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Religion / Re: How I Realized Jesus Is A Fraud by musicwriter(m): 3:56pm On Jun 12
Jesus of Nazareth is the only begotten Son of God!

It's not about what books say anymore but what you can see for yourself! smiley

You don't speak the English language because it's the best language in the world.

Once you realize that, you'll understand that you don't believe in Jesus because it's real, rather because our ancestors were enslaved with Jesus.

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Religion / Re: How I Realized Jesus Is A Fraud by musicwriter(m): 3:52pm On Jun 12

If I wanted to find support that being mad and eating cockroaches is the best way to live, lo, research will be found to support this madness.

Indeed, that's how Jesus was forced down your throat.


Religion / Re: How I Realized Jesus Is A Fraud by musicwriter(m): 3:49pm On Jun 12

I am so delighted you did what the unhistorical Jesus is written to have asked you to do which is "ask and knock and seek" and which is research.

You just might be prepared to fully open your eyes and see what you read instead of believing what you are told.

Any place you see in the bible that "Jesus said" that was said by previous sages thousands of years before anybody heard of Jesus. Those are the true sources but once the bible written, Rome destroyed the older sources.

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Religion / Re: How I Realized Jesus Is A Fraud by musicwriter(m): 3:33pm On Jun 12
"Others may free the body but none but ourselves can free the mind".......Bob Marley, while quoting a speech by Marcus Garvey during a black gathering in London.


Religion / Re: How I Realized Jesus Is A Fraud by musicwriter(m): 3:31pm On Jun 12


Religion / How I Realized Jesus Is A Fraud by musicwriter(m): 3:30pm On Jun 12
Good day brothers and sisters.

I research anything that irks my interest; especially African history/black history and I am in contact with scholars of black history home and abroad. Of course, I was led to the scholars through my research.

The whole thrust behind all my research is to find out why Africa is the way it is today. I've already concluded on that research, though. These days what interest me is to find out how our problem began as a race, not just that of Africa.

In 2017, I contacted one such black scholar in the USA, professor, brother Kaba Hiawatha Kamene. I ordered his lectures on DVDs, CDs and it was delivered to me by FedEx courier.

While I was watching the lectures, he casually said something like "I've looked for this person called Jesus in history but couldn't find him"

When he said he couldn't find Jesus in history I didn't feel good because I was a Christian. However, remember professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene is a core historian majority in history of Europe and he went to seminary/catholic school as a youth. So, if there's anybody who should know whether Jesus was a real person or not, it should be him. That's by the way.

Also remember that all the while I was a Christian I never for once doubted the existence of Jesus. Neither did I research history in search of Jesus because I never questioned his existence.

However, right there and then as I sat watching the lectures, I decided I was going to do a comprehensive research on the existence of Jesus and get back to him (the professor) with the facts of Jesus existence. But what happened instead was that I discovered that the professor was right!! And that's how I quit Christianity.

I hope this will help a black man or woman out there to go research Jesus Christ outside of what you've been told in the bible. By so doing you'll discover the truth and the truth shall set you free, indeed.

Below is the message I sent to the professor recently after I concluded my research.


Religion / Re: Winners Chapel Pastor Turned Babalawo: The Devil Lied To You And You Believed It by musicwriter(m): 10:50am On Jun 12
Winners Chapel Pastor Turned Babalawo: The Devil Lied To You And You Believed It

This is my response to the following thread: https://www.nairaland.com/7158807/why-resigned-job-pastor-winners

This is not intended to judge or condemn you, but to tell you the truth so the truth would make you free.

Being a former pastor, you should already know that the thief never comes to a man except to steal, kill and destroy him.

You already know what happened to mankind in the beginning when they chose to believe the lies of the devil instead of the Truth of God. It was the worst single decision mankind ever made, as humanity is yet grappling with the damning repercussions of such actions up til this very day.

I don't have any qualms with you resigning from your position in Winners' Chapel over poor treatment from your superiors there. You're not the first to do so, as many Winner's Chapel pastors have also complained about similar issues, including some pastors who were sacked not too long ago, to show it's indeed an area of concern the leaders of the church need to look into.

