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Education / Re: 25 Dictionary Words That Originated From The Internet by nickusoro(m): 10:25am On Jan 20, 2015
Really cool. Just learnt a few more from this post. Yes Boss!
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Current Petrol Pump Price Better Than That Of The USA by nickusoro(m): 4:42am On Jan 20, 2015
I saw various posts on the social media, criticising federal government's reduction of gasoline(PMS or Petrol) pump price from N97 to N87. More worrisome is the fact that some of our youths join the bandwagon in the criticism.

I wonder why we have some youths of our country who can not make use of their brains to ponder on issues that would further enrich the country. Present day youths are being tossed around by the older ones and sometimes, by illiterates. ‎

Drivers paid an average of $2.2021 a gallon for regular gasoline at U.S. pumps of recent in the US (do some ‎confirmation) 1US gallon = 3.7854ltrs‎ ‎$2.2021 = N398.58 (@ exchange rate of N181/$) Therefore, 1gallon = N398.58 ÷ ‎3.7854ltrs = N105.29/ltr in the US

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, after taking into consideration, landing costs and other expenses, it is N85/ltr for the same litre of gasoline yet people are ignorantly ranting on social media and elsewhere. Between Nigeria and the US, which is better? What has happened to some present day youths in my dear country, Nigeria‎? Mr. President, Goodluck Jonathan has indeed shown that he has the interest of Nigerians at heart.‎

SMH... where do you get your news from? I won't wanna go too deep into this but for the pump price alone, it's about $1.89 per gallon. Besides, the economy stability here in the US is way better than Nigeria so I see no valid point made from your post yet


Romance / Re: I Was Dumb For Seconds When She Told Me by nickusoro(m): 4:31am On Jan 20, 2015
nt mentioning my bro in d issue anymore bt she said she z gvin herself a brk to shake off d bad guys, is she trying to tell me dat i shld b patient?

I just think she's not interested in you YET... yes, I said "yet" because later she might turn her attention towards you. But dude, you might wanna move on with your life though.
Romance / Re: A Note To Juliaann by nickusoro(m): 3:17am On Jan 20, 2015
Big ups, Bro for the guts and courage to do this. Hopefully, it all pays off.

Now, to @juliaan, you might want to consider this dude.
It takes a lot to pull this up. Though I don't know how much you two know each other but this looks cool.

Goodluck to you, brother.

Jokes Etc / Re: A Fatal Accident Just Occurred At 3rd Mainland Bridge (photo) by nickusoro(m): 2:50am On Jan 20, 2015
Just another drunk Lagos "DRIVER" grin
Politics / Re: lo by nickusoro(m): 2:47am On Jan 20, 2015
One word... Tragic! cry

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Politics / Re: Time To Disgrace The Self-appointed Godfather Of The South-west by nickusoro(m): 2:42am On Jan 20, 2015
And the summary is? OP, are you sure you've even read this write-up? undecided


Politics / Re: . by nickusoro(m): 12:28am On Jan 20, 2015
all tribes should have their own state and fend for themselves . they'll understand themselves better.
I have no problem with Ibibio people building an ibibio museum in Uyo. that's ibibio capital. Ibibios should build their museum and stadium and roads with Ibibios resources,not oron resources. ibibios should breed like rabbits and overpopulate ibibio land with bastards and illiterate indentured slaves. The Orons are contented with having a modest population and progressive society .
Yorubas,hausa,fulani and igbos should do the same to their land with their resources. .
the Oron land must be built to be like Tokyo Japan with Oron's resources such as Crude Oil,Natural Gas,Limestone,Commercial Fishery,iron ore, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, zinc ,Timber,etc..

Chairman, I admire your sense of fantasy but I just figured that your anger is centered around the population stats. Get over it and move on, bro. Lol @oron land MUST be built to be like Tokyo, Japan. grin Ain't you funny?

