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Health / Re: How Do I Treat This Painful Lump On My Face by Scatterscatter(m): 5:50pm On Dec 02, 2022
Don't let anyone pressure you into buying any drugs or facial cream, it's a waste of money as those things only attack the effect, not the cause.

To treat acne, pimples, boil, etc, you have to identify the causal agent. It could be that you are reacting to a particular type of food, or a dirty pillow case, towel, soap etc.

Investigate what you eat to start with. It's not an easy thing to discover but you will get it if you are very observant. Check your butter intake, Groundnut, Egusi, etc. It can be any of these or non of it.

Identify the cause and you'll be fine.

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Crime / Re: See How Indian Man Who Allegedly Committed N816M Fraud Is Smiling On EFCC Photo by Scatterscatter(m): 4:17pm On Nov 26, 2022
Never to be caught unfresh kiss
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Thanks Obidients For Abuja Rally (Pictures) by Scatterscatter(m): 5:34pm On Sep 24, 2022
Our hearts and thoughts are with Peter obi at this moment.

It is of great regret to watch how a man will depend on social media kids, bunch of jobless miscreants who see the rally as fun-party and where to meet hookup girls vice-versa, inconjuntion with ignorant beer-parlour adults for votes. Someone should tell them that this is a serious election matter, not carnival for godsake!.

Everyday they keep dishing out '2million march colourful pictures' , everyday! . But the question is:

Are they eligible voters?
Do they have Pvc's?
Will they come out to vote??

Peter Listen, You are nothing but just cruise to them, not different from a bbnaija show or those fun Endsarz party we hosted those time.

Always remember i warn you, Peter


Go and warn your Àgbàdo great grand father that does not know what retirement means.

I don't blame you sha, the 10k you were paid is doing a good job.


Sports / Re: If You Were A Coach & Met This Kind Of Squad, Would You Manage Them? (Photo) by Scatterscatter(m): 1:44pm On Sep 20, 2022
Is this team for a football match or WWE Royal Rumble? shocked

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Religion / Re: Obi, Soludo Present As Pope Francis Ordains Okpaleke As Cardinal by Scatterscatter(m): 10:42am On Aug 28, 2022
The good for nothing Obidient's urchins are all over the media masturbating on their failed Port-Harcourt Rally . Next year election results will be a great shocker to them.

According to reports reaching us here the Agbadorian FC , the useless crowd at the Port-Harcourt Rally were all rented and sponsored by Nollywood industry with their ill gotten wealth, but we will not relent in our struggle by voting Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is the right man for the job with no scandal whatsoever, only a pocket of propaganda by the Obidient's urchins to tarnish Tinubu's image.

I and my fellow youths will continue to work tirelessly to bring back sanity to our dear country.

Tinubu is our only hope for a better Nigeria, believe it or not.

Peter Obi is a thief, a liar and a traitor. We cannot continue to live in deceit . Peter Obi and his Obidient urchins has lied for us for too long and we are tired of hearing more lies from them .

The Obidient's urchins are the worst sets of people in human race .

Say no to Peter Obi and his good for nothing Obidient's urchins and say yes to Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that's the only way we can move forward again in this Country shocked

You should be ashamed of yourself. Selling your future because of 10k. undecided
Events / Re: The Decoration Smoke A Lady Ordered For Her Wedding & What She Got (Pix, Video) by Scatterscatter(m): 5:10pm On Aug 24, 2022
this is what happens when you give smoke decoration work to a fummigation company

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Greets Sultan Of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar On His 66th Birthday by Scatterscatter(m): 5:08pm On Aug 24, 2022

Tinubu is the messiah of Afonjaland not Nigeria.

God forbid! Tinubu is the messiah of ónly hungry APC members
Politics / Re: Tinubu Greets Sultan Of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar On His 66th Birthday by Scatterscatter(m): 5:01pm On Aug 24, 2022

But if it was Obi it would be called grassroot politics?

Meanwhile na real green snake in green grass be Obi.

The desperate ticket hunter jumping from party to party, but he cannot outrun the curse APGA has placed on his ingratitude and treachery.

Is there no church for Peter Obi to visit today?

Tell him he must not stop until I see him in my parish.

If you were in Obi's shoes, you'll do more than just visiting churches, you'll even visit shrine. Have you forgotten LP does not have the kinda existing structure that APC and PDP have. Common sense should tell you he needs to cover more grounds and he has to cover them fast!
What has your BAT brought if not insult and utter disrespect to the body of Christ you claim to belong.