But turning from a pastor to a babalawo because some voices you knew very well were of the devil, were speaking to you and telling you that you're a babalawo by design? Haba!

You ought to know better than that!

You aren't the first person the devil would tell such lies to and you wouldn't be the last.

A neighbor of mine had suffered much more than you in the hands of the devil. She almost died herself on several occasions because of demonic attacks. They also tried to kill her newborn son.

She was told severally, that she was supposed to take the place of her late dad who was an occultist even though he repented before his death.

Once, on her way back from market last year, inside a commercial bus, they appeared and started talking to her from behind that she'd be fine and promised her many things, if she accepts to become one of them, but she still rejected their offer and told them, "NO"!

She knew that even though she was yet suffering, that it would be like moving from frying pan to fire considering what happened to her dad at the end, so she held firm.

Today, she's already reaping the rewards of her decision to reject Satan, as God healed and delivered her, and has begun to use her to serve the real purpose of her life, after she's started taking her spiritual life more seriously, which is to draw men to Himself.

It's not been easy and straightforward because the devil would always try to frustrate and discourage anyone who decides to serve God's purpose for her life, but God has proven Himself faithful and strong to her that she's grateful to Him and also encouraging others to do same.

So gentleman, you made a big mistake to fall for the lies of the devil about you.

You're not a Babalawo by design. It's a lie from the pit of hell, because you're meant to serve God with your life not the devil.

Do not be deceived by how things might seem presently because, trust me, you're surely going to regret this your decision at some point. I hope it's not too late for you to correct it by then though.

Come back to God while you still can because God still loves you.

I'd be praying for you meanwhile.

God bless.

Sorry brother, you're the one that has been misled and not the former Winners pastor.

He observed and witnessed heartlessness in Christianity and it's not in your place to tell him more about the act of wickedness he saw. And I doubt that you or your pastor is better than the winners pastors.

And you said "Being a former pastor, you should already know that the thief never comes to a man except to steal, kill and destroy him".

Yes, indeed, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, except that you don't know that white people that gave you Christianity, indeed, stole, killed, and destroyed, then handed you over to a slave religion called Christianity. I challenge you to research how Christianity came to Africa. To get you started, see European crimes in Africa- European crimes caught on camera during colonization of Africa. That's how you became a Christian.

Again, you told another lie, obviously out of your indoctrination that "You already know what happened to mankind in the beginning when they chose to believe the lies of the devil instead of the Truth of God. It was the worst single decision mankind ever made, as humanity is yet grappling with the damning repercussions of such actions up til this very day".

By the above, you're talking about the Adam and Eve creation story in the bible book of Genesis. But that story is exactly the origin of the suffering of black people. That story was deliberately misinterpreted by white people in order to place a curse on black people. Your belief in that story as understood by Christianity is your death.

I can assure you right now that you're spirituality, mentally, intellectually dead, simply by believing in the Adam and Eve story as understood by Christianity.

If you want to be free or at least understand your slavery, see what is Satan? What is Lucifer? The biggest secret in the world. That's how white people placed a curse on us black people using the bible.

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Politics / Re: Owo Massacre: Soyinka Visits Akeredolu (Photos) by musicwriter(m): 1:06pm On Jun 11
Same way i don't understand homos is the same way i don't understand the relationship between yorubas and fulanis .

I tried to find an answer to that question and I discovered the answer is religion, Islam to be specific. Once they accepted that religion their lives would never be the same.

Of course, I understand Christianity is there too but we all know Christianity is at least manageable in terms of using it for terrorism.

Yet, when I think about it (if not for the evil grip of colonialism) a Yoruba person isn't supposed to accept any foreign religion because Yoruba ancestors created an equal religious system as any other in the world. In fact, the only institutionalized indigenous African religion that survived is Voodoo, which happens to be a sister religion as Yorubas.
Politics / Re: APC Primaries: Okorocha Congratulates Tinubu by musicwriter(m): 9:55am On Jun 11
Okorocha, Kalu, Nnamani, Onu don't understand how Nigeria works. And as I've said in previous posts, "if their reasons for joining the APC wasn't for evading EFCC but hoping to be handed over the seat of the presidency in 2023, then they're as dumb as goats".

