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Health / Re: South African Doctors Earn 3 Times More Than Those In Nigeria & Kenya by proeast(m): 1:32pm On Feb 24
What a shame!!!
Politics / Re: How Hunger Crises Has Exposed The True Purchasing Power Of Different Regions In by proeast(m): 5:10pm On Feb 21

Hunger is what drives people to flee from their region to come and sell gala in the traffic in the richest region in the country.

Secondly,SW has always been the region that attacks the govt anytime things are going awry because they are the voice of Nigerians.
They say it as it is not minding if the president is from their region or not.
Moreover,the SE is a massive IDP camp.

Lol, again you’ve exposed your ignorance. SW is not synonymous to Lagos. The average gala seller in Lagos traffic most likely makes more money than a lot of white collar or blue collar workers, not to talk of those that would rather stay idle and be crying ebin pa wa o. The average Igboman knows how to build wealth from the scratch. They believe in marginal profit while using volume sales to breakthrough. Many of those that sold gala sometimes in the past have become wholesalers or even importers today!

Take a look at the average south west city, town or village then make a comparison with SE or SS cities, towns or villages. The evidence of wealth distribution across board relative to SW will be very clear.

Meanwhile, there are far more IDP camps in the SW than SE.


Politics / How Hunger Crises Has Exposed The True Purchasing Power Of Different Regions In by proeast(m): 3:57pm On Feb 21
Everyone knows that Nigeria’s official data is often manipulated for political reasons. That’s why the numbers they churn out often fly in the face of reality. However, the current hunger crises has exposed the true wealth, GDP per capita or purchasing power of different regions in Nigeria. I will explain:

During times of economic crisis, those at the lowest level on food chain or income generation, are always hit first. They will suffer terribly because they have very few means or opportunities to help themselves. This is unlike those who are relatively well off. They have more assets and physical cash to sustain themselves and push back on their doomsday. In fact, before they eventually start feeling serious pangs of hunger, then be rest assured that those who were much poorer are dying or dead already.

The news coming out from North and South west over the past few weeks has become quite disturbing. People crying of severe hunger or others falling on the streets have become quite common. However, it’s interesting to note that South East and South South tend to be immune from all these. It’s not pretense because one can’t pretend about hunger. Rather it shows that these two regions are the most comfortable and has the highest standards of living in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: You Have Snatched Power, Now Perform Your Lagos Miracle_solomon Dalung. by proeast(m): 4:48am On Feb 20
Everyone knows the rogue snatched power and ran away with it. Now nemesis has caught up with him, the old fool is now blaming everyone else but himself.


Politics / Re: Muslim Cleric Calls For The Killing Of Tinubu's Wife by proeast(m): 4:44am On Feb 20
Lol, imagine how they’re threatening a so-called president’s wife.

The perennial cowards will rather hide than confront this terrorist.


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Politics / Re: International Breweries (Trophy & Hero Beer) Record 6 Years Consecutive Loss by proeast(m): 3:27pm On Feb 19
Is there any business in Nigeria today that isn’t incurring loses?

Tinubu don dagbaru the country kpata kpata.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Resort To Attacking Tinubu's Family On Social Media Over Hardship by proeast(m): 5:57am On Feb 19
I don’t see the mandate thief surviving on that seat for four years. The pace everything is collapsing and millions going hungry is getting out of hand. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t even know what to do again.

What happened in Sri Lanka will ultimately happen here. Even Igbos they would have used to do tribalism and deflect from the situation are doing relatively better and are rather watching with bemused indifference 😂😂

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by proeast(m): 5:04am On Feb 18

No problem.
Yeah, I’m currently in HCMC

Did you pay for a return ticket or just one way flight ticket when you entered the country?
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by proeast(m): 4:53am On Feb 18
I am in Hanoi for a week now…!

No regrets…!

More update later…!

I’m enroute to one of the Provinces with my new made Philipino Teacher to celebrate the Tet Holiday🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Talk to you guys in two weeks time

Nice one. Was your flight a one way ticket or you paid for a return ticket before arriving in Vietnam?
Politics / Re: Forex Crisis Pushes Petrol Subsidy To N907.5b Monthly by proeast(m): 11:59am On Feb 15
The same subsidy the bastards and criminals claimed to have stopped paying?

Cursed country!!!

