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Autos / Re: See The Cost Of a Volkswagen In 1982 by musicwriter(m): 9:52pm
About that time I believe I was in primary 1 and my brother gave me a school bag. When I got to school I found 50kobo (it was in note at that time) and I and my friends dismissed from school and went on eating spree. We bought tin fish (geisha to be specific), eggs, sweets, moi moi, anything we could find. grin grin
Religion / Re: Discovery Of Galilee Boat From Jesus' Time Proves Bible Accurate - Video, Photos by musicwriter(m): 5:56pm
What exactly proves it's d exact same boat? The Bible clearly recorded some of d disciples were fishermen and as such its clear there were going to b lots of boats in the area

Even the article itself said "Obviously, there is no way of knowing that this particular boat played any part in these famous events." To which I'll add, there were no such "famous events" as narrated in the bible.
Religion / Re: Discovery Of Galilee Boat From Jesus' Time Proves Bible Accurate - Video, Photos by musicwriter(m): 5:46pm
Obviously, there is no way of knowing that this particular boat played any part in these famous events, but it does allow us to better understand

This is how they fool people across the world. They find an unrelated artefact and link it to Jesus. But they'll never find Jesus and link him to an artefact.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Share Ancestry With Jews - New Report Says by musicwriter(m): 5:05pm
The so called Jews in Israel today have no ancestry whatsoever with the biblical or Tanaka Jews who were blacks. They're imposters who converted to Judaism in about 740 AD when their king was under pressure to identify with a religion for his kingdom. After contemplating between Christianity and Islam, he instead settled for Judaism. Because he argued that both Christianity and Islam recognized same prophets as contained in the bible's old testament. This is the first thing you need to understand because there're so many mixup. If you need further details on this, read the book: the thirteenth tribe- by Arthur Koestler. Another book is: the invention of the Jews- by Slomo Sands. Both books were written by Jews from Israel.

The ancient Jews are not limited to Igbos, they're everywhere in Africa and around the world and they remain blacks.
Religion / Re: What Must I Do To Be Saved? by musicwriter(m): 9:18am
First of all, you never committed any original sin, therefore, you don't need to be saved.

In about 300 BC, Europeans discovered that religion can be used to control their colonies. So, they came up with the idea of getting saved which they copied from the ancient Egyptians but bastardized in the process. That's how the Christian "getting saved" originated. The first Jesus was called Ptolemy (Christ) Sorter but it was a flop and wasn't successful. But they re-strategized later.

Getting saved as preached today by Christianity is an old trick mischievously created by Europeans in order to funnel you to worship Jesus as your God. But Jesus is nothing but the white man in disguise!!. It's just like telling you that you have COVID-19 disease or AIDS virus but when you ask me how to cure yourself, I'll say "you must buy the medication from my pharmacy" otherwise you'll die. And that's why they say you'll go to hell if you don't accept Jesus.

You must discover by yourself that Jesus is a fraud and cannot save you. Nobody can save you but yourself.


Religion / Re: The Lords Chosen: Instant Miracles From Taraba State Crusade by musicwriter(m): 9:17am
My former church. Is Mr. Muoka now into full scale scam? However, people may get healed or get illusion of healing if they're ignorant enough to believe he has some powers to heal them.
Education / Re: 11 Brand New Courses To Be Taught In South African Universities by musicwriter(m): 11:42pm On Sep 18

Cool will search for it on YouTube. Indeed its up to us to seize economic power and not leave it up to the next generations, but I guess it's a work in progress - won't happen overnight. We need to be careful how we do it coz they'll bit us with sanctions and embargoes. So the best option is the organic one where we give our people quality education and opportunities, that way they'll successfully infiltrate the global trading system.

Didn't know Nkrumah coined the term neo-colonianism, thats cool - it's used all the time now and globally.

Yes, any day we wake up to overthrow white power completely from the African continent i.e take control of language, education, religion, we'll face same fate as countries like North Korea, Iran, etc.

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Education / Re: 11 Brand New Courses To Be Taught In South African Universities by musicwriter(m): 11:21pm On Sep 18

Yeah look at how the world is now bending over backwards to learn Chinese Mandarin coz China has become a superpower. 50 years ago it was a language of jokes.

