began stroking my nipples as I started to grind against him. Wildly moving my hips and feeling it in my clit. In a matter of seconds, I felt another orgasms coming and this time, I felt him ready to come with me. He reached for my hips again and this time, I let him. He grabbed my ass hard and thrust upward to meet mine. I felt his nails digging in my ass and I grabbed my breasts and we both reached paradise together.
We were panting heavily. I gave my man a kiss.
“Good morning.” I said.
“It certainly is. ” He replied.

I got up and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. He came in behind me.
“My turn to please you.” He said and reached to grab me from behind.
I could feel myself getting excited all over again.

continue here : http://ftsnewsentertainment..com/2016/01/my-morning-sex-desire.html

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Religion / The Half-truth Contamination. by melodyheart: 2:56am On Jan 02, 2016
Do you rework the truth before saying it? Do you hesitate to tell a friend the truth that will hurt him/her but eventually make her a better person? Do you consider massaging the ego of your friends more important than tearing off their blindfolds? Do you feel like hushing the voice of truth when it is tearing you apart? Do you see half truths as forts of solace in perilous times? Certainly not!

Truth inclined minds are rare to find in this age of moral freefall. It appears everyone is becoming a real sucker for half truths. Our generation is not quite acquainted with the warmth of truth told by forthright friends. People who refrain from saying the bitter truth tend to be well-liked. But their names are hardly ever found on the honour list. “Lie to me” has become the unspoken rule of friendship. Tell people they are perfect even when everything about them spells DEFECT, and see how they will work you to the centre of their universe.

You are likely to be a loner if you cannot placate people with abridged versions of truth. But do you give a hoot, knowing that one way to squander life is to trifle with truth? See a refusal to hear the truth as a refusal to accept love. Walk away from anyone who is not thick skinned enough to gradually handle hurtful truths. The truth that heals often hurts at first.

Continue reading = http://felixinspired..com.ng/2016/01/the-half-truth-contamination.html

Romance / The Emotonal Cheating Spouse by melodyheart: 12:26am On Dec 30, 2015
Sandra was the lady every man would give anything just to be with her. From a distance I could feel the envious stares of men and some ladies as we both walked side by side into the exquisite restaurant of the “Protea Hotel”. I could see why this venue was her favourite. It was beautiful to say the least.

Sandra looked very gorgeous in her strapless lipstick-red Atelier Versace dinner gown that perfectly graced her flawless tempting curves. Her succulent seductive lips came alive in fuchsia red, almost begging to be kissed. She posses all the charm, the class and warmth. She was indeed every man’s fantasy. Sitting side by side, lust in each other’s gaze and not willing to be found. We had not even decided if we would still have the buffet.

Shockily, we had met in the Charity Foundation event few months ago. I was the head of a committee of which she was a member; a truly faithful member. Resilient, willing to take correction without feeling distressed, always on time, creative and prayerful. The work at hand was overwhelming and often exhausting, but together we made a great team and did a great job. We continued to communicate through phone calls, chat and sometimes, text messages every now and then. There was no strings attached, or so we thought. In no time, I found my thoughts effortlessly thinking about her and our acquaintance blossomed slowly yet powerfully.
She confided in me about lots of personal issues and checked on me constantly, asking me if I had eaten, or sometimes, just to find out how I was doing. I liked that and so I returned the gesture. Before long, she dependent on me just about anything and I was more than happy to be of help to her. Not seeing or hearing from Sandra in a whole day seems suicidal.

Greetings, You are welcome. May I take your orders sir? A profound male voice with a slight Moroccan ascent intermittent my line of thoughts. He was a tall, slim and dark complexion man, probably in his early thirties. His pink lips parted into a wide smile revealing a white beautiful set of teeth, which matched his equally spotless all white Changsha attire. I allowed Sandra place orders. “Your wife has made an excellent choice sir,” and then he vanished just quickly as he had appeared.

“Your wife” he had said. Those words rang insistently in my head. Sandra was all my wife wasn’t, or so it seemed. My wife and I argued over just about anything and everything. She never seems to understand. Her indignant and rebellious attitude made home a living hell. Most awful though, was her affair with her work and smart phones. I factually had to beg for attention, and with little success I must say. Tania and I had been married for four years, one month and three weeks with nothing to show for it, not even children. As a result, our sex life had become laborious, droning and gradually imaginary. Marriage had quickly evolved into being draining and suffocating; Sandra, at least was breath of fresh air. I still love Tania– I think, but with her love and hate, anger and happiness all seems to be the same.

