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Romance / Re: I Might Be Dead Anytime Soon.. by Mobi47(m): 6:46pm On Sep 01, 2021
mobi 47, I Dey see you as scammer with numerous accounts.
Through my observations you are unrealistic.
OK thanks
Romance / Re: I Might Be Dead Anytime Soon.. by Mobi47(m): 5:57am On Sep 01, 2021
do you have proof
A lady a know was cured. Don't take d OP serious though, he is lying.
Romance / Re: I Might Be Dead Anytime Soon.. by Mobi47(m): 5:55am On Sep 01, 2021
OP posted this same write-up six years ago. Wahala for stage IV cancer wey never kill person in almost a decade.
d guy de joke

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Romance / Re: I Might Be Dead Anytime Soon.. by Mobi47(m): 5:52am On Sep 01, 2021

You have to take Mobi47 seriously

Some people including Roman Reigns have been treated for cancer before

Google Roman Reigns

He survived cancer and he is back to professional wrestling now
bro forget that guy he doesn't have cancer, he wouldn't have rejected my offer if he has cancer and I even said treatment is free, next thing u will see is his account number.

A lady I know personally was cured of leukemia early this year and her cure happened the same day she went there.
Romance / Re: I Might Be Dead Anytime Soon.. by Mobi47(m): 9:21pm On Aug 31, 2021

It's leukemia.

What do you want to learn
waoo na moimoi case na, a lady with leukemia was cured with 1 day, no jokes bro. this lady suffered for months and spent lots of money...bro come and see, blood cancer na moimoi text me on WhatsApp 0.9.don't quote my numb pls so I can edit. just message or call me but I will prefer a PM so I will know I am chatting with u directly.
Romance / Re: I Might Be Dead Anytime Soon.. by Mobi47(m): 9:14pm On Aug 31, 2021

I wish..
bro there is a cure for cancer...come and get treated and its free. Location abuja. U will testify on nairaland just pm me I will take u there.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Was I Not Picked For This Job? by Mobi47(m): 8:20pm On Aug 20, 2021
God favoured 2 people that didn't write the exams with your guys. Just move on....Me sef I get job without interview or anything.... I believed many applied for that same job but God picked me even without interview or anything.

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Politics / Re: 1000 Hunters Protect Farmers From Boko Haram In Borno State by Mobi47(m): 8:25am On Aug 03, 2021
State Police is the solution. Or better still dissolve Nigeria and let everyone go their separate ways. These daily killings by Fulani terrorist and boko harama, must not be allowed to continue.


Romance / Re: Why Prayers Are Waste Of Time by Mobi47(m): 8:16am On Aug 03, 2021

Since you don't know the difference between Freewill and Destiny.
Let me school you.
Destiny is higher than your Freewill.
If it's your destiny to die on Tuesday
Your have Freewill to go to the best Hospital in the world.
Yet no matter what all the best doctors do, you still die that Tuesday.
You have Freewill to say "NO" it won't happen to me. But that doesn't mean it won't happen.
Look at prophet Jonah

Jonah's destiny was to go to an island and preach to them.
Jonah use his Freewill and said "NO"
He decide not to go.
That is his Freewill, He has every right to say No

But no matter what Jonah did, no matter how much Freewill he applied.
At the end He was swallowed by a fish
And brought to that same island.
You can't run away from your destiny or contract.
Did his Freewill stop his destiny of going to that island from happening??
Because Destiny can be delayed but not denied.
You can use Freewill to delay your destiny but at the end you will still meet your destiny.
Destiny is your contract of events that must happen.

As for the Exit points
Like I said Not all souls have Exit points.
Just like not every human will have a near death experience.

I don't think u understand these things, I have given u an example of King Hezekiah. e.g Hezekiah was supposed to die on Tuesday, as in ehn God has said Hezekiah u will die on Tuesday so prepare to die. That same Hezekiah prayed and God gave him extra 15 yrs to live. Free will is totally different from "Let thy will be done Lord".

For the case of Jonah, on his on free will, he decided to escape but God still forced him to do that which he wanted him to do. That's why I said, All destiny is prone to change I.e elastic except God has said its a must
My bro I know how u feel, my advice to u is not to leave God, turn back to him, if not for prayers, I would not be typing this today, but God saved me many times from the plans of my enemies. I pray u have live encounters that would make u say in quote " No matter what happens, I will never stop praying".

Romance / Re: Why Prayers Are Waste Of Time by Mobi47(m): 8:00am On Aug 03, 2021

The O.P passed a good point across . he meant that prayers can't change one's destiny and also that our fate is largely out of our control.
what has been destined to happen will still? whether you do 1 million days dry fasting and prayers.

if you were born without limbs, can prayer change that?
if your destiny is to come from a poor background, can prayer change that?
if your destiny is to be short, fat and ugly, can prayer change that?

likewise if you were opportuned to choose your country of origin, would you choose Nigeria ?

if prayer and fasting was as effective as you people make it to be, Nigeria would have been one of the best countries on Earth, due to the numerous prayer warriors but instead it's one of the worst.

