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Family / Re: She Is Single And Living On Rented Apartment, Away From Family ! Is It Good? by Noblejohn32(m): 7:22pm On Mar 08

what you wrote above is not only very narrow minded, it is also very foolish... so because some wh0res live on their own, we should now stop women from living on their own?! what other insecurities do you live by? why would you even take what these women do as a benchmark to what other women must do (or not) in their lives?!??! makes no damn sense!

nobody should live their lives because of the negative actions of others. if you want to move out of your parents house because you wanna be independent and live your life, then DO IT.... simply because thats what you have decided to do, and basta... if insecure/low self esteem ignorant people will compare you to prostitutes then let "them" deal with their deluded mindset.
On point!

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Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 8:35pm On Feb 16
Fresh episode loading........


Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 8:08pm On Feb 16
Come and continue desire na. The story wasn't that long o.

Updates begins nextweek
Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:45am On Feb 16
Mfon it's been a long time I read interesting write-ups. Your inspirational thought is undefiled. Muah...keep it up
Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:43am On Feb 16
can't believe I actually read the story all through...nice captivating story and very hilarious sheets....
thump up� to you bro
Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:41am On Feb 16
So I'd read this long thing and not comment?

Nice story. A few tips.

You have to make the intro more catching.
Something that would make others want to continue reading.

I like your punctuations.

Emphasize on some points to create a more visual representation of your story.

Are you ibibio?
Yea! I'm ibibio

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Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:39am On Feb 16
Oh! Interesting and informative,thumbs up!!!
Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:39am On Feb 16
Good to know Jack's life positively changed.
4 years later, he became an outstanding soldier...
Thanks for your interest.
Literature / Re: "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:43pm On Feb 13
Episode 4

Two weeks after Val, the school was on fire: all manners of life threatening report was made. Many girls had a new walking step, most of them lost their 'hymen' to guys who managed to get them kunu and eggroll on Val's day. A certain report was brought to the school that a group of ritualist inserted fetish items into the vagina of four girls in an hotel room but one luckily escaped to tell the tale, unfortunately, the rest died a week later. Rumours circulated round the school that a number of girls were pregnant and so they stoped school, most of them were now shadow of themselves after the trauma of aborting a baby that was made on Val's day. Less than twenty girls lost their life during the process of abortion as they took in toxic substance to abort the child. Most of them, on their death bed confessed their deeds to their parents and guys responsible were cooling their heads off in the police cell. A teacher died of cardiac arrest during the active service of sex. After Post-mortem was carried out, it was discovered that he took sex enhancing drugs.
he died with saliva and mucus dripping down his nose, the girl he carried the service with was currently in a white garment church seeking mercy from God.
Many girls became enemies as complains of : "you slept with my guy, he disvirgined me" filled the air. Most guys were not left out as they exchanged punches with their potential enemies claiming the person hijacked their date during val.
Most guys evaded classes so as to avoid some girls they slept with, while most ladies cried to death when they discovered their body was only used as a sex tool.
Few found love.

Jackson sat in a secluded area in school trying to think about the occurence in school. SSCE was fast approaching. The girl Evelyn was on his mind, he chuckled as he remembered Val's day, a day he got drilled by a General, a day he could have disvirgined a girl, a day he could have......
He shrugged, Valentine was a spirit with two heads... aye.

The Senior secondary certificate examination began and all student 'gave their mind to it'.
After the result was out, Captain Jack squashed the examination.
He had seven F and one C.
He cried, in anger he left to church with his result to testify about the witches of his village responsible for his failure. His dad as usual took him through anothet rigorous fasting and broke more bottles of egg and olive oil on his head. Jack head had grown extra thick due to the amount of bottles being broken on it.
The next year he registered for JAMB and GCE. But on JAMB examination day, he was chased by a mad dog and he ran and got lost. Before he could recover the route back to the exam hall, it was nine hours later.
He wrote GCE and made seven F and one C, he gave up.
He thought school wasn't for him.
He decided to learn a trade. his mother tried to make him learn most lucrative masculine trade but he wanted learning hairdressing. His mum pleaded with him to focus on the barbing part but he wanted female hairdressing. When his dad heard of the decision, he tagged him a son possessed with marine spirits.
Nevertheless, Captain bought the required items and paid for the one year training in a reputable hairdressing saloon.
His first day at work was a disaster, as he told everyone including his boss to call him Captain. The very moment he placed his iron hands on a woman to practise, the woman screamed loud as he pulled the strands of the lady's hair as if he pulled a rope. That earned numerous lumps on his head as the boss will always hit him repeatedly with the heel of her shoes. But he never stopped.
After two months, he was expelled.
Captain Jack applied in a warehouse as a sales boy and he was employed. Within the space of two weeks, he broke over sixty bottles of drinks. The owner got fed up one day and slammed a bottle of coke on Jack's head but was suprised when the was no reaction.
Jack smiled and left.
From all angles, he knew he was cursed. He stayed at home for months and almost died of boredom.
Jack decided to join his dad on his gospel mission. That day they moved round the market screaming and preaching. Jack never knew any portion of the Bible, he only nodded and spoke in strange tongues to spice his dad's message.
After the gospel session, his dad asked him to strike a chorus.
Jack thought for a while, the song that came into his mind was 'Gentleman' by Fela Anikulapo.
He sang it out.
♪i no be gentleman atall♪
♪i be African man, original!♪

His dad without warning, slammed a bottle of Olive oil on his head.
"Are you worshipping the God of Fela here?" Dad screamed.
The people in the market screamed when they didn't see any trace of blood on Jack's head.
Dad sang a chorus and gave him a basin to move round the market and get offering.
"I see your husband dying in a keke accident, i see your first son doing marchpast under the bridge, i see your daughter being elected as the chairlady association of madwomen! Sow a seed so that heaven will smoke your suffering out" Jack will prophesy to anybody he sees then he'll hand the basin towards the person for money.
After the tedious exercise under the sun, they returned home to count their proceedings.
Dad accused Jack of stealing the church offering.
"Why am i seeing only two thousand?" Dad screamed.
"Dad, i didn't count the money!" Jack defended.
"Just today that you lended Christ your life, you want to destroy my ministry!" Dad screamed and rushed inside his room and soon emerged with two cutlass and a dane gun.
He held the two cutlass and swung it vigorously as if preparing to battle a deadly monster.
"Daddy! How many times do you want to kill me, atleast one cutlass is enough!" Jack screamed and raced out of the house.

Jack chuckled lightly as he reminisced on his life. He was approaching the age of thirty, no girlfriend, no career, no job.
He shifted his tablefan closer as he was drenched with sweat.
He thought of different business ideas, he could embark on. The following day was Valentine, he thought buying condoms in pack and selling them on a high rate since the demand for it will be high.
He couldn't come up with a better plan.

*14th Febuary 2020*

Jack sat on a sloppy hill and viewed the activities on the street, preparations was on high gear against the golden night.
He smiled to himself, no job, no girl.
A particular car caught his attention.
A red highlander halted and a tall beautiful lady alighted.
Captain Jack's eyes popped wild.
"Evelyn" he couldn't stop the voice.
The lady turned swiftly towards the direction she heard her name.
"Jjjjjj" she stuttered.
Jack raced down with a scream and enveloped her in a hug.
"How are you?" He breathed in excitement.
"Are you Jack?" She asked.
"Oh my gosh!" The memories began flooding in.
"Today is Val" she breathed.
"Yea! and you're still fresh on my mind!" Jack said.

