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Politics / Re: Yoruba People Please Stop Killing Innocent Hausas by princemillla(m): 7:50am On Feb 14
So dumb and baseless

Show me where Yoruba has murdered any Hausa !
U wil just seat in ur house and be inciting violence

@ Lalasticlala ishilove mynd44 Seun

this op has violated ur rules by inciting violence

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Crime / Re: Navy Arrests 17 Sea Pirates In Akwa Ibom, Destroys 15 Militant Camps by princemillla(m): 7:35pm On Feb 12

You will be taught at the training.
Follow your passion bro!

Am not sure I can enroll anymore!! Thanks bro
Crime / Re: Navy Arrests 17 Sea Pirates In Akwa Ibom, Destroys 15 Militant Camps by princemillla(m): 11:47am On Feb 12
The only force i love with passion .... but I can’t swim cheesy


Politics / Re: 2023: Let's Give Atiku A Chance by princemillla(m): 5:42pm On Feb 09
Iro po , oti po repete iro po. Lie lie people lie lie people iro po
Politics / Re: President Buhari Flags Off $1.96bn Nigeria-niger Republic Rail Project by princemillla(m): 4:12pm On Feb 09
And what’s is the economic benefit of this rail project ? Even Cotonu that is more useful to us doesn’t have this.

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Politics / Re: Ambassadorial Nomination: SFD Writes Senate, Calls For Buratai’s Confirmation by princemillla(m): 3:57pm On Feb 09
Are these people trying to tell us that there r no other competent persons in nigeria for that role ? Or why this one sided favoritism


Politics / Re: Confirm New Service Chiefs – Buhari Begs Senate by princemillla(m): 3:55pm On Feb 09
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: I Can Fight Boko Haram Without Government Support by princemillla(m): 1:09pm On Feb 07
Sunday is someone I respect so much but hmmmmm

Ayeta may not be that effective wen confronted with anti aircraft gun o grin

Boko boys don't win by their amunitions only o but their numbers

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Politics / Re: 2023: Northern Youths Beg Umahi To Contest For Presidency (Photos) by princemillla(m): 1:07pm On Feb 07
Sure he is a certified fulani ass licker now.....so he can continue their fulani agenda

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Is A Not A Nation But Many Nations by princemillla(m): 1:02pm On Feb 07
United nation of Nigeria cheesy
Politics / Re: What If The Next President Come From The North? by princemillla(m): 12:51pm On Feb 07
Seriously if the northerners thought they can bring in people form Niger to vote then let we the yorubas come together and vote for a eastern president.

See av said it befor, the best way to deal with any issue of election in the south is to encourage people to go for pvc and if possible grant under age people to get pvc. That's what the north does.

The moment election result from oyo is 3million, Abia 2 million, edo 5million, the one from ogun is 2million and may be Lagos state 4million. That's when I will take south serious l.
Politics / Re: Oppression Is Killing Me.. Help by princemillla(m): 12:47pm On Feb 07
Bro, the moment u value what u worked for and be contend wirh it, the better for u.

See in the course of my progress in life, I get to value what u worked for than what other obtained by tricks

At some point I was using iphone 8 and someone so junior to me was with 11 pro max. Bro I overlooked those things. And truly within me I value my 8 than his cuz mine a product of my sweat, product of my 1+1 which yield result.

I will advised u to use ur head to see what u can do and be happy with it. The result in the end will pay off.



Politics / Re: Eviction: Northern Governors Reply Akeredolu, Igboho, Others by princemillla(m): 8:37am On Feb 05
Herdsmen causing meyhem on Nigerians are from the north, all these gov cautioning non northerners should first of all caution their fellow northerners. It's all pure hypocript

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu To Phase Out ‘danfo’ Buses by princemillla(m): 8:33am On Feb 05
Can't wait pls!

Lagos state is at that level where transportation should be a priority
Politics / Re: VIDEO: When I Hear The Name Sunday Igboho, I Get Scared And Cold- Seriki Fulani by princemillla(m): 12:43am On Feb 05
Victim card!!!

