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Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by mrblessed(m): 4:12pm On Oct 19

There is nothing like upgrading yourself. I am a successful business woman and a graduate. But I am still upgrading myself. I still register for more courses on business and marketing, because I see that I have a strong passion for business and marketing. A lot of people think I studied marketing in my first degree.
So my brother, this should motivate you to upgrade your knowledge.
But is good as you are saying you can't upgrade yourself because of your girlfriend. That really shows how much you love her and if the marriage was going to last or stand the test of time. You think marriage is easy. Just one test, you failed woefully.
I have a problem with your concept of the word "upgrade" and the manner you are chanting it as if the word possesses the halo of a holy writ. You claimed to be a "successful" business woman so your direction of upgrade lies in the area of marketing and its related field. I thought you would have advised this brother to toe similar line as well, because he is a business person like you are. But your ideal "upgrade" for him lies in a gratuitous pursuit of a certificate -- not knowledge because it's actuated to satiate the ego of a family that obviously needs an upgrade-- that won't add much value to him.

I hope your lack of reprimand to girl's family is an oversight.
Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by mrblessed(m): 2:42pm On Oct 19

Your English and your writing is good for an Ssce holder.
Your inability to discern where concord/agreement is necessary in a sentence, cast you in the category of an SSCE holder.
Family / Re: Ladies, Can You Marry An Uber Driver? by mrblessed(m): 6:20am On Oct 19
I don't think you have a scintilla of love for this hardworking man, the very reason you are not proud of his means of livelihood. With this mindset of yours, the young has no business being close to you, since you are already convinced that he does not fit into your "class." This needlessly self-created ordeal of yours feeds to the popular trope/narrative about women's obsession of marrying financially stable and well-to-do guys, and their corresponding disdain for men who are "struggling."

Who says he is going to be an Uber driver forever? You? The problem with ladies who think they have achieved a degree of success is their irrational fondness to look down on men, even those with good prospects. I will advice you focus on "executive" men out there, whom you are convinced suffer no job hazard that is lethal. It's more appropriate for you because these men match your "executive" social status and appear way more presentable, instead of a mere driver who earns peanut for a living.


Romance / Re: Unwanted Pregnancy.......blaming Men?? A Nonsense That Need To Stop. by mrblessed(m): 6:28pm On Oct 18
Patriarchy has many downsides; this is just one of them. Part of this structure makes it somewhat legal and socially acceptable that men will pay for sex even when women derive pleasure from the exercise as well. We have been culturally socialised to view sex as if it's an activity men alone engage in or exert absolute control, and almost always leaving out the role of the womenfolk.

The practice of putting the blame on men whenever an unwanted pregancy occurs will not end anytime soon, because while everyone knows the boy committed no crime, yet the police who were supposed to protect his rights -- by telling the disappointed and visibly angry man to explore dialogue as a tool to settle the dispute -- had him incarcerated for days, simply because they are criminally disposed to exploiting and monitising human rights violations in Nigeria.

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Romance / Re: . by mrblessed(m): 7:55pm On Oct 17
Is there anyone close enough to nudge the convener of the meeting to consciousness? It appears she has completely lost touch with the physical world.


Family / Re: Marginalisation: Women Playing The Victim Cards by mrblessed(m): 6:41pm On Oct 14
It doesn't make sense to argue or pretend that women don't suffer marginalisation, if you adhere strictly to the literary and figurative meanings of the word. If you admit that the world has patriarchal foundation and imprints, and turn around to deny that women are not marginalised, know it that you are a drooling hypocrite. The contention is not about what caused marginalisation, or the various forms it manifest itself, but whether it actually exists or not.

The trouble with our Nigerian women is that they don't tend to sincerey fight against these marginalisations, but are easily poised to extract benefits from it and at the same time complain about male domination and control when they are not interesting in ending or reducing it.

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Family / Re: I Am Regretting My Marriage That's Not Up To 2mths by mrblessed(m): 6:47am On Oct 10
The story looks more fake than real, but it's the sort of things people do to themselves and start looking for assistance. I think this is karma at work, because you had a lady you claimed you loved and whom ticked almost all your boxes, what the heck were you looking for outside?

