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Nairaland / General / The Best Ways To Write A Condolence Message by Myschoolbreeze(m): 7:48am On Sep 04, 2022
[b]What should a condolence message include?
[/b]The four basic components of a sympathy message are as follows:

[b]1. Acknowledgment
[/b]In their efforts to come to terms with any recent or ongoing tragedy, your colleagues may feel extremely alone and misunderstood. Remind your coworker that they’re not alone at work by acknowledging their difficulties without going into too much detail about the specifics of the circumstance. This could improve their perception of their own value in the eyes of those close to them and aid in their quest for routine despite the volatility of their life transitions.

[b]2. Empathy
[/b]Sharing your understanding of your coworker’s emotional state can make them feel like they are being understood more. They could have a hard time communicating and asking for help. Your initiative in expressing your own knowledge can reassure your coworker and instill respect in them.

[b]3. Value
[/b]In this trying time, let your coworkers know how much you and your team appreciate them. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the work they do and for the position they play. You can demonstrate this by creating a personalized letter of sympathy to recognize their contribution to the team and business.

[b]4. Assistance
[/b]Give assistance with sincerity. Inform your colleague of the ways in which you and their other coworkers may help them. Whether that’s by lending a hand, taking the time to talk, or just sending up your best wishes. Keep a positive outlook and just provide the support that you are willing to provide.

Be truthful, sincere, and truthful in all you say to your colleagues.
Don’t offer them advice; they don’t need it. Instead, tell them what you and the business can do to help them instead.
Refer to their circumstances: Instead of comparing challenges or losses, demonstrate empathy.
Avoid being too specific: It could be challenging for your coworker to absorb the situation in the office after hearing about it.
Add references to religion when appropriate: To determine whether someone would value a religious message, use your best judgment based on the relationship you have with them and their personal views.
Concentrate on your coworker: Instead of concentrating entirely on the sorrow they are experiencing, remind them of their worth.

Here are samples of heartfelt sympathy letters to send

Continue reading here to see condolence messages samples >>> https://emeraldsparkles.com/how-to-write-a-condolence-message/
Webmasters / Re: Top 10 Nigerian Online Forums 2017 Arraigned By Wikinaija. by Myschoolbreeze(m): 4:20pm On Jul 25, 2022
Nice list of forums in Nigeria!
However, some of the forums on the list no longer exist. Maybe you should update your list.
www.vawulence.ng is also a nice forum to be on the list.

We First Sorry For The Error Of Noble Being The Owner Of Nairaland It An Error Which I Think Is From Nairaland Seun is The Owner Of Nairaland.

With the continuous increase in the number of internet users in Nigeria, one must wonder what keeps people online.

Naira Land – This forum tops others on my list because, it avails Nigerians the opportunity of placing topics of their choice, be it on entertainment, politics, infotech, education, sports and general info. Users get the chance of discussing on each topic, it has over 60,000 registered users and records over 90,000 visitors daily, uses a search engine optimizer that makes it easy for researchers to locate information on Nairaland, when using the Google search engine, little wonder why it has become the hot bed for political adverts recently. It is very easy to use and mobile friendly. The website is – www.nairaland.com

NCT FORUM - NCT Forum - Creative Nigerians Discussion Forum Which Was Being called Nigerian Coders Forum Until Later Being Change By The Admin To Nigeria's Creative Talent Although Their Alexa Is Not That Much But In Tech Forum Popularity It Due To Get On Our List You Can Find The Website At www.nct.com.ng

Myschool - This School Forum Dont Need Explanation The Connect Student To Latest Newsfrom Jamb, Post-UTME ,Exam Time table And So The Run Both Blog And A Forum The Forum Website Is https://myschool.com.ng/school/forum/

NaijaPal – is Nigeria’s own very Facebook. Users get the chance of meeting new friends online and also offers chatting services. It has a large number of following both home and abroad and topics are posted, which users and visitors can comment or discuss on. The website is easy to use but, quite heavy on mobile view. The website is – www.naijapals.com

Naija Hot Jobs – this remains one of the best sites for discussing job opportunities in Nigeria. Its forum offers visitors and registered users the opportunity to discuss and comment on job adverts placed by the admin, searching for jobs according to specialty and qualification and also users can place job adverts themselves, to benefit other users. It has an easy to use platform and be compared to Nairaland, in terms of compatibility with mobile devices. The website is – www.

