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Nairaland / General / Where To Buy Castor Seed/where To Sell Castor Seed by oursnail(m): 12:29pm On Nov 22, 2020
castor farming is not popular to majorities of farmers in different location or area.Some farmers aware of it but they turned blind eyes to it why?
(1)They are gossiper
(2) They lack research
(3) They are after prove
(4)They fear to loose
(5) They know 99% proved on
(6) patience is unknown to them
(7) They need only broad market.
Where as,their thaughts is misleading them to rich. They also pronounced and talking ''rich get riches while poor getting poorest'' They forget the rich always invest and wait.
Problems associated with castor farming :
*cultivation is not common in some are.
*majority of people don't know the used of it.
*No farms samples
*The harvest and shelling/dehulling is not mechanized
*There is no market place in many area.
*No offtakers
*many people didn't eat it.
*No Government has program to it.
These problems retracted many peoples to venture into castor cultivation but there are value chains in Castor business like others agricultural business..
The best answer to any enquire on Castor farming, Castor buying, Castor selling with out delay and 80% to 90%
solution is just pick you phone call or Whatsapp: 08169418699 or 08026295645..
visit :www.fasttree.blogspot.com

Business / Re: Castor Seed Seller by oursnail(m): 9:48am On Nov 08, 2020
. now you can use m'y number. 08026295645.Thanks.
This is best time and an opportunity to get your Castor seed particularly Brazilian white Castor seed in cheaper price. This offer is for limited time.for details call or Whatsapp :

Politics / Re: Pressure Mounts On Tinubu To Back Osinbajo For 2023 Presidency by oursnail(m): 9:08am On Sep 28, 2020
The number one position or person of Nigeria is not yet for Osinbajo. even if all entire south west cast their support behind him,President Buhari is only person that will inter vain with God to let Osinbajo reach it ,because NORTHERN are NORTH WAY. POWER.. Jaggaban Bola Tinubu is a political gurus. for religion factor is not work for Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu if He admired number one position of Nigeria, but believe it or not, Asiwaju Tinubu will remain as godfather.
Business / castor seed buyer/castor seed off taker /castor seed buyer agent by oursnail(m): 7:48pm On Aug 14, 2020
Good day prospective castor seed farmer,castor seed seller and castor seed agent. Let us thanks nairaland admin for Let us meet in most easy avenue. we buy any quantities of Brazillian White castor seed from kilogram to tons. We still buy India brown castor seed in tons While For any castor seed seller Who prefer pick up Term must ready to provide photos and videos with current date.We still looking for agent or representative. for details SMS, call, whatsapp :.08169418699 or. 08026295645

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Investment / Re: Suggestions Needed On Where To Invest N14million For 23months by oursnail(m): 2:22pm On Aug 11, 2020
Just use it in agricultural produced particular Castor seed. it safe although, the profit is not much but you will get your capital and gain.for more I information and proof call or whatsapp 08169418699.

Politics / Re: Shocking Sign Post At Professor Wole Soyinka Farm - Photo by oursnail(m): 4:58pm On Apr 16, 2020
if cattle is lead by angry Fulani's with sophisticated raffles is baba oluwole osoyinka guard or baba himself will confront them, only play writer sign post.
Politics / Re: See The Mansion Former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Donated For Covid-19 by oursnail(m): 10:19am On Mar 30, 2020
let him donate eggs and chicken to people of Ogun and lagos state during this time of stay at home. House or what? Ebora owu will reclaim his house even write 100pages of letters to all news paper houses in Nigeria and beyond if he request for house he use our money to build call his house and Ogun state refuse to return it for him. OBJ is not charity giver. Atiku, Dangote and others are good example.
Romance / Re: Angry Nigerian Muslim Woman Confronts Pastor, Removes His Microphone (Photos) by oursnail(m): 8:02am On Dec 11, 2019
So call religion will kill Nigeria. what concerns those olosho dress called hijab accuse pastor of his own preach. Those harlot calm Muslim women are Boko Haram they must arrest and persecute.
Politics / Re: Seyi Makinde Introduces New Transportation System In Oyo State (Photos) by oursnail(m): 7:39am On Dec 11, 2019
Thank God, Engineer oluwaseyi Makinde is not seyi (do this) as his name means. even if he give them bicycles, it is more appreciate than this baby toys he use scare Oyo state money to buy. Oga will be master forever AJUMOSE Buses and many AJUMOSE Legacy Transportation.