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Phones / Re: Iphone 6 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy A 7 by nickusoro(m): 12:05am On Jan 20, 2015
Cool. Still sticking with my iPhone6. Thanks
Politics / Re: . by nickusoro(m): 11:43pm On Jan 19, 2015
The igbo people are talking about building a seaport in Onitsha which is a landlocked city. that makes no sense.
why not build a seaport to serve the entire south eastern Nigeria at the best location which is at Ibaka oron? I dislike the selfishness,pull him down syndrome and non cooperation/unity of blacks . the Oron and calabar area is suppose to be the hub of international business,commercial Fishery,arts and tourism.
there are three tribes in Akwa Ibom,the Ibibio people and anang tribe who contribute absolutely no resources except an illiterate Larger population have had their turn governing the state,yet they refuse to hand over the power to the more civilized and ethical Oron people who produce 85 percent of the state's revenue and 40 percent of Nigeria's. (The Oron people are similar to the Efiks in Crossriver . those two groups seem to be the most civilized and ethical in behavioral pattern than their neigbors.) Donald Duke of calabar would even made a better president than all the ugly potbellied illiterates from the other overpopulated tribes,if wasn't for tribalism in the Nigerian system.)
a larger population does not mean superiority. Sweden has a smaller population,Japan has a smaller population than China,yet Japan is more civilized than China. a larger population and indeed over overpopulation is a sign of backwardness and illiteracy. I see no reason why Nigerians and africans take pride in having the larger population .

Haba! Dude, take a chill pill and go through the records. You're right about the population count, okay, but what's with the "Illiteracy" gist? Stop acting like you don't know what's currently going on in AKS. I'll just take you down with one point and here it is:

Just in case you don't know, Victor Attah was the only man in the entire state who stood tall against OBJ to reclaim our oil wells. The reason why AKS is where she is today. Unfortunately, you have forgotten that fact.

Oron Nation...going where? oh please, dude! undecided
Politics / Re: . by nickusoro(m): 11:27pm On Jan 19, 2015
Hahaha... who came up with this please? grin
Romance / Re: You Deserve Better!! by nickusoro(m): 10:13pm On Jan 19, 2015
But one crazy thing is this, females are very poor sign readers. I.e they tend to pick them monstrous and ill-mannered guys over the calm ones. Then, when the story ends on the wrong side, they begin to lament.

Ladies can do a lot better BUT most of the time they get stuck with the the simplest of puzzles which brings me to the conclusion that MOST Women really don't know what they WANT in LIFE..... AND THAT'S A FACT, JACK!!! cool
Romance / Re: You Deserve Better!! by nickusoro(m): 9:51pm On Jan 19, 2015
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: - by nickusoro(m): 7:03pm On Jan 19, 2015
It will be great

I pray so
Celebrities / Re: Throwback Teenage Pics Of American Hip Hop Celebrities B4 They Became Stars by nickusoro(m): 5:40pm On Jan 19, 2015
Now, we can proudly say...

Autos / Re: Auto Theft In The US by nickusoro(m): 5:24pm On Jan 19, 2015
These are called Sliders... very slippery and smart crooks. And yeah, it's very common.
Politics / Re: US Observes Martin Luther King Jr. Day by nickusoro(m): 4:34pm On Jan 19, 2015
Fearless Impact! Historic recognition

(In addition to this comment)
...Immortal Date

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Politics / Re: US Observes Martin Luther King Jr. Day by nickusoro(m): 4:26pm On Jan 19, 2015
Thanks...this is really nice

You're welcome, sir. cool
Health / Re: Dangers Of Excessive Intake Of Processed Foods by nickusoro(m): 4:22pm On Jan 19, 2015
so this counts against Eba and Akpu?

Lol. When your 'Eba" becomes stale, does it attract mould or fungi? Even before it gets stale, are pests like rats and roaches usually attracted too? I think you now have your answer, sir. wink
Politics / US Observes Martin Luther King Jr. Day by nickusoro(m): 4:11pm On Jan 19, 2015
Here in the US, Americans across the country are pausing today, Monday to observe the federal holiday marking the birthday of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Now, here's a bit of his biography and how this day became significant to Americans especially the black community:

King first rose to prominence in 1955 when he led a successful boycott of the public buses in the southern city of Montgomery, Alabama, forcing the city to end its practice of segregating black passengers.

He became the central figure of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and '60s, inspiring millions with his famous "I Have a Dream" speech during the 1963 March on Washington.

King received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, the same year a landmark civil rights bill was signed by President Lyndon Johnson.

King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, where he had traveled to assist striking black garbage workers who were seeking equal pay.