Just accept the fact, that life has a special destiny for everyone and we can do almost nothing to change it.
wrong analogy bro. I know why u guys are saying this, you have probably given up on God and decide to live ur lives without God, but that is wrong. Prayer can change anything... I have seen people born blind and got back their site after being prayed for.
Romance / Re: Why Prayers Are Waste Of Time by Mobi47(m): 7:21pm On Aug 02, 2021

This is what they call Exit points.
In each contracts, each soul has exit points.
What are Exit Points
This are certain times in our lifetime when we come close to death. But we don't die.
The soul while choosing it's life experience will mark some parts and moments of his experience as exit points. This period is also known as near death experience.
This is points are periods that eventually lead us into life changing situation.
Example of exit points are
Surving a ghastly accident.
Surving deadly cancer
And many more.
In the case of King hezikah him been told that he was going to die is an exit poibt that made him repent and change his ways.
Hezikah's soul knows that during his life on Earth he will be a king and go astray so in order to out him back on track his soul creates an exit point. This exit point is to out fear into the human which make the human reflect on their life and reconsider changing their lifestyle.
Because without exit oii ts the human will just destroy himself.
Exit points in our life are those horrible near death moments that change our lives forever.
Those periods when you taught it is finished or that doctor telling you you are going to die of cancer.
But you end up surviving the cancer and this makes you reflect on your life and consider changing what's wrong in your life.
The soul before entering the body creates this exit points in case when they go astray as humans by desire of flesh. This exit points will give them a fear of death which humbles them and bring them back to follow their contract
so what was the exit point of Jesus Lolss. Go and study more on the gift of free will, granted to Man by God, then u will understand.

nevertheless, I understand ur topic but I think u didn't put ur explanations very well when u said prayer is a waste of time, which is not correct. The fact of the point and message u were trying to pass across is that success is not tied down to ones believe in God. Anyone can become a success or even a failure, whether they are Christians, Atheist or whatever, God has given us that ability to work and succeed, depending on how we use that.
Romance / Re: Why Prayers Are Waste Of Time by Mobi47(m): 10:32am On Aug 02, 2021
You said no amount of prayer can change anything? u are wrong bro...Your prayers can change your destiny for good.

Have you heard of the story of king Hezekiah before? Prophet Isaiah was sent by God, to go and meet king Hezekiah who was ill
and tell him that in quote "The LORD tells you that you are to put everything in order because you will not recover. Get ready to die."
This is what King Hezekiah did; Hezekia turned his face to the wall and prayed in quote " Remember, Lord, that I have served you faithfully and loyally, and that I have always tried to do what you wanted me to" And he began to cry bitterly.
Now this is the bomb!
The Lord commanded Prophet Izaiah to go back to King Hezekiah and say to him, " I the LORD the God of your ancestor David, have heared your prayer and seeen your tears; I will let you live 15 (fifteen years) longer. ISAIAH 38 VS 1-4

Every destiny is prone to change, except God has said its a must. Know and believe it today. Good day.

Even the Jesus prayer example u used there is wrong. Jesus would have changed his destiny or rather changed the will of God the father by not allowing those people to kill him or even cancel his agreements with God the father, but he didn't do that. He submitted everything to the will of God the Father. But many of us on earth cannot do that, we don't submit to the will of God, Jonah did same thing, not until he was forced to do what God wants him to do. That's why I said all destiny is prone to change (elastic) except God has said its a must. I have many things to tell u about this matter but let me just stop here but just put it in ur mind that there is nothing that Prayer cannot do and we must always submit to the will of God


Politics / Re: IPOB Mega Protest In Rome, Italy - Pictures by Mobi47(m): 6:21pm On Jul 27, 2021
Nice one from the Reverend Sisters. I believe everyone must play a role in this struggle if we must achieve our goal, nice one.
Business / Re: Who Can Do This? Forex Traders? by Mobi47(m): 3:16pm On Jul 25, 2021
if you can pay 10k, I will show u the one I invented. with $50 you earn 1-2$ daily. Even if you would get a genuine strategy that really pays, you must pay for it. They will not give it to you for free and its expensive and you can fall into the hands of scammers
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Business Can I Start With 100k Very Urgent !!! by Mobi47(m): 10:23pm On Jul 23, 2021

Based on your capital & location.
Start a peanut butter venture and partner with bakeries.
With just #50k you'll have all your materials from produce to packaging.
I'll suggest you go with sachet for a start which should go for #50 to end users.
#50k will produce 2000 sachets and more.

Howbeit if you are internet savvy go for an Online Skill like WhiteBoard Animation and start to earn residually...
For more details on a demonstrative video for better comprehensive information reach out to the facebook Id on my profile.
Video is #2k.

Though the value of naira has depreciated nonetheless with #100k you can start a business with a monthly ROI of #50k and above if you are diligent and dedicate good time & physicality for the venture.