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Politics / Re: Kogi Election: Melaye Heads To International Court Of Justice At The Hague by oursnail(m): 5:27pm On Nov 19, 2019
Comedian melaye want to use that pretend to run from Nigeria. is Melaye smarter than Baba ibeji aka. formal Senate Bukola Saraki, fulish man

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Politics / Re: Why I Was Removed As Governor- Ambode by oursnail(m): 5:23pm On Oct 29, 2019
I know that Mr. Ambode will never and never forget ASIWAJU BOLA TINUIBU. is mr.Ambode forget Bukola Akerele?If Mr.Ambode remember the wise say ''if you can not beat them,join them""His story must be difference now.The ocean is still there.
Politics / Re: Buhari Finally Rewards Ambode? by oursnail(m): 5:01pm On Sep 19, 2019
Don't dress Ambode in borrow robe, 20time's of Abode can never block Jagaban Asiwaju Tinbu ambition. Ambode will never forget last year shadow of option A4 election in moment.


Crime / Re: Evans Wife Allegedly Pregnant For 19yrs Old Ghana Boy by oursnail(m): 4:54pm On Aug 07, 2019
If the story is true, the woman is smarter from Adultnapper to Yahoo boy what next for her?. May be Boko Haram.
Politics / Re: List Of Nigerian Politicians Ban From Entering The US by oursnail(m): 2:38pm On Jul 24, 2019
why it is PDP. vanguard that hear the news not Bbc or Nan.
Agriculture / Re: Neem Seed Seller by oursnail(m): 1:50pm On Jun 24, 2019
Large and good quality NEEM SEED is available for sale call 08026295645 or 08169418699.to buy. Neem plant (Dogoyaro plant) is popular name in field of herbal treatment. our forefathers use all part of the plant mostly to cures any illness call malaria in most Africa countries but ignore donogoyaro seed for wild birds to eat only sweet water in it. now science has continued their research to argument our forefathers work by find useful of NEEM SEED. in field of cosmetic,chemical and pharmaceutical . Modern scientists have isolated more than 140 compounds from various parts of the Neem plant that have been evaluated for curative powers. Claimed to be a ‘Village dispensary’ the following properties found in Neem, make it one of the best herbal medicines.
vitamin C
oxalic acid.To buy your neem seed call us @ 08026295645 / 08169418699.
Politics / Re: June 12: ‘don’t Declare MKO Abiola President’ – Bode George Warns Buhari by oursnail(m): 10:07am On Jun 11, 2019
Chief Olabode George usually like what will land Him in exile or prison.
Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila Distributes $50,000 Bribe Cards To Members-elect by oursnail(m): 9:46am On Jun 11, 2019
Jehun soke kotun Jehun sapo. means eat up and put food on your pocket. $$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!.
Politics / Re: MKO Abiola’s Frozen Assets Worth Billions Of Dollars –Tinubu’s Protege by oursnail(m): 1:51pm On Jun 10, 2019
Mko Abiola get His money in one telecommunications company call ITT. He was borrowed Nigeria Government money since 1977.. In 1978, mko Abiola. present controversy calculator to Obasanjo government delegates. That calculator is first issue that caused hatred between Obasanjo and Chief Mko Abiola because Government of that time Could not able to buy such expensive calculator. In fact, Mko Abiola is Ego./Kudi/owo or money. Am not support the motion that president Buhari should pay Mko abiola family all the value of His frozen assets. that is another load for Nigeria .
Politics / Re: Oba Akiolu: Obasanjo Is The Number One Troublemaker In This Country by oursnail(m): 9:24am On May 16, 2019
Although, olusegun mean God win is what motivates Chief olusegun Obasanjo. All times that baba rule Nigeria he personaly know that he is not deserve it.. For 1976 it is General T. Danjuma rtd. he still alive. for 1999. it's Chief Olufalae. he still alive. For 2003.its General Buhari. That is what Baba is not considered and Monarch Oba Akinolu his try to emphasize. Baba Obasanjo whose claimed that he make president Buhari to win in 2015,but can not make his party win his state SHAME. he form ADC. party in 2018 it could not present presidential candidate. that is all combined reasons that make oba Akinolu call Obasanjo no1.Nigeria Author and trouble maker.