Sandra reminded me of who I was before I met Tania and though I never said it, I had fallen in-love with her. We were not physically or sexually involved, but there was definitely a soul-tie. Tania had become my roommates and sometimes, sexual partner, but Sandra, a wife of some sort. I had thought my marriage would be different, considering we were both Christians, but even that made things a bit complex. Tania had no idea about Sandra, but she could sense my love for her was quickly waning and to be fair to her, she did all she could to revamp our once vivacious marriage, but to no avail. I had drifted so far away. Honestly, it hurts to see her that way; it hurts to see her becoming a shadow of herself. It hurts to see what we have become!!!!! what I have become!!!!!!!!!

Continue reading : http://www.ftsnewsentertainment..com.ng/2015/12/the-emotonal-cheating-spouse.html

Romance / Re: My Cheating Wife "Part 1" (+18) by melodyheart: 8:03am On Dec 23, 2015
My Cheating Wife. "Part 4"

I had her skirt hiked up around her waist, her panties, bra and shirt flung to the far corners of the room, as the head slipped past her lower lips she clutched me. Hard. Harder even than when she had climaxed earlier. I pulled back a bit and repeated the partial entry.  Her face was contorted.  She said her first words; ‘Bleep Me’ I didn’t.  I could hear telltale sounds of fresh lovemaking from the next room.  I buried my lips next to her ear.

‘What did you say?’ She repeated herself.  I slid an inch forward. Then out again.  Who? I asked.  Who? When she said my name it sounded better than I could have ever hoped. I slid all the way in and said ‘Louder’.  With each thrust her voice rose and every time I pulled back, I repeated myself.  It had become a battle of sounds now, they had gotten louder, and I knew they had heard us, I was satisfied.  As she came, she gave an extra treat, she screamed my name and surname this time, at the top of her lungs.

Instantly, the lovemaking in the next room ceased, I smiled as she fell asleep with her head on my chest.   My wife called.  I told her how lonely it was in Lagos and sent a picture of myself in an empty hotel room. There were no sounds from the other room all night.

In the morning, the lover’s wife was distraught.  He didn’t deserve her.  I had us packed and ready to go then I sent my wife a message, I had just landed and I was in a taxi on the way home and that I hoped she had packed, the flight for Ireland was scheduled to leave at noon. I listened hard.  When their door opened, I opened ours and stepped out.  He saw me first, and then his wife.  I could see all three of them go through the emotions.  Self-righteous rage, confusion and then slowly, understanding.

He knew now that it was his wife who had screamed my name and that we had heard them as well.  She knew now that I had lied to her and slept with her best friend’s wife and that I had caught her cheating.  The lover’s wife only knew that she had been unfaithful and that her husband had been as well.  His business trips suddenly made sense.

The one thing none of them knew was that I was not as shocked or outraged as they were.  I smiled and pulled the envelope with the divorce papers out of my bag.  I handed them to her and walked out.  When her lawyer tried to apply for settlement, I told the Court I had nothing.   I had donated all our property to a Ireland charity.  All bank accounts had been cleared out leaving barely enough to survive for 2 weeks.  There was nothing to be done, the property wasn’t mine anymore.

When the divorce became final, I raised some money from my friends and found the next flight to Ireland.  She was broke and so was her lover.  His wife had kicked him out.  They could have been broke together but even that was not on the cards.  It turned out he preferred his wife, mine was just a good lay.  She wouldn’t have him back but he dumped my wife to show her he had changed.

When I arrived at the office of the charity I had set up for this purpose, I presented the second document to its manager.  He signed.

I was free and with all of my wealth, minus a cheating wife and 10% of the net worth which went to the Charity.   My lawyer had said they could only touch property acquired during our marriage, I sold it all.  He said funds in my name would be subject, I gave it all away.  When I got it back the marriage had been dissolved, she was not entitled.  It was perfectly legal.

