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Business / Get Free VTU Business Website Hosting by pmictltd(m): 10:31pm On Jun 05


Auto Reversal Enable
Realtime Server Response
Automated Bank For Each Customer
Sell Airtime, Data, Exam PIN, SMS, Electricity, Cable TV
Free Daily Backup
Free SSL Certificate
100% Uptime
24/7 Phone Support

Airtime purchase
Data purchase
Electricity bill payment
Cable TV subscription
Data card printing
Recharge card printing
Exam pin
Bulk SMS Service
Wallet-to-wallet fund transfer
Automated Bank transfer to fund wallet
VTU Reseller setup system (ON REQUEST), Users can upgrade and get a VTU website which will be connected to his/her account

Accept or Reject WALLET to WALLET Transfer


You don’t need to pay for hosting renewal aside from the domain name if you purchase a domain name otherwise hosting is free for life.
You can use our free subdomain instead of paying for a domain name yearly, for example, gsmdatapro.top.mobi.ng
You can request and pay for API integration.
You can create unlimited users
You can create Unlimited Resellers, which will be connected to your website.
Free Modern Design Landing Page with your Business contact information and WhatsApp Icon

WhatsApp: 08086697100

Webmasters / How To Get A VTU Business Portal by pmictltd(m): 8:15pm On Dec 06, 2021
You can now start your own SMS, airtime, and internet data vending business in the next 10 minutes and generate hundreds of thousands of naira in sales monthly.

We are happy to introduce https://vtuprovider.com VTUPROVIDER is a platform that allows you to have your custom VTU platform with SMS, Airtime and Data Dispensing, payment gateways, and wallet system fully integrated.

The platform also allows you to vend electricity, pay tv, and bills without a line of code.
The price is affordable.

Join dozens of other vendors who are already making money online using VTUPROVIDER.COM

Education / Re: Thin Client Computers For School In Nigeria by pmictltd(m): 9:09am On Apr 28, 2021
Recently Completed Thin Client Installation, Networking and Windows 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Service Project at Olashore International School, Ilesha, Osun State.

We are always available to work with your organization to setup CBT Jamb Centers or School Computer Lab, we make use of high end servers and thin client terminals.

Contact 08086697100, ebenezer@philmoreictlimited.com.ng

Business / Re: How To Start Vtu Business With Just 3,500 by pmictltd(m): 9:51pm On Apr 17, 2021
Get a VTU Portal

With our custom services on VTRECHARGE.COM.NG, you can:

Top up airtime as low as N100 on MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile.

Top up airtime for any mobile network operator in the world (Global top up).

Top up data bundles instantly for all GSM networks in Nigeria.

Top up MTN data (data share) instantly at a cheaper price

Direct Top up on MTN VTU SIM wallet available to vendors with MTN VTU SIMs

Pay cable TV subscriptions (Startimes, Gotv, Dstv) instantly.

Pay Electricity bill payments (EKO, IKEDC, KEDC, IBEDC, AEDC, EEDC, PHED etc.)

You enjoy a unique bulk SMS service that delivers to all networks with custom reporting, so, you will never waste your SMS credits.

You can transfer money instantly to any bank account in Nigeria.

Webmasters / Get A Reseller Hosting Website With Free Billing Portal by pmictltd(m): 12:00pm On Jul 25, 2020
Get a Reseller Web Hosting and start earning like a Professional.

WHM/cPanel Reseller: You will be able to Sell cPanel Accounts

Master Reseller: You will be able to Sell WHM/cPanel Reseller and cPanel Accounts

Alpha Reseller: You will be able to Sell Master Reseller, WHM/cPanel Reseller, and cPanel Accounts

Plesk Panel Reseller Hosting is designed for hosters and sysadmins to automate, build, and get secured from one platform. WordPress Toolkit.

All the reseller packages comes with Free Billing Portal for managing your customers.

Pets / Re: Take Your Business Online. by pmictltd(m): 7:00pm On Nov 22, 2018
Black Friday Offer at http://philmorehost.com
Expire: 23/11/2018

NYSC / BUHARI: Nigerian Youths Are Lazy by pmictltd(m): 11:28am On Apr 24, 2018
Was the Nigerian president right in referring to the youths as "lazy and uneducated"?