The holiday was created in 1983 when President Ronald Reagan signed a bill designating the third Monday in January to honor King, who was born on January 15, 1929. Congress designated the King holiday as a national day of service in 1994, a move aimed at encouraging Americans to take part in community projects.

In honor of King, cable television's MTV is airing its programming Monday in black and white for twelve hours to encourage viewers to have conversations with their friends and family about race. The monochrome broadcast is a first in the youth-oriented channel's 34-year history.

MTV programming on Monday will include reflections on race from entertainers and public officials.

Awesome, right? I hope Nigeria gets to possess a personality like this at the top of its leadership. God help us!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks to residents at the Robert Taylor Homes on Chicago's South Side, July 24, 1965.

Religion / Re: Wives Of Pastors Urged To Satisfy Husbands In Bed by nickusoro(m): 11:58am On Jan 19, 2015
Lol. Yes boss! In order to relieve the female secretaries of extra work grin

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Business / Re: World's Richest 1% Will Own More Than The Rest Of The World By 2016 by nickusoro(m): 11:53am On Jan 19, 2015
This doesn't sound too good. In Nigeria, only Dangote is covered undecided
Politics / Re: Photos:#JeSuisNigerian# Protest Against Boko Haram Holds In Paris,France by nickusoro(m): 8:11am On Jan 19, 2015
How touching... Sadly, this is of no concern to GEJ. Sad indeed.

#JeSuisNigérian till I leave this world.

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Health / Dangers Of Excessive Intake Of Processed Foods by nickusoro(m): 6:28am On Jan 19, 2015
Many would agree with me on the fact that the regular snack of the average Lagosian, especially in traffic is one or two sachets of sausage roll (Gala) and a bottle of Lacasera soda. Yeah, I know so 'cause I once used to have it too. Resisting the urge to drink that soda pop or eat those sausages can be tough, especially if you have grown accustomed to eating these highly addictive foods as part of your normal diet. But once you understand a little bit more about how these and other processed foods affect your mind, body, and even your soul, it becomes easier to make healthier food choices that enrich your being rather than sap it. Here are some motivating reasons why you should cut processed foods from your diet for good:

1) Processed foods are highly addictive. Your body processes whole foods much differently than it does refined, processed, and heavily-modified "junk" foods. Processed foods tend to overstimulate the production of dopamine, also known as the "pleasure" neurotransmitter, which makes you crave them constantly. Your body ends up not being able to resist the temptation to continue eating junk foods in excess, which can lead to obesity and other health problems.

2) Processed foods often contain phosphates that destroy your organs, bones. Many processed foods contain phosphate additives that augment taste, texture, and shelf-life. But these additives are known to cause health problems like rapid aging, kidney deterioration and weak bones, according to the Rodale Institute, which makes foods that contain them far less attractive to those in the know.

3) Fresh foods are actually cheaper than processed foods People with junk food addictions often claim that fresh, healthy foods are too expensive. But according to numerous studies and assessments, whole foods made from scratch end up costing less per serving than their unhealthy, processed equivalents. According to Rodale, a single serving of 100 percent organic chili made with fresh ingredients and grass-fed beef, for instance, is about 50 cents cheaper to make than buying a can of chemical-laden, microwaveable chili from the grocery store.

4) Processed foods cause chronic inflammation. One of the leading causes of chronic illness today is inflammation. And studies continue to show that refined sugars, processed flours, vegetable oils, and many other nasty ingredients commonly found in processed foods are largely responsible for this inflammation epidemic. So the next time your body craves a candy bar or a box of cheese crackers, consider the fact that heart disease, dementia, neurological problems, respiratory failure, and cancer have all been linked to the chronic inflammation caused by processed food consumption.

5) Processed foods ruin digestion. Because they have been stripped of their natural fibers, enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients, processed foods tend to wreak havoc on the digestive tract. Chronic consumption of such foods can throw your internal ecosystem off balance, harming beneficial bacteria and exposing your system to infection. So you can basically think of those gummy bears and that piece of cake as literal poison for your system, which may help deter you from eating them.

6) Processed foods destroy your mind. If you suffer from chronic bouts of brain "fog," or have difficulty concentrating and thinking normally, chances are your diet has something to do with it. And a recent study out of Oxford University lends credence to this possibility, having found that junk food consumption can cause people to become angry and irritable. Nutrient-dense whole foods, on the other hand, can help level out your mood, sustain your energy levels, and leave you feeling calmer and more collected.