Early Face – This is another good forum in Nigeria, though it is quite new but gradually becoming popular to internet users these days. It offers general news and users are able to discuss on topics of their choice. It is easy to use and mobile friendly. The website is – www.earlyface.com

Forum Citizens – If you are looking for a site to air your view, this is another good one. Forum citizens offers same services like the aforementioned forums and also easy to use. The website is – http://forumcitizens.com

All For Naija – everything Nigerian like the name implies, is a general information site, where visitors and registered members can discuss in forums and topics placed by its admin. The site is – www.allfornaija.com

All In Naija – One of the fasted growing forums in Nigeria. Has an easy to use platform and offers a wide range of topics and news for visitors. The site is constantly being updated, so you are always sure of getting the latest updates as far as Nigeria is concerned. It also give room for bloggers, to write on any topics of their choice, using their platform. It is also easy to use and has a mobile friendly website. The website is – www.allin9ja.com

Information Daily – this website is not all about daily news, as many would miss the entertainment it offers, judging from its name. Users can comment and write on virtually anything on this site. It is mobile friendly and easy to use. The website is – www.infodailies.com

Would Have Make The List But The Are No More Running A Forum So That Is Why, But If You Think Anyforum Needs To Be On The List You Can Drop The Link On Wikinaija.com.ng We Verify The Forum And Put It On Our List Thank You.

Source:- http://www.wikinaija.com.ng/2017/03/top-10-nigerian-online-forums-2017.html
Education / How To Print Original JAMB Result 2022 by Myschoolbreeze(m): 10:01pm On Jun 09, 2022
The Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) UTME original result slip is ready for printing online on the official JAMB original result checker portal.

However, printing original JAMB result is not free, a 1,000 Naira fee is required for this service to be completed. The good thing is that you do not need to visit any accredited JAMB center to print your original JAMB result. You can comfortably print your original JAMB result using phone, at home with your computer or by visiting a nearby cyber cafe.

This post is specially made for candidates who would like to learn how to make use of the JAMB original result portal, we also intend to create awareness for such candidates that JAMB original result is out and can now be printed online.

Whether you are looking for how to print original jamb result with registration number or how to print jamb original result 2022, the following steps will guide you on how to do it yourself.

How to Print JAMB Original Result Slip
Continue reading here >>> https://bingbucks.xyz/how-to-print-jamb-original-result-slip-for-all-years/
Jobs/Vacancies / How Should I Introduce Myself During An Interview? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 2:30pm On Jan 31, 2022
A lot of job seekers always seem to forget that lasting perception are formed in a matter of seconds. You might well be asked to identify yourself numerous times during the interview session. However, with the right to introduce yourself, you should be able to introduce yourself from the front desk or reception area to a consultant to the prospective employer and possibly to subsequent interviewers.

Most job seekers seem to lack a good knowledge of how to introduce yourself professionally in an interview, however here are a few principles you can take on how to introduce yourself as some do not know how to introduce yourself in an interview in English which is one of the highest daily spoken languages in the globe. We’ve identified recommended practices for simple self-introduction, indicated by illustrations and recommendations, to make sure you understand the process.

Why is it so important to correctly introduce yourself in a job interview?

A good move necessitates a good foundation, which necessitates a decent entrance. The interviewer’s first perception of you will be formed faster than you can say “job interview”. But if you have read some self-introduction sample for job interview pdf you would not have a hard time introducing yourself correctly.

What you say or present in the initial few seconds of your interview will almost certainly influence the outcome. A good first impression no longer ensures a successful professional relationship. It’s also not a good idea to ruin your prospects by making a poor first impression.

What distinguishes a candidate as a good fit?

The interviewer will be searching for several role-specific behavioral aspects in your answers during a job interview which is why you need guidelines on how to answer the question introduce yourself during an interview”. ensuring that your knowledge and competencies are displayed in their best light.

1. They demonstrate confidence

To introduce yourself during an online interview, demonstrate self-assurance in your technical abilities as you must have read on how to introduce yourself during an interview in Nigeria. Introducing Sample Self-introduction. When discussing your hard skills, such as computer programming, algorithms, software development, data analytics, financial statement analysis, and so on, don’t stutter.