We Sabi this one tey tey....Oya pick two!!!

For now ur people has so rotten the whole matter so no pity/peace for the wicked until you the fulani elders start flushing out the bad eggs among u.

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Politics / Re: “all Of You Donating Money To Sunday Igboho Will Never Know Peace”, Kwam 1’s Dau by princemillla(m): 3:01pm On Feb 04
I said the backlash Sunday is receiving from his own kinsmen is much. He is a lone fighter !!!

Now that kwam 1 has added his voice to this now , means an old war between the music fans of ignoho may surface !!

Saheed Osupa and kwam 1 grin

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Crime / Re: BREAKING: 7 Herders Killed, One Missing In Fresh Attack by princemillla(m): 2:58pm On Feb 04
I envision the only solution that can solve these menaces and other evil plaguing this country lies not in the hands of the government. My recent research is pointing to a form of government we can tag as cataclysmic capitalism.

Give power to the men with money, power and innovation (MPI). America is where it is cos of the likes of jp Morgan, rockerfeller, and others.

The root of our problem is not security, it is poverty. I'm surprised No investor is yet to take the opportunity that lies in ranching. If there were enough sincere capitalist, believe me, our country will reset back.

Unfortunately, our dumb and myopic politicians have no idea on how to invest with their stolen loot.

The root of these menaces, banditry and herdsmen/farmer crises is POVERTY

Bro the only solution is
1 ban open grazing
2 proscribe herdsmen/miyetti allah terrorist group for inciting violence wit words and actions
3 approve and support ranching by the govt.
4 compulsory registration of any herders in each state they want to have their ranch

Any herdsmen found violating this common rules should be arrested and prosecuted.


Crime / Re: My Utterances, A Slip Of Tongue - Igboho Begs Oni Of Ife, Others (Video) by princemillla(m): 2:07pm On Feb 04
Is Oni of Ife an elder?
Between Oni and Sunday who is older?

By virtue of his position, Sunday will prostrate flat to greet him. That's d beauty of being omoluabi

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Politics / Re: Divide And Rule, Self Destruct: Why Buhari Sidelined Alaafin And Invited Ooni by princemillla(m): 8:32am On Feb 04

Your writing is filled with bias.
The right person to meet is the Alaafin of Oyo.

The Ooni of Ife is not the right person. Simple.

Most people keep saying the Ooni is diplomatic. Hell, is the Alaafin not also diplomatic? Don't let appearance deceive you. I like the Ooni too but,
Right thing needs to be done.. lastly the op is mad.

If truly alaafin had written the presidency then I see no reason why Ooni and Alafin should not be invited together.

He is the superior king of oyo, it’s him who know where shoes pains the leg.


Politics / Re: Divide And Rule, Self Destruct: Why Buhari Sidelined Alaafin And Invited Ooni by princemillla(m): 8:30am On Feb 04
what kind of nonsense is this this morning

Someone submitted his observations and all u can do is tame it nonsense. If you have a better position on the matter kindly let it out to educate or informed the reader!


Politics / Re: Kano Bans Abduljabbar Kabara, Shuts His Mosque by princemillla(m): 8:24am On Feb 04
For God sake , there r millions of people suffering in Kano. Oga Ganduje should channel his energy to reduce poverty there. Today hisbah tomorrow sheikh or Emir is ban


Politics / Re: Eye Witness/victim Of Fulani Terrorism by princemillla(m): 3:48am On Feb 04
So dad mehn so sad !!!!
Politics / Re: Yoruba King Endorse Sunday Igboho And Gave Reason Why Fulani Herdsmen Must Go by princemillla(m): 3:42am On Feb 04
Mistake. Big MISTAKE. We Yoruba shouldn't allow all those aggrieved tribes poison our relationship with the Hausa/Fulani's. It is better we maintain a togetherness with the northerners than falling to Igbo traps

Sacrifice 2 of your family for testing on Fulani brutality then come back and type this gibberish again


Politics / Re: Herdsmen Crisis: Nigerians Have Right To Live Wherever They Choose - El-Rufai by princemillla(m): 3:40am On Feb 04
Op pls remove say helrufai but says Sec general of Fulani herdsmen!