Didn't know about machine guns shocked. Will read up on it. The whites still have wiggle room to be pompous on Fox coz they know the West has their back should blacks attempt taking over the resources in SA by force. It will be another Zimbabwe with sanctions and negative propaganda, even though they were the selfish ones who didn't wanna share the wealth.

Better economic equality could've been achieved in South Africa by Mandela, but like Nkrumah, he was only interested in taking over political power first, hoping that economic power would follow immediately. But Mandela should've known in advance that Nkrumah was quick to learn the hard-way that political power is one thing and economic power was another. Because few years after Ghana's independence, Nkrumah was soon to realize that Ghana descended into what he called Neo-colonialism. Note that Nkrumah coined the word "neo-colonialism" just to be able to describe what followed after independence.

It's left for us the new generation today to take over economic power because those before us have done their bit.

Regarding the machine gun, it's easy to verify. The machine gun was invented in 1884. The same year Europeans began meeting and planning how to use it on Africans. So many secret conferences were held but the popular one is called the Berlin conference. It held between 1884-1885. The easiest way to check out that is watch the documentary: guns, germs, and steel part 4. The narrator himself said so. However, the part 4 is often taken down because it shows where the atrocity was committed. There's a team of white interests always taking down contents they don't want people to see. This is not public knowledge but those of us trying to keep them online face all types of digital punishment and even threat.

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Education / Re: 11 Brand New Courses To Be Taught In South African Universities by musicwriter(m): 10:25pm On Sep 18

Oh I get u now. That's some revolutionary thinking right there grin. But I think or hope there are already courses on transformation. But I understand you're suggesting a radical form of subject that will definitely face opposition from white right-wing elements in SA who will accuse it of "white genocide" or something. They're already on Fox News every month complaining about affirmative action and Black Economic Empowerment. But it could also be broadened to the continental context.

How dare white people complain about genocide in South Africa. Do you know that machine gun was originally invented to kill black people in South Africa and Africa as a whole? It was only after the use of machine gun that the Zulu warriors and others were defeated by white people. Millions of blacks died like ants.

I don't get excited about things like the FOX show you mentioned, rather I like real solid long term means to solve a problem once and for all. And on that note, the only way to subdue white people and control them is control language, education, religion. Unfortunately, there's no other way aside that.
Education / Re: 11 Brand New Courses To Be Taught In South African Universities by musicwriter(m): 9:52pm On Sep 18

Don't these fall under sociology and anthropology? These new one fall under Media and ICT portfolio.

I know with FeesMustFall protests there were calls for the decolonization of SA education. I'm not sure if new introductions were made like you're suggesting.

It's a brand new subject as I said. Read the given link. However, it's a bit of study of history, international politics and relation, and current affairs.

Yes, I know the South African courses are under ICT. But what I am suggesting is that they can create a brand new subject to study, for example, their relationship with white people since 1652, how they've been used, how they're being exploited today, how to take over the tall buildings in Johannesburg, how to take over those gold mines and employ white peasants to mine them instead of the other way around.


Career / Re: "The Girl I Dumped Years Ago Became My Boss At Work" by musicwriter(m): 9:35pm On Sep 18

While it may sound like Nollywood but I've seen a girl get rich very quickly like that too.

In about 2004, I met this girl in the neighboring country, she's a very beautiful girl. She was a hustler. I think we hanged out for a couple of years before I left that country. In 2008, we went on an outing and when we were done I drove her home and along the road just before she alright, she told me "I've made up my mind to stop this work. I am not getting younger. I can't keep on going this way." I was very touched and I gave her 100k CFA. We all felt emotional about it and I encouraged her that she've made the right decision. So, I returned to Nigeria.

The next time I traveled there again in 2012, I saw her and she was driving her own car and looking very comfortable. She said she has a supermarket somewhere and not only one car but two. I was marveled.

Her name is Sandra. Some girls know what they're doing.
Education / Re: 11 Brand New Courses To Be Taught In South African Universities by musicwriter(m): 8:44pm On Sep 18
While it's a good move by South Africa to add additional courses but it's not enough to create new courses. In a real indigenous system of education, subjects in African schools won't just be limited to those handed over to us by white people. We can even create addition brand new subjects to study what's important to us.