2. They can solve a problem
The questionnaire will be trying to look for characteristics like teamwork, leadership, and an analytical problem-solving attitude in most entry-level positions. You must demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team to achieve a common goal during introducing yourself in first job interview.

3. They have a good work ethic
Recruiters will also be on the lookout for great leadership and communication skills hence to introduce yourself professionally in interview you need to be smart. Demonstrate that you have a pleasant attitude and solid work ethic, as well as the ability to retain professionalism when the circumstance demands it.

4. They have a great personality
Along with your simple self-introduction, the recruiter will be looking for someone who sincerely wants to work for the firm and who will fit in seamlessly with the company’s culture. As a result, let your personality shine through while introducing yourself, answering queries, and preparing your questions.

How To Answer The Question Introduce Yourself During An Interview”

“Hello. “My name is Marshal job,” you say as you adjust your tie, which is perhaps not the best way to introduce yourself during an online interview”. You see, you’ll most likely be introduced to several people before meeting the hiring manager. You’ll be introducing yourself to the receptionist, the human resources manager, the recruiting manager, and, most likely, the CEO.

In an interview, how to introduce yourself in an interview in English is very dependent on the atmosphere and context. Unless there’s a LeBron or Kobe mural in the corridor, you can’t say things like “I’m Gary, and I like football in your native language”

So, here are some guidelines to assist you in introducing yourself to an appointment.
Before the interview.
On your way into the facility, you will most likely identify yourself to the security officers and receptionist before sitting on the couch with the H.R professional. Here, include your full name, the reason for your visit, the position you’re looking for, and the period, if applicable.

Relax and be courteous while introducing oneself, and make contact with a strong but not overpowering grip. Begin your introduction with comments along the lines of:

“Hi! “My name is Edward Randy, and I’m here to interview for the position of Sales officer on noonday

If they come back to introduce themselves, say one of the following. “Hello there!” “It’s great to meet you.” or “Wishing you a pleasant day”. You are showing respect for their position when you utilize their entire name. This tiny tactic solidifies your position in their views and may just make his or her day.

You may be given a tour of the facility or simply instructed to relax in the reception from here. Make doubly sure to support the person for whatever you are requested to do next. ALWAYS!

In an interview, how do you introduce yourself?

While you’re preparing for the interviewer, do the following. Take this opportunity to rehydrate yourself, calm your pre-interview nerves, network with other interviewees, and get your pen and notebook ready.

The interview process in FAANG firms usually involves two or more steps. The interviewer will evaluate a different skill or talent in each round. As a result, your introduction and responses should differ as well.

Not sure how to go about it? Let’s have a look at what we’ve got. Stand up tall and extend your hand as the interviewer approaches your surroundings (the hallway or waiting area). Smile, shake hands firmly, then reintroduce yourself was something along the lines of –

“Good afternoon, it’s a joy to be here,” says the speaker. or “I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak about this.”
or “I’m grateful for the opportunity to discuss today.”

After the pleasantries have been exchanged, hand over your documents and wait for the interviewer to begin the talk before moving on to the interview questions.

When you approach the hiring manager, what should you say?

Besides an H.R., the recruitment team isn’t usually a permanent role. Any supervisors on the floor can replace the vacancy, but they have the final say in who fills it.

As you may expect, the hiring manager has the biggest impact onBeforetoethicquestionnairenterview’s outcome. You’ll need to provide a pitch-perfect performance that extends further than what you mentioned in your introduction.

We’re talking about nonverbal communication abilities, as you might have guessed. Be self-assured in your delivery. Maintain your cool and avoid stuttering when describing your abilities. If your palms are sweaty, don’t shake hands. Distract yourself as much as possible. Maintain a professional demeanor.

The interviewer will most likely ask you to ‘talk about yourself’ after exchanging pleasantries.

Talk about your current role and future goals without consuming too much time by using the skills listed above.
Continue to your elevator speech if the scenario requires it. Choose words that best define you as an expert and help the interviewer form a favorable opinion of you.
Do not begin reciting from a guidance card; instead, try to keep it as casual and conversational as possible.