I am a Nigerian trained historian. Rarely do historians answer yes or no question. Hence, the question “Was the Nigerian president right in referring to the youths as "lazy and uneducated"? can only get a ‘yes and no’ answer from me.

But, what is the definition of a youth in Nigeria?

The National Youth Policy defines Nigerian youth as someone between the ages of 18 and 35. Demographically, there are about 100 million young persons who fall within this age bracket in Nigeria. The country has a total population of about 180 million.

Now, was the President correct in his statement?


Many perceive that the President is correct because about 70 million Nigerian youths are jobless. A jobless youth was assumed to be lazy by the President.


Because many believe that Nigerian youths have not been able to challenge the status quo, take over power by force or commit genocidal crimes that the likes of President Buhari, Obasanjo, Babangida, etc committed as youths during the Nigerian Civil War (1967–1970).


The President is correct because those in his age bracket (65–100 years) have destroyed the education system, crippled the economy, incapacitated the energy sector, tear down the farmlands, shattered scientific progress and poisoned the minds of the youth with terrorism, ethnic violence, ritual money, drug trafficking, online scam, sugar daddy sex, and many more.

Now, was the President correct that Nigerian youths are lazy?


Nigerian youths are not lazy. In Africa, they are the largest labour migrants and there is no country in this world that you’ll not find a Nigerian youth working to make a living. In 2017, Nigerian youth in Diaspora remitted $22 billion back home. That’s huge and is more than the annual budget of some countries in Africa.


Nigerian youths are not uneducated. Every year, over 1 million youths sit for university entrance exam (JAMB) and tertiary institutions across the country produce a combined number of over 600,000 graduates. Nigerian youths are in prestigious universities in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and others. They are one of the most educated in the world.


Nigerian youths are not lazy. They are the best hustlers in Africa. They hawk in the streets, do construction, serve in the army, work in the banks, trade in the markets, do online businesses, trade in auto-parts and work in the farms. They are the engine of Nigerian economy.

Share if you believe in the Nigerian youth!!!

By: Omotere Tope.
Webmasters / Re: All Web Services Discount Coupon Thread by pmictltd(m): 6:09pm On Mar 23, 2018
Easter 60% Discount Code: EGGCELLENT
Expires on 07/04/2018
Webmasters / Re: All Web Services Discount Coupon Thread by pmictltd(m): 9:24am On Mar 06, 2018
20% Discount
Coupon Code: 20OFFALL
EXPIRY DATE: 31-12-2018
Webmasters / All Web Services Discount Coupon Thread by pmictltd(m): 9:17am On Mar 06, 2018
Post any Web Service (Online Service) Discount Coupon Codes, Expiry Date, and Service Name.

Please note:
No image advert
Rules can be updated anytime.
Webmasters / Lxc Vs Kvm Vps Server by pmictltd(m): 7:15pm On Feb 27, 2018
When shared hosting is no longer enough for your current needs and a dedicated server is too expensive or too complex to maintain, a virtual private server becomes the obvious and go-to solution. Unfortunately, when choosing a VPS for your needs, the situation is not that black or white.

There are a few factors you need to take into consideration before you order a VPS such as the operating system, type of virtualization, flexibility and so on.



Disk Size Increase
Fast disk resize: Running on a host operating system, on an LXC container you can resize the virtual disk without an OS reboot and the changes will take place immediately.

Full disk resize: Because the KVM is a fully virtualized machine, the virtual disk can be resized with great ease, but a VPS reboot will be required in order for the changes to take place.

Rebootless Upgrades
Easy upgrades: Being able to upgrade your disk, memory or the number of cores on your VPS without any reboots needed, we strongly recommend this type of VPS when dealing with critical operations and downtime is not possible.

Reboots needed: When dealing with disk, CPU or memory upgrades on a KVM VPS, you have to take into consideration that a reboot will be needed in order for the upgrades to be seen by the system.

Overhead Size
Lower Overhead: Being a container that runs independently on a host operating system that handles most of the system functions, a LXC VPS has a very low overhead and can be booted very fast.

Dedicated OS: Because a KVM is a fully virtualized solution, a larger overhead and a bigger booting period is required in order to boot the operating system and run all the background services.

cPanel compatibility
Not compatible with cPanel: Because cPanel needs a system-wide integration with the host operating system, it can not be installed on LXC containers unless you have good knowledge on how to enable quota on the server.