If anybody out there know them, tell them that none of them would smell the office of the president in their life time. Their best bet of being president of Nigeria is creating a strong regional party and use it as a bargaining chip...... exactly what Buhari and now Tinubu have done. Else the only way it would happen is by luck, not by political calculation.

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Politics / Re: Smuggling Booms At Seme Border 18 Months After Reopening by musicwriter(m): 9:41am On Jun 11
There was no time smugging wasn't booming at Seme border even during the time of the so called border closure. The only difference now is that it's open enough such that the journalist can see it.

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Business / Re: Femi Otedola Spotted In A ‘Molue’ Bus, Unnoticed by Passengers (Photo, Video) by musicwriter(m): 9:34am On Jun 11
It's a normal thing not to recognize him in a molue bus,thats due to the fact that people will never assume to see him in such condition. Even if someone seems to identify him, the person might be thinking maybe the person in the molue is a resemblance of him.

That's very correct!! Perception is the key to everything.

And as I said in the article: Predatorlogy, "if you have the wrong perception, something could be right in front of you but you won't interpret it correctly".

It's not that people didn't see him but they didn't believe it was the real him. Their judgement would be "if it were him, he won't be in a molue"

There was a time the helicopter of former late president of Togo, Nassingbe Eyadema, crashed inside a thick forest, and he was the only survivor. Wounded, he took hours searching for his way to civilization.

When he eventually found some people, they were scared of seeing a man in a forest. They finally helped him without realizing that he was their president. He had to say it on TV before they realized that he was the president!!

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Food / Re: Food Vendor Using Diabolical Means To Attract Customers Caught In Port Harcourt by musicwriter(m): 10:36pm On Jun 10

Illiteracy is not a disease but something worse.
How could people believe this rubbish.

And this innocent woman has been selling food in her area for over a decade.
Same PH wey we dey.
We know Mama so well.

We thank God she was vindicated at last.
That is how she could have lost her life to some illiterate smelly bastards.
And it is someone that would have started the rumor, before it escalated.
Rumors are spread by fools and accepted by idiots.
Shame to bad people.

We Rise.

Ignorant people have a lot of power too. Never under estimate the power of ignorant people.

Funny enough, you believe that someone died and resurrected in the middle East 2000 years ago.

You need to wake up from your own slumber my brother/sister.

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Celebrities / Re: Kitty Lixo, Korean Model Slept With Instagram Employees To Unblock Her Account by musicwriter(m): 5:16pm On Jun 10
What is sexy about this one

Where is d sexy?

She may not be sexy to you but she's sexy in the culture she comes from. I don't find her sexy either.

Culture sets the criteria to judge everything. And that's how it should be.

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Politics / Re: Thugs Attack Igbo Traders Who Closed Shops To Register For PVC In Alaba Lagos by musicwriter(m): 7:04pm On Jun 09

Thugs Attacks Igbo Traders Who Went To Register For PVC In Lagos

These are Lagosians in Ojo Local Govt of Lagos Lagos thugs stopped and chased them away from registering to vote - next year, they'll chase many of you out of polling units if care is not taking.

This is coming days after the traders announced that they will be shutting down their shops today to get their PVCs ahead of the 2023 presidential election.



Previous thread https://www.nairaland.com/7167527/operation-get-pvc-alaba-international

They should attack whomever attacked them back. There's no need to complain in this case cause it means they can't defend themselves. They have right to self defense.

Attack whomever attack you. It's called self defense.


Career / Re: I'm In A Critical Situation, Please Advise A Confused Soul. by musicwriter(m): 1:17pm On Jun 09
Hello, good day Nairalanders.
I'm presently in a critical situation in my life. I really need your advice on this situation of mine.
I just feel like a looser, I am an undergraduate studying botany. In 300 level due to me deferring a semester due to a Relapsing illness (schizophrenia). I suffered from brain fog when I resumed school after the relapse and lock down. I'm 26 and I don't have any skill and don't have a degree at hand.

The reason for this is not far fetched because till date I still harbour that anger for what my Dad has done to me. When I was in Jss1 in a very good school and also doing well, he removed me and my younger brother from school and took us to a Quran memorizing Islamic school following the advice of a hausa colleague of his in his place of work.

