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Politics / Re: Seun Why Did Your Mods Delete This Rebuttal From Washington Post? by proeast(m): 7:05am On Oct 14, 2021
Maybe your mods will equally delete this one in an attempt to hide the truth. But this is a huge shame shame and disappointment that a so-called biggest forum in Nigeria has been reduced to such disgusting pettiness.

This is a new low and it shows why blacks hadly get it right.

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Politics / Seun Why Did Your Mods Delete This Rebuttal From Washington Post? by proeast(m): 7:02am On Oct 14, 2021
The basic rule about journalism is fair hearing and balanced reporting of accounts from both sides without bias. It is this principle that makes media houses to seek the views of anyone or group before reporting news from opposing side. It is a pity that nairaland has failed woefully on this basic journalism rule of thumb.

About a week ago, a "professor" was paid to publish a false propaganda piece against IPOB in particular, and Igbos in extension. It was immediately posted on nairaland for public consumption. As expected, a rebuttal/disclaimer was equally published by the reputable Washington based newspaper and JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY and JOURNALISM RULE OF THUMB requires that nairaland should also post it same way they posted the earlier one. But lo and behold, they rushed and deleted it.

Seun, I'm only trying to call your attention in case you're not aware of the disgraceful acts of some of your mods, but if indeed you actually sanctioned this, then know that you are yet to rise above pettiness and it calls to question the integrity of nairaland.

I have attached screenshots of the earlier post one of your mods deleted, along with the links to the Washington based newspaper!

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Politics / Re: Gov. Uzodimma Demands Return Of 43 Oil Wells Wrongly Ceded To Rivers by proeast(m): 4:39pm On Oct 13, 2021
Those who keep arguing that igboland is landlocked should now hear from the governor.

SE governors, Ohanaeze and the federal government should hold round table discussion and agree to build a seaport in Igboland, return all those stolen oil wells to Imo and Abia States, and then discuss with IPOB and other separatists.

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Politics / Re: Gov. Uzodimma Demands Return Of 43 Oil Wells Wrongly Ceded To Rivers by proeast(m): 4:34pm On Oct 13, 2021
[s]Mumu supreme court gov.
Where is the 43 oil wells located that was ceded to Rivers State.

Infact, he shud have said Rivers don't own any oil wells.

Nonsense, beer parlour talk[/s]

You're the one who is not informed here. 43 oil wells located in Imo State was wrongly attributed to Rivers State all these years until it was recovered this year only for Wike to rush and request for stay of execution.

Rivers State should be made to return not just the 43 oil wells, but also all the revenues it generated all these years.

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Politics / Re: Is The Nigerian Army Ready For The Ongoing Guerrilla War In Igboland. by proeast(m): 2:39pm On Oct 13, 2021
I'm afraid I can't agree less with the op. If the federal government fails to release Nnamdi Kanu and finds a way to negotiate with IPOB, these could morph into a guerilla warfare. Now, the problem is not just the war itself but the passion, emotions and all that will go into it which will destroy whatever is left that makes the country one.

Already, the government has failed in the propaganda war against IPOB. All those heightened killings and destructions in the SE were aimed at achieving two results; to make the world see IPOB as a terrorist organization and to make Igbos to ostracize IPOB and disown them completely, but if failed woefully on both aims, instead the group seem to have gained more ground and neither did the world agree that they're indeed a terrorist organization.

The longer the federal government allows this to fester, the more difficult it becomes to ever reunite Nigeria again. Check all guerilla wars, be it Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam etc, they always drag for long and eventually end in a stalemate that leads to a round table discussion. At such meeting, a middle ground will be sought and the invading army will be asked to leave and a time set aside for referendum.

If Nigerian government is smart, they should never go that path with IPOB because from the look of it, no amount of killings or destructions is going to make the people support the federal government when there is a general consensus among Igbos that they're being oppressed.

I must add that IPOB is gradually pulling out Igboland from Nigeria while hitting hard on the fabrics holding the country together. Lastly, the planned ban of cow meat in the Easy is equally going to trigger further crises in Nigeria. Because Fulanis are likely to influence Hausas to retaliate one way or another against Southerners in the North.


