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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Presidential Election 2020 (Live Updates) by proxillin(m): 8:36am On Nov 03, 2020
[b]A Trump win will see America going to war [/b]and bullying of some smaller Nations, but for the Christians and Church, it will buy time for more preparation towards the Rapture. A Biden winning will restore some level of peace and hope for America. It will be a breathe of fresh air to some Nations that see Trump as a bully. But to the Christians and Church it will be the beginning of the end due to the unfinished business of the Obama administration towards whoredom.
So, Trump and Biden is like voting among two evils, but I think Trump is the lesser evil. Whichever, let God's will be done.

And trump is not the president now. You are the president, thats why there is no war right now. Oh Trump is still the president and he didnt take america into any new war.

You are talking as if this is trump first victory. He is even uniting arab nations with israel. He was nominated for nobel peace prize

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Chelsea - (0 - 0) On 24th October 2020 by proxillin(m): 7:21pm On Oct 24, 2020
Kante is heartbreaking today. But he is tackling well
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Chelsea - (0 - 0) On 24th October 2020 by proxillin(m): 6:21pm On Oct 24, 2020
Chelsea KEPA go don conceed 4 goals by now. The most useless keeper on the planet

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Chelsea - (0 - 0) On 24th October 2020 by proxillin(m): 5:54pm On Oct 24, 2020
what is wrong with kante? He has been useless lately. running up and down
Politics / Re: Coalition Of #EndSARS Protest Groups Lists 7 New Objectives by proxillin(m): 11:36am On Oct 24, 2020

Carry placard go Lekki nah!

I am addressing sensible people are who fighting for the future of nigeria. Not APC/PDP party YorubavsIgbo bigots.
I am not interested in your stupidity. Stop quoting me before sopona kill you


Politics / Re: Coalition Of #EndSARS Protest Groups Lists 7 New Objectives by proxillin(m): 11:25am On Oct 24, 2020
no relenting cuz behari speech shows he does not give a damn.

Their thugs came to distrupt the protest and later went awire looting and burning.

We should not let the action of those thugs discourage us.

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Celebrities / Re: Lekki Massacre: Burna Boy Makes A Song About Lekki Shootings by proxillin(m): 3:45pm On Oct 23, 2020
zombirudeen will attack burna

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Politics / Re: . by proxillin(m): 2:09pm On Oct 23, 2020
The same change you and your cohorts have been clamouring for is the same change you have refused to embrace.Fixing Nigeria is a gradual process and there's no abracadabra about it.Baba Buhari is surely leading us to the promised land and we shall surely get there,call your people to other so that our demands can be met.Change begins with you and me.

if change begins with you and me. Then there was no need voting sai barbar in the first place
Politics / Re: Is The Police Supposed To Be A 'Force' Or A 'Service'? by proxillin(m): 12:10pm On Oct 23, 2020
The 'force' is important to those policemen. Eh dey turn dem craze
Politics / Why Don't Nigeria Has This Arm Of Police? by proxillin(m): 11:26am On Oct 23, 2020
Why do we deploy police with guns to protest and riot scenes?

When in other countries they deploy police with body gear, baton and shield. Through that, you will inflict more pains on hoodlums than using guns, because you are confronting them Directly. By this no death with be recorded except injuries.

Why do police shoot to disperse crowd. This country is a banana republic. We are still in stone age.

I have a feeling that politicians have looted funds meant for the unit of police responsible for dealing with violent protests.

These are the fundamental issues we should be discussing instead of yoruba vs ibo, Yorubas are burning lagos. We left fundamental issues and resolve to ethnic bashing.

If we run away from fundamental issues, we will still run into them again. Its quite unfortunate that the president is not concern to address these issues. He is still seeing this tribal war.

Those looting and burning could have been averted. But the country is sick, because we dont have a working system. COVID19 and other pandemics no sabi hausa or yoruba. Lets ask for good healthcare. Hausas should not take offence in asking buhari for healthcare. When a country have a good healthcare, its for the benefit of both hausas and igbos.

Lets address issues directly without tribal shenanegan.

God bless Nigeria #endsars.

PS: Please don't derail this thread with tribal rants. Lets move forward.

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Business / Re: Ban Tomato Importation - Dangote Tomato MD Tells FG by proxillin(m): 6:07pm On Oct 22, 2020
Soon Dangote will say ban "oxygen" now, we want to be the only supplier

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Crime / Re: Uche Elendu's Shop Looted By Hoodlums In Lagos (Photos) by proxillin(m): 10:54am On Oct 22, 2020
This is another Yoruba business destroyed.

