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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Nairaland Virgins' Lounge by richsyd: 10:32am On Nov 19, 2021
I’m a virgin (Uh)
Never got close enough
Pure as a dove, and I’m waiting
For the right person
Never once been touched
The power of God in my loins
Beautiful bro. Well done!

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Nairaland Virgins' Lounge by richsyd: 10:30am On Nov 19, 2021
Am i a virgin if i masturbate cry ;>
A virgin is one who has never had sexual intercourse, so technically, you can still remain a virgin despite masturbation.
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 5:27pm On May 12, 2017
As they say," experience is the best teacher" i am not persuading anybody to stop playing with megabet, i just came to show how sad i feel after not getting paid as i was promised, i have been waiting patiently for so long listening to their empty promises, the worst of it all is that people now see me as a millionaire, i have got several threats from hooligans any place they meet me, telling me to observe them just because they think i now have a large sum to money they heared through the media, just imagine the threats i recieve each day, they have equally put me in a risky situation, just thank God for me that none of this vagabonds have never pointed a gun against me because i wouldn't have the money to rescue my self...

Just curious.., I have some questions.
1. What's your explanation of the screenshots they have showing that you withdrew 1.2m in march and the 163k on the 7th of may?
2. Would you be willing to provide a bank statement of the account you have registered with the bookie showing that no such amounts were paid during the specified periods?
3.If you have such proof, why haven't you gone to the relevant authorities (e.g the relevant lottery board that regulates them)?


Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 12:31pm On Mar 06, 2017

9japredict remains the same. Run far away as possible
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 12:30pm On Mar 06, 2017

What of Supabets and 1960bet.ng?
Run away from 1960bet. The last I heard, they were having payment issues


Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 12:27pm On Mar 06, 2017


Hahahaha you better run fast angry grin
Thanks, just as I thought. I will
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 12:24pm On Mar 06, 2017

Are you writing final year project on betsites? Anyways...MegaBet is the best for me because of their rich in play and fast payout.
lol @ final year project. Thanks, I'll have megabet in mind.
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 6:18am On Mar 06, 2017

ebonypornbet is the best in the world grin

They give 500% bonus on every deposit and pay u 10000 every week weather u win or not grin
Bros, na wa for u o! Thank u sha for commenting, but no be that kind bookmaker I dey find...lol
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 6:13am On Mar 06, 2017

Megabet, lionsbet.com (beware of them), koobaaa, nairabet, betdey, winnersgoldenbet, 9japredict, wazobiabet, billionairebet, parknbet. Net, etc
Thanks bro, I haven't heard of some of these before. I'll delete lionsbet since u're skeptical. I thought 9japredict refuses to pay just like nairastake, have they changed? I've heard good things about winnersgoldenbet so thats acceptable. Are the others reliable? Have u or anybody here had experience with them?
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by richsyd: 9:00pm On Mar 05, 2017
pls guys, can someone give me a list of reliable bookies in Nigeria apart from the following: nairabet, bet9ja, merrybet, surebet, maybe bonanzawin. I need like 10 if possible. Thanks
Car Talk / Re: Who Taught You How To Drive? by richsyd: 12:19pm On Mar 10, 2016
Pls I need a very good and affordable driving school in Lagos. Any recommendations?
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by richsyd: 2:51pm On Mar 09, 2016
Guys abeg where do i get reference code for this bet9ja 100% bonus abi isn't it necessary? I want to open a bet9ja account and take advantage of their welcome bonus.
Sports / Re: HYKT DRAW GAMES by richsyd: 12:19pm On Feb 22, 2016
All Numbers ave bin added.....