Politics / Re: Soldiers Chased By Unknown Gunmen In Anambra (Video) by proeast(m): 12:08pm On Oct 13, 2021
grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Chinwetalu Agu And A Tribalized Nigeria By Alexander Ubani by proeast(m): 10:06am On Oct 13, 2021
Yet they want Igbos to abandon Biafra agitation and accept Nigeria, under gunpoint abi?!

Well the truth is that the shiithole is gone forever, nothing can save it again.

As for their inhuman treatment of an elderstatesman like Chinwetalu Agu, they can do their worst but Chinwetalu Agu has done his bit and the more they oppress him, the more they book a place for him in the hall of fame of those that would be remembered for their role in bringing to an end the sham called Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah Attacked In Lagos As He Abandons His Campaign Train: Video by proeast(m): 9:40am On Oct 13, 2021
The worst thing that would happen to Anambra is to allow this criminal or the other Uba to become their governor. It would be Mbadinuju regime all over again.

Only a madman will leave Soludo to vote these desperados.

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Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah Attacked In Lagos As He Abandons His Campaign Train: Video by proeast(m): 9:40am On Oct 13, 2021
Scores of people were killed just because one bastard wants to become a governor by all means, even when he knows he is not competent enough.

The blood of Dr Akinyuli they gruesomely murdered on the road and all others will forever haunt them. There shall be no peace for the wicked.

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Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Police Station In Bayelsa, Kill Policeman, Cart Away Ammunition by proeast(m): 10:49pm On Oct 12, 2021
This is very bad policemen are really trying to secure the country but all to no avail.

Anyway read this below.

To become wealthy or rich is not that hard as most of us think.
To get rich you have to follow a formular.
If you are not wealthy it is either you don't know the formular that creates wealth or you don't apply the formular that creates wealth,it is as simple as that.
Money obeys the law of cost and effect.
If you do the things that cost money to come you will get wealthy.
And if you do the things that cost poverty to come, you will get poor.
If you don't do the things that creates wealth, you are automatically creating poverty.
And if you do the things that creates poverty,you are automatically not doing the things that creates wealth.

The only way to build wealth is to consistently provide value someone is willing to pay for.
If you don't have anything of value,no one will give you their money.
The money that will make you rich is not in your pocket, but in the pocket of other people.
And the only way they can give you their money is if you are able to provide them some type of value that they want.

Chat me up on WhatsApp through the number on my signature to start with if this is for you.
Note: I am a very busy person so I might not reply your message on time but be rest assured that you will get my reply.

Is this your own way of making money? By targeting the one in my pocket?

So how are you creating wealth now by asking people to chat you on WhatsApp?

Ndi motivational speaker self grin grin
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Police Station In Bayelsa, Kill Policeman, Cart Away Ammunition by proeast(m): 10:41pm On Oct 12, 2021
Where is the foolish udele? Won't he blame Igbos for this one?

Maybe Bayelsa is about to become Borno too?!

Bastards everywhere!!
Politics / Re: Confusion: Andy Uba, Uzodimma Attack Malami For Exposing Secret Plans by proeast(m): 3:54pm On Oct 12, 2021

Don't worry, Fulani herdsmen dey your backyard.

I told you Southerners, don't allign with the Middle Belt. They are back stabbers. The so called Middle Belt will always allign with their Fulani masters till the Fulani wipe them (Benue, Niger, Kwara, Plateau, Kogi) away from the map.

Didn't you notice that it was the useless Plateau State governor that read the communiqué opposing the Southerners when the semi literate Almajari governors did their I'll conceived meeting?

Didn't you also notice that it is Kogi State miscreant governor Yeye Bello that has spare headed the noise of no zoning of Presidency?

Did you also notice that Bukoka Saraki the lord of Kwara who was humiliated by the Lagos lord that has also be preaching no zoning of Presidency.?

The Middle Belt will always allign with their Fulani masters. They are Nigeria's worse saboteurs. Southerners should just watch and let Fulani herdsmen wipe out the betrayers.