Yoruba ronu, they are only targetting yoruba businesses

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Politics / Re: Endsars: Ambode Right Now. by proxillin(m): 9:33am On Oct 22, 2020
Ambode no dey take instruction from tinubu... shocked
Crime / Re: Hoodlums Burn Two Police Stations In Ebonyi As Umahi Imposes 24-hour Curfew(pix) by proxillin(m): 9:17am On Oct 22, 2020

Why is that nobody is burning properties in the North?

Demonstrate, but don't burn!

Northerners are loyal to sai baba. And their sons are more in Police and military more than any tribe
Crime / Re: Hoodlums Burn Two Police Stations In Ebonyi As Umahi Imposes 24-hour Curfew(pix) by proxillin(m): 9:14am On Oct 22, 2020
Yoruba ronu crew. Its because of mr Innocent Tinubu they are burning police station. Tinubu the angel with no fault. Tinubu has no fault, its the masses that is at fault, not Tinubu

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Politics / Re: At Last What Are The Achievements Of This #endsars Protest? by proxillin(m): 9:12am On Oct 22, 2020
When everything calm down, we wait and see

- if police are now repent and reform from their trigger happy and extortion ways
- if elections will start counting
- if freedom of speech will still be allowed

we have dealt with those overlords. Lets see if they got the message.
Politics / Re: Tompolo Reappears After Over 6 Years In Exile by proxillin(m): 9:02am On Oct 22, 2020
Is the fault of Yorubas too?

You blamed burning of Tinubu business on Yorubas.

But are Yorubas also bringing up Niaja delta militant against Tinubu.

The country is angry.

If you can pamper Boko-haram and Fulani herdsmen, be ready to pamper #endsars protesters and ND militants.

We made a mistake voting Buhari. Those Tajudeens has still not seen this, they blaming #endsars protesters, and not blaming their Tinubu for selling Lagos to Fulani herdsment. Thats what Ajonja of Ilorin did too...

Recon his fulani masters are dealing with him because of his presidential ambition, whose fault if we should ask?


Crime / Re: Augustine Ogbeche: Hoodlums Kill Ogun DCO, Steal Arms, DPO Missing by proxillin(m): 8:58am On Oct 22, 2020
Yoruba Ronu crew. be like ...Fake news. No no police died. Show us prove..lolz grin grin
Politics / Yorubas Should Think Again by proxillin(m): 8:42am On Oct 22, 2020
Now they want YORUBA to RONU...

They are asking why TV stations like AIT, Channels, Arise TV and STV were not attacked.
They are saying TVC was attacked because it is owned by a Yoruba man.
What a stupid narrative.

Like I have maintained, I don't support destruction of properties and I am also against killing of defenceless Nigerians.
However, instead of this nonsensical ethnic sentiments they are trying to whip up, methinks these people should rather blame those soldiers who went to Lekki to shoot at protesters and those who sent them.

They should blame those who switched off the light and CCTV cameras at Lekki Toll Gate before the soldiers carried out that barbaric act.
They should show empathy for the loss of lives and consider the injured who are still in the hospital.
They should face reality and accept the fact that TVC was not attacked because it is owned by a Yoruba man.
Apart from TVC, there are other major TV stations in Lagos owned by Yoruba persons.
Like AIT, Channels, Arise TV and STV, these other stations are on DSTV and are doing well. Why were they not attacked too?
1. MITV is owned by Muri Gbadeyanka.
2. Galaxy TV is owned by Steve Ojo.
3. Plus TV is owned by Kayode Akintemi.
3. ONTV is owned by Tajudeen Adepetu

Were all these stations attacked?
Yesterday too, The Nation newspaper was attacked.
Why were PUNCH and TRIBUNE offices not attacked? Or Punch and Tribune are not owned by Yoruba persons again?
Methinks those who have incurred the anger of the people should rather admit and seek forgiveness instead of whipping up ethnic sentiments that will cause further problems.
That your YORUBA RONU narrative won't work this time.
You people did not ask Yoruba to Ronu when your Tinubu was spearheading election rigging against fellow Yoruba sons and daughters in Ekiti and Osun States in 2018.
You did not ask Yoruba to Ronu when in 2011, your Tinubu opted for Tambuwal from Sokoto State as Speaker of the House of Reps instead of Mulikat Adeola Akande from Oyo State.
Asking Yoruba to Ronu now that the personal political interest of your Tinubu is affected is a waste of time because as for me and my family, we are not interested in your political YORUBA RONU.
My name is Lere Olayinka and I'm here on top of Oke Agbonna in Okemesi Ekiti, having a very important meeting with the Irunmales. You can come and join me if you wish


Crime / Re: Thugs Share COVID-19 Palliatives Found At The Oba Of Lagos Palace (Video) by proxillin(m): 7:36pm On Oct 21, 2020
This is the same Oba insulting Oni of Ile-Ife..And eko oba is not a recognized oba in yoruba land..what an insolence.