Then she had miscarriage at a time you were riddled with uncertainties about the workability of the union, you didn't realise your mistake and end things with her immediately. In fact, God gave you a redeeming opportunity to right your wrong, you couldn't optimise it and then continued to have unprotected sex with her. Now you are sad, she is not happy and you don't have the balls to end the union. I have to ask you at this point: what exactly do you want?

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Family / Re: Please How Can I Start A Family by mrblessed(m): 6:25pm On Oct 08
The fact that you have become gratuitously jittery, and couldn't ensure that your life aligns with your previous quotes on this platform, shows what a fake you are. A man is a small deity, next in line only to the Supreme Deity.

As a man, don't forget you have redeeming value even though you are too blind to recognise it now. Don't settle for less simply because your financial standing isn't what it ought to be. Look inward and see how you can get a lady, any lady, of your choice to marry.

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Romance / Re: Tears Of A Struggling Single Mom by mrblessed(m): 6:02pm On Oct 08
3 baby mama guy is here again
You need to count one before you count two and three. Just like you are baby mamny ONE to somebody, even though you have invested a lot of lies to deceive yourself. At least, he isn't telling barefaced lies about his baby daddy status, but can the same be said of you?

How is the long and tireless search for a beast of burden going?
Family / Re: A Single Dad Needs A Woman by mrblessed(m): 4:27pm On Oct 08
I Hop u v have a good heart, because with your age u should have a wife nd considering the fact that the mother of your kid is not with you,there's something u are not telling us,cos I met a single dad few month ago tru my friend, Initially he's not my type of man but my friend was saying he's nice blah blah I gave him a chance,

I was in 3days fasting,I decided to visit him nd I told I wont be eating anything he said OK,the next day I was supposed to eat a good food,dude gave me 200 to buy egg nd tomatoes paste to do corcortioon nd I don't take egg I just told him not to worry, I helped him clean everywhere, he called Me nd ask if I can marry him I told him he should give it time,he dropped me at my friieend place, I was very hungry my friend got my oranges nd den gave me food,I was very weak already.

I was about leaving I wasn't that buoyant i went to his shop nd told him Im leaving cos nobody is in my store, he said I should wait that he wanted to collect money from someone,I sha calm down it was 6pm already nd said I should wait till Monday,I was very angry, he den make a. transfer to me I was like so u have money but choose to waste my time..I left nd pass the night with my friend, after 2 weeks he didnt call or. check on me I ignored him,my friend den asked if he called I said no nd I don't have time for his bullshit,my friend confronted him, he said 'I purposely don't cal her because she ddidnt sleep at my place' I was surprised, I told him no woman will ever stay with him, had similar experience with a divorcee I promised myself not to date or marry older men, divorcee or single old father most of them are toxic..forget money peace of mind ni koko
Men: beast of burden.
Romance / Re: Fault Me If I Am Wrong by mrblessed(m): 5:35am On Oct 05

Thanks for your input.

I have moved on.
Maybe why I feel this way is because he gave me a platform to acquire a skill. It's more like apprentice-oga relationship. No matter what there will always be reference to him. This reference is a constant reminder. People would ask where I gained my experience. So, you see.

About those stuff, he doesn't need them again.
Still, it's not in your place to discard these items for him. Seizing his properties shows there isn't much difference between him and you.
Romance / Re: My Fiancee Betrayed Me, What Would You Do? by mrblessed(m): 6:35pm On Oct 01
The family needs your financial support since to them you are just an ATM. Why won't her parents intervene, explain away, excuse, and extenuate their daughter's promiscuity to ensure that a cash cow continues to produce enough cash to help the family? Your type doesn't need advice because it is a waste, but events would reveal how stupid you have been and it will be brutal. Just continue being unreasonable when logic would have alerted you to the dangers ahead.