Don't be fooled by their taqqiyya!
That bingo you quoted is not from Benue, even if he is, know it now that the fulanis are using government institutions to in sponsoring all these madness. They go to each and pick anyone who can speak their to pose as son of the soil but with a mandate to go against that ethnicity at all times while supporting one Nigeria like their lives depend on it. They have such paid goons in all the major ethnic groups.

Among the Igbos you will find characters like juliusmalema, meleszenawi, udele, okoroawusa etc.

Among Yorubas you will find helenius, ngpatriot, the mannagril etc

For Benue, they have that guy you quoted, sarki etc.

There are so many others too and nairaland anonymity gives them cover.

Check all these characters I mentioned, they all profess to love Nigeria while fighting anyone that remotely promotes division.
Politics / Re: Nyesom Wike's Brother Wenike Becomes President Ohaneze South Africa-TBE Magazine by proeast(m): 3:18pm On Oct 12, 2021
They continue to enjoy Igbo privileges yet some of their misguided brothers continue disgracing themselves.

They want to eat their cake and still have it.

No wahala Sha, only time will tell.


Politics / Re: FG Secretly Raises Electricity Tariff - LEADERSHIP by proeast(m): 11:22am On Oct 12, 2021
few would notice the change since it's 2% percent increase, that would fly under most people's radar. I noticed the increase, but thought it was due to an increase in my consumption. But still that is fraudulent and criminal not to notify customers. My country, my country.
If I had my way, I will disconnect my home totally from the power grid. Just do strictly my Solar jejely.. It's work in progress though.

My cousin's 5 bedroom duplex is strictly on Solar, guy said Nigeria matter no dey finish.

I have since disconnected both my home and office from the national grid. I now have light 24 hours without the need for PHCN or generator.

I consider it as sheer madness for anyone who can afford to fix solar and enjoy free power supply yet wasting money and stress on PHCN.


Politics / Re: Okaro Ouzama Arrested For Illicit Drug Trafficking In Mumbai, India by proeast(m): 10:54am On Oct 12, 2021
Re.tar.ded bastards and fools are displaying their stupidity again.

How on Earth can a name like Okaro Ouzama be Igbo?

No wonder Nigeria is such a useless place, the people in it are disgustingly foolish and hateful.

Real Igbos are doing exploits all over the world such being the head of WTO, ICJ and the rest but they will claim the glory as Nigerian only to be saying trash how a certain Okaro Ouzama suddenly becomes Igbo.

Shameful and idiotic lots!!

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Politics / Re: Osun Airport: Gateway To The World by proeast(m): 10:26am On Oct 12, 2021
Lol, as usual they have used mouth action to build a world class international airport cheesy cheesy cheesy

Almost a decade later only snakes, rats and coacroaches now board flight in the airport jungle grin grin grin

Anambra that started building theirs yesterday has completed it and full scale flights about to commence! Ebonyi that also commenced building theirs yesterday, has reached advanced stage but ndi propaganda and mouth action couldn't even build the perimeter fence, almost a decade after!!!

Come to think of it, ibadan and akure airfields hadly experience any flights. Does it mean that Yorubas don't travel or they can't afford flight ticket shocked shocked shocked


Politics / Re: Army Commander Caught Shouting Kill Anybody You See In Izombe Imo State by proeast(m): 8:28am On Oct 12, 2021

I am against killing of innocent people. This must stop.
Since 1960, the Nigerian army, police have been trigger happy and known for indiscriminate killings. That's why I never pray for a war. My point is IPOB should stop giving these guys a reason to bring their rage. There was once in calabar that a single death of a soldier made the army level the estate where the person alleged behind the killings lived. Let Biafra be sought via a referendum. Killings will affect the East the most.

Ask about what happened before you start saying what you don't know.

What happened in Izombe has nothing to do with separatists but the activity of criminal oil bunkerers.

A normal army should have quitely gone after the criminals or conduct investigation but these ones invaded the community and started killing everyone on sight!

What is the definition of terrorism?
What is the definition of ethnic cleansing?

Mark my words, that video and similar others will eventually nail Nigeria. They don't want break up by all means yet they continue to score own goals and digging their own grave.

They have profiled Nigerian police as a terrorist organization, maybe next will be your army and gradually you will have no country again.

