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Religion / Re: Muslim Allows Pastor Sleep In A Mosque As Christians Refused Him Accommodation by palsenator(m): 12:04am On Apr 15
I will unapologetically state this.
Many Muslims are more Christ like than most so called Christians.
As a Christian and Igbo corper of 2022/23 servin
g then in Niger state,I experienced the benevolence of Muslims towards me and other non Muslims living in the Agaie LGA of Niger state including non Corpers of other ethnicities.

You don't know what you are doing bro....
Many times I have stood by the road waiting for transport and have been generously offered a lift by Muslim men in cars or bikes.
But here in the South, it's extremely difficult to see a Christian man give a lift to another Christian man , and even if he does,it is often for a woman.
Muslims would go any length to make sure you are comfortable and it is very high if you are a Non Muslim not of their ethnicity living among them.
I experienced this so well among Niger state Muslims and if NYSC is to be done twice,I will choose the Muslim North anytime anywhere anyday.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Readies '100+ Cruise Missiles' For Possible Retaliation Against Israel by palsenator(m): 11:59am On Apr 13
I stand with Iran🇮🇷.

Israel is the aggressor. The air strikes on Iranian consulate in Syria was a wrong move by the IDF..

People sha... When IRAN was using Hezbollah to attack Israel, they were not aggressor then.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: MASSIVE AIR ATTACK By Hezbollah On Northern Israel (video) by palsenator(m): 9:29am On Apr 13
I knew it would lead to this. I'm curious to see how Israel would fight a war on two fronts.

Which war on two fronts?? You called the invasion of hamas territories as war?
Politics / Re: How Okuama Residents Are Living In The Forest (Pictures) by palsenator(m): 8:26pm On Apr 06

But there's Biafra

My brother, I want Biafra to be actualized but for now, there is / was no Biafra. Those modafukas won't let her rose
Politics / Re: Most Expensive Kilowatt-Hour In Africa - Statisense by palsenator(m): 8:09pm On Apr 06
Just imagine the countries we are comparing ourselves to just to justify the tariff increase. Guinea Bissau that is one of the poorest countries in the world and has one of the lowest electricity connection in Africa not to even mention the world. Cost of electricity in Egypt is 0.18kWH. Even Sudan that is at war enjoys cheaper electricity so what are the stats supposed to prove?

You know the country is gone when we went this low to justify the increase.

Dear brother , I have sincere lost hope in the entity called Nigeria
Politics / Re: Most Expensive Kilowatt-Hour In Africa - Statisense by palsenator(m): 8:07pm On Apr 06
Static sense and lies , why don't they compare it to America

Useless people, They can only compare it with some God forsaken countries. It is a fact that Nigeria in herself is gradually turning to such a country
Politics / Re: Nigerians Turn On Their AC, Freezers For Days Even While Not Using Them- Adelabu by palsenator(m): 7:55pm On Apr 06


Even in the face of the obvious, these fools will still try to justify their ineptitudes. It's sad
Politics / Re: How Okuama Residents Are Living In The Forest (Pictures) by palsenator(m): 7:52pm On Apr 06
If you still believe there is a country called Nigeria, you are on your own.
Religion / Re: RCCG Has Over 200,000 Pastors In Nigeria — Adeboye by palsenator(m): 7:51pm On Apr 06
It's not a thing to be proud of.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran To U.S : Step Aside So You Won't Get Hit. by palsenator(m): 1:56pm On Apr 06

Israel is not the only country in the world, it is a rascal, lawless and anarchical behaviour for Israel to bomb a consulate. They have virtually broken all laws known to have kept the modern world far away from anarchy and strife.

it's time for the U.S to hands off and allow Israel be taught a lesson.

The only reason why the U.S have no choice than to assist Israel is to prevent Israel from using nukes. Conventionally Israel would be levelled in less than a month fighting Iran, rather than them loosing they would take the nuclear route, hence the reason for the constant U.S interference.

Did you say decimated ?? Funny intelligent people. Your wishes are clearly written as if they are facts.
I don't support the bombing going on anywhere in the world but saying Iran will decimate Israel simply because you hate them is funny.

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Politics / Re: Electricity Tariff Increase To Allow Discos Pay For Gas, Maintain Machines -NERC by palsenator(m): 8:25am On Apr 04
let's wait till it's extended, then we can talk.

