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Celebrities / I Am A Non- Binary Queer Woman In Nigeria - Former YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa by Mhojohub: 11:26am On Nov 22, 2020
[img][/img]Blessed with an array of gifts and talents which include singing, composing, poetry and art, Temmie has chosen to use her gifts to not only entertain but also inspire, and she is doing both simultaneously. With her great storytelling skills, divinity, and resolve to live truly, the 23-year-old multi-faceted musician has created a project so profound its power can be felt in every shade possible.

Signed to Olamide Adedeji’s YBNL as an impressionable 19-year-old back in April 2016, Temmie Ovwasa worked with the label for 4 years and had just 4 songs released in those years before the relationship ended.

Musical paradise anyone?

You want to know what it feels like taking a deep dive into a musical paradise? ‘E Be Like Say Dem Swear For Me’ is the portal. Her insane vocal command brought to the fore via the robust dynamism of her voice is nothing short of awesome. Deep-soul-inspired vocals are employed on many of the songs affirming her faith in this genre which is often thought to be reserved for big, flamboyant voices. By the time I was done listening, I was on a natural high. The next couple of days saw me diving deeper in the melodic and rhythmic tune employed on the project and her lyrics, oh her words!

Rather than rehash her past musical steps or follow the crowd, Temmie Ovwasa put into motion a surprising yet overdue strut towards more adult-oriented content on this new project, and even though she dabbled a few times in that deeply rooted vintage sound, she created a balance between two realms to achieve varying degrees of success. From her love notes on ‘Ayanfe’ and ‘Osunwemimo’ to her vivid description of passionate sex on the vintage-sounding ‘37 times’ down to tracks like ‘E Be Like Say Dem Swear For Me’, ‘Existential Crisis’ and ‘Never Gon Blow,’ Temmie Ovwasa’s debut album is finely structured around the chunky casserole of the everyday struggle of an average queer Nigerian.

Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie explicitly asserted her independence with this album, a move I was a person is proud of beyond words. She is out and proud, and will no longer be bullied into silence. This project which I have chosen to see more like a break-up letter addressed to the hogwash societal norms and beliefs that insist on hate, prejudice, inequality and a love note addressed to the liberated self and God. This project is nothing short of art in its purest and most vivid form, it is also an album that re-introduced us to Temmie the adult human being, and Temmie as the ‘God’ she sees herself.

Favorite tracks:
E Be Like Say Dem Swear For Me
Existential Crisis
Elejo Wewe
Never Gon Blow
37 Times
I Don’t Give A Bleep About You
Elejo Wewe

Ready for the interview? Let's go!

Who is Temmie Ovwasa?

Temmie: Temmie Ovwasa is a Radical Queer Feminist, a thinker, a person who constantly questions and makes a point to challenge the status quo. Art just happens to be an outlet.

The album title ‘E be Like say dem swear for me,’ What inspired the title? Also, can you mention one or two of your favorite tracks and how autobiographical they are?

Temmie: At a point in my life and sometimes I still feel like “dem swear for me”. I’m a hypersensitive thinker, living in a society that has constantly refused to update its philosophies, I’m an empath in a violent country sometimes also contributing to the mess because you need a certain level of privilege to totally detach from the mess...A Non-binary Queer (woman) person living in Nigeria, living with mental illness in a country that still stigmatizes mental illness. It’s just a lot of things, to be honest. Sometimes “E be like say dem swear for me”. My Favourite is ‘Osunwemimo’, I love black women and singing about one was the most liberating experience.

Eroticism is a central theme on this album, your flawless depiction of sexuality, sex as the art that it is, is celebratory. I personally must commend your brilliant depiction of this form of intimacy. Can you shed light on why this was a major theme on the album?

Temmie Ovwasa:

Temmie: I think it was important for me to sing from the perspective that women hardly ever sing from. A place of being in charge of my body, my sexuality, owning the fact that I’m a sexual being and my sexual decisions are mine alone. Men have made sexual music forever and that’s normalized. As I said, I’m challenging the status quo. Taking up space.