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Politics / Re: Army Commander Caught Shouting Kill Anybody You See In Izombe Imo State by proeast(m): 8:21am On Oct 12, 2021

This video is damning.

The commander shouting ANYBODY YOU SEE KILL, was definitely speaking with a northern accent, and most likely a Fulani officer, ordering the troops to kill anybody they see in Izombe, men, women, children, old folks.

I hope this video clip makes the necessary rounds internationally.

People like Bruce Fein should have this video in their possession.

So now the Fulani government organises DSS UGM to kill Dr. Akunyili and sends in their troops to kill Igbo women, children old people

People perish for lack of knowledge, and these guys are a very good example.

Pray, tell, how on earth can a supposed national army of a country go to a village and their commander will be shouting orders for them to kill everyone on sight!!! This sort of blood chilling scenario are what we saw during the Jewish Holocaust by Nazi Germany or the Hutu genocide on Rwanda Tutsis.

That video is grade A exhibit that will eventually be used to nail the Savage army. Canada has profiled Nigerian police force as a terrorist organization, and it is obvious same fate is going to befall the army.

It seems the Nigerian authorities will use their hands to break up this country due to their foolishness and irresponsibility. Because how do you explain that a nation struggling to tame separatist agitations will still be one helping their cause unwittingly?! When IPOB or other groups compile such videos and tender it before global bodies while claiming that Biafrans are facing state sponsored ethnic cleansing and that is why the world should recognize Biafra as an independent state on humanitarian grounds, what will be Nigeria's defense??

I really pity them if they think they're doing Igbos, they're only destroying their hope of seeing Nigeria remain as one country.


Politics / Re: Why Biafra Will Be A Poor Country by proeast(m): 11:45pm On Oct 11, 2021
For millenia, the mainstay of igbos is trade. They are good at buying at selling. Especially from China and other countries. Buying is not important. Anyone can buy. The important thing here is selling.

Igbos have enjoyed selling to yorubas and northerners for decades. Why? Yorubas are a very well rounded people. They are not into just one thing. Law, music, business, medicine, academia, transport, tech etc etc. This means Yorubas delegate the trading to the igbos, but when biafra comes and igbo lose right to sell to 65 million yoruba buyers, yoruba entrepreneurs will fill those spots igbos will leave open.

For hausas, they are also good with trading. After biafra I'm sure northerners will not even want to see igbos at all as they'll declare full sharia immediately.

What then do we have? 45 million igbos in their land locked region with no customers. They won't buy from each other as much because they have trading mentality. They can sell goods, not good at buying. SW and North will pass strong indigenous laws to shut out non citizens like China.

SW and North will be safe because igbos are not the main consumers of our products in the first place. But igbos will lose 150m customers and if they want to jump the rest of Nigeria, logistics will not be funny.

We can't wait for biafra to come.

This post has to be one of the most senseless rubbish I have ever read.

To this hatefilled bigot, yorubas are more rounded than Igbos and they are into everything while Igbos are only into trading, how can a sane person be this re.tar.ded in reasoning? Igbos are currently the most educated, most travelled and most enterprising people in Nigeria today yet he claims we are only found in trading?? The deluded juvenile even mentioned law, medicine, transport and business as areas yorubas dominate yet verifiable statistics easily confirm that Igbos are the most advanced in those areas.

Is it only in the North or West that Igbo businesses thrive? Has this ignorant villager ever been to any West African country and check those running businesses there? What about Cameroun, Congo, Gabon etc who are those running the show there?

The deluded dingbat obviously doesn't know about Aftcta policy that will open borders in Africa. Igbos are only good at trading yet we have the only viable car manufacturing company in Nigeria. Yet Aba produces the biggest volume of consumer goods in Subsaharan Africa. Yet Onitsha is a hub supplying many countries in Africa. Yet Igbos have some of the highest number of diaspora population which earns massive remmitances. Yet we dominate your football both men and women, basketball both men and women and others.

Continue lying to yourself if that's what will make you sleep well but the joke is on you!!
Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 9:54pm On Oct 11, 2021
can igbos face these?