Continue reading on the source: https://realupdatez.com/how-to-introduce-yourself-during-an-interview/

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Celebrities / Re: Singer Portable Chilling With White Lady In Kenya (video) by Myschoolbreeze(m): 4:22pm On Jan 22, 2022
Lol you are very brutal grin grin grin grin
so someone carry white ashawo now na him dey freek you?? To call white ashawo dey hard you??
Celebrities / Singer Portable Chilling With White Lady In Kenya (video) by Myschoolbreeze(m): 3:46pm On Jan 22, 2022
Popular singer Portable the Zazu crooner was reportedly seen in his hotel room with a white lady that has a beautiful tattoo on her body, Portable disclosed that she was so fine and looked like whom he would like to take to mama and asked her to show the tattoo on her chest Wow.


Video: https://www.facebook.com/100009388131283/posts/3220509958271910/?d=n
Celebrities / Re: Singer Portable (Zazuu) And His Ladies (See photos) by Myschoolbreeze(m): 7:07am On Jan 12, 2022
lol you're too brutal.
Hope he has taken responsibility of the baby from that olosho grin
Celebrities / Singer Portable (Zazuu) And His Ladies (See photos) by Myschoolbreeze(m): 6:23am On Jan 11, 2022
Earlier yesterday, popular Yoruba singer Zazu was seen living a lavish lifestyle in his hotel room with some girls who are jumping over his bed in rush for cash. The event has attracted a lot of criticism online, see video and photos below.


Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 5:15pm On Jan 03, 2022
I hope it gets resolved as soon as possible.
tell me any institution in Nigeria that takes action immediately. My bank just emailed this afternoon after series of bombarding them with calls and complaints. Let's see how it goes cos that long silence was uncalled for.
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 5:04pm On Jan 03, 2022
grin grin grin grin grin

Keep deceiving yourself
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 5:03pm On Jan 03, 2022
Wow, jakpa plans.
What's your dream country?
My mistake?

Being in Nigeria this January is a mistake.....but I promise the best for my kids. Daddy is hustling and not resting till he start hitting it big.
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 5:02pm On Jan 03, 2022
Lol you no know say we don enter another year?

Sorry, it was last year ooo
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 5:01pm On Jan 03, 2022
So sad, has your bank done anything about it? Maybe you should let them know.
Gave someone my ATM card to help withdraw money,both the person ooo and the POS guy just the vex me... If say I no I for manage go myself and na new year day this rubbish happen....my money is still hanging since then sad
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 5:01pm On Jan 03, 2022
Lol this one follow for mistake so?
I wanted to use sim one but I used sim two.
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 4:26pm On Jan 03, 2022
Honestly, because some people will never pay back as promised.
OP, borrow money that you can afford to lose.

My mistake is replying some iconic clowns mention on nairaland.
Career / Re: What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 4:25pm On Jan 03, 2022
Mad oh, this is too early grin
So sorry.
Mine was allowing one stüpid boy on nairaland to scam me!
Career / What Mistakes Have You Made In 2022? by Myschoolbreeze(m): 4:07pm On Jan 03, 2022
As for me, I have made some financial mistakes. Borrowing money to people without proper/legal documentation.
Education / How To Raise Money To Study Abroad 2022 by Myschoolbreeze(m): 11:51am On Jan 02, 2022
Studying abroad can be a very exciting and life-changing experience for many individuals, especially first-year university students who are just beginning their journey at school. However, it is also a very expensive endeavor that usually involves applying to all sorts of scholarships in order to fund the cost of travel and living expenses abroad.

If you are planning on studying abroad, then it is very important to be practical and wise in how you raise money for your studies. How To Raise Money To Study Abroad breaks down many international studies abroad options and helpful tips for raising the funds you need to go, as well as the top things to consider when choosing an overseas study program.

So you want to study abroad. Whether you're in high school, college, or grad school, there are some things you need to know about raising money for your international experiences.

Best ways to raise money to study abroad 2022

However, I do not have the full right to copy the content and paste it here but I find it informative that's why I decided to share it with you. If you are interested you can read it on the original publisher's website. >>>> https://realupdatez.com/how-to-raise-money-to-study-abroad/
Education / Federal University Of Technology Owerri Pre-degree Admission Form 2021/2022 by Myschoolbreeze(m): 11:58pm On Dec 04, 2021
Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) Pre-Degree programs for the 2021/2022 academic session.