Jack entered into her car and they drove to a posh restaurant.
They sat over a bottle of expensive wine and a plate of barbequed fishes.
"So how is life?" Jack asked.
"Good! I'm a medical surgeon now working with the military hospital" she said. "And you?"
"I am like a lizard, i have no house!".
"You haven't desisted from this your funny act!" She said as she sipped her wine.
"I'm damn serious! I'm just an empty vessel, no career, no job. I've always wanted to be in the force but i d....."
"Shhhh! Don't lament,".
"I don't even have an O level result" .
"Gosh! In life, circumstances arises to train us and not to weigh us down. If you're still nursing the ambition of being in the force, you can still make it".
"Can i?" He shrugged.
"Believe that you can and you will" she said.
Jack breathed.
"Are you married?" She asked.
"Thank God!" She breathed.
"What are you thanking God for?" Jack asked suprised.
"Right from the last valentine day in school, I've always nursed the thought to see you again. I ate your bread and moimoi".
Jack jerked.

With the help of Evelyn, he wrote GCE and JAMB and was admitted in the Naval Academy.
Captain Jack dreams weren't cut short.
"Would you wait for me?" Jack asked Evelyn as he arranged his luggages at the park.
"I'll wait for you no matter how long it takes you to graduate over there! The future is bleak but I'm certain there will always be light at the end of the tunnel" She said with tears.


Valentine has two heads, one ugly and one beautiful. Let us not be lost in its fumes. This is not neccessarily the time to Bleep and get bleeped up. You can touch anyone's life positively, not negatively. Yo can strenghten someone else heart, not to break it.
You could use this period to solidify a family bond, a friendship bond or a relationship. Let's damn compensation after every gift, let's damn sex orgy after every rooster and bull date.
Let's exhibit true, pure, real love with no sinister motives.
I love you all.

Desire continues nextweek...........

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Literature / "Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:26pm On Feb 13
Captain Jack

Dedicated to all lovers....

Written by:John Mfon
Episode 1

Jackson Albert, a man who had tasted the hard realities of life. He had come to realise lately that the world wasn't a bed of roses.
Right from his primary school down to his secondary level had always been a tough survival.
His dad had long abandoned him to his fate because he was an illegitimate son, a son of a love peddler. His mother had taken the responsibility of nurturing him. Jackson was groomed under a harsh condition.
He attended a public primary school and used four exercise books from his primary one through six, a pair of sandals which had visited the hospital for stitches. The sandals had been the only shoe in his life.
Poor mother will always sit and cry, at times, she cursed her husband why he named her son 'Jackson' to her, jack was a name for pets.
Despite the struggles, Jackson graduated from primary school and prepared for life in secondary school.
His mum had to sit him down.
"JJ my only son, it was never my intention to be poor, i had a bright future but my parent had no money to sponsor my dream. God decided to curse me with a big buttocks, and right from fifteen, men started trooping after me. Because of my financial condition i decided to make money from them. During the long run, i met the useless man called your father. He promised to marry him if i quit prostitution which i did. But right from when i married him I've been living like a slave. I don't want you to be like me, i don't want you to be like your father" she said in ibibio.
"But dad is a pastor! we need to follow his footsteps" Jackson argued.
"Your father is a yahoo pastor" the mum screamed.
Jackson stared at his mum.
"Your daddy is no pastor, he is a drunkard of a pastor! He drinks every time and that's why he was anionted pastor, he pastors only touts and drunkard!".
Jackson chuckled, he remembered countless time he had to bring his dad home in a wheelbarrow. Most times, he do ask his dad why he sleeps in gutters most times but the man will always say:after ministration, i do what the spirit tells me.
So the spirit do tells you to swimm in a gutter? He'll argue further.
My bastard baby shattap, you don't know anything about missionary works. In the 90s, we the missionaries do sleep in forests, but thank God for technology, we now have roads with well developed drainage system which the man of God can rest his head, i do commune well with God when I'm in the gutter. Why do you think that Christ was born in a manger, we've to follow christ.

"Jackson" his mum screamed.
He jolted.
"What are you thinking about?".
He nodded his head in negative.
"Your father is a wicked man, i want you to be a better man in life, you are big and i want you to know that the day you impregnate a girl, your sufferings begin. So what do you want to be in future?"
Jackson thought for a while.
"I want you to be a Doctor".
He nodded in negative.
"Dad said bastards are never doctors, that they will kill the patient before the patient thinks of dying".
"He said that?" Mum sobbed.
"He said my place is in the village council hall, he said i smell like sour plantain".
She snapped her fingers.
"He told me that I'm a by-product and that he is planning to kill me and use my body to prepare suya!".
"Jesus" she screamed.
"I want to be an army".
"Nooo, you'll die, i don't want you to live me" she screamed and held his son hands.

Uproars and screams were heard as someone knocked at the door.

Mrs.Albert saw her husband on suit with a holy bible lying on the floor and speaking in tongues.
"How long will you continue to disgrace me" she thought.

Mr.Albert had anionted himself with bottles of locally made gin. The gin lifted his soul up and made him gallant in the things of the spirit, he chased every single kid on the road, he kept on binding and casting nepa poles which he thought were tall demons. He urinated on himself and constantly used the gutters instead of the road. He saw people as birds and the gutter as an airport.
He met two ladies on the street and he decided to try his toasting skills, but he kept on screaming and singing the national anthem, he convinced the ladies that he'll take them to a hotel. The ladies on seeing his plight decided to drag him home.

Mr.Albert heard a familiar voice and he jerked up.
"Oooh we've finally reached the hotel" he tried to stand but he lost balance and fell down.
His eyes popped open when he saw his wife and son.
"I said it, it will come to this! You went to an hotel, you did not only go to an hotel, you took my son with you so that he can be playing referee, God will judge us here!" He tried to stand and he lost balance and fell into a drum of oil.
"My ladies, take me out of here. I don't need a swimming pool".

Episode 2

Jackson commenced secondary school the following year. He was always claiming 'soldier'. He fought seniors almost every day. He could sag his trousers, wear coloured trainers, fry his hair and no one would touch him.
He told the whole school that he wanted being in the army. During break he will jog round the school field, do strenous exercises to the admiration of females.

"Jackson! What is a noun?" The english master asked.
He stood up and adjusted his collar, he was the biggest pupil in JSS1.
"I'm waiting!"
Jackson thought for a while....
"Is it needed in the army?" Jackson asked.
"What do you mean?".
"You cannot ask an army boy that question!".
"Are you insane?" The teacher asked. He grabbed a cane and whipped Jackson. Without warning, Jackson gave him a sliding tackle. The english master fell like a bag of garri, he lay on the ground and began to cry. The class screamed, but Jackson ordered them to sleep.

The next day, he was told to lie on the ground by the principal.
Jackson fell like a palm tree and started a session of press- up.
The principal ordered him to frog jump round the field and he did same.
After the incident, he reduced his intensity for trouble untill his final year.

A new girl was admitted in saint Andrews School.
Every guy stared in astonishment as the beauty catwalked into the class.
Jackson was absent, he was confused on which course to offer, he kept on pestering the Principal if Army is a science or arts course.