I know what you are thinking.  I lied to my wife, I stalked her, I involved another innocent woman, led her on for months.  Well, not exactly, I did write the book.  I documented the discovery, the stalking, the plan and its execution.  It hit the shelves a week ago in all my distribution zones and was an instant bestseller in all of them.

I didn’t stab my wife and her lover when I saw them in my pool, that would have been foolish.  I waited over a year but I ruined their lives.  I bought myself a new home in Liverpool, a few cars as well, the success of the new book covered my tracks.

My new home is large and luxurious, I had the pool cemented over the day I moved in, on rough nights I walk out onto my balcony and look at the solid grey slab that used to be filled with clear blue water and then I go back to bed and sleep like a baby.

Romance / Re: My Cheating Wife "Part 1" (+18) by melodyheart: 11:19am On Dec 14, 2015
My Cheating Wife “Part 3” (+18)

The next weekend, after dropping me off, she drove home first and then to one of the hotels/motels in outskirt of London.  She was there all weekend.  I called the lover’s home.  His wife picked.  I asked her about safety precautions on oil rigs.  She got excited and pressed me for details.  I told her there was an explosion somewhere towards the end.  Temporarily sated, she explained a few things to me.  Just before I dropped I sent the lover my regards, she mentioned that he had to travel for business.  I just smiled.

Every time I ‘went to Scotland’ after that, she went to East London.  Sometimes, she went straight from the airport.  I let it continue uninterrupted, occasionally making early returns so they never got comfortable with using the house for their weekend trysts.  Sometimes I would go to their hotel and get the room next to theirs.  They always got the same room.  They were loud, always.  She would scream obscenities and he would grunt like a beast.  I would sit in my room with the lights off, listening to them and periodically send her pictures of scotland.

Then 6 months ago, I told her I wanted us to move to Ireland for a year.  She was completely against it but I explained that the second part of the book was set in Ireland and flying back and forth to Ireland was tedious enough.  There was nothing tying us to London, nothing she could mention.

I asked her not to worry.  I would take care of everything.  For the next month, I stayed home every day, and didn’t go to Scotland.  I could sense her desperation.  I let it grow as the date we set for our relocation drew closer.  She sighed audibly when I told her I would be going to Lagos one last time, to return the morning of our trip.  We had sold the cars already so I took a taxi straight to Sheraton.

She was in Manchester city in under an hour after I left.  I made a few phone calls, confirmed the flight booking, cab booking and room booking and faxed over the final documents and awaited the signed copies.  Then I called the lover’s wife.  I told her I was in a bit of a rut on that explosion and I needed her expertise.  I offered to let her read my drafts so she could get a feel of the plot.  She offered to come over to the house.  I told her I was in Scotland.  She was sad, so sad.  I told her it was all handwritten so I couldn’t mail it.  She apologized for not being able to help, I told her I appreciated her willingness.

The next morning I called her again.  I was coming back to London so she could read my manuscript.  I really needed her help.  She was flattered.  I told her I wasn’t going home just yet, I can’t work at home.  I was going to check into a small hotel on the outskirts of town, I asked her to hand the phone to her husband so I could explain.  He had travelled on business, of course.  I asked her to come anyway.  I would get her an adjoining room but since her husband wasn’t home, he didn’t need to know, he would tell my wife and she’d be hurt that I came to london and didn’t sleep at home.  But I had to work, I needed to get past this explosion.  She understood.

She wanted to drive over but I was already in a cab.  I picked her up.  We checked into our rooms.  They were separated only by thin walls, all three rooms.  She had the one in the middle.  We stepped in her room and I handed her the handwritten manuscript of my unpublished first novel.  I wrote it when I was 17 and it showed.  Every chapter had a sex scene.  She was barely through with the first chapter when the lovers started.  They were loud and she blushed.  I pretended not to notice.

Between the obscene manuscript and what sounded like honeymooners next door she got aroused in a few minutes.  She paused periodically to ask questions and make recommendations.  Sometimes just to lick her lips.  I lay on the bed, waiting for her to get to my little alteration, the noise of lovemaking next door had subsided.