Quick one, what role do you think porn plays in how people understand, consume, and express self, & sexuality?

Temmie: Porn… as much as I think the concept is

Full interview here:


Crime / 3 Nigerians Murdered By SARS And The Officers Who Killed Them by Mhojohub: 11:01am On Oct 15, 2020
This is the reality of Nigerians, being murdered by officers of Sars #EndSars https://mhojohub.com/3-nigerians-murdered-by-sars-and-the-officers-who-killed-them/

Celebrities / See The Reason Brymo Is Asking Investors To Pay Him 5million Dollars In Bulk by Mhojohub: 7:14am On Sep 22, 2020
Music/Radio / Paul Okoye Fights Estate Over Electricity Bill by Mhojohub: 6:09am On Sep 19, 2020
Popular concert promoter and Chief Executive Officer of Upfront and Personal Global Management, Paul Okoye, has found himself in a scandal.

According to reports, Okoye has been accused by the management of the 1004 Homeowners and Residents Association, Victoria Island, Lagos, of
Music/Radio / 3 Emerging Female Acts You Must Know by Mhojohub: 7:30pm On Sep 14, 2020
The ingrained misogyny towards women in this industry is a topic that needs to be dealt with sooner than later. All too often, we have witnessed how many female talents have continued to be overlooked in some cases pitted against each other with many believe there can only be one top female amongst the male acts at a go.

However, many of us never allowed this misogynist fog cloud our judgment as from an instant, we were able to identify the angry stylings of Tems, to the talented ar....https://mhojohub.com/3-emerging-female-acts-you-must-know/
Music/Radio / Yung6ix Purchases Brand New Mercedes Benz, See How Much He Bought It by Mhojohub: 2:56am On Sep 14, 2020
Nigerian rapper Yung6ix is balling as we speak. The rapper who recently released his album “Introduction To Trap Fro” which has now hit over 2 million plays on all streaming platforms, is sure having a good time.

According to the latest news from his ca...https://mhojohub.com/yung6ix-purchases-brand-new-mercedes-benz-see-how-much-he-bought-it/
Music/Radio / See What Samkelf Said About Bbnaija's Laycon by Mhojohub: 4:56am On Sep 13, 2020
Nigerian artiste Samklef has made a new decision concerning his music journey/ projects leaving his stables in the next couple of months.

According to the 'Molowo Noni' crooner,....https://mhojohub.com/see-what-samkelf-said-about-bbnaijas-laycon/

Music/Radio / Two Nigerian Artistes Found Dead In A Studio by Mhojohub: 3:05pm On Sep 12, 2020
Residents at the Awolusi Bus stop in the Alagbado area of Lagos State were thrown into a frenzy last Thursday when news surfaced that two Nigerian artistes had been found dead inside a studio in the area. The artistes have been identified as Ajibawo Lawal and Sunday Akhigbe, both were found dead around 7 am.

PUNCH reports that items found in the studio include...https://mhojohub.com/two-nigerian-artistes-found-dead-in-a-studio/
Music/Radio / Review: Olamide's ''eru'' Will Grow On You, If You Let It by Mhojohub: 7:44am On Sep 12, 2020
Fresh off a new international distribution deal, ERU is proof Olamide really isn't concerned with quality anymore, the real bread lies in vibes and therein he lies.

My attention is drawn immediately to the beat, if for nothing, P-Prime did a good job stirring the 'Isale-Eko + Agege'' spirit in me, as I could easily detect a faint fuji vibe being heavily drowned out in the prominent Afro-pop beat the song was perhaps meant to have.

