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Business / Re: Forex Crisis: FG Plans Clampdown On Binance, other Crypto Firms - Premium Times by Ningishzida: 9:33am On Feb 21
Education / Growing Calls For The USA To Recolonize Africa by Ningishzida: 11:34am On Feb 18
Blackwater Founder Eric Prince explains why the USA must consider Recolonizing Africa because African leaders lack the capacity to lead.

Education / Warning To Africans That Plan To Move To The UK In 2024 by Ningishzida: 10:03am On Feb 17
I tell Africans all the time, the west is not what you think it is on social media and TV.


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Business / Re: Naira Trades 1,498/$ At Official Market, CBN Tackles Racketeers by Ningishzida: 9:13am On Feb 16
Agriculture / Re: Nigeria To Remove ‘political Farmers’ From Database by Ningishzida: 9:28pm On Feb 15
Are there still farmers in Nigeria?
Just asking on behalf of Herdsmen and Bandits.


Business / Are Bank Managers And BDC Truly Behind The Naira Value Crash? by Ningishzida: 9:18pm On Feb 15
CBN sells dollars for first time in 5 months, Naira crashes further afterwards

A recent case study: CBN sold almost $90 million in the spot FX market on Tuesday to Banks, its first sale of dollars in the market since September 2023.

As at the time of this sale on Tuesday, 1 USDT coin was being exchanged on Binance p2p for around 1,520 - 1,540 Naira and Someone made the following prediction.

CBN sells to Banks @ 1,490 Naira? And the Banks will sell to the BDC operators @ 1,690 Naira; BDC will sell to the general public @ 1,890 Naira, and the cycle continues.

Until the Black Market is scrapped, trust me, this is an exercise in futility.

And here we are just two days later with NAIRA now exchanging on Binance p2p for 1,610 Naira to 1 dollar.

Are bank managers truly conniving with BDCs to devalue the Naira for maximum profit?

Politics / Re: #LiberalizeGunEights: Polls Reveal Nigerians Yearn For Gun Legalization - SR by Ningishzida: 6:42pm On Feb 14
The correct heading should be Propaganda Poll Conducted by Proxies of USA Military Industrial Complex(MIC) Reveal Nigerians Yearn For Gun Legalization
Well-meaning Americans are fighting to repeal the part of their constitution that legalized Gun-For-All Americans because it has led to gun proliferation in the USA, meanwhile these evil USA MICs are now lobbying through their NGOs to have Nigeria legalize same law so that they, the MICs, can have a new market for their weapons; profiting by supplying more weapons to Nigeria so the Negroes can keep killing themselves on a larger scale.

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Education / Re: Why Are Nigerians Not Really Into Export Business? by Ningishzida: 9:34pm On Feb 10
There are people in Nigeria who still thrive on export.
Front page material though.
By export, do you mean sustenance export whereby people send things to people they know abroad?
I am actually referring to exports where you find the exported products in the shelves of big supermarkets in the foreign country. Commercially viable exports that can be scaled.
Never found a product made in Africa in the shelves of either Kaufland, Edeka, Netto, Penny, Aldi or Lidl.

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Education / Re: Why Are Nigerians Not Really Into Export Business? by Ningishzida: 7:19pm On Feb 08

Oga mi well done
Permission to share
Permission granted.

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Education / Re: Why Are Nigerians Not Really Into Export Business? by Ningishzida: 7:40pm On Feb 07
By linking the prosperity of Africa to exports to Europe,it also means that Africa will still depend on Europe for their ECONOMIC growth.

Therefore in a situation like this internal management is very key,the Nigerian government must stop being wasteful and be very strong on careful planning.

They must be prudent and cut cost
They must be brutal with those causing insecurities.

Agriculture should be boosted for internal supply.

Nigeria can survive on export of raw materials

But the government are not serious

You majority tribes blackmen are not serious
A government of a country - signing trade deals with a foreign country in order to ensure its citizens who are into exportation of a particular line of product can get a fair market in the foreign country - doesn't mean the country is dependent on the foreign country.