7) Processed foods are loaded with GMOs. The basic buildings blocks of most processed foods on the market today are derived from laboratories, not nature. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), which have been linked to infertility, organ damage, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancer, are prolific in processed foods. Excess consumption of these poisons promotes weight gain, acidifies your blood, and can even permanently alter the composition and function of your intestinal flora.

8.) Processed foods are loaded with pesticides. In order to effectively grow the GMOs used in processed foods, conventional farmers have to apply Roundup (glyphosate) and other pesticides and herbicides, many of which end up in the final product. According to data compiled by Rodale, breakfast cereals alone have been found to contain up to 70 different types of pesticides, including warehouse fumigation chemicals and other residues.

9) Processed foods are not actually food. One of the ways you can assess the nutritional value of food is to see how animals, insects, bacteria, and fungi respond to it. Real foods will actually rot or grow mold, for instance, while fake, processed foods remain largely the same in appearance and shape no matter what their age. As we reported recently, processed food is essentially synthetic, and the industry that produces it admits that heavy tampering and crafty modifications are necessary to make it taste real, even though it is not.

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Health / Re: Prostate Cancer: How Frequent Do You Urinate At Night ? by nickusoro(m): 4:06am On Jan 19, 2015
Alright. I Don't think I should worry about this...for now.
Romance / Re: Pls Help Am Go Gaga Right Now by nickusoro(m): 3:40am On Jan 19, 2015
Okay! I just wanna say something. ...I don't care if the story is real or not. It's not compulsory that a guy must update his Facebook status for you to know he cares or post your pictures on his page. For goodness sake, the page belongs to him and not the both of you so as long as it doesn't affect your relationship why worry about it? embarassed
Oh hey! Did you just speak my mind? undecided Hell yes, you did. wink
Romance / Re: Girls How Many Days Can U Allow Your B/F To Spend With You In Your Hostel by nickusoro(m): 3:39pm On Jan 18, 2015

I knw pple lik u ar d bunch of pple dt do d wrst tin most, I av my reasns nd I did it 4 her, nt jst because I wntd 2 shwoff, bt jst because she nided me 2 do it nd she hs cnfdnce in me in hlpin her dts ws y, abi whr in d bible said u shld nt hlp d prsn u claim 2 luv again, mke una get snce, dts y pple lik u dnt get gud wife u brnch frm 1 oloshso 2 d othr.. H...e g.o.a.t tongue
Obviously, you didn't read my post before replying me with this abusive junk. Check the context of the word "PRESSING", then get back to me. And thanks for abbreviating the G.O.A.T too. Damn right, I'm the "Greatest Of All Time". Boy, I'm a GOAT! grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Girls How Many Days Can U Allow Your B/F To Spend With You In Your Hostel by nickusoro(m): 7:54am On Jan 18, 2015
In my babe's hostel?? Why would I even pass a night in such a place when it's not so pressing? Or is that still a means of proving my love to her?
Some guys just see maturity as a huge challenge and this gives room for disrespect and disregard on relationships. C'mon... the mere thought of it got me pissed while surfing through. Up Your Game, dawg!
Car Talk / Re: I Need Candid Advice On Choice Of Car To Buy by nickusoro(m): 7:26am On Jan 18, 2015
It all depends on the size of your pocket, man. A Mercedes is in a class of its own; expensive in price and management. It's not a bad option if you're capable of maintaining it. The camry on the other hand is a lot much affordable and easier to manage even though I would advise you to go for a Honda, on a second thought, I think you didn't bother putting that into consideration because Honda parts are said to be a bit scarce there in Nigeria... If that's a factor, then going for the camry would be fair enough. Everything boils down to your pocket size. Choose wisely... good luck!
Romance / Re: I Was Dumb For Seconds When She Told Me by nickusoro(m): 6:13am On Jan 18, 2015
The girl obviously still wants your brother , she has feelings for him and still hope something works out between them,. Dating you will spoil her chances with your brother. They might probably had intimacy in the past and your brother has warned you not to date her. So let her be
That's not always the case. Possibilities are that the girl just said that to scare that dude off, funny thing is, most girls are unnecessarily confused when it comes to such issues and more... I'm not writing off your comment though

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