Nigerians, wait ,wait ,wait..
Politics / Re: Electricity Tariff Increase To Allow Discos Pay For Gas, Maintain Machines -NERC by palsenator(m): 7:20am On Apr 04
I see... perfectly understandable.

This doesn't affect every Nigerian, only those who are using Band A and thus, have uninterrupted power supply. Good one.

So you think it will not be extended to other Bands??
Crime / Re: Deborah Samuel's Killers Faced Camera, Bragged And Held A Matchbox – Amnesty Int by palsenator(m): 11:48pm On Apr 02


They will never find nor kill the " heroes " that killed her. The killing is deeply rooted in Islam and to them , the boy is a champ. They will frustrate every effort at prosecuting the boy
Travel / Re: Concrete Vs Asphalt Roads: Which Is Better? by palsenator(m): 4:13pm On Mar 31
Concrete will crack with time. I still prefer asphalt better to maintain.

There are extension points incase of temperature increase.. The cracking has been reduced drastically with special cement solely meant for road other than building houses.
Travel / Re: CANADA: A Nigerian Family Says They Face ‘Persecution’ If Deported, Beg To Stay by palsenator(m): 12:12pm On Mar 31

It's not about buhari or tinubu. That family are a bunch of liars angry they are lying against the great yoruba tribe.

Who persecutes people because if religion in yoruba land? NOBODY

Get wisdom... She said home country... It didnt mean tribe... It means her country

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Travel / Re: CANADA: A Nigerian Family Says They Face ‘Persecution’ If Deported, Beg To Stay by palsenator(m): 12:09pm On Mar 31
Adegboye said she sees the deportation order from federal immigration officials as a death sentence for her family, which now includes two more children who were born in Canada.

She issued a plea for Canada to reverse the deportation so she can continue to build a life for her children and care for her patients.

Obviously, she's lying! The family is lying by raising religious persecution. They are Yoruba and in Yorubaland there's no religious persecution. The 3 religion of Christianity, Islam and Yoruba traditional Isese religion exist side by side even in every family and community. She should have been honest enough to state the main reason instead of denigrating her place.

This is what you get when you build your lives on lies. Truth will eventually catch up with you.

If you check her background now, she's probably one of those educated with tax payers money and on graduation deserted the nation for a foreign country that made zero investment in their public education before leaving Nigeria.

We have patients in Nigeria too and we need more health workers too. Please come back home with dignity, your children are watching and learning from you if you build their lives on lies. They will grow up not seeing anything wrong with lying and denigrating their origin.

God bless Nigeria for ever! Check my signature for free stuffs!

Do you just hate the fact that she is doing better than your generation?? Because she is Yoruba doesn't mean she grew up here. There are yorubas in the north. My uncle's who is Yoruba has been living in the north for over 40 years ... His hotel was raided and burnt over there.

Don't simply judge her because she is Yoruba you this modafucka APC asslicker

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Crime / Re: Fulani Bandits Used Police Camouflage To Sew Native Clothes (video/pictures) by palsenator(m): 4:22am On Mar 31
This is hilarious. Fulani Bandits used Police Camouflage to sew native Clothes. I wonder what the Police authority will say about this grin grin grin


One thing is eternally established except we are just playing politics with the blood of the innocents... Fulani are the real bandits
Food / Re: Average Cost Of Healthy Diet For Nigerians Is N938 – National Bureau Of Statisti by palsenator(m): 7:31pm On Mar 30
Katsina averaged N637.

That's so impressive. Your definition must be very high in standard then.

Meal is just balanced diet in a sense and not fastfood pack.

Can you even get an "unbalanced diet " for 1000 per day? Not per meal, per day? Even my children eat more than that daily.

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Phones / Re: Subsea Cable: Glo Shades MTN, Others (Photo) by palsenator(m): 6:47pm On Mar 20
Good morning N'Landers,

While there was network issues with the subsea cables, this is how Glo subtly shaded MTN...

