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Poems For Review / The Madiba Of Africa by pauldesimple(m): 2:53pm On Dec 11, 2013
Death, I envy you
Of you, Madiba gave an envious view
Your fear, he never submitted to
And at his time, he smiled and embraced you

Goodnight Madiba...

Life, never again will I trust you
Never again will I feel secured in you
For with the good Madiba did in you
Still you gave him up for death to pierce him through

Goodnight Nelson, our great hero...

O mother earth! I fear you more
In your belly, lies the rich and the poor
The mighty
And the lowly
The old, the toddler
Now it's Madiba, our beloved leader

Goodnight Mandela...

Heaven, welcome the sojourner
Earth, goodbye to a great achiever
The Madiba of Africa

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Poems For Review / Her Tale by pauldesimple(m): 10:13am On May 22, 2013
What God had joined together
Let nothing put asunder

Then mid-day Friday
'Till we meet again at the glorious bay'

Poems For Review / God Save My Nation by pauldesimple(m): 8:40am On Apr 11, 2013
God save my nation
From its' leader's transformation
For he gradually make destruction
The best profession

Having caused so much commotion
With their unholy presentation
And offering gory transportation
For unsuspecting souls too many to mention
Who had no intention
To journey yet to their heavenly mansion
Our Government favours the adoption
And granting the perpetrators of this bastardization
Who had refuse to embrace round-table discussion
Amnesty with mouth-watery compensation
Their intention
They will stop this aberration

But they see not that their action
Will only give birth to further sects creation
With destruction
As the sole aim of their formation
Since there is no condemnation
But commendation
And compensation
For havoc creation

So I beckon on our 'oga at the top' in Aso mansion
To consider the opposite reaction
Of his reversible decision
Before it gives birth to an uncontrollable situation
And spells greater doom on our nation

Poems For Review / Rape by pauldesimple(m): 11:04am On Apr 04, 2013
And abused
Now she is miserable
And highly unstable
With low self esteem
Driving her to the extreme

‘It’s your fault’ was the response
‘Why do you dress like that’ they said in their defence
But is there any justification
For this bastardization?
Any basement
For this debasement?

No wonder the victim
Continues to swim
In silence
For her story makes no sense
Like that of her mate
Who had suffered the same fate

No wonder she continues to live with the guilt
Of what was never her fault

Let’s continue the fight against rape
By spreading and replaying the message like the tape
And by being a listening society
Where victims can confidently recount their adversity

Poems For Review / War Zone by pauldesimple(m): 11:20am On Apr 03, 2013
Sola was disowned by her parent
Because she is pregnant
How she came about it
Concerns them not

She had brought them shame
She had destroyed their name
The only daughter of Otunba and Iya Aafin Folorunsho
The custodians of our culture
Is about becoming a mother
Of a child with an unknown father

But how soon they forget
That traveling is their pet
And she is always at the mercy of Uncle Abass
A professor of abuse

And whenever they return
To find her on
They shower praises on her uncle
Who had shown that he was capable
Without asking
How she was faring

Now she is pregnant
Their failure to keep their covenant
Still she is to bear the brunt alone
Oh! what a war zone
Where you face the music of your mistake
And in others punishment you'll still partake

Poems For Review / Goodnight by pauldesimple(m): 1:25pm On Mar 25, 2013
My pen refused to write
Even after doing everything right
And going down to plead
Still it refused to give heed

'Let me lie
That I might dwell with him on high
Let me journey with the soul
Who made for us a gorgeous stole
Chinua is gone
Why must I leave on?'

But I beseech you o pen
Listen before you depart from men
Hold your breath
That you might hear the solemn truth
Chinua is dead
But his course loses not its' head
His legacies abound
Even though he now dwells beyond
He did his part
Before things fell apart
He is gone
But his pen lives on

Adieu Chinua Achebe
Till we meet again at the glorious bay
Goodnight! Goodnight!! Goodnight!!!

Poems For Review / God Heal Our Land by pauldesimple(m): 11:56am On Mar 21, 2013
Our land needs healing
Its' soil needs cleansing
Oh! Lord come to our aid
Evil is carrying out a raid

Daily we see blood on screens
Daily we hear if flows at scenes
On our waterways
Or airways
By cultists
Or terrorists

The right to peaceful co-existence had been defiled
Old and young had been sacrificed
But instead of the witch repenting
Every labour produces another female offspring
Another offshoot of more evil

Oh! God save your people
Heal our land
For evil had made on it its' stand

Poems For Review / My Ordeal by pauldesimple(m): 12:25pm On Mar 20, 2013
My light nearly went dim
Thanks for the holder of my dream
I won't have been alive to tell the story
By now, I would have been at the topmost storey
The ground of no return
But for God who held me on
The cart would have been on course
Long before the horse

That's all I heard them say
As I took to my heels
To avert more ills
I turned the fastest man on earth
That my breath might live its length
An experience I prayed not for my enemy
Not to talk of another member of my family

But are we not tending towards failure
With a greater number of our future
Now miscreants
And secret cultists?