Manage websites with cPanel: You can install the cPanel Web Hosting control panel on this type of VPS, allowing you to manage all your websites from a web based graphical interface.

Automatic OS installation
Linux operating systems: By using image templates, you can automatically install any Linux OS from our offer, fast and with just one click.

Windows OS Support: In addition to all the Linux operating systems that can be installed on KVM, you can also install FreeBSD and multiple versions of Windows.

Encrypted full disk volumes
Full encryption is limited: For security reasons, on LXC containers, the access to the host resources is restricted and you can’t encrypt the volume on which it runs because the container is isolated.

Encrypt the whole volume: If you want to encrypt the disk volume on which the VPS is running on, being a standalone virtual machine, a KVM VPS will do the job perfectly.

Better price
Great density: Because LXC achieves a density 10 times greater than KVM, we can host more containers on a single server allowing you to host your web applications at a great price.

Fully virtualized machine: You can have a virtual machine that has all the advantages of a dedicated server at a much lower price, on a cloud platform that gives your VPS redundancy.

Swap Space
Manual swap file: You can add and mount manually a swap file but you can’t set it to start with your VPS because the access to the host resources is restricted.

Automatic swap file: Because KVM is a fully virtualized VM, you can add a swap partition and use a swap file just like on a dedicated server.

Dedicated Kernel
Shared Kernel: LXC is an isolated container on a host operating system with a shared kernel, providing a very lightweight solution with a greater density which doesn’t allow for a custom kernel.

Dedicated Kernel: A fully virtualized operating system with dedicated resources which allow for a more stable platform with increased security and the ability to modify or load a custom kernel.

Tun / TAP Enabled
Virtual network devices are not enabled: In order to have the virtual network devices enabled on an LXC container, the host must enable it on all containers, which is not desired because it affects overall performance.

Make a VPN server: You can create a VPN server or enable the virtual network devices for routing purposes or as a network bridge, as the KVM is a fully virtualized dedicated machine.
Webmasters / Google Accelerated Mobile Pages VS Non Accelerated Pages (mobile Friendly) by pmictltd(m): 10:12am On Feb 16, 2018
The latest development for improving the mobile search results and the mobile user experience further is The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, which is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile-optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere. AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast.

The difference between a mobile-friendly page and AMP can be understood by the following questions.

What are Mobile-Friendly Pages?
Mobile-friendly pages are pages with Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices -from desktop computer monitors, tablets to mobile phones. In particular, reacting to the width of the browser window — not just flowing the text, but often changing aspects of page layout.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?
AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative by Google launched in October 2015. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are lightweight pages designed to load quickly on mobile devices. AMP-compliant pages use a subset of HTML with a few extensions. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), is a very accessible framework for creating fast-loading mobile web pages.

How Can a Website Become Mobile-Friendly?
A website can be made responsive or mobile-friendly by adding Media Queries.

Media queries let the display of content be according to the user device without having to change the content itself. It is a CSS technique introduced in CSS3. Media queries allow the web page to use different CSS style rules based on the features such as width, height, and color. A media query is a logical expression that is either true or false.

For Example:

<!– CSS media query on a link element –>

<link rel=”stylesheet” media=”(max-width: 800px)” href=”sample.css” />

<!– CSS media query within a stylesheet –>


@media (max-width: 600px) {

.facet_sidebar {

display: none;




When a media query is true, the relevant style sheet or style rules are applied, following the normal cascading rules.

How Can a Website Become AMP Compliant?
A website is made AMP compliant as per instructions on https://www.ampproject.org/docs/get_started/create.html but the AMP pages also have to be made responsive or mobile-friendly.

Are There Any Duplicate Content Issues With Responsive Websites?
There are no issues related to duplicate content regarding responsive pages.

Are There Any Duplicate Content Issues for an AMP Compliant Website?
A responsive page or a mobile-friendly page is the same page of the website which is served in a different layout. The pages get displayed according to the device from which they are accessed. AMP pages are served to the user from the Google AMP cache. AMP pages have a different URL. Hence, the duplicate content issue has to be sorted out. The Google AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network for delivering all valid AMP documents. It fetches AMP HTML pages, caches them, and improves page performance automatically.