In an annoyingly predictable move, Olamide bleated sexual innuendos for the entirety of the song, taking his smarmy style to puerile new depths. His nonchalance and mundane attitude towards creating or attempting coherent artistic statements ree.... continue here


Music/Radio / Video: 3 Times Celebrities Angrily Walked Off Interview Sets by Mhojohub: 2:42am On Sep 11, 2020
Please watch here and subscribe


Music/Radio / 8 Nigerian Artistes With Side Hustles by Mhojohub: 6:54pm On Sep 09, 2020
Read here, I promise its worth your time

Music/Radio / 'jerusalem' Becomes The Most Streamed Song In The World by Mhojohub: 10:23am On Sep 09, 2020
South African artiste Master KG has hit a legendary level after news surfaced that his hit song Jerusalema featuring Nomcebo Zikode is the most streamed song in the world.

Streaming platform Shazam took to Twitter to congratulate the.... https://mhojohub.com/jerusalem-becomes-the-most-streamed-song-in-the-world/

Music/Radio / 4 Nigerian Artistes Who Died At The Peak Of Their Careers by Mhojohub: 6:33pm On Sep 08, 2020
Just as the world was starting to settle into their talents, their lives were tragically cut short. Here are 4 Nigerian artistes who died too soon, but continue to live on in our hearts.


Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, – better known as DaGrin – ruled the airwaves and clubs with his records and was undoubtedly one of the biggest acts in the country. In the short time, he was in the spotlight, he made a remarkable impression with his life before death took him  His album Chief Executive Omota, shook the industry to its core, helping place his name in the sand of time as well. The CEO album held within it several hit singles, which peaked on several charts as well as secure a couple of awards. The late rapper in his life also collaborated with other acts as well as feature some on his records. Following his death, he became the first artist to have two posthumous #1 hits – “If I Die” and “Tribute To Dagrin”. In all, Dagrin accomplished more with one album than most artists will in their entire careers.

Songs to listen to today: Entire CEO Album


Born Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey,  on October 23, 1983, Goldie was a breath of fresh air to the Nigerian music scene. Armed with her eccentric and unique fashion style, the throne was hers for the taking. Goldie began her music career in 2007 and released her debut album (Spin me) the same year.

In 2010, she signed a record deal with Kennis Music and released her 2010 album 'Gold' which had the monster hit 'Jawo Jawo, ‘Don’t Touch My Body’, know it ft ElDee on it,' songs that earned her mainstream success with over 10 awards to include; Best Female Video' at the Soundcity Awards 2010, 'Best Use of Costume' and 'Best Afropop' at NMVA, with 'Best Female Artist' at the City People Awards.  In no time, She became one

Continue reading here; https://mhojohub.com/4-nigerian-artistes-who-died-at-the-peak-of-their-careers/

Music/Radio / 6 Important Things Every Upcoming Act Should Know by Mhojohub: 10:30am On Sep 07, 2020
1. We Do Not Care About Your Music: In the course of our music-loving journey, most of us at some point must have encountered one or two upcoming acts who bicker, cry about being slept on or ignored by people, well news flash,  no one cares about your music as you do. You are not the first nor will you be the last act to feel under-appreciated or that your project is 'Haedies' worthy these feelings aren't unique to just you. What to do? Stop whining and start working hard to ensure your name is out there.

2. Build And Grow Your Fanbase: Its no secret that every business needs a fanbase but surprisingly I have met a couple of young acts who do not see the need to patiently creating and growing a fanbase. Most would rather buy followers online and mislabel them as fans. It is one thing to have followers, it is another to have fans, not just fans, loyal fans.

To the few who have created a fanbase and need one or two tips on how...

Continue here https://mhojohub.com/6-important-things-every-upcoming-act-should-know/

Music/Radio / Re: 5 Artistes Who Have Lost Their Mojo by Mhojohub: 9:46am On Sep 05, 2020
Your name confirms the reason for your comment
Your first mention proves you're just looking for anything to write about.
Music/Radio / 5 Artistes Who Have Lost Their Mojo by Mhojohub: 9:43am On Sep 05, 2020
For an act who successfully churned out hit songs and album, a fact that was duly proven on the 4 amazing albums he released in 5 years, with the climax of it all on ''El-Hadj'' an album that got a 4.5 review from me in 2016, Disappointment is an understatement when 4 years later, we were slapped in the faces with the offensively mediocre ''Vibes and Insha Allah.'' The EP reeked of mimicries, turbulent emptiness, and was duly stacked with laughable lyrics and featured acts who did more harm for their careers than he did for him.