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Education / Why Are Nigerians Not Really Into Export Business? by Ningishzida: 6:39pm On Feb 07
Cardoso said, “In 1980, our import expenditure stood at $16.65bn, while our exports amounted to $25.97bn, resulting in a surplus of $9.32bn. Thus, during that year, we managed to fulfil the demand for dollars from our existing supply and still had over $9bn in surplus. In such a situation, the exchange rate (the value of the US Dollar) would not increase because, similar to any commodity, its supply surpassed its demand.

This was probably JUST BEFORE NIGERIA DISCOVERED OIL and it’s wahala started

I have said it again and again on this platform






Convert all NYSC CAMPS into cash crops processing mega centres

Instead of corpers shouting corper wee wee up and down employ them to run these mega farms and produce Made in Nigeria cash crops

DO you know much land Nigeria has in the south

Till today I have never seen a crop in my life THAT CANNOT GROW IN NIGERIA.

Made in Nigeria bananas
Made in Nigeria mangoes
Made in Nigeria pineapples

Made in Nigeria cocoa

Even if it’s just one made in Nigeria something that is flooded European markets with

Then that’s all you need TO MAKE THE DOLLAR almost as strong as the naira .

The first paragraph just told you there was a time in Nigeria in 1980 where naira was stronger than dollar and that time Nigeria exported more than it imported and thus the favourable balance of trade even made it have 9 billion dollars extra



LEAVE CRUDE OIL ALONE , humans eat and humans eat most crops , even cocoa that cannot be eaten directly
It is needed for making chocolates coffee

THE NIGERIAN EXPORT SHOULD BE MERGED INTO NYSC , and nysc camps should be converted to these mega farms and tons and tons of crops should be processed to be shipped out

FG should go to European countries and lobby each country to buy even if it’s made in Nigeria bananas, that are being processed and prepared in advance from the NYSC camps .

Any embassy or country that doesn’t want these MADE IN NIGERIA products should be closed down

Any country that doesn’t mind buying Nigerian oil but when it comes to made in Nigeria products it’s reluctant is an enemy of Nigeria .

This is the only way NIGERIA CAN escape poverty



NIGERIA pls diversify this company all oil licenses of any oil company should be revoked and tax free concessions given to AGRICULTURAL companies

Nigeria please leave crude oil alone

Sunshine is free
Rainfall is free
Photosynthesis is free

These are the 3 things you need to grow any cash crop in the whole world and feed the whole world if you are serious with it

YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING TO EARN FOREX IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET , it’s not only refined oil you sell there

Please convert all Nysc camps into these mega farms and start churning out tons of materials to earn good money outside


THE UK import bananas all the way from Panama and South Africa

Please which country is closer to the uk.

How big is Panama and how much land does South Africa that tescos stores in the uk import all the way down South Africa for bananas

Why can’t there be made in Nigeria bananas

Why this oil curse for Gods sake

How much green land do we have in the south of Nigeria that bananas fresh good ones can’t be planted to be exported in tons

Convert all nysc camps to farms now , double allawee to corpers that want to work leave the ones who don’t want to go and be looking for thier oil corporate jobs

After converting the nysc camps into mega farms Merge nysc and the Nigerian export council and EXPORT all your wahala and earn cool forex

Find a country and export good fresh foods to this country

No one can tell me this is impossible
If elections materials can get to every nook and cranny of this country

You can’t tell me state sponsored Mega farms are impossible

ALL THE TRILLIONS SAVED FROM FUEL SUBSIDY. Invest it in agriculture and become a sole supplier of foreign countries different types of food


Do you know how much crops you can grow for free and make FREE DOLLARS FOR free

Who told these guys oil is the only thing you can sell

Once again scroll back up and check the first paragraph soemthing used to happen to Nigeria before 1980

After 1980 it got carried away and chased something which is crude oil

And 50 years later Nigeria life has never remained the same

Please diversify this economy now

Besides carrots takes 3 months to grow
Cucumbers etc

There are some crops that if Nigerian becomes a sole exporter to selected foreign countries growing them would be light work

Infact self nnpc should be forced to buy shares in this new mega farms

Leave oil alone

The above is a comment on one of the threads I found on the frontpage today.