The very day he resumed school, he decided to offer science subjects.
He met the new girl in class and he was told that she was a General's daughter. Right from that day he automatically became a bright student.
"Class, who knows the meaning of a cell?" The biology mistress asked.
Inorder to impress the girl.
Jackson stood up and cleared his throat, he twisted his neck and fell like a palm tree and began a press-up session.
"Are you mad!" The teacher asked.
"Sorry sir, i was trying to exercise my brain as a captain in the force!" He faced the girl. "A cell, according to Wole Soyinka dictionary is a process of disco seperation in a club, it is a phrase used by men and women. I also made my observation, a cell in the army is a machine gun used for......."
"Clap for yaself, see your mouth like yam tuber!".

During the maths session, an equation was given on the board and he rose up and propounded a useless formula, a formula his dad wrote.
"State pythagoras thoery!" The maths teacher asked him after he finished solving his wonder maths.
"When the triangle is Y, then the structure of rectangle is X, logically the rectangular triangle will be the nemesis in the equation".
"Who gave birth to you?" The math teacher asked.
"My mum".
"When you go home greet her for me!"
"Tell her i said that she has done well to keep you till this age, if you were my son i would have poisoned you because of your foolishness!".
Jackson moved to his seat.
Episode 3

Jackson kept on playing the intelligent kid in class and at the same time exposing his natural inborn stupidity.
During recess, he strolled towards the general's daughter.
"Hi, I'm Jack son of Captain Albert" he stretched his hands.
The girl stared at him from head to toe and chuckled lightly.
"Hey" he waved his hands.
The girl ignored him.
"Many ladies will count this opportunity as a rare priviledge to speak to me....."
"Who do you think you are?" She snapped.
"Oooh! I'm sorry, i thought you are dumb" Jackson chuckled.
"Are you not the class clown?" The girl asked.
"Class clown?" He asked in confusion.
"Are you not the guy that answers question through the brain in your anus?".
"I'm sorry, you're unto the wrong person!" He said and dragged a chair closer to the girl.
"You see, many students and teachers in this school underrate me. I am someone that reads books, newspapers, signpost, i read anything readable that's why i have knowledge. And when i speak, my knowledge surpasses the teachers that's why they think I'm talking thrash" Jack said.
"Interesting!" The girl chuckled.
"So your knowledge made you understand that a cell is a machine gun?" She scoffed.
"You won't understand" Jack said.
"Then make me understand".
Jackson breathed.
"I am Evelyn" she gave a disarming smile.
Jackson breathed in admiration.
"You're beautiful"
She blushed excessively.
The boys in the class had began cheering Jackson.
"No near am oooo! Her papa na army man!" The boys screamed.
"Oops! I forgot telling you that i have animals for classmates. Let's go to the field" Jackson led her outside the classroom and they moved to the field and sat.
"I find you irresistible" Jack breathed.
"Let's not go there" she muttered.
"Why did you leave your former school when you're almost completing.....".
"I felt like changing school!" She said.
"Just that!" Jack stared at her in disbelief.
"I attended a big private right from my kindergarten and i got used to seeing rich spoilt kid, i needed to visit where I'll find raw and tough guys!..... you won't understand!" She sighed.
"I understand you perfectly....even the rich might want to exchange place with the poor, such is life" Jackson muttered.
"Can we be friends....like thick friends?" She asked.
"We are friends!"
"No i mean intimate friends!"
"I love blunt girls, you're bold!" Jackson smiled.
"Is that the answer to my question?"
"I'm game" he stretched his hands forward but Evelyn hugged him tight.
It seems the hug lasted for eternity.
"A teacher is ......"
"Sit here we're seniors! No teacher can do shit with me" Jackson bragged.
"You said your dad is a captain!"
"Me!" He jerked in confusion. "Oooooooh, my dad is a retired boko haramist but he is a soldier now!".
"You won't understand" he said.

Jackson and Evelyn friendship blossomed and it became the talk of the school. They exchanged romantic letters on daily basis and Jackson will always nail the letters to the wall like calenders in hïร room. Once his dad entered his room and noticed the amount of papers that had been nailed to the wall. He almost killed Jackson, he told the poor boy that he is going diabolical and taking after Lucifer the devil by nailing different papers to the wall with a sixteen inches nail. He made Jack go through a rigorous fourteen days fast, and at the end he baptised him with a bottle of beer, he claimed he couldn't find a bottle of olive oil.
When he later found one, he broke the bottle on his son head as part of the deliverance.

Their friendship developed into a relationship and they began nursing dreams towards marriage. Jackson was twenty while Evelyn was fifteen.
Dating a general's daughter was fun.

Febuary 14

Jack thought of what to give his bae, he had a few coin on him. He strolled to the supermarket and found a wrist watch, he saw the price tag and he almost wept. Twenty thousand just for an ordinary wrist watch. He had only five hundred naira. The only thought that came into his mind was bread and akara, that was what he could afford. Akara seems local.
he asked the price of a big loaf of bread and the price shocked him. Seven hundred naira. He cursed the shop keeper and marched out of the shop. He trekked for one hour and arrived at a bakery. He bought a big loaf for three hundred naira and he bought moimoi from a food vendor.
He bought a wrapping paper from a nearby shop and wrapped the bread and the moimoi.
He sat near a fence, pulled out his pen and began writing

Oh my precious Evelyn, words cannot describe the love i have for you. I trekk four hundred metres under the sun to buy you a gift. That shows my love. Please don't laugh when you open the gift. Silver and gold i have not, but what i have us what i give. In the name of the lord i am rich enough to buy you bread and moimoi. Chop and be healthy. The moimoi is a sweet one so don't worry you shall not mess too much. If you check Songs of Solomon, the bible says: i sought for my wife, she was beautiful, her breast were like twin towers, thy lips are fresh like scarlet. Your father loves you but i love you better than him, while Jesus loves you best than us.
Yours lovingly

He pasted the letter on the gift and resumed his israelite journey.
He arrived Evelyn's house sweating as a guinea fowl. He knocked at the gate.
Few minutes later, the gate was unlocked by Evelyn.
"See my baby" She hugged him.
Jackson admired the exterior decoration of the house.
"Don't worry my dad isn't around" She said on noticing his tension.
"What of your mum?"
"She is dead!" She replied.
"Eyyaaah! Take heart" he responded like a typical naija- burial -sympathizer.
"You bought me a gift! Awwwwwn, that's so special!" She said and took the gift from him.
"Don't open that gift, until i leave this environment" Jackson said.
"Is it bomb?" She asked.
"It is more than bomb, infact it is a grenade" he said.
She offered him a bottle of soda, and sat close to him with full concentration on the TV.
Jack scrutinised her body and immediately a boner formed in his trousers. He slipped his hands below her skirt. She jerked.
"What do you think you're doing?" She asked.
"Nothing!" He was already breathing hard.
"I'm scared! I've never done it before!!" She said.
"I'll teach you" he unbuckled his belt quickly.
"It'll pain me" she said.
"I'll do it slowly!" He tore her shirt and grabbed her boobs.
Evelyn wobbled, arched her back and grunted as strange feelings swept through her. The breeze coming from the AC made her nipples hardened. She screamed as Jack played with her body.
"We were taught to use condoms. Are you with one?" She manage to gasp.
Jack thought for a while, he quickly put on his boxers and rushed outside and few seconds later, he came in with a blade of grass, he even forgot to lock the door.
He tied the grass on his manhood.
Evelyn jerked.
"You are a witch doctor! What do you want to do?" She got up.
"Relax, i don't want you to get pregnant!" He tried to touch her but she recoiled.
"Is that the condom you're supposed to use?".
"This grass is more effective!" He said.
"There is no way I'm letting that enter my ......."