Meanwhile, it’s good that Tinubu stole a mandate that never belonged to him and ended up destroying this country while ronu bigots supported him.

He still has over 7 years to complete the Armageddon he unleashed on 200 million miserable souls😂😂😂


Politics / Re: India Police Arrest Nigerian, Two Ghanians For Drug Trafficking by proeast(m): 8:31pm On Feb 11
These ones no do pass Tinubu.
Politics / Re: 2023: 10 Things You Must Do If Peter Obi Does Not Become President by proeast(m): 3:44pm On Feb 11
We all warned them but tribalism didn't allow them to reason like normal humans. Today, they're perishing for lack of knowledge 😂


Politics / Re: Citizens Groan As Rice Hits N77,000 Per Bag by proeast(m): 6:33am On Feb 11
Things would never have become this terrible if the old rogue didn’t steal Peter Obi’s mandate. At least, Peter Obi has conscience and understood how economy functions.

If things continue deteriorating at this pace, Cameroun and Benin republic will soon close their borders due to millions of Nigerians that will start besieging them as hungry economic refugees.

This country as we used to know it is completely gone!

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Airlines Sound Alarm Over ‘Existential Threat’ by proeast(m): 6:10am On Feb 11
Lol, at the rate everything is collapsing in this country, would that useless olodo remain on that seat for 4 years? Look at all he destroyed in just few months, then extrapolate to 4 years to imagine what it will be like.

Nigeria definitely won’t survive it.

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Politics / Re: Ban Of Foodstuff In North & How South Should Retaliate by proeast(m): 10:57pm On Feb 10

Why retaliate? If someone produces something it is their choice as to whether they should sell it or not. What do you know about free market capitalist? lol

You sound dumb but I will indulge you. In a free market or capitalist economy, market forces determine prices. That is demand against supply. When you try to remove wholesale of goods, that’s an infringement and disruption of free flow of goods and services. The governor stated that wholesale trade is banned & whoever goes against his authority will have their goods seized and distributed to the people. Is this the choice of the producers/marketers or an imposition by state government? If every state governor should start imposing such laws on goods they have comparative advantage, what sort of country would that be?

In an economy where external supply of these same foodstuffs are banned, trying to place embargo on wholesale supplies locally will lead to severe crises for those at the receiving end.

People indeed perish for lack of knowledge.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Begs Nigerian Army To Shun Coup D’etat Plot by proeast(m): 10:27pm On Feb 10
After destroying the country, the bastard werey is now afraid of his shadows.


Politics / Re: Cooking Gas Is 1400 Naira Per Kg In My Area by proeast(m): 9:19pm On Feb 10

It is 1800 here in East where I live. The cost of living is too high. People dey suffer.

It’s actually 1300 in most places across East. Meanwhile, I heard that soaked garri is what they now serve during owanbe in the West😂😂

Even today, your people blocked federal highway in Ore in protest against starvation 😂😂
Politics / Re: Cooking Gas Is 1400 Naira Per Kg In My Area by proeast(m): 9:16pm On Feb 10
If you have space, buy and store, it will hit N2,500 before year end.

Buy and store cooking gas?? Abeg o, make suffering no cause Nigerians to die before their time😂

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi, Atiku Swimming In Wealth, Yet Nigerians Drown In Poverty - APC Group by proeast(m): 9:13pm On Feb 10
Look at the useless charlatans ruling a country. They can’t even reason like human beings.

Politics / Re: How Nigeria Manufactures Hunger ~ Tosin Adeoti by proeast(m): 12:56pm On Feb 10

What I find disturbing is that the writer was complaining bitterly that rice jumped from 10,000 to 23,000 and argued that Nigerians were facing terribly hard times. Now what would he say today? I just bought same 50kg of Gilaso rice at 68,000!!!!

This country is going down the abyss and it will collapse completely if nothing urgent is done.
Politics / Re: Ban Of Foodstuff In North & How South Should Retaliate by proeast(m): 10:19am On Feb 10
You Igbo no de tire !

You must be a child or a chronic bigot. What has this got to do with Igbo? Are yorubas any better?


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Politics / Ban Of Foodstuff In North & How South Should Retaliate by proeast(m): 9:47am On Feb 10
I read that Niger state governor has banned sale of food produce in wholesale. This same governor once muted the idea of controlling proceeds of electricity generated from Kainji and Shiroro dams.