Unfortunately, the author thinks that the problem is with Nigerians because they either have no product to export or they are unwilling to go into export business. I believe a lot of Nigerians hold this same opinion as well but the problem is political and I will try to explain in layman's terms.

I reside in Germany as a foreigner but I visit Nigeria at least once every year. When I'm in Germany, I order lots of personal products from ecommerce websites, ranging from wears, tech gadgets, electronics and other accessories. A lot of these items are manufactured and shipped from Asia. And when they arrive Germany, DHL or Hermes delivers it to my doorstep without me having to pay any extra dime besides what I have payed to the seller for shipping.

Now, when it comes to ordering items from Nigeria, the story is entirely different. On two occasions in the past when I ordered custom sewn wears from Tailors in Nigeria, I had to pay almost twice the amount of the clothing as custom charges to German customs because the package was coming from Nigeria.
The first time, I thought it was the packaging, therefore, on the second occasion, I asked the Tailors to package it same way the Chinese package the wears I order from them. But it changed nothing. I still had to pay the same custom charges because the item was coming from Nigeria. For this reason, I no longer order items from Nigeria when I'm in Germany. But I still order items from China and other Asian countries on almost a weekly basis because I don't have to pay custom fees for items originating from Asia.

The above is just an example of how Europe uses custom fees to discourage their citizens from buying any processed item from Africa.
If it were an edible processed item, a state-sponsored fake research will be carried out immediately to "scientifically" discover that the processed goods coming from Africa contain insecticides and other unsafe chemicals, then they will use the research as a guise to ban it in Europe indefinitely.

Europe would rather stay hungry than to allow any goods processed in an African country enter their market. They know by doing so, they are creating jobs for Africans in Africa and therefore allowing Africa'seconomy to grow. If Africans are allowed to develop their economy;
* where will the cheap African labor and resources that Europe built their economy upon come from?
* How will THE FOUNDATIONAL NARRATIVE (that Africans are uncivilized slaves that needs the benevolence of they the civilized Europeans in order to survive) continue to be subconsciously programmed into the world?

I will explain the term I coined as "THE FOUNDATIONAL NARRATIVE" in one of my future posts. But for now, just know that it is the narrative that led to the current world where every non-Negro race tries to be "whites" and tries as much to erase "blacks" away from their families. The Bible, Quran were the original tools used to lay down the narrative but at the moment, it is the mainstream media AKA Rothschild family-owned medias that are now the primary proponents.

A country's citizen can only become exporters if the international market are not hindering the countrh from exporting their processed items.
The world as it stands today are controlled by the Caucasians followed by the Arabs, and then the Asians. All these three groups of people are united because they managed to single out the Negro race as being the greatest threat to their survival. They might disagree on any other matter but when it comes to suppressing all the countries where the Negroes exist on earth, they will always unite to suppress the Negroes.

Unless our leaders start signing trade deals that will enable citizens of Nigeria export processed items to Europe or even Asia, Nigeria will continue to be import dependent and any private citizen that decide to venture into the business of exporting processed items will find themselves fighting an uphill battle that they can never survive on their own.

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Family / Re: How Are You Surviving In This Economy? by Ningishzida: 5:57pm On Feb 07

Any embassy or country that doesn’t want these MADE IN NIGERIA products should be closed down

Any country that doesn’t mind buying Nigerian oil but when it comes to made in Nigeria products it’s reluctant is an enemy of Nigeria .

Europe would rather stay hungry than to allow any goods processed in an African country enter their market. They know by doing so, they are creating jobs for Africans in Africa. If Africans are allowed to develop their economy, where will the cheap African labor and resources that Europe built their economy upon come from?

A sponsored research will be carried out immediately to "scientifically" discover that the processed goods coming from Africa contain insecticides and other unsafe chemicals, then they will ban it immediately.


Education / Re: Old Footage Of The West Planning How To Best Kill Half Of Africans by Ningishzida: 10:50pm On Jan 20
By Africans, they are not referring to the Arabs in North Africa. But the Melanated skinned Africans.
Education / Old Footage Of The West Planning How To Best Kill Half Of Africans by Ningishzida: 10:48pm On Jan 20
The actual video starts at 01:00 timestamp

Education / How Saudi Arabia, Kuwait And Other Arab Countries Treat Africans by Ningishzida: 11:06pm On Jan 15
I hope that one day this curse upon Africans ends but we as Africans still have a long way to go.