As for Obi moving to different parties shows his character. Why should you stay in a party whose primaries have already been bought with dollars. It shows he is a realist, and not just a realist, but one with compassion and solution.

Abeg enjoy the 10k your BAT gave you in peace jèrè before I lecture you on the meaning of being desperate.
Politics / Re: While Tinubu Is Singing With Cultists (kabaka), Obi Is Meeting With US Academia by Scatterscatter(m): 4:11pm On Aug 24, 2022

I'm not hungry kid.... Obi and Atiku don't even come close to shetima let alone the Jagaban...

Shetima was rated number 1 ...

SHITMAN you meant. Well, I believe you are the only one alive that believe what you just wrote.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Greets Sultan Of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar On His 66th Birthday by Scatterscatter(m): 4:09pm On Aug 24, 2022
Tinubu is desperate. Now that's worrisome!

No1 rule of electing a leader: Never give power to someone that is desperate for it.

There is a difference between being ready and being desperate.


Politics / Re: While Tinubu Is Singing With Cultists (kabaka), Obi Is Meeting With US Academia by Scatterscatter(m): 4:02pm On Aug 24, 2022

BAT paid this BAT paid that, una head dey full of saw dust.....so every reasonable Nigerians who see future clearer with Tinubu got paid

Baba you got paid! Accept it with your full chest and stop hiding like your BAT that refused to fly to Eko hotel. BAT wey no fit fly na wetin?
Politics / Re: While Tinubu Is Singing With Cultists (kabaka), Obi Is Meeting With US Academia by Scatterscatter(m): 1:46pm On Aug 24, 2022
Obi will actually win online,. I'm sure of that..Tinubu is in the UK meeting the real stake holders....

When Obi paid cultists to sing against Asiwaju , it was good right ??

But now y'all are crying up and down on the internet... Una never see chumshin.....


Nigeria government is running up and down to get dollars into the system just for the Naira to gain value, but up till now Obi and his people are packing the dollars to China. On every single container you bring into Nigeria, the Naira depreciate immediately.. seems this guy don't understand ..

But in Lagos free zone , Chinese are producing
trucks, excavators and different heavy equipments here. That is what Tinubu is capable of.

Guess you are one of the cultists he paid. Listen, Òbí can never be poor again, neither can his children. You be saying rubbish because of 10k that BAT-THING gave you and your fellow hungry people.
Ẹ go soon clear for your eyes.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Campaign Spokesman, Bwala Accidentally Says PDP Won’t Win 2023 Presidency by Scatterscatter(m): 11:43am On Aug 22, 2022
This is the effect of political prostitution.

Ẹ be like say Atiku dey owe this one balance grin


Politics / Re: Wike Says He Will Crush Anyone Working With Secondus by Scatterscatter(m): 4:32pm On Aug 21, 2022
You may blame Wike all you want but two lessons to be learnt in all of these are:

1)the reward system in every establishment should always be upheld.
2)There is always a price to pay for loyalty and betrayal.

You can't be eating from my table and the same time, dinning with my enemy. You'll have to choose one and also be ready to live with the consequences.

Everything is fair in love and war!

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Sheggz And Adekunle Fight. Bella And Diana Clash by Scatterscatter(m): 4:02pm On Aug 17, 2022

You're a self-righteous wimping sissy, who can't tolerate free speech, but will probably condemn others in same category. How do you fault people for disliking something and expressing the dislike?

Who appointed you the devil's advocate? There are people who dislike football and criticize it as grown men chasing around a small object. No one has tried to have their heads for that. It's CHOICE. Or has any of the critics of BBN come to disconnect your cable subscription for watching the program.


Do you understand "context"? Well you can't. You aren't that smart.
Do atheist go to churches or mosques and start condemning God? Or do you find people who hate football in stadium, criticizing?

The point here is, if you hate BBN, stay off BBN related threads. Create your own thread and criticize all you want, it's your business. But don't go to BBN threads and start convulsing.

You should be ashamed though, you need a "kid" to enlighten an old man like yourself on ṣomething as simple as this. SHAME!
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Sheggz And Adekunle Fight. Bella And Diana Clash by Scatterscatter(m): 12:27pm On Aug 17, 2022
you're a Bastard and Shame to men if you dedicate your time to watch this stupid program

Second hypocrite spotted!
The moment you tell people you are a man, then it means something is wrong. Real men don't brag, it shows.
As for the bastard you just called yourself, it's a reflection of the type of family you come from. I don't blame you, I blame your father and mother for not adding core values to your life. They are a shame to parenting!
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Sheggz And Adekunle Fight. Bella And Diana Clash by Scatterscatter(m): 12:22pm On Aug 17, 2022

So why exactly are you pained? Has this comment qualified you to be the next housemate? Effeminate man.