LMAO, what's this? Abeg go play in the sand, these are the things they show children to impress them, no adult should show these ridiculous things as evidence of strength.

Can ijaw form an army of 100,000 soldiers and arm them? Can you go to war against Igbos and last a month?

The closest you got with fighting was militancy yet odi was razed to the ground same with others yet you couldn't do anything aside destroying pipelines and polluting your lands and Rivers.

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Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 9:40pm On Oct 11, 2021
the problem wey una dey find ehn, when e come na una go run o. No bd to dey type plenty. Ijaw man like peace but go resist any form of oppression with full force. Just pray you don't get your Biafra else you Igbos will suffer so much loss

Hahaha, look at this drunkard, if Igbos can challenge the Fulanis every other Nigerian hide from, is it a little minority group like ijaw that will pose a problem to us?

I don't think you guys are intelligent at all, if only you are, you will never dream of challenging Igbos in any fight. Igbos are currently facing antagonism in Nigeria simply because of what happened between 1966 to 1970. The government of the day just like the ones before it continues with Igbophobia as a national past time and all these tend to weigh down on us, and that's why little clans like ijaw now feel they're mates with Igbos.

An Igbo adage says; ukwu jie agu, ngbada abia ya ugwo.

It loosely means in English; when a lion is incapacitated, an antelope will come to disturb it.

Continue challenging your chi to a fight, unfortunately for you, you share geographical proximity with Igbos, so you will definitely get what you're looking for someday and I hope you all won't end up in the Atlantic ocean.

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Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 9:28pm On Oct 11, 2021
when the time comes you'll know if the Ijaw is small. The average ibo man has a delusion of grandeur. You praise yourselves but in reality you need help. You talk like a child. You will have to face the northern Jihads and ijaws, both enemy have assess to sohisticated weapons. We have created the Niger Delta security outfit. Whether you know this or not, it was created to stop ipob from intruding. Soon you will see the strength of the Niger Delta states.

I'm obviously far more matured than you juvenile delinquent. Igbos are not your mate, do you think we are scared of the Northern jihardists? No! Igbos are the only reason why you ungrateful minorities are still free. Had it been we haven't been acting as buffer against the barbarian hordes from the North, all of you would have been bowing down to sultan of Sokoto.

If we can stand against those controlling the affairs of Nigeria, then who are the ijaws to challenge us? You guys want to go extinct??

As for forming Niger Delta security outfit, good for you if you think Wike will allow you ijaws to control such in Rivers State then it shows how deluded you are. Rivers people call all ijaws Bayelsans for a reason.

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Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 9:13pm On Oct 11, 2021

Till date alot of Yorubas and Northerners call non Yoruba and Hausa speaking tribes Igbos.I have been called Igbo several times by my Yoruba colleagues after having to explain several times I am not.Same thing with the Europeans,they didn't know better.

We southerners make the same mistake by lumping all Northerners as Hausa/Fulani even when there are several tribes in the North who do not even understand a word in Hausa.

Accounts by some Europeans should not be taken seriously,you should know that by now.Afterall,they told us they discovered the River Niger and the America

Unfortunately for you, it's even their own account that would be taken since they would be considered as neutral, unbiased and informed during that earlier time. Wasn't America in existence and inhabited by the Red Indians yet history still records that it was Christopher Columbus and his partner that discovered it simply because they're the ones that first documented it.

Those recorded accounts from European explorers wouldn't be presented alone, we have other hardcore evidences which includes the fact it was Ibani Igbos of Bonny that used their own dialect to translate English Bible to Igbo language. Jaja of Opobo (an Igbo man) is historically regarded as the founder of Opobo and till the present day, the inhabitants still speak Igbo language. There are other strong evidences I can list too but I will stop here.

You can draw your maps and include the whole world in it or dash membership to everyone to join your IYC cult group. However, all these would amount to nothing eventually.

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Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 8:59pm On Oct 11, 2021
ask Isreal how it has survived and she will say technology. We have oil to buy weapons, what do you have. Blood thirsty and bos

You ogogoro drinkers are so funny, those poisonous drinks is really messing you guys up.