We will convert your old WordPress website into clean Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
Whatsapp: 08086697100
Email: support@philmorehost.com

Webmasters / Re: Introducing Cheapest VPS Hosting In Nigeria by pmictltd(m): 9:50am On Nov 07, 2017
VPS Hosting Packages at https://client.philmorehost.com/cart.php?gid=7&currency=2

Cheap One
24/7 support
$3.49USD Monthly

Cheap Two
24/7 support
$6.98USD Monthly

24/7 support
$10.47USD Monthly

24/7 support
$24.43USD Monthly

24/7 support
$38.39USD Monthly
Webmasters / How To Get Free Bulk SMS Website Hosting by pmictltd(m): 6:48pm On Oct 27, 2017
Serious-minded only.
You want to start Bulk SMS Business but you have little or no money.
The purpose of this service is to make sure you start the business without paying for the setup, and without paying for the website hosting.

Get these for FREE:
Free sub domain (.gsms.one)
Free hosting
Free SSL certificate
Free one webmail address eg: info@companyname.gsms.one
Free Setup
Free Guide
Free Support
Get it now at https://philmoresms.com/

Education / Re: Thin Client Computers For School In Nigeria by pmictltd(m): 11:24am On Oct 17, 2017
Contact us for Thin Client Server Configuration and Networking.
Philmore-ICT Limited is your right choice of CBT Center Setup. 08035173259, 08086697100, info@philmoreictlimited.com.ng

Phone/Internet Market / Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB And 64GB For Less Price by pmictltd(m): 9:36pm On Sep 21, 2017
Performance and specifications
Brand: Samsung
Model: Galaxy S6 edge+ (USA)
Colour: Black and White
Screen Size: 5.1-6 inches
Storage Capacity: 32GB and 64 GB
Operating System: Android
Condition: Used
Very clean US used Samsung galaxy s6 edge available for sale. 32GB and 64GB available.
Call: 09031391709

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Webmasters / Re: Introducing Cheapest VPS Hosting In Nigeria by pmictltd(m): 10:50am On Jun 19, 2017
Looking for Cheap and Reliable Dedicated Servers?
Visit https://client.philmorehost.com/cart.php?gid=13

Computers / Re: Cyber Cafes With thin Client Technology In Operation. by pmictltd(m): 10:08pm On May 23, 2017
Latest Job was done at Sokoto Education Development Fund (sedtf) CBT centre
Thin client and Server configuration.
The ICT solutions provision of choice.
Philmore ICT Limited - Remote Desktop Solution and System Networking for Jamb CBT Centers - Schools - Corporate Organisations - Cyber Cafe. We Setup RDP for Computer Servers Running Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 16 Operating Systems.

Call: 08035173259 or email: info@philmoreictlimited.com.ng

Webmasters / Re: How To Move Your .com Domain Name From Domainking To Another Domain Registrar by pmictltd(m): 2:46pm On Mar 18, 2017
You are most welcome and NO, you will not regret hosting your website and domain with philmorehost.
You can search online for Philmorehost review, read what people say about philmorehost
Ah! Domain king don kill me o.. Is like I will contact you guys, because I don't want to lose my domain. Thanks for the info. But I hop your site won't end up like domain king as well?
Webmasters / How To Move Your .com Domain Name From Domainking To Another Domain Registrar by pmictltd(m): 1:37pm On Mar 18, 2017
It’s no longer news that popular domain registrar DomainKing.ng has been shut down by NIRA and the owners arrested in India for being in possession of 40,000 websites used for illegal activities. For those who have their .com domain name trapped in DomainKing.ng, this post will show you how to move your domain name easily to another registrar. So let’s quickly.

kindly follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1. Create a Customer Account through using this link - https://www.resellerclub.com/shop/login.php and note down the new login details
i.e. your Username and Customer ID

Step 2. Login to your existing account with 'Domainking.ng' using these details -
- Login URL: http://domainkingdk.myorderbox.com/customer
- USERNAME: yourname@email.com
- PASSWORD: Click on forgot password link and the system will send a link to generate a temporary password to your email address.

Step 3. Bulk Move the domain names from DomainKing.ng to the New Customer account by referring to the steps mentioned in this link - http://domainkingdk.myorderbox.com/kb/answer/2474

In case you face any difficulty while doing so, do let us know or you can contact the Support Team of ResellerClub at the details mentioned in the below link:-

If you want to move the domain name to another domain registrar, Philmorehost can help you do this free of charge, but terms and condition apply.
Please contact: support@philmorehost.com or visit philmorehost.cc.cc in your mobile phone browser to call philmorehost helpline.


