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Politics / Re: FG Blames Nnamdi Kanu For Murder Of Akunyili’s Husband, Gulak, 184 Others by NSK4U(m): 9:52pm On Oct 22
No wonder they couldn't produce him in court at the first hearing.

They were simply running helter skelter for spurious narrative that could incriminate the gentleman
Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by NSK4U(m): 5:58pm On Oct 19
First, if this story is anything to go by considering your skill with writing/speaking English using SSCE exposure, let me be very frank with you dude, that girl has not been dating you only and has probably had enough from you and wants to settle down with her dream guy. The tears you said she's shedding is a mere theatrics to cover her guilty conscience before you. She's not being pushed by her parents, it's her choice not to marry you and she knew it long before introducing you to her family. It's an excuse to quit the relationship and get on with her right man.
She might have invested her time because of what she gets from you all through her tertiary education period but have it in mind, she might have been seeing someone else on campus or elsewhere but you definitely are not her only guy. She's a drama queen and congrats to her cos kama is the real bitch!
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze: Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Will Stay In My Head For A Long Time (Video) by NSK4U(m): 5:04pm On Oct 19
Tiwa Savage, ride on with your style, I can't love you less even with the clip.

I do it, you do it, everyone does it.... cool, ain't it?
Culture / Re: Ooni Celebrates His Daughter, Princess Adeola Ogunwusi, He Had When He Was 19 by NSK4U(m): 11:18am On Oct 19
....hmmm egbon Jibola, diz ya culture is interesting; that a royal blood had started copulating at an early age of 19, hmmmm, would there still be honour for such royalty?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial: Igbo Lawyers Insist He Must Be Brought To Court On Thursday by NSK4U(m): 12:49pm On Oct 18
God bless umuIgbo niile, Iseee!
Nairaland / General / Re: Share Your Gains Using Nairaland . by NSK4U(m): 12:17pm On Oct 18
I have not really benefited that much aside from daily info I get but hope is alive sha.
Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by NSK4U(m): 11:03pm On Oct 17
One thing that is very clear is that the Yoruba are the most accommodating tribe in Nigeria; no one can deny that. However, what have we got in return - hate and envy especially from the Igbos. The Hausa/Fulani are suspicious of the Youruba but they do not hate the Yoruba. The are also accommodating to the Yorubas.

The Edo/Isekiri/Urhoro are siblings to the Yorubas even though they have their own identity. The Efik/Ibibio are somewhat indifferent to the Yoruba but that is fine. The Igbos outright hate the Yoruba and it is time Yorubas become very conscious of this hatred.

Everyday they are castigating Tinubu, Fayemi and Osinbajo; and other potential Yoruba presidential candidates. The other day they were calling Yoruba women undesirable and dirty. All of them were hating on Peter Okoye for marrying a “dirty Yoruba woman” - a woman who is more educated and exposed than anyone in their generation. They insult the same Lagos where they live - why don't they just go back to Onitsha and Aba.

They insult anything Yoruba- from Anthony Joshua, Wizkid, Tiwa and everything Yoruba. These insults are not unnoticed. Yoruba will not forget and will surely retaliate!

I'm not a sports person to even have anything about AJ. But after Psquare, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage are among the top of my favorite pop artistes, so continue in your delusion.

To start with, Yorubas are very accommodating, no argument about that. When I came to Ibadan upon my admission in UI, I came with zero knowledge about the character of a Yoruba man. But after awhile, things began to clear up on their own. First negative thing I noticed about Yoruba people apart from their dirty environment, littering even feaces everywhere is that they are not straightforward with people and issues. Sir, no one told me this, Oloun! I observed it first hand and till now, I still fight the spirit to make me have tribal sentiments when relating with my Yoruba friends, associates, classmates and co-workers.

Igbos don't hate you but they don't trust you. The same suspicion the north holds against you is what Igbos are cautious of. You betray a lot and are never straight to calling evil by its name. Your life as Yoruba depicts a complete Nigerian politician's deceptive nature. Just like chameleon, Yorubas change colour according to the grass around them. I've worked and I still work with Yorubas, and I have observed so many things about their character, both good and bad but since this response to clear your misinformed impression about Igbos, I'll focus on the latter. A Yoruba man will prostrate with smile to greet someone but begins to say negative things about the person irrespective of whether an elder or a younger one including fellow Yoruba o. A Yoruba man will observe a bad behaviour in a 3rd party and report such to you, both of agree to talk to the person for correcting his bad behaviour, the Yoruba man will grow dumb or unable to face the person and say his errors instead he will allow you to be the only one talking and at the end, he'll go behind trying to make friends with the person and making stories that could depict him as no active actor in the whole thing.