One hypocrite spotted.
Who says I'm interested in going for the show. The fact that you don't like something doesn't mean others shouldn't. Mind you, the world doesn't revolve around your shrinked black balls and empty skull.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Sheggz And Adekunle Fight. Bella And Diana Clash by Scatterscatter(m): 8:21am On Aug 17, 2022
To all the hypocrites always commenting trash about BBN, hope you know it's not a crime and you won't be banned if you don't.

There are over 1001 other topics you can comment on but still, you open a BBN tread and start forming rubbish like say na u holy pass.

As you don't watch the show, hope you are richer than Obi Cubana & holier than Angel Micheal. NONSENSE HYPOCRITES!

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Crime / Re: Police Kill Robbers Terrorizing Residents Of Apapa & Environs by Scatterscatter(m): 7:40am On Aug 08, 2022
trailed them to their hideout and killed them instead of arresting and making them do time. omo 9ja police still have a long way to go

to cruel if you ask me

All these boys that will be using "American movie" sense to sound smart.
Bro, this is Nigeria and noting like "do time" for armed robbers.
The police is fed up with the Judicial system hence the reason for the extra judicial killings.
You'll risk your life to apprehend an armed criminal and one Yeye judge will ask the criminal to go simply because he is a political thug for one politician.

More deaths to any thief caught in the act!


Politics / Re: Found This On A Peter Obi Whatsapp Group by Scatterscatter(m): 6:48am On Aug 08, 2022

How does Tinubu intend to handle the insecurity in Nigeria?

How many times do you want him to answer! He said he will recruit 50million youths and feed them Àgbàdo, Cassava, Yam, Garri, Ẹwà and dodo kiss
Politics / Re: Senator Nnamani And Twitter User Exchange Insults by Scatterscatter(m): 6:41am On Aug 08, 2022
If Tinubu was incompetent like the Obidient's always say, he wouldn't have emerged as the APC presidential flag bearer. Think about it my fellow youths. The so called Obidient's and Peter Obi has nothing to offer this great Country except for propaganda and thuggery.

Even falseprophet1 can testify to what I'm saying. Tinubu single handedly made Lagos state what it is today and he's willing to take Nigeria to greater heights from good roads,power, housing, refineries,basic amenities, just to mention a few.

My fellow youths and elders, don't be deceived by the sweet and empty promises of Peter Obi.

My fellow youths both young and old, let's give Tinubu a chance to make this country better.

Vote Wisely

Vote Bola Ahmed Tinubu



Crime / Re: Onuorah Caritas Onyinye: NDLEA Arrests Popular Wig Seller, "Smart Beyonce" by Scatterscatter(m): 10:23am On Jul 26, 2022
How did you make so much money by just selling wigs?

Onyinye: it is God ooo! I also wake up everyday by 3am to send messages to my customers and only sleep for 3hrs everyday.

Na dem lipsrsealed


Romance / Re: Youth Chase Away Preacher For Disturbing Their Sleep With Loud Speaker by Scatterscatter(m): 12:45pm On Jul 12, 2022
What most of you don't understand about the spiritual is that God won't burn even satan, demons or whatever in hell.

Hell only means everlasting unconscious. Does it make sense for God to create satan and his demon babies and also create hell for them to burn forever after the World ends? What's He trying to proof?

If God is so powerful why don't He just create the hell now and send all of them there, or why don't He just end the world because He wants to fulfill His fantasy of sending people to hell.

Do you remember the story of job when God himself told satan to go and taunt Job?

Go and Read the book of
Isiah 45:7

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

If God even said this things that He's the creator of good and evil then He Himself should first go to hell since He's the instigator.

God won't send anyone or any demons to hell cos they are doing the Lord's work. Everything, the World, the Planets will all vanish as it all came. It will go exint like it never existed.

Hell exist as we speak and it will be cast into the lake of fire Rev. 20vs14.
Yes the earth will vanish and science even proves this. The sun is getting bigger and it's going to die like every other star in the cosmos.
But have you read about the new Jerusalem that was promised? Rev 21 vs 1- 4.