FUTO Pre-Degree Programme Benefits
Greater chance of getting admission into any undergraduate program of FUTO. Candidates can, in addition, sit for post-UTME giving them a double opportunity.
Conducive learning environment.
Very moderate school fees.
Taught based on JAMB syllabus for better performance of candidates in JAMB.
Taught by seasoned FUTO lecturers in an academic environment.
Examinations spread into two semesters instead of a one-shot attempt.
Candidates Eligible for FUTO Pre-Degree Programme
All Candidates wishing to purchase the form must:

Possess at least five O’ Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Agric Science.
Have registered or intend to register and must sit for the 2022 UTME.
How to Apply for FUTO Pre-Degree Form
Form Price:
Each FUTO pre-degree application form goes for Eleven Thousand Naira (N11,000).

Registration procedure:
Candidates are advised to apply online following the procedure given below: >> https://liyob.com/federal-university-of-technology-owerri-pre-degree-admission-form
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Fix The Npower "Registrations Are Close Please Check Again Later" by Myschoolbreeze(m): 6:56pm On Jun 29, 2020
cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
dis country sef

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Business / Nigerian #1 E-currency Exchanger Launched Online Voting System To Win 1M Naira by Myschoolbreeze(m): 6:48pm On Jun 29, 2020
The number one e-currency exchanger in Nigeria has opened a voting portal to show transparency in the current Bloggers challenge so that members of the public can assist in determining who's going to be the winner in the TruexGold Bloggers challenge 2.

According to a news release by TruexGold, this challenge is set aside to encourage Nigerian bloggers to keep creating content and as God may have it, they intend to make the Bloggers Challenge to run monthly. This means that more bloggers stand the chance to win from TruexGold monthly.

To see a list of selected bloggers, how to review their content and vote for them, kindly follow the link below.

Voting is 100% free
You're allowed to vote only but once.
Vote wisely.

According to TruexGold,
1st position will go home with 200,000
2nd position to go home with 150,000
3rd position to go home with 100,000

And the remaining amount of 550,000 will be shared equally among other bloggers who made it to the voting list.
This is simply a win-win for all the bloggers on the list, everyone is a winner.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Fix The Npower "Registrations Are Close Please Check Again Later" by Myschoolbreeze(m): 4:12pm On Jun 27, 2020
While you wait, kindly check your spam folder to see if the confirmation email is there.

So I need to wait for that email before proceeding?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Fix The Npower "Registrations Are Close Please Check Again Later" by Myschoolbreeze(m): 9:12am On Jun 27, 2020
It means you have registered but yet to receive a confirmation email.
How about when they are telling you that the email already exist on the portal? What does that mean?
Jobs/Vacancies / How To Fix The Npower "Registrations Are Close Please Check Again Later" by Myschoolbreeze(m): 12:23am On Jun 27, 2020
Following the news release on the official NPower Twitter handle that the nationwide NPower registration into various programs will commence by 11:45pm 26/06/2020, many citizens are complaining of receiving a warning message that the NPower registration are close they should check back later.

The error message displayed on the Npower site even after the scheduled time of start is reached is already causing a lot of panic to persons who are in dare need of this amazing opportunity provided by the Federal Government of Nigeria for its unemployed citizens within the age range of 18 and 35 years.

However, the warning as seen on the Npower registration portal might be as a result of a technical glitch. Here's a special guide on the registration process flow and how to resolve the issue immediately >> https://myschoolgist.net/n-power-application-guide/
Jobs/Vacancies / Npower Registration Portal Changed - Here's How To Apply For Npower 2020 Program by Myschoolbreeze(m): 10:22pm On Jun 25, 2020
What is NPower Program?

N-Power skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development. Despite the current high level of unemployment, harnessing Nigeria’s young demography through appropriate skill development efforts provides an opportunity to achieve inclusion and productivity within the country. Large-scale skill development is the main policy thrust of the N-Power Programme.

N-Power is also linked to the Federal Government’s policies in the economic, employment and social development arenas. N-Power addresses the challenge of youth unemployment by providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy.

The modular programmes under N-Power will ensure that each participant will learn and practice most of what is necessary to find or create work.

