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Politics / OPINION: Blind Faith : Nigeria’s Biggest Undoing by mrborntodoit: 11:41am On Sep 09, 2018
Good morning ladies and gentlemen

After a deep thought into the nation’s current situation, I have come to realise that most of us are responsible for this current social and economic mishap in the country.

How are we responsible?

It is no longer news that Nigeria is made up of diverse ethnicity and religion but the common man has refused to abide by the social rule of “Live and Let Live” instead what we are currently witnessing in terms of insecurity is a blind faith .

What is a blind faith ?
The phrase “blind faith” means different things to different people and sadly, many people use it as a negative, disparaging term to describe anyone who believes in God. A dictionary definition of blind faith is “belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.”

Blind faith can be practiced by anyone including atheists. Blind faith occurs when someone puts their faith into something without any evidence.

Atheists have blind faith in naturalism, abiogenesis and the multiverse as well as several other hypothesizes which are evidenceless and in today’s Nigeria, the government enjoys Blind faith from most(at least 51%) of its citizens even though the country is currently facing insecurity both in the North and the middle belt.

What are the plans inconveniences of our blind faith in the current administration?

Have you ever witnessed a situation similar to Venezuela’s ?

If yes , brace up because it is about to happen again and if no, prepare yourself for the worse because it might even surpass your imagination.

According to

Nigeria has made trillions of dollars from crude oil production since 1957 from and all indications, these monies were squandered,mismanaged and misappropriated by the same people we trusted with the helm of affairs of the nation .

When do we react?

Time and times again, history have always tried to remind us of the past and if we like it or not, history always have a way of getting back at those who ignore it by repeating itself again and again if need be.

Nigeria was better as a country when it was led by young and vibrant leaders,today, those leaders are too old and rusty to be in charge of the helm of affairs , most of our current politicians are outdated, bereft of modern ideas and social security but still they have millions of young followers who seems to be short of ideas themselves, most of these people lack foresight which is what these same politicians use against them because after elections , everyone pays the price for what the majority imposed on us.

Since 1999, Nigeria has never stopped borrowing, and at the rate at which everyone including the world bank is worried about our inability to pay back , it calls for a total reflection on the future the country holds for the next generation (this generation is already suffering whether you accept it or not) because those politicians you are supporting already secured the future of their children in foreign countries by sending them to school and obtening different nationalities for them through their birth abroad or naturalisation with the same funds realised from crude oil sales that is meant for you and me , meanwhile some people keep fighting even to death just to put these same destiny killers back to office , what are their gains ?

One man’s food is another’s poison
Politics in Nigeria is now a do or die affair but what the common man has refused to put into consideration is the simple fact that without the masses,there will be no election. The average politician knows this and thus, uses it as a weapon against himself and the masses.

Ethnic division is a political division

The British invented the divide and rule mentality and given the historical fact that it worked for them during their colonial days in India, America and in African, it has become a template for our politicians in Nigeria.

Nigeria as a country is divided along regional, ethnic, religious and political lines.

Why do we have so much division in different forms ?

The British divided us in order to easily conquer our territory and further regroup us into a nation , all these divisions and sharing were done on a map without asking any trie or ethnic groups if they were alright with the plan, those who realised it after independence decided to apply the same method to see how it works.

Even after a civil war, we didn’t learn anything as the division gradually became a regional interest as every region in the country has something up their sleeves. Yes there are regional projections that might escalate to violence and lead to war because Nigeria was désigned to move forward as a country or perish.

How can we move forward as a country?

To progress as a country , Nigeria’s options have been reduced to two choices which is not far fetched.

Either we abandon our selfish regional interests and work together as a country to always put in place a president based on merit or we decentralise power by running a regional government and then each region can realise their selfish interest based on the laws and constitution of Nigeria as a country because if we fail to address this delicate situation, we might find our dear nation in a very bad situation.

Let us reflect soberly on the issues bordering the peace and unity in today’s Nigeria , the only way to a peaceful Nigeria and a blooming economy for all is to bring back the glory of Nigeria by voting young and vibrant leaders inrespective of ethnic or religious background.

Thank you!

Your Comments are welcome!!
Politics / Re: Attack On Herdsmen: Christian Youths On Death Row Must Die - MURIC Replies CAN by mrborntodoit: 4:38pm On Jun 22, 2018
As in

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Politics / Re: FG’s Wrong-headed Solution To Herdsmen’s Terrorism by mrborntodoit: 3:36pm On Jun 22, 2018

If our elders allow this to stand; nothing should stop me from having lands for pigs.