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Computers / Re: Cyber Cafes With thin Client Technology In Operation. by pmictltd(m): 6:13pm On Jan 31, 2017
Our latest and completed project at UNN Unsuka in Enugu State.

Thin client and Server Configuration for UNN e-libary and CBT center

Philmore-ICT Limited
08035173159, 08086697100

Webmasters / How To Get VPS Preinstalled For Wordpress Or Joomla Hosting by pmictltd(m): 9:32pm On Jan 02, 2017
New Year Special Offer, Get 50% Off First Payment
ZPanel Cloud Hosting KVM Virtual Server For Cooporate Organization, Schools, Bloggers, etc.
32GB Web Disk
Unlimited Monthly Traffic
Up to 8 Core CPU
Up to 6GB Ram
Free ZPanel Control Panel
1 Free .name.ng Domain Included
Free RDP to Windows7
Free Weekly Backup
Free Cloudflare CDN
Free Setup Fee
Free App auto installer(Wordpress, Joomla, SMF, Magento, OSCommerce, etc)
24/7 support

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Computers / Re: Cyber Cafes With thin Client Technology In Operation. by pmictltd(m): 10:16pm On Dec 02, 2016
Philmore-ICT Limited is dependable
We deliver fast computer networking service and thin client server configuration.
Schools, Corporate organization, CBT centers etc...

Computers / Re: Cyber Cafes With thin Client Technology In Operation. by pmictltd(m): 8:03pm On Dec 02, 2016
At Philmore-ICT Limited we deliver and setup fast computer networking service and thin client server configuration for schools, corporate organization, CBT centers etc.
We are dependable.
Below pictures are recent project done at Garaku, Nasarawa, Nigeria.
Call us now: 08035173259
Email: info@philmoreictlimited.com.ng

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Webmasters / Free Bulk Sms Website In Nigeria by pmictltd(m): 9:59pm On Dec 01, 2016
Bulk SMS Marketing Business
Do you want an SMS website like banjsms.com or mycompletesms.com.ng?
We are giving away SMS Websites.

We are breeding new entrepreneurs, we want you to start your own business.
We Are The Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nigeria.

Features of the Bulk SMS Portal
Free Hosting:
Free web hosting. Instant activation
Free SMS Component Installation
SEO Optimized Website
Responsive SMS Website
Free Custom API
Free Marketing Tools
Free Instant Support
Free 500 SMS Credit

Free Domain:
Free Domain Registration .com.ng, .net.ng, .mobi.ng
The domain names will be registered Free.
Register FREE Domain Name for Life and be ahead of the game and protect your brand with us.

Free SSL Certificate:
Free SSL Certificate to effectively secure your website.
Get Free SSL Certificate from Comodo, the No 1 Trust Provider in the world. Our Free SSL can effectively secure your websites for the next lifetime of your hosting account with us.

Setup Fee = N10,000.

PhilmoreSMS.com Best SMS service Provider
Instant Delivery to all Network is guarantee
Call us now: 08086697100
Email: support@philmoresms.com

Business / How To Get SMS Portal Creator And Start Making Money by pmictltd(m): 12:52pm On Oct 29, 2016
how to get free bulk sms reseller portal

Bulk SMS Marketing Business
Do you want an sms website like banjsms.com or mycompletesms.com.ng?
We are giving away SMS Websites Cost N31,000 to Setup at N10,000 only.

We are breeding new entrepreneurs, we want you to start your own business.
We Are The Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nigeria.

Free Hosting
Free web hosting. Instant activation
Free SMS Component Installation
SEO Optimized Website
Responsive SMS Website
Free Custom API
Free Marketing Tools
Free Instant Support
Free 500 SMS Credit

Free Domain Registration .com.ng, .net.ng, .mobi.ng
The domain names will be registered Free.
Register FREE Domain Name for Life and be ahead of the game and protect your brand with us.

Free SSL Certificate to effectively secure your website.

Get Free SSL Certificate from Comodo, the No 1 Trust Provider in the world. Our Free SSL can effectively secure your websites for the next lifetime of your hosting account with us.