What right does a governor have to ban sale of foodstuffs in wholesale? Especially in a country facing food crises and other existential threats?!

For those who may not have deciphered, this obnoxious policy is targeted at Southerners! It is the height of wickedness to enjoy oil and gas proceeds from the South free of charge only to place embargo on sale of foods grown in your own area.

Nigeria is a free market and capitalist country and thus, people are supposed to be free to transact business within the country as they deem fit or profitable, as long as it’s legal. Food is already cheaper in the North due to proximity than South. So, is that advantage not good enough for them?

It’s time for oil and gas producing states to go for broke and demand full resource control. You can’t freely enjoy what comes from another man’s land only to enjoy what comes from yours alone. That’s pure wickedness and witchcraft!

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Properties / Re: How Much Is Bag Of Cement In Your Area? by proeast(m): 9:37pm On Feb 09

People are still building ok, a friend send 200 Dollars last week for his building project and he will continue ok, ppl are still building houses.

“200 dollars for a building project”? Lol, he must be building a mud house.


Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by proeast(m): 2:06pm On Feb 08
I am in Hanoi for a week now…!

No regrets…!

More update later…!

I’m enroute to one of the Provinces with my new made Philipino Teacher to celebrate the Tet Holiday🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Talk to you guys in two weeks time

Have you gotten a teaching job yet?

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Business / Re: Standard Chartered Bank Warns Against Hoarding Of Dollars by proeast(m): 10:30pm On Feb 05
After announcing last week that they'd use over 30bn dollars stashed in various banks to safe the free fall of naira, the money which the CBN later debunked,, a lot of people, including politicians have besieged banks and withdrawn all their dollars.

From time immemorial, any news from the federal government coffers which were carried by major newspapers were later debunked later became real. I can't be mentioning scenarios. The most recent one was the electricity tariff which they first debunked. Now, its become a reality. Maybe the cbn had envisaged that people would react swiftly and pack all their dollars before they implement the policy, they now debunked it. Nigerians are wiser than they think. How can you convert usd to naira at a rate you would now dictate to the owners of those dollars?

The politicians aren't left out today among those who thronged banks and took their dollars away. That's the reason dollar rate fell since last Saturday. I bought dollar at 1407 today, imagine. Early last week it was sold above 1,500. Dollar don yapa now and its estimated to fall further.

All these international banks will be hardest hit and that's why the standard chartered man was shouting 😃. A lot of people must have emptied their dollar vaults today.

If people decide to start hiding dollars away from the banking system, it will further worsen the situation.

Meanwhile, what happens to those that saved dollars and intend to travel abroad with it as POF, are they still going to force them to take naira?

Nigeria’s economy is finally on the brink of total collapse.
Travel / Re: I Am Over 10,000 Km Away And Yet Nigeria Has Happened To Me by proeast(m): 8:43pm On Feb 05
So sad!!!

May her soul rest in perfect peace and may those she left behind find the fortitude to bear such irreparable loss.

Nigeria is indeed a terrible place.
Business / Re: Standard Chartered Bank Warns Against Hoarding Of Dollars by proeast(m): 1:40pm On Feb 05
Look at the foolish ones talking rubbish. So, Nigerians should keep their money in naira and watch their hard earned money become worthless? This man here probably has vast stash saved in dollars just like corrupt politicians but they want Nigerians to suffer alone.


Politics / Re: Anambrarians Beg Gov Soludo To Forget The Dubai-taiwan And Give Them Abakiliki by proeast(m): 1:26pm On Feb 05
Politics / Re: Gunshots As Niger Residents Troop To Streets Over Hardship by proeast(m): 11:32am On Feb 05
Chai, see utter delusions and cowardice. A protest is happening in Niger state, northern Nigeria but this thing is lamenting about Biafra and some people. What has hunger and protests in Niger got to do with them?

With people of low IQ like this, it’s no surprise why an empty character likeThiefnubu is ruling and destroying their lives.



This is what some people want for this country because one party animal who has turned a football fan lost an election.

Whether there is war or not because of the current hardship in the country, Biafra won't be achieved.

Hardship or not, Tinubu till 2031, Shettima from 2031 to 2039, Wike from 2039.

People from a region that are not pleased can go and hug transformer.

How are people even coping now?

There is hunger in the land but we hope things get better soon.


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