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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Palehair: 5:52pm On May 14
Effeminate man says he hates being called gay grin
grin cheesy Have you travelled out of this country because it's completely obvious you haven't? Gender mannerisms doesn't equate human sexuality. There are feminine straight men and masculine gay men


Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 9:40am On Jan 27, 2021
The minute he can, he will leave his dad out of his life if that is the price to get out of the misery.

Exactly and believe me, it hurts
Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 8:34pm On Jan 26, 2021

No. I'm convinced that the tendency is more natural to women than to men. I feel that if a woman does it, she can still be reformed and have a normal sex life. A male homosexual cannot. Yecch.
It's nature is not excluded to women only, it's only that way because of the patriarchy, there are women who have a strong aversion to it, case point, my aunt, she might puke at just the mention of the word "lesbian" but she adores gay porn despite the fact that she's married, she loves gay porn like crazy, not just her... I know women who love it too and sexuality can't be reformed, it might be delayed though due to factors but never reformed.
Yes, bisexual women can be with men just like bisexual guys can be with women not hardcore lesbians and gays besides sleeping with the opposite doesn't mean a lesbian isn't a lesbian
Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 7:51pm On Jan 26, 2021

No, thank God. I was only answering the hypothetical question. I don't mind homosexuals as long as they don't intrude anywhere near my sphere of attention, but actually tolerating a deviant son would be an absolute no-no for me.
Yea, it's your choice to accept him or not. I wouldn't have tagged your post if it weren't for the hypocrisy I saw in it, I mean as a sexuality minor, it's not a choice for both genders, don't throw off one and accept the other.
Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 7:36pm On Jan 26, 2021

So I'm hypocritical, they're my kids. Besides, he's not gay. He likes girls, and is showing every sign of being a player, even at his age. Doesn't take after his more gentle daddy at all tongue
Well good for you, I was picturing a different scenario in which he's gay but he's not
Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 6:50pm On Jan 26, 2021
Cut him off. I will no longer recognize him as my son, though I can tolerate lesbianism from my daughter, because I know that the tendency comes somewhat naturally to women.
So if both your kids were gay, you will kick out your son and leave your daughter? Hypocritical much and just because sexual fluidity is more present in women doesn't mean its absent in men either, men just know how to mask theirs because of society and when you mask something for years eventually the true face will be revealed, hence this generation, they are tired of it, I should know, i studied human sexuality for years... Double standards and please not every woman have a lesbian in them, that's just ignorant.
Also I implore you to please read extensively on the "male gaze" and "queer theory"
Yet again if you are gonna be hard on your son and give him an ultimatum which is either to be straight or y'all depart, he might try to mask his sexuality to please you but he will definitely be miserable

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Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 10:43am On Jan 26, 2021

Abeg chill oga. Liberal/progressive much? Or are you one of them?
It is perversion to the core and not crucifying them but they should stay in their lane and keep their dirty linen hidden. Do you come out to tell the world what your poop looks like. They should stop making us puke at the sound of their crap. We have a right to sane atmosphere.
We straight thinking and logical humans who are not controlled by MSM narratives and the population-control driven elite will never accept what nature has rejected. Until we find one man with a pussy or without a dick, science has permanently placed gays on the abnormal side of the spectrum. And until we find a "homo" gene, no one is born that way.

We got to peacefully force these freaks back to their hideouts cause the little fire they're starting is gonna consume our kid's generation. And every normal person, even in Western climes gets turned off by their fetish somewhere inside, make no mistake about it. However with eugenist elite controlling the world governments and MSM, we're all being bullied into accepting that shit.
Let's stop trying to sound woke to the detriment of logic.
Just sayin'

Yep boss. They're making everyone wanna throw up. They should kindly keep their stinking linen inside and we'll all be fine. And please stop telling people to not have free speech so they could get a VISA. That's part of the bullying tactics of these eugenicist tyrants controlling world goverments and MSM.

This is true of all of the Left and liberals. Tyrants always playing victim
This is so outdated, I don't even know where to start so because Beyonce or Eminem supports LGBT+ rights, they are gay now? Have your belief but don't use that as a basis to infringe on others rights
Romance / Re: My Junior Sister Is Gay by Palehair: 2:33am On Jan 25, 2021

I don't need to. Just Ur common sense. What ever u read online is sponsored by the western media with serious backing from powerful individual (globalist)aimed at reducing global population
And now we jump to conspiracy theories..... Yea, that's also western media and if you are trying to save the population, add more to this vast population, that's really rich

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Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 7:10pm On Jan 24, 2021

The fact that this topic affected you so personally, that you took it upon yourself to derail the thread by arguing back and forth with a lady, says it all. Goodbye mangina!
Oh look, it's the rape apologist angry for someone calling their member out. Typical, have a goodnight