Wanna make money with HYKT.......Drop yah whatsapp number now or email ur whatsapp number
hykt pls check your email... thanks
Investment / Re: Highly Focused Group On Football Investment (purely Statistics And Research) by richsyd: 6:50am On Oct 08, 2015
No B's for tomorrow. Just went through the C's... still nothing yet. Would take a break now and continue later.
Investment / Re: Highly Focused Group On Football Investment (purely Statistics And Research) by richsyd: 6:38am On Oct 08, 2015
Hello all, I've gone through the W's for tomorrow and the A's too. I wasn't able to find any really strong and convincing patterns... There's a match between Somalia and Niger which shows full time draws in the last 2 previous matches but those were played in 1980. Thats too far away so its not convincing.

I also went through the games for today and I saw a match between Syzran and Zenit Izhersk. Those two have had 7 full time draws out of all 12 matches previously played. The pattern is also not very strong but its worth taking note of. Here are the links to the matches mentioned http://www.betexplorer.com/soccer/world/world-cup/somalia-niger/hYg73n6H/ and http://www.betexplorer.com/soccer/russia/division-2-ural-povolzhye/syzran-zenit-izhevsk/rNCNbaam/

I'm still expecting volunteer researchers to pick alphabets and help out with research so as to reduce the burden... I'll try to go through the B's and C's now for tomorrow.

@ lebest and EMMALEKE2007, it's not just about indicating that ur interested. Read the previous write-ups above. You'll have to be active, pick an alphabet and help out with the research. You're free to ask questions about anything you don't understand here... Thanks
Investment / Re: Highly Focused Group On Football Investment (purely Statistics And Research) by richsyd: 11:23am On Oct 07, 2015
So I'll go first by picking letter W
Investment / Re: Highly Focused Group On Football Investment (purely Statistics And Research) by richsyd: 11:09am On Oct 07, 2015
Yes, I'm still here, but plans have changed. For now, whatsapp group may not be feasible for reasons beyond my control...

Also, someone said the odds are damn to small. I can't but agree with that. The game between SCR Altach II and WSG Wattens which was played on Sunday has actually changed my view on that. There's no point building 1k up to 12k nd having it all shattered by some useless team with very low odds...

Anyway, moving forward, I've decided that its best we deal with high odd options. Several games with outcomes that would give us high odds which we can then combine in a system bet to yield maximum profit. i.e patent, lucky 15, lucky 31 etc.

We'll have to make do with this platform for now. We would be using betexplorer.com as our primary research site. We'll be starting fully this friday.
We are going to use the letters of the English alphabet A - Z to distribute the countries and leagues. So first of all I'll need volunteers for each of the letters of the alphabet.

Once u've picked ur letter, log in to www.betexplorer.com, click on the date 9th of October which is a friday. U'd then see all the games scheduled for that day. Each of us is interested in the letter that begins the headings for each group of games...

For example, the first group of games on the website for the date 9th of october as at this moment is as follows:

World: World Cup
01:30 Chile - Brazil 2.39 3.21 2.96
02:00 Argentina - Ecuador 1.37 4.54 8.58

The heading says "World: World Cup", so that means that if u've volunteeered for the alphabet "W", u would be responsible for doing research on these group of games because the heading begins with W. So all you need to do is to scroll down the group of games and note which ones begin with ur letter of the alphabet.

Having identified ur games, u then move on to do the research. First of all click on the matches, the statistics would then appear. We are interested majorly in the head to head between teams and what you should look for is a recurrent pattern of play between those teams.

For example, a few weeks ago, there was a game between shelbourne and cabinteely. shelbourne was given very low odds to win the game yet head to head suggested that despite the fact that shelbourne had won all the previous 4 games between them, they all ended 1: 0 in favor of shelbourne. Therefore, a smart investor would have taken under 1.5 or under 2.5 goals for such a game. Not surprisingly, the game ended 0:0.

Thats just one example, there r numerous other examples..., the point however is that we r looking for recurrent patterns of play. Some teams play draw every time they meet and this would be shown in their head to head. Some teams are likely to produce maximum number of goals and these would also be shown in their head to head. Once such patterns are discovered for any teams, we should be notified here and that game would be taken into consideration. The day before or night before, the games would then be collated and the system bets arranged for interested ppl to stake...