Learn PREDATORLOGY- a new branch of study on how Europe re-colonize their former colonies today https://www.africason.com/2021/08/predatorlogy-study-of-how-europe-re.html?m=1
Business / Re: Full Statement Of Godwin Emefiele On AbokiFX (Video) by musicwriter(m): 5:58pm On Sep 18
At this point, Emefiele doesn't know what's he's doing anymore and like Buhari, he's just ashamed to resign.
Culture / Re: Estate Residents Woke Up To See Bowls Of Sacrifices In Lekki Lagos: Pics & Video by musicwriter(m): 3:55pm On Sep 18
Let's stop this mass stupidity. That thing is simply food in a bowl. Like Jesus, Mohammed, etc, it has no power whatever unless you give it power. If you create jazz out of it, that's your business. For details, see the science of Jazz https://www.nairaland.com/4892922/message-native-doctors-ritualists-science
Politics / Re: IPOB: The Taliban Of Igbo Land By Vanguard Newspapers by musicwriter(m): 2:16pm On Sep 18
You can never destroy IPOB by media propaganda. Everybody knows IPOB was a peaceful flag waving protesters until you went (like Igboho's episode) to assassinate their leader at his home. Yet, this is coming from the section that are apprehensive of the media and it's role in freedom of speech. Fools.


Education / Re: Why We Made Pantami Professor — FUTO by musicwriter(m): 12:00pm On Sep 18
Anyone who thinks Nigeria can break in the next 100 years is just deceiving himself. Because most times the person who shows you love is someone from another tribe than your own tribe.
Yoruba and Igbo people in FUTO gave professorship to Fulani man. Professor Kperogi who is same tribe with Patami is strongly against it.

In my personal opinion, Patami should have been given the Professorship by the university he was teaching before becoming a Minister not a place he has never taught

Mr. Kperogi isn't against Pantami. He's against universities awarding degree to people who don't deserve it. So, it's not about Pantami at all, rather he's talking about a SYSTEM that's rotten from all angles and not a personal attack. When he mentioned Pantami, it's just to put things in context, and he've cited several similar situations that he discussed before Pantami.

Pantami is even a fraud. He can't be the cyber security guru he's projecting himself as, while the government is switching off telecom towers to catch criminals. If Pantami was a well deserving professional in cyber security and communications, he'll get to work to prove his education by actually using technology to catch criminals and bandits, instead of switching them off. In fact, in a sane country, Pantami would have voluntarily resigned in shame as a result of that. For me, that's how I judge so called education.

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Business / Re: CBN Confirms Investigation Of Oniwinde Adedotun, Abokifx Founder by musicwriter(m): 3:37pm On Sep 17
How about the sponsors of Boko Haram whom the UAE already named? When will Buhari and the CBN shutdown their businesses and tell us their names?

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Education / Re: UNN Physics Lecturer Gets Stuck In Class While Solving A Question (Photo, Video) by musicwriter(m): 2:36pm On Sep 17
This is a human adventure. I don't think anybody here realizes that the entire Education across Africa is not our way of life. We have a problem thinking that it will help us but it hasn't cos we have been doing the same thing over and over and the results are not showing. Teaching in Africa is so difficult to the extent that the slightest temptation can make you forget your name because we don't have a curriculum on our own.

It's not that some people don't know it. That's the whole purpose of the book in PDF on my signature.

It's the over bloated ego acquired through same education that has kept us in intellectual slavery and won't let us understand that this education is foreign, just like Christianity and Islam.

The lecture the teacher is delivering is not an organic knowledge that evolved from African epistemological reality. He's not passing an organic knowledge to organic Africans. That's the problem and that's why we're also stuck in scientific development in the real world in Africa.

Having said that, I find it hard to believe it would happen to everyone.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Returned From Abroad: Any Regret? by musicwriter(m): 1:02pm On Sep 17

How did you confirm the highlighted?

P.S.: Still expecting to hear from you as regards what I discussed with you last month, please.