"If you move i shoot"
they all turn to see the owner of the house pointing a riffle at them.
"Evelyn, i thought you were still a baby!" General roared.
Evelyn went on her knees and began sobbing.
Jackson just remain footed on the spot.
The general gave an evil laughter when he saw the naked Jack with grasses tied round his dick. He rushed and punched Jack squarely. He aimed his riffle at Jack's dick.
"Oga please don't kill that thing that is my possession in life! you can kill me" he pleaded.
"You fool!" The general screamed and ordered his boys to lift Jackson up.
"I'm taking both of you to the school right away!" He roared.
His men wanted throwing Jackson into the car but he screamed at them.
"don't put that fool in my car, he is not worthy to be in my car".
A truck was brought and attached to the bonnet of the car. Jackson and Evelyn were thrown into the truck.
The general jumped into the car and drove off.
Jackson regret was the bread and moimoi which he didn't eat.
Everyone in Saint Andrews, left their classes to watch the free exhibition.
The general drove round the sloppy field, causing the truck to jerk severely and make funny sounds. He brought the car to a halt. His men bundled Jack and Evelyn and slammed them on the field.
"Where is the principal! Who is the principal!! How is he!!!" The general screamed.
The female principal rushed forward, she tried to disperse the crowd but failed woefully.
"Are you the principal?" He roared.
"Yes!" She whimpered.
"This children had the guts to Bleep in my house! I want to teach them a lesson" he retrieved his riffle and fired to the space. Everyone shivered in fright and excitement.
"You" he pointed at Jack.
"Aye sir" Jack stood and saluted.
The general stared at him keenly.
"Are you in the military?" He asked.
"I'm not, but I'm prepared to be" Jack replied ruggedly.
The students cheered him.
The General smiled.
"Frog jump from the end of that field to this spot!".
"Aye!" Jackson began the session and the General watched in astonishment.
Jackson completed the session and stood as if nothing happened.
"Oya lie down" The General retrieved a whip from his car and gave Jackson twentyeight lashes but he never shook his body.
The General stared at him in frustration.
"I want you to do seventy push-ups now!".
"Aye!" That was his favourite, he did one hundred and one push ups and chuckled.
The General gave up.
The whole school cheered him
"Captain! Captain!! Captain!!! Captain!!!! Captain!!!!! Captain Jack!!!!!!.
The General grabbed his daughter, flung her into the car and sped off.
Jack never saw Evelyn again, he prayed the girl eat the bread and moimoi, atleast that was his Val gift to a girl.


Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 11:30am On Feb 06
All the best. Wish you success.
I feel special.
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 11:29am On Feb 06
Thanks bro,,,, wish you success
I'm overjoyed.
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 11:07am On Feb 06

Best of luck in your upcoming exam
Thanks..... I'm gladdened.
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:34am On Feb 06
Please noble literati(s), it is not my intention to keep you guys in suspense, but i'm currently studying for an important examination that will hold on march. I know you guys might loose interest but i promise too hasten up and feed you guys soon. I can't write with the exam saga on my mind.
I need your prayers.............
hopefully after, DESIRE the comedy series will continue..............



Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 2:08pm On Feb 04
Alright boss
which u quick recovery from the pressure
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 11:13am On Feb 04
My esteemed literati(s), I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I'm under severe pressue as at now, but i promise to drop one before Friday .


Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 3:41pm On Jan 29
Nah, this one didn't cut it for me, it didn't have it's usual vibes!! Author sweet if your juices are drying out maybe take a break though I am sure a lot of persons won't appreciate it, me included. Also rape is a rather sensitive issue to joke with, inspector Timi saying he won't prosecute Dickson because of what the girl was wearing at the time is just low.
Oly baby i perfectly understand you.
But to grasp the beauty of any work of arts, you need to look beyond the writer and see the characters.
Timi is kind of an over jovial individual, who tends to reason from his d**k. Psycologically, he reasons like a lunatic, you saw the way he handled Vera's case. In reality, there are people who are mentally lunatic (no pun intended). but Bernice will be his nemesis.
Nine days for the thief, one day is gonna certainly be a doom.

About the vibes stuff, man pikin deh try his best, in life we cant certainly satisfy everyone.

Muuuahhh.(collect kiss)

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Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:00pm On Jan 28
Chapter 20
Uyo, Akwaibom State

The story so far...........

Lydia and Inspector Timi carried on their relationship on Lydia's terms though Timi had some reservation but he had to carry on because he believed that everything will naturally fall in place. He kind of felt a valetudinarian thought concerning her. He couldn't really position his line of thought concerning the relationship, all he felt was a bulge in his trousers anytime the image of Lydia crossed his mind.
"I'm not sure this is love!" He punched the air with a mug of nescafe.
"Do i even know the meaning of love?" He thought further. "I use to think that one's heart beat while in love, but why is my own case different, my prick only beats instead of my heart".
His acephalous thought made him spill his tea on his shirt.
He tried to make a prognosis, a forecast, a kind of mental comparison between Lydia and the new lady he just met in the early hours of today.

Flash (8:00am)