Most of our elders are dull and unexposed, the exposed ones are only there for their selfish gains so it is up to our youths to use the next presidential election to decide .

Every Nigerian deserves equal treatment so you deserve as much land as a Fulani
Politics / Re: FG’s Wrong-headed Solution To Herdsmen’s Terrorism by mrborntodoit: 3:35pm On Jun 22, 2018
The FG under Buhari has been deceitful up to the extent that one can lo longer believe a word from the government.

It is senseless for a government to allocate Free Land to killer herdsmen in the name of ranching instead of arresting MACBAN and Miyetti Allah leaders in order to end the onslaught on middle beltans.

It is forbidden for government to consider some of its citizens from a particular geographical region more important than the other citizens.

While every sane Nigerian should refuse this policy, the insane ones in support of this failed government should take note that no powerful nation will grow through segregation, discrimination and inequality.

The North has no positive plan for Nigeria, if not, why aren’t we better off after over 40 years of northerners in power?
Sports / Opinion : The 2nd Goal Is An Own Goal by mrborntodoit: 10:10pm On Jun 16, 2018
What do you think ?
Politics / Re: Thabo Mbeki And Buhari At The Commissioning Of EFCC Headquarters In Abuja by mrborntodoit: 4:15pm On May 15, 2018
This Efcc building is all wash-wash!

Foreigners will think he is doing it to promote the anti corruption war but we all know that it is a selective war. A nepotistic administration angry

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Politics / Re: Vice President Osinbajo Arrives Benue State (Photos) by mrborntodoit: 4:14pm On May 15, 2018
Benue People should not listen to this administration and their empty promises.

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Politics / Re: Vice President Osinbajo Arrives Benue State (Photos) by mrborntodoit: 4:13pm On May 15, 2018
Omoluabi Osinbajo, please wipe the tears of Benue people. Comfort them.

The killings in Benue have to stop.

Buhari till 2023; Igbo Presidency in 2023! Let's go there!

Too dry!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Hands Out 176M For Jigawa Social Intervention Program (Photos) by mrborntodoit: 4:12pm On May 15, 2018
Huge corruption!

Are they special citizens?


Politics / Re: Yoruba People Contributed Nothing To Buhari's Victory - Alhaji Shamsudeen Usman by mrborntodoit: 4:02pm On May 15, 2018

This administration have run out of ideas !!

No wonder all they do is throw tantrums and blames as if any country has ever succeeded with them.

Please every meaningful Nigerian should get his/her PVC ready.



Crime / Re: Vikings Member Shot Dead By Rival Cult Group (Disturbing Photos) by mrborntodoit: 3:32pm On May 15, 2018
only kids pick point errors in people's grammar, mature minds get the point and move on. that's life, cos u yourself u have your flaws

Sounds like you have seen all the kids and mature minds in the world to come up with such conclusion tongue u sound ignorant! Hehehehehe!!


Politics / Re: See What Nigerians Did To Buhari's Assistant After He Claimed "Jonathan's Work" by mrborntodoit: 2:46pm On May 15, 2018
The rate of lies wey this apc regime dey churn out daily, person go begin think wether Nigerians get amnesia .

This bubu administration is the worst ever, as time dey go, e come be like say no be democracy we dey again .


Crime / Re: Vikings Member Shot Dead By Rival Cult Group (Disturbing Photos) by mrborntodoit: 2:34pm On May 15, 2018

'killed English' not 'kill'
U sef needs to go back to school

Abeg go buy sense jare.
Crime / Re: Vikings Member Shot Dead By Rival Cult Group (Disturbing Photos) by mrborntodoit: 12:24pm On May 15, 2018

Cultism does not pay !What shall it profit a man to shine on earth and pay with his life only to leave his family in shame and grief ?


One person kill English there badly!

Mr Oscar Harry, abeg go back to school for the following reasons:
shoot died Abeg répété!

Stop Violent ?
Chai chai !

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Politics / Re: MURIC Warns Nigeria's Christians: Don't Fall For Trump's Bait To Divide Nigeria by mrborntodoit: 9:59am On May 01, 2018
This warning is a proof that Trump was right after all

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives Blair House For Meeting With Donald Trump (VIDEO) by mrborntodoit: 5:13pm On Apr 29, 2018
Shithole president in White House


Career / Re: Court Strikes Off Ugwuonye Emeka’s Name From Legal Practitioners' Roll by mrborntodoit: 7:20am On Apr 26, 2018
Same way Nigerians will erase Buhari's name as President in 2019


I hope you will hereby remain stable in your political aspirations as you can see that APC from the onset had hidden agendas but I understand that not everyone could have avoided their boobytrap.