I am not a kid, so I also set up intelligence on them. I was able to trick them to about 4 hotels and actually saw them. A friend was able to have sex with the wife and the other friend with the girlfriend of some of them. They're finished!!. If anybody; including the CIA and MI6 want to learn intelligence gathering, they should learn it from me. Mind you, they're reading this message.

I'll let you know when I return as promised.
Politics / Re: Akintoye On UN protest: FG planted IPOB banner among Yoruba Nation agitators by musicwriter(m): 6:21pm On Sep 16
Beware of the divide and conquer tactics by the Nigerian government. They certainly don't want Biafra and Yoruba nation coming to fruition. Next time, the spokesperson of the Yoruba nation agitators should tell the Nigerian government that IPOB is just one of many Biafran nation agitators. We have MASOB, ILF, and many other smaller groups and even individuals not associated with a group, all asking for the sovereign republic of Biafra.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Who Returned From Abroad: Any Regret? by musicwriter(m): 4:06pm On Sep 16
I salute you all who live overseas for your courage because I cannot do that. Even if you pay me to live in the US or Europe, I'll never do that. And that's not because I have money but because I understand what it means to live there. Unless you have a lot of money overseas, you'll never be as happy as an average person in the street of Africa. For me..... it's about being happy.

And for anybody nursing the idea of returning home, I'll say again as someone said earlier, whatever you do wait until Buhari leaves office, otherwise you'll certainly regret returning to Nigeria.

The current people in government have no business being in governance. This government is so inept that they're courting the former president, Goodluck Jonathan (whom they accused of ineptitude) to join their political party so that they'll give him the presidential ticket in the coming 2023 election.

Before you return, note that price of goods are changing everyday. Within the last two months, the price of cooking gas has gone from N1,000 to N1,500 to N2,000 and still changing. Nobody knows the price next month.

This year alone, the Naira has fluctuated from N390/$ to N410/$ to N430/$ to N450/$ to N470/$ to N480/$ to N500/$ to N520/$ to N440/$ and now N550/$. Nobody knows the price tomorrow or even this evening.

Another advise I have for you all is never wait to return home before jumping into a business. Never jump into a business you know nothing about just because you have money, unless it's a little money for experimentation, a kind of trial and if everything goes fine, then invest. On that note, I'll advise you to begin from where you're. Right where you live, you can already begin trying out stuffs to see how it would pan out. Example; someone in the US or UK contacted my junior brother to make him a website for admission into universities over there. It seems he's working with universities over there to channel his prospects to them at a fee. This is just one idea and there are many similar things you can engage in while you're still there. I think the easiest side hustle anyone can engage is find a problem people back home would more likely pay for to get done where you're. If anybody is interested in setting up such side hustle and you have $1,000 to invest, I'll bring a business idea that would make money.

Note: I am not interested in your money, rather I want to see whether I can help. Also my phones and laptop are being monitored by the CIA, MI6 and their dumb African slave agents for the type of articles I write on my blog cause they believe I am revealing too much that they want kept secret for their continued exploitation of African people. If you enroll in my PREDATORLOGY course, the type of idea I'll give you would be one to legitimately exploit white people. But the problem is that it's big business that we can't afford.

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Religion / Re: TB Joshua’s Wife Evict Disciples From SCOAN (Video) by musicwriter(m): 7:40pm On Sep 12
I know most religious people are heartless but I don't understand why the wife would just wake up and ask them to leave the church after diligently serving TB Joshua for several years. Have they been remunerated? I think they should be duly compensated for their service to the church.

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Education / Re: Bauchi, Borno, Kano Top NECO List Of Exam Malpractice States by musicwriter(m): 6:59pm On Sep 11
They're hurting none but themselves because they still pay the price in the real world. The result is Boko Haram, banditry, low human capital, poverty, etc.
Romance / Re: The Most Expensive Gift You Ever Given The Opposite Sex? by musicwriter(m): 6:18pm On Sep 11
Family / Re: What Is That Special Thing That Makes You Happy? by musicwriter(m): 10:26am On Sep 11
would like you to spill a bit of the bolded words here.