Hope its clear enough. If there are any questions or suggestions, pls feel free to comment below. Now lets begin volunteering for each letter of the alphabet...
Investment / Re: Highly Focused Group On Football Investment (purely Statistics And Research) by richsyd: 1:16am On Oct 02, 2015
Hi guys, just to show an example of sure games we would be looking for. The odds don't matter. The goal is to win all bets placed regardless of the odds. Take a look at these 2 games. Its a combination of research and playing safe. These are games I can stake a million on each. If any of them fail, I'd have no option but to quit sports betting.

Soccer / Latvia / Virsliga
1 02.10.15 16:00 Skonto Riga - FS Metta/Lu (Double Chance) 1/X ?-? 1.01

Soccer / Estonia / Meistriliiga
2 02.10.15 17:00 FC Flora Tallinn - Parnu Linnameeskond (Double Chance) 1/X ?-? 1.01

Total odds = 1.02.

(Note that despite the fact that I'm >100% convinced about these bets, I'll still mention that the first rule in sports betting is to stake what you can afford to lose)

@ adegokeoniels: whatsapp group will be considered. Still waiting for more participants...

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Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 3:57pm On Oct 01, 2015
Hi guys, check this out https://www.nairaland.com/2637086/highly-focused-group-football-investment
I need interested peeps...
Investment / Highly Focused Group On Football Investment (purely Statistics And Research) by richsyd: 3:38pm On Oct 01, 2015
Hello everyone, I've put a lot of thought into making money through football betting. I've also done a lot of research and I've come to the conclusion that it's possible! It's however not easy. I've discovered that I'm much more successful at it when I place bets based on intense research and safe play than when I just place bets based on what I feel should be the outcome. I have also come to realize that such intense research is time and energy consuming and one person alone trying to analyze all the games for a particular day especially during the weekends when there are lots of games would be a "suicidal attempt"... Since a lot of us are either working or studying, the burden could be greatly lightened if we can all come together under a focused group and share the responsibility of research and analysis for the games in different countries, hence the creation of this thread. Sharing the responsibility of analysis and research would help to reduce the time spent on intense analysis thus creating time for other important things in our lives like work, study, family etc.
If you've ever been involved in or are currently involved in football betting and you're interested in being part of this group. Please indicate here. I'll be teaching you how to go about the analysis and what exactly to look for... Its really easy. There's really nothing much to it. We are looking for very sure games not considering the odds..., games that you could stake a million naira on if you have it. We'll be starting with 1k and we would build up from there. With unity of purpose, I strongly believe that we can achieve this.
If I can get 50 interested people that would be fine. As soon as the number is sufficient, I would allocate each country or group of games in a particular league for the following day to each person and we can all analyze and submit our findings before the end of the day. The findings would then be collated and the best bets taken for the following day. This way, we get to save a lot of time and no one misses out on any juicy games due to lack of time for analysis.

I apologize for my language construction.., I hope its clear enough for everyone to understand. Goodluck to all of us! Pls indicate below if you're interested in being one of the researchers... Thanks!

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Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 9:48am On Sep 19, 2015
Testing, testing... After 2hrs of analysis and research, I came up with the following bets. Let's see how it goes. Talk about playing safe
Bet number:
You made this bet:
Type of bet:
Total betting amount:
Possible win:
19.09.15 08:32
833.00 NGN
0.00 NGN
1460.249 NGN
0.00 NGN

RED = Lost
BLACK = Not played yet
STRIKE = Cancelled
= Banker

No. Matchdate Bet Your type Result Score Odds

Soccer / Germany / A-Junioren-Bundesliga Nord/Nordost
1 19.09.15 12:00 Hamburger SV - VfL Wolfsburg (Under/Over 1.5 goals) Over 1.5 goals ?-? 1.05