A lot of our women who end up as slaves in these Arab countries were not captured by Arabs, but rather deceived by fraudulent travel agents who lie to these women about how much money they can earn working as house helps in Saudi Arabia.

These women arrive in these Arab countries only to get their passport seized by their Arab "buyers" who use them as Sex slaves and every other form of inhuman treatment. They can't even leave afterwards even if they wanted to.

A sane government in Africa should be sensitizing its citizens on the dangers of traveling to Arab countries as an African. Unfortunately our government has no regards for its citizens.

Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Ningishzida: 9:52pm On Jan 10

If nobody has vouch for u, then there's problem with u. even wen I said u should provide a payment receipt u use for @johnn87, u ve failed to provide it. Why shud we all believe u undecided lipsrsealed undecided
Hi, It is possible that @likeAking might be innocent.
I have been a victim of a false accusation in the past, and I have witnessed an innocent victim been lynched by mobs who had no idea what is happening. It is not something to be quiet about.

First, I quote the victims claim of how he got the "08145227409" number he chatted with:

I actually copied that from @likeaking comment here, where he was responding to someone else who wanted to buy 4.5$ of BNB. That the guy should contact him there. Now I can't find the comment.
I think I have moved on now. The scam was payment for ignorance. I didn't know I could just get it on Binance as well
From the above, the only person who wanted the 4.5$ of BNB I could find from previous pages was the user "Johnn87"

Someone else accused LikeAking of being smart and deleting the number from his reply afterwards, however I havent seen any feature for deleting a post on NL. AFAIK, only Mods or the spam bot can delete a post here. I have only been able to modify NL posts in the past, or maybe I'm missing something.

Regarding the possibility of modifying the posts, if you all check properly, the user "Johnn87" quoted LikeAking's post in all their exchanged conversations. This means even if LikeAking was smart by quickly modifying all the messages to remove the said "08145227409" number, it would have been impossible for him to remove the quoted conversation copies made by user "Johnn87".
Nowhere among those quoted conversation copies made by user "Johnn87" did LikeAking drop any phone number.

I made a screen recording of the page 3435 of this thread as seen on Yandex's cache dated January 4, a day after the conversation between "Johnn87" and "LikeAking"
LikeAKing didn't drop any phone number for "Johnn87" in all his messages as seen on that cached page. The video recording is almost 70MB and I don't know how to attach it here. Anyone interested can request for it and I will look for a way to reduce the size and upload it.

According to Yandex's cache history, the Nairaland User named 'loftus' dropped that "08145227409" number on NL on 09.11.2023 14:57, asking someone to reach him through Whatsapp. But this post was recently deleted by a NL mod, probably after someone reported the phone number as a scam, and the user has not been online sice January 08, now it only appears as a blank space on the users NL post history when you check their profile.

Although I am not vouching for LikeAking, I think there might be a possibility that he is innocent, since there is no proof whatsoever that he has posted the said "08145227409" number at any time jn the past.


Education / "Western Puppet" Ghanaian Government Cancelled The Convention by Ningishzida: 2:35am On Jan 09
The Akuffo Addo family has always fought against the ideas and stance of Dr. Nkrumah's political doctrines.

They are still at it, but the youths of Africa must stand up against such neo-colonial puppeteers no matter where they are on the African Continent or in the world.

This must be pressure from the west to the puppet to cancel it, Ghana holds international platform this will spread very fast.



Education / Israel Want To Migrate Palestiniams From Gaza To Congo by Ningishzida: 10:37pm On Jan 07
From the look of things, it seems as if the Arab countries have reached a secret deal with the USA to move the displaced Palestine from Gaza to Congo.

If this is true, then in as little as 10 years from now, Congo will become the next Apartheid country where the newly implanted Palestinians will be supported by the West and Arabs to take all the lands in the most strategic part of Congo, and chase the Congolese to the worst uninhabitable lands, thereby enslaving the Congolese and relegating them to manual laborers for further developing the new Cities just like it was in South Africa during the Apartheid.