I knew when she found it.  She started breathing hard, she licked her lips a few times.  I half expected her to put the manuscript down out of embarrassment but she kept on reading.  When I leaned down to whisper in her ear, the words ‘kiss me’ weren’t out of my mouth before she had me pinned to the bed.  I put in everything I had, every trick I knew but she wasn’t a squealer.  She purred. …

Religion / Re: Forgive And Forget by melodyheart: 6:39am On Dec 13, 2015

A son honour his father, And a servant his master. If then I am the father, where is my honour? And if I am a master, where is my reverence? Says the Lord of host. “Malachi 1:6

Honour is, perhaps, the most important key to experiencing a life of increase. If you are going to consistently walk in increase, you must determine in your heart to continuously and consistently honour God. A simple test of honour is asking yourself who comes first in your life. You see, honouring God is giving preference to God. You can not afford to be so modern that you put God in the back burner and think that he will just look at your heart. The truth is, if it is really in your heart, it will manifest in your actions. God values honour so much that he had to confront the people in the days of Malachi. He asked a very profound question, “if I am the father, where is my honour?”

Therefore, the LORD God of isreal has declared, I did, in fact, say that your family and your ancestors’s family would walk before me forever; but now the LORD declares, far be it from me! The one who honours me, I will honour, and the one who despises me is to be treated with contempt. (ISTV) 1 samuel 2:30

Ask yourself, where is God’s honour in my life? Point things you do or refrain from doing that shows that you truly honour God. God says those despise him(those who do not honour Him) will be treated with contempt. You do not want God to treat you with contempt. However, he is emphatic about honouring those who honour him. If you intend to live a life above reproach and contempt, you must pay attention to honouring God.


You honour God by putting Him first. Whethere it is your time, your money or your affection, God wants to come first. Jesus explained to the Pharisees that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (Mathew 22:37). This is non-negotiable. You can not love your spouse, your job or even your parents more than you love the Lord. God must have preeminence in everything you do.


There is an interesting story of a man whose cow had two calves. As soon as he saw the calves, he vowed to give one to the Lord. When his friends asked him which of the claves is the Lord’s, he responded that it was strictly between him and God. One day, a car hit one of the calves and it died, in agony the man cried out, “The Lord’s calf is dead!” How convenient!

In your experience, is it always the Lord’s calf that dies? When you have a challenge and need to restructure your time, is it the time you spend with the Lord whether in prayer or in attending church services that has to be limited? Do you maintain every other activity and shut down God thinking that God will understand? God ask, “if I am your father, where is my honour?”


Do you allocate your best time of the day to God or wait till you have schedule every other thing before you make time for the Lord? Do you expend whatever funds come to you and then leave whatever is left for the Lord? Do you wait for things to get worn out and useless to you before you sow them to the lord? You see, God is serious about honour and his points of reference are interesting. He ask in “Malachi 1:8”.

And when you offer the blind as a sacrifice, is it not evil? And when you offer the lame and sick, is it not evil? Offer it them to your governor! Would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you favourably?” says the Lord of host.

Can you give the things you give to God to your governor or president? Whether it is money, attention or reverence, do you give more details when it comes to people you see than the God you serve? How do you dress when you want to see dignitary? How do you dress when you go to church? Do you act like you are going to see the most important person in the universe? Honour is cruscial. You see, your tithe is not just ten percent of your increase. It is the first and the best ten percent. When you prepare your offering, do you just pick random notes or do you take time to pick the very best notes and arrange them in an orderly manner. God pays attention to how you treat him and the things that concern him.

Honour the Lord with your possessions, and with the firstfruit of all your increase”--- Proverbs 3:9

Do not just give the lord your substance, Honour Him with it! Give properly. Give with reverence. Give with expectation.

Do you make haste to do the word that comes to you every time you are in church or every time you open your bible, or do you try a self help guru’s technique first and then turn to God when things fail? Put God first.

Perhaps the greatest show of honour is having faith in God and His word. For without faith it is impossible to please him(Hebrews 11:6). Why is this? The bible says that he that comes to god must believe that God exists and that God rewards those who see him diligently. You must believe God’s word that he will honour those who honour him. You must choose to live a life that consistently honours God.

Honour God with your body. Honour God with your lifestyle. Honour God with your money. Honour God by putting God and his kingdom first and watch how things will begin to turn in your favour. Honour the Lord; it is a key to increase!