Politics / Re: Breaking!! Ijaw Areas, Oil Companies Must Vacate. by mrblessed(m): 1:56pm On Sep 30
It seems like these youths have run out of cash. The federal government should send cash as usual, but this let be in hard currency. We all know that naira's value has massively depreciated.
Politics / Re: Sheikh Zakzaky: Majority Of Nigerians In Favour Of Islamic System Of Government by mrblessed(m): 1:49pm On Sep 30
At this point, I want to sincerely and from the bottom of my heart apologize to Buhari and El-Rufai for criticizing them when they started dealing with this guy. This man is no saint after all. This is exactly how an average Muslim thinks--he doesn't regard the rights of other non-Muslims.

What do you mean by "dealing with him?" Are you advocating for extra-judicial treatment of this man by the government, outside the confines of the law? I don't understand the hoopla over a man's view that we should strongly disagree with instead of thinking that Buhari, a serial violator of the rule of law, is an angel. Even in the jungle there are rules, so when a judge makes a pronouncement on any case, it is the duty of the government to obey it. Even your now-beloved Buhari once declared that he is very pleased to see Sharia tumbled all over Nigeria. What is the difference between Buhari's shortsighted Sharia advocacy, and this man's eerily unfounded claim? Our problem is that we are too emotional as a people.

Why do you think they have been unable to nail this man in the court of law, despite the toxic media campaign? It's precisely due to lack of evidence to convince a judge of his wrongdoings.
Family / Re: Have You Ever Had An Inter-Tribal/Racial/Religious Relationship Or Marriage? by mrblessed(m): 6:23am On Sep 25
Date from any ethnic group, but marry from your ethnic group.

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Family / Re: My Younger Sister No Longer Want To Practice Her Faith.... by mrblessed(m): 6:17am On Sep 25
By the way, hope the Christians saying leave her alone will keep up the same energy if it is a Christian girl that goes to school and starts attending mosque and jumah
I am sorry to inform you that the scenario you painted has never happened in this country. Whenever you see a Christian who converts to Islam, there is always a sort of coercion and abduction supervised and orchestrated by Islamic clergy such as an emir, denying the family of the lady access to see their daughter. It's for this reason that most conversions of Christian ladies are performed in the emir palace.

This young lady was not coerced by any pastor or priest, she isn't abducted and is accessible to her family members. This shows a huge difference between a Christian and a Muslim conversion process. While Christians would easily accept a person who chooses to convert to another religion, it is not always an easy task for someone who decides to leave Islam. However, south-west Muslims have shown remarkable tolerance that is unique, that is why this young man is frustrated because he is fearful of the opinion of people.
Family / Re: Baby Stolen In Uyo, Recovered In Owerri - Police Deny Mother Access (Photos) by mrblessed(m): 4:10pm On Sep 23

Most have lost wombs due to illegal abortion. East don’t support babymama and we know the high level of prostitution in the east from a very young age. This criminal tendency makes them steal babies too. Very criminal minded group of people. They do the worst things for money. No conscience.
It's a shame you can even conceal your deep-seated hatred for the East despite attempting to present your view politely. Tell me one crime that is prevalent in the East that you can't find in other parts of Nigeria. Even this crime of "baby factory" that you are using to tar the East with, it is not peculiar to the East. Which ethnic group do you belong to, let me know if your people don't have any sort of criminal tendency?
Family / Re: How Can One Handle A Suspecting Wife by mrblessed(m): 8:49pm On Sep 21
If you don't have anything with your baby mama, I suggest you should wire the money to your daughter through your wife for peace reign. That is, if she won't become unreasonable and began to question/challenge the amount you regularly send to your daughter.
Education / Re: Why We Made Pantami Professor — FUTO by mrblessed(m): 9:15am On Sep 18
My only concern is that this man is a clergy,an imam. What a shame!

As for FUTO, the school has shown through this damage-control clarification that it does not worth it name. So any dick and harry can applied for the post of "professor" and receive it without due diligence.
Family / Re: I Think My Husband Is Obsessed With Football by mrblessed(m): 8:19am On Sep 16
When there is no problem in the house, just look for a means, any means, to create one. Since you work, what stops you from buying a TV to watch whatever programme of your choice? Must a man do everything for you?
Family / Re: My Wife Left Me Because I Lost My Job. by mrblessed(m): 8:11am On Sep 16
I have to blame you for not being adequately prepared to confront/manage whatever unreasonable behaviour that your wife might display if and when the going gets bad. Why didn't you realise she would jump ship if things become rough and tough? You weren't emotionally alert to plan ahead, to anticipate she would not provide some sort of closure to you in difficult moments. This sholud serve as a teachable experience for you.