These new "Arabs Only" cities will be open to only Arabs and Europeans while the Africans cannot go there because they are "abeeds" according to Arabs and Islam.

Those who forget their history are bound to repeat same mistakes. Unfortunately for Africans, we've been taught only the history that will keep us enslaved.

Before the Europeans started enslaving Africans in 1526, the Arabs were already enslaving us since 650 AD around the same time they performed an ethnic genocide of the Africans who originally inhabited Egypt, Tunisia and all of North Africa, and replaced them with Arabs.

The Arab form of enslaving Africans was the worst form of slavery known to mankind. These Arabs targeted African women for rape because their religion encourages them to do so. While they took young African boys between the age of 8 and 12 and had their scrotums and joysticks completely amputated to prevent them from reproducing. About six of every 10 boys bled to death during the procedure, according to some sources, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable for them Arabs.

Unfortunately our educational system in Africa has completely removed all these part of history. And till today, our women and young boys still pay money to travel to these Arab countries to continue their ancestral enslavement by the Arabs.

When will Africa have leaders that can see the bigger


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Education / Indian Racists Coming To Oppress Africans In Africa by Ningishzida: 5:51pm On Jan 06
Im a Nigerian in diaspora and this Julius is speaking the truth here.
The truth will always hurt because we are not used to hearing it.
These indians come to Africa to do businesses and they are received with love by Africans but majority of them actually hate Africans and subject them to the worst form of working conditions because the African governments.
Even in India, the Black indians(sidis) are discriminated against using their Caste system of racism.
My heart goes out to all our African brothers who found themselves in India in their search for greener pastures abroad.


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Education / Rwanda Or Nigeria? by Ningishzida: 11:08pm On Jan 05
Rwanda is one of the few Africans countries on the right path to development.
Good leadership,
Minimal corruption,
Zero Islamic terrorists,
Good tourist industry, etc.

Nigeria might currently be the least developed African country. Besides our Banking system and mobile networks, every other aspect of the country is literally non-existent.

Most Nigerians have never even visited their neighbouring Benin Republic to see the level of their infrastructures therefore these Nigerians always think Nigeria us still the Giant of Africa.

Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Ningishzida: 9:56pm On Jan 05
1. Go to Binance app
2. Click on wallet
3. Click on deposit
4. Search for XAI
5. click the on the XAI (XAI)

6. Copy the eth address




You will receive 100XAI,  BINANCE IS LISTING IT ON 7th Of January 2024..

Do Not Delay...

Free money for everyone

This is an Airdrop Scam website you are referring people to!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack In Kerman, Iran by Ningishzida: 8:36pm On Jan 04
• Uganda passed a law to criminalize Gay. Within the following week, they were attacked by terrorists who somehow managed to acquire western made weapons to carry out their massacres murders in Uganda.

• Western medias are pointing fingers at Iran as being the sponsors of the Houthis, the next thing ISIS carries out a mass massacre in Iran.

This should be an eye opener to any of you Africans still doubting that the West are not the sponsors of these "Islamic Organizations" operating under different names the world over, including the Boko haram and Herdsmen destroying Nigerias economy through the constant massacres they carry out.