The N-Power Volunteer Corp involves a massive deployment of 500,000 trained graduates who will assist to improve the inadequacies in our public services in education, health and civic education. Some of these graduates will also help in actualizing Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations of achieving food security and self-sufficiency.

N-Power will also be a platform for diversifying the economy. N-Power is preparing young Nigerians for a knowledge economy equipped with world-class skills and certification, they become innovators and movers in the domestic and global markets. Nigeria will have a pool of software developers, hardware service professionals, animators, graphic artists, building services professionals, artisans and others. N-Power also focuses on providing our non-graduates with relevant technical and business skills that enhance their work outlook and livelihood.

The Npower 2020 program is scheduled to start by 11:45pm 26/06/2020 for details on how to register, and the new registration portal link here's a special guide for you. https://myschoolgist.net/n-power-application-guide/

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Health / Re: 501 New COVID-19 Cases, 210 Discharged And 8 Deaths On June 13 -(2460 Tested) by Myschoolbreeze(m): 12:26am On Jun 14, 2020
Just as you're trying to stay safe from COVID19, also remember to stay safe online and only transact with TruexGold on https://myschoolgist.net/how-to-buy-and-sell-bitcoin-on-truexgold-com


Business / Everything You Need To Know About Truexgold - Honest Review by Myschoolbreeze(m): 6:10pm On Jun 11, 2020
Hey guys, there's a new platform in Nigeria where you can easily exchange your e-currencies safe and secure without stress. Have you heard about TruexGold auto exchanger?
Romance / Re: SEE 10 Nigerian Universities With The Most Beautiful Girls (with Pictures) by Myschoolbreeze(m): 10:03pm On May 24, 2020
I am sure you haven't seen this list of universities with the most beautiful girls https://myschoolgist.net/schools-with-most-beautiful-girls/ e go shock you.

Nigerian Universities with the most beautiful girls – Every University in this country is blessed with beautiful rose flowers. This post is a highlight of 10 Nigerian Universities with the Most Beautiful girls when the average of beauties in each campus is measured.
10. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

A school of pretty, intelligent and innocent northern girls. You can hardly find such array of beautiful northern girls in any campus..my future wife is from here..lol!

9. Anambra State University (ANSU)

Filled with blessed future mothers with pretty figures you do like to see every morning when you wake and every night before you sleep.

8. University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

The school of lions and lionesses. These lionesses are so intelligent, pretty and homely that you do like to take them to your mama.

7. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

Trust me, I have personally been to this school before. Just incase you decide to write JAMB again or you are writing JAMB now and you see a pretty young girl near you, ask for her school of choice, it will be OAU.

6. Covenant University (CU)

The school for the rich and religious minded… The school for the overly beautiful Nigerian half spoilt/half alright babes. The girls of CU are combination of beauty and Brains and most importantly, these beauty and brains are expensive, I mean, really expensive!!

5. University of Portharcourt (UNIPORT)

A school of solid chicks..i call them ‘Ororo babes’ (oil babes) The Oil money around the vicinity turns even the ugly to beauties. All the beautiful girls you have seen and your head couldn’t understand why a human being could be that beautiful must have a root in UNIPORT.

4. Lagos State University (LASU)

In this multi ethnic city of Lagos, a great deal of beauties from across the country seek admission into Lagos state university, the next time you enter a taxi and you see pretty girl by your side, tell her you are a LASU student or graduate and she will hug you very well and tell you her department.

3. YABA College of Technology (YABATECH)

Can’t just miss this school of pretty buchachas. YABA TECH has one of the prettiest-denomination of girls you can seek around campuses in Naija..their beauty can make you to YABAleft, hehehe!

2. Imo State University (IMSU)

I can swear you won’t see an ugly girl in IMSU. Even the ugly girls in IMSU can win beauty pageant against their neighbouring schools with names like F..O, A…N, N….E etc I didn’t mention any name ooooooo na you sabi.

1. University of Lagos (UNILAG)

The school of beauties…eyin Omo eko! The school has made it a routine to adopt the prettiest of girls from Queens college Yaba every year during UTME. The only P is… Dem too dey form!.
I may not have the final say on this but if I give you a chance to carry out the same research I have done your result won’t be up to a stone throw from the one listed above.
Oya, rep your school ASAP!


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