We memorized the holy book but for me it came with it's price, I didn't even have solid memorization of the Quran self to speak. I went through hell in those two years memorizing the holy book, ranging from mental, physical and spiritual challenges, which I believe triggered the schizophrenia am suffering from today. After the graduation ceremony from the Islamic school he enrolled me in conventional secondary school into Ss1 which means I never attended Jss2 and Jss3. Had episodes of relapse of the ailment am suffering from after then twice apart from the first occurrence after my memorization of the holy book. I believe that if I was allowed to continue my education back then I would have been a graduate by now and even working and must have gained financial independence
Presently my mum brought the idea that we should meet a Sheikh who is a saint of God, regarding my issue of not being able to read, assimilate let alone retain, the Saint said that I should defer a session, that is a year so that he will pray for me that there is a good spirit standing beside me that needs to be dissolved into my system, which (the spirit) is as a result of a spiritual book, litanies I read that my father gave me.

So now I don't have any skill, my Father has no source of income whatsoever, he doesn't earn any salary, he only has ND, the money we are even feeding on presently is a contribution by BOT of a foundation he founded to buy a house for its Islamic school.

I started learning photography during the lock down but left it for no tangible reason. My Dad insisted that I should learn shoe mending, that it is easy to learn and get small small change, I started it but had to leave it when I faced the challenge of sowing and polishing shoes, I don't just like the work.

Presently am been pressured by my parents to get something doing to be getting money because even to eat once in a day is a problem for us now, and to buy the drug am living on which enables me to sleep but believe me I'm at loss of what to do, should I go back and learn photography as a skill or should I find a job, like a company that can employ an Ssce holder. Cos the former needs start up fee and also need time for me to master it before talking of getting money from it.

Secondly, regarding my academics, I am thinking of using this one year or two years which I would defer to gain financial independence and mental well being, then rewrite jamb and apply for my original passion which is medicine and surgery but hmm, am already in my late twenties, so please Nairalanders help a confused soul.

Sorry for the long write up, just had to say everything.
Thanks, any contribution is welcomed I am really in a critical situation.

Sorry about that. But your father is your number one problem. He's much like my father when I was younger.

When I finished secondary school, my father advised me to learn carpentry, despite that I was the best student in the whole school, despite that many teachers who knew him came to our house several times and advised him to never joke with my education. Well, I told him I wanted to go to school and nothing else. And that's where my problem with him began.

My so called father advised my uncles (his direct brothers) not to fund my education. And that's how I ended up in Lagos to fend for myself. Me and mother tried to get a scholarship and all that but wasn't successful. From then on, I decided that I was going to educate myself and be better than anyone else because I already did that in primary and secondary school. I spent most of my money in those days buying books at Ojuelegba. I read everything I can lay my hands. Even now, if I am walking down the road and see a bookshop, I'll likely go inside and flip through one or two books. And I'll just feel at home.

Do you know why my father was doing all that? He was scheming for me to inherit his jazz enterprise when he gets old!! Jazz that I already understood as a child was a mental work. I eventually proved to him at his old age that jazz was indeed mental. "The all is mind, the universe is mental".... the Kybalion.

I don't want to waste your time cause I'll end up writing an epistle. What I'll tell you from experience is to avoid your father like a plague if you want to succeed in life cause he's a big obstacle to your success.

Note: Now, I am not saying that your father is deliberately looking to destroy your life. No, he's not. Rather he's just a fool.

Finally, of course, I am not describing a wicked father but this was a polygamous African family with all it's politics and feud among members. The type of stuff you see in Nollywood.


Politics / Re: Daddy Showkey Reacts As LP Factional Presidential Candidate Emerges by musicwriter(m): 12:45pm On Jun 09
Daddy Showkey is a real human, not a superficial fake person called celebrity or whatever.
Romance / Re: This Is Why African Countries Are Backward (photos) by musicwriter(m): 1:30am On Jun 08
Why make slavery seem one-sided?

The slave trade was a joint effort between Europeans and Africans. Europeans bought slaves and Africans sold slaves and benefitted from the slave trade.