Timi chuckled slightly as a tall busty lady moved into the sitting room.
A case of rape had been brought to his office by a devastated rich family and he had promised to look into the case with utmost alacrity and seriousness and bring the pepetrator to justice. He never handled female cases because of his condition of getting aroused anytime he had a brief conversation with a lady no matter the emotion at that particular time. But after his session with Lydia's friends, any case related to female had always interest him.
"Good day sir" the girl jolted him from his thought.
He showed his dentition in response.
"I thought you won't make it today,but my mum assured me you'll come" the lady said.
"I'm a competent officer of the law, i keep to time" Timi voiced.
"That's good, so what can i offer you?".
"Nothing" he tilted forward, "let's move over to the business of the day. So what's that your name again?"
"Stop it! I said Beeerrrnnnice" the lady rolled her eyes.
"Why your name deh sound like man private part?" Timi said.
"I'll pretend like i didn't hear that" Bernice said in anger.
"I'm sorry, i just need to clear the air" Timi chuckled.
"Apologies accepted".
"Ok! please to aid the officers of the law carry out their job successfully all your answers must be clear no facial gestures copy?"
"Yes" the lady breathed.
"What offence did you commit that warranted such name from your parent?" Timi asked.
"What name?"
"Your name!" Timi pointed.
"And how does it concerns what we are here for?" She asked with a lethiferous look.
"Remember, this is a rape case!" Timi said.
"And how does it concerns my name!" She halfscreamed.
"Your name is Bernice, or should i say penis.so i need to investigate the reasons behind the name" Timi said.
Bernice rose up in pure indignation.
"Calm down sister, i know my job!" Timi rose too, standing cautiously as if expecting a blow."remember it is a crime to beat an officer of the law" Timi breathed.
Bernice chuckled and sat still.
"You didn't answer my question?" Timi said.
Timi breathed.
"Ok, tell me what happened that fateful day" He retrieved his notepad.
Bernice breathed.
"That day was sunday, Dickson had always been a close friend h.........."
"Who is Dickson?" He cut her midway.
"The guy that raped me" Bernice said amidst sob.
Timi began laughing so hard to the utmost shock of Bernice.
"Do you think this is funny?" Bernice gritted her teeth, irritation brewing through her.
"No, I'm sorry! I saw my ancestors i was just laughing and waving at them" Timi chuckled and began another bout of laughter.
Bernice breathed.
"I'm sorry, please continue" Timi urged.
"What do you take me for?" She screamed in disgust.
"A Bernice that was raped by a Dickson, as in if you remove the son from the dick, it w................" he began to laugh again.
Bernice clenched her fist in anger.
"Sorry! the laughter is part of the investigation" Timi sniffed and rubbed his ribcage. "Do you have a bottle water?".
"You're crazy, after laughing like a hyena you are now asking for water. Thirst will kill you here" She spat.
Timi sniffed and remained silent for a while, his facial features immediately transformed into an angry looking man.
"Ok! continue" he said.
"Like i said, Dickson had always been a family friend so he do visit us everytime but that day, i don't know if he was drunk. Non of my family members were around so he visited that day and his attitudes were scary, normally we do flirt but that day he was touching me at the wrong places......"
"So which part of your body is the wrong places?" Timi asked with a straight face.
"I want to know the exact place you called wrong place because i never remembered God creating a part of the body and calling it a wrong place" he straightened the collar of his shirt.
"God!" She threw her arms in the air. "I mean private part".
"So he touched your private part?" He asked as he jotted something into his notepad.
"List all the private part in your body" He said.
Bernice gasped.
"Or you specify the one he touched!"
She stared at him, but he kept a straight face.
She sighed.
"He touched my......"
"Your what?"
"My v......"
"V wetin? is V a private part?"
"He touched my vagina"
"Holyghost!" Timi jumped up and sat still.
"You are a disappointment to the Police" she sighed.
Timi chuckled, "you don't know what you just said. I'm a material that the police can boast of I've handled hardcore cases, infact i deserve a grammy" he boasted.
"What did you say was the name of the thing Mr.Dick touched?" He asked.
"I said it".
"Maybe i did not hear well" he held his ear.
"What's wrong with your ear?" She asked in anger.
"It was punctured in the first civil war, since then I've been looking for a vulcanizer to......."
"That's to show the level of aphonia in your encephalon " she nodded.
"English will not help you today, we die here!" Timi chuckled. "So you said he touched your vaginus......."
"Vagina not vaginus" she threw her hands up.
"It's still the same thing" He nodded.
"Not the one i have!"
"Is your own different from other ones?" He asked with a smirk.
"Vaginus is the past tense of Vagina, since the rape is past, you use vaginus. He touched my vagina is wrong, he touched my vaginus is correct".
She clapped for him.
"I thought my teachers english when i was in school" he said feeling himself.
"You're too thrasonical and your contumelious mendacity is deleterious" She said and shrugged in disgust.
Timi thought for a while.
"Take note of those big grammars you used, you'll explain it to your creator when the time comes" he pointed his index fingers.
"So when he touched you, what did you do?" He asked.
"I kind of reprimanded him".
"In what way?"
"I warned him to stop but he refused".
"That reminds me, what kind of clothes did you wear, because you ladies love walking naked in the name of lingerie" he breathed. "Did you wear a lingerie?".
"Why the question?" She asked, pissed.
"You are answering a police question with your question, this is what made our forefathers in the force to be shooting women in the mouth" he charged.
"I wore a gown".
"Can i see the gown?" He asked.
"It is in my room" she picked up the intercom in the parlour and called a maid to bring the gown.
The gown was brought and given to Timi, he examined the gown and jotted something in his jotter.
"I need a tape" he said.
A tape was brought.
"I need a chalk" he said.
A chalk was brought.
He placed the measuring tape on the gown and measured it.
"What is the size of your breast?" He asked.
"Holy mary" Bernice gasped.
"Is the size of your breast holymary?" He slammed. "I'm trying to make some useful deductions here and you are screaming names of deities".
"I don't know the size of my breast" she replied.
"I need to measure it" he said.
"For what?" She flared.
"I am a graduate of criminology, so i know what I'm doing!" Timi said.
Timi placed the tapes on her breast region and pressed hard on the nipples.
"What do you think you're doing?" She asked.
"I'm trying to measure the degree of the temperature that will warrant Dick or is it Dickson to rape you". He suddenly remembered something.
"When he raped you, did you cum?".
"Ok, Put on the gown let me see" He said and returned to his seat.
Bernice left the sitting room and returned shortly with the gown on her.
"Federal highway!" Timi folded himself and shivered, he stared agape.
"Why won't he rape you?" He tried to stop the words but couldn't .
Bernice stared at him for a while and nodded in pity.
"Don't pity me, save the pity for ya family and friends and even well wishers. From my prognosis I've been able to decode that you seduced Dick and in the spirit of seduction, he touched your vaginus, and he was filled with the unholy spirit then he began to prophesy so i see no reason why i should arrest him just pray to God that in your next generation, he should give you the body of a stockfish, incase you walk naked no man will look at you not to talk of raping you.
I rest my case" he breathed.
Bernice almost shed tears.
"I'm sorry" Timi breathed and moved close to her. She jumped into his waiting arms and cried like a baby.
He rocked her and said sweet words to her until she slept off. He sighed in suprise, he didn't feel his erection.
No, this couldn't be happening. He confirmed it again and sighed as he stared at the beautiful lady he rocked to sleep.

Timi muttered in satisfaction, could it be love?
Bernice, the only girl that kind of refused his psycological builup. He felt peace, perfect peace devoid of any fleshy thought. He kept the empty mug of tea on the rail in his balcony.
"So what happens to Lydia, two ladies can't wheel this cart" he thought.
"I'm sure! I'm sure!! I'm sure!!!" He punched the wall repeatedly. "This is love i know it" he screamed in vigour.
His ringingtone jolted him off his reverie.
He smiled unconciously when he noticed the caller.
'My assiduity!' He had stored her name. The lady was his dilligence, since he left her, he saw the world in a new path.
He answered the call.
Timi: my assiduity
Bernice: my catankererous being.
Timi: what does it mean? (Smiles)
Bernice: you taught your teachers english huh?
Timi: Na.
Bernice: you should have the copy of an oxford dictionary with you.
Timi: my stepdad has a bookshop.
Bernice: you tend to be extortionate.
Timi: huh?
Bernice: kind of oppresive.
Timi: i don't think i am.
Bernice: you umbraged me with your investigative approach, that was salacious.
Timi breathed.
Bernice: your life is a conundrum, and maybe your authencity is a charlatan, and you seem to be a very obstreperous person.
Timi sighed, he really needed a dictionary.
Timi: let me get a dictionary, the one i have at home is an old edition. I'll call you later.
Bernice: No problem....sweet dreams.
Timi: i love you.
Bernice: you really have a bad prospicience.
Timi: i don't get you.
Bernice: your foresight is bad, you dont know what is love, you are only trying to be tentative.
Timi: i love you and that what matters, i can......
The line went dead.
Timi: hello, hello

To be continued...............................
Sorry for the late update, most times, i do pick up a pen and....i get blank upstairs. When there inspiration isn't there, i can't kill my self..................
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New episode loading.......