Soccer / Latvia / Virsliga
2 19.09.15 12:00 FK Ventspils - FS Metta/Lu (1X2) FK Ventspils ?-? 1.10

Soccer / Thailand / Premier League
3 19.09.15 13:00 Buriram United FC - Chainat FC (Handicap 1:0) Buriram United FC ?-? 1.05

Soccer / Latvia / Virsliga
4 19.09.15 14:00 BFC Daugavpils - FK Jelgava (Handicap 0:1) FK Jelgava ?-? 1.10

Soccer / Sweden / Div 1 Södra
5 19.09.15 14:00 Orgryte IS - IS Halmia (Handicap 1:0) Örgryte IS ?-? 1.04

Soccer / Finland / Ykkonen
6 19.09.15 14:00 JJK Jyvaskyla - Vifk (Handicap 1:0) JJK Jyväskylä ?-? 1.05

Soccer / Sweden / 2nd Division, Norra Gotaland
7 19.09.15 14:00 Tibro Aik - IFK Uddevalla (Handicap 0:1) IFK Uddevalla ?-? 1.07

Soccer / Northern Ireland / Premiership
8 19.09.15 15:00 FC Linfield - Warrenpoint Town (Handicap 1:0) FC Linfield ?-? 1.04

Soccer / Bulgaria / Premier League
9 19.09.15 18:00 Ludogorets Razgrad - Botev Plovdiv (Handicap 1:0) Ludogorets Razgrad ?-? 1.02

Soccer / Argentina / Primera Division, Torneo Inicial
10 19.09.15 22:10 CA Independiente - Nueva Chicago (Handicap 1:0) CA Independiente ?-? 1.06

Total odds: 1.75
Goodluck if you follow..
Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 12:53am On Sep 12, 2015

won as predicted!!! moving to day 2 but it seem peeps dat knw abt da project is no longer here so i guess dere is no point posting here...

Caesary pls dnt stop o! Some of us r still here on low key... we r following . Keep up the good work. God bless!!
Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 2:52pm On Jul 14, 2015
[quote author=pocoapoco88 post=35846217]ur head dey dia bro,huge account can't save any1 using martingale or anytin similar but only an infinite accnt can[/quotel]

Bless u bro! Abeg help me tell am. I don tire to dey talk na him I rest my case. E be like say acmev2 neva see anything. Everyday na for d thief. Na only one day na him alabi go use recoup all him losses plus profit join.

@acmev2, u hav a better chance with real matches, however, the risk still exists...
Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 10:23am On Jul 14, 2015
800per bet? if yes, subtract 1 from 1.70, divide 800 by 0.70 then stake the value. before you stake that value, multiply it by 500 & if ur bankroll is below what u get after u've multiplied ur intended stake by 500, think twice.
WOW!!! PAGE 1111? abeg krall or oga Calebsky, we need 1111odd game to jolificate

Chief godoluwa, pls reply ur mail
Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 10:02am On Jul 14, 2015

lol, for Martingale to be successful, you must not use any other strategy/bet along with it. Better put, you must have a seperate bankroll solely for it. Again, the system tends to be more successful in a two-way event (e.g odd/even market) more than three-way event (e.g win/draw/lose market.) In a two-way market, the risk is reduced.

Yeah..., my point is that there is still a risk... just like odds of 1.01 can cast, so also the system... Nd if one is unlucky to experience it casting, d loss can be very huge...
Business / Re: Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by richsyd: 9:38am On Jul 14, 2015
How much profit from your understanding and experience of the formula is guaranteed without loss in 10days with 50k?
let me do you a favour by warning you and all others that want to try out this system. It is not 100% guaranteed that ud always win. This system is very similar to martingale system and fibonacci too. With a very large bankroll and absence of greed, it can be said to be 99% guaranteed. The only way u can guarantee a 100% win always is if u have infinity bankroll, meaning that ur funds are unlimited. Without that, losing ur bets 10 to 15 times in a row wuld easily wipe out ur account.
P.S: the bookies know about all these already nd they just sit back nd smile in japanese when punters begin to think theyve just discovered d 'secret' with these methods grin