The rumour about Awolowo changing mind to join Biafrans to seccede from Nigeria has some elements of truth even if not entirely true because that's the typical character of a Yoruba man. Remember, Awolowo brought tribal politics in the Nigerian polity when Azikiwe defeated him in his region and instead of allowing Zik to collect his mandate, he went round the night, informing natives that an Igboman should not be given power to administer in Yoruba land and before morning, the people's decision was upturned.

In our present 2023 predictions and aspirations. Everyone knows that Igbos are yet to produce president since Nigeria returned to democracy and we were all glad when some southern leaders moved the agreement that the South should be allowed by the north to produce president in 2023. No one suspected that right inside the same South, the Yorubas will still be salivating to contest against Igbos whose turn it rightly belongs by using all manner of lame excuses as that Igbos invested in PDP and should go there to contest while asiwaju invested in APC and should be allowed to contest in APC, look, that's not how democracy works brother. If we are going to preach democracy, then it should be thrown open to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe and creed. But since we know how figures are being manufactured up North, there becomes the unwritten gentleman agreement to rotate it among the geopolitical zones so as to carry everyone along. Now, Yorubas want the north to be fair to the entire South by allowing them to produce president in 2023 but they don't want to be fair to their southern brothers from the East to take what rightly belongs to them, so who's fooling who bruh?
Now, the north has seen everything and wants to ride on that to also contest because Southerners are divided because of Yorubas inordinate ambition.

In all, no one hates you but your unreliable, and deceptive nature makes other tribe to be wary of you and don't even think that the north is with you because it's a great mistake you would be making if you think in that direction. The only reason the north appears to be with you is on the pedestal that you will continue to support one Nigeria (unlike majority of Igbos who have seen the meaning of one Nigeria and are dissatisfied with the current structure and are creating awareness to end it) which will continue to favour them. The moment Igbos turn round to chant one Nigeria of the present structure, believe me, the north will approach them for junior partnership in Nigerian affair. It's simply divide and rule tactics and it's working for them, so don't get it into your head as if you are so special to them and therefore, they are your trusted ally.
I think you should reexamine your position and understand why Igbos don't seem to be on the same page with you.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Suggest A Good Business That #300k Can Start. by NSK4U(m): 8:24pm On Oct 17
make sure you don't hired those Yoruba people to cook undecided

Unless you want to be cooking pepper foods hence Your business will fall in two days!

Hahaha why you wicked like diz.....
Politics / Re: 2023: Moghalu Announces Six-Party Merger To Rival APC, PDP by NSK4U(m): 5:52pm On Oct 16
You are a competent leader moghalu, me and my family have joined ARC already

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: They Killed Innocent Souls, No One Has Been Punished, We Won’t Be Silenced by NSK4U(m): 5:23pm On Oct 16
Igbos should try and stay away from the protest, the last one that happened was targed Igbos attempt to cripple Lagos economy as if Lagos State was the only state that witnessed carnage, we have not forgotten and we will not give anyone any reason to use us for negative headlines again.
Let Yorubas do their protest because any Igboman who dies for Nigerian course died in vain.
Politics / Re: Man Arrested For Streaming Pornography On Billboard In Port-harcourt (Photo) by NSK4U(m): 12:08pm On Oct 16

Because he played porn? Haba

Na small punishment I recommend too nah
Politics / Re: Bashir Magashi: 102 Pardoned Biafran Soldiers To Get Gratuities by NSK4U(m): 11:54am On Oct 16
Gratuity of shame, So Kanu Nnamdi neglected all the Biafra soldiers while spending on his easy virtue women even going to Kenya in Fendi to fucck oloshoes

He bleeps olosho but not your kind of cheap
and dirty mother.


Politics / Re: Man Arrested For Streaming Pornography On Billboard In Port-harcourt (Photo) by NSK4U(m): 3:48pm On Oct 15
Good one. It's moral decay in our society. I recommend that He should be put into that area of prison where inmates are majorly gays and bisexuals so they can teach him the practical aspect of what he's advertising for the general public via the bill board.