Poems For Review / The Good Old Days by pauldesimple(m): 4:17pm On Mar 19, 2013
Gone are those days
The good old days
When mothers were still girls
Then there were angels
But behold
The centre no longer hold
Today's role models
Are the greatest ills

Gone are those days
The good old days
When men were still boys
Then maidens were never toys
But behold
Things are not the same with this fold
Of every twelve
Judases enjoy the better halve

Gone are those days
The good old days
When marriage was at heart
Till death do us part
But behold
That art is old
In good times sweet shall be the chorus
But in bad we go for divorce

Gone truly are the days
The good old days
If only we can make a U-turn
Then will they surely return

Poems For Review / At His Feet by pauldesimple(m): 10:20am On Mar 19, 2013
I hate love stories
They bring back memories
Old tunes
Turned sad tales

The more the patch up
The more the bitter cup
The more the hold on
The more evil takes turn

The once angel of my life
Is now the cause of my strife
My loving companion
Is the new uncrowned W.W.F champion
With the promise to care and cherish
Now residing in the fertile soil of vanish

And whenever I think of leaving
My memory keeps singing
Till death do you part
Nothing should keep you apart

But how long can I bear it?
How long can I remain at his feet?
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow
Poems For Review / My Religion Is Of Peace by pauldesimple(m): 12:16pm On Mar 18, 2013
If your life means nothing to you
Don't snatch breath away from those it means much to
Don't cut their lives short
Don't kill their dreams with your shot
Because they accept not your way of adoration
Even the father of creation
Allows for free choice of religion

So to the warlords
The battle, if any, is of the Lord's
Let the holy defend what is holy
And men strive to join the perfect family
Islam is a religion of peace
Not of violence but of bliss

Poems For Review / I Love My Mum by pauldesimple(m): 2:45pm On Mar 10, 2013
Besides nature
Man shares another feature
With God his father
And maker

So dear to God's heart is this feature
That he regarded not man's sinful nature
But choose to be born of a woman
Among the dozens of ways he can
Share in our humanity
And show us the way to eternity

Mothers are God's gift to humanity
Of them comes the human entity
They are great treasures
With no match for their measures
They are rare gem
Let us honour them

I love you mum
And I'll continue to whatever I become

Poems For Review / You Are Dust by pauldesimple(m): 11:50am On Mar 09, 2013
'Do you know who I am?'
Asked Mr. Sam
'Do you know who you are talking to?
It's obvious you don't and I'll put you through

The president is my brother
His wife the daughter of the closest friend of my father
The state governor
Was once my neighbour
The speaker house of representative
Is a close relative
The inspector general of police married my sister
And the attorney general was once my school mother

Still you are dust
And that you shall return at last

Of what use is your connection then
When it can't hide your name from death's pen?
What is the benefit of you pride
When against death it can't be your guard?
What is essence of your ego
When the state is as ditto?

So remember always that you are dust
And that you shall return at last

Poems For Review / Don't Be Knocked Down by pauldesimple(m): 2:33pm On Mar 07, 2013
Till you see the light
Keep up the fight
Knocked down anytime
Stand and remain firm
Refuse to be knocked out
Quitters don't win the bout

Winners are zeros
Zeros made heroes
They are never afraid of struggles
And if they fail while trying to jump over hurdles
They don't give up
Their goal is the top

So join the winning train
Find no comfort on failure plain

Poems For Review / Love Is A Risk by pauldesimple(m): 1:09pm On Mar 05, 2013
Love is a risk
For you know not what I seek
But it remains the most interesting
Of all that is existing

Living without loving is never fulfilling
Living and loving is truly refreshing

Yes your good had been repaid with evil
Instead of an angel you had dinned with the devil
That is only your learning process
At the end of the tunnel lies you success

Bill was once a failure
Today his name brings joy and pleasure
Same is Thomas
And most of our living and past heroes

Living is a risky adventure
It is nothing but a dicey venture
So is all its' composition
Love is never an exception

So let out your feeling
I might be the gold you are seeking

Poems For Review / Old School by pauldesimple(m): 9:45am On Mar 04, 2013
Do you listen to old music?
Do you listen attentively to each lyric?
Their beats
Were indeed great hits

Their notes were arranged in agreement
Little wonder they make joints glow with excitement
Come ask my father
That was one of the tricks he used to woo my mother

Their lyrics were carefully selected
Melodiously arraigned and well cemented
No wonder today's artists re-visit them for fix
All in the name of remix

Kudos to those old musicians
They are better than today's tacticians
Kudos to them for good melodies
Better than today's harmonies
If only they had today's gadgets
They will out shine these present sets

Old school songs are pleasant to the ears
Listen to them and hear what you are missing all these years

Poems For Review / Waiting by pauldesimple(m): 3:10pm On Mar 03, 2013
Waiting is never friendly
Are you prepared to follow faithfully?
Waiting is a risk
Are you prepared for the task?
Not always does it pays
Are you prepared for such race?
If you coin falls on the tail
Is that not a double failure sail?