The people who were sold as slaves were already enslaved as prisoners of war on the continent.

Europeans didn't introduce slavery to Africa.

There was no such thing as a slave "sold". The slaves were acquired by coresion, trickery, warfare and marched to the seaport. So, contrary to the ignorant opinions spreading around, it wasn't a question of "how much are you selling this person?" and you haggle. In fact, the first slaves went overseas willingly and worked as indentured labourers. Yes!! They worked for 4 years after which they gained freedom to own their own farm land and even their own slaves. Yes!! That's where you get the "free blacks" even when slavery was going on in America.

It wasn't until 1640 that a British judge ruled that a black indentured labourer named John Punch, shall serve his master forever. That's when slavery as it's known today began.

So called sold slaves, like Oluadah Equiano, who survived slavery and told his story in a book, used words, such as "I was captured" while on an errand for my mother. Others say "I was kidnapped" on the way. No survivor ever said I was sold. None......Zero.

For more information, see the true history of slavery and slave acquisition in Africa


Romance / Re: This Is Why African Countries Are Backward (photos) by musicwriter(m): 1:06am On Jun 08

To get a clearer picture of what happened to black africans, you're better off just studying general history than studying other people's opinions on the matter.

You see, whenever the whites went to a land of the blacks, they magically turned literate to illiterates! However, this wasn't magic. How? Take for example, Nigeria. We were all literate in our type of government. We suddenly had to switch to the white man's version of democracy with rules/laws written in a foreign language that would take years for a Non-English person to understand.

We suddenly became illiterates in our own lands! And the few that went abroad to understand these new laws realized that they could do and undo (a luxury they couldn't really enjoy in our original system of government). They began stealing and embezzlement since they were dealing with "illiterates" who didn't even know their basic rights anymore. It only became worse from there.

You see, Unity can only truly thrive within people of the same culture, believes, and backgrounds. What then do you think happens when people of different cultures, religions and cultures are lumped together? It's only a matter of time before the new Unity is shattered to the ground due to incompatibility! It is a crime against humanity to mix people of contrasting believes in the manner Nigeria, for example, was mixed.

True, and at the same time, quite the contrary (@ bolded)

Blacks are the most communal people that exist on this planet. You can easily walk into a black home and find children, parents, and grandparents living together! This rarely occurs with whites.

I was in my village recently, and what I saw gave me joy and sadness at the same time. In my village, you can easily notice the community spirit. They work together for a common good. However, nothing ever happens in the village. When the villager walks into the city, he meets another kind of Nigeria. He meets diverse people—people who might not share his faith and believes. Instantly, he creates a mental picture that these people aren't his. Can you blame him? It's true. They are very different indeed. Selfishness kicks in automatically.

...and it only gets worse with each passing year.

You're right, all humans have greed, envy, etc, and black people seem to have the most outrageous variant of these traits. However, this is probably due to the conditions we've been subjected to (not something hard-coded in our genes as you imply)

You actually stated the fact but partly damaged it at the same time.

It's not a question of "probably", rather it's a fact that even the greed seen in us today was a learned experience from foreigners, not something that evolved by our voluntary direct participation in nature in Africa. Through the hundreds of years of slavery, colonialism, Neo-colonialism, we incorporated disastrous foreign traits. So, our psychology changed and we lost our natural African value system.

We Africans, if left untouched are actually the least greedy people on earth. The OP, among many other mistakes, erroneously termed it "lazy" but it's not laziness. It's rather being satisfied with little. Our natural disposition as black people
is actually being satisfied with little.


Religion / Re: Jesus Is Trending Today by musicwriter(m): 8:16pm On Jun 07
Jesus is the god of people incapable of rational use of the mind. It's a god of people who have given up on the pursuit of true knowledge. A god for adult-children or adults who've refused to grow.


Religion / Re: When I Die, Will I Go Directly To Heaven Or Will I Wait Until The Rapture? by musicwriter(m): 11:02pm On Jun 06
This is a question so many of us have in mind but finding it difficult to get an answer. Finally, here is David Jeremiah’s answer on this.