I also think state governments should be prosecuting those who hide under the pretence of advertising herbal medicine to upload pictures of manhood and breasts on bill boards.

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Romance / Re: I Find It Difficult To Approach Girls That Look Posh Or Sophisticated by NSK4U(m): 12:37pm On Oct 15
I think it's about confidence, there's inferiority complex in you over those you consider sophisticated. I have a friend like you whose probs was approaching beautiful ladies whether rich or poor but could talk to those he classified as not so beautiful. Till now, he's still battling the challenge. But I think you should focus on building yourself financially, as we know money gives confidence.


Education / Re: Profile Of Professor Kayode Adebowale VC Of University Of Ibadan by NSK4U(m): 9:10pm On Oct 14
Congratulations sir. Though he could have done something for me last year but didn't, he relates with others as though everyone should be perfect and without blemish.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Special Appeal To All Employers Of Labour And HR by NSK4U(m): 8:55pm On Oct 14
Easier said than done.....
So you think employers recruit workers without reason except to come and fill up vacancies?

Have you thought of why beautiful ladies and handsome dudes are often used as front desk staff?

Can you keep a married man as a front desk staff in your own company simply because he's married and needs to keep his marriage?

Truth is; competent HR department knows what customers are attracted with and would always go for such ahead of anything else because they need to keep their job by proving to know what their employers want. Business is for business and not on charity sentiments.

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Politics / Re: South Eastern NASS Members Condemn Clampdown On Secessionists by NSK4U(m): 6:55pm On Oct 13
Kanu will spend a good part of 2022 in that hole if not more. Quote me anywhere. You people dont know anything at all, you are not in a good position. You will eventually beg on your knees grin I know that's the worst thing that can happen to an Igbo, but that's the reality.

We don't survive by begging, your people have trained you into begging. We are rather trained to face life situations with hardwork, perseverance and great deal of responsibility. So you are right but, we ain't gonna beg for our rights.
Politics / Re: South Eastern NASS Members Condemn Clampdown On Secessionists by NSK4U(m): 6:46pm On Oct 13

No need to politicise issues here..

The ipob of mazi kanu goofed the moment they created the militant wing ESN and armed them with state of the art weapons.

Gave them military training, without a single command and control structure.

Only for one deluded albino tucked away in far away London who called himself the field marshal and supreme commander of a well armed group to come and say they only take orders from HIM ALONE.
He was not on ground but in London, so how can he command them?

They (the trained militants) broke-up into different uncoordinated groups, and the UGM WERE BORN

Is this a history of fact or the type you heard from your dad when he's taken his usual ogogoro?
Politics / Re: Ebunola Martins: Tinubu Should Support The South-East For 2023 Presidency by NSK4U(m): 5:58pm On Oct 13

OLU FALAE was our candidate as Yoruba People. I voted him proudly too.

It was Fulani/Igbo alliance that imposed OBJ.

I agree with the story that said OBJ is from Anambra.

The only project OBJ started in south-west between 1999 and 2007 was the flyover at Sango ota (Ogun State).

Do you know what? It was only completed by Yar'adua / Dimeji Bankole intervention when it became an eyesore.

OBJ represented those who imposed him, not Yorubaland.

There are also Igbos who are perceived as pro northern agenda such as Umahi, Kalu, Okorocha etc but igbos who still have interest in nigeria are of the view that given the ticket to any of them, many people from the region could be placated as they would assume that every region has had their turn. So it's not necesarilly about the president's achievements but where he comes from.
Politics / Re: Ebunola Martins: Tinubu Should Support The South-East For 2023 Presidency by NSK4U(m): 5:24pm On Oct 13
Tinubu will bury his Political name in 2023.

Edo state was the yellow card, let him expect the red one in 2023 since he thinks the north is unaware of his subtle antics to reward them for sidelining him since Buhari's assumption in 2015
Politics / Re: Ebunola Martins: Tinubu Should Support The South-East For 2023 Presidency by NSK4U(m): 5:13pm On Oct 13
And what have the said Ibo politicians done to seek the buy-in of Asiwaju? What steps have they taken to negotiate the alliance?

Abuse him daily on the internet with putrid hate?