Tiwa Savage
Yeah yeah, she has managed to remain with her theatrics but who are we kidding, since leaving Mavin, Tiwa has struggled on every front experienced ARTISTES should never have. For one person with a great musical background, it has been disappointment after disappointment with the tirade of bland, half-baked, and....

Music/Radio / Another 5 Artistes You Forgot Existed by Mhojohub: 6:59pm On Sep 04, 2020
Waje found herself in the limelight following two features on Psqaure's hit songs ''Omoge Mi and Do Me.'' From then on this vocal powerhouse became a household name, featuring on several other songs and releasing two albums that were not a favorite amongst critics.  In no time, she became one of the hottest acts on the block, making the news, snagging nominations/awards, endorsement deals, you name it. Until she slowly began to fizzle out of our consciousness. She attempted a comeback with a badly thought out PR move which did more harm than good for her career. These days, we see her on 'The Voice'' throwing her shoes and screaming out ''Sing'' the two effective things she seems to have a handle on these days.


Continue reading here

Music/Radio / Top 3 Brilliant Yet Underrated Songs by Mhojohub: 5:50pm On Sep 03, 2020
Seyi Shay - Tuale

I watched the video before I knew Seyi had a song like this and boy, was I blown away. This is it, dear female artistes, you want to pull the sexy brand? Pull the type that will have every human thirst after you. In a moment of transparency my dear readers, Seyi had even the most heterosexual of all women questioning her sexuality on this video, PHEW! (stop digressing, focus!!!).

“But it doesn’t sound like Seyi Shay,” said unfunny slapped-on bio music critics everywhere. This song saw Seyi channeling her inner ''now mature bad girl'' and her vocals of course did not disappoint. The song basically saw her paying homage to everyone who has been there and still is. To every hustler on the street, to every human. Her effortless switch between English and whatever Yoruba was employed on this, must be celebrated. The many wins on this project were almost overshadowed by Zlatan Ibile's surprisingly disappointing, unnecessary, and non-sensical lyrics.

A little over 2 months ago, I was introduced to the music of this young chap by another artiste and since then to date, I have gone on to not only play it every single day but used it to reassure my partner of my unending love. This ethereal tune titled ''Now and Always''  is a melodic lyrical triumph; Kotrell hit a..... continue here

Music/Radio / Top 5 Artistes You May Have Forgotten Existed by Mhojohub: 9:17am On Sep 01, 2020
Over the years, we have been introduced to really talented acts who for a while achieved feats many hope to; top several charts, make the news, and altogether stay in our consciousness. However, many of these act, somehow find it really hard to maintain that star power with some letting the fame get to their heads while other simply succumbed to the sheer pressure of fame and in no time faded into obscurity.

Today, we will be discussing 5 artistes in no particular order, who have since vanished from mainstream consciousness or are still hanging on by a very thin thread.


Krizbeat was all many fussed about back in 2016. He produced one of the biggest songs in 2016 ''Pana'' then went on to work on several top projects soon gaining massive attention and even snagging several award nominations and even went on to win the ''Best Music Producer'' award at the 2017 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Kriz was the most talked-about young producer for a minute, working with talents across the country and continent until silence suddenly invaded his camp. He went on to produce a couple of other songs and albums and even made an attempt at releasing a new album ''African Time,'' an album that should have never left the discomfort of his studio.

Music/Radio / Cynthia Morgan - ''hustle'' Is A Flaccid, Lazy And Pitiful Record by Mhojohub: 7:12pm On Aug 31, 2020
''Be careful what you wish,'' remember this idiom? Yeah, this is how best to describe Madrina resurfacing.