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Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:51am On Jan 26
Nothing I no ko see for desire James ntorr Na wan bleep
Op abeg continua
Thanks for your interest.
Stillvi continue....
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:49am On Jan 26
I think I can bench well following this thriller.
Too imaginative to be imagined!

Glow up man!
Thanks Boss.

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Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 10:40pm On Jan 25
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin, iyaff die of laughter oo, but author sha Igbo man no fit request dog meat, instead na big fat cow, worse come to worse goat meat would suffice.
wetin James no go see for Mirriam's father's compound grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Some part of Ebonyi eats dogs. But sha, na fiction..

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Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 9:34am On Jan 25
Ebonyi State.

Life has so many episodes on script, it all depends on your choice on what to view. Harry leaned his head on the backrest of the minibus. After his return from Uyo the previous day, he couldn't think straight, his friends on the other hand sympathised with him and on the same vein, laughed him to scorn. He had to realise that all that glitters isn't gold and there are some gold that doesn't glitters. His friends had sworn for a revenge, but he had calmed them down. Vera doesn't worth it, he thought of the sacrifice, though they hadn't spent much time together in their relationship but he thought it was for the best. He hustled harder to make sure he built the future he envisioned. He sacrificed every element in his life to ensure Vera graduated, he had nursed plans for the marriage rites. He had, he had, damn!!! Tears cascaded down his cheeks. Vera had used him, maybe he'll be careful with highly sophisticated girls someother time. He thought he had made an impact in her life, but he was wrong. Vera broke up with him just like that, the breakup was his nightmares. He rubbed his swollen lips and chuckled at the thought of doing something terrible to Smart and Vera, but a voice kept whispering 'inner peace look on the bright side, she atleast made an impact'.
'What impact' he mentally reasoned with clenched fist.
'She made you go back to education'
'Did she pay my school fees?'
'She made you take the decision, look on the brighter side education will open your eyes to see a brighter world, you'll see things in different perspective, there are things that are hidden to the eyes of a layman. Harry explore your world, and there will be a reverse decision, a counter reaction, her troubled soul will come to you for solace, inner peace'
Harry gasped, who just spoke to him. His eyes suddenly became blurr and he tried to maintain his sanity but his eyes forced itself close and he slipped into unconsciousness.

Harry ran on a path with a matchete, he was chasing someone.
"Smart is not what you think" Vera screamed in quick breath as she tried to keep pace with Harry.
As they reached a deserted area.Smart paused on tracks and pointed his pistol at Harry.
"You dey Bleep my wife, the lady i married?" Smart snarled.
"She came for help, you really don't know how to care for a woman. You treated her like a slave, look at her face" Harry approached Smart, he flung the matchete.
A siren was heard from afar, blood was spilled every where.
"How did he die?" The ambulance drove in a high speed.
"Harry you can't go now" Vera screamed her body was soiled in blood. She............"

"Why you deh sweat like christmas fowl" Okon tapped Harry repeatedly. Harry jerked off his seat.
"Wetin happen? Why you deh commot ya eyeballs like icefish. abi na ghost you see?" Okon jabbed.
Harry rubbed his forehead and sighed. "Una don find the house?" Harry asked.
"Yes, make we go".
Harry and crew arrived at Ebonyi and had been searching for Mirriam's family compound, they had parked their bus somewhere and after minutes of searching and asking the locals, they discovered the house. They all marched majestically towards the building.
"Good day Mama and Papa, brother and Sisters, Uncles and Aunties, nephew and nieces, friends and enemies" Harry greeted.
"That one na greeting?" James whispered to him.
"My inlaws una welcomeoooo" an older version of Mirriam responded and led them to the introduction grounds. They met a man sitted and tapping his legs impatiently.
"Our inlaws are here oooo" Mirriam's mother said and led them to a seat.
James on recognizing the man as Mirriam's father, prostrated to greet but the man paid him no heed.
"That man resemble witch, he fit kill us ooo" Harry reasoned.