You're actually using Isreali example against Igbos? Between you guys and Igbos, which people actually share similarities with Jews?

Which people are innovative and creative?
Which people are all over the world in large numbers?

Aside our great human resources, Igboland in both SE and SS has more oil and gas resources as well as solid minerals and arable lands, which ones do you ogogoro drinkers have?

The last time you ijaws tried to fight a war, Ojukwu sent some policemen and it took them only 12 days to subdue you all and arrest your men including Boro. Now, contrast that with Igbos that against the rest of Nigeria, Britain, Russia, Egypt, Chad, Niger and Arab League yet the war lasted 3 years!!

Even in the next 1000 years, ijaws will never be our mate because you're too small.


Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 1:47pm On Oct 11, 2021

Why do they bear Ijaw names? Which gives one's identity? The name or language? Does buhari speak fulani language?

Bearing of ijaw names is only a recent phenomenon that started after the war, in old Rivers State. It means nothing!

There was absolutely no ijaw presence in any form in those areas since the Europeans first arrived and started documenting their adventures. From the accounts of Dutch, Portuguese, and later English, all of them all bear evidence of Igbo ownership of these areas. They always called it Ibo country and their documented evidences are still available online!

Stop decieving yourselves with ridiculous maps, you guys have no case!!


Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 1:41pm On Oct 11, 2021

Have Ijaw ever initiated ordinary wrestling match talk less of a fist fight?

They thought that bombing pipelines hiding in the mangroves, or ambushing policemen from their hideouts means they can fight a war. If Igbos should face this guys na inside Atlantic ocean all of them go end up.

I wonder how a small micro minority group that number less than 2 million can fight a big ethnic group with over 40 million people.

Las Las their eyes go clear.


Politics / Re: Breaking!! Leaked Map Of Ijaw Republic. by proeast(m): 1:33pm On Oct 11, 2021

Kogi state is bigger than the 5 Ibo States, put together, and only Edo state will compete with the whole Kogi state in size.
And Ijaws cut through it from Ondo Ijaws, straight into Edo into Delta into Bayelsa into Rivers into Akwa-Ibom and even the Aminadokiari Ijaws without other tribes entering Ijaw centre while occupying different local government in each States.
You think it's empty space Ijaw use and fill up these areas that are in these states.
And u say Ibos are more than Ijaw how come?

Ijaws are more than ibos.

You sound so ignorant and re.tar.ded. ijaws are a very small minority group and that's an irrefutable fact anyone can easily verify.

Again, looking at the map and seeing how ijaw settlements perch at the coastal fringes in an unnatural way, is a pointer to the fact that you guys are obviously only indigenous to Bayelsa. It was obvious you parents and grandparents used boats to settle at any water body so they can fish. You don't have to take advantage of the magnanimity of the aborigines to claim their lands.

Making noise online or ranting with emotions won't make any difference in the long run. Someone gave an example with bakassi peninsula and it was apt. If you guys don't thread carefully, you will eventually be asked to evacuate are accept yourselves as foreigners just like what happened to Bakassi people.

At the appointed time, we all meet at the ICJ, then we will provide evidence of our ownership of Opobo, Okirika, and Bonny all originally inhabited by Ndoki Igbos, and they still mostly speak the language till date!

Luckily for us, all the documented evidence since recorded history shows that all those places are part of Igbo country. If you think that all these kai-kai induced rants here will make any difference without any hard facts from your end, then the joke will be on you!

You guys can continue drawing maps based on fantasy, but have it in mind that it wouldn't make any difference ultimately.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu: IPOB Not As Bad As Terrorists, Bandits In The North by proeast(m): 12:53pm On Oct 11, 2021
Las Las, the government will eventually eat the humble pie and call the group to a round table discussion.

IPOB plans on banning cow in the East would definitely ruffle feathers send jitters down the spine of some people. This is because they already know that the era of taking IPOB for granted is past and once they successfully implement such drastic change in the East, the ripple effect will reverbrate across Nigeria and others will copy same template. Also, trying to use threats of retaliation won't walk since IPOB obviously don't care about what happens to Igbos in the North. They will even see it as a win win that will help actualize Biafra.

Echi di ime!!


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