Sports / Re: Free N1000 If You Register Through This LINK .....1st - 20th ONLY by richsyd: 4:31am On Jul 14, 2015
Just registered. Username is richsyd
Business / Re: Sport Betting Project.. Turn 1000 To Over 1 Million Naira In 40 Days by richsyd: 4:58pm On Jun 15, 2015

Bro hope you know the max win on nairabet is 1m...and your mission is to win over 1m on a 40 days rollover....my point is you should have funded bet9ja instead.
ok bro.. i can make the transfer as we progress. thanks

You guys are stale o, haven't u heard that you can now win as much as 20 million naira per bet slip on nairabet. Nairabet is still the best naija bookie as far as I'm concerned. They keep improving as they continue to make more money...lol. You can click on this link to register https://www./Odds/registration/affiliate541855
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by richsyd: 10:23am On Jan 07, 2015

Guy save ur breathe . . .Dont argue with a fool, cos he will bring u down to his level and beat u with experience . . .
Aii, thanks jare...
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by richsyd: 7:23am On Jan 07, 2015
guy walahi i for call u mumu but na new year b ds so i no go call u, so na everybody dey scam u? Jux because Freshaboki, kaya09 and other claim of winning streak u pack ur cash dey give dem. Na ur type dey flood ds thread wit email address jux because som1 said ' i tink d system is working'. Smh for u
Nna leave that thing. Just forget that one. All these wey u dey talk na story for the gods. Na ur type dey form superstar, superman, smart guy, 'I've neva been scammed', I've never lost to bookie' ... See make I tell u ehn, all of us wey dey inside this punting biz, we be correct mumu. In fact, first class one. As long as ur overall loss is more than ur overall gain nd u continue punting with the hope of recovering wat uve lost, guy u be 1st class mumu. Nd 95% of us dey that category. Sometimes to make it big, u have to humble urself nd become a mugu. (Even d bible says sth about behaving like a little child in order to make heaven...) But e no gud as all of us dey d mumu club, some ppl go come capitalize on our mumuism come dey scam us join. E no gud na. That's y some of us, after being scammed, come out to tell d whole world, so as to prevent others from from falling into d same trap. Instead of commending us, u dey form superman. Na posts and comments like urs na him dey make ppl keep quiet when evil is being perpetuated. Mxxpunkxx1 culd hav decided to sit back nd just watch monsurus scamming continue, buh he did d right thing. I remember being one of d first to raise alarm about betcleric nd saving a lot of ppls 2k or was it 1800 in d process... So bros just leave that thing. Btw, no nd to shake ur head for me, I'm quite well to do grin nd I may just be among d smartest mumus around here tongue


Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by richsyd: 6:17pm On Jan 06, 2015

You are right. Pls, I am heartly sorry. I just saw your previous messages. You truly sent me N2k on the 29th of December 2014.
But I'm very angry U included me in a scam list. How have I scammed you? I gave you a prediction and it casted. The same game I play for myself. I usually give out free games here and they win and nobody called me scam. I have also helped an ungrateful wretch here on nairaland win over N800k and I got no thanks or compensation. I will stop giving out all my personal picks henceforth except those on my whatsapp list.
Please kindly email me your account details to greenmartng@gmail.com

Thanks all the same!

Apologies accepted! Would have said much more buh there's no need to go into details about the whole thing... Just refund like u intend to and ill openly declare that uve done so nd ur not a scam.

@kaya09: Mr Scammer how far na? How u dey? I've been looking for that ur post to quote buh smhow I can't find it anymore. Anyway, if u want ur name removed from the scam list, u know wat to do. Follow the footsteps of the honourable man above, refund the money of ur dissatisfied customer nd u shall receive an open apology and statement clearly saying that ur not a scammer. Until then, u remain Mr kaya scammer. Thank you...

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