Let grow our own, and see how Nigeria will grow

Banters are normal if it is within the circle of decency. What glo did is very normal lets wait for others to throw theirs ...
Politics / Re: Senate Approves ₦193M For 1 Borehole; ₦82.5Bn For 427 Boreholes by palsenator(m): 8:54pm On Mar 15
The budget was approved at a joint session of the national assembly no the Senate.
It's so bad now that a Nigerian youth doesn't know the process of approving a budget?
You dont know it's not the Senate but the National Assembly?
The level of ignorance displayed by Nigerian youths is alarming.

Mr Ignorance, speak on the matter and forget how he posted it... Don't derail
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Sends Ship To Build Temporary Seaport In Gaza(photos) by palsenator(m): 1:31pm On Mar 14

Hegemony and national interest are not the same. Hegemony by its very definition is an enemy to sovereignty.

Please check for the meaning... It's all about dominance by a group over another
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Sends Ship To Build Temporary Seaport In Gaza(photos) by palsenator(m): 12:06pm On Mar 10
The US is funding this war.

They gave Israel the bomb, surveillance, and tactics, vetoed ceasefire resolutions in the UN, military support, and so much going in the background that we do not know.

But somehow, believes that building this port is more important that just forcing Israel to stop bombing Palestine.

All just to maintain a dying hegemony that harms the planet.

I like your sincere comment. But what your called hegemony is all about interest and politics. The terrorists that started the war did it with their own interest at heart until it boomerang.

See my brother... No Nation loves another Nation except for a latent or obvious interest.
Politics / Re: Tolu Ogunlesi Replies Peter Obi On Ukraine's Grains by palsenator(m): 3:22am On Mar 05
Thank you Tolu. May God bless you for setting the records straight.
I particularly love your reference to his mediocre record of public service as Anambra state Governor. That's a recurring lesson to anyone who is today a political office holder that once you have a plan in the future for a higher office, serve the people excellently today so that you will not be labouring in vain on the social media in the future.

May God bless Nigeria for ever!,Check my signature for free stuffs!

You have comprehension problem. Are the grains not originating from Ukraine? That's the major point. Tolu Ogunlesi and people like you just maliciously ignored the major point.
Politics / Re: Warehouse Looting: Hungry People Can't Remove Doors, Windows - Mariya Mahmoud by palsenator(m): 3:18am On Mar 05
For those of you supporting this rubbish, I hope you don't complain when the hen comes home to roost. They have started with Govt. Warehouses and have move to stealing people's goods in truck, goods either bought on credit or someone's hard earn money and you're laughing about it and making a joke of it saying it is hunger. I hope when they start breaking into your shops and homes you will still understand it's hunger? We were in South South when Militancy started and they were kidnapping the white expatriate people laughed it off and said it's just the white, they don't kidnap black people because they are our sons, the white began to go back to their country and when there where no more whites to kidnap they started kidnapping their so called black brothers who worked in oil companies, people still laughed it off that they only kidnap oil workers, when oil companies began to leave they started kidnapping rich men, people started saying they only kidnap rich people, today everyone is a target weather rich or poor nobody is spared. Same thing happened in the North with Boko haram, same thing in the east with UGM, here we are again cheering this looters. I hope when they start breaking into the homes of your age fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles and aunties. I hope by that time we will also understand it is hunger?

Sorry ooo Tinubu's protégé


Politics / Re: PMS Price Per Litre In Nigeria & Some African Countries - StatiSense by palsenator(m): 11:15am On Feb 29
Indicate that these are noncrude oil nations for the sake of clarity please. Stop publishing lopsoded information

Not that alone. They should tell us the minimum wages in those countries.
Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Destroys Hamas Terror Leaders' Gaza City Tunnel Network ( Pics, Video) by palsenator(m): 4:58am On Dec 22, 2023

Israel, the bombardment is enough already. sad

Just air raid? What if they had been sending rockets to Gaza? Though I pray this ends and peace return. In the future, they will not dare come closer to attacking a nation many times stronger than them , and still feeds you water , electricity, oil and food
Politics / Re: Rivers Government Begins Demolition Of Assembly Complex (Photos) by palsenator(m): 11:07am On Dec 13, 2023

Not Renovation..

The governor is too hasty and greedy..

This building should have been renovated..