Responding to the question, Pastor David Jeremiah wrote on instagram :

Today’s prophecy question comes from Phyllis on Instagram. Phyllis was wondering:

Q: When I die, will I go directly to heaven or will I wait until the Rapture?

A: Before the Ascension of Christ, the souls of believers went to an intermediate heaven called “Paradise” when they died. But when Jesus ascended after His death, He went into Paradise and took its inhabitants – all the Old Testament saints – with Him to the third heaven (Ephesians 4:8-10).

In other words, believers no longer pass through the intermediate heaven upon death. The soul and spirit of today’s believers go immediately to the..... Read More Dr. David Jeremiah Prophetic Answers

Sorry, the pastor doesn't know what he's talking about.

The story the pastor narrated predate your Jesus by several thousands of years. Before anybody heard of Jesus, that story was already at least 5,000 years old in ancient Egypt and it was one of the most popular stories in ancient time.

The story goes like this "Horus (the son of God) died and went to the land of the dead. He gave salvation to good people who died long ago. On the third day he resurrected and ascended into heaven, where he sits at the right hand side of the father (Osiris) till this moment to judge the dead".

What more? The ancient Egyptians kept it in writing in a papyrus (ancient document) called the Ani papyrus or papyrus of Ani. The document survived and it's still available today for all to see.

The document tells the story of a dead man named Ani and how he passed the last judgement and made it successfully into heaven. That's where the original story of life after death, judgement after death, cross, salvation, etc came from. The mentioned document is now in the British museum. If you're really passionate about Christianity, I challenge you to research that document to learn more, so that you set yourself free from the falsehood of Christianity.

However, to assist you on your research, read the article: what is Satan? What is Lucifer? The biggest secret in the world. In part of this article, the Ani papyrus was thoroughly explained by two museum attendants. They're white people.

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Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 6:44pm On Jun 05
You can form an ideal unity, where people have standards, with language, good music, and education in the language, does not have to be one religion. Its more about a shared heritage and code of living. I will stop here i dont think i can convince you in one day smiley smiley

The reverse is actually the case and that is you can't get commonality without one language, one education, one God. Ask yourself: what are the most successful countries in the world?
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 6:10pm On Jun 05
Language and education, should be where there is a common interest, but for spirituality, no one has the authority to make one certain spirituality the only one, because you are not a creator only the creator should do that. Its simple, avoid traps, or spots that generate disagreement, if you are forming a kind of indigenous unity. Which is a wise thing to do. smiley smiley smiley

Such indigenous unity should not generate another form of conflict or should not be a forceful displacement of ones personal spiritual experiences.

And i encourage you to improve upon your ideals which is for uniting not for shock value neither emotionally charged, but naturally welcoming and and for an ideal coexistence

The one thing ALL cultures have in common (if allowed to exist on their own) without external influence are:- language, education, religion. And we already had that in common before our unfortunate encounter with white people.

Once taken away (even one of them) the culture would exist in a state of disorientation forever. And that's a simple summary of the reason we exist the way we're today in Africa because all three have been affected, therefore, we no longer live by our own principles. We have accepted an alien perception of reality to our detriment. That's why we suffer.

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Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 5:51pm On Jun 05
Why are you not even thinking about development, why is a spiritual belief so important to give up, is something that is very weird about your thinking. You are not even thinking about Education and skills, and how to design the infrastructure.

This is why its a trap, you have fallen into a trap, and have made a trap for others. I understand how it goes, reject Christianity and we will be developed, its a trap.

This is a religious thread, that's why I only discuss religion here.

But if you read carefully, I already pointed out in previous comments that the 3 things that were taken away from us and are inhibiting our development are- Language, Education, Religion. But I can't derail this thread to discuss other aspects. If you're really interested in the other aspects, read the article on my signature. Read the PDF version only.

On that note, I think I am done with this thread.

Goodbye and have a nice day.
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 5:39pm On Jun 05
grin grin grin Emotional black man or woman. Emotions does not bring clarity, it only brings more questions and why, if you say so and if you feel much better, then okay, i am super great here, and waiting for the Lords return, i am super excited i must admit.