So Asiwaju will work tirelessly all through his life and hand over his lifelong dream to some hateful beings because he wants to please them or because of what!!

That was what happened in 1999. South West abused not just IBB alone but the entire North because of the annulment and every other region agreed to micro zoning it to the West via the two dominant parties, if it had been left open, OBJ wouldn't have smelled the presidency because it was handed over to him on a platter of pacifying aggrieved sw region. so what lame logic are you bringing to counter the naked truth staring you in the face?

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Politics / Re: Umahi Orders The Arrest Of Godfrey Chikwere Over Facebook Post He Made by NSK4U(m): 10:22am On Oct 11
Did he mentioned Igbo or any SE state in His writeup? Guilty conscience

He started with; Most SouthEast politicians are benevolent blabla.....

Go and read well so you don't quote me next time with empty brain and blind eyes, thank you
Politics / Re: Umahi Orders The Arrest Of Godfrey Chikwere Over Facebook Post He Made by NSK4U(m): 10:19am On Oct 11

Just shut up please

Go and tell that to your father please
Politics / Re: Umahi Orders The Arrest Of Godfrey Chikwere Over Facebook Post He Made by NSK4U(m): 8:38pm On Oct 10
That's good for him. Let him go to court and defend his allegations against ndiigbo.
Even if such is the case, is South East the only region that such is happening?
Why trying to tarnish Igboland?
Politics / Re: Cynthia Nwala, Etche Legislative Assembly Leader Beaten & Stripped Unclad by NSK4U(m): 6:58pm On Oct 05
Peter Obi the fraud Saint is next - Simon Ekpa

Erudite Peter Obi will continue to be your nightmare and at the end, you will still face humiliation.
I'm sure you no longer talk about Dr Iweala since her victory. Reason is Dr Iweala has put you and your likes where you rightly belong, so expect Obi to do same sooner
Politics / Re: Accountant-General, Ahmed Idris Marries Hussain, 16-Year-Old Girl. Family Kicks by NSK4U(m): 6:51pm On Oct 05
Go to villages in igbo land, you will see 40 years old men marrying 16 years old girls. I weep tire that day cry

Which part of Igboland is that?
Politics / Re: PDP NEC May Approve Throwing Presidential Ticket Open Next Week by NSK4U(m): 8:54pm On Oct 02

I don't know where u people got this narrative or slogan of "North loves power". Show me a people or region or political party that doesn't love power. Power is not given, rather it is taken. Go ask Raymond Reddington in " The Blacklist". The greatest undoing of the South is thinking power should just be given to it on a platter. Even in the most advanced countries, such doesn't happen. If the Southerners should had have things their way, they will be running Nigeria from independence to this moment

Southerners might love power but not like the north. If GEJ were a northerner, he wouldn't have accepted defeat let alone handing over to PMB especially when there were election malpractices all over the place
Politics / Re: PDP NEC May Approve Throwing Presidential Ticket Open Next Week by NSK4U(m): 6:07am On Oct 01
At the end, Atiku will still have the day.

North really loves power

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Politics / Re: Ohaneze: Northern Governors Planning To Break-up Nigeria by NSK4U(m): 4:10pm On Sep 28
Foolish Ohaneze

Foolish like your parents....


Politics / Re: Ohaneze: Northern Governors Planning To Break-up Nigeria by NSK4U(m): 4:07pm On Sep 28
[quote author=meolaniyi post=106247334]Foolish Ohaneze[/q :Puot...
Politics / Re: 2023: Why PDP Settled For Northern Presidency — Vanguard by NSK4U(m): 9:43pm On Sep 25
I saw it coming and finally here it is, Atiku the man we know.

God bless PDP.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Southern Governors’ Position May Alter PDP’s Zoning Arrangement by NSK4U(m): 10:21am On Sep 22

Nobody is asking for south east support, r u ppl third class citizens, what stop south east from contesting and let's see who needs to support who

Don't worry.... Even if we are zero class citizens, it doesn't matter so long we still have choice on what to do. You see, East will contest in pdp after another northerner's tenure. Mind you, no one is stopping Tinubu from contesting, we are just saying that we no longer believe in zoning and a northern candidate will fly better for us than a South Western candidate since democracy is about popularity which the South West believe that Tinubu has and will win with it in APC, so let's meet at the polls bruh.

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