Religion / Forgive And Forget by melodyheart: 6:16pm On Dec 12, 2015
You have an incredible capacity and ability to overcome life’s greatest challenges.

Embrace this reality, and use it the next a crisis arises. Always celebrate the opportunity to perform at a higher level. When  you break through the wall of fear, the benefits are numerous. You will enjoy calmness and the ability to dream and design an exciting future without being shackled by worry and guilt. When you continually clean up your unfinished business, life becomes simple and uncluttered. This gives you a surge of new energy.

All of these breeds confidence. It’s critical that you understand one thing—confidence grows by doing, not by thinking. Only actions produces result. To produce a different result, you need to change something. It all starts with you. Until you change, nothing else will change. Procrastination is one way ticket to staying stuck. It’s an excuse not to perform.

To release yourself totally from the baggage of the past, you must learn to forgive. There are two sides to this:

a.     First, you need to forgive the people who obstructed you in the past---parents, friends, relatives or teachers. Anyone who undermined or abused your confidence verbally, physically or mentally. No matter how traumatic the experience, to be free you need to forgive them. This is necceassry if you want to have peace of mind and a happier future.

b.     Forgive yourself. Silence forever those negative thoughts of guilt. “The past is history, you will never be able to change it. Instead, accept the fact that whatever you did, your choices were based on your level of knowledge and awareness at that time.” The same goes for your parents. Don’t blame them for your upbringing—they did what they did based on their circumstances, belief system and parenting ability.

Too many people never let the real person within them come alive. Consequently, they live a dormant and unfulfilled existence. Instead of gloriously stretching and challenging themselves to be all they can be, they flounder in the everyday stuff of life. You can be different, make a decision now to remove yourself from the futility and explore the unique talents you have been given. They are within you, just waiting to be let loose.

Release your fears. Forgive those who need to be forgiven, and be confident in the knowledge that you can have what you want by taking one step at a time, making one decision at a time and accomplishing one result at a time.

Usually we don’t think about confidence as a habit. Often we look at other people who seem to be enjoying life to the fullest, and wish we had been born with the same genes. While its true that certain individuals seem to be more outgoing than others, confidence can be developed. And having confidence doesn’t mean that you need to be jumping up and down every single day with off the scale positive energy. Some of the most confidence and successful people we know have a quiet inner strength that is rarely expressed in gregarious fashion. Essentially, confidence evolves from combining a positive attitude with positive action. Bothof these involve the power of choice. Every day you can make a conscious choice to think more positively. And you can also choose to take positive action or not. There is a direct link between your attitude and the choices you ultimately make.

Culled from: The Power of Focus.


Romance / Nigeria Love------part 1 by melodyheart: 4:22pm On Dec 12, 2015
As I stepped out of the plane at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport in Abuja, I turned to see that a hunky Mulatto guy behind me had his eyes glued to my bum in a chiffon mini skirt. I mischievously twerked it and he gasped audibly. I glared at him disapprovingly and pulled my sun shades on. As my feet touched the tarmac, I felt a strange mixture of trepidation, anxiety and excitement. Today I would be meeting my biological mother again after 25 years. I walked towards the arrival lounge, I let the mild heat brush my face; yes this was my home.

My name is Cassandra Bisong and I am 32 years, this is the second time I’m coming to Nigeria. First time was when I was five years old and my parents were still happily married. My parents are both from Obubra in Cross River state. I am fair, petite but well proportioned in the way Calabar women are known to be. I chuckled to myself as I remembered how my Jamaican professor had described me when he was hitting on me back then in school. “Tiny waist fanning out in reckless abandon to juicy hips”.

I was born, and grew up in the quaint town of South Orange in New Jersey, 14 miles from Manhattan. After my high school, I went on to Seton Hall University where I studied International relations and majored in diplomacy. After graduation I worked in the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Washington DC for 6 years.

Well! My dream had been to become an Ambassador but I ended up there as a Public Relations officer, after shuffling papers and dealing with wide eyed, desperate, somewhat cunning Nigerians or Naija, as they called themselves. I can say I’m very fascinated by their confidence and notorious reputation. Enough to want to come to this very controversial but intriguing country to experience it firsthand. There is more to it anyway though, my father told me that my mother abandoned me and fled to Nigeria 25 years ago. This is puzzling because the Mum I remember is gentle, beautiful and loved me with her life. The story just didn’t fit and I had looked forward to hearing her out. Now I was actually going to do it.