"Oga i deh greet ooo" James said.
"My fada! I deh bow ooo"
"Fada you must to answer my greetings"
"Boss i deh hail ooo"
"May Ekwensu strike you and ya hundred generation with leprousy, may you be as red as a cockroach" the man pointed his staff at James. "I was expected my only dear girl that i haff to marry a rich man, but she went and brought cowards, she brought anglican pawpaw. Look at ya native that you wear, a very, very, very old native, i remember in the 70s i always using this wrapper to cover my poultry house!"
"Blood of Jesus" The men gasped.
"I was expectation to see jeep parking in my premises, but they brought bus, that bus that looking like a wheelbarrow, you want to marriage my daughter? Do you have the perequisite?"
James folded his hands in suprise.
"This man don smoke igboh" Okon whispered.
"Igboh na me smoke pass you, iffa curse your generation they will be dying every first tuesday of the month!"
"Holyghost!" Okon jerked.
"Daddy, we are sorry" James knelt.
"Nnayi, take am easy na with our inlaws" the wife pleaded.
"Which inlaws, these ones that look like exconvict".
James jumped.
"They looked like condemned criminals!" The old man fumed.
James, jejely straightened his corporate suit and returned to his seat.
They sat in silence for about fourty minutes before the family members arrived and after the whispering and running round to get things settled, the ceremony kicked started.
"You wan marry our daughter?" The head of the family asked.
James stood up, dusted the shoulder pad of his jacket and nodded.
"How many house, you don build?"
James thought for a while.
"I never build house yet, but i get land" James lied.
Mirriams father jerked off his seat. "You see, agents of poverty has reach my yard today. You don't have house and you want to marry my daughter, my ancestors will judge you. Look at your suit, this suit is what primary school teachers in the 70s always wear. See how you looked like a turkey inside suit" Mirriam father slammed at James.
James was at the verge of tears.
"Make we continue" the family head cleared his throat.
"How many motor you get?"
"Na lie!" Mirriam's dad gasped. "You no resemble person wey get motor, your legs resemble leg wey don trek for a longer time since civil war" the man slammed.
James scratched his head in confusion.
"Where you come from?"
"Okon in Akwaibom State".
"Where that side the?"
"North central"
"Before we read the main list, you ko drop ten thousand naira".
James pulled out his wallet and countered the crisp notes inside.
"This boy na yahoo boy! Wey you get that kind money from?" Mirriam's dad screamed.
"If you no take time, i ko slap you" James muttered inaudibly. He dropped the money on the table.
"Abeg make una clap for him, to be a inlaw is not a day job" the family smiled revealing his kolanut stained dentition.
"You don Bleep our daughter before?"
James gasped and turned to stare at his friends momentarily before returning his gaze to the family head.
"If you lie, ghost ko knock you and you ko commot this your cloth, run enter market square".
"I d....on..fu..ck am" James stuttered.
"Drop ten thousand!"
"No do make i call ghost for you oooo if i just commot my clothes lie down naked, your family ko deh run mad every first june!" The family head threatened.
James pulled out his wallet, counted the money and dropped it on the table.
"This one don weak me!" James muttered.
"You don put am belle?"
"You deaf? I ask whether you don put our daughter belle?" The family head said. "If you lie, you ko blind". The family head opened a bottle of schnapps hot and poured some content on the ground."Okuku! Ekpete!! If this boy lie now, make shit to deh commot from his body every two seconds, make his urine be like hot water".
James breathed, truly his case was the proverbial one chance case.
"I don put am belle!"
"Ewooooooooooooooh" the whole crowd screamed.
Mirriam's father jumped from his seat and grabbed a matchete but he was held back by some youth.
Harry's crew stood in alarm, fist folded and ready to engage anyone in a combat.
"You never build house, but you don put woman belle?" The family head stared at him critically. "Drop twenty thousand".
James shivered in horror.
"I fit order boys to stone you" Mirriam's father charged. At the tail end of the crowd, Mirriam sat in tears. James counted the money and kept it on the table.
The family head whispered to the secretary of the family. A brown envelope was retrieved.
The secretary cleared his throat.
"What i want to reading at the stipulation moment is the list of marriage for this honourability family.
For the village:
Ten goats, six bottles of hot, fourteen tubers of yam, one basketfull of pepper, thirteen suckers of pineapple, ten bunches of plaintain, two cows, four bags of local rice, onehundred and fifty thousand naira.
For the women:
Thirteen litres of palmoil, twentysix bale of imported holland wrappers, sixty crates of malt, seven cocks, twelve packets of biscuits. Ninety thousand naira cash.
For the youth:
Sixteen packets of cigarette, four bottles of brandy, four bottles of red wine ,four rubbers of palmwine, two giant coolers of prepared dog meat, six FIFA football, thirteen jerseys, sixty thousand naira cash.
For the aged men:
Sixteen pieces of fresh cat fish, fourteen gallons of palmwine, seventeen wraps of kola, thirteen wraps of garden egg, fourteen sticks of dried meat,one hundred and fifty thousand naira.
For the family:
One Gwagon for the family head, one pencil camry for the family secretary, one packet of pen for the secretary, ten dozens of exercise books for the secretary......."
"Wetin you wan write with one packet of pen and ten dozens of books, you wan defend project?" James cried.
"One bottle of whisky, ten crates of beer, twenty packets of benson cigarette...."
"Una deh go smoking competition, wetin you wan carry twenty packets of cigar do?" James cried.
"If you talk again, fire will destroy you" the family head screamed.
"Four coolers of pounded yam, one cooler of oha soup, onehundred thousand naira cash.
Mother of the bride:
four assorted hollandies, six imported jewellries, six pair of shoes, four pair of pant...."
"I no be her boyfriend na, how i ko take sabi the size of her pant?" James screamed.
"Pencil camry 2018 model, one hundred thousand cash.
For the father: six imported george wrappers, chieftaincy regalia, gold staff, lexus jeep 2018 model, six bottles of scotch, four hundred thousand naira cash.
For the brothers:
Four bags of rice, thirtysix tubers of yam, fourteen jars of palmoil, six sticks of dried fish, two hundred thousand naira cash.
After the procurement of the complete items, a one storey building should be built before the end of the year. If the child is born and all these are not completely done, the gods of Okewe will have you for lunch".
James fell to the ground.
"One thing i ask of the lord, let me not meet an Ebonyi girl in my life again" James cried.
"You don commit another offence which is lying down on the ground, drop ten thousand before the gods knock you". The family head screamed.
"Eli, eli lamasabathani" James screamed.
After every single kobo had been extorted from James, the ceremony ended.
James couldn't seat on the chair, he was on the ground crawling, looking like a tortoise on corporate suit.
"James standa, make we commot" Udoh tried dragging him up.
James kept sobbing and writhing on the ground.
"How person ko wear suit come deh throway body for ground like mad man" Harry said.
"Na madman on suit" Okon said.
"Is there any river?" James asked.
"You wan baff?" Peter asked.
"I wan to kill my sef!" James rolled again on the ground. His blue suit had already transformed to a dirty one, his tie was at the back.
"We ko leave you here oooo" Harry threatened.
"James my love“
They all turned and saw Mirriam in tears.
She came closer and held James by the hand.
"We'll overcome" she kissed James.
"Una family wicked!" James gasped. "If i......"
"Shhhhh" Mirriam held him up.
"Love conquers all" Mirriam smiled and rubbed her stomach.
"Where i ko get that kind money?" James lamented.
"We ko robb bank" Peter said.
"You deh mad“ James cursed him.

Mirriam's father emerged with a dane gun.
"If you no commot for my yard, i ko pieces una".
Harry and crew raced out of the man's yard cuz the fear of death is the beginning of wisdom.

To be continued............

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Nawa o..
whats vera's problem nau..
still watching sha..
Thanks for your interest

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The episode that was flagged by the anti spam bothhas been reposted.
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 7:36pm On Jan 23
This update thing has started again.. what's really happening.. the mod in charge should find a solution to it or is it the anti spam bot?

Cc: lalasticalala
The thing deh pain me.
Literature / Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:09pm On Jan 23
* Yeye Boyfriend*

Uyo, Akwaibom State.
1 month later

There are some decisions in life that seems worst, but its the best in disguise.

Miss Vera gasped in shock as she saw Smart in a bar sitted alone. She couldn't stand the suprise as she raced towards him but Smart stretched forward and halted her. Vera halted on her tracks and scrutinized Smart for a while.
"You returned and you couldn't tell me" Vera deadpanned.
"Smart, is this how you wish to treat me?".
"I sacrificed everything to make sure that you survived the problem you created for yourself...."
"Just leave" Smart nodded towards the door.
"Smart, why are you treating me like a piece of rag, I'm your heart throb for pete sake!" Vera sobbed.
Smart stared at her with bloodshot eyes.
"Vera Paul, give me ten yards please!" Smart growled.
"I hate you" Vera raced out of the bar.
Smart sighed in anger and emptied the bottle of scotch down his throat. He had been drinking since he returned to campus, the death of his partner Philip had its toll on him as he carried his pictures everyway and even masturbated with it every morning. He found solace in drinking as for Vera, he knew a few words will soften her resolve, 'she isn't a difficult nut to crack'.