Crime / Re: My Utterances, A Slip Of Tongue - Igboho Begs Oni Of Ife, Others (Video) by princemillla(m): 3:31am On Feb 04

Elders that are more interested in their own pockets than the general Yoruba interest? If they were doing the needful do you think there would have been a Sunday Igboho in the first place?

No matter what you still don’t abuse the elders. Whether they r doing the right thing or not but one thing am sure of is their decision will consume them and their kinsmen!

More reason why I supported this guy wen he said he won’t go back to oyo to face the supposed waklili, he is a lone fighter with backlash at home

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Politics / Re: Urgent: Who Knows This Address by princemillla(m): 10:10pm On Feb 03
Good afternoon
Please I need a description to get to this address below. I am coming from mushin. I have an interview there.

9B Robinson Gbagi Street, Ajao Estate, Off Murtala Mohammed International Airport road, Lagos, Nigeria.

(9b Robbinson Gbagi is at the CHI/One-way end of Asa Afariogun, faces the walls of Aquarite Water factory and 3rd building before MFM)

thank you.

Since u r coming fr mushin. Find ur way from ishaga close to Ilasa then aswani from there take Marwa or bike to ur address

That’s d simplest.
Crime / Re: Tinubu,seyi Makinde & Other Yoruba Politicians Are Fulani Slaves - Sunday Igboho by princemillla(m): 8:18pm On Feb 03
No be lie baami, no be lie. Dem talk say him wan be president, and he kept mute at this trying time where insecurity is too notch. Omo to ba ma Je asamu, ati kekere Lati se enu sham sham
Crime / Re: Nscdc Deployes Agro-rangers To War Against Herdsmen by princemillla(m): 8:12pm On Feb 03
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu And Sunday Igboho Are The Bravest Men In Nigeria by princemillla(m): 7:09pm On Feb 03

if your family is at a war with another evil ruthless family who are hell bent on destroying all of your family members,this evil family is well connected Nationwide and globally,u have someone in your family that is influencial and rose up to defend all of you,would you like to have him within the reach of the evil family so that they can kill him?

what's exactly are u driving at because if u support biafrans and oppressed Nigerians who blood are crying for justice,u wouldn't be saying that kanu should be in Nigeria


Sorry I forgot that those guys carrying arm in ESN are robot

What's more pathetic than that !

Free me I don enter ignore mode
Politics / Re: Herdsmen: We Didn’t Seek Sunday Igboho’s Help, Says Ogun by princemillla(m): 1:02pm On Feb 03
You have case with him in the court and he did not run away, you sent Zoolgeria terrorists in uniform to assassinate him and you want him to stay so that they will kill him. You are an evil man. I know that you want him dead. If they kill him you are the first person to call him a coward. I don't know why you see Nnamdi Kanu as your problem. You can't openly condemn fulani herdsmen who are killing and raping your people but you are quick to insult Nnamdi Kanu and whoever that believe in him. You are just a big fool!!! I admire Sunday but you can't compare him with Nnamdi Kanu.

Well it’s well and crystal clear!!!

Like I said and Am reiterating, am not a Hater of Kanu n his movement n as a matter of fact wish him well. But it’s well like I said
Politics / Re: Newsgive Herdsmen Palliatives – Miyetti Allah Begs Buhari Govt by princemillla(m): 9:10am On Feb 03
you station ur livestock’s in a ranch no banditry, no climate change will claim them. Purely uncivilized
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu And Sunday Igboho Are The Bravest Men In Nigeria by princemillla(m): 9:03am On Feb 03

Bad comprehension is a huge disease !

Kanu is no longer a Nigerian/African at large by citizenship , how then he is the bravest in nigeria

Tho I have huge respect for him and his movement and I will love to see Biafra come to fruitions. But I hate the fact that he is hiding abroad, he should come on ground and do his stuff atleast he has army of ESN to guide him now

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