Tom once dwelt on that side
At the end he committed suicide
Kate once tread that path
But for the quick intervention of Faith
Thesame road Endurance took
Today many long to read his exciting story book
Same as Patience
She was rewarded with her marriage to Lawrence

Waiting is dicey
Are you ready to swim in such sea?

Poems For Review / My Hand-over Note by pauldesimple(m): 12:06pm On Mar 02, 2013
I came into your life for a reason
Now it's the end of my season
And I must leave
For you to continue to live

Though my mission is incomplete
I can't wait another minute
With the trumpet in the mouth of the blower
I have to hand over

But my happiness
Will be to see you match into greatness
According to the will of the creator
In this era of my successor

Learn from every made mistake
That your future may not be at stake
Surrender all to God in the highest
Still you must do your best
Remember that it's work and pray
Not pray and stay

Thank you for allowing me into you life
Thank you for the opportunity to journey with you especially in strife
Though we will never see again
I shall always remember our times of pain and gain
I will continue to pray for you
May God see you through

Congratulation for making it into March 2013
Your beloved friend February 2013


Poems For Review / Beat Her Not by pauldesimple(m): 12:36pm On Mar 01, 2013
She is your wife
Your better half
Not one of your slaves
You punish if she misbehaves

She is your helper
Given to you by the maker
Don't be a boxer
And make her regret being your lover

There is bound to be misunderstanding
For your relationship to be interesting
Being brutal
Will only make things abnormal

So stop the brutality
Give her vitality

Poems For Review / It's Pay Day by pauldesimple(m): 11:16am On Feb 28, 2013
It's pay day
There shall be a goat to slay
And lots of beer
At bar for my peer

So feel free ladies
Feel free to join and enjoy the goodies
There shall be no dull moment
Tonight shall be full of excitement

Even if you are committed
You are cordially invited
We are not new to the game
Commitment is merely in the name

So feel free to join the party
Your security we can guarantee
But keep in mind that for every action
There is an equal and opposite reaction

As for us, we have no fear
It has been a monthly affair
On every pay day
We go home with a little fraction of our pay

Poems For Review / Fear Not by pauldesimple(m): 11:03am On Feb 27, 2013
Fear not he who intimidate you because of your writing
He who can't stop you message from spreading
Even if he keeps you behind bar
He can't stop your piece from going far
Even if he keeps you at distance
Your work, he can't stop from reaching your audience

You are a bearer of truth
Let nothing stop you on earth
Though you will battle with liars
And untiring evil doers
Their hearts they will block to your word
Trailing the path of king Herod

But you must not keep quiet
Write on for you are a poet
Don't let it be
Cry out till the truth all will see
Then all will stand upright
For the truth is clearly at sight

Fear not he who call kill the body
But can't keep the message from being steady

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Barcelona Vs Real Madrid- Copa Del Rey (1 - 3) On 26th February 2013 by pauldesimple(m): 11:41pm On Feb 26, 2013
Has the mighty Barcelona
Forgotten their winning formula
Or why is the mighty falling?
Are they rebranding?

Just last week
Their arsenal went to weak
And tonight nothing could stop their bleed
As they were white-washed by Real Madrid

Is this the fall of an elephant
The depature of another giant?
Poems For Review / My Pen Is Crying by pauldesimple(m): 11:22am On Feb 26, 2013
When shall there be true freedom
When shall justice prevail in our kingdom
My pen is crying
My ink bleeding

When shall evil seize on our land
And blood stain on our sand
My pen is crying
My ink bleeding

When shall the first person singular
Stop being the basis of every relationship's formula
My pen is crying
My ink bleeding

For there to be national development
Obligations must enjoy fulfillment
Whether from the leaders
Or from the followers
My pen is crying
My ink bleeding

Our country shall survive
Only when we overcome the evil of our divide
My pen is crying
My ink bleeding

Poems For Review / My Favourite by pauldesimple(m): 9:22am On Feb 25, 2013
It's been long I enjoyed my favourite
Long I took of it a bite
Never seen it prepared in this place
One more day without it, I can't face

I love Amala
And obe ila
I joke with it not
Especially when it's hot

A plate of amala
Makes me sing la...la...la...la...la
It makes me feel like Mr. President
Nothing can equal its' nourishment