I'm glad you are quoting the scriptures so instead of fighting with God, ask the Holy Spirit to help your understanding as regards God creating both God and evil as you said.
Romance / Re: Youth Chase Away Preacher For Disturbing Their Sleep With Loud Speaker by Scatterscatter(m): 11:36am On Jul 12, 2022

My brother relax there is no hell fire

Anyone that tells you there is hellfire now doesn't understand that concept.

Hell fire will be set up after judgment and it is meant for Satan, Demons, Hell and Death. The humans that will be permitted to enter the fire are those that refused to accept Jesus Christ as Lord.
So my friend, Hell fire isn't to threaten anyone or scare people into accepting Christ, it's just to enlighten people of the eternal consequence of their action and inaction.

If you enter water, you will get wet!
Romance / Re: Youth Chase Away Preacher For Disturbing Their Sleep With Loud Speaker by Scatterscatter(m): 11:18am On Jul 12, 2022

Of course the lifeless thing y'all claim to serve..

There is more to life than what you can see, feel, and taste. You are asking for evidence whereas, science keeps proving that creation wasn't accidental but out of supreme intelligence.
Anyways, I'm not here to prove to you that God exist; I just want you to know that human understanding is limited and I'll explain with this analogy: male mosquitoes have an average lifespan of 6-7 days which is like 100years To them. Imagine you tell a Lagos based mosquito that there is life in Sokoto, guess what, it won't believe you because no matter how it tries, it can't fly to Sokoto in 7days before it dies and it's Lagos ancestors have never achieved this from time immemorial. What this means is that Lagos male mosquitoes will never believe there is life across the Niger no matter what you say or do.
But imagine you put that same mosquito in an airplane and it gets to sokoto, it will believe right?

Listen, spiritisim is the messenger, death is the airplane.
Humans are like mosquitoes in the spiritual scheme of things and eventually, everybody will understand either now or later so no need to argue.

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Culture / Re: - by Scatterscatter(m): 8:23am On May 01, 2022
They gave birth to lots of children for the Whites during the slave trade/ colonial Era. Hence the reason such names are prevalent in places where slave trade thrived. South-South and Lagos.
Religion / Re: David Ibiyeomie: If You Don’t Pay Tithe, You Are A Criminal by Scatterscatter(m): 7:40am On Feb 22, 2022
Pay your tithes by helping the needy around you,stop giving money to your already rich pastors.

How many "needy" have you helped?

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Religion / Re: Polygamy Is Not Sinful Before God, Only Pastors Are Barred - Presbyterian Pastor by Scatterscatter(m): 5:36pm On Jan 29, 2022

Well if you don't know get it right in your mind today that POLYGAMY is the source of most evil in the world today!

I'm not the one who spoke against it, Jesus of Nazareth did!

Of course it has everything to do with it, you only need to study God's word thoroughly not just reading it! Proverbs 2:1-5

I learnt something a long time ago, you can't enlighten a "religious person" so there is no point discussing this further with you.
Religion / Re: Polygamy Is Not Sinful Before God, Only Pastors Are Barred - Presbyterian Pastor by Scatterscatter(m): 1:16pm On Jan 29, 2022

Keep deceiving yourself! cheesy

You don't know how polygamy is leading to more and more troubles in the human society shey?

Just know that if all men are monogamists all unmarried women will keep their virginity! smiley

"Troubles" are inevitable where ever you find humans. Is polygamy the cause of our economic downturn or insecurities all around?

You still haven't given any reasonable point as to why polygamy is a sin.

Mind you, virginity has absolutely noting to do with being morally upright or being right in the sight of God.
Religion / Re: Polygamy Is Not Sinful Before God, Only Pastors Are Barred - Presbyterian Pastor by Scatterscatter(m): 10:30am On Jan 29, 2022
Polygamist won't fit in when God restore Eden where only couples like one Adam and one Eve are allowed.
For those who wants to have everlasting life Jesus referred his listeners to go and arrange their marriage to harmonize with what we read in the beginning! Matthew 19:4 smiley

You need understanding. That's all I have to say
Crime / Re: Pastor Odumeje and E-money finally joins blackaxe cult PHOTOS by Scatterscatter(m): 7:25pm On Jan 25, 2022
That's the manner of greeting. did u guys verify this before posting it online?? let's be EXTREMELY CAREFUL as to what we say concerning other people, lest we put ourselves into trouble that will consume us

Àbí i should slap this one ni undecided
Crime / Re: Pastor Odumeje and E-money finally joins blackaxe cult PHOTOS by Scatterscatter(m): 7:24pm On Jan 25, 2022
Dem dey chop Egede�

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