The playbook to keep Nigeria and other Countries not belonging to pale-skinned people forever subservient to the West is simple:
Take the case of Nigeria for example.
• Initially it was Boko haram carrying out massacre in a timed schedule. Each of these massacres are constantly hyped by all Western media together. It even got to a point where I had to be checking the local t-online news screens in Germany's city train station to see the breaking news of the most recent massacre carried out by Boko haram and Herdsmen in Nigeria. The goal was to make Foreign investors scared of going to invest in Nigeria. Who wants to invest their money in a country where Islamic jihadists are carrying out mass murders every day?
• Recently the Boko harams are no longer getting enough Western Weapons from their sponsors because these same sponsors have shifted their priorities to sponsoring Herdsmen. The intent of sponsoring the Herdsmen is simple; attack and kill farmers constantly so that at some point in the near future, Farmers will become scarce in Nigeria and people will become scared of farming because everyone knows some farmer(s) that got killed or raped by Herdsmen while working in their farms.
• This trend will lead to us importing all our foods from other countries, meaning more demand of Euro and Dollar, weakening our Naira even further.
• The more our Naira Weakens, the weaker our economy and military will become. This means the few Nigerians left in Nigeria that still has an iota of IQ will all japa to the West in search of greener pastures where majority will end up working as slaves for these Westerners.
It is a grand game that these Westerners are using to keep us poor but unfortunately our leaders lack the self-esteem to stand up to the Western blood suckered.
Instead, ECOWAS, under the leadership of Nigeria, is supporting France to fight against their African Brothers Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, because these countries finally got leaders who seek dignity for their citizens.
We were once the same Nigeria that assisted South Africa to fight against their Apartheid inflicted upon them by these Pale skinned Westerners. Now we are the same Nigeria helping France to maintain their subjugation of our African brothers.
The image below shows all the affrican countries that supported France to maintain the colonization of Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso through the sanction that prevented any import going to these countries.
One thing stood out, all these countries are francophone colonies with puppet government appointed by France and using currencies produced by France. All the countries except Nigeria. Nigeria had the option but voluntarily chose to support France in their colonization of these three countries whose leaders aare fighting for their right to self-determination.
Thanks to the Moroccan government who finally invited Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger to a talk that will enable them route their imports through the Moroccan ports. It was after Benin Republic heard about this that they decided to quickly reopen their seaports for imports going to these three countries because they know they will be loosing billions annually if these three countries finally signs the deal that will allow them use the Moroccan sea ports for their imports and exports.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Ningishzida: 8:34pm On Jan 04

....and of all the DYOR that you learned to do, it is coins with billions upon billons in circulation that you are sharing. It is either you are a newbie who still thinks that buying billions of shitcoins would make you rich or you are out to ruin a lot of people here but not under my watch.
Nicely said.
Anyone claiming to be a trader but doesn't understand how the volume in circulation determines price should be suspicious.
Nigerians should be careful of the people's advice they take on this thread.
I can assure you that some of the Monikers here are actually used by the creators of these rogue meme coins looking to lure Nigerians into buying, then dumping on them immediately after buying.
Look at it from a global perspective; Nigeria has the most crypto currency users globally, and this thread on Nairaland is the most active place on the Internet where Nigerian Crypto traders converge. It makes sense to assume that a rogue coin floater looking for victims to dump their meme coin upon will easily find their way here, create a free user account pretending to be a "skilled Nigerian trader" and try to mislead Nigerians into buying their rogue coins.
Please act wisely everyone.


Education / Re: PLO Lumumba Explaining How The Arabs Enslaved And Castrated Africans by Ningishzida: 10:58pm On Jan 03
Anytime I hear people speak about the plight of the Palestinian Arabs, I always think of the plight of black people in the Middle East whose voices are never heard.
And I'm not supporting Israel either. Because Israel is even worse than the Arabs when it comes to their hate towards Africans. Some Clinics in Israel, under their secret Israeli government program to rid Israel of Africans, will carry out procedures on their African patients which will permanently sterilize these African patients for life, unknown to the patient.
Education / PLO Lumumba Explaining How The Arabs Enslaved And Castrated Africans by Ningishzida: 10:19pm On Jan 03
Arab slave trade has been the most difficult and painful history of Africa yet the most avoided discussion.

Very few Africans know about the Arabic term "Abeed" until they travel to North Africa or the Middle East. Abeed is a term that Arabs use to refer to Africans and it literally means "Slave".

The Arabs wiped out entire Nations of Melaneated people in the Areas now known as North Africa. The surviving men were castrated and used as slaves while the women were used as sex objects. The tradition continues till this days except that we now pay to get Visas to these Arab Nations so that we can continue being enslaved by them in exchange for peanuts that won't even enable you afford flight tickets back home at the end of the year.

Everyone speaks about Racism in the West against Africans but no one talks about the enslavement of Africans by the Arabs, till these present day.