Vera arrived her lodge in tears and slumped on the bed.
"Are you okay?" Lydia asked as she examined her.
"I'm fine!" Vera snapped for a reply. She lay on the bed and emptied her tears on the pillow. She stayed awake the past days, praying for Smart's survival, she borrowed a huge sum of money from Harry just for Smart's survival, she nursed a huge secret just for their relationship to survive. But what was her gain, she got treated like a piece of rag. It doesn't worth it.
"Vera talk to me!" Lydia sat close to her.
A knock was heard.
"Check on the door please" Vera said.
Lydia unlocked the door and popped her face and was suprised to see Smart.
"Is Vera in?" Smart asked with his hands in pocket.
Lydia sighed in contempt and opened the door wider.
Smart strolled in to the room and closed the door.
"It is bad manners for you to leave the door opened for a stranger to lock it" Smart said.
Lydia stared at him in contempt and left the room, slamming the door hard.
"Your friends hate me!" Smart said and sat on a stool.
"Because you're a monster with zero regard for humanity!" Vera snapped.
"I'm not that bad" he chuckled and made to touch Vera but she recoiled quickly. "Don't you dare touch me".
"Vera, what's really your problem?" Smart asked obviously irritated.
"Do you know what true love is?" Vera asked.
"Are you trying to say that i don't love you?".
"Its obvious, you treat me like shit" Vera sobbed.
"I'm sorry, just that the events of the past months has broken me" Smart said with a downcast gaze.
"Share it with me" Vera moved closer to him.
"I've killed countless souls just for survival!"
Vera gasped.
"I'm a monster and you know it, the cult i belonged were after my life so i had to kill to protect my self and in the process i lost a friend".
"But i deserved to know, i have kept worst secrets for our sake" Vera said disappointed.
"I'm sorry, i know I'm the worst being alive...."
"Shhhhh" Vera placed a finger on his lips. "You could change, don't see yourself as the worst".
"Your love is pure, even with my shits you still keep on loving me" Smart held her shoulders.
"I don't have a choice, you'll kill me if i decide to opt out". Vera said.
Smart moved closer and planted a deep kiss on her lips, he proceeded to UnCloth her but Vera stiffened.
"I'm not in the mood" Vera stood up from the bed.
"Let's take a walk" Vera unlocked the door and Smart followed suit.
She stiffened and stared with mouthagape when she sighted someone smiling and approaching her.
"Harry" she gasped.
"My baby, come and hug your husband na" he spread his arms wide.
"What are you doing here?" Vera asked in shock.
"I wanted to suprise you" Harry moved further but she halted him midway.
"Harry, you're enjoying this game huh?" Vera asked.
"Which game?" Harry asked in deep confusion.
"Its over between us" Vera said and made to move away but Harry held her hand.
"Babe, i no understand you?" Harry asked.
"Just let me be" Vera screamed.
"Vera" Harry dragged her closer to himself. "What did i do?".
"Let me go!" Vera tried to wriggle free.
"Is your menses paining you?" Harry screamed in anger. "Why are you giving me attitude?.
"Let her go!" Smart stepped in with clenched fist.
Harry stared at him for a while and remembered the face. The face he pummeled at the hospital.
"I am now a bishop, not a boxer and please excuse us" Harry stared fixedly at Smart.
Without warning, Smart delivered a straight punch to Harry. Harry staggered backwards and sniffed in blood.
"Vera has denied me thrice, where is the rooster, let it crow" Harry groaned.
Smart followed it up with a blow to the stomach. Harry staggered backward.
"You really want a fight" Harry dared.
"Bro common" Smart chuckled.
"The fight is for the lord, let Israel...."
Smart sent a punch to Harry's lips.
"You come against me with fist but i come in the name that is mightier..."
Punches, Kicks.
Harry fell to the ground.
Vera made no attempts to seperate the fighters, the girls in the neighbourhood screamed when they saw Harry's swollen face. Lydia had to step in when she noticed the tables were turned against Harry. At first she wanted Harry to give Smart the beatings of his life, but what she saw shocked her. Harry didn't throw a single punch. She rushed and threw herself on Harry's body.
Smart snarled in anger when two guys dragged him from the scene.
Harry was helped into the room by Lydia and her room mates.
First aid was applied to his wounds.
"Why didn't you fight Smart?" Praise asked.
"I have no reason to fight him" Harry replied and rubbed his swollen lips.
"There is no point fighting a lost battle".
"What happened between you and Vera?" Praise asked.
"I no sabi" Harry replied.
"Just tell Vera that she is a collomentallus azaigod" Harry groaned in pains as he stood.
"What does it mean?" Lydia asked.
"Do i know?" Harry replied and made for the door.
"Are you strong enough?" The ladies asked concerned about Harry's plight.
Harry chuckled, unlocked the door and left the lodge.

Okon- Eket.

"You sabi wey Harry go cuz i never see am since morning" James said.
"He no deh gree pick his calls" Peter said.
James eyes popped open when he spotted Mirriam closing the pedestrian gate. He instinctively jumped up and sat again.
Mirriam approached him with a straight face and an envelope in hand.
James hugged her and noticed her body felt stiff.
"Baby any wahala?" He asked.
Mirriam gave him the envelope.
"Na money deh inside?" He opened the envelope and read through the content but couldn't grasp the meaning.
"Wetin be this, na love letter?" He asked.
"I thought you said that you are a graduate?" Mirriam stared at him.
"No be this kind graduate!" James said and sat back on the bench.
"I'm pregnant!"
"Chei!" James and Peter jerked in unison.
"You are preg what?" James asked.
"I said I'm pregnant" Mirriam stressed the words again.
"Who put you belle?" James asked.
"It is your father that impregnanted me!" Mirriam slammed.
"But my father don die na" James replied foolishly.
"Stop this joke" Mirriam screamed.
"But i deh doubt because that day wey i been Bleep you, i been deh on my menstration" James said.
"This guy thinks I'm joking, do guys menstrate?" Lydia screamed.
"I normally menstrate and my own is like okro soup".
"God punish you, yeye boyfriend!" Mirriam almost slapped him.
"You ko abort am?" James asked.
"When your mum got pregnant, did she abort it?" Mirriam fired.
"Was i the, am i the one that Bleep her?" James replied.
"If i was your daughter, will you advise me to abort?".
"You are not my daughter na" James said.
"So i am what?"
"My woman friend!" James replied.
"You're very stupid!" Mirriam pointed a finger and shoved his head.
"But i cannot remember the last time i....."
"The last time you did what?" Mirriam asked.
"Are you sure....."
"Will you stop this nonsense“. She turned to Peter. "Better warn this your friend!"
"Why will i warn him. am i him? is he me ? is me him ? are we him ?" Peter fired.
"Oya clap for yaself, you do well, english speaker!" James said.
Mirriam was close to the verge of tears.
"James stop this na, my mum will kill me" Mirriam went on her knees. "If you don't do something quick, you'll die" Mirriam dropped a bomb shell.
"Who will die?" James jerked off his seat.
"I come from a very powerful village in Ebonyi, any man who impregnant a girl from my tribe without the marriage rites will die!"
"Nooo! It can't be, you are lying" James screamed in disbelief.
"You can ask anybody about abayino tribe!" Mirriam sobbed.
"Aba wetin?" James asked.
"Abayino tribe!"
"Why the name come sound like ice cream" James said. "Ok how much for transport?".
"From Eket here is seven thousand naira".
"Jesus! I don enter one chance, you say how many?" James squeezed his face.
"Seven tho....."
"Is it visa that i want to process?" James screamed. "Why the transport cost, Ebonyi no deh Nigeria?".
"We need to do something quick, the church shouldn't notice that I'm pregnant until we wed" Mirriam sobbed.
"I will be your flower girl!" Peter added excited.
"Sharrap dia! See ya mouth like a cricket!" James slammed at Peter.
"Let me gather some money, i ko land una town with presidential escort" James bragged.
"I hope it will be this month, we need to be quick" Mirriam grabbed her bag.
"The baby you are carrying is it boy or girl?" James asked.
"I don't know!"
"You are not a mother, you are carrying a baby and you don't know!" James slammed.
"Is only one month na"
"What is the essence of the school which you went, they no been teach you how to know who a baby is?
How many times do you shit a day!" James asked.
"If you shit two times a day, you are carrying a girl, but if you shit once a day that means you are carrying a boy!" James analysed.
"Who made you a doctor?" Lydia asked.
"All my family members are witch doctors except me!"
"That means you are giving me a witch perscription".
"You are the witch not me" James fired.
"Yeye boyfriend!"

To be continued.........


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You're welcome....
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The lord is ur muscle
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John always making me happy
My pleasure, Sir

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