Call for a celebration
And you want me to honour your invitation
Invite me to your get-together
And you want me accept you offer
Then have my favourite on your list
And I shall be present at your feast

I love Amala
And obe ila
Know how to prepare it
And you will meet
And surpass the qualities I require
To be my heart desire

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Poems For Review / What Wll Be by pauldesimple(m): 11:48am On Feb 22, 2013
I heard you cry
When he said good bye
When he shut the door
Never again to step your floor

You sobbed
Because you had been robbed
Of your heart's pleasure
A dream future

Heavier than you is the tide
And you felt like committing suicide

'Paul, it shouldn't had been you'
But if not him, who else will do

Dear, if a door closes
Another's key looses
If he says it's over
He opens the door for a better lover

What will be will be
Soon the truth you will see
And when it shall appear
You will be glad it ended and you stayed clear

Poems For Review / You Have The Moment by pauldesimple(m): 1:03pm On Feb 21, 2013
If you are a president
Lead well now that you are present
Yesterday you were not there
Today he is no where
Tomorrow the rooster will crow
Then judgement will follow

If you are a legislator
Remember that minor
And that senior citizen in your community
Who placed their trust in your ability
To speak for them at that height
Fight against being deprive of their right
And represent them well
Especially when ills quell

If you are a judge
Misuse not your power at your lodge
Remember your oath
To stand for the truth
Your commitment
To deliver the right judgement
In every situation
In accordance with the constitution

If you are in government
You have the moment
But tomorrow belongs to the father of creation
And the least citizen of the nation

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Poems For Review / I Love Writing by pauldesimple(m): 11:08am On Feb 20, 2013
I love my pen
It had saved lots of men
From men's cruelty
And their wicked superiority

I love my ink
It always provide a link
To access situations
And proffer lasting solutions

I love my paper
It is always around the corner
Never tired of my disturbance
Always patient in my annoyance

I love my words
They are my swords
Sometimes I punch it
Other times it is soft and looks unfit
But I am always on point
With the message in front

I love writing
It is my calling

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Poems For Review / Missing Valentine by pauldesimple(m): 10:18am On Feb 13, 2013
I had looked for her everywhere
And couldn't find her anywhere
I had searched for her in all corners
If you see her please call any of my numbers
For it is few days to her anniversary
And she is nowhere around the storey

Jokingly she said she was going away
Never to come back for moon play
For men had destroyed her name
Their female folks had turned her to a game
And when the consequences come
She becomes the sacrificial lamb

'It happened on valentine's day'
That's all they will say

'They had taken away my true identity
And celebrate me with unholy activity'

So if you see her around your structure
Clothe with her true nature

Poems For Review / Nemesis is close by by pauldesimple(m): 1:45pm On Feb 12, 2013
O man of corruption
Doom is yours when caught by Economic and Financial Crime Commission
But blessing becomes your lot
When charged to court

O expert in misappropriation
Shame is yours when nabbed by Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences commission
But the story changes
When you face some of our judges

But listen o pen robber
Listen o corrupt officer
Nemesis is close by
Vengeance will never pass you by

And that judge who covered your shame
Will be unable to delete you name
From the book of sufferers
From it's wailing chapters

He who saved you from imprisonment
Will be unable to avert your punishment

Poems For Review / Police Is Your Friend by pauldesimple(m): 4:51pm On Feb 11, 2013
We saw the bottles flying
And the cutlass sucking
As it separated hands from their joints
And legs from their fixed points

Everyone took to their heels
Except those watching from the hills

Then came to the community
Men commissioned to protect with integrity
But they made our night darker
And our pains bigger

They did a general raid
That spared no maid
They filled their locked room
With men who had no broom
While the real culprits
Enjoy in their haven on their streets

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Poems For Review / Re: Win A Val With A Love Poem by pauldesimple(m): 2:06pm On Feb 05, 2013
Two but one
Bringing fun
All seasons
With uncountable reasons

Blessed be me
For an answered plea
You are mine
Nine out of nine
A dream come through
Oh what gladness whenever you say 'I love you'

Read my lips
This promise I'll keep
No more Cindy
Or any other lady
Your side
Shall I abide
Everyday I live on earth

Cross my heart
You, I'll never hurt
And our love shall never crash
For I shall cherish
And water it
Daily till late
For you are mine
Nine out of nine

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Poems For Review / A Noble Heart by pauldesimple(m): 1:22pm On Feb 05, 2013
A fine heart is a sure uplift
A noble heart is a rare gift
Freely given
And always open
To welcome the unknown
In it, there is a comfort zone

Blessed is the entity
In which this is a reality

Men shall come from east
And west
From the north
And the south
To share of its' goodness
To partake of its' happiness

A fine heart you possess
A noble heart, my princess
Go on
And affect your generation

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