You're the one going by emotion instead of being practical.
Religion = Emotion.
Christianity = Emotion.
Give up on your emotional attachment to Jesus and you'll actually see clearly because your psychology would change.
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 5:30pm On Jun 05
Now that is quite a strange way to look at it. But who said it is their religion and Christianity was in Africa before they brought their versions, it was in Ethiopia. Christianity is not as foreign as you think.

Again you have fallen into a trap, and that is a trap, where you attack your people, and choose to set some kind of ultimatum, or limits, or extreme measures. Can't you see that in all places the black man does not think extensively but chooses violence and extreme measures, he is always on the rush to something, without consideration.

Have you not seen that you have fallen into a trap.

The Christianity in Ethiopia would have been the original Christianity but king Menelik or his son who sojourned in the Mediterranean region, brought the Christian 1611 AD English bible into Ethiopia, so they switched to European Christianity without realizing it.

Other black people in conquered nations around the world remain the same because of the reasons mentioned earlier.

You're the one trapped, not me.
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 5:14pm On Jun 05
No one is really powerful, just looking ta the Universe, it shows we are not relevant by our strength.

But I get what you said, i think its more about value system and cultural influences, i think its time we take responsibility for what we have done to ourselves, we have limited ourselves. We don't work together to make our society better, its no ones fault but ours Its our responsibility and we should accept that we have failed a a people but there is hope and we can be responsible by doing what we should be doing that is helpful for everyone, if we are greedy and cannot work together.

No one can make us fail unless we accept that we are inferior and teach our children's that they are inferior.

How and the only way to restore our/your sanity is give up their god, their language, their education.
There's no other way it could be done, unfortunately.
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 5:05pm On Jun 05
My brother, i understand what you are saying, i dont follow religions, but maybe we should pause, maybe everything happened for our good.

Besides, i can see how you feel hurt, and that is a trap, that state of mind, where you feel hurt, and maybe some unforgiveness, it will pull or drain all your energy.

I know what happened to our ancestor, but what has happened in the past is a lesson, and we should focus on now and moving ahead.

We are not the only ones that were invaded and brutalized, infant they seem to have destroyed other people completely like the aboriginals in Australia. Indians were killed, Chinese experienced it, but they have moved beyond it, because they know where they are going and they are focused on now.

It is not by showing hurt, pains and emotions that we will advance, its through careful persistence

None of the people destroyed have recovered or are moving ahead.

And please take China off it.

China wasn't fully touched.......their language, system of education, religion weren't touched (except in Hong Kong and Taiwan), so they rebounded quickly because their intellect and spirituality remained intact. That's why they're moving forward. Yours and others around the world were completely destroyed. You're powerless and your spirit is dead!!
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 4:44pm On Jun 05
I say it in love. But you can choose what you want to believe, its between you and the creator.

Because we may not agree, does not mean its should degenerate to insults. But i understand where you are coming from. Stay in peace.

Its not joke O, the time looks very close, and sometimes, i am tempted to have doubts, but i believe God might be telling me, also that he is coming. Anyway, i will do something amazing now.

Do you know how our ancestors became Christians? Do you know that our ancestors accepted Jesus under duress with guns pointed on their heads. They never accepted Jesus in their right state of mind!!

Because they knew the damage it would do to future generations like you. With people like you, the black race is dead and buried.

This is how we/you became a Christian. See European crimes in Africa: European crimes caught on camera during colonization of Africa. That's how we became Christians under duress.
Religion / Re: What Are Your Favourite Bible Characters? by musicwriter(m): 4:26pm On Jun 05
My brother, there is no time to argue, Jesus is telling people that he will come soon. Please please, Jesus wants all to come to him, because he will take us up, before the great day of the Lord and the seven year tribulation.

God loves every person and Jesus is coming soon ( i think this year, some say in July, some in October) !!. I myself i am experiencing some signs, and i am not the religious type.

Salvation is a choice and accepting what Jesus has done for us, on the cross, and accepting the gift of God, and trusting in the creator.

I believe you're joking. But assuming you mean what you typed there, then stop quoting me ever cause I don't want to have anything to do with someone thinking at an animal level. You're expecting Jesus by next month? If you mean it, you need to visit a psychiatrist hospital immediately for your own good.

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