I stated it in my writeup to be reached via the facebook Id on my profile.

the peanut sachet is how much per pieces.
Politics / Re: IPOB Sacks Simon Ekpa As Nnamdi Kanu's Replacement At Radio Biafra by Mobi47(m): 2:15pm On Jul 21, 2021
Stop spreading fake news pls. Mynd44 Seun, Lalasticlala Delete all this fake news about Simon Ekpa not being allowed to broadcast on Radio Biafra
Romance / Re: Please, Advise A Single 30 Years Old Virgin by Mobi47(m): 5:16pm On Jul 17, 2021
lols if its God will though
Romance / Re: Please, Advise A Single 30 Years Old Virgin by Mobi47(m): 4:25pm On Jul 17, 2021
oya nar
OK to permanent site then
Romance / Re: Please, Advise A Single 30 Years Old Virgin by Mobi47(m): 4:23pm On Jul 17, 2021

Submit your profile first, inclusive of your age, tribe, occupation, bank account status etc. grin
Romance / Re: Please, Advise A Single 30 Years Old Virgin by Mobi47(m): 4:18pm On Jul 17, 2021
Nairaland brothers and sisters, I'm here for your advices. Please, be nice. Thank you.
let's get married

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Education / Re: Headteachers Association by Mobi47(m): 3:27pm On Jul 17, 2021
Please let me know what kind of help that you need [┬╣quote author=Mobi47 post=103800150]please I need your help
I sent you a mail. Its about Job please
Education / Re: Headteachers Association by Mobi47(m): 12:05pm On Jul 17, 2021
please I need your help
Politics / Re: Viral Video How Nnamdi Kanu Fought Kenyan Police At The Airport Before His Kidna by Mobi47(m): 9:17pm On Jul 11, 2021
propaganda!! Propaganda!!! against the igbos and the yorubas, from foolanis/hausas) Igbo and Yoruba on nairaland shine your eyes, foolanis/Hausa will claim to be igbo just to insult and attack the yourubas and other tribes so that it will look as if igbo hate everyone,, same Hausa/foolanis Will claim to be Yoruba to insult and and attack the igbos. foolanis/hausa are only active on nairaland, they are no where to be find on Facebook, Twitter, or any international platform, Yoruba and igbo hear this and hear it clear nairaland is faceless platform which does not require much data to login, that's why they are many here, that's why nairaland is childish platform. Yoruba and igbo on nairaland come to Facebook, Twitter, or any international platform and see the real igbos and Yorubas unity. I may abuse the yorubas out of ignorance before when I thought the yorubas are behind all those hateful threat against the igbos not knowing that it was foolanis and hausas who pretended to be the yorubas,...nnamdi kanu recent arrest have opened igbos eyes to know their common enemy, they only people who are celebrating his arrest is Hausa/foolani, we have realized this that's why you see first time in history all the southern governors meet in Lagos. All this we south south na them, all this we Niger delta na them, this foolanis hate the southern unity, their greatest fear is igbos, same foolanis attached themselves to Hausa, kanuri, and other tribes in the north, but here in the south they are trying everything humanly possible to divide them, tag everyone who is trying to unite the south attache by force, unity beggars, especially when igbos want to unite with their kit and kin outside s-east. they are now angry because the Yoruba and igbo have realized their past mistakes.......
nice one...keep sharing

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Mobi47(m): 5:35pm On Jul 11, 2021
him must know said you they come if not you no fit see him.without appointment
they HV visiting days na
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Mobi47(m): 4:01pm On Jul 11, 2021
guys I want to go and see my senator tomorrow. Pls I want to know if they allow people to see senators on Monday. make I no go waste transport o
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Mobi47(m): 7:11pm On Jul 09, 2021
please is there anyone here that can help me get national assembly tag on Monday or Tuesday so I can get in.

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Business / Re: Tecno Pop2f sold by Mobi47(m): 7:08pm On Jul 08, 2021
E chock
Business / Re: Tecno Pop2f sold by Mobi47(m): 6:34pm On Jul 08, 2021
and you carried a whole 26k go buy that 1 gig calculator? Anyone paying more than 5k for that trash is a full.
Business / Tecno Pop2f sold by Mobi47(m): 2:28pm On Jul 07, 2021
Phone specs
1Gig Ram
16Gig Internal Memory
Good camera
Phone not up to 2 months, still fresh, you can check before you pay. Phone receipt available.

Price 20k
Call me if interested
Phone is clean, no scratch at all.

Phones / Re: Please Recommend A Trusted Vpn Seller On Nairaland by Mobi47(m): 8:02am On Jul 03, 2021
Hi guys,
I'm looking to buy a vpn login. I'm looking for express vpn but I could consider others too.
Please recommend a trusted seller or let me know if you have login to share (I'll pay).
I did tunnel bear premium subscription. I can share with you. Pm if you want

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