Cynthia Morgan was unquestionably one of the hottest stars in the country back in 2014, 2015. She first had the limelight shone on her in 2009 after featuring on Jhybo's ''E jo Lefero'' record. Her presence on that record saw the most ordinary of music lovers sense just how special her talent was, and they were right for about 6 more years as Cynthia went on to release multiple hit singles, topped numerous charts, and snagged major features which cumulated in major recognition, nominations, and awards.

Cynthia Morgan Hustle

All of these came to an abrupt demise when she took a hiatus in 2017. Cynthia went MIA only to resurface towards the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 stirring up ire with her explanation on the decision to quit music which according to her was largely based on signing with the wrong label/management. On her return, she again bridled the fire in a select few causing us to yearn for something new to finally prove to the heathens are throne may have been vacated but was never filled and can never be.

August 21, Madrina dropped her comeback single ''Hustle'' an instant regret. Free tip for artistes who may be reading this, one unerring way to ruin a musical career, is to distance yourself from what made you famous in the first place. ''Hustle'' was sonically and conceptually disconnected — from the ''bad gyal'' Madrina of 5 years ago.  The innate genius she brought on some of her old records was non-existent on Hustle, oozing major unfinished and unfocused aura from the very first note.

Music/Radio / Album Review: Patoranking's ''three'' Is Languid, Lifeless, And Generic by Mhojohub: 9:39am On Aug 30, 2020
Being one of the mainstream dancehall pioneers of instantly recognized preachers of the rags-to-riches narrative, an altogether common trope in the Nigerian music scene, one would think with Patoranking's years of experience in the industry, he would at least make a move from the boring end of the spectrum he has remained despite over 5 body of work churned out in less than 5 years.

Safe for two songs on the ''Three'' album, which so happens to be his third studio album, the project does a hands-on job of providing an immediate overview of itself; an inherently monotonous album,  made possible by the bland, mediocre mix of the  Jamaican/dancehall hypo-masculinity, loverboy representation, simple lyrics, impactless features, and unimaginative storytelling. These, in turn, producing an uneven result of blobs void of music, genuinety, and vibe alongside an awareness that the only people who will listen to the entirety of ''Three'' are those who will be reviewing it; an excruciating  1hr of our time, and if I am being honest, a long time to spend alone with Patoranking.

The songs ''Yo Body'' and ''Abule''....


Music/Radio / Album Review: Tiwa Savage - Celia by Mhojohub: 9:24am On Aug 29, 2020
If Tiwa Savage's many provocative photoshoots/performances somehow failed to let you in on the direction she’d be headed with this new album, then welcome aboard the train of ''Celia'' a project meant to be seen and felt as an aspirational eroticism instead did a great job highlighting how bad heterosexual sex is; resoundingly botched and unwieldy.

Nearly all 13 songs on “Celia” centered exclusively on the singer’s impassioned sexual needs, with love and her innate avarice wimpishly rearing its head toward the end of the album on the songs, “Dangerous love and Temptation” as well as ''Ole and Koroba.'' In all honesty, with the releases of 4 songs off of the album before the actual album release, there is undoubtedly nothing really to glean here in singles or otherwise as everything is obfuscated but as an album, it at least merited some semblance of observation.

Continue reading here; https://mhojohub.com/album-review-tiwa-savage-celia/

Music/Radio / Album Review: Fireboy DML - Apollo by Mhojohub: 7:09am On Aug 26, 2020
There is no doubt that Fireboy DML is indeed a talented young act but this assurance received a volcanic disruption following the release of his new album ''Apollo'' which according to him ''is about evolution, growth, love, and pain. gratitude to God for blessings.''

Since his emergence on the scene a few years ago, Fireboy with his talent and redolent vocals, has effortlessly existed in a raw and visceral buffer dimension portraying him as intended: vulnerable, flawed, and totally real, all of which came to an almost screeching halt in this new album.

''Apollo'' displayed an array of traits that birth music that hit just below its true potential. Fireboy with this new project did a fine job bringing a new meaning to 'Half-heartedly'' sprucing up the project with several missteps.


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