It makes sense now to include your in-laws and see how their intervention could make her return home. But you need to seek out ways to provide for your family because, as you have known by now, your wife does not accept -- nor practice -- "for better or worse" Christian teaching of marriage.

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Romance / Re: A Case For Men Who Don’t Want To Date Single Mothers by mrblessed(m): 2:58pm On Sep 10
This platform is a haven for single mothers. What annoys me the most is that, they feel so entitled that a single man should accept their condition of single mothers without asking questions.

One of them -- a mother of two -- looked at me maliciously the day I told her I can never marry a single mother since I have never impregnated any lady before. Unfortunately, reason is not their strong point.


Romance / Re: Tears Of A Struggling Single Mom by mrblessed(m): 3:26am On Aug 27

Just remember that this is her thread, she didn't compel you to comment. Why frustrating her life more when you Could have lent a helping hand or ignored her plight? What if she is indeed a single mum? Whether the husband is a nairalander or not, dead or alive shouldn't be point of discussion at all. Do you want to put her deeper into depression? What do you stand to gain from all of this? She hasn't begged you or anyone for money. Let's be human first before anything else please.
What sort of nonsense is this? Why do we always protect people who tell lies or are in the wrong just to appear as good people? Isn't it inhuman that she deliberately intends to deceive members of this platform with her inconsistent tale? That you couldn't see her equally unpleasant words to the person you quoted, shows how partial you are even though you struggled to appear fair-minded and polite.

As her "chief defender," what makes it right that she would tell bare faced lies in a platform filled with intelligent people and expect not to be called out? If she isn't here to beg for money, what other motive do you think compelled her to share her story here? Well, to beg is not a crime, but if one must beg here, members, at least, deserve to be told the truth.


Romance / Re: Tears Of A Struggling Single Mom by mrblessed(m): 8:04am On Aug 25
Many would wanna talk down on my situation but before you do, know that the owner isn't even alive and it he was, this story would be a happy one. Like they say, life no balance.

I have cried all the tears I can muster, I have prayed but the dead won't come back to life. Its left for me to be strong for us.
What about the "owner's" family members? Are they not aware of your situation? What about your family members? Were you banished as a result of getting pregnant without being married? There was a tread in which you lamented about a guy from this platform getting you pregnant and disappearing into tin air. You need to be strong, don't despair, things can still change for the better. Cheers.

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Family / Re: My Cheating Brother Wants To Send His Wife Away! by mrblessed(m): 6:45pm On Aug 24
Marriage is incapable of changing a man or woman who has refused to accept change. I think your family erred by forcing an unwilling, irresponsible man to get married simply because he put a lady in a family way. It's even difficult for his wife now that he has gotten a side chick and lavishes his money on the woman and her children. I am sure your disposition would have been different if the lady in the middle of the storm is your sister.

I think it's better to let him do his wish, if it will bring emancipation to his wife. All that is required is to establish a business for the woman, and get your siblings to support her in anyway possible. It doesn't make sense that you and your siblings dread financial responsibilities that would on your laps, while your irresponsible brother routinely abuse his wife and children. Are you guys waiting for the day he kills the woman before doing what is required of you? Therefore, to speedily support him to be separated from the woman and children is a duty you must champion now. I am cocksure he will surely come back to senses later, and crawl back in shame begging for forgiveness.
Family / Re: Lizzyangel by mrblessed(m): 6:57pm On Aug 21
What do you want?
Should we replace the smashed phone?
Or come and push him out of your house?

To inform you of the recent development in her never-ending tales of woes. It's not productive to advice this lady, because deep down in her heart, she loves and wants to continue living with this monster. Talk of a masochist with an exuberant taste for self-violence.

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Family / Re: My Neighbour Always Sneak Into My Apartment Anytime I Went Out by mrblessed(m): 10:53am On Aug 15

I am meal person and will never retaliate the evil done to me. The worst or best I can do is to pray for that person or against the demon in that person.