Curse is on him already


Crime / Re: Lagos Policemen Torture PUNCH Journalists Covering #EndSARS Protests by proxillin(m): 6:00pm On Oct 21, 2020
.. This is bad.
But on the other way round, I pity lagosians that are allowing themselves to be used by one "particular people" to destroy their own state. They will regret their actions after the crisis. We all know the intentions of those "particular people" towards this country for long. They are on social media always creating tension and fake news so as to achieve their evil agender. Two wrongs can't make a right.

yes they are those one who instructed police to beat those journalist....lets pretend our police are saint. it your "particular people" destroying lagos..zombirudeen


Politics / Re: Rejoicing As Gov Seyi Makinde Goes On The Streets, Assures Residents Of Peace by proxillin(m): 3:30pm On Oct 21, 2020
And the munirus are flooding nairaland with conspiracies of how northerner want to destroy lagos using yorubas...

Is Makindee not a leader?

Tinubu has been in power through area boys
Politics / Re: Rejoicing As Gov Seyi Makinde Goes On The Streets, Assures Residents Of Peace by proxillin(m): 3:17pm On Oct 21, 2020
Zuberudeen zombirudeen tinubu slave...this is how a conflict is managed.

tell your god to come and learn from this small boy


Politics / Re: Breaking: Lagos Office Of FRSC In Ojodu Set Ablaze by proxillin(m): 3:03pm On Oct 21, 2020
youths are very powerful machineries in a country, leaders this is a warning to government of Nigeria

no education, no work..jobless and hungry...easily recruited.
Crime / Re: Makoko Police Station On Fire by proxillin(m): 2:22pm On Oct 21, 2020
All these properties people are burning it is our money they will still use to rebuild it.
Burn or cut down something those politicians can't rebuild again.

wetin concern you with the money they will use to rebuild them.

wetin u dey enjoy from government.. dont be ashamed, tell us onething u enjoy from this government
Politics / Re: To Tinubu Followers Blaming Yorubas For Tinubu Mistakes by proxillin(m): 2:19pm On Oct 21, 2020
Seyi Making paid the families of the dead victims 1 million naira each blablabla.

Please how much did Sanwo-Olu paid the families of the dead victims of lekki massacre?

He said nobody died. Those deads are nobody. He doesnt care
Religion / Re: Father Mbaka Speaks On #EndSARS Protest (Video) by proxillin(m): 2:12pm On Oct 21, 2020

who are the "they"?

Lekki Construction company is owned by Tinubu.

They are currently burning the company
Religion / Re: Father Mbaka Speaks On #EndSARS Protest (Video) by proxillin(m): 2:08pm On Oct 21, 2020
Why will dey use live bullets on citizens?

I don't seem to understand at all

They are loosing lekkiTowgate money..they had to shoot to disperse them..blood money...

Politics / Re: To Tinubu Followers Blaming Yorubas For Tinubu Mistakes by proxillin(m): 2:05pm On Oct 21, 2020

You are an hypocrite, and obviously trying to play politics with what is going on in Lagos.

The thugs destroyed property in Lagos, you called Tinubu but in Benin, we didn't hear you guys called out anyone.

The military shot protesters, you all still called out Tinubu forgetting that the cabals control the presidency. The is the highest level of hypocrisy

and did military shoot them dead in benin?

Because of tollgate money you are loosing, you supported FG to shoot.

Tinubu, it shall not be well with you and your follower..blood will trail you whereever you go.
Politics / Re: To Tinubu Followers Blaming Yorubas For Tinubu Mistakes by proxillin(m): 2:01pm On Oct 21, 2020

I know you are some much happy with the violence. I know you are happy to see people are being killed and properties being destroyed as they are all being linked with an innocent man.

i am happy that the blood of those massacred are cryign out.

Some idiots are even saying #endsars protesters are ibos.

am i Yeeeboo? do i look like omo innaaa? Go to alausa and see those people confronting sars

You kwara fulani fake yorubas..tajudeen be forming yorubas...

I am from Ile-Ife...stay in your kwara man
Politics / Re: To Tinubu Followers Blaming Yorubas For Tinubu Mistakes by proxillin(m): 1:57pm On Oct 21, 2020
Tinubu boys/bots zuberudeen who sees lives lost as nothing should leave me alone ooo..

bloodsucking devils. shebi you have families.

Will you people even see beyond tinubu for once?

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