That's what led me to write the book on my signature. You can download the PDF for free.
Family / Re: What Is That Special Thing That Makes You Happy? by musicwriter(m): 10:12am On Sep 11
The one thing that makes me happy is that I've discovered why we're in the condition we find ourselves in Africa...... even as black people in general. Secondly, I discovered how not to be greedy.

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Politics / Re: VAT Collection: Appeal Court Orders Rivers, Lagos To Maintain Status Quo by musicwriter(m): 5:25pm On Sep 10
6 years of Southerners, Christians & their Clergy preaching Islamization agenda but they have steadily built more & bigger mega churches complete with schools in the North since then!
6 years of Southerners & Christians making political capital out of the sponsored insecurity in the North but they have steadily acquired more properties, built bigger & more successful businesses including farms since then in the North!!
Who is fooling who?

Good for you! Collect VAT from those businesses and stop complaining.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Protest In El Salvador As Bitcon Crashes After Government Makes It Legal Tender by musicwriter(m): 10:58am On Sep 10

I really don't understand what the protest is about, is it no other currency will be accepted in Salvador except Bitcoin or what.
This seems unnecessary to me, u don't want Bitcoin. then use $ or ur countries currency since it's still in use.

People who will adopt should be allowed to do so, the lagged can come on boat later to pick up d crumbs.

The protesters are probably political opponents of the president- people from another political party or rented crowd by the IMF, world bank, international bank cartels, and the global elites that control the world's economy.

The El Salvadorian president is the most enlightened head of state in the world today from a poor country. If what he's planning works out and other third world countries join the use of Bitcoin, the IMF, world bank, Western banks, in fact, all banks would lose their control of the world.

Anybody against cryptocurrency is against the betterment of humanity.

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Crime / Re: Passengers Strangle Lagos Doctor-Turned Uber Driver, Steal Car by musicwriter(m): 7:49pm On Sep 09

My suggestion would be similar but perhaps a bit more thorough; A complete vetting of passengers like drivers are vetted, down to provision of referees, scanning of work ID cards, educational qualification documents, international passports, etc. This has its downsides as it means there would be less customers as it starts, but the safety and the thorough vetting process will be pushed as Uber's USP and its customer base should increase over time.

Nice idea, though any government issued ID would do, plus capturing a client's pic before any journey.
If from onset people are told that's the T&C of service, they'll still register to use the service.

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Crime / Re: Passengers Strangle Lagos Doctor-Turned Uber Driver, Steal Car by musicwriter(m): 6:09pm On Sep 09

Bro, I agree but you are assuming that the criminal is known OR has a criminal record that was sophisticated enough to get into some records. It might be successful petty theives and "one-chance" operators who chose to commit crime with his fellow petty criminals. That is why they panic and kill people. These ones are so petty & traditional that they didnt know cars like that could have trackers.

Only a petty criminal would, of course, engage in such theft. But no matter who the thief, his chance of getting caught would be high. By the way, let me know your own suggestion on how Uber should solve this type of eventuality.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Assembly Passes VAT, Anti-Open Grazing Bills by musicwriter(m): 3:20pm On Sep 09
This is how adults do things. I have said it a long time ago that Yorubas would get Oduduwa republic before Biafra does.
Crime / Re: Passengers Strangle Lagos Doctor-Turned Uber Driver, Steal Car by musicwriter(m): 3:08pm On Sep 09

The killer would probably be caught before he/hails an Uber if (1) He/she is on a wanted list having committed/ attempted to commit a crime before and is known to Uber or (2) If the driver is alerted during the trip about the history of the passenger.
This means government database, coordination between security services & uber, high-tech tracking etc. Nigeria doesnt have that at the moment.
Without these, a driver is as good as dead once a killer enters into his vehicle- unless the mercies of God steps in.
It is similar to the Jumia story of someone killing a dispatch driver (https://pmnewsnigeria.com/2017/03/29/jumia-releases-statement-death-dispatch-rider-see-graphic-photos/). We dont have a comprehensive and realtime database in Nigeria.

Sorry bro, but you have a misunderstanding about what I suggested. Of course, I know we don't have a good national database. But Uber can maintain a database of it's own users if they want. If what I suggested works with national database, it means criminals could even be caught by the driver before they board the ride.

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