When I came home, she just watch and observe, I guess she keep wondering why I never complain or announce or show any sign about my stolen items.

I react in the same way I did in the past when someone sneak into my apartment and stolen my phone in 2010.

Just to keep to record straight, you wrote in the main text that a female neighbour broken into your house and stole your phone in 2011, but in this post, you wrote 2010. Is 2010 a typographical error? Or, is it that given your nature, married female neighbours steal your phone on yearly basis?

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Family / Re: Everything You Said by mrblessed(m): 10:25am On Aug 15
This is a never-ending love affair. I want to believe you don't really know what you want. I pray you get a widower that will take all your troubles away.


Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by mrblessed(m): 4:12pm On Aug 11

Ok Mr blessed. He established his case to you guys-the social media court of judges. So how are you guys helping to restore peace to this marriage now? Everybody is now saying all sorts. Come, who made you all a judge? It is only a fool that judges issues after hearing a one-sided story. even women that married as virgins sometimes miscarry. there are no hard and fast rules to these things. So I dont believe that it is the abortion that is causing her to miscarry. a simple cervical cerclage can solve that issue.
I agree that couples should come clean before marriage, but how many men and women are emotionally matured enough to handle certain secrets that their intended spouse will reveal to them in the process of coming clean?
Did the woman impregnate herself? everybody here is condemning abortion and claiming holy. I condemn it too. But if God should play a video of what people do in secret, we will see that almost everyone here have at one time or the other committed abortion or impregnated a woman and paid for an abortion to be carried out. The woman may have done wrong (I have not heard her side of the story) but this her hubby is not a matured person at all. Divorce her if you don't want the marriage again but don't come on here to expose secrets she told you in confidence when the going was good, all because you want to make a strong case for yourself and to paint her black. UDO
The mere mention of the word abortion usually throws most Nigerian ladies off balance, and actuates them to become irrational in their silly and preposterous defence of their deadly act. What they dont realise is that the man is as guilty as the woman, unless it was carried out without his consent and approval. I am not sure you read the Op's account where he stated that the wife's past sexual history which she didn't disclose, is responsible for her inability to bear children.

There is no point to vent your anger and call people names simply because they made comments unpleasant to you. At least, you will be a hypocrite if, for example, you have never aired your view on an issue in this platform based on the prevailing account presented by a party. And, don't worry about the Op forming an opinion from the views of members -- male and female -- on his predicament. That's, for sure, his call.
Family / Re: When Your Wife Says " I Hate You And I Regret Marrying You" by mrblessed(m): 5:07am On Aug 09
Why would your wife police you over a mere one thousand naira that did not come from her directly? The picture you painted, from not wanting to take her out, to accusations of being drunk and flirting with your eyes, shows a man who has been thoroughly emasculated, and whom his wife does not have a scintilla of respect for.

The fact that she resumed her toxic behaviour at home is a clear pointer that you have endured rather enjoyed the ten-year marriage. To me, her enunciation of hatred to your person is not a Freudian slip; it's actually what forms her sheer disregard for. It's now too late for you to write this wrong without causing a fundamental injury to your marriage.

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Family / Re: Please Help How Can I Chase This Guy Away From My House? by mrblessed(m): 11:06am On Aug 08
Diplomacy doesn't answer all problems, that's why war is inevitable, and it's also an extension of politics. You have already started the process of getting him out since, according to you, he has overstayed his welcome. So, godspeed in this all-important task.

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Romance / Re: He Needs Your Advice Please by mrblessed(m): 10:50am On Aug 08
People like you have the uncommon humanitarian virtue to run and manage charity organisations. I am very impressed, thus far, because you have been tending, without showing rancour or dissatisfaction, to a "less privileged" student. Therefore, I will urge you to continue doing the good work for your reward is in heaven.

Don't forget to stay away from friends who try to discourage you from sending the "urgent" 3K needed by that damsel. In fact, as a way of extending your good jesture to humanity, I would advice you increase the money to 5K, bearing in mind the ruinous policies of this government, and the fast deprecating slope of the naira against US dollar.


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