We are Leading SMS Provider in Nigeria
Facebook [url=https:twitter.com/philmorehost]@philmorehost[/url]

Best SMS service Provider
Instant Delivery to all Network is guarantee

Akinola Road, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria support@philmoresms.com Whatsapp or Call 08086697100

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Webmasters / How To Get Free SMS Reseller Website by pmictltd(m): 5:02pm On Sep 29, 2016
Bulk SMS Business still one of the Lucrative Online Business you can venture into.
Price is still cheaper compared to GSM Company SMS service providers such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT.
For the reason of Economy crises many have dropped the business and those that have the intention to start the business couldn't.
This is why we are giving out SMS website almost Free.
The normal price:
SMS Component License is N15,100
Domain name registration is N3,900
Website Hosting is N6,000
Setup fee is N5,000
TOTAL = N30,000

But Instead of paying N30,000
We are willing to give all at N10,000 only to few people.

The money you are paying is just the setup fee and domain name registration.
We are giving the hosting free, we are as well giving the SMS Component Free
We have the urge to help NEW ENTREPRENEURS Grow their Business.

Read full details here

Webmasters / How To Setup And Design Bulk SMS Portal Using Joomla CMS by pmictltd(m): 1:22pm On Aug 02, 2016

1. Introduction to Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Business is a profitable business in Nigeria and even all over the world today. Millions of SMS are sent daily among the GSM subscribers all over Nigeria. This is due to its cheapest and faster means of communication. GSM SMS within a network and among different networks range from N 5 to N15. This is still somehow exorbitant. But with bulk SMS from web to phone, you can send a message with as low as N1.00. You can get cheap prices range from N1.00 to N5.00. You send the message from the web to any GSM phone number. At a click, you can send message to millions of GSM phone numbers.

2. Things you need to setup bulk portal

a) Domain and web hosting

b) SMS Component and License

c) Joomla Installation and Upload of SMS Component

d) Add Beautiful Simple Template

e) Add API From SMS Service Provider

f) Online Payment Integration

g) Bank Account

h) Contact Details

i) Other Services

A. Domain and Web Hosting

You need to make sure your chosen domain name is still available and you need to register it.

A well know place for registering domain names is philmorehost.com but don' t register your domain there just yet. As you will find out, there is still way to register your domain when signing up for web hosting. Next is to register a web hosting, philmorehost.com is one of the best leading web hosting company in Nigeria, they have cheap and reliable web hosting service.

B. SMS Component and License

SMS Component is a professional SMS component for Joomla. It is a native extension which can be installed using regular Joomla Installation procedure. This component allows you to configure any SMS HTTP API inside Joomla and you can start sending and receiving SMS from the front-end.

This component uses the SMS HTTP API and submits the SMS to the gateway and receives the gateway response. For receiving SMS it uses the short/long code with KEYWORDS.

The best attractive part of this component is it can be used as a reseller account for your master SMS package bought from any SMS gateway.

C. Joomla Installation and Upload of SMS Component

In this tutorial we will show you how to use Softaculous to install a Joomla 2.5 application to your site. The installation process is pretty straightforward and it will take only a few minutes. You don't need any advanced skills to perform it and at the end you will have a fully functional Joomla application on your hosting account.

First , you need to access your cPanel account and find the Softaculous icon under the "Software Services" section. It should be located in the lower part of your cPanel page, right under the "Domains" section. Continue Reading

Bulk SMS reseller website With SPC4 Offer.
The sms reseller website will be hosted and setup for you for just N10,000 only available for limited time.
What you get for N10,000
Domain registration
Complete seo sms reseller website
Free API
Free 500 sms credit
Free Seo tools in cpanel
Free guide to start sms business

Webmasters / How To Register And Install Free SSL Certificate by pmictltd(m): 8:27pm On Jun 06, 2016
Are you looking for free SSL Certificates? Who wouldn’t want to get something that some people pay around $1,500 for, for free? Well, thanks to free Certificate Authorities and some other useful tips, you can get some free SSL Certificates here: https://philmorehost.com/client/cart.php?gid=14

Even Non-Ecommerce Sites Need SSL Security
VeriSign SSL Certificates secure more than just ecommerce Web sites. They provide essential encryption and security for:
• Intranets
• Email servers
• Sites that collect sensitive customers data
• Regulated industries, such as financial services, government and medical
Learn more about VeriSign SSL Certificates.
New Unique Set of Trust-Building Tools!
Plus, only VeriSign SSL Certificates give you features that increase business legitimacy, traffic and transactions.

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