Politics / Re: BENUE: Another 39 Killed As Reps Ask Buhari To Declare All Killer-herdsmen As Te by mrborntodoit: 7:17am On Apr 26, 2018
Wetin dey surprise me be say as people dey die reach, population no dey reduce

You won’t notice it until one of your relative is affected

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Politics / Re: BENUE: Another 39 Killed As Reps Ask Buhari To Declare All Killer-herdsmen As Te by mrborntodoit: 7:16am On Apr 26, 2018
Other ethnic groups should wade in and help Benue indigenes .

Don’t let the enemy divide us and deal with us individually

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths Have Proven They’re Lazy — Obaze by mrborntodoit: 7:10am On Apr 26, 2018

Did you read the post at all?

I did and you ?

Can’t you see that these buffalos generalise « Nigerian youths »

Did you also notice he was no where to be found when the youths from the eastern part of the country joined IPOB to demonstrate ?
Politics / Re: Advice To President Buhari On Zaria Genocide: by mrborntodoit: 7:06am On Apr 26, 2018
I believe you bro

A lot of people feel unconcerned about Sunni vs Shiite issues .

The media has refused to cover the genocide hereby focusing on irrelevant issues like Big Brother Nigeria.

The youths have been divided along ethnic and religious lines.

Too many attacks on minority ethnic and religious groups have left the whole country soaked in blood and fear .
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths Have Proven They’re Lazy — Obaze by mrborntodoit: 6:56am On Apr 26, 2018
Ignorant politicians

Are there children not the laziest of the pack?

We on the street are hardworking so in 2019, Buhari will pay for his sins
Crime / Re: Many Killed As Herdsmen Attack Benue Community Again. Graphic Photos by mrborntodoit: 6:54am On Apr 26, 2018

If you are not used to holding weapons, how can one defend himself? It's just bad. God.

But you can cut yams abi?
Crime / Re: Many Killed As Herdsmen Attack Benue Community Again. Graphic Photos by mrborntodoit: 6:46am On Apr 26, 2018

These people should defend themselves because the government won’t
Politics / Re: Anarchy Looms In Nigeria, Constitution Now Suspended – Fayose Cries Out by mrborntodoit: 8:59pm On Apr 25, 2018
Fayose on point !

It will do some of you like film trick, the aggressive arrest of Dino shows that our current system of government is bad and that the FG deliberately allowed Herdsmen killings to fester.

Don’t forget that this same FG is unfavourable to the Shiite Muslims.

The current FG under Buhari is biais and religiously extremist.
Politics / Re: Lazy Nigerian Youths Gets Wikipedia Page (Photos) by mrborntodoit: 8:49pm On Apr 25, 2018
Posterity will never forgive Buhari for this unwarranted jammed talk


Politics / Re: US Punctures Anti-graft War, Says Massive Corruption Evident Under Buhari by mrborntodoit: 8:47pm On Apr 25, 2018

And some people will act like they know it all even though the corruption is eating deep into the economy, they just want to be right and suffer everyone including themselves.

Oya zombies, over to you !!


Politics / Re: Breaking: Court Voids NASS Attempt To Alter Election Sequence by mrborntodoit: 12:49pm On Apr 25, 2018
Anyway, in 2019 all roads will lead to Daura

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Politics / Re: The World Is Watching A Repeat Of Rwanda – Middle Belt Group by mrborntodoit: 2:01pm On Apr 24, 2018
I pity some people !

Let’s wait until e reach their doorstep

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Politics / Re: See The Question Reno Omokri Asked Buhari's Supporters by mrborntodoit: 1:32pm On Apr 24, 2018
$1 Billion question

People who support bubu usually have low IQ and are violent / bloodthirsty in nature.

Quote me anywhere

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Politics / How 19.9% Of Your Salary Can Change Nigeria by mrborntodoit: 5:08pm On Apr 19, 2018
Hello Naira Nationals

After Adeboye’s speech abi threat, I thought about what that kind of amount will run into .

Such amount should not be under the control of one individual even if he is holier than thou.

Such collective funds can sponsor a social security system if contributed on a national level as INCOME TAX which will enable govt to invest in roads and education.

Such ideas should be used to repair our third world country instead of a religious belief.

If religion was Nigeria’s solution, by now we would be teaching the US how to live peacefully.

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