At the arrival lounge I located my luggage and headed towards the exit. As I made to take a trolley for my luggage, a dark lanky youth with some sort of tribal marks lining his face appeared from nowhere and grabbed my hand. I felt like spiders were crawling down my back. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a snub or anything like that, but a stranger had never grabbed me like that before. Was he a sex offender?

“Fine Aunty, well done ooh, you want trolley? I go help you carry your bag, na only 100 naira”

I snatched my hand back in confusion; why was he renting the trolley to me? Was he trying to con me? I had been warned of opportunists in Nigeria and really I have never been to an airport where trolleys were rented out. I took a deep breath to fight panic and looked at him fiercely.

“Get your hands away from my luggage Mister! Before I get security.”

He left my bag but still held the trolley. What? I turned around and saw a man in security uniform and beckoned to him. He took his time before strolling lazily over, looking angry that I had called him.

“Na wetin dey happen here? Wat happen?” He said

“This man sexually harassed me and wants to rent the trolley to me, isn’t it for free?”

The security man snorted

“Which kind free? Ol’ boy wetin dey happen here” he turned to the guy to get the gist

“See this ashewo ooh, common 100 naira, wey I tell am say na for the trolley, she begin dey speak grammar.”

I knew that ashewo meant prostitute and couldn’t believe the insult and drama that was unfolding in front of me. I simply snatched my bags and without another word started rolling them along clumsily as I walked out. The security man raised his voice so that I could hear and abused me further.

“See her legs like free trolley, upon all the money wey she carry come from America, common 100 naira she no fit give for trolley. She dey find oshofri.”

He hissed loud and long.

I was stunned, Jezz!!! This was my country? Everyone was rushing, oblivious of the next person. As I walked towards the cabs lining the sidewalk, more hands grabbed my luggage

“Sweet sister, Aunty you dey find taxi?” one cooed

Someone else pulled me from behind.

“No mind am, my car get AC, come this side.”

Tears stung my eyes. I looked around and discovered I was not the only one mobbed. Cab drivers grabbed at passengers all around, jostling. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and turned. I was about to give the person a piece of my mind when I saw him. The same half caste guy that was checking me out while I was leaving the plane smiled at me. He told them that I was with him and they dispersed. He grabbed my bags and led me to a Toyota Camry 2009 model, parked some feet away. He put my bags in the boot and walked around to open the passenger’s door for me, I found my voice.

“Hey Mister! You don’t even know me.”

He laughed, his laughter was seductive and he looked me in the eye.

“Is this your first time in Nigeria?”

“Yeah except you count when I was five years.”

“From your accent, you are American.”

“No I am Nigerian–American, why are you helping me?”

He laughed. “I am just being nice Ma’am”


He laughed again and gestured towards the open car.

“At least, take a load off your feet, sit down; I promise I’m not driving off to kill ya. Here! Have the car keys but for Christ sakes just sit down. I promise I’m harmless.”

“I smiled and sat down, grateful to rest my tired legs.”

“So what’s your name fair lady.”

“My name is Cassandra and you?”

“I’m Muna, short for Munachi” He said

“Muna thanks for rescuing me back there but do you want something from me?”

“NO” he responded dramatically, slapping his forehead.

“You know people always want something” I said, pouting.

“In this case, trust me I want nothing, you looked ready to burst into tears back there. Could never resist a damsel in distress.”

He walked over to the driver’s seat and sat.

“Okay I forgive you for staring so hard in the plane.”

We both laughed and relaxed and he touched my arm slightly

“Where are you headed? To a hotel? Was someone coming to pick you?

“I have reservations at Chelsea Hotel.”

“So Chelsea Hotel It is.”

He tugged at some sheets of paper that I was sitting on.

“Babe let me just get these document, they are my client’s receipts”

I apologized profusely and lifted my hips for him to ease the document from under me.

He tilted towards me and in a bid to grab all the receipts, his palm got trapped under my bum. His touch was electric and I gasped as a delicious feeling washed over me.

“Mu… Muna, what…?


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