Education / Why The West Assassinate Any African Leader Who Tries To Stabilize Their Country by Ningishzida: 12:21am On Dec 17, 2023
”When the history books are consistently penned by beneficiaries of African deaths, villains will keep been eulogized and our descendants will keep worshipping those who killed their forefathers and impoverish them till the current day"

The playbook the West uses to kill, impoverish and steal the resources from Africa only needs a little studying in order to be understood;

1) supply arms and training to jihadists or separatists group in any African country that has resources,

2) deploy Western soldiers thereafter to same country under the guise of fighting terrorism(same terrorism they have created and continue to sponsor with arms),

3) Now they have control of the resources of the country so long as their military are in that country fighting a fake anti-terrorism fight against the same "terrorists" that they(the West) created and are supplying arms to,

4) Ensure the leader remains a stooge to the West else they assassinate him and plant their stooge as the leader(like the case of Bazoom of Niger, Paul Biya of Cameroon, and so many others),

5) Now they start sending "propaganda aids" that isn't up to 0.0001% of the resources they are stealing, back to the government of these victimized African countries. I call these Aids propaganda because it kills two birds with one stone. The first is that to the ordinary citizens of these countries, it appears as if the Westerners are coming to help them, unknown to them that their poverty and hardship was created and continue to be sustained by these Westerners in order for the Western economies to keep getting developed at the expense of the Africans. The second is that to the rest of the world, it sends the message that Africans are too dumb to manage their Countries on their own if not for the "Aids" they are receiving from the "Civilized" West.

Our democratic leaders are fully aware of the origin of these Islamic jihadists and armed conflicts all over the resource-rich African countries but they turn a blind eye so long as they remain in power. This is because the moment these democratic leaders decide to look after their people, the West will assassinate them through death by questionable circumstances.

I will be updating this topic with some past great African Leaders that could have changed the current third-world status of most African countries if not for the fact that the West killed them for no reason other than the fact that these leaders were trying to develop their countries. This is because the West hates to see any country where Melanated people are the majority getting developed.

In the meantime, here is a quote from the late Patrice Lumumba
"Dead, living, free, or in prison on the orders of the colonialists, it is not I who counts. It is the Congo, it is our people for whom independence has been transformed into a cage where we are regarded from the outside… History will one day have its say, but it will not be the history that Brussels, Paris, Washington, or the United Nations will teach, but that which they will teach in the countries emancipated from colonialism and its puppets… a history of glory and dignity."

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Education / Russia EXPOSES How Europe And The USA Are Currently Using Africans As Lab Rats by Ningishzida: 5:19pm On Nov 19, 2023
Just when you thought Africans learnt from the Slave trade.

African leaders like William Ruto, the Ghanaian President, the Cameroonian president, and one other(can't mention his name) that is popular for siding with France against their neighbouring Niger, are traitors that do not deserve to lead their people.

These leaders are so dumb that they cant see the bigger Picture of the effect of their actions today in the coming years ahead. They focus only on selling out their people to Europeans in exchange for Dollars and Power, even if it means enacting laws that gives these Caucasians power to implant chips/vxxcine that will lead to the demise of the Negroid/Moor race in the next 100 years.


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Education / How The West Destroys Africa One Country At A Time by Ningishzida: 1:45am On Oct 28, 2023
It's good we see this and we should continue to see this but to be honest, we know this and we have known this for a while now. Let's do something about it and our friends in Burkina Faso, Mali, guinea, Niger, Rwanda, etc have showed us the way. We must work with partners like Russia, china and Iran because it's in their interest that the west's back is broken in Africa because resources from Africa are being used to fight the likes of Russia. Let's take advantage of the east west divide to free ourselves

Politics / Re: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz To Visit Nigeria by Ningishzida: 4:26pm On Oct 27, 2023
Alright. He's probably coming to seek for Oil and Gas since German economy is currently suffering.
The government is yet to turn on our home heating in my region up till now despite the Winter already here .

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Education / Re: Video Showing Ghana's President Snitching on African Countries To America by Ningishzida: 1:57pm On Oct 25, 2023
This is why Africa will never be developed. Dumb African Leaders selling their Citizens(and other African Leaders) out in exchange for 'Mirrors' and peasant Gifts from the white Man.
Education / Video Showing Ghana's President Snitching on African Countries To America by Ningishzida: 1:14am On Oct 25, 2023
Summary of his snitching starts at 1:09
The complete snitching starts at 8:00


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