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Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 3:24pm On Jan 24, 2021

Which makes you a pervert since the first thing you think of when you see man is how to literally fvck the shitt out of his ass.
Lol, I never thought of sex love, you did. Have a good day

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Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 3:21pm On Jan 24, 2021

Moral police of Nairaland. Well done o.
Thank you
Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 3:19pm On Jan 24, 2021

You are sick in the head. A man comes out to announce that he loves to take it up the ass and the whole world should give him a standing ovation?? You are a sick pervert with a slacking, leaking asshole. That's your problem not mine.
Your hate is really bleeding out, get that checked
And like I said, only perverts think about sex in their first glance of human sexuality

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Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 3:15pm On Jan 24, 2021

He answered Op's question in his own truth and you took it personal and started crying to mods. That's your problem dude undecided
In his own truth by disobeying one of the rules of this forum, if you advocate for rape, girl just say it and move on. I already got the homophobe part

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Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 3:10pm On Jan 24, 2021

And what do they achieve afterwards? Dms from fellow fagss who wanna drill their arseholes or what? undecided
See how much of a pervert you are? Sex is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of same sex relationships.... Shame, yet again y'all don't even know what love is, you marry for companionship and sex


Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 3:08pm On Jan 24, 2021

He even called mods for someone. Smh. You are exactly the kind of faggott I speak of; lilly livered and highly sensitive.
Highly sensitive to rape right? Wow, just wow


Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 2:42pm On Jan 24, 2021
Sometimes I wonder why homosexuals are so vicious, defensive and ready to attack at any point.
I've never understood why they feel the need to "come out" and announce to the whole world what they do in the confines of their bedroom . like how is your sexual depravity our blawdy business?
Then, if you don't agree or subscribe to their lifestyle you are called a hateful bigot. Just engage with a homo the next thing is they will start wishing you death yet at the same time play the 'victims'. Only the devil is that incessant in pushing his agenda which makes me believe homosexuality is demonic possession with a hint of mental illness.
They come out because of people like you who still see it as a depravity, they come out because of extremist who will rather kill men holding hands than men holding guns, they come out to show the world they can't be discriminated anymore, they come out because of most people's assumptions that they are straight


Family / Re: What Will You Do If Your Son Turns Gay? by Palehair: 2:38pm On Jan 24, 2021
We can see what former presidential aide, Toyin Okupe is currently facing as regard recent declarations by his son, Bolu, being into gayism.

What will you do if your child turns out to be same?

This is not a prayer o, just assumption.

ME: I will immediately discard him/her(lesbianism) from my lineage with immediate effect.
Good riddance, you never loved your kid in the first place, you only had them to satisfy your ego. Can you imagine.... Having kids with conditions! Shame


Romance / Re: My Junior Sister Is Gay by Palehair: 2:29pm On Jan 24, 2021

That nonsense is propaganda spread by western media with their stupid movies.Aply critical thinking and see how it is nearly impossible to eat h a single Hollywood movie without seeing homosexuality in it.

Homosexuality Just like bestiality,incest, pedophile is a serious mental issues. Ask any of the perpetrators of this demonic act why they do it and they will tell U that is the way they are.
Like I said, you know nothing about human sexuality. Talk back when you've made your personal research
Business / Re: Nigerian API Startup, Onepipe Secures $950,000 Pre-seed Funding by Palehair: 6:27am On Dec 24, 2020
Another payment App?
That's where the money is. In 8-10 years, they might go down the path of paystack
Romance / Re: When A Guy Passes By, What Do Girls Look At? by Palehair: 10:00pm On Dec 23, 2020
niga u no well at all...so when a guy has a good grooming & appear dope he automatically becomes gay..very funny
He's openly gay though, that's alessandro, I've forgotten his last name cause i follow him on Instagram because of his huge following, he also just got engaged to his bf when he popped the question and like most gay men, he has a snappy/metrosexual dress sense but he's highly straight passing (gay men who are not femme and whom most people think is straight), he and his fiance do everything straight men do, from football to boxing. I also get your point, fashion and male grooming shouldn't be a confused with sexuality... It's downright annoying. Straight men have the right to look good without a sexuality debate

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Romance / Re: Male Psychology 101: Truths Every Woman Should Know About Men. by Palehair: 9:37pm On Dec 23, 2020
angry grin grin grin grin grin grin she will soon run out of points because the only point she can have is that men are slaves to thier biological urges if you refuse to be slave to ur sexxuall urges as a man dont bother to read all these hokum she has written because u hv got its cure. u can never compare redpill to this thing of urs
I pity you straight men though. Y'all go through a lot, glad some of you are seeing the light

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