Politics / Re: See How Much Fuel Is Been Sold Now : Photo by oursnail(m): 10:05am On May 01, 2019
Truth is always bitter and sour. But it will reveal at end. Either we like it or not, sooner or later, the fuel pump price will increase because government will find means of pay civil servants or whatsoever name they call themselves and it is we innocent people that the government will milk dried to pay them. Although honesty we are not yet experience fuel pump price in Oyo state as of today May 1st 2019,but we are already prepared for it.
Politics / Re: Alleges Plot By Tinubu To Take Away Buhari From Energy Earlier Than 2023 by oursnail(m): 6:51pm On Apr 27, 2019
Why you are fear Asiwaju Bola Tinbu? If you can not beat Jagaban, surrender for him and enjoy your political share before Baba will it to serious and respect person like OloriSaraki sorry oloriegbe in Kwara state.
Business / wood charcoal seller /hardwood charcoal seller by oursnail(m): 9:05am On Apr 26, 2019
we have non spark hardwood charcoal and softwood charcoal in environmental friendly ,good quality, best price and in large quantity For sell. We are ready to partner with any buyers or importers to satisfy them on their wood charcoal demand. For details, call or whatsapp :+2348026295645 or +2348169418699..e-mail: oursnail@gmail.com

Politics / Re: Protest Nationwide Until Buhari Vacate Aso Rock. by oursnail(m): 4:39pm On Feb 27, 2019
check those tribes or regional people that protest over our amicable president Muhammad Buhari. and tell me if they are not offspring of former civil war originator.. Monkey peoples.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu In Aso Rock To Celebrate With Buhari (Photo) by oursnail(m): 6:23am On Feb 27, 2019
Jagaban 1000 congrats to Asiwaju also as he felicitate with PMB. Asiwaju must keep his promise by pay retirement due to Atiku his political friend.


Politics / Re: Jubilation In Kwara As Ibrahim Oloriegbe (APC) Defeated Bukola Saraki (PDP) by oursnail(m): 1:00pm On Feb 24, 2019
Baba One-up defeated His father in 2011 and his father die before 2015 election now Mighty Jagaban also Capet Brother Bulky now he will now learn that money is not everything.. Anybody who know Dr. Bukola Saraki should advise him that he must respect his elder. next time. Big Congrats to senator OloriSaraki sorry senator oloriegbe.

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Politics / Re: INEC Chairman Replies Oshiomhole About Postponing Elections by oursnail(m): 12:34pm On Feb 17, 2019
Inec chairman must apologize to Nigerian and Government in general because what happened will pictures different photos to different people if government has no knowledge of what happened namood deserve sack.
Politics / Re: Buhari Will Win Because This Election Is Between Yoruba And Igbo. by oursnail(m): 8:20pm On Feb 14, 2019
You are right. Many people are deaf and blind that is why they campaign for kisser. Anyway every person has freedom of belong to any parties.. Truth will tell itself on Saturday.
Politics / Re: Why APC Can’t Win PDP In 2019 Even With Massive Rigging – APC Senator, Ibrahim by oursnail(m): 3:45pm On Jan 26, 2019
History will tell itself. can You cast more than one vote and telll INEC.to announce PDP if APC win we all watch your team prediction Messer JOSEPH The dreamer.

Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Buhari Will Hand Over To South-West In 2023 by oursnail(m): 9:05pm On Dec 24, 2018
Are we want to do 2019 election on February 2019 or it is 2023 election we want to do? Pastor Yemi Osinbajo should use another thing to campaign for people of south West instead of using some things not necessary now.
Politics / Re: Impeach Saraki, Oshiomhole Orders APC Senators by oursnail(m): 8:17pm On Aug 10, 2018
let watch the film ,history will tell itself.
Politics / Re: The Mother Of All Stealing’s The N21B Naira Daura Saga; Nigerians Must Demand.. by oursnail(m): 8:08pm On Aug 10, 2018
what is the number to chat with. you can send it to 08169418699.

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Business / Re: Beeswax Seller / beeswax seller/beeswax. by oursnail(m): 7:55pm On Aug 02, 2018
call or whatsapp +2348026295645 or +2348169418699. for price. I am in odo oba market ogbomoso Oyo state. But I can send it to any where In Nigeria within 3days .

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