Someone is going to make a living out of this project now. Life no balance
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel IDF Drops Leaflets For Hamas With Instructions On How To SURRENDER (pics) by palsenator(m): 7:00pm On Oct 29, 2023

A day as coming when Muslims will defeat all the Lord's chosen gods(the jews).
It has been done before so you know though Mouka and his sheep might worship the jews they are not above defeat

I like you, you are a jihadist but you acknowledged that you ain't up to the task as it stands.
But your wishful thinking is a dream in the pipe. Your scholars know this ,that's why they are all terrorist apologists.


Business / Re: N1m Shares My Dad Bought In 2002 Is Now Worth #11,561.46, How? - Craze Clown(vid by palsenator(m): 6:49pm On Oct 29, 2023

I disagree. It's investment in Nigeria that made Dangote the richest black man on the planet. It's not all about Nigeria, also it has to do with us.
We MUST believe in Nigeria. I do.

With protections from the government. I love Dangote no doubt but on a fair field, Dangote wouldn't be among the world richest.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza: How Countries Voted To Protect Civilians & Humanitarian Truce by palsenator(m): 8:58am On Oct 28, 2023

Stupidity in the highest order, for your mind it's only US n Israel have monopoly of war weapons in this 21st century. USA did more than this in Afghanistan n still the talibans defeated them n came out stronger n bigger. Israel and America will not see what will heat them this time around.

Who is now stupid? Religion has blinded you from the reality. Ask your Imam and the brilliant ones among your Islamic scholars , not some of your kinds , they will tell you that no country wiil dare hit them except some cockroaches hiding under the jihad ideology which obviously you are an apologist.
Back to Afghanistan, have you forgotten how some of your brothers and sisters in Islam were climbing planes just to escape the terror of Taliban? Well you ain't there , that's why you will call it victory when obviously it was hell for the people.
Mind you , United left, no one defeated them.

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Politics / Re: Treat All Gunshot Victims Without Police Report – IGP Orders Health Workers by palsenator(m): 6:43am On Oct 28, 2023
This sounds good on paper, but imagine a scenario where a hospital attends to an armed robber.
The police investigations and interrogations that will take place in that hospital may likely disrupt business for them.

This is the major concern of hospitals that police have to address. Unless police can compensate such hospitals for any loss of business.

Attend to gunshot victims but report the case to the nearest police station.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza: How Countries Voted To Protect Civilians & Humanitarian Truce by palsenator(m): 6:41am On Oct 28, 2023
Only US, Isreal and 12 other countries, mostly tiny weak Island countries; Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Fiji, Guatemala, Hungary, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Tonga , voted against the adoption of the resolution and they lost woefully!

This is a testament to the seriously diminished power and influence of the United States on global politics on this Palestinian-Israel war.

Even the E.U , Canada and UK didn't vote against the resolution. China, Russia, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, the Arab League, Turkiye, Ireland, South Africa and Nigeria tried too. It was a momentous event that the world stood together significantly for the Palestinian people.

Sincerely, Humanity won. Over 3000 Palestinian children killed yet Hamas keeps fighting and firing rockets into Israel, giving credence to the report that Israel is actually killing mostly civilians and children.

If Isreal,with all its military power and backing of US and UK , has been fighting a small group of Hamas fighters for weeks now yet the death toll of children and civilians in Gaza keep mounting and Hamas Rockets firings into Israel have not stopped, so who is Isreal deceiving? Who is Isreal been killing for the past few weeks of bombing Gaza? Hamas still fired a lot of rockets into Southern Israel few hours ago!

If after this resolution, Isreal continues the bombing, there will be very serious and severe consequences against Israel. I pray it doesn't get to that. Check my signature for free stuffs!

How do you people think based on emotions? You arrogate these votes to the diminishing power of the UNITED STATES?

It's normal to vote for a durable peace bro. In your wildest dream, UK. Japan , Canada Spain, South Korea ain't no longer having strong ties with US because of these votes ? And this nonsense is what you will preach in your mosque? Dey play.

Ground invasion is beginning to start in Gaza , let's see the country that will come over to punish or wait and see if the UN will sanction Israel. Clear politics are being played out before the world and because of religion affinities, you all can't see.

To you, Russia and China at your new heroes, the same Russia that is busy bombing Ukraine is asking for peace. China is hellbent on attacking